Chapter 32:  Headway

The week passed by quickly.  Olivia accompanied Alex to class every day and called her every night.  After Wednesday’s final basketball game, which happened to be an away game, Alex let Olivia drive her home and invited her inside for dinner.  Olivia was overjoyed and even though they had lost the game, her mood wasn’t dampened.  By Friday, Alex was even letting Olivia give her a ride to school again.  They were making headway, and Olivia relished every moment she got to spend with Alex.  However, she wasn’t the only one.  Alex looked forward to their time spent together and on the phone just as much as Olivia.


That Saturday afternoon, Alex was surprised when Olivia opened the door to her room.  Olivia was pleased to find her on her bed in a tank top and shorts.  Alex put down her pencil and asked in wonder, “Liv, how the hell did you get in here?”


“Your mom let me in,” she replied, shrugging.  Climbing onto the bed, she looked down at Alex’s open psychology book.  “I see you started studying without me.”


Alex smiled.  “Thought I’d get an early start.  In case you distracted me.”


Olivia chuckled.  “You think I’m gonna distract you?”


“Yes,” Alex replied as Olivia stretched out on her stomach and leaned up on her elbows.  Alex ruffled her hair and tapped her on the nose.  “So open your book and get out your notes.  I’ve gotten through chapters 1, 2, and 5, so we can go over Olivet’s study guide for them.  Then we can go over all the handouts since the last test.”


“Al…you studied three chapters without me?” Olivia whined.


“You mean you didn’t study any at all?” Alex asked incredulously.


Olivia shrugged.  “I read chapter 1 a couple weeks ago.  Does that count?”


“Liv!” Alex exclaimed, swatting her arm.  “You are going to read these chapters right now.”


“But Alllll,” Olivia whined.  Alex gave her a look.  “Ok, ok,” Olivia conceded, opening her book and beginning to read.


After about 15 minutes, Olivia looked up and began staring at Alex.  Feeling Olivia’s eyes on her, Alex stopped what she was doing and gave her a funny look.  “What?  Do I have something on my face?”


Olivia smiled.  “It’s those glasses, Alex.  You know what they do to me.”


Alex blushed under Olivia’s gaze.  “Liv…you’re making it hard to concentrate.”


“I’m not having any problems,” Olivia said seriously, running her tongue over her top lip.


Alex felt her heart start racing.  “Liv, you promised you’d behave.”


Olivia sat up and scooted up beside her.  “Oh, so it’s my fault your glasses are so sexy.”


Alex giggled.  Olivia hugged her arms around Alex’s waist and nuzzled her nose against her neck.  “Liv…um, what are you doing?”


“Cuddling,” Olivia said softly, her breath warm against Alex’s neck.


Alex shivered.  Olivia noticed and grinned.  Alex managed to get out, “Liv, friends don’t cuddle.”


“Not all friends are in love with each other,” she said sultrily.  Alex looked down.  Olivia continued, “Look at me, Al.”


Alex knew better than that; if she looked at Olivia, all her resolve would fade and they’d be involved in one intense liplock.  “Oh no, Liv.  I’m not falling into that trap.”  She tried to concentrate on the words on the page but they began blending together.


“What trap?” Olivia asked innocently.


“Don’t play dumb, Liv.  You know you’ll kiss me if I turn my head.”


“Like this you mean?” Olivia said, placing a soft kiss on her neck.


Alex moaned involuntarily.  “You like that?” Olivia asked softly, placing another kiss on her neck and rubbing her stomach.


Alex felt her nipples harden.  Olivia noticed and smirked.  “Well, at least your pokies like it.”


Alex pushed Olivia’s hand away.  “Liv, please stop,” she begged.


Olivia took Alex’s chin and gently turned it toward her.  “Do you want me to?”


Alex thought she was going to drown in the depths of Olivia’s deep chocolate orbs.  Alex sighed.  “Yes…and no.  Liv, my heart hasn’t healed yet.”


Olivia smiled and brushed her face gently.  “I understand,” she replied softly.  She looked down briefly and then got an idea.  “Hold on a sec.  I’ll be right back,” she said, getting up off the bed and heading to Alex’s bathroom.


When Olivia came back, she had a band-aid.  “What’s that for?” Alex asked, giving her a confused look.


Olivia began lifting up Alex’s tank.  “Wait, Liv.  Stop!” Alex protested.


Olivia gave her a reassuring smile.  “Shh, it’s not what you think, Alex.  I promise.”  She continued lifting up her top until she got to the area where her heart was.  Placing the band-aid over her heart, she bent down and gave it a quick kiss.  “There.  Now it’ll heal faster.”


