Chapter 41:  Déjà Vu

New Year’s Eve had finally arrived.  Alex sat on her bed and tried to hold the phone with her shoulder as she painted her fingernails a bright shade of purple.  She was decked out in a short jean skirt and purple off-the-shoulders sweater.  “Liv…come on!  Tell me what you’re wearing,” Alex whined.


Olivia grinned on her side of the line.  “Nope.  It’s a surprise.”


Alex pouted.  “At least give me a hint.”


Olivia decided to play along.  “Well…it’s tight.”


Alex could feel herself getting warm.  “Good.  What else?”


Olivia sprayed on some hair spray and applied more lipstick.  “Well, I’m wearing red lipstick.”


Alex groaned.  “Liv, that’s hardly what I was referring to.”


“You’ll just have to find out the rest when I get there,” Olivia said, grinning victoriously.  “How much longer are you gonna be before you’re ready?”


“For your information, I’m already ready.  I just need to finish painting my nails and then I’ll be ready to go.”


Olivia gasped.  “Well, I’ll be damned.  You’re ready before I am!”


Alex giggled.  “See, I knew we should’ve made a bet on who could get ready the fastest!  Then I would’ve won and you would’ve had to do whatever I wanted.”


“Aw, Alex, you know I’d do that anyway,” Olivia responded genuinely.


Alex closed the cap on her nail polish.  She felt her heart skip a beat at Olivia’s words.  “Aw, Liv.  That’s really sweet.”


“Well, I mean it.  You know that?”


“I know,” Alex responded, sighing happily.


Olivia carefully applied her eyeliner.  “I’ll be there in about 20 minutes, ok?”


“Ok.  See you when you get here.  Love you,” Alex replied, making a kissing sound in the phone.


“Love you, too.  Bye.”


Before Alex knew it, she heard her doorbell ring.  She jumped off her bed and bolted down the stairs.  “Mom, I’m leaving now!” she yelled.


“Ok, hon.  Have fun!” her mother yelled back.


Alex whistled when she opened the door.  Olivia had on form-fitting brown pants and a long-sleeved, low-cut light blue top that snugly hugged her breasts.  “Wow, Liv.  You look absolutely stunning, babe.”  She looked down at her ample cleavage.  “And so do your boobies.”


“Stunning enough for a kiss?” Olivia asked, eyeing her hopefully.


Alex quickly closed the front door.  “Definitely,” she responded, leaning in to capture Olivia’s lips.


After a few minutes, Alex pulled back.  “Come on.  If we don’t leave now, we’ll be making out here all night.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “What’s wrong with that?”


Alex rolled her eyes and dragged her to the car.  “Just drive, sweetie.”


When they arrived at Jake’s party, the place was already packed.  Olivia grabbed Alex’s hand and pushed her way through the crowd.  “This place is insane!” she shouted over the noise.


“I know!” Alex responded, flipping her hair over her shoulder.


“Can I get you a drink?” Olivia asked her.


Alex smiled sweetly.  “Sure.”


Olivia brought back a Bud Light.  “Drink up.”


Alex toasted Olivia’s beer.  “Cheers.”


After about an hour of dancing with Alex and socializing with some of the other partygoers, Olivia spotted Monique Jeffries, Mandi Richards, and a few other girls from her basketball team.  “Hey, Al.  I’m gonna go hang out for a minute.  Be back, ok?”


“Ok,” Alex said.  Olivia gave her a quick kiss on the lips and walked away.


Alex was busy nursing her second beer when Rebecca Hendrix came up to her.  “Hey, Alex!”


Alex smiled.  “Hey, Rebecca.  What’s goin’ on?”


Rebecca shrugged.  “Oh, not much.  I just saw you and thought I’d come over to say hi.”  Alex is really cute, she thought, admiring her long, slim legs and short skirt.  “Listen, you wanna dance?”


“Sure,” Alex replied with a grin.  She had been bored out of her mind after Olivia left and was thankful that Rebecca had come to rescue her.


“You look really sexy tonight, Alex,” Rebecca said, giving her another appreciative once-over.


Is she flirting with me? Alex wondered.  “Oh, um thanks.  You’re not so bad yourself.”


Rebecca slipped her arms around Alex’s waist and pulled her closer to her.  “Oh, I love this song!” she exclaimed, swaying Alex from side to side.


Alex laughed.  “I can tell.”


God, I love how husky her voice is, Rebecca thought.  “So how’s Olivia?”


Alex smiled.  “She’s good.  Real good.”


“So she finally got her head outta her ass, huh?”  Rebecca noticed Alex stiffen up.  “Hey, no offense to Liv.  I just mean that it’s good she’s come around.  You’d have to be a complete fool to let a beautiful girl like you go.”


“Um, thanks.  I guess,” Alex responded.


“Liv is a lucky girl.  Tell her I said congrats.”


Alex laughed.  “Will do.”




“So you’re dating Alex, huh?” Monique asked Olivia.


“Yeah,” Olivia answered, smiling.  “She’s absolutely amazing.”


Monique playfully punched her in the arm and said, “Aw, look at you all in love.  You go girl!”  Olivia just grinned like a Cheshire cat.


Mandi’s mouth dropped open in wonder.  “Wow, Liv.  I had no clue you were into girls.”


Olivia shrugged.  “Yeah.  It happens.”


“Good catch, though,” Mandi continued.


Just then, Serena and Casey Novak came up to them and caught the end of their conversation.  “Alex’s parents are ok with you guys dating?  I always thought the Cabots were pretty conservative,” Casey stated.


Olivia looked uncomfortable.  “Um…they don’t exactly know.”


Casey took that as her cue to not press the issue any further.  “Oh…” she just said.


“Where is Alex now anyway?” Mandi asked.


Monique turned her head to search the room and spotted Alex with Rebecca.  “Well, unless I forgot to put my contacts in, she’s in the arms of Rebecca Hendrix.”


“What?” Olivia followed Monique’s gaze to see Rebecca dancing on Alex and felt the blood drain from her face.  “Oh, that stupid bitch,” she snarled, marching over to them.


“Uh oh,” Serena muttered as they all watched Olivia angrily making her way through the crowd.


By the time Olivia got to them, Rebecca was brushing some of Alex’s hair back from her face and grinding against her leg.  Olivia grabbed her arm and yanked her away from Alex.  “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”


“Last time I checked it was called dancing,” Rebecca retorted sarcastically.


