Chapter 13:  Wicked Game

Alex woke up a couple hours later.  It was 4:15 a.m.  She got out of bed and walked to Olivia’s room.  She slowly opened the door to check on her and saw that she wasn’t in bed.  There was no light coming from the bathroom either.  She must be downstairs, she decided. 


She made her way downstairs barefoot and padded into the kitchen.  Olivia was sitting at the bar eating some leftover Chinese.  “Mind if I join you?” Alex asked.


“Not at all,” Olivia responded, flashing her a smile.


Alex sat down on the stool beside Olivia.  “You couldn’t sleep either, huh?” she asked.


Olivia shook her head.  “No.  And then I got hunger pangs, so go figure.”


“And I thought I was the one with the voracious appetite,” Alex replied with a grin.  “Is there any crab rangoon left?”


“I saved you a couple,” Olivia answered.


Alex picked up one and bit into it.  “Thanks.”  She watched as Olivia scooped up some tangerine beef and lo mein with her chopsticks.  “You don’t wanna eat too much, though.  I’m still making that breakfast.”


Olivia chuckled.  “I haven’t forgotten.  I’ll be sure to leave plenty of room.”


“Olivia...I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get through what would have been an otherwise unbearable night,” Alex said gratefully.


Olivia smiled.  “No problem.”


Alex reached over and grabbed a piece of beef.  “Did you get any sleep at all?”


“A little.  The bed was really comfortable, but I just kept waking up.  I guess I had a lot on my mind.”


Alex looked at her.  “Anything you wanna talk about?” she asked softly, hopefully.


Olivia hesitated.  She didn’t know how to explain things without offending Alex.  “Uh…it’s just that this all seems so sudden.  Earlier I was yelling at you and now I’m sitting here in your apartment as if everything’s ok.”


Alex reached for Olivia’s hand.  “But we can work on making things ok, can’t we?”


Olivia looked down at their hands.  She then looked back into Alex’s eyes.  “Alex, it’s just…it’s like nothing’s changed.”


“Our love for each other hasn’t changed, has it?” Alex asked.


“No, Alex.  But our relationship certainly has.  These latest developments are almost unreal.”


“Reality changes constantly.  Yesterday’s reality isn’t always today’s.  One day a few years ago we were just friends, then the next day we became lovers.  Listen, I can’t help being drawn to you, Liv.  My heart aches for you every night.  When I’m around you, I feel like everything’s ok.  You’re the only one who can give me a true sense of security.  I know I really screwed up, Liv, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make things up to you.  I mean that.  It rips me apart to see you hurting and know that I’m the cause.  I just want to mend the precious heart I broke.”


Olivia smiled.  “Was that your opening or closing argument?”


Alex chuckled.  “You love those lawyer jokes, huh?”


“I just couldn’t resist.”  Slowly her smile faded.  “But I still feel like it’s too soon.  I can’t act like everything that’s happened between us in the past couple months just didn’t.  It’s gonna take time—and one weekend isn’t gonna do it.”


“I understand, Liv.  Like I said before, I’m just grateful to have you in my life in any way I can.  I know I don’t deserve you.”




“Are you happy here with me now?”


Olivia sighed.  “Yes.”


“Then let’s give burying the hatchet a shot, ok?” Alex said.  “The only thing that hurts worse than not having you is thinking you could hate me.”


“I never hated you.  I was angry, Alex.  And I’ll be honest with you.  In a way, I still am.”


“And the only way you’re going to stop being angry with me is if I take steps to rectify things myself.  I caused the problem.  Let me fix it,” Alex persuaded, putting her hand over her heart.


“You’re relentless, you know that?” Olivia laughed.


“I’ll never stop trying,” Alex swore.


“Ok.  But I want things to move at my own pace.”


Alex smiled.  “Deal.”


“Let me explain something first, though.  I’m staying with you because these 4 days 2 years ago were the worst days of both our lives, and I realized you were right about something.  Since we experienced your shooting together in a way no one else did, we’re the only ones who can help each other effectively heal.  I know there are a lot of storm clouds over both our heads, so it’s good to let a little sun shine through during this time.  So let’s just think of this as a necessary milestone.  I don’t want to give you the impression that this will be a regular thing.”


“I know, Liv,” Alex responded softly.  She understood Olivia’s reasoning but was still hurt by her frankness.  She decided to change the subject.  “How are your cases going?”


“Ok, I guess.  Monday, Fin and I were checking out this gay club called the Green Ballroom Club for one of the cases we’re working on right now.  Warner noticed that our victim had the stamp on his hand when he was murdered.  So we were checking the I.D. list on the club owner’s computer and Fin saw his son’s name on there.”


Alex almost choked on a noodle.  “So you’re telling me Fin’s son is gay?”




“Oh, wow.  How did Fin take it?”


“Let’s just say he wasn’t ecstatic about the news, but he handled it pretty well considering.  He was even more worried when we found out our victim had AIDS.  It turns out that there’s this killer strain of HIV out there that progresses from infection to death in less than a year and is resistant to most drugs.  But there is one aspect of the case that will amuse you.”


