Chapter 37:  Teardrop

Olivia threw a piece of wrapping paper at Alex.  “Hey!” Alex exclaimed.  “You’re supposed to be helping me wrap all these gifts!”


“I am,” Olivia responded, curling a piece of ribbon.  “But all work and no play makes Olivia a very dull girl.”


Alex giggled as she wrapped a huge box.  “Sometimes I wish I’d had the stores wrap these.”


“Tell me about it,” Olivia said, smirking.  Alex pushed her shoulder.  Olivia moved closer to her and said, “You know…I’d like to wrap you up and put you under my tree.”  Alex giggled again. 


After a few more minutes, they had several more gifts wrapped.  “Geez, Alex.  Did you get everyone at school a present?”


Alex laughed.  “Just pass me the gift tags.” 


Olivia complied and started cutting another section of wrapping paper.  “Ooh, this roll’s shiny.”


Alex shook her head.  “You are way too easily amused.  So…I still have a little more shopping to do.”  Olivia rolled her eyes and Alex playfully pushed her again.  “Anyway, I thought I’d save the best for last.  What do you want for Christmas?”


“You,” Olivia replied simply.


Alex giggled.  “Come on, Liv.  I’m serious.  What do you want for Christmas?”


“I am serious.  You,” Olivia repeated.  Taking her chin, she lightly brushed her lips against Alex’s.  Electricity shot through both girls’ bodies.


Alex felt her heart begin to race.  For a moment, she was speechless.  When she finally regained her voice, she simply breathed, “Liv…”


“Sorry, Alex.  It’s just been so long since I kissed you.  Six weeks and two days to be exact.”


“I know, Liv but…”  Alex sighed.  “It just…it just came as a surprise.  That’s all.”


“A pleasant one, I hope,” Olivia replied, staring into her eyes.


Alex nodded.  “Very.”


Olivia took her hand.  “Santa told me that if I was good he’d bring me a special gift.  I asked him for you.”


“Oh, Liv…” Alex began. 


Olivia put a finger to Alex’s lips, shushing her.  “Alex, it would make me the happiest girl in the world to have you back.  Will you be with me?”


Alex felt a food of emotions run through her.  Tears welled up in her eyes.  “I…I don’t know what to say, Liv.”


Olivia smiled.  “Perhaps yes?  Maybe I can help you,” she said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out two yellow sapphire and diamond necklaces. 


Alex put a hand over her mouth as the tears spilled forth and ran down her cheeks.  Olivia reached out to brush a few stray tears away.  “You know…you told me that before we ever got back together I’d have to prove that I was committed to only you and that I’d never run away again.  I hope I’ve shown that over these past few weeks.  But the thing is, Alex, my heart has always belonged to you.”  She took one of the necklaces and placed it around Alex’s neck.  “I got these necklaces because they’re shaped like teardrops.  I was saving them for Christmas, but I figured now is as good a time as ever.  I want you to know that I’m gonna be there for you through tears of joy, tears of sadness, and everything in between.  I love you, Alexandra Cabot.”


Alex cried harder.  With shaking hands, she took the other necklace from Olivia’s hand and placed it around Olivia’s neck.  “I love you too, Liv!”  Then nodding, she continued, “I’ll be with you.”


Olivia began crying as well.  She hugged her close.  “Thank you.”


Both girls could feel the other’s tears in their hair.  After a minute or so, Alex pulled back.  “These must’ve cost you a fortune!  When did you get these?”


Olivia shrugged.  “Last Saturday.”


Alex leaned over and gave her a long, deep kiss.  “You’re so romantic, Liv.”


Smiling at the compliment, Olivia shrugged again.  “Hey, I try.  I asked the pokies their opinion before getting them and they wholeheartedly agreed.”


Alex giggled.  “Well let them know that I value their opinion.  It was very wise.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “You can tell them yourself if you want.”


Alex giggled again.  “You’re silly, Liv.”


“Oh, I can be quite serious if you want.” 


Alex automatically recognized the look in Olivia’s eyes.  “Oh no, I know what you’re thinking!”


Olivia grinned wickedly.  “Probably.”  She gently stroked Alex’s thigh.  “You know I was nice for Santa, so now I get to be naughty.”


Alex giggled.  “Oh, Liv.”


