Chapter 14:  Kiss and Tell

The following week, Alex was in the locker room after practice when Abbie came up to her.  “Hey.  Nice dismount on the bars today, Alex.”


Alex smiled.  “Thanks.”


“How are you and Olivia doing?” Abbie asked.


“Great,” Alex said, pulling on her jeans and then drying her hair with a towel.


“I ran into Ashley Brooks today.”


Alex wrinkled her forehead.  “Who?”


“You know.  Olivia’s ex-girlfriend,” Abbie said, trying to sound casual.  However, she knew exactly what she was doing.  She was trying to get a rise out of Alex and by the look of shock mixed with hurt that had crossed Alex’s face, she knew she had succeeded.


“Ex-girlfriend?” Alex asked, feeling her stomach flip.


“Yeah.  She thinks you two make a good couple.  But she said Olivia’s still the best lay she’s ever had.”


All the blood drained from Alex’s face.  She knew that whoever this girl was, she was in Olivia’s past and it shouldn’t matter to her what they had or hadn’t done, but it still bothered her nonetheless.  “How long did they date?” Alex asked, hoping Abbie wouldn’t see just how negatively this was beginning to affect her.


Abbie could barely hide her contentment in the way that she had gotten Alex’s attention.  “I dunno.  I was more interested in the details about their sex life than anything else.  She called Olivia’s tongue ‘The Twister.’  Sounds like you’ve got yourself a wild one, babe.”


A bitter taste hit the back of Alex’s throat.  “Stop it, Abbie!  I don’t wanna hear anymore!”


Abbie shrugged.  “Sorry.  But shouldn’t you take it as a compliment if others think your girl is good in bed?”


Alex’s mouth dropped open.  “Hell no!  I don’t wanna hear about Liv sleeping with other girls.”


“Well, she’s not sleeping with them now, is she?”


Alex gave her a look.  “You know she’s not, Abbie.”


Abbie slipped the strap of her bag onto her shoulder.  “Well, I gotta go.  Tell Olivia I said hi,” she said, making her exit and smiling to herself.


Alex was sitting on a bench going over her Psychology notes when Olivia came in a half hour later.  “Hey, sweetie,” Olivia said, leaning down and planting a quick kiss on her lips.  She smelled of chlorine from the pool and a few droplets of water dripped off her face and hair onto Alex’s notes.


“Hey,” Alex said, flashing her a quick smile. 


Olivia took a seat beside her on the bench.  “Look at my little bookworm,” she said with a smile.


“Liv…you’re dripping everywhere!” Alex complained, moving her notebook farther away.


Olivia chuckled.  “Ok, ok.  I get the hint.  Hey, I’m gonna go take a shower but I’ll be out in a few minutes, ok?”


“Ok,” Alex said, briefly looking up at Olivia again from her notes.


Olivia gave her a lopsided grin.  “You sure you don’t wanna join me?”


Alex smiled.  “I think I’ll take a rain check.”


“Ok,” Olivia said, running a hand through Alex’s hair and walking off toward the showers.


About 10 minutes later, Olivia came back over to Alex.  “Miss me?”


“You know it,” Alex responded, not looking up.


She’s certainly acting weird around me.  Did I do something wrong? Olivia wondered.  “Baby, is there something bothering you?”


“Yeah.  How come you never told me about Ashley Brooks?” Alex asked Olivia as she was drying off.


Olivia wrinkled her brow.  “What about her?”


“The part about her being your ex-girlfriend.  Abbie ran into her today and she told her that the two of you dated.  Then she told Abbie she thought we were a cute couple, but you were still the best lay she’s ever had.”


Olivia frowned.  Wrapping the towel around herself, she said, “She had no right telling you about my personal business.”


“Then why didn’t you tell me?”


Taking a seat beside Alex, Olivia asked, “Why should I bring up previous relationships if you don’t ask?  I like to concentrate on us, not on the past.”


“Well, Abbie tried to make it sound like you were hiding something from me.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “It’s Abbie.  What do you expect?”


“I expect not to hear from my ex-girlfriend about how wild you and Ashley were in bed!”


Olivia’s mouth dropped open.  “Abbie told you details about our sex life?”




