Chapter 26:  Ridiculed

The next day at school, Olivia and Alex made their way into the bathroom before first period.  Rushing into a stall and locking the door, the girls enjoyed an intense makeout session before the first bell rang.  Alex snuck out first and looked around, making sure no one was there.  “Hey, Liv!  It’s clear!”


Olivia came out and the girls held hands as they walked to the entrance of the bathroom.  They only let go when they approached the entrance and were about to walk out into the dozens of students milling about, trying to get to class before the second bell.  After walking Alex to her locker and then to class, Olivia winked at her before heading across the hall.




Alex met Olivia at her locker before fifth period.  “Hey, what’s up?” she said, leaning against the row of lockers and smiling as Olivia pulled out a book and shoved it into her bookbag.


“Not much.  Just missing you,” Olivia replied, standing up and gazing lovingly into Alex’s eyes.  “So what do you wanna do tonight?”          


Before Alex could answer, a group of kids at the lockers across from them began laughing loudly.  Alex and Olivia turned to see them pointing straight at them.  One boy even had the audacity to hold his tongue between two of his fingers and flick it at them.  “Crazy dykes!” another boy said.  Alex watched the look of horror spread across Olivia’s face before she abruptly ran off.


“Olivia, wait!” Alex called, but Olivia didn’t even look back once.  Glaring angrily at the students, Alex trudged off to class and began to think of a way she could talk to Olivia.  She snuck out her cell phone and sent her a text message that said, “Liv, don’t worry about those stupid kids,” and wasn’t surprised when Olivia didn’t text her back.  “Great,” she muttered sadly.


After cheerleading practice, Alex showered and then waited around for Olivia to come in the locker room.  Olivia spotted her and rushed to the showers.  Not wanting to embarrass her in front of the other girls, Alex waited around, hoping she could get a chance to talk to Olivia when she got out.  However, Olivia had other plans.  She got out, quickly dressed, and then bolted out of the locker room.  Alex grabbed her bags and followed her out.


As soon as they got outside the gym doors, Alex grabbed Olivia’s arm.  “Liv, please talk to me!” she begged.


Olivia yanked her arm out of Alex’s grasp.  “Alex, let go of me!  Just leave me alone!”


“But Liv!  We can do this!  Don’t let a few idiots ruin what’s between us.  I know you wanna be with me—”


Olivia turned to face her with fire in her eyes.  “No!  No I don’t, Alex.  People fucking know.  Being discreet just isn’t gonna work!”


“Liv, please!  Don’t do this again!  I can’t take it!” Alex pleaded as tears welled up in her eyes.


“Alex, stop it!  We can’t do this!  And we can’t be seen together anymore!  The rumors are bad enough as it is!” Olivia yelled.


The tears spilled forth from Alex’s eyes.  “I can’t believe you, Liv!  You just used me for sex again and now you want nothing to do with me!”


Olivia couldn’t stand what she was doing to Alex but didn’t have the strength or the desire to tell her otherwise.  “Alex, just leave me alone!” she yelled instead, starting to walk away.


Alex grabbed her arm again but Olivia harshly shoved her away.  Alex stumbled but caught her balance just in time.  “Alex, get off me!  Stay the fuck away from me!”  And with that, she ran off to her car.  Alex stood there frozen, sobbing uncontrollably while her heart was breaking over and over again.




Friday morning, Olivia was at her locker when Nick Ganzner came up to her.  “Hey, Olivia,” he said.


Olivia stood up holding her books, wondering if Nick came to tease her about Alex.  Immediately getting on the defensive, she asked, “Can I help you?”


Nick held out his hands.  “Whoa there!  Are you always this cheerful in the morning?” he teased.


Olivia smiled, relaxing slightly.  “Nah, only on Mondays,” she joked.  “What’s up?”


Nick smiled back and replied, “Well…I was just wondering if you were going to the game tonight.”


“Definitely.  Why?” she asked quizzically.


Nick nervously shifted his weight before answering.  “Well…in that case do you mind grabbing a bite to eat before the game?  Then maybe we can head over there together.”


