Chapter 19:  Divine

“Alex, I’m not wearing those…those…things!” Olivia insisted, holding her palms up defensively and backing away.


“Come on, Liv!  They’re just nipple guards.  Nothing to be afraid of!” Alex exclaimed.


Olivia shook her head fervently.  “No way, Al.  No way in hell.”


“Liv, your boobs are gonna call attention to themselves if you don’t wear these!  You know the back of our dresses is too low to wear a strapless bra!”


Olivia frowned.  “Alex, why are you doing this to them?”


Alex laughed.  “Liv, it’s nothing personal.  I’m gonna wear them, too!”


“They look stupid!  Why can’t we just wear bra cups or something?”


“Well, it doesn’t matter how stupid they look because no one is gonna see them.  And we can’t wear what we don’t have.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “They aren’t necessary.”


“Liv, seriously…”


“You’re suppressing their individuality!” Olivia shouted passionately.


Alex laughed again.  “Liv…they’re only nipples.”


Olivia looked horrified.  “You did not just say that.”


Alex held Olivia’s face in her hands.  “Sweetie, just for tonight.  Do it for me.  Please?”


Olivia felt herself softening.  “What do I get in return?”


Alex smiled and whispered seductively in her ear.  She giggled when Olivia blushed crimson all over.  “Now will you please just wear them?”


Olivia sighed.  “Ok, ok.”


“Good,” Alex replied.


“Kiss them.  They need to know you love them,” Olivia ordered.


Laughing, Alex leaned down and placed a quick kiss on each nipple.  “Pokies, I love both of you very much and I’m not doing this to hurt you.”  She stood back up and asked, “Now do they understand?”


Olivia grinned.  “I guess.  Now kiss me.”


Alex placed her hand on the back of Olivia’s neck and kissed her hard.  When she pulled back, she asked, “Satisfied?”


Olivia gulped hard.  “Very,” she finally answered.


Alex took the silicone covers and placed them over Olivia’s nipples.  Olivia whimpered.  Alex looked up and smirked.  “There.  See, Liv?  It’s not a big deal.”


Olivia pouted.  “They feel smothered.”


Alex chuckled and replied, “Well, think of it as smothered with my love.”


Olivia smiled.  “I’ll keep that in mind, babe.”


“Come on.  We need to get dressed and do each other’s hair,” Alex said as she placed the other set of silicone covers over her own nipples.  “And please don’t burn me with the curling iron.”


Olivia smirked.  “I promise I will be extra careful.”


Alex picked up a pair of red matching thongs and handed one to Olivia.  “Look, Liv.  I got us matching thongs, too.”


Olivia admiringly ran her fingers over the smooth silk.  “Nice,” she said.  “Can I put yours on for you?”


Alex blushed.  “Liv…I can dress myself you know!”


Olivia chuckled and moved closer.  “I know.  But you know…since I let you put the nipple guards on and everything…”


Alex sighed.  She couldn’t help but smile at the mischievous grin that had crossed Olivia’s face.  “All right, Liv.  But no fooling around.  We only have a limited amount of time to get ready.”


Alex raised each leg accordingly as Olivia slipped her underwear on and slowly brought it up her body.  She adjusted the thong over Alex’s hips and stepped back to admire how she looked.  Smiling, she said, “You look very sexy, sweetie.”


Alex grinned.  “Thank you, sweetie.  Now come on.  Put yours on so we can get in our dresses.”


After they were dressed, Alex picked up the ½” curling iron and told Olivia to sit down.  She then proceeded to add ringlets to Olivia’s hair.  Olivia closed her eyes as Alex sprayed hairspray all over her head to hold the curls in place.  “Ok, you can open your eyes now,” she informed her.


Olivia looked in the mirror and smiled.  “Wow, sweetie.  I’ve never had ringlets this pretty before.”


Alex grinned and tugged on one.  “I aim to please.”


Olivia picked up the 1” curling iron and plugged it in.  “Ok, sit down, sweetie.”  Alex sat down in the chair and Olivia ran her fingers through her long hair.  “I’ve always loved playing in your hair.  It’s so soft and it smells divine.”


Alex blushed lightly.  She loved it when Olivia played with her hair.  “That feels good, baby.”


“Those were my intentions,” Olivia whispered.  Separating Alex’s hair, she clipped the front so she could work on the back first.  When she was completely finished, she had added several large, bouncy curls to Alex’s golden locks. 


Alex looked in the mirror and admired her hair.  “Wow, sweetie.  You really did a great job!  My hair looks perfect.”


“Thanks, babe,” Olivia replied.  “I guess now it’s time for our makeup.”


“You guessed right,” Alex responded.  She looked through her foundations and held them up to Olivia’s face so she could find one that matched.  She picked up a sponge wedge, poured a little on it, and then began dabbing it on Olivia’s skin.  “Blends perfectly,” she said softly.


Olivia watched Alex’s swift, articulated movements and smiled