Olivia’s jaw clenched and she balled up a fist.  Shaking her head and looking off to the side, she muttered, “That stupid bitch.”  She was already plotting how she was going to rip Abbie a new one the next time she got her alone.


Alex folded her arms across her chest.  “How long did you two date?”


“Almost a month.”


“Funny how you never mentioned her to me,” Alex muttered.


“Alex, I didn’t think my past was important!  Who cares about who I was with back then?  All that matters is that I’m with you now!”


Alex put her notebook on the bench beside her and stood up.  “Don’t you dare start yelling at me, Olivia!  Abbie made me look like a fool!”


Olivia clucked her tongue against the inside of her cheek and stood up again.  “Alex, I don’t mean to yell at you.  I’m just upset with Abbie.  And no one could ever make Alexandra Cabot look like a fool.”


Alex ignored her.  “How many other girls were there?”


Olivia sighed.  “I made out and did a little heavy petting with a couple others, and I had a one night stand with one more.”


Alex gulped.  “Names?”


Olivia shook her head.  “Alex, this is ridiculous.”


Alex held her hands out toward Olivia.  “Please, Liv.  I just need to know.”


Olivia let out a deep breath.  “Fine.  I had a one-night stand with Dani Peters and made out with Sarah Wagner and Allison James.”


“So counting Rebecca, you’ve slept with three girls besides me?”


Olivia shrugged a shoulder.  “Yeah, I guess.”


“Have you been tested, Liv?” Alex asked pointedly.


Olivia didn’t even bother trying to disguise the hurt that contorted her features.  “You think I would be careless and give you a disease, Alex?”


“It was just a question, Liv.”


Olivia stared at Alex for a few seconds before responding.  “Alex, I was last tested a couple weeks before you and I started dating, actually.  My health is important to me.  And ever since I started crushing on you, I didn’t do anything with anyone.  Hell, I didn’t even kiss anyone else.  The last time I was with someone before you was about three months before I was tested.”


Alex couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.  “Good.”


Olivia shook her head.  “I can’t even believe you asked me that.  I never asked you if you were tested.”


“Well, I’d never been with anyone before you.”


“Well, I’d never put you at risk before being intimate with you.  Why don’t you just trust me, Alex?”


“Liv, I do trust you.  I just don’t like hearing about my girlfriend’s sexual liaisons from my ex of all people!  You should’ve seen the way Abbie was gloating in my face!”


“Then why don’t you just ignore Abbie?  It’s my past.  She was only trying to mess with your head.”


“Liv, I don’t like feeling jealous.”


“Alex, what do you want me to do, huh?” Olivia asked, throwing her hands up.  “Apologize for everyone I dated and slept with before you?”


Alex sighed.  “No, Liv.”


“Come on, you didn’t think I was a virgin before we started dating, did you?”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “No, but I didn’t think about that at all.  Listen, I don’t like hearing abut your past sex life with anyone else.  It makes me uncomfortable—thinking about someone besides me kissing you, touching you, making you feel good.”


“Alex, I’ve told you time and time again that no one has ever made me feel the way you do.  And I mean that.  My past is just that—my past.  Don’t let it worry you,” Olivia said, reaching out to stroke the soft skin of Alex’s cheek.


“I tried not to.  But Abbie wouldn’t let up.  She said ‘sounds like you’ve got yourself a wild one, babe.’  She told me that Ashley talked about how good you were at oral.  How she nicknamed your tongue ‘The Twister.’  Liv, I don’t wanna hear about stuff like that or have that stuck in my head every time we make love!”


Olivia chuckled.  “What Ashley and I did was hardly what I’d call ‘wild.’  Now, what you and I do on the other hand…”


Alex started to cry.  “Liv, this isn’t funny!”


“Come on, Alex.  Don’t cry,” Olivia said, taking her into her arms.


Alex sobbed onto her shoulder and took comfort in the warmth of Olivia’s strong embrace.  She felt safe in Olivia’s arms—even safe from her own insecurities.  She lifted her head to sniffle and wipe her eyes.  “It’s just sometimes I wish I’d been your first like you were mine.”