“What’s that?”


“Tuesday night we were making a bust at this club called Euphoria and I had to work undercover as a prostitute.  Fin was my pimp.”


“And what kinda bust were you making that required that?”


“There’s a violent drug gang called MKS.  It stands for Manhattan Killer Squad.  They go to circuit parties so they can attack gay men using crystal meth and steal their stash.”


“You still have your outfit?” Alex asked with a grin. 


Olivia grinned back.  “Why ya wanna know?”


“Well…it may come in handy for a little role-playing one day.”


Olivia laughed.  “I can see the wheels in your head turning already.  Too bad you weren’t there because I was quite a sight.  I had on these tall black boots, big hoop earrings, and this hot little dress that showed enough cleavage to make your head spin.”


Alex’s heart started racing.  “You’re joking, right?  Gosh, that sounds like something outta one of my fantasies.”


“Oh, I’m quite serious.  And you should’ve seen me chase down and cuff one of the perps in those heels.”


“I take it you didn’t have any trouble, Ms. Super Cop.”


“None at all.”


Alex brought a hand to her forehead.  “Oh, Liv…you just made my entire brain go mush.”


Olivia raised an eyebrow.  “Your brain or somewhere else?”


Alex blushed furiously all over.  “I plead the fifth.”


Olivia fought the urge to lick her lips as she noticed Alex’s taut nipples straining against the fabric of her shirt.  “Alex, I could lose an eye if I get too close,” she teased.


“You’re one to talk,” Alex said, staring at Olivia’s own hard nipples.  “Oh boy, I need a glass of water.”


“A glass of water or a cold shower?”


Alex got up and filled a glass.  “Perhaps both.  You want anything while I’m up?”


Olivia shook her head.  “I’m fine.”


“You know…who would’ve thought that a day of such tragedy could turn out to be one I’ll always treasure,” Alex said, sitting down and picking up her chopsticks again.


Olivia turned to her and smiled.  “I know.  It’s good that now we can think of this time as something pleasant instead of just a time of misery.  So let’s just continue to make the best of this weekend and whatever happens in the future happens.”


“Hopefully only good things,” Alex said, taking a sip of water.


“If only life were that easy.”  A few minutes later, she looked at her watch.  “Perhaps I can catch a few hours sleep.”


“Maybe…maybe I can help you fall asleep.”


Olivia’s eyes grew wide.  “Y-you’re not suggesting—”


Alex laughed.  “No, sweetie.  I mean I could keep you company until you drift off to sleep.”


Olivia smiled.  “No funny stuff.”


Alex crossed her heart and raised her right hand.  “I swear.”


“Ok,” Olivia said, throwing the empty cartons in the trash and putting her dirty plate in the dishwasher.


They went back upstairs to Olivia’s room.  Alex waited for Olivia to settle under the covers and then slipped in bed beside her.  As Alex shifted her body, her shirt rose up to her hips.


“Alex...are you not wearing underwear?” Olivia asked.


Alex gave her a sly grin.  “What’s it to ya?”


Olivia stared at Alex’s creamy thighs.  She could see her thin triangle of hair peeking out from underneath the shirt.  Cannot give in, cannot give in, she told herself.


Alex smiled wider as she watched Olivia’s intent gaze.  “Can I have a goodnight kiss?”


Olivia jerked her head up to meet Alex’s eyes.  “If it’s innocent.”


“I promise,” Alex said.  She pulled Olivia close to her and softly enveloped her mouth.  When she pulled back, she asked, “That was innocent enough for ya, wasn’t it?”


“If you say so,” Olivia said.  She tried to stifle a yawn.  “Somehow I don’t think I’m gonna have any trouble falling asleep now.”


“Turn over,” Alex instructed quietly.


Olivia did as she was told and Alex snuggled in and wrapped her arms around her.  She slipped a hand under her top and began rubbing her stomach; she knew Olivia had always liked that.


“Keep it above the waist, Cabot,” Olivia teased, relaxing into her touch.


“I am,” Alex replied.  “Although I don’t know how I’m managing to do so after your detective-turned-prostitute story.”


“Can’t blame me for your horniness.”


“Can’t I?  You completely got me worked up!” Alex objected, pushing her shoulder playfully.


“I’m good,” Olivia responded.


“Why, yes you are,” Alex agreed.  “But I’m content to just be able to hold you.”


“Thankful for small favors, huh?” Olivia mumbled, fighting to keep her eyes open.


“This isn’t small.  It means the world to me,” Alex said.


Olivia smiled.  Although she still had her reservations in the back of her mind, she appreciated that Alex was trying so hard and her heart skipped a beat at hearing her express words brimming with such love.  “Good to know.”


When Olivia woke up it was a little after 6:30.  She turned over and saw that Alex was fast asleep with a smile on her face.  She quietly threw back the covers and tried to tiptoe to the bathroom when Alex began to stir. 


Alex yawned loudly and looked at the clock.  “Oh shit, I should’ve started breakfast by now.”