Olivia pushed everything off her bed and gently settled on top of her.  She captured her lips over and over again and then thoroughly explored her mouth with her tongue.  “Oh god, how I’ve missed this,” she mumbled.  She began to lick a slow trail down Alex’s neck.  Suddenly, she looked down at Alex’s chest.  “May I?” she asked, looking back up into her eyes.  Alex nodded.  Olivia smiled and began massaging her breasts.


“Mmm, Liv…” Alex breathed.


“Mmm, pokies,” Olivia quipped, gently pinching one of Alex’s nipples.  She slowly pulled the strap to Alex’s tank down a little, kissing her shoulder gently.  Each time, she teased Alex by pulling the strap down to reveal a little more skin and then kissing the exposed flesh until finally Alex’s entire left breast was exposed to the air.  Olivia licked her lips before placing several soft kisses on the breast.  Taking the engorged nipple into her mouth, she began sucking gently, eliciting several moans from Alex.  “I want you, Alex,” Olivia uttered with conviction and hunger in her voice.


Alex leaned up, forcing more of her breast into Olivia’s mouth.  “Make love to me, Liv.”


Olivia smiled up at her.  “Oh, I’m going to,” she said, moving down to place soft kisses on Alex’s stomach.


“Liv, why do we still have on clothes?” Alex whined.


Olivia looked up and smirked.  “Gee, and I thought I was the horny one.”


Alex reached down and slid her hand in her jeans.  “Oh, you are.  Trust me.”  Bringing Olivia’s wetness to her lips, she sucked it off her fingers with Olivia eyeing her intently. 


“Oh god,” Olivia moaned, capturing Alex’s mouth again. 


Alex lifted Olivia’s shirt up and unlatched her bra.  “Off.  Both off,” Alex demanded.  Olivia briefly broke away from Alex’s mouth and Alex pulled off her shirt and bra.  “Yes…” she moaned, wildly running her hands over her breasts.  Putting her hand on Olivia’s back and pushing her close to her, she hungrily took one of her nipples into her mouth, nibbling and sucking, before moving on to the other. 


“Alex…ah, fuck!  Oh shit, it’s been too long!” Olivia exclaimed, praying that she wasn’t dreaming.  Alex pulled away from her nipple and started kissing a trail down her stomach when Olivia brought her mouth back to her breast.  “No, Alex…I need more.  Please.”


“Does that feel good?” Alex asked, teasing her nipple with her tongue.


“Yes, hell yes!” Olivia yelled, closing her eyes.


“How about this?” she asked, pulling it with her teeth.


Olivia thought she was going to faint from the sensations coursing through her body at that moment.  All she could do was moan her response.  Alex ran her hands over Olivia’s strong, muscled back before moving down to grip her ass.  Flipping them over, Alex kissed a trail from her lips to the top of her jeans before undoing them and pulling them down her legs.  Her panties quickly followed suit.  “Sweetie, you’re soaked!”


Olivia flashed her a smile.  “Hey, that’s not my fault,” she said, flipping them over again and then pulling down Alex’s pajamas.  “Ah, no Tweety tonight?” she teased as she pulled down her panties.  Olivia licked her lips at the sight of the blonde curls hiding the prize.  Carefully parting her folds, she ran her fingers slowly down the length of her sex, a feral look in her eyes.


“Liv!  You’re practically drooling!”


Olivia swallowed hard and pulled off Alex’s tank top.  “Much better,” she said hoarsely.  She started placing kisses on Alex, not stopping until she’d charted every inch of Alex’s body but her sole destination.  When she reached it, she gingerly stuck her tongue out to taste some of her arousal before plunging it deep inside, hungrily exploring every nook and cranny.  As she removed her tongue, she inserted two fingers.  Alex began moving her hips in rhythm to her fingers while Olivia licked her torso.  She jumped when Olivia reached the special spot close to her navel.  Gripping a breast in her hand, Olivia moved back up to briefly battle tongues with Alex before mercilessly teasing her clit with her tongue and thumb.  Caressing her inside walls with her fingers, for the first time, she carefully inserted a third finger.  Alex gasped and Olivia kissed her lips reassuringly.  “That’s not too much is it?”


“No, no,” Alex replied, shaking her head.  Olivia began twisting her fingers.  “Oh goddddddddd,” Alex moaned.