Olivia pulled back.  “Is that what this is about?  Alex, just because you weren’t the first person I had sex with doesn’t mean it was any less special.  In fact, it was more special with you than the others.  And making love with you was still a first for me because you were the first person I slept with who I actually loved.”  She gave Alex a lopsided smile.  “And you were also the first person who I ever let do me, you know, back there,” she continued, pointing a finger around to her butt.


Alex giggled.  “I don’t wanna fight over this, Liv.”


“I don’t either,” Olivia said, getting dressed.  “Come on.  Let’s go home so we can study for Olivet’s quiz of doom.”




When they got back to Alex’s house, Olivia was shocked that Alex kissed her goodbye and then headed for her door without asking her to come up to her room.


“Um…Alex, you’re not gonna invite me up?”


“Liv, I need to study.  You know we have a quiz.”


Olivia frowned.  “We usually study together.”


“Liv, you always distract me.”


Olivia tried to look innocent.  “Me?”


“Yes, you,” Alex responded, poking her in the chest.


Olivia pouted.  “You’re really not gonna let me come up?”


Alex grabbed her hand and pulled her out the car.  “Aww, you big baby.  Come on up.”


Olivia grinned as Alex unlocked the door and they started to walk up the stairs to her room.  “But I’m your big baby.”


They had only been studying 15 minutes when Olivia put her book down, pushed Alex’s off her lap, and wrapped her arms around her waist.


Alex sighed.  “See, Liv?  This is exactly what I was talking about.”


“I just want some quality cuddle time with my baby.  I’m surprised I was able to hold out this long.”


Alex looked at her pointedly.  “Naked, you mean.”


“Hey…you’re the one who said that,” Olivia said, waggling her eyebrows.  She lay down on her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows.  Looking up at Alex, she cooed, “I wuv you.”


Alex smiled and ruffled her hair.  “You’re so silly, Liv.  Come on, babe.”  She grabbed Olivia’s arms and pulled her up beside her.  Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex and snuggled up to her.  Alex rested her head on her shoulder and sighed deeply.  Olivia smiled and carefully tilted Alex’s chin upward to capture her lips.  Alex put her hand at the back of Olivia’s warm neck and freely let Olivia’s tongue roam her mouth.


As their tongues slowly intertwined, Olivia reached around to her back and unlatched her bra.  She pulled it down her arms, out from under her shirt, and threw it across the room, all the while never letting her mouth leave Alex’s.


Olivia broke away briefly to pull her shirt over her head and throw it on the floor.  “Liv, what are you doing?” Alex asked suspiciously as Olivia consumed her mouth again.  When the hell did Liv remove her bra? she wondered.


“Making you forget about everyone from my past forever,” Olivia whispered, grabbing the ends of Alex’s shirt and pulling it over her head.  She then unlatched the clasp of her bra in front and eagerly removed it.


Olivia began leaving a trail of kisses all the way down Alex’s torso.  After each kiss, she said “I love you” as she moved gracefully down Alex’s body and back up again.  “You know we have an anatomy quiz, too,” Olivia mumbled, sticking her tongue out to graze Alex’s neck.  “By the time I’m done, I’m gonna be very familiar with all the terms.”


Alex laughed slightly.  “Oh, Liv.  You’re silly.  But come on.  We really have to study.”


“I am studying.  Just not in a textbook,” Olivia replied, nipping her collarbone.  “I’m a kinesthetic learner, you know.”


Alex chuckled softly.  As much as she wanted to stop, her hands had a mind of their own.  She couldn’t keep them from drifting to Olivia’s breasts and kneading the soft flesh.  Her mouth also had a mind of its own.  Soon it, too, was following the lead of her hands.


Several minutes later they were lying in each other’s arms.  Alex sighed happily.  “Liv…I don’t think our current study habits are very effective,” she joked.


Olivia grinned.  “They’re perfect to me.”




The next afternoon after practice, Olivia told Alex to wait for her in the lobby outside the gym because she had to take care of something.  Of course, she didn’t bother informing Alex that that something was Abbie.  When Olivia entered the locker room again, she stormed up to Abbie and backed her up against the wall.  “What the hell were you thinking telling Alex about Ashley yesterday?” she demanded angrily.