“It’s ok,” Olivia told her.  “We have plenty of time.”


“We’re gonna have to catch up on our sleep tonight,” Alex said.


“Fine by me,” Olivia said, continuing into the bathroom.


Alex moved over to Olivia’s pillow and buried her face deep into it.  She let out a long satisfying moan.  When Olivia came out, she mumbled, “Your pillow smells so good.”


Olivia walked over and smiled.  “Hey, what if I wanted to lie back down for a few?” she teased.


Alex smiled without opening her eyes.  “You can have mine.  Wake me up in 15, ok?”


“Ok,” Olivia promised.  She got back in beside her.


In 15 minutes, she gently nudged Alex.  “Hey, sweetie.  Wake up.”


Alex stirred comfortably and turned to face her with a bright smile.  “Like clockwork, huh?”


“I’m gonna go take a shower.”


“We can conserve water if we shower together,” Alex said.


Olivia’s mouth dropped open.  “Whatever happened to taking things slow?”


“We can spend all day in the shower if you want.  How’s that for slow?”




“I was just joking!”


While Olivia was in the shower, Alex picked up her badge off the nightstand and ran her fingers over the familiar numbers.  4015.  Without thinking, she brought the badge to her lips.


“So since you can’t have me, you make out with my badge instead?”


Embarrassed, Alex quickly returned her badge to the nightstand.  “Uh…I was just—”


“About to masturbate with my badge.  I know, Alex.”


“Liv!  That was an innocent kiss!  Besides, I had no idea you’d come out at that moment.  I guess I just lost track of time.”  She threw back the covers and walked over to Olivia, who was wrapped in a white, fluffy towel.  “I’d love to continue to stick around and entertain your jokes, but I should go shower, too.”


“Go ahead.  I left the bathroom nice and steamy.”


“I like the sound of that,” Alex said, getting warm as she noticed the water dripping from Olivia’s soaked strands onto her shoulders.  Wanting to make her squirm a little, she pulled off the shirt she had on in one swift motion and threw it on the floor. 


Olivia gasped and exclaimed, “Alex!” 


“Well as you said, it’s not like we’ve never seen each other naked before.”   She turned around and started walking to the bathroom.


Olivia gave her a firm slap on one of her cheeks.  A bright red handprint surfaced.  Alex yelped and turned back around.  “What was that for?”


Olivia grinned.  “You’re just gonna leave your shirt on the floor like that?” 


With a sly smile, she turned around and bent over, giving Olivia a full view of her swollen sex from behind.  Olivia’s heart started racing as she felt her own wetness begin to spread.  Alex stood up and threw the shirt into the hamper.  “That good enough for ya?”


“Much better.  Now what am I gonna wear in the meantime?”


“How about nothing?  Let your skin air-dry,” Alex teased.


“I still don’t have any clothes to change into afterwards,” Olivia said. 


“Well, you can wear something of mine until we drop by your place.  Just look through my closet.”


“And just what am I gonna do about underwear?”


“Well, you could go commando, but if you don’t want to, I think I can accommodate you,” she said with a smile.  “I’ll be right back.”


Alex returned a couple minutes later with a bra and panties.  “These should fit you nicely.”


Olivia smirked and let her towel drop.  As Alex watched her pull on the underwear, she said, “I thought you had to take a shower.”


Alex laughed.  “This is worth waiting for.”


Olivia turned around for Alex.  “You like?”


“Oh, I love.  You’ve always looked nice in lace.”  She walked over and dragged the tip of her finger down the side of the bra.  Olivia smirked as she noticed Alex’s nipples becoming more erect.


“Your breasts look amazing in that,” Alex breathed.  She looked up and put a hand on Olivia’s face.  “You are so beautiful.”


“Well, if I say so myself, this bra does leave little to the imagination,” Olivia said, running her hands over her own cleavage.


Alex swallowed hard.  “Oh god,” she exclaimed, feeling her knees go weak.


Olivia grabbed Alex’s arm.  “Steady.  Do I need to walk you to the shower?”


It took Alex’s brain a few seconds to process what Olivia had said.  She shook her head quickly and answered, “Shower?  Oh um, right.  No, I’m fine.  I just need to…need to go…um, take a—”


Olivia laughed.  “Well, while you stand here stuttering, I’m gonna go through your closet to find something to put over this.”


Olivia walked into Alex’s closet and chose a button-down shirt and some slacks.  She returned to her room and walked into the bathroom.  Rolling up the cuffs of the shirt, she yelled over the roar of the shower, “I look like a lawyer!”


Alex opened the door and peeked out.  “You look very nice, though.”


Olivia smirked as water dripped onto the floor.  “Careful, Alex.  I don’t wanna slip in these boots and fall flat on my ass.”


Alex smiled as she shut the door back.  “You’re lucky I didn’t pull you in here with me.”


“I’m a cop, so my reflexes are pretty quick, but you’d be welcome to try,” Olivia teased, walking out the bathroom.


Several minutes later, Alex came out the bathroom.  “Did you miss me?” she asked as she continued to dry off.