“And last time I checked dancing did not include you dry humping my girlfriend!” Olivia snapped.


“Liv…” Alex began.


Olivia held a hand up without even looking at her.  “Stay out of this one, Alex.”


Alex folded her arms and moved into Olivia’s line of sight.  “Liv, what’s your problem?  We were just dancing.”


Olivia stared at her and folded her arms, too.  “She was coming on to you and you know it, Alex.”


Alex sighed.  “Liv, there’s no reason to get upset over something this trivial.”


“She’s right, Liv.  The jealous lover rant is so last year,” Rebecca taunted, grinning smugly.


Olivia glared at Rebecca.  “You’re doing this to get back at me, aren’t you?”


Rebecca rolled her eyes.  “Get over yourself, Olivia.  I wouldn’t waste that much time or energy on you.  Alex is cool.  I just wanna get to know her better.”


“Oh, I’ll bet you do, but it’s not gonna happen.  And if I see you with your fingers anywhere near her hair again, I’ll break every one of them.”


Rebecca laughed.  “Liv, your whole macho act doesn’t scare me.  Besides, Alex was quite enjoying herself.”


Alex saw the vein on Olivia’s temple begin to pulse.  Olivia moved right up in Rebecca’s face.  “Don’t test me, you bitch.”


Rebecca smirked.  “And just what are you gonna do about it?  Gonna hit me?” she asked, cocking her head to the side.


Alex gently placed a hand on Olivia’s shoulder.  “Liv, come on.  Don’t do this.”  She then brought her arms around Olivia’s waist cautiously and laid her head on her shoulder.


Olivia relaxed slightly at Alex’s touch but continued to stare Rebecca down for almost another minute.  “Stay away from Alex,” she demanded, grabbing Alex’s hand and pulling her away.


When they were in a secluded corner, Alex asked, “Liv, what was that all about?”


Olivia looked at her like she was crazy.  “Alex, are you serious?  She’s my ex and she’s interested in you.”


Alex sighed.  “Liv, she was just being friendly.”


Olivia shook her head.  “No, she wasn’t, Al.  Trust me, I know Rebecca.  Of all the girls she could have danced with, she waited until I left and then came over to you.”


“You’re not mad at me, are you?” Alex asked.


Olivia sighed.  “No, Al.  I’m just mad at her for that stunt she tried to pull in front of everyone.”


“Good.  Liv, it scares me when you get angry like that.”


Olivia stroked her face.  “Sweetie, don’t be afraid of me.”


“It’s not that I’m afraid of you, Liv.  I’m afraid for you.  I’m afraid you’ll get in trouble or hurt somehow, and I can’t bear the thought of anything ever happening to you, Liv.”


Olivia felt her heart melt at Alex’s concern for her.  “Thank you, sweetie.  But everything will be ok.  You don’t have to worry.”


Alex wrapped her arms around Olivia’s neck.  “I love you.”


Olivia hugged her in return.  “I love you too, babe.”  She pulled back and gave Alex a lopsided grin.  “You know, you distracted me earlier.”


Alex gave her a confused look.  “How?”


“Because it’s hard to stay mad enough to wanna kick your ex’s ass when your girlfriend has her arms wrapped around you and is all cuddled up to you.”


Alex giggled.  “I’m glad my charms worked.”


Olivia grinned.  “Well, your charms have made me horny.”


Alex lightly trailed her fingers down Olivia’s stomach.  “Oh really now?”


“Oh yeah,” Olivia confirmed, nodding.


“I want you to rip off all my clothes,” Alex whispered in her ear.


Olivia felt her heart begin to race.  Oh, the things this girl make me want to do, she thought.  “Good.  Cuz I wanna rip off all your clothes,” Olivia whispered back.  She put her hand on the back of Alex’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss.


Alex slipped her hands under Olivia’s shirt.  “Liv, you’re wearing a bra,” she whined.


Olivia chuckled against Alex’s mouth.  “Sorry for the minor inconvenience.”


“No inconvenience to me,” Alex replied, sliding her hands under her bra and massaging her breasts. 


Olivia bit her lip then mumbled, “As a trade-off you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”


Alex pulled back and her eyes got wide.  “Seriously?”


Olivia grinned wickedly.  “Yes, seriously.”


“Bathroom now,” Alex ordered, running her hands over Olivia’s ass.


When they got in the bathroom, Alex immediately unzipped Olivia’s pants.  “Ooh yesssssss,” Alex hissed, fingering Olivia’s dark curls.


“You like that?” Olivia asked.


“Hell yes,” Alex responded, yanking down her pants.


“Hey, I thought I was the one who was supposed to be ripping off all your clothes!” Olivia joked.


Alex raised her arms above her head, allowing Olivia to take off her sweater and bra.  “Did you lock the door this time?” Alex asked, taking off Olivia’s top and bra as well.


“As soon as it shut,” Olivia answered, ravaging her mouth.


“Good, cuz I have no intention of being interrupted this time,” Alex mumbled.


Olivia pulled Alex’s bottom lip with her teeth.  “Shit, the whole damn school can break down the door, and I have no intention of stopping until I’ve fucked your brains out and you’re screaming my name,” Olivia growled, yanking down Alex’s panties and shoving three fingers inside her.


Alex gasped sharply.  “I like the sound of that.” 


Olivia kneaded Alex’s breasts with her other hand before saying, “Let’s see how flexible you really are.”  And with that, she grabbed one of Alex’s legs and threw it over her shoulder.


“Holy shit, Liv!” Alex exclaimed, grabbing Olivia’s breasts and twisting her nipples.  Olivia grunted and began thrusting harder as she attacked the base of Alex’s neck, sucking hard.


“Who makes you come?” Olivia asked, brushing her thumb over Alex’s clit. 


Alex shivered involuntarily and answered, “Y-you.”


“Who?” Olivia pressed.


“Liv,” Alex breathed.


“Can’t hear you, Alex.”  She pressed her thumb harder against her clit and abruptly stopped thrusting inside her.


“Liv!” Alex yelled out.


“Much better,” Olivia responded with a smug grin.  “Do you want to come?”


“Yes.  Yes, please.”


Olivia lowered her mouth to the base of Alex’s neck again and roughly bit it.  “I want you to beg for it.”