Abbie tried to feign ignorance.  “What are you talking about?”


“You had no business telling Alex about my ex-girlfriend and let alone, our sex life!” Olivia shouted.


Abbie sneered at Olivia and replied, “I thought you two didn’t keep secrets from each other.”


“It wasn’t a secret, you bitch.  I just didn’t think it was important because Alex is the only one who matters to me now and as far as I’m concerned, no one else fucking exists.”


“You can’t just erase your past, Olivia.”


“Well, my past has no bearing on my relationship or my love for Alex.  I was with them before I ever really got to know her.”


“Well, I thought Alex knew about her,” Abbie lied.


Olivia continued to stare her down.  “No, you didn’t.  You wanted to upset her and make her insecure!”


“Well, if you didn’t have such a past then there wouldn’t be anything to talk about!” Abbie retorted.


“So I’ve been with a few girls.  Who the fuck cares?  That doesn’t make me a slut!  At least I didn’t cheat on her like you did!”


“No, but you dumped her and hooked up with some guy!”


Olivia’s jaw dropped open.  “What?  How did—”


Abbie smirked.  “I make fast friends.  Word gets around.”


Olivia gulped.  “I didn’t have sex with Nick.  I was scared about coming out.  I wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt her, and I regret what I did!  I’d take it all back if I could.”


Abbie rolled her eyes.  “Whatever, Liv.  All I’m saying is that you need to stop trying to act like a saint because you’ve hurt her, too.”


“I love her more than anything or anyone in this world, Abbie.  I know I’ve made some mistakes, but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Alex.”


Abbie rolled her eyes again.  “Very touching, Olivia,” she said, her tone dripping with sarcasm.  “But people fall in and out of love all the time.”


Olivia felt her jaw clench.  She wanted to get it through to Abbie that Alex would never be available to her and she should just stop trying.  “Listen, she loves me.  That’s never gonna change.  Neither is the fact that she doesn’t love you and she never will!  Now get over it, you stupid bitch!  You’ll never succeed in breaking us up!”


Abbie smirked.  “Why are you getting so upset, Liv?  You don’t actually consider me a threat, do you?” she asked with a twisted smile.


Olivia snorted.  “You a threat?  You’ve got to be kidding me.”  She picked up the yellow sapphire and diamond necklace around her neck and held the jewels out to Abbie.  “See this necklace?  Alex and I have matching ones.  I’m sure during all the times you’ve lusted over her you’ve noticed.  We wear these as a sign of our commitment to each other.”


Abbie laughed a humorless laugh.  “Like I give a shit, Olivia.  So how long did you wait before trying to get Alex in bed?”


“I didn’t try to get Alex in bed.”


“Please, Liv.  With your history, I’m sure you tried the first night.”


“You’re wrong, bitch.”


“The name’s Abbie.  Must be nice to be bangin’ some rich chick, huh?” Abbie asked nastily.


Olivia moved closer to Abbie in efforts to further intimidate her.  “I’m with Alex because I love her.  Not because I’m interested in her money.”


“Right,” Abbie said, refusing to back down.


“Abbie, it would really be in your best interests to mind your own damn business from now on.”


“And why is that, Olivia?  Please.  You’re just mad because I found out about your relentless pussy chasing.”


“Actually, the only pussy I chase is Alex’s,” Olivia retorted, grinning.


Abbie scoffed.  “You’re such a classy chick, Olivia.”


Olivia ignored her.  “You crossed the line yesterday.”


“Whatever…I just found Ashley’s recounting of your sexual adventures intriguing,” she replied with a wicked smile.  “I thought Alex would as well.”


Olivia had almost had all she could take of Abbie trying to push her buttons.  She decided to resort to the one thing that she knew would wipe the haughty smile off Abbie’s face.  “Well, listen, Abbie.  Since you’re so interested in my sex life, let me tell you about me and Alex’s.  I was her first,” Olivia said with a smug smile.


Abbie rolled her eyes.  “And do you want a fucking medal because you took Alex’s virginity, Olivia?”