Olivia got up off the bed.  “Perhaps.  But I’m getting kinda hungry.  So I’m gonna go downstairs and wait for you.”


Alex chuckled.  “I know, I know.  I’ll hurry up so I can make you breakfast.”  She flicked her towel at Olivia and then retreated into her own room to get dressed.


“What would you like for breakfast?” Alex asked, joining Olivia in the kitchen.


Olivia shrugged.  “Surprise me.”


Alex smiled.  “Ok, then.  I make delicious sweet potato pancakes.”


“Sounds yummy.”


Alex started getting ingredients out of the cabinets and the refrigerator as Olivia pulled utensils out of the drawers.  “Alex, you bought a cappuccino thermometer?” she asked, holding it up and scrunching up her nose.


“It’s so I don’t burn the milk in my cappuccino.” 


Olivia shook her head.  “Wow.”


“You know I’m very cautious in the kitchen now,” Alex explained.


“Oh, I can see that.”


Alex set a sweet potato in a pot of water to boil and began mixing together the other ingredients.  “Liv, will you hand me a little more flour?”


“Sure,” Olivia responded.  She dumped a little more flour into the sifter and sifted it into the bowl.


Alex smiled and kissed her on the cheek.  “Aw, you even sifted it for me.”


“Just thought I’d make things a little easier for you.”


“You’re amazing, you know that?” Alex asked, bringing a flour-laden finger down her cheek.


Olivia smirked and wiped away the flour.  “So I’ve been told.”


When the batter was ready a few minutes later, Alex poured some onto the griddle.  “Look how perfect those look.”


“I’m just worried about the taste,” Olivia teased.


“Be nice or I won’t make you any fresh orange-banana juice,” Alex said.  She gave Olivia the spatula and pulled out the juicer.


Olivia looked at the machine.  “That looks intense.”


“It extracts 8 ounces of juice in five seconds,” Alex said with a grin. 


“Don’t hurt yourself now,” Olivia teased.


“You flip the pancakes and I’ll make the juice.”


After making the juice, she handed Olivia a glass.  “How does it taste?”


Olivia took a sip and said, “This is delicious.”


“Happy to oblige,” Alex said.  “Now how about some eggs benedict?”


“Damn, Alex, you’re pulling out all the stops aren’t you?” Olivia asked.


“When’s the last time you had a full breakfast?”


“Good point.”


“Besides, everyone at the station can drool when you tell them what you ate,” Alex added.


“Pretty confident, aren’t you, Cabot?”


Alex smiled at her and went to get more ingredients out of the refrigerator.  “I didn’t hear any complaints the last time I cooked for you.”


Olivia laughed and took her glass of juice to the bar.  “Don’t flatter yourself.”


A few minutes later, Alex put a plate in front of her that contained eggs benedict, sweet potato pancakes, and fresh strawberries.  “Wow, Alex, this looks absolutely wonderful.”


“I aim to please.  Come on.  Let’s take our food outside.”


Olivia got up and followed Alex out to the terrace outside the living room.  “I can’t think of a better place to have breakfast.”


Alex smiled at her and sat down.  “Neither can I.”  She held up her glass of juice to toast Olivia.  “To a wonderful weekend and a spectacular woman.”


“Likewise,” Olivia said, making the toast. 


“Oh, I’m starving!” Alex exclaimed as she dug into her food.


“The eggs benedict is really good,” Olivia said, spearing a piece of Canadian bacon and dipping it into the Hollandaise sauce.


Alex got up to pour some syrup on Olivia’s pancakes.  “Now try the pancakes.”


Olivia cut into her pancakes and took a bite.  “Perfect.”


Alex grinned.  “I just knew you’d love ’em.”


“Proud of yourself, huh?”


“I’m always proud when I make you happy,” she responded.


Olivia smiled as she noticed the bright sun glinting off Alex’s hair.  “If you keep feeding me like this, maybe I’ll have to come around more often.”


“Well, in that case, I’ll make eggplant parmesan sometime this weekend,” Alex promised her.  “And once you’ve tasted mine, you’ll definitely wanna keep coming back.”


“You know how much I love that,” Olivia said.  “It’s not fair to bribe me with it.”


“All’s fair in love and war,” Alex said, smiling at her over the rim of her glass.




“So how was last night?” Elliot asked, handing Olivia a coffee.


“It was good,” Olivia replied, nodding her thanks.


“Did you two get anything resolved?”


“A little bit.  We—” Olivia began.


Casey walked into the squadroom at that moment.  “Petrovsky is allowing Gabriel Thomason to plead not guilty by reason of self defense.”


“Are you serious?  That’s a bunch of crap,” Olivia protested.


“How is a self-defense plea gonna fly in court?” Fin demanded.


“Under the theories of imminent harm and greater danger.  Carolyn claims Gabriel was saving the entire gay community from Lydon and Robin’s dangerous sexual behavior.”


“That’s a stretch—even for someone like Carolyn Maddox.  How’s she getting away with that?” Fin asked.


“I don’t know,” Casey responded.  “This is ludicrous.  But Petrovsky said a jury should hear it.”