“Please,” Alex whispered.  The sting of the bite was a mere trifle compared to the immense pleasure Olivia was giving her.  She absolutely loved it when Olivia dominated her sexually.  Her strength was welcomed and not too much to be overpowering.  She trusted Olivia and knew she would never put her in any danger.


“Please what?”


“Let me…let me come,” Alex breathed.


“Speak up,” Olivia demanded, pinching a nipple with one hand and squeezing her clit with the other.


Alex closed her eyes.  She felt her wetness beginning to drip down her thigh and onto the floor.  Olivia was teasing her, giving her enough stimulation to be right at the brink of orgasm but stopping right before they both knew it would happen.  She was amazed at how well Olivia knew her body and could anticipate its responses.  “Let me come!” Alex shouted.


Olivia thrust her tongue down her throat and with a few more pumps of her fingers, Alex exploded onto her hand.  Olivia pulled back and started to tremble as her own orgasm hit her.  “Scream my name, Alex.  Right now,” she demanded, pinching her clit hard and forcing another orgasm out of her.


“Livvvvvvvvvvvvv!” Alex screamed, collapsing against the wall.  Olivia slowly brought her leg back down to the floor.  Alex felt like her heart was going to thud right out of her chest.


“Are you ok, baby?” Olivia asked, trying to catch her breath.


“My leg feels like rubber,” Alex replied.  “And I think I saw my life flash before my eyes, but other than that, I’m fine.”


Olivia chuckled.  “Good.”  She took Alex’s thigh in her hands and began kneading the muscles, gradually moving down to do the same to her calf.  “Feel better?” she asked when she was finished.


Alex nodded.  “Much better.  Thank you.”


Olivia shrugged.  “Hey, I aim to please.”  She then went over to the sink to wash her hands. 


Alex walked over beside her and gasped loudly when she saw the large hickey accompanied by teeth marks that Olivia had left on her neck.  “Oh my god, Liv!  Are you a vampire or what?”


Olivia grinned.  “Why, Alex.  Are you asking for an encore?”


Alex laughed and shook her head.  “You’re insane, Liv.”


“Let me kiss it and make it better,” Olivia said softly, moving closer to her.


Alex smiled.  “Only if you promise to behave.”


Olivia softly pressed her lips against the tender, bruised flesh.  Alex could feel Olivia’s nipples brushing against her bare skin and felt the throbbing return to her center, which had barely had time to recover.


Stepping back, Olivia asked, “All better now?”


“Much,” Alex replied, although a little shakily.  She regretted the loss of contact and by extension, loss of stimulation that she had had with Olivia.


Olivia started to go get her shirt and bra when Alex grabbed her arm.  “Wait, don’t get dressed, yet.  I wanna play with them,” Alex said, fingering her nipples and bouncing her breasts in her hands.


“Suck on them,” Olivia told her.  Alex moved down to comply with Olivia’s request and braced her hands against her back.  Olivia closed her eyes, reveling in the sensations she was feeling.


“Mmm…” Alex mumbled, rolling her nipples off her tongue.


Suddenly, they heard a knock at the door.  Olivia groaned.  “Who is it?”


“Casey.  Are you guys almost done?  I really have to pee!”


“Hold on,” Olivia yelled through the door.  “Just give us a minute, ok?”


“Hurry up!” Casey yelled back.


Alex and Olivia went over to pick up their discarded clothes off the floor.  “Liv, I bet we reek of sex!” Alex exclaimed.  She pulled out some air freshener from the cabinets and started frantically spraying it in the air.


Olivia grinned.  “And that’s a bad thing because…?”


Alex shook her head and laughed.  “What am I gonna do with you, Liv?”


Olivia gave her a lopsided grin and started to pull her pants down again.  “Well—”


“Don’t even,” Alex interrupted.  She caught her appearance in the mirror again and gasped, “Oh my god!  I look a mess!”  She rushed over to the sink to wash away her lipstick that had smeared on the side of her mouth and to brush her fingers through her tousled hair.


“Come on, Al,” Olivia pressed, grabbing her hand.  “Don’t worry about that.  You look beautiful.”  She pulled open the door and dragged Alex out with her.


Casey immediately ran in and slammed it shut.  They were walking away when Olivia spotted Serena seemingly come out of nowhere in the dark hallway and quickly dash into the bathroom.  Olivia asked Alex, “Whoa…did you just see that?”


Alex shook her head.  “What?”


“Serena just followed Casey into the bathroom.”


Alex wrinkled her forehead.  “Really?  Are you sure it was Serena?”


“Yeah, totally.  Do you think…?”


Alex shook her head again.  “Nah.  Casey has a boyfriend.”  She stopped suddenly.  “Still…that’s weird.  I’ll have to ask Serena about it later.”


“Well…you know you can still be gay and have a boyfriend.  Maybe she’s in the closet,” Olivia informed her.


“That’s true…it’s just that Casey doesn’t seem like she’s gay.”


Olivia smirked.  “Alex, Elliot thought the same thing about you.  So do lots of others.”


Alex sighed.  “I dunno, Liv.  I still say she’s straight.”


Olivia grinned wickedly.  “Well, there’s only one way to find out.”  She jerked her head in the direction of the bathroom.


Alex shook her head.  “No.  Oh, no.  I know what you’re thinking.  We’re not gonna listen in on them!”


Olivia shrugged her shoulders.  “Suit yourself,” she responded, walking back towards the bathroom.


“Liv!” Alex yelled, although quickly following behind her.


Olivia put a finger to her lips.  “Shh…” she whispered.  She gently put an ear to the door.


“Do you hear anything?” Alex whispered.


Olivia listened harder.  She shook her head and started walking away.  When they were out of earshot of the door, she answered, “No.  I didn’t hear any moans or anything, just some faint bumping.”


Alex giggled.  “And grinding,” she added.


After several minutes, Casey came out of the bathroom first.  “Her lips are so swollen!” Olivia whispered after she’d passed by her.  “My lips are only ever that swollen after I’ve either made out with you for ten minutes straight or I’ve just gone down—”


Alex slapped her arm.  “Liv!” 


Olivia chuckled.  “Hey, I’m just saying.”


At that moment, Serena stuck her head out and looked around quickly before making her exit and walking over to get a beer.  Olivia noticed that her cheeks were flushed as she passed her.  “Yeah, they were totally just making out.”


