Chapter 38:  Can't Hurry Love

A couple hours later, Olivia woke up.  She sat up to find Alex fast asleep.  Nudging her gently, she said, “Hey, I’m gonna go to bed.  You coming?”


Alex nodded groggily.  “I just need to shower first and then I’ll be there.”


They went in the bedroom and started to get undressed.  Olivia was just about to undo her bra when Alex touched her shoulders and said softly, “Don’t worry about it.  Let me get that.”


“With your teeth or your fingers?” Olivia joked.


“Whatever you’ll let me use,” Alex replied, walking her fingers across a shoulder and down her spine.


Olivia didn’t even bother trying to suppress the tingle that went through her.  “F-fingers will be just fine.”


Alex grinned and unlatched her bra.  Resting her fingers on the straps, she asked, “May I?”


Olivia nodded.  Alex slid them off her shoulders and said, “There.  I’d say you’re good to go.”


Olivia turned around to face her and pulled the bra off the rest of the way.  Not able to take her eyes off her breasts laid bare before her, Alex gasped and gulped loudly. 


“Now let me do you,” Olivia murmured.


“Yes, please,” Alex replied.


Olivia stepped so close to her that there was virtually no space between them.  Staring into Alex’s eyes intently, she reached behind her and unlatched her bra with a quick flick of her wrist.


A shiver coursed through Alex’s body as Olivia stepped back a little, pulled the straps off her shoulders, and slid the cups off her breasts.  Her nipples immediately perked as they were released to the air.  Olivia bit her lip at how delicious her breasts looked.


Her reaction did not go unnoticed by Alex.  “Sure you don’t wanna join me?” she hoped.


Olivia looked up and flashed a smile.  “Nah.”  She pointed her thumb in the direction of her bed and said, “I’ll just wait for you over there.”


Alex nodded regretfully.  “Ok.  I’ll be done soon.”


About 15 minutes later, Alex slipped into bed beside Olivia.  Placing a hand on her shoulder, she asked, “You asleep?”


Olivia turned toward her.  “No, not yet.”  Her nose grazed her shoulder and she said, “Mmm…you smell so nice.”


Alex snuggled under the covers and put an arm around Olivia’s waist.  “Thanks.”


Olivia opened her eyes to meet Alex’s.  “By the way, thanks for the movie.”


“No problem.  I was glad to have your company.”


“It was nice sharing that carton of popcorn.”


“Yeah…but even nicer was getting to share the night with you,” Alex replied.


Olivia smiled.  “It was a Saturday night well spent.”


Alex let her fingers dance at the small of her back.  “It’s so peaceful here.”


Olivia laid her cheek in the crook of her neck.  “I agree.”


Alex took great comfort in something that Olivia hadn’t done in a long time.  She loved it when Olivia let her guard down and was open with her, whether through gestures or words.  She was especially grateful for instances like this because she knew Olivia had become more reserved with her feelings in order to protect her heart.  She kissed her forehead.


Olivia grinned up at her.  “What was that for?”


“You’ve taken such good care of me these past few days.  That’s my way of saying thanks.  Besides, I think you could use a little TLC.”


“Just what type of TLC?” Olivia asked.


“Close your eyes,” Alex responded.


Olivia did as she was told.  She soon felt soft, full lips brush hers.  When Alex pulled back, she opened her eyes and asked, “That’s a thank you, too?”


“Yes.  And this is an ‘I love you,’” Alex responded, enveloping her mouth and kissing her passionately.


Olivia kissed back with equal fervor.  She basically had warning bells going off in every corner of her mind but she couldn’t stop herself.  The strange thing was that she wasn’t sure she wanted to stop.


Alex’s nipples strained against the satin of her nightgown.  Olivia slid a finger under one of the spaghetti straps and traced a pattern on her shoulder as their tongues wrestled.  


Alex tenderly ran her hands over her shoulders and down her back.  She couldn’t wait to lavish every single curve with kisses.


Olivia rubbed the back of Alex’s thigh.  She couldn’t help the way she felt with her and she didn’t know how something that felt so right could at the same time feel so wrong.  She moved her hand over to the inside of her thigh and could feel the heat radiating from her center.  She just wanted to envelop herself in that warmth and forget all the reasons why she shouldn’t.  Alex’s words echoed in her head:  Listen, let’s just be ourselves tonight, ok?  My feet get tired from running from myself all the time.


Alex broke away from her mouth and moved behind her.  Pushing her hair to the side, she blew lightly on the nape of her neck.  Goosebumps arose all along Olivia’s arms and her nipples tightened more.  She bit her lip when warm lips touched her skin, followed by a soft tongue.  Alex had always loved the way her skin tasted and she knew just what would drive her wild.  As she continued to tease her neck, she reached around front, lifted up her shirt and traced her navel with her finger.