“That’s messed up.  Sometimes I wonder if that woman has all her marbles,” Fin mumbled, walking away.


“You’re not the only one,” Casey replied.  “But I doubt the jury’s gonna buy it.”  She picked up her briefcase and walked toward Cragen’s office.


Elliot stood up.  “Let’s go upstairs so we have a little more privacy.”


Olivia followed Elliot upstairs to the crib.  She sat down on a bunk and took a sip of her coffee.  “So as I was saying before we were interrupted, we started making some headway.  We watched a movie, talked about the effects of her shooting on both of us, and went to bed.”


“Went to bed?” Elliot asked, raising his eyebrows.


“Not in the way you’re thinking.  Separate beds.  Well, I let her sleep beside me after we woke up in the middle of the night and had another talk.  She told me she just wanted to make things right and heal my broken heart.  I told her it was gonna take time and I wanted to go along at my own pace.  But within moments of being together, we fell back into our old routine.  We were joking and cuddling like it was a normal night when we were dating.  It just seems too soon.”


“So how do you feel about that?”


“I dunno, El.  Half of me wants to take her into my arms and kiss her and the other half wants to get as far away from her as is humanly possible,” Olivia sighed.  “I really did enjoy myself, though, so you can guess which half won out.”


“Are you going back over there tonight?” he asked.


“I told her this morning that I’d be back and I’d spend the weekend.  And she promised to make my favorite dish.”


Elliot laughed.  “The way to your heart is through your stomach.  So what is it?  Smitten parmesan?  Whipped à la mode?”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Knock it off, El.  She did make me a delicious breakfast, though.”


“I’m glad you guys are off to a good start again,” Elliot told her.


“I don’t feel the level of hostility I had towards her anymore, but we’re hardly ok.”


“Well, work on being friends again.”


“You know…Alex broke my heart into a million pieces.  But each individual little fragment still loves her just as much as before.  I still feel so drawn to her and despite not wanting to get too into this, I feel excited when I’m around her.  I don’t understand it.”


“Well, as Pascal said, ‘The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing,’” Elliot responded.


Olivia smirked.  “Munch would love to hear you quoting Pascal.”


Elliot chuckled.  “We can learn something from everybody.”


“I am really glad about one thing, though.”


“What’s that?”


“We’re starting to get some closure about her shooting.  There were a lot of open wounds left for both of us and I think some healing is long overdue.”


“There’s a time for everything.”


Olivia laughed and rolled her eyes.  “Well, aren’t you just a regular philosopher today?”


“I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking lately about Kathy and the kids.”


Olivia smiled sympathetically and placed a hand on his shoulder.  “Everything will be ok.  This is your weekend with the kids, right?”




“Anything special planned?”


“Maybe we’ll watch a couple movies.  Then we’ll probably play some poker and I’ll serve as referee between Elizabeth and Dickie.”


Olivia chuckled.  “Sounds like good quality time.”


“Yeah.  You don’t realize how much in life you take for granted until you don’t have it anymore.”


“I guess Alex has been doing a lot of thinking in that area herself.  She told me that the greatest mistake she ever made was letting me go and she’d just be happy to have me in her life again in any way she could.”


“She’s trying to atone.”


“You haven’t been to confession in awhile, have you?” Olivia asked with a grin.


“No,” Elliot responded solemnly.  “It’s been almost 2 years.”


Cragen stuck his head in the door.  “If you two are through bonding, there are perps to collar.  A vendor just spotted a guy fitting Anderson’s description in Central Park.  So get a move on it!”


Olivia and Elliot glanced briefly at each other before rushing down the stairs.  “So much for quality time,” Olivia muttered under her breath.  Elliot chuckled and shook his head behind her.




Olivia was sitting at her desk later on that afternoon when her cell phone rang.  It was Alex.  “Hey,” she said softly.


“Hey.  Listen, when do you think you can get outta there?”


“Well, hopefully within an hour.  We caught a perp earlier and DNA’s gonna close the case.”


“Great,” Alex replied.  “Well, I have a surprise for you.  How about I meet you at the station in 45 minutes?”


Olivia was curious about what the surprise was but decided to wait until she saw Alex in person.  “That sounds good.”


“Ok.  I’ll see you soon,” Alex said.


“Bye,” Olivia replied, hanging up.


“Alex?” Elliot asked across from her.


“Yep.  She says she has a surprise for me.”


“A surprise?  I wonder what she has up her sleeve.”


“I guess I’ll soon find out,” Olivia replied.


About 45 minutes later, she walked outside the precinct to find Alex waiting for her.  Alex opened the passenger side door of her car and gestured for Olivia to get in.  “Wow, Alex…what made you decide to go home and get your car?”


“Special occasion tonight,” Alex said.  She went around to the other side and got behind the wheel. 


“So what’s this special occasion?” Olivia asked after they were buckled in.


“I got us tickets to Spamalot,” Alex replied, waving the tickets in Olivia’s face.