“Nah, her praises and declarations of love for me were enough.  And guess what?  She is fucking phenomenal herself.  Let me tell you, Alex is the only person who’s ever been able to give me multiple orgasms.”  Olivia grinned at Abbie’s obviously shocked expression.  She knew she was getting to Abbie now and had her right in the palm of her hand.


“Shut up, Olivia,” Abbie ordered. 


Of course, Olivia ignored her.  “I have a few hickeys, too.”  Olivia pulled down her turtleneck and showed Abbie a quarter-sized hickey right at the base of her throat.  “I also have one around my right nipple, but I think Alex would be more than a little ticked off if I showed you my tits.  And better yet,” she continued with a nasty grin, leaning in closer to Abbie.  “I have a couple in areas, um…a bit more private.”


“You’re not phasing me, Olivia,” Abbie lied, folding her arms.


Olivia laughed wickedly.  She could literally see Abbie starting to grit her teeth.  “I know every nook and cranny of her like the back of my hand.  I know the sound she makes when she’s about to come—screaming my name like there’s no tomorrow, might I add.  I know exactly what she looks like—”  She paused and pointed a finger in the direction of her own sex.  “Down there.  The color, the texture, the smell, the taste.”




Olivia cringed.  She turned around to see Alex, her pretty features contorted in anger.  Alex looked at Abbie and frowned.  “Could you give me a moment alone with Liv?”


Abbie glared at Olivia.  “Sure, Alex.  I was just leaving anyway.”  She grabbed her stuff and stormed out of the locker room.


Olivia felt herself mentally shrinking.  She knew she wasn’t going to like whatever Alex had to say to her.  The last thing she expected was for Alex to come into the locker room and hear her arrogantly reveal such private, sexual details about her.  “How…how did you know where I was?” Olivia asked, trying to delay the inevitable.


“Well, I heard shouting so I just followed the voices,” Alex answered, glaring at her and folding her arms over her chest.


“Oh,” Olivia responded quietly.


As soon as she was sure Abbie was out of earshot, Alex yelled, “Olivia Benson, how dare you brag about intimate details of my body to her!  Our sex life was none of her business!  Neither is anything else about us!”


Better do some major damage control right now, Benson, Olivia thought.  “Alex, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to upset you.  That’s the last thing I wanted.”


“No, you just had to rub it in, didn’t you?  How you have me and how she never will, right?” Alex asked, her eyes flashing with anger. 


Olivia literally thought she could see blue flames jumping in Alex’s eyes.  “Alex, I just wanted her to shut up!  You should’ve seen the look on her face when she thought she’d gotten to me!  So I told her since she was so interested in my sex life, I’d share a little bit about ours.”


“You had no right, Olivia!” Alex yelled, pointing her finger directly at Olivia’s nose.  “You made it sound like all I was to you was some highly coveted prize that only you were lucky enough to win!”


“Alex, you know that’s not true!  You know how much I love you!  I just wanted Abbie to back off and leave us alone!”


Alex shook her head and began walking away.  “I don’t want anything to do with you right now.”


Olivia ran after her and grabbed her arm.  “Please, baby.  Don’t be like this.”


“Get your hands off me, Olivia!” Alex yelled, struggling against her as Olivia grabbed her waist.


“Come on, Alex!  Just hear me out!” Olivia begged, preventing Alex from leaving by alternating between blocking her path and grabbing her.


“Liv, I swear if you don’t let me go…” Alex threatened.


“Just calm down, baby.  Please.  Just let me explain and then I’ll let you leave.”


Alex sighed.  She knew it was pointless to keep wrestling with someone as stubborn as Olivia.  Alex knew that if she had to, Olivia would grab onto her leg and let herself be dragged along the floor to keep her from escaping.  Alex folded her arms and Olivia took that as her sign that she was going to stay and allow her to explain.


“Sweetie, listen,” Olivia began, cautiously reaching out to place her hands on Alex’s upper arms as if she were afraid that Alex would change her mind and jet at any point.  “I thought if she knew how much you loved being with me, she’d stop trying to create tension between us.”


“You made me sound like some love-struck puppy that can’t get over her insatiable lust for you!”