Olivia tried her best not to get lost in the multiple sensations fusing inside her.  She turned around and pulled Alex’s nightgown over her head.  She could smell her arousal on her lace panties. 


Alex removed Olivia’s pajama bottoms.  She was pleased to see that she had on no underwear at all.  Licking her lips, she began caressing her thigh as Olivia pulled her in for another kiss.  “Mmm, Liv,” she moaned against her mouth.  She couldn’t get enough of the softness of her lips or the taste of her talented tongue.  She kissed her harder as she began to rub her sex.


Olivia threaded a hand in her long locks and twisted.  Her hair had always felt so soft and fine beneath her fingers and she loved playing in it.  She used her other hand to tenderly massage a breast, tweaking the already painfully stiff nipple.


Alex let out another satisfied moan and moved her hand up to stroke her stomach under her top.  She was inching her way up to a breast when Olivia suddenly broke away from her mouth and motioned for her to lie down on the bed.  Once she’d complied, she bent down and slowly removed her panties with her teeth.


Alex hissed in pleasure as Olivia’s teeth scraped against her skin.  She could feel her warm breath against her center and it just made her wetter.  It had been so long since she’d felt Olivia’s mouth there and the anticipation of getting such a treat again was about to drive her absolutely mad.  Her hips actually left the bed when Olivia ever so lightly ran her fingertips over her swollen folds.


“You’re so fucking wet,” Olivia whispered.


“Oh, Liv I can’t help it,” Alex gasped.  “You know what you do to me.”


Olivia grinned wickedly.  “That I do.”  She pulled off her top and straddled her just below her center.  Alex reached up to grab her breasts but Olivia swatted her hands away and said, “No.  Not until I give you permission.”  Leaning down, she brushed her lips over her neck and gently nipped her collarbone.  She then kissed a trail between her breasts before moving down her stomach.


Alex grunted in frustration when her lips left her skin right before reaching the neatly trimmed triangle between her legs.  She wondered if she was going to torture her all night long, but then again, she didn’t mind that one bit.


Moving back up her torso, Olivia licked along the underside of a breast and then circled her nipple with her tongue, causing Alex to sigh contently.  As she began sucking one breast, she squeezed the other, rolling the nipple back and forth with her thumb and forefinger.


After what seemed like an eternity, Olivia brought her attention to her center, which desperately ached for her touch.  She parted her folds with her tongue and licked along the length of her sex. 


“That feels so good,” Alex whispered, letting out a low guttural moan as she felt her clit get hard under her tongue. 


Olivia licked patterns on her sex, causing her to throw her head from side to side against the pillows.  Massaging her folds with her fingers, she kissed her clit softly and sucked it into her mouth.


When she finally pushed her tongue inside her, Alex thought she was going to explode right then.  But she was determined to hold out to prolong the sensations.  Olivia flicked her tongue from side to side and then up and down before starting to thrust gently.


Alex’s eyelids fluttered while she moved her hips in motion to her tongue.  “Don’t stop, Liv,” she begged.


Olivia began alternating between thrusting her tongue and her fingers inside her.  Whenever her fingers were inside her, she pushed upward before twisting against the walls of her sex as her thumb stimulated her clit.


“Deeper, baby,” Alex ordered.


Olivia thrust her fingers deeper and harder as she moved up her body to suck her nipples.  Alex massaged her scalp and moaned loudly.


When she knew Alex was close, she grazed her teeth over her clit as she hit her G spot with her fingers.  Alex’s eyes rolled back in her head.  A few minutes later she yelled, “Oh shit, Liv, I’m coming!”


Her entire body shook violently as her fluids coursed down her open thighs and dripped onto the sheets.  Each swipe of Olivia’s tongue evoked another shudder.  Olivia moved up her body and held her as her orgasms finally abated.


“Come here, you,” Alex said, pulling her directly on top of her and enveloping her lips.  She then shifted their bodies so they were on their sides.


Olivia once again let herself get lost in the softness.  Alex pulled her bottom lip between her teeth before capturing both again, claiming them as her own.  When her lips parted, she snaked the tip of her tongue between them, running them over her teeth and then battling her tongue for dominance.


Alex ran her fingers through her hair.  She could smell the faint traces of Olivia’s perfume as she left her mouth and kissed her neck.  Gently turning her over on her stomach, she started placing kisses down her spine.  “You like that?” she asked softly.


“Oh yes,” Olivia answered.