Alex folded her arms.  “How can you be so sure?”


“I saw how flushed her cheeks were.  Plus, her shirt is all wrinkled,” Olivia explained.


Alex stared at Casey from across the room.  “Ah, well.  Only time will tell.”


Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist and rubbed her nose against hers.  “Speaking of time, we have a little over an hour before this year is history.  What do you wanna do?”


“Spend it with you,” Alex replied, softly kissing her lips.


Olivia took her hand and led her over to the couch.  She sat down and pulled Alex into her lap, cuddling her against her chest.  “You know, this was the best year of my entire life.”


“Mine, too.  But hey, next year will only be better.”


“You think so?” Olivia asked, dipping her hand under Alex’s sweater and caressing her warm side.


“I know so.”




Time passed by quickly.  Now it was just two minutes until New Year’s.  Olivia and Alex stood by each other drinking eggnog as everyone waited for the ball to drop on the big plasma screen tv. 


“I love you, Liv,” Alex professed, turning to stare into her eyes.


Olivia smiled.  “I love you, too, Alex.”


Everyone started the countdown and they joined in, too.  “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Happy New Year!”


Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex and passionately kissed her.  Streamers and confetti came down from the ceiling and landed on them, but they were so engrossed in their making out that they didn’t even notice.  Mandi tapped Olivia on the shoulder and teased, “Hey guys.  I don’t think you’re supposed to kiss all night.”


Olivia pulled back from Alex slightly and turned her head to Mandi.  “Says who?” she asked, resuming their makeout session.


A group of people started cheering and clapping when they saw Alex and Olivia making out.  When they finally broke apart, Alex blushed and giggled, and Olivia just grinned smugly.  However, Alex’s giggling was short-lived when she noticed another couple making out—Casey and her boyfriend Derek.  Her breath caught in her chest as she caught the look of pain on Serena’s face and saw her run towards the bathroom.


Olivia had seen Serena’s reaction as well.  “Uh oh,” she commented simply.


“Yeah.  I’m gonna go check in on her,” Alex said, feeling her heart go out to her friend.


“Want me to go with you?” Olivia asked sincerely.


Alex shook her head.  “Nah.  I think she’ll open up more if it’s just me.”


Olivia kissed her cheek and squeezed her hand reassuringly.  “Let me know how it goes.”


When Alex got to the bathroom door, she heard muffled sobs.  “Serena?”


“Go away!” Serena yelled.


“No, Serena.  It’s me, Alex.  Unlock the door.”


“No!” Serena yelled, going into another fit of sobs.


“Serena, I’ll stand out here and knock all night until you open this door.”  Alex heard the door unlock and was relieved when it finally opened.  As soon as she squeezed in, Serena shut and locked the door again.  Alex sat down beside her and wrapped her in a warm hug.  “Sweetie, what’s going on?”


Serena shook her head.  “I don’t wanna talk about it.”


“Is it Casey?” Alex pressed softly.


Serena looked down and said nothing for a minute.  “Yeah,” she finally confessed in a voice that was barely audible.


“Is there something going on between you?”


Serena sighed and wiped a few of her tears away.  “Kinda.  Casey and her boyfriend are having problems.  She said she really likes me.  And she told me after we kissed tonight that she was gonna break up with Derek.  Then the next thing I know she’s making out with him!  I feel like such a fool.”


“Well, how do you know it wasn’t just a goodbye kiss?” Alex questioned.


Serena scoffed.  “Yeah, right.  Not the way she was about to suck his lips right off his face.”


“Maybe you should talk to her.  Ask her why she did it,” Alex suggested.


“No, I don’t wanna speak to her again.”


“So you’re gonna give up just like that?” Alex asked, gently placing a hand on her shoulder.


Serena looked at Alex with a pained expression on her face.  “I’m done chasing straight girls.  I refuse to have my heart broken again.  Best to get out of this one early.”  She then noticed the huge hickey and bite mark on Alex’s neck.  “Alex, what the hell is that on your neck?”


Alex self-consciously raised a hand to the area.  “Oh…um, well, um…”


“You two totally fucked earlier, didn’t you?”


Alex blushed furiously.  “Well…yeah.  I guess things got a little outta control.  So have you and Casey done it yet?” she asked, desperate to redirect the conversation back to them.


Serena sighed.  “No.  Not yet.  But I bet she’s somewhere doing it with Derek right now,” she muttered in disgust.


Alex hugged her to her.  “Don’t think like that.”


“I bet she is,” Serena repeated, folding her arms.




Meanwhile, Olivia was downing a Smirnoff Ice when she felt a hand on her shoulder.  She turned to see Casey.  “Hey…”


“Hey, Olivia.  Have you seen Serena?  I’ve been looking all over for her and I can’t find her anywhere.”


Olivia had conflicting thoughts in her head between wanting to tell Casey the truth and not wanting to upset Serena anymore.  In the end, she decided to just ask her, “Why?”


“Cuz I really need to talk to her about something.”  Casey looked desperate.


Olivia sighed.  “No, I haven’t seen her in awhile.”


“Shit,” Casey muttered.  “Well, if you find her before I do, let me know, ok?”


“Okay,” Olivia stated noncommittally as Casey continued making her way through the crowd.




“No, she’s not,” Alex assured her.  “Remember that saying?  When you assume, it makes an ass out of you and me?”


Serena smirked.  “In this case, I think Casey is the one who made an ass out of me.”


Alex sighed.  “You two just need to talk.  Look, maybe she’s just scared.  Casey doesn’t seem like the type of girl to hurt you on purpose.  But you’re not gonna get the answers from yourself.  Only from her.”


Serena let out a deep breath.  “I guess you’re right.  I’m just not ready to deal with her right now.  Tonight was gonna be perfect.  She was gonna dump that loser, we were gonna be together, and we were gonna kiss when the new year came in.”


Alex rubbed her back.  “How long have you two been seeing each other secretly?”


Serena shrugged.  “I dunno.  Maybe for a couple weeks.  We were studying for Petrovsky’s constitutional law exam at my place and she was talking about what an ass Derek was to her.  Then she made a joke about switching to the other team.  I joked back that it wasn’t such a bad idea.  Then before I knew it we kissed.  It started off as just a little one to test the waters but pretty soon we were making out.  And that’s when she told me I made her feel something she hadn’t felt in a long time.  But the next day she freaked out and said she couldn’t be unfaithful to Derek, so I told her ok if that’s what she really wanted.  She said it was but as she was about to leave, she turned back around and started kissing me again.  Then Casey said she had feelings for me but that we had to keep it a secret if we wanted to still see each other.”