“Alex, those were not my intentions.  You know I’m just as love-struck as you are,” Olivia said with a grin.


Alex rolled her eyes and threw her hands up exasperatedly.  “You don’t get it, do you, Olivia?”


“I just wanted her to get how important you are to me—how you matter to me more than anyone else ever has or ever will.”


“That’s still not an excuse, Olivia.”


“Alex, you have a healthy sexual appetite.  There’s nothing wrong with that.”


“I don’t want the whole damn world knowing about it!  Abbie has a big mouth!” Alex shouted.


“Alex, everyone at school knows we’re dating.  If they don’t, then they must either be blind, stupid, or live under a rock!”


“But that doesn’t mean they know about our sex life!” Alex argued.


“Alex, I’m not ashamed of anything we’ve done.”


“Neither am I!  But I like to keep private matters private.  What goes on in our bedroom should stay there unless we both agree to share it!”


“Alex, she was clearly getting a kick out of upsetting the both of us!”


“And judging by what I heard you tell her, you were clearly getting a kick out of trying to piss her off!”  Alex shook her head again.  “I need to be away from you right now.”


Olivia panicked and grabbed Alex’s arm again.  “Can’t you see, Alex?  She only wants us to break up!  She knew you’d be upset and she wanted us to fight!”


“Liv, I didn’t say anything about breaking up.  I just want some time to cool off.”


Olivia shook her head fervently and continued with her pleading to Alex.  She wanted to calm Alex down as much as possible and dissuade her from leaving.  “Baby, her only reasons for telling you about my sex life with Ashley were to make you jealous and make me seem like some unfit, promiscuous pussy fiend!”


“Well, you just wanted to make her jealous!  Olivia, I am not some trophy that you can parade around!”


“I wanted to upset her like she upset you!  She made you jealous and I wanted to give her a dose of her own medicine.  She hurt my Alikins,” Olivia said more softly, pouting at Alex.


Despite herself, Alex couldn’t help but smile at Olivia’s pet name for her.  “It was still wrong, Olivia.”


Olivia got down on her knees.  “I know sweetie, I know.  I’m sorry.  How can I make this right?” she asked, looking up at Alex and grasping her hands.


Alex sighed.  “By never pulling a stupid stunt like this again.”


Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex’s legs and held on tight.  “I love you so much.”


Alex sighed.  “I love you, too.  But I’m still mad at you,” she said with a slight smile, looking down at Olivia and brushing her hair with her hand.


Olivia grinned.  “Well, you can punish me in any way you want.  I’ll even let you lay me across your lap and spank me.”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “You’re insane.”


Olivia scooped Alex up off the floor and took her over to a nearby bench, despite Alex’s adamant protests.  She sat Alex down and then laid herself across her lap, wiggling her bum in expectation.  “Go ahead.  Give me my due.”


Alex laughed.  “Olivia Benson, you are completely crazy.”


“Go ahead, Alex!” Olivia ordered, grinning.


“You just want me to touch your ass.”


“Nah, I just think I deserve a spanking.”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “That I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  Come on…get up.”


As Olivia started to get up, Alex gave her a hard slap on the ass.  “Ow, Alex!” Olivia exclaimed, grabbing her butt defensively.


“Tricked you,” Alex said, giggling.  “Hey, I’m only doing what you wanted.”


Olivia pouted.  “It hurts.”


Alex stood up and rubbed the spot where she’d hit her.  “Feel better?”


Olivia grinned.  “Much.”


Alex linked her arm through Olivia’s.  “Come on, Liv.  Let’s get outta here.”


Olivia smiled happily and asked, “Can I interest you in some Cold Stone?”


Alex grinned.  “I’m open to some forms of bribes.  That’s one of them.”


“Good,” Olivia said, leaning over and kissing her on the cheek as they walked out the locker room.


About 15 minutes later, they were pulling into the parking lot of Cold Stone Creamery.  “What all did you tell her?” Alex asked when they’d found a parking space.


Olivia took a deep breath.  Letting it out, she began recounting their entire conversation to Alex.  She felt her stomach sink as Alex’s expression grew angrier with each intimate revelation.


“Is that all?” Alex asked, more than a little irritated.