For what seemed liked an eternity, Olivia took Alex on a rollercoaster of pleasure, bringing her to the peak of ecstasy and then sending her sailing over the edge, but never quite allowing her release.  When Olivia added her tongue to the mix and began swirling it inside the warm tavern while her fingers steadily continued to thrust, it was too much.  Alex felt every muscle in her body tighten before she exploded, screaming her lungs out.  Her orgasm brought on Olivia’s as well, and soon both girls were clinging to each other helplessly as their vibrations fused.


“Liv, what did you do to me?  I can’t move!” Alex exclaimed, breathing heavily. 


Olivia rolled off her.  “Are you ok?”


“Yeah, besides the fact that I won’t be able to walk for days!”


Olivia became concerned.  “I-I didn’t hurt you, did I?”


Alex turned her head and smiled.  “No, silly.  I’m just teasing.  Just so you know, that was insane.”


Olivia smiled and traced the side of Alex’s face with her finger.  “You mean the world to me, you know that?”


“I’ve noticed,” she replied, leaning over to graze Olivia’s lips with her own.  She slowly ran a finger over one of her nipples.  Olivia jerked.  Shaking her head, Alex joked, “Sensitive?”


Olivia shrugged.  “Hey, what can I say?  They’re excited.  You hadn’t loved on them in years it seems.”


Alex got on top of Olivia and looked down mischievously into her eyes.  “If you think they’re excited now, just wait.”  Olivia gulped.  All of a sudden Alex asked, “Baby, why are your thighs all wet?”  She moved down to investigate as Olivia blushed crimson.  Pushing Olivia’s strong thighs apart, she noticed the copious amount of wetness dripping down from her center onto them.  “Geez Liv, are you trying to drown me?”


“I-I can get tissues,” Olivia offered.


Alex smiled up at her.  “No need.”  With that, she began licking the wetness from Olivia’s thighs before lapping up some from her sex.  Olivia hissed as Alex’s tongue grazed her clit.  Then Alex kissed her deeply, letting her taste her own arousal, before lavishing her tongue’s full attentions on her breasts.


“Yes, Alex.  Yesssssssss,” Olivia moaned in appreciation as Alex played with a painfully erect nipple while slowly dragging her tongue along the curve of her breast. 


“Turn over,” Alex instructed.




“Just do it.”  Olivia complied.  Alex straddled her ass and began kneading the muscles in her back, sometimes letting her hands massage the sides of Olivia’s breasts.  Alex rocked gently as she gave her sensual massage, causing Olivia’s clit to slide back and forth across the satin sheets.  Olivia had never felt any sensation like the one she was getting right at that moment.


“Alex, oh goddddddd…that feels so good.”


Alex reached down to cup her slick mound.  “How about that?”


Olivia whimpered in response.  Alex slid down to her thighs, giving herself ample room to knead her cheeks while she placed several kisses down her back.  “Ok, turn back over.”


Alex wasn’t surprised to find Olivia even wetter than she was at the start.  Holding out a finger, she traced her slit before parting her swollen, slippery folds.  Olivia’s ass actually left the bed in an excited jerk when Alex pressed her tongue hard against her already tortured clit.  “Whoa baby, calm down,” Alex said, laughing.


Olivia gripped the sheets until her knuckles were white as Alex sucked her inner folds.  “Alex, I-I need you inside me,” she begged.  Alex inserted two fingers, quickly followed by a third, and began making love to her inner walls.  When Alex replaced her fingers with her tongue and began flicking it around inside her, Olivia thought she was going to spontaneously combust.  She felt as if the cables of an elevator had broken and dropped her twenty floors when Alex finally squeezed her quivering bundle of nerves between her thumb and index fingers, sending her flying over the precipice of ecstasy.


A white haze flashed before Olivia’s eyes as she let out a long wail.  She muttered several unintelligible words as Alex drew out the last of her quakes.  Alex pulled herself up her body and engulfed her mouth in a fiery kiss. 


“Shit Alex, you almost killed me!” Olivia exclaimed when she was able to form coherent sentences again.  “I thought for sure I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.”


Alex grinned.  “So I take it you liked it?”


Olivia swallowed.  “Baby, that was absolutely fucking incredible.  I don’t think my body’s ever gonna recover from it.  If I’m in class on Monday spasming for no reason, I’m gonna tell them my girlfriend confused lovemaking with electroshock therapy.”


Alex slapped her on the arm.  “Silly.”  She touched a finger to an overly sensitive nipple, causing Olivia to jerk violently.


“No, no!  The pokies can’t take anymore!  They’re threatening to retire.”