Alex smiled sympathetically.  “I just wish you had told me, Serena.  You know I’m your best friend.  I would’ve understood.”


“Well, Casey made me swear not to tell anyone.  Not even you,” Serena explained, shrugging apologetically.


Alex gave her a hug.  “It’s ok.  I understand.  But in the end, you both need to do what makes you happy.  Follow your hearts, not what’s expected of you.  With love, there are no rules.”


Serena smiled.  “Well, aren’t you just the hopeless romantic?” 


Alex giggled.  “Hey, trust me.  It’s totally worth it.”


Serena leaned in and hugged Alex.  “What would I do without you?”


Alex stood up.  “Hey, what can I say?  Alex Cabot makes the world a better place.”


Serena smirked.  “Hey now.  I didn’t say all that.”


Alex laughed and unlocked the door.  “Come on, kiddo.  Let’s go back out there and party.”


When they opened the door, they were face to face with Casey.  Casey and Serena just stared at each other.  Alex watched the interaction between the two of them for a moment before pointing her finger toward the living room and saying, “Um…I’m just gonna leave you two alone.  See ya later, Serena.”  And with that, she quickly edged out of the bathroom sideways and searched for Olivia.


When she found Olivia, Olivia greeted her with a kiss.  “So how’d it go?”


Alex shrugged.  “Well, I had just convinced Serena to come back out here when we ran smack into Casey.  So now they’re in the bathroom talking.  I hope it goes well.”


Olivia sighed.  “Yeah, me too.  Casey came by a little while ago asking if I’d seen Serena.”


“Did you tell her where she was?” Alex asked.


“No.  I just told her I hadn’t seen her in awhile.”


Alex let out the breath she had been holding.  “Good.”


“So what’s the story with those two?” Olivia asked, taking another swig of her Smirnoff.


“Well, apparently they have a thing going on and Casey told her she’d leave Derek for her.  Serena is pretty shaken up about seeing them kiss tonight, though.  So if Casey does intend to leave Derek, she has a lotta explaining to do.”


“See, told you,” Olivia said with a smug grin.  “I think your gaydar has some sort of defect.”  She picked up some pretzels and started munching.


Alex swatted her on the arm.  “Well, it was perfectly fine when I had my sights set on you.”


Olivia grinned.  “This is true.  You know, I’d had a crush on you for quite some time before you ever asked me to hang out.”


Alex’s mouth dropped open in shock.  “Really?  Why haven’t you ever told me this before?”


Olivia shrugged.  “I dunno.”


“So you’re telling me we could’ve gone out a lot sooner if you hadn’t been too chicken to ask me out first?”


Olivia gave her a lopsided grin.  “Perhaps.”


Alex shoved her shoulder.  “Liv!”


Olivia chuckled.  “One time I missed a pass because I was watching you do a pyramid.  Cragen was so pissed he made me run a mile around the track after practice.”


Alex giggled.  “Hey, I don’t have any complaints.  I’ve always loved it when you’re hot and sweaty.”


Olivia pulled Alex close to her and looked down at her chest.  “Well…I know of other activities that could make me hot and sweaty.”


Alex blushed and grinned.  “Oh really now?  Do tell.”


“You’ll just have to find out when we get home,” Olivia whispered in her ear.


Alex felt a shiver run through her body.  “So what are we gonna do in the meantime?”


“Let’s dance,” Olivia suggested, turning around and grinding her ass into Alex’s crotch.  Alex began moving her hips in rhythm and running her hands over Olivia’s breasts.  Suddenly, Olivia turned back around and covered Alex’s mouth with her own.


“Liv, I thought you wanted to dance,” Alex mumbled against Olivia’s mouth.


“We’re still dancing.  It’s just our tongues now,” Olivia responded.  Alex giggled and deepened the kiss.




Back in the bathroom, Casey asked Serena, “Serena, what’s up with you?  I’d been looking all over for you!  You wouldn’t even answer your cell.”


Serena rolled her eyes.  “What do you care, Casey?  Why don’t you go back out there and make out some more with your boyfriend in front of everyone?”


Casey sighed.  “Listen, Serena.  I tried to break up with him…but things didn’t go as expected.  He said he just had a lot goin’ on lately and he’d been taking it out on me, but he’s gonna change.”


Tears started rolling down Serena’s cheeks.  “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.”


Casey felt her heart breaking.  “Serena, don’t cry,” she said, wiping away her tears with her thumbs. 


Serena slapped her hands away.  “Stop it.  Just go.”


Casey gently placed a hand on her arm.  “I’m sorry, Serena.”


Serena yanked her arm away.  “Sure you are, Casey.  You should’ve just ended it when you started to.”


Casey stepped closer to her.  “As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t.  Look, I have feelings for you.  I really do.  It’s just that…things are way too complicated right now.  If Derek really is willing to change, then I have to be willing to give him a chance.”


Serena glared at her coldly.  “Fuck you, Casey.  When he hurts you again, don’t come crying to me.”


Casey glared back.  “Wow, Serena.  You’re being really mature about this, aren’t you?”


Serena moved to unlock the door.  “Goodbye, Casey.”


“Wait!” Casey shouted.  “Come back here.”


Serena turned to glare into her eyes again.  “Go to hell.”




Alex and Olivia both saw Serena storm across the room.  “Well, looks like that didn’t go well,” Olivia commented.


Alex sighed.  “I know.  I hope Serena will be ok.”  Just then, Casey came out with her face tear-streaked.  She walked over to her boyfriend and laid her head on his chest.  “What a bitch!” Alex exclaimed angrily.  “How can she just do that in front of Serena?  No one is gonna treat my best friend that way!”  Alex started to march over to Casey and Derek when Olivia grabbed her arm.  “What?” Alex asked in annoyance.


“Al, I think you should stay outta this.  Let them work things out on their own.  If you go over there and cuss Casey out, you’re just gonna make things worse.”


“Liv, Serena is my best friend.  I don’t want to see her hurt because of some bitch.”


“I understand that, Alex.  But if you stir things up and push Casey farther way, it’s only gonna hurt Serena more.”