Olivia’s mouth dropped open.  “Alex…you didn’t have to—”


“Well, you said you really wanted to see the play, and we both love theater, so…” Alex said with a big grin.


Oh shit, what am I getting myself into? Olivia wondered.  What is Alex going to expect for this?  “How the hell did you get front row tickets on such short notice?”


Alex smiled.  “I called in a little favor.” 


“Alex, these must’ve cost you a fortune!” Olivia exclaimed.


“Don’t sweat it.  Now we’ll drop by your place so we can shower and get changed.  My dress is hanging in back.  I made dinner reservations at The Water Club for 5:30.  From there, we need to head immediately to the Schubert.  Our show is at 8.”


“What would you have done if I’d caught another case and had to stay late?”


“Beg Cragen to let another set of detectives take over.”


Olivia shook her head and laughed.  “You’re somethin’ else, Cabot.”


Alex glanced over at her and replied, “I try.”




Olivia walked out of her bathroom and turned around to model her dress for Alex.  The jersey halter navy dress stopped a few inches above the knee.  “How do I look?”


Alex stood up from Olivia’s bed and walked up to her.  “Wow.  I’ve never seen a more gorgeous woman in my life.  That dress hugs your curves perfectly.”  She licked her lips.  “And what nice curves they are.”


Olivia blushed.  “I guess flattery is one of your strong suits.”


“You’re breathtaking,” Alex breathed, looking her up and down again.


“Thanks,” Olivia responded humbly.  “By the way, I left the shower running for you.”


Alex grabbed her garment bag and walked to the bathroom.  “I’ll be out in a few.”


Alex came out dressed in a black, strapless silk georgette gown with a beaded lace bodice.  Olivia admired how the gown flowed down her long body.  “You look perfect in that, sweetie.  Turn around, let me see the back.”


Alex turned around to face the mirror.  “How do you think I should wear my hair?”


Olivia went up behind her and swept up her hair.  “See how pretty that is?  You could pin it up like this or maybe add a little curl and let it down.”


Alex grinned.  “What do you think will look best?”


“Put it up,” Olivia told her.


“Are you sure, Liv?”


“Why wouldn’t I be?” Olivia asked curiously.


“I…I guess I’m still just a little self-conscious about my scars,” Alex confessed quietly.


“Sweetie, I’ve told you time and time again how beautiful they are.”


“I know and I’m fine around you…it’s just that I feel uncomfortable with strangers seeing them.”


“No one will even notice.”  She turned Alex around to face her and placed her hands on her upper arms.  “Come on.  Will you do it for me?”


Alex gazed into those deep chocolate brown eyes and felt herself melting.  “Yes,” she answered earnestly.


“Thank you,” Olivia replied, removing her hands.




“What’s that?”


“Will you put your arms around my neck?  I miss the feeling,” Alex explained.


Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex’s neck.  “Like this?”


“Yes, just like that,” Alex replied, closing her eyes in contentment.  She loved it when Olivia hugged her neck.  The weight of her arms was just right.  When she would laugh, she would throw her head back and link her fingers right at the base of her neck.  Alex would in turn wrap her arms tighter around Olivia’s waist.


After a few minutes, Alex took her hand and went into the bathroom.  “So many products to choose from here in your salon,” she joked.


Olivia smiled.  “Of course.”


Alex ran some sculpting lotion through her hair and then swept it up into a chignon.  “Can you add some pins for me?”


“Sure,” Olivia replied.  She stepped aside and smiled at her in the mirror.  “You look so gorgeous.”


Alex picked up a brush and ran it through Olivia’s hair.  “Your hair is so soft.  I’m always amazed that it still looks good at the end of the day after you’ve been out manhandling perps.”


Olivia laughed.  “Mousse is the trick.”  She picked up some and ran it through her hair as Alex continued to brush.


“Let’s have one dance before we go,” Alex proposed, turning toward her hopefully.


“What are we gonna dance to?” Olivia asked.


“Let’s pop one of your CDs in,” Alex suggested.


“Ok,” Olivia said.  She led her into the living room.  Then she went over to her entertainment system and picked out a Chris Isaak CD from the shelf.  She popped it into the changer and offered a hand to Alex.  “Shall we?”


“Yes,” Alex said, accepting her hand. 


Olivia pulled her close and wrapped her arms around her neck as “Wicked Game” started playing.  She gently swayed them back and forth.  “I love this song,” she whispered.


“It’s beautiful,” Alex commented, staring into her eyes and rubbing her hands up and down her back.


The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.

It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.

I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you.

And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you.


No, I don’t wanna fall in love. (This world is only gonna break your heart)

No, I don’t wanna fall in love. (This world is only gonna break your heart)

With you.

With you. (This world is only gonna break your heart)


What a wicked game to play, to make me feel this way.

What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you.

What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way.

What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you.


And I wanna fall in love. (This world is only gonna break your heart)

No, I wanna fall in love. (This world is only gonna break your heart)

With you.


The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.

It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.

I never dreamed that I’d love somebody like you.

And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you.


