Chapter 1:  Take a Shot

Olivia Benson looked at the scoreboard for the nth time, as if she needed another reminder of just how close the game was.  54-53.   “Shit,” she muttered exasperatedly.  She dribbled the ball from left to right, stalling for time until she could make an open pass to her teammate without losing the ball to the Riverdale player directly blocking her access.  Finally finding an opening, she made a swift pass to Mandi, who made a shot for the basket.  The ball passed through the net with a soft swoosh 2 seconds before the buzzer went off.  Madison had made their comeback—barely.


The crowd on the Madison side of the bleachers erupted into cheers.  Madison High cheerleaders sprung forth with their “Victory” cheer, with Alexandra Cabot leading the girls in a series of toe touches and back tucks.  She was especially spirited since there was a certain girl on their basketball team who gave her butterflies whenever she was within 20 feet of her.  She watched as Olivia and her teammates huddled around Mandi, slapping her on the back for the winning hoop.  Sighing and wondering when she could get Olivia alone, Alex flipped her ponytail over her shoulder and turned to go put her pompoms in her sports bag.  She then made impatient small talk with some of the other cheerleaders while waiting for most people to clear off the court. 


When the pack finally broke up, Olivia went to get her stuff from the sidelines before heading to the locker room.  Alex trotted over to her with a huge smile on her face, admiring the sweat glistening off her heated skin and the way her jersey and shorts clung to her muscular frame.  Olivia tried unsuccessfully to blow a few wisps of dark brown hair that had escaped from her short ponytail off her wet forehead.  Suddenly looking up as she took a swig from her water bottle, she managed to ask, “What’s up?” after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.


God, I could melt in those intense chocolate eyes, Alex thought.  She looked down shyly and replied, “Not much, just thought I’d come over and congratulate the star player on a great win.”


Olivia looked intently into clear blue eyes with a smirk on her face.  Jerking her head toward the locker room, she quipped, “Well in that case you should be in there talking to Mandi.  She’s the one who won it for us.”


Alex smiled and said, “Well, she couldn’t have made the shot without that awesome pass you made.”


Olivia shrugged and stood up with her bag on her shoulder.  “Eh, I got lucky.”


Alex shifted her own bag and replied, “That wasn’t luck.  That was pure skill.” 


Olivia smirked again and said, “Whatever.” 


Man, she’s so hot when she does that smirk, Alex thought.  Finally working up the nerve to ask if she wanted to hang out, she gushed out, “So Olivia…what are you up to now?”


Olivia began walking with Alex keeping in step right beside her.  “Well, right now I’m headed to the showers.  After that we’re all going to Pizza Hut to celebrate.”  Turning once again to look at her companion, she asked, “Why?” 


Suddenly shy again, Alex stuttered, looking down, “Well, I…um, I just, um, wanted to see if you wanted to hang out sometime.  Maybe we can study or something.”


Olivia raised an eyebrow.  “Study?”


Alex looked up, feeling the blood rush to her face.  “Well, you know…it might be fun.”


Olivia laughed—a carefree laugh that took Alex’s breath away.  “Hmm…studying really doesn’t sound like my kind of fun.  How about the movies or the lake sometime, though?”


Alex smiled, thankful the topic of studying had passed.  She didn’t want Olivia to think she was some type of big nerd.  “That would be great, Olivia.  When do you wanna go?”


Olivia gave Alex her best smile and responded, “Well, I’m free Saturday.  Can you make it then?  Or do you have some books you’d rather hang out with?”


Alex slapped Olivia playfully on the arm and giggled.  “I think I can manage to reschedule my date with AP bio.” 


Olivia wrinkled her nose at the mention of the subject.  “AP bio?  Ew.  Do you have Mr. Jenkins?”


“Yeah.  He’s a real pain in the ass,” Alex responded with a quick roll of her eyes. 


Olivia chuckled.  “Yeah, I had him last year when I was a sophomore.  His tests are nightmares.”


“Don’t remind me,” Alex stated dryly.  “So Saturday?”


“Yeah.  Give me your phone so I can put my number in.”  Alex reached into her bag, taking her phone out and handing it to Olivia.  Their fingers brushed slightly, sending a shiver of electricity up Alex’s arm.  Olivia programmed her number in Alex’s phone and handed it back to her.  Alex called Olivia, who silenced her phone and saved Alex’s number.  “Ok, I’ll give you a call on Saturday.  Until then, I guess I’ll see you in class?”


Alex smiled and started walking backwards, her blonde ponytail swinging from side to side beneath her shoulders.  “Yeah.  Later.”


Olivia gave a quick wave of her hand before disappearing into the locker room.  She stripped her clothes and hopped into the shower, letting the hot water splash over her.  She couldn’t help letting a smile creep to her face as she thought of the upcoming weekend with the blonde cheerleader.