“But Liv, you can’t just expect me to stand by and do nothing!”


“Alex, this is none of your business.  Stay out of it,” Olivia snapped.  “Serena is a big girl.  She doesn’t need you to fight her battles.”


“Don’t snap at me, Liv,” Alex said with hurt in her voice.


Olivia sighed.  “I’m sorry, Alex.  But it’s just that I know how angry I was when Serena butted in our business.  She shouldn’t have done that, even if she was concerned about you.  I didn’t appreciate it and neither will Casey if you do the same thing.”


Alex sighed, knowing Olivia was right.  “You’re right, Liv.  I just wish there was something I could do to make this easier on Serena.”


“Just be supportive to her,” Olivia said, rubbing her back.




In the meantime, Serena went up to Lexie Porter, a statuesque blue-eyed brunette who was also on the cheerleading squad, and began flirting.  It was a well-known fact that Lexie was bisexual and not shy at all in her dalliances with the female gender.  “Hey, Lexie.  What’s up?” she asked, darting her eyes to Lexie’s full breasts and then back to her face.  They don’t just call her “Sexy Lexie” for nothing, Serena thought.


Lexie smiled and appreciatively looked Serena up and down.  She was already pretty tipsy.  “Not too much,” she said, edging closer to her.


Serena smiled slyly.  “Well, how about I change that?”


Lexie grinned.  “And just how do you plan on doing that?” she asked, running her tongue over her top lip.


“Like this,” Serena said, taking Lexie’s punch and putting it down.  She then leaned in and kissed her.  Lexie wrapped her hands in her hair and kissed her back full force.


What Serena didn’t notice was that Casey and Derek had moved over to talk to some of his friends and were now just a few feet away.  Casey felt her stomach tie in knots as she watched Serena and Lexie making out. 


After several minutes, they pulled back from one another to catch their breath.  “Wow, that was incredible,” Lexie breathed.


“My sentiments exactly,” Serena replied, grinning. 


Lexie picked up her punch to begin drinking again but accidentally spilled some on Serena’s blouse.  “Oh my god, Serena!  I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed, reaching for a napkin.


Serena chuckled.  “Hey, I guess that kiss was so good it made you lose control of your motor functions,” she joked.


“I guess so,” Lexie replied with a slight laugh, running her hand down Serena’s side.


Serena gave her a quick kiss and said, “Hey, I’m gonna go to the kitchen to wash this stain out.  Hang tight, ok?  I’ll be back in a few.”


“I’ll be right here waiting,” Lexie replied, taking another sip.


Serena had only been in the kitchen a couple minutes when Casey marched in.  “What the fuck was that?” she demanded.


“What?” Serena asked, feigning ignorance.


“You making out with Lexie out there!” Casey yelled.


“Well, you’re no longer available so I figured I might as well move on,” Serena retorted nastily.


“Is that all I was to you, Serena?  Someone who was available?” Casey asked, hurt flashing across her green eyes.


“Oh please, Casey.  Don’t turn this around on you.  You’re the one who decided to go back to your boyfriend!  Why do you care who I make out with?  I had to watch you sucking face with the asshole!”


“You’re just doing this to hurt me!” Casey shouted.


“And you don’t think I’m hurting?  You’re selfish, Casey.  You can’t have your cake and eat it, too!”


“You never really cared about me!” Casey continued.  “If I had left Derek you would’ve just kept me around until you got bored!”


“That’s not true and you know it!” Serena yelled. 


“It is, too!  I’ve fallen for you and you can move on to some whore just like that!” Casey confessed with tears streaming down her cheeks.


“Well, I fell for you and you went back to your loser boyfriend like I didn’t even matter!  If you had just followed your heart, I never would’ve touched Lexie or anyone else for that matter!” Serena exclaimed, pointing her finger in Casey’s face.


Casey threw herself at Serena and passionately consumed her mouth.  Serena wrapped her arms around Casey and deepened the kiss.




Alex went over to get another jello shot.  She frowned and saw that only green ones were left.  “All the vodka ones are gone!  I don’t know why Jake made any of them with tequila anyway!”


Olivia stroked her cheek.  “I’ll go in the kitchen and check to see if there are any vodka ones in the freezer.  I’ll be back, ok?”


Alex tightly wrapped her arms around her neck.  “You’re my hero, you know that?”


Olivia gave her a quick kiss on the lips.  “Yeah.  We’ll see about that when you need your next jello shot fix.”  Alex giggled and Olivia went into the kitchen.


She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Serena’s blouse open and Casey wildly running her hands over her bra.  For a minute she just stood there and watched them intensely battling tongues before finally deciding to clear her throat.  “Don’t mean to bother you girls, but I just came to look for more jello shots,” she said, making her way over to the freezer.


The girls gasped and jumped back from one another.  Casey looked at her with sheer panic in her eyes.  “Please don’t tell my boyfriend!” she begged.


Olivia smiled.  “Don’t worry.  Your secret’s safe with me,” she promised, pulling out a couple red jello shots.  “Just be careful not to leave any…physical evidence,” she said with a wink as she left.


Serena buttoned her blouse and Casey stared at her in fear.  “What are we gonna do?  What if Olivia tells someone?” Casey asked.


“Liv’s not like that,” Serena assured her.  She sighed.  “So you really meant it when you said you’d fallen for me?”


Casey stared into her bright blue eyes.  “Yes.”


Serena wanted to believe Casey, but she also had to protect her heart.  “Look, I won’t be jerked around by you, Casey.  If you’re just gonna kick me to the curb, let me know now.”


Casey looked down at the floor.  “I wanna be with you.  My feelings for you are too strong to just let you go…”


Serena picked her hands up in her own.  “Then break up with Derek.  I thought at first I could be content with just being your mistress, but I can’t stand the thought of him kissing you, touching you…making love to you.  I wanna be the only one in your life.  If you can’t give me that, I have to move on.”


Casey felt more tears roll down her cheeks.  “I don’t wanna hurt Derek.  But I don’t wanna lose you either...”


Serena lifted her chin and forced her to look into her eyes.  “Are you still in love with him?”


“No…but I feel guilty.  We’ve been together over a year.  And I dunno, I guess I liked the comfort of something familiar.  I’ve never been with a girl before.  This is all so new for me.  What if things don’t work out between us?”