Olivia smiled.  “I’d love to, Nick.”


“Cool,” he said, grinning happily.  They exchanged numbers and then he said, “Ok then.  I’ll pick you up at 6.  I’ll call to get directions about a half hour before, though, so don’t spend too long on your makeup.”


Olivia laughed.  “I’ll try not to.”  She looked at the clock and saw she had approximately a minute left before the bell rang.  “Hey, I gotta go.  See you later?”


“Definitely,” he said, watching her as she walked away.




At lunch, Elliot noticed Olivia restlessly pushing her food around on her plate.  “Something bothering you, Liv?”


Olivia shook her head and lied, “No, no.  What makes you think that?”


Elliot smirked.  “The fact that you’ve been pushing your food around for the past five minutes without taking a single bite.”


Olivia let out a breath.  “I just have a lot on my mind.”


“Like what?” Elliot asked, stabbing a fork into his Salisbury steak.


Olivia sighed and looked down before muttering, “Nick Ganzner asked me out.”


Elliot almost choked on his food.  “What?  Please tell me I heard that wrong.”


Olivia looked up and gave him a tight smile.  “Nope.”


“Liv, you can’t be serious.  What happens when Alex finds out?” Elliot prodded.


“I’m afraid I am.  Look, it’s not her concern.  Remember, El?  We broke up.”


“No, Liv.  I remember that you broke up with her.  She didn’t want to.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Same difference.  Listen.  Don’t try to talk me out of this because—”


Elliot interrupted her.  “Don’t worry, Liv.  It’s your conscience after all.  Not mine.”


Olivia glared at him.  “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”


“Nothing, Liv.  I just hope you know what you’re doing.”


Olivia stood up from the table angrily.  “I’m perfectly capable of making my own decisions, dad,” she snarled, stalking off with her tray.


Elliot took a deep breath and just watched her walk off, shaking his head.  She’s making a huge mistake, he thought sadly.



Olivia was just about to walk to class when Nick came up to her locker again.  “Hey.  How’s the day been treatin’ ya?”


Olivia smiled up at him sweetly.  “Ok, I guess.  I’m about to go be bored to death in Trig.”


Nick laughed.  “Math was never my strong suit.”


“Trust me, I know the feeling,” Olivia responded, rolling her eyes.


“You know…” Nick began.  “You’re really cute.”


Olivia smiled in response.  “You’re not so bad yourself.  So…where are you off to now?” she asked.


“Journalism.  Speaking of which, I better go.  I’ll see you tonight,” he said, laying a hand on her upper arm.


“What should I wear?” Olivia asked teasingly, looking up at him and biting her lip.


“Something sexy.  Preferably tight,” he replied, grinning as he looked her up and down.


“I’ll try my best,” she said in a sultry voice, grinning slyly.


Down the hall, Alex was talking to Serena when she noticed Serena staring past her.  “What?” she asked.


Serena groaned.  “I was just about to tell you ‘don’t look,’” she said sympathetically, as she watched all the blood drain from her friend’s face as she saw Nick tuck a strand of Olivia’s hair behind her ear and then brush the side of her face.


Anger flashed in Alex’s eyes.  “Hold on a minute.  I’ll be right back.”


“Alex…” Serena began but Alex ignored her, storming off in the direction of Olivia and Nick.


Nick was just walking off when Alex reached Olivia.  “What the hell are you doing?”


Olivia stared at Alex in surprise.  “What are you talking about?”


Alex glared at her.  “You know damn well what I’m talking about.  Flirting with that idiot Nick Ganzner in front of everyone!”


Olivia glared back.  “Alex, I thought I told you to leave me alone.”


Alex folded her arms and stared her down.  “So it was true what Rebecca said after all.  You date girls and then dump them for guys.  Next day though?  I never thought you moved so fast.”


Olivia glared even harder.  “Alex, who I date is none of your damn business.  We are not together anymore.  Now get out of my face,” she said coldly. 


Just then, the bell rang.  “Fuck you, Liv,” Alex retorted, storming off to her class.