Alex ran her hands down her back and over the curve of her ass.  She again lowered her lips to kiss the supple flesh.  Continuing her journey downward, she kissed the back of her toned thighs.


Olivia could feel her wetness spreading against the sheets.  She turned over and leaned back against the pillows.  Finally deciding to give Alex what she wanted, she took her hands and placed them on her full breasts.  Alex kneaded them gently as Olivia moaned softly and intently watched her fingers working.  She soon replaced them with her tongue, licking in long, firm strokes.


Olivia drew her breath in sharply as Alex began sucking her breast.  “Oh fuck,” she moaned, throwing her head back.


Alex took more of her breast into her mouth.  Olivia put her hands on her shoulders and ordered, “Suck harder.”


Alex was all too happy to do so.  After several more moments of holding her nipple captive, she moved on to the other breast.  She licked all over the soft flesh before mercilessly teasing the nipple.


As her mouth worked its magic, Olivia’s breathing became more and more ragged.  When Alex bit her nipple, the sensations shot down to her sex like a lightning bolt.  Olivia dug her nails into her back and dragged them downward, eliciting a sharp gasp from Alex. 


“So you like it a little rough, huh?” Alex teased.


Olivia quickly flipped them over.  “You know it.”


“I can do that,” Alex said with a devious grin.  She flipped them back over and straddled her.  She pinned her arms above her head and stared down into her eyes.  “You don’t know how much I’ve missed this.”


Olivia smiled.  “Why don’t you show me?”


Alex smiled back.  “Gladly.”  Keeping one hand firmly on her wrists, she leaned down to capture her mouth in a hot, steamy kiss.  With the other, she twisted her nipple.


Olivia moaned against her mouth as Alex twisted harder in the opposite direction before moving on to the other nipple.  The hold on her wrists tightened.  Alex flicked the erect nipple and massaged it gently to soothe some of the sting.  She then repeated her actions of pain followed by comfort a few more times on each nipple.


When Olivia could no longer stand it, she pulled back from the kiss and bit her neck.  Alex cried out and dropped her arm, freeing Olivia’s wrists and leaving bright red marks on them.


Olivia slapped her ass hard.  “Say my name,” she ordered.


“L-Liv,” Alex breathed, feeling her wetness starting to drip onto Olivia’s stomach. 


Olivia leaned forward and bit her nipple.  Alex let out another sharp cry.  Olivia pinched her clit and said, “I can’t hear you.”


“Liv!” Alex screamed.  She slid down so her center was atop Olivia’s and began a slow but steady rhythm.


Olivia squeezed her ass and started grinding in rhythm to Alex’s rocking hips.  Their wetness blended and the feeling of their folds repeatedly sliding into and over each other’s was electrifying.  Alex reached down to fondle her breasts as she picked up the pace, driving her sex into hers.  With each forward thrust of Alex’s pelvis, Olivia felt herself rising closer to unbridled rapture.


A satisfied moan escaped Alex’s lips when Olivia slapped her ass again.  The sting from the slap only fused with the fire building inside her sex and heightened the pleasure she was feeling.  She started bouncing up and down, grinding her stiff clit harder and faster against Olivia’s. 


Neither of them could hold out any longer.  “Oh fuck, Alex!” Olivia screamed as both their bodies started quaking.


Alex collapsed on top of her and struggled to catch her breath.  Their hearts raced against each other.  “Oh god, Liv, that was too fucking amazing.”


Olivia rubbed her back and smiled.  “So I take it it was good for you, too?”


Alex kissed her.  “Sometimes you make me so high I don’t ever wanna come back down.”


Olivia stared into her eyes for a moment.  “I know the feeling.”


Alex ran a finger along her collarbone.  “I’ve wanted to taste you all night,” she murmured.


“Is that so?” Olivia teased. 


“Yes.  You didn’t think I was done with you, did you?”


“What have you done to earn it?”


“Didn’t I just work pretty hard?” Alex asked, kissing along her jawline.


When Alex’s lips touched the hollow of her throat, Olivia felt her heart skip a beat.  “Mmm…I like it when you work hard.”


“Please…Liv, just give me a little taste,” she begged, running a finger down her stomach.


Olivia bent her knees and spread her legs apart.  Alex licked her lips at the beautiful center glistening with arousal that was in front of her.  She could barely contain her desire.  She looked up into her eyes for permission.  When Olivia nodded, Alex nestled between her legs and placed tender kisses all over her sex.  She then slowly licked off some of the wetness before completely burying her face in it.  With each stroke of her tongue, her nose brushed her clit and caused her to whimper.  Alex ran her fingers through her soaked curls and tugged softly.  With her other hand, she caressed her thighs as she drew out moan after moan from her lover. 