“Do you really think they won’t?”


Casey sighed.  “No.”  She looked down again.  “But what if Derek really has changed?”


Serena shook her head in disbelief.  “Are you really just gonna stay with someone you’re no longer in love with?  Even if he has changed, you can’t make yourself fall in love with him again.  If the spark is no longer there, then it’s time to move on.”


Casey sighed again.  “I guess you’re right.  But it’s easier said than done.”


Serena folded her arms.  “Decision time, Casey.  It’s either me or him.”


Casey wiped away tears.  “You,” she said with conviction, capturing Serena’s lips again.




Olivia walked back over to Alex and handed her the jello shots.  “So guess who I just saw sucking face?”


Alex’s eyes got wide.  “Serena and Casey?”


“Yep.  Casey was about to rip off Serena’s bra when I walked in.  She was afraid I was gonna tell Derek but I told her I wouldn’t.”


Alex took a bite of her jello shot.  “Man, I really hope Casey chooses Serena over that creep.”


Olivia frowned.  “So he’s a creep just because he’s with Casey and Serena’s not?”


Alex stared at her.  “No, Liv.  He’s a creep because he’s an ass to Casey.”


“And you know this how?” Olivia asked suspiciously, folding her arms.


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Because Serena told me that Casey complained to her about how he treats her!”


Olivia sighed.  “Fine, Alex.”  She took a bite of Alex’s jello shot.  “Pretty good.  Listen, let’s not talk about them anymore.  Let’s just focus on us.”


Alex smiled.  “Ok, Liv.”


Just then, Jake came up to them.  “Hey, Alex,” he said, grinning. 


“So much for focusing on ourselves,” Olivia muttered under her breath.


Alex elbowed Olivia in the ribs.  “Hey, Jake.  Good party,” she said, smiling and ignoring Olivia’s glare.


“Thanks,” Jake replied, giving Alex an appreciative once-over.  “Wow, you look really hot tonight.”


Alex grinned.  “Thanks.”


“Hey, don’t thank me.  Thank your parents,” Jake replied.  Olivia rolled her eyes.  “So…a bunch of us are getting ready to do a line of body shots.  You wanna do a couple off each other?” he asked hopefully.


Olivia couldn’t believe her ears.  “Fuck that!” she shouted.  “If anyone is gonna be lickin’ on my girl, it’s gonna be me!”


Jake turned to look at her and frowned.  “Chill out, Olivia.  It’s just a body shot.”


Olivia glared at him.  “It’s not gonna be anything.  Give up trying to get into her pants, Jake.”


He laughed.  “You’re unbelievable.  Just because I wanna do a body shot off her I wanna get into her pants?”


Olivia wouldn’t back down.  “I’m not stupid, Jake.  Neither is Alex.”


He rolled his eyes.  “Well, how about we ask Alex what she wants?  After all, it’s her body.  Not yours.”


Olivia pointed to Alex’s neck.  “You see that?  I did that.  She doesn’t want anyone else’s tongue on her!”


Jake looked at Alex.  “So what’s it gonna be?  You wanna do body shots or not?”


“Yeah, I do—but only with Liv.  Sorry, Jake,” Alex answered, shrugging.


Olivia smiled smugly at him.  “Suit yourself,” he replied, turning to walk away.  “Have fun with your jealous girlfriend.”


Alex laughed.  “You know, Liv, you’re kinda cute when you’re all possessive and jealous.”


Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist.  “Hey, gotta protect what’s mine.”


Alex gave her a quick peck on the lips.  “Don’t worry, Liv.  I’m not going anywhere.”


Olivia gently put her hand on her back.  “Come on, babe.  Let’s go get in line for our body shots.”


When it came their turn, Olivia pulled Alex’s sweater down a little and spread a line of saliva right across the top of her breasts.  She sprinkled some salt on the area and slowly licked it off.  Grinning, she downed her tequila in one big gulp and then kissed Alex to take the lime from her mouth.  People around them started clapping.  Encouraged, Olivia smiled wickedly at Alex and then got down on her knees and teasingly darted under Alex’s skirt.  The crowd around them began roaring and cheering her on.


Alex’s mouth dropped open in laughter.  “Liv!” she exclaimed.


Olivia stood up and grinned.  “Your turn.”


Alex lifted Olivia’s shirt up over her stomach and got down on her knees.  She licked a line up her well-defined abs, sprinkled the salt, and sensually licked it off.  She then stood up and downed her shot.  However, Olivia had placed the lime in her cleavage instead of in her mouth, so Alex bent down, picked it out with her teeth, squirted some of the juice between her breasts, and then licked it off.  This elicited another round of cheers from those surrounding them.


“That was a lot of fun, Liv!” Alex said, trailing her fingers down her abs.


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “I’ll say.”  She ran her hands over the front of her skirt.  “You know, it would’ve been even more fun if I’d stayed underneath your skirt.”


Alex bit Olivia’s bottom lip.  “You’re naughty.”


“And you love it,” Olivia said with a smile, pulling Alex close to her and grinding their bodies together.


“You know, you’re a pretty good dancer, Liv,” Alex complimented.


“Hey, it drives the ladies wild,” Olivia joked.


“So does this,” Alex replied, dragging her tongue along the side of Olivia’s neck.


Olivia shuddered against her and swallowed hard.  Encouraged, Alex looked directly into Olivia’s eyes and dropped quickly to the ground.  Olivia gulped harder.  Alex slowly pulled herself up her body again and thrust one of Olivia’s legs between hers.  As the music’s beat sped up, Olivia ground her thigh harder against Alex’s crotch.


After a few more minutes of dancing, Alex noticed Olivia’s nipples tightening through her shirt.  She grinned and lightly pinched them.  As they stiffened even more, Alex smiled and began tweaking them.


Olivia felt her knees getting weak.  “Alex, if you keep that up I’m gonna rip your skirt to shreds and fuck you right here in front of everyone.”


Alex gave her a sly smile.  “I dare you,” she whispered right next to her ear, reaching down and squeezing her ass.


Before Olivia knew it, she had shoved Alex’s panties aside and pushed her fingers in.  Every rational thought inside her head was screaming for her to stop, that this whole idea was insane and they would attract unwanted attention to themselves, but the carnal lust inside her body wouldn’t let her even if she’d wanted to.  She backed Alex into a corner and pumped hard inside her.  Alex dug her fingernails into Olivia’s back and bit her lip.