No, I wanna fall in love. (This world is only gonna break your heart)

No, I wanna fall in love. (This world is only gonna break your heart)

With you. (This world is only gonna break your heart)

With you. (This world is only gonna break your heart)

No, I... (This world is only gonna break your heart)

(This world is only gonna break your heart)


Nobody loves no one.


“I love you,” Alex whispered once the song had ended.


Olivia smiled.  “We should get going.”


Alex picked up her clutch.  “After you, my dear.”  She followed Olivia out, admiring her finely sculpted legs.  “I’m going to have to fight all the men off you tonight,” she teased as they walked to the elevator. 


“You better be glad I don’t have my cuffs on me or I’d have to arrest ya for assaulting those poor fellas,” Olivia teased back.


Alex laughed.  “Well, you do look captivating.  And in case the play is boring, I can always just stare at those sexy legs.”


Olivia wiped a finger against the side of Alex’s mouth.  “Got it.”


“Got what?” Alex asked in confusion.


“That drool that was coming out your mouth,” Olivia laughed.


“Good one, Benson,” Alex replied with a roll of her eyes.  Nevertheless, a smile started to curl at her lips.


As they were in traffic, Alex turned to her and said, “I hear the halibut is to die for.”


“I think I’m more in the mood for duck.”


“I also hear they have some delicious eggplant fries.”


“Spoiling me with eggplant all weekend, Counselor?”


“You deserve to be spoiled.”  She reached out to rub her knee and got lost in the depths of her eyes again.  Horns started blaring behind them.


Olivia chuckled.  “Alex, are you gonna continue making goo-goo eyes at me all night or try to move through traffic?”


Alex laughed and put her foot on the gas again.  “I’m very good at multi-tasking, so perhaps I’ll do both.”


“Whatever floats your boat.”




“So how’d you like it?” Alex asked Olivia when the play was over.


“It was everything I thought it’d be,” Olivia replied.  “Thank you so much.”


“No problem,” Alex said.  She looked around her.  “Gosh, it’s so crowded!  God knows when we’ll be able to get outta here.”


“Yeah, it’s a good thing we already ate dinner,” Olivia muttered.  She turned to her and placed a hand on her back.  “But this was all well worth it.”


“I agree.  Thank you for a wonderful evening,” Alex responded.  “This is the best night I’ve had in two months.”


“Thank you,” Olivia replied.  “Now let’s concentrate on the easiest way to get outta here.”  She pulled out her badge and held it up.  “Excuse me, NYPD.  NYPD, coming through.”


Alex laughed behind her.  “Should I get out my ADA badge as well?”


Olivia turned to her as people started clearing a path for them.  “Nah, I think I got it covered.”


Once they were outside, Alex smiled and said, “That works every time.”


“Yeah, all those years of being a detective certainly has its perks.”


When they returned to Alex’s apartment, Olivia threw her clutch and wrap on the coffee table and fell back on the sofa.  “Boy, am I exhausted.”


Alex gently pulled off Olivia’s heels and began massaging her feet.  “Hey, I’ll fix you a hot bath.  The jets in my jacuzzi are enough to make you orgasm.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “Now that’s an offer I can’t refuse.”


“Trust me, you’ll never wanna get out.”


“Well, if it feels as good as what you’re doing right now, then I’m in for quite a treat,” Olivia mumbled, closing her eyes and leaning back against the cushions.


A few minutes later, they went upstairs to Alex’s bathroom.  Alex handed her a silk robe and said, “Now put this on and let me take care of you tonight.”


Olivia watched as Alex started up the jacuzzi.  “I definitely won’t have any problems sleeping tonight.”


Alex turned around and smiled.  “Neither will I.”  She dipped a hand into the water and said, “Just right.  Ok, strip down.”


“You just wanna see me naked again, Counselor,” Olivia joked.  She let her robe drop to the floor.


Alex immediately felt a throbbing in her center as she watched the muscles in Olivia’s back ripple with each movement.  It was all she could do to keep herself from walking right over to her and rubbing her hands all over her back.  She let her eyes drop down to her firm, supple ass.  A slight shiver ran through her body.  Oh, the things I’d love to do to her right now, Alex thought.


Olivia turned her head to look over her shoulder.  “Like what you see?”


“Uh, uh...I was j-just...” Alex stuttered.  She stood there with her mouth agape as Olivia turned fully around to face her.  Dear god, look at that luscious body!


Olivia chuckled.  “I’m sure you were.”  She stood there for a couple more seconds to let Alex take in her full body before stepping into the jacuzzi.  Leaning back, she moaned, “Oh, Alex, you were right!  These jets are orgasmic!”


“Ready for your bubbles?” Alex asked, picking up the bottle and continuing to stare at Olivia’s naked body under the water.


“I am,” Olivia responded.  She slid down farther into the water.  “And I thought your shower heads were great, but clearly, they’ve got nothing on this jacuzzi.”


Alex poured a little of the bubble bath in and watched regretfully as the bubbles started covering each inch of Olivia’s olive skin.