She then proceeded to slowly push her tongue inside, moving it in circles and relishing the fact of tasting her very core.  As she explored her slick walls, she lightly let her fingers trace her inner folds. 


“Baby, you’re driving me crazy,” Olivia gasped.


Alex pulled back momentarily and replied with a wicked smile, “Sweetie, I’ve only just begun.” 


Olivia bucked her hips as Alex’s rigid tongue thrust wildly in and out of her.  Alex grabbed her hips to still her.  As her nails scraped down her ass, Olivia bit her lip and threw her head back.


Alex slowed her pace somewhat before temporarily leaving her opening to suck and lick her folds.  Looking up into her eyes, she took her quivering clit in her mouth and sucked hard.


Olivia grabbed the sheets and tried her hardest not to rip them to shreds.  They both knew she was close.  Alex pushed two fingers inside her and pumped as she continued to suck.  With each thrust she delved longer and deeper because she knew Olivia loved that, too.  Before long, her center quivered and began clenching and releasing against her fingers.  Her body tensed up and started trembling, trapping her fingers inside, before she exploded all over her.  The look of raw ecstasy on Olivia’s face as each orgasm hit her caused Alex’s own orgasm to ripple through her body.  When she had recovered, she licked away her juices and said, “Your come tastes so sweet.”


Olivia muttered several unintelligible words as she desperately tried to force her brain to function again.  Alex moved up the bed and wrapped an arm around her.  She brushed away the wisps of hair that had become matted to Olivia’s forehead and asked, “You ok?”


Olivia nodded.  “Maybe I’ll be ok sometime before the year is over.”


Alex grinned and kissed her.  “Beautiful ending to a beautiful night, huh?”


Olivia smiled and cuddled closer to her.  “I’ll say.  But I was right.”


“About what?”


“I knew you couldn’t control yourself.”




Olivia awoke the next morning to a tray being placed across her.  “Wake up, sleepyhead,” Alex said.


Olivia sat up and looked at the food before her.  Alex had prepared bacon, two eggs over-easy, and pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.  “Oh wow.  You went all out.”


“It wasn’t any trouble,” Alex replied. 


Olivia picked up her fork.  “I’m starved,” she said, digging in.


Alex smiled.  “I figured you would be after last night.”


Olivia smirked.  “Don’t flatter yourself.”  She noticed that Alex had put on a shirt.  “Didn’t feel like cooking in the buff, huh?”


“Cooking naked isn’t any fun if you’re not there to watch,” Alex said, pulling off the shirt in one swift motion and cuddling up to her.  “And you looked so peaceful sleeping that I didn’t wanna wake you.”


“Don’t try to distract me when I’m hungry,” Olivia joked.


Alex dipped a strawberry in some whipped cream and fed it to her.  Noticing that she had a little whipped cream on the corner of her mouth, she leaned in and licked it away.


“Feeling adventurous?”


“Just a little,” Alex responded.  She brushed some hair behind Olivia’s ear.  “I can’t get over how gorgeous you are when you wake up.”


Olivia ate another forkful and drank some orange juice before responding.  “Apparently neither can your wandering hands.”


“They have good taste,” Alex whispered.  She looked at the rays of sunlight coming through the bedroom window.  “It looks like it’ll be a beautiful day.”


“Hopefully it won’t be too long of a day.”


“Nothing like a hearty meal to bring you comfort.  I’ve missed cooking for you.  May I make you dinner tonight?”


Smiling at her, Olivia answered, “Well, I don’t know what time I’m getting off, but I wouldn’t mind another home-cooked meal.”


“Good.  You can just drop by my place after you leave the station.  What would you like?”


“I don’t know, surprise me.”


When Olivia ate her last bite and drank the rest of her juice, Alex said, “You know…now we can work off some of those calories by exercising.”


Olivia raised an eyebrow.  “In this freezing weather?”


Alex kissed her shoulder and grinned.  “Actually, I wasn’t planning on leaving this bed.  We can do some of those horizontal aerobics.”  She dipped her finger in the whipped cream left on the plate and sensually sucked it off.


Olivia grinned.  “Ooh, naughty.”


“I can be much, much naughtier,” Alex assured her, starting to kiss her neck.  She picked up more whipped cream and traced it on her neck before slowly licking it off.


Olivia shivered.  “Mmm…”


“I also know of another great place on your body where whipped cream would be positively delicious,” she whispered, pulling the sheet off Olivia’s lap and putting the tray on her nightstand.


Olivia closed her eyes.  “Alex, you know I have to work today.  I need to get ready soon.”


“Can’t hurry love,” Alex said, scooping up the rest of the whipped cream and disappearing between her legs.