“They better not!” Alex exclaimed, cuddling up to Olivia and laying a hand on her stomach.  She began lazily tracing circles.  “You know…for the tough, strong basketball player, you wail like a little girl.”


Olivia playfully shoved her.  “And you scream like one.  I’m surprised the police didn’t show up to investigate.”


“I was not that loud!” Alex protested.


“Oh yeah you were!  I thought my eardrums were gonna burst,” Olivia teased.  Alex just giggled.


For the next couple of hours, they just cuddled and talked.  Neither had ever felt as safe as she did in the other’s arms.  Alex lay on top of Olivia again and nuzzled her nose against her face, their hearts beating together.  “You know…at times like this I feel like we’re one person instead of two.  Is that weird?” Alex asked.


Olivia smiled at her and kissed her on the nose.  “Not at all.  I feel like that too.”  She sighed.  “I really don’t know what I’d do without you in my life.”


“You don’t have to worry about that anymore.  God Liv, you’re so beautiful!” Alex exclaimed passionately.  Olivia grinned widely.


Suddenly, Alex’s stomach started growling.  “Oh no, time for the Cabot feeding?  Alex, I thought I already gave you a hearty meal!” Olivia joked.


Alex slapped her on the arm.  “Hey, I need real food!  All that hard work made me work up an appetite!”  Getting out of bed and throwing on some clothes, she continued, “Come on, I make really good spaghetti.”


Olivia went over to Alex’s drawers and pulled out a wife beater and some shorts.  Putting them on, she said, “Wow, Cabot can cook?  Impressive.”  Alex just rolled her eyes.


Olivia watched Alex as she pushed around ground beef in a skillet.  “Sure you don’t need any help with that, kiddo?”


Alex smirked.  “I may need some big strong arms to hold me while I cook.”


Olivia got up and smiled, wrapping her arms around Alex’s waist.  “I can certainly help with that.”


Alex leaned back into her arms.  “I thought you said the pokies were gonna retire.”


Olivia squeezed tighter.  “Well…they got hungry, too I guess.”


Alex giggled.  “While I add the sauce can you drain the pasta for me?”


“Done.”  Olivia drained the pasta and put it in a bowl.  “I’ll go slice the bread, too.”


The girls sat down and began scooping loads of pasta and meat sauce onto their plates.  Olivia wrapped a large amount around her fork and took a bite.  “Mmm, Alex.  This is delicious!  I’m gonna make you start cooking everything from now on!”


Alex grinned.  “Glad you like it.”


Suddenly, Olivia got an idea.  “Hey, you remember Lady and the Tramp?  The part where they kissed by sharing a strand of spaghetti?”


“Yeah!  I always thought that was so cute when I was little!”


Olivia raised an eyebrow.  “Wanna try it?”


Alex smiled.  “Sure.”


Olivia took one end of a piece of pasta and Alex took the other, both slurping it into their mouths until their lips met.  “That was fun.  We should have spaghetti more often,” Olivia commented.  Alex nodded in agreement.


Olivia took her plate and moved to the seat right beside Alex.  Alex looked at her quizzically.  “Why did you move?”


Olivia reached out to brush her hand along the side of her face.  “Because this is our first dinner as a couple again.  I just wanted to be closer to you.”  And with that, she pulled Alex’s chair right next to her own.


“Liv!  I might as well be sitting in your lap.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  Alex shook her head.  “No, Liv.  No way.”  But of course Olivia ignored her and pulled her into her lap anyway.  “Liv!” Alex whined.


Olivia tilted her face up to capture Alex’s lips.  “I’m never letting you go again.”


Alex grinned.  “And I’m never letting you go again either.”  She wrapped some spaghetti around her fork and fed it to Olivia before eating her own forkful.  “You know,” she began, tucking some strands of hair behind Olivia’s ear, “we have a cabin about 40 miles north of here.  We should go up there when it’s snowing one day.”


Olivia’s entire face lit up.  “You have a cabin?  Oh, the things we can do there one weekend…”


Knowing what Olivia was thinking, Alex replied, “Yeah.  We can sit in front of the fireplace and tell stories and cuddle.”


“Naked, you mean.”


Alex shook her head.  “You’re incorrigible, Liv.”


“But you love me anyway,” Olivia said, smiling up at her.


“Yes, I do,” Alex confirmed, kissing her on the nose.