Olivia noticed that Alex seemed to be lost in her thoughts again.  “Alex, the bubbles are overflowing,” she alerted her with a shit-eating grin.


Alex shook her head quickly and turned off the jets.  “Oh, sorry.  I hope those are enough bubbles for you.”


“Plenty,” Olivia assured her. 


“Do you mind if I sit and read?” Alex asked.


Olivia smirked.  “Be my guest.”


Alex returned with her novel.  Sitting down in a chair across from Olivia, she put on her glasses and opened up her book.


“Whatcha readin’?  How to seduce my ex-girlfriend under the false pretense of a hot bath?” she teased.


“If I wanted to do that, then I’d be in there with you,” Alex replied with a sly grin.  “And just so you know, I’m reading Faulkner.”


“Which one?”




“Ah, that’s a good one.  Dark, but good.”




“Shouldn’t you be reading something a little happier?” Olivia asked.


“You’re my happiness,” Alex answered.


“Good to know,” Olivia replied.  She held out her hand.  “Why don’t you put Faulkner down and wash my back?”


Alex picked up the sponge and let the water drizzle down Olivia’s back.  “Does that feel good?”


“Very much so.”


“You know…after tonight, I feel sorta like Cinderella.  I’m just afraid the clock will strike twelve and this will all be over,” Alex said.


Olivia smiled.  “Well, aren’t you the romantic one.”


“I can’t help it when I’m around you.  Dinner was perfect, the play was perfect…you’re perfect.”


“Alex, remember what I said about moving at my own pace?”


“I know, I know.  But I mean every single word I say.  I’m not just trying to butter you up.”


Olivia gave a lopsided grin.  “Well, it’s just hard to stay mad at you when you’re being so sweet.”


“I’m sorry I wasn’t this way all the time.”


Olivia laughed.  “Ma’am, where have you stashed the real Alex Cabot?”


Alex laughed, too.  “This is the real me.  Anything else is just...a façade.”


Olivia’s smile slightly faded.  “I know.  And that’s the sad part, Alex.”


Alex swallowed hard.  “It hurts to know that you’re disappointed in me.”


Olivia brought a soapy finger down her cheek.  “Well, you still have some redeeming qualities peeking around the corner,” she teased.


About 20 minutes later, Olivia stepped out of the tub.  Alex presented her with a warm towel.  “So did the bath live up to your expectations?”


“Yes,” Olivia replied, drying off.


“Well, I’m gonna take a quick shower and then I’ll come and keep you company.  May I sleep with you again tonight?”


“You’re not gonna steal the covers, are you?  Or my pillow?”


Alex grinned.  “I promise I’ll be good.”


Olivia saw the twinkle in her eye.  “Oh, I’m sure.”


Alex joined Olivia a little while later in a blue satin slip nightgown.  Olivia turned to her and smiled.  “A little less casual tonight, huh?”


“Well, sometimes I like to go casual, sometimes I like to go sophisticated.”


“I like the nightie.  Sophisticated sexy suits you well.”


Alex pulled the covers up over them.  “It’s comfortable, too.”  She cuddled up to Olivia and threw a hand across her stomach.  “And so are you.”


Olivia looked down at her.  “So I’ve been told.”


Alex leaned up on an elbow and said breathlessly, “I’m going to die if I don’t get to kiss you tonight.”


“Really now?”


Alex blushed.  “I mean…I can understand if you’d rather not because—”


“One kiss is ok,” Olivia interrupted.  “But nothing below the chin.”


“Aw, you’re no fun,” Alex joked, leaning in to nibble on her bottom lip.  After holding Olivia’s gaze briefly, she closed her eyes, tilted her head, and enveloped her mouth.  Olivia shifted her weight and placed a hand at the small of Alex’s back as she returned the kiss.  She ran her toes over Alex’s foot and up her leg. 


A moan escaped Alex’s throat.  “Oh, Liv.”  She massaged Olivia’s warm scalp as she captured her lips over and over again.


When Olivia threw her head back, Alex’s lips made their way to her neck before she could stop herself.  She felt Olivia’s hot pulse throbbing against her lips.  She flicked her tongue out against it to taste her soft skin.  Olivia chuckled and opened her eyes.  “You said you’d be good.”


Alex pretended to pout.  “What if I wanna be a little naughty?”


“Then you’ll sleep in your own bed,” Olivia told her.


Alex laughed.  “You know…only you can push me around in my own house.”


“Had to let you know who’s boss,” Olivia teased.  She tucked an arm around Alex’s waist.


“I don’t mind it when you take control.”


Olivia smirked.  “I’ll keep that in mind.”  She rubbed a hand over Alex’s hair.  “You know…it’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, I just didn’t want it to go too far.”


“I understand,” Alex said.  “I guess I just got a little carried away.”


Olivia played with one of the spaghetti straps to Alex’s nightgown.  “I guess so.”  She reached out and turned off the lamp.  “Well, time to get some shuteye.”


“I agree,” Alex said, sighing contently and snuggling up to Olivia again.  “Have a good night.”


“You, too.” 


“I will since I’m with you,” Alex whispered with a smile.