Alex’s whole face lit up.  She looked up at Olivia and said, “Aww, Liv!  That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done!”


Olivia grinned.  “Oh babe, it only gets sweeter.”


Alex giggled and placed a kiss on her forehead.  Olivia grinned wider.  “Come on, Al.  Just a wittle cuddle time,” she cooed with a pout.


Alex sighed.  “Fine, Liv.  Five minutes.  Five minutes only.”


Olivia’s face lit up.  She pulled Alex close to her and buried her nose in her hair.  “Mmm…” she breathed.  She knew how much Alex loved Sephora’s Strawberry Milkshake shampoo.


Alex smiled and pulled her psych book into her lap again.  But Olivia pushed it away.  “Hey hey.  No studying doing cuddle time.”


After a few minutes, Alex wiggled her way out of Olivia’s arms.  “Ok, let’s get back to studying.”


Olivia groaned.  “But Alexxxx, I’d rather study you,” she whined.


Alex gave her a look.  “Liv, no studying, no movie.”


Olivia sighed.  “Fine, Alex.”


“So…what is the Oedipus complex?” Alex quizzed her.


“It’s when a guy is envious of his father’s sexual relationship with his mother so he tries identifying with him to win her affections but later begins to hate him when he can’t.”


“And the Electra complex?” Alex continued.


“When a girl is envious of her mom’s sexual relationship with her father so she identifies with the mother and then hates her because she sees her as a rival,” Olivia answered.


Alex smiled.  “Nice job, Liv.”


Olivia smiled back.  “Hey, I try.”


After a couple hours of studying together, Olivia shifted her position on Alex’s bed and asked, “So when do you wanna go to the movies?”


Alex put her notebook aside and said, “We can go now I guess.  I just need to get ready.”


Olivia grinned.  “What are you wearing?”


Alex tapped her on the nose.  “It’s a secret.”


Olivia moved closer to her.  “I can keep a secret.”


Alex climbed off her bed.  “You’ll find out soon,” she said, going into her bathroom.


A few minutes later, Alex came out in nothing but a towel.  Olivia smiled.  “Well, if that’s what you’re wearing, tonight is gonna be very very interesting.”


Alex grinned.  “Not quite, Liv.”  Going over to her closet, she pulled out a light blue button-down shirt and black pinstriped pants.  Holding it up, she asked, “You think this is too dressy for the movies?”


“I dunno, Al.  I’d have to see it on you first,” Olivia replied with a sly smile.


“Be right back,” Alex said, pulling out underwear and going into the bathroom.


“Hey!” Olivia yelled.  “I’ll have to see you in the underwear first before I can make an accurate assessment!”


Alex laughed through the door.  “Behave, Liv.”


When Alex came out, Olivia let out a whistle.  Getting off the bed and rushing over to Alex, she slipped her arms around her waist and admired how nicely the pants hugged her hips.  Licking her lips, she said, “I think it’s perfect for the movies.”


Alex giggled and pulled herself out of Olivia’s embrace.  “Thanks.  You ready to go?”


Olivia held her arm out palm up and bowed.  “After you, my dear.”


Alex grabbed her purse and walked out her room.  “Stop staring at my ass, Liv.”  Olivia snorted behind her.




After paying for their tickets, the girls went to get food.  Alex was about to order her own carton of popcorn but Olivia stopped her.  “No, Al.  Let’s get the super one together.  We can share.”


“Ok,” Alex smiled, ordering the largest carton they had as well as two drinks. 


Olivia ordered a king size box of Whoppers and some Sour Patch Kids.  She gave Alex the candy while she took the popcorn and drinks.  “Come on, let’s hurry so we can get seats in the very back.”


After making their way to the last row, they settled in with their snacks.  Alex opened the box of Whoppers and popped some in her mouth.  Olivia grabbed the box and said teasingly, “Hey!  Leave some for me.”


Alex opened up the Sour Patch Kids and instructed Olivia to open her mouth.  Throwing a few in, she said excitedly, “And she scores!”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “I’d say,” she said slyly.


Several times throughout the movie, the girls’ hands touched as they reached into the carton of popcorn.  Each time both would smile or giggle before reaching in again.  Olivia laid her head on Alex’s shoulder and from time to time, Alex would feed her candy.


After the movie ended, Olivia took Alex back home.  She was disappointed that Alex didn’t ask her to spend the night but content with the fact that Alex had promised to call her later on that night.  When she did call, they spent hours on the phone until Olivia heard the gentle, even sounds of Alex’s breathing, letting her know that Alex had fallen asleep.  She’s so adorable, Olivia thought, curling up in her bed and clutching a photo of Alex.