“Do you want to come, Alex?” Olivia whispered, her breath hot against her ear.


“Yes, yes I do,” Alex breathed out, grabbing her breasts through her shirt.  Olivia picked her up and Alex clenched her legs tightly around her waist.  “Oh god, you feel so good inside me right now.”


Olivia smiled.  “That’s just what I wanted to hear.”


Alex reached down and unzipped Olivia’s pants to find her center slick with her arousal.  Fingering her engorged clit, she moved her fingers down slightly and let them linger right at Olivia’s opening.  “Do you want to come, Olivia?” Alex whispered.


“Shit, yes!” Olivia shouted, trying to push Alex inside her.


“Good, cuz that’s exactly what I’m gonna make you do.  But you’re gonna have to work for it,” Alex said, curving her fingers inside her.




“Hey, isn’t that Liv and Alex over there?” Kathy asked from across the room.


“Yeah.  We should go say hi,” Elliot suggested.


As they got closer, they noticed that something wasn’t right.  “Um…Alex has too weird a look on her face right now to just be excited from dancing.  And is Olivia’s hand where I think it is?” Kathy asked.


Elliot held his hand out and stopped Kathy from going any farther.  “Well, I’ll be damned.  Those two are over there humping like rabbits!” he exclaimed.


“Elliot, stop staring!” Kathy whispered harshly, but she couldn’t draw her eyes away from Olivia and Alex either.


By that time, Monique, Serena, and Casey had come up to them.  “Hey, what are you guys star—” Casey started to ask, but she stopped mid-sentence when she saw just exactly what their eyes were so intensely focused on.  “Holy shit!” she shouted.


Serena just stood there with her mouth open in shock.  “Oh—my—god.”


Monique smiled and folded her arms.  “Well, damn.  Liv’s a freak.”




“Is this working hard enough?” Olivia growled, pushing harder and faster inside her.


Alex felt like she was going to explode.  Nonetheless, she pushed herself harder against Olivia’s hand as she began stroking Olivia’s clit with her thumb.  Olivia grunted and tried to hold back her own orgasm, but she knew there was only so much more her body could take.  She tried to focus all her efforts into making Alex orgasm first.  It wasn’t long before she’d accomplished her goal.


Fuck, Liv!” Alex shouted as her orgasm hit her.  She paused her thrusting inside Olivia momentarily and was just about to pick it up again when she felt Olivia begin to shudder against her.  “Liv, you cheated!”


Olivia kissed Alex with bruising force as her orgasm tore through her like a whirlwind.  “I couldn’t help it,” she mumbled.


A few yards away from them, their friends all stood there, completely stunned at the scene they’d just witnessed.  “Ok, my imagination has to be working in overdrive right now because I could’ve sworn I just heard Alex scream out Liv’s name,” Elliot said.


“Oh, you heard it,” Monique assured him. 


Olivia slowly put Alex back down on the ground.  Alex braced herself against Olivia’s shoulders because her legs felt like jello.  “Shit, Liv.  What did you do to me?”


Olivia stared at her wide-eyed.  “What did I do to you?  You’re the one who made me come prematurely!”


Alex grinned smugly and straightened out her skirt.  “Boy, am I famished!”


Olivia smirked.  “Why am I not surprised?”  She began following Alex over to the food when she saw their friends staring in their direction.  “Oh shit,” she groaned.


“What?” Alex asked, turning her head.  “Ohhhh,” she said when she saw their small audience.  Grinning, she grabbed Olivia’s hand and dragged her over to them.  “So I take it you guys enjoyed the show?” Alex asked them with a smirk.


They shook themselves out of their daze and started mumbling.  Alex and Olivia giggled.  “Were you watching us the entire time?” Olivia asked with her hands on her hips.


Elliot smirked.  “No, I think we missed the opening act,” he responded sarcastically.


“Now that’s the way to bring in the new year,” Monique quipped.


“I’ll say,” Serena muttered.


“So I guess backseats are outta style now, huh?” Kathy teased.


Olivia grinned.  “Hey, we haven’t totally written them off, yet.”


Casey stared down at Olivia’s shirt.  “Um…Liv.  You have a little something on your shirt,” she informed her, blushing.


Alex and Olivia both turned crimson.  “Oh god,” Alex muttered, burying her face in the crook of Olivia’s neck.


Olivia quickly reached for a napkin to wipe it off.  “Shit.”


Serena smirked.  “Remember what you told us about not leaving any physical evidence?”


Olivia blushed harder.  “Well, I guess there are some things you cannot foresee.”


Casey laughed.  “Well, I guess that’s true.”


“Speaking of physical evidence,” Elliot began.  “Did that huge hickey come before or during your little romp in the corner?”


“Before,” Alex answered, looking down at the floor.


Elliot laughed and asked, “Oh, so this was round two?”  Everyone burst out laughing.


“Yeah,” Serena chimed in.  “That hickey came to my attention earlier.” 


Alex just rolled her eyes.  “It’s not that big.”


“No, Alex.  It’s only the size of Jupiter,” Casey remarked.


Olivia looked at her work and grinned.  “You’re pretty proud of yourself, aren’t you?” Alex asked, folding her arms.


“Damn right I am,” Olivia responded, wrapping her arms snugly around Alex’s waist and giving her a quick kiss.


Alex laughed.  “You’re incorrigible, Liv.”


Elliot wrapped his arm around Kathy’s shoulders.  “Hey, what do ya say we all get outta here and grab a bite at Steak and Shake?” he suggested.


Olivia laced her fingers through Alex’s and replied, “That sounds good.”


“Definitely!  I’m starved,” Alex added.


“What’s new?” Serena teased.  Alex playfully shoved her shoulder and went to get her coat.


As Olivia was shutting Alex’s car door, Elliot called out, “Hey, you guys behave yourselves in the restaurant!”


Olivia rolled her eyes and shouted, “Very funny, Elliot!”


As soon as Olivia was in the car, Alex leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.  Olivia grinned like a Cheshire cat.  “What was that for?”


“Because I love you,” Alex answered simply.


Olivia took Alex’s chin in her hand and softly kissed her lips.  Alex blushed and giggled.  “What was that for?” she asked.


“Because I love you, too,” Olivia responded, placing her hand on Alex’s knee and driving off into the night.