“Well…I also told her about the hickeys you left.  The one on my neck, my nipple, my nether regions.  I even showed her one,” Olivia said with a grin and an eye shag.  She wanted to try to lighten the mood.  The last thing she wanted was to make Alex angry with her all over again.


Alex gasped.  “Which one did you show her?”


“Well, only the one on my neck.  I told her you’d be pissed if I showed her my tits.”


“The one on your boob…it’s not still there, is it?” Alex asked, curiously amused.


Olivia gave her a lopsided smile.  “Yep.”  She pulled up her sweater and bra with one hand to show Alex.


Alex reached a finger out and traced the bruised area right outside her nipple.  Olivia’s nipple hardened immediately.  Alex smiled and shook her head.  “Come on, Liv…”


“Hey, she just wanted to come out and say hi.  The pokies love Alex.”


Alex smiled.  “Is it sore?” she asked, gently pressing the area with her finger.


Olivia shook her head.  “Nah.  Just a little tender.”  She smiled again.  “But I don’t have any complaints.”


“Good,” Alex said, removing her finger.


Olivia looked at her in shock.  “What?  You’re not gonna kiss my boo boo?”


“Liv, isn’t that how you got the ‘boo boo’ in the first place?”


Olivia smirked.  “Actually, I think that involved more than just kissing.”


Alex leaned down and planted a kiss on the hickey.  “Ok, Liv.  You got your kiss.  Now pull your shirt down.  We’re in a public parking lot.”


Grinning, Olivia pulled down her shirt and opened the car door to get out.  “Race ya!” she yelled, running off toward the entrance.  Alex soon caught up to her and they both stood panting for several seconds, trying to catch their breath.


After she had caught her breath, Olivia held open the door for Alex.  “Why, thank you, Olivia,” Alex said, smiling.


“You’re welcome,” Olivia replied, smiling back at her.


Alex quickly looked back over her shoulder and joked, “I know you only do that because you wanna stare at my ass.”  Olivia just laughed.


“What mix-ins are you gonna get?” Olivia asked Alex as they were waiting in line.


“Probably Snickers and Oreos.”


“Mmm…I want M&M’s and Heath bar.  What kinda cone do you want?”


Alex grinned.  “Chocolate-dipped waffle bowl.”


“You read my mind.  Me, too,” Olivia said, grinning back. 


“Can I help you?” the girl behind the counter asked.


Olivia gestured with her hand for Alex to go first.  “I want the Black Forest Dream,” Alex ordered.


When it was Olivia’s turn, she said, “I’d like the Our Strawberry Blonde.”


After giving the specifics of their orders and choosing their mix-ins, the girls waited while their ice cream was prepared.  Olivia poked Alex in the side and Alex reciprocated with her own poke in Olivia’s side.  Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist and gave her a big kiss on the cheek.  Alex giggled and began to blush.  The girl preparing their ice cream just smiled at them.  Olivia paid for their ice cream and then they took a seat at an empty table. 


They cross-linked their arms and fed each other ice cream from the other’s waffle bowl.  “Wow…yours is delicious, Liv.”


“So is yours.  I love the cherry pie filling,” Olivia said with a wink.


Alex shook her head.  “Liv, how did I know you’d make a comment like that?”


“Am I that predictable?” Olivia asked, grinning.


Alex grinned back.  “Yep.”  She scooped up some more ice cream with her spoon and placed a dab on Olivia’s nose.  Alex burst out laughing as Olivia tried to make her tongue reach the tip of her nose to get the ice cream off.  Olivia eventually gave up and just wiped it off with her finger and placed the ice cream on her tongue.


Several minutes later, they left Cold Stone holding their stomachs.  “Oh man, I’m so full,” Alex groaned.


“Tell me about it,” Olivia agreed.  She reached for Alex’s hand.  “So may I escort you home, my lady?”


Alex smiled.  “Yes, you may.”  They began walking back to Olivia’s car.  Alex turned to look at her and added, “But we really do have to get work done.  There will not be a repeat of yesterday afternoon’s…activities.”


Olivia just smiled and chuckled to herself.  “Whatever you say, Cabot.  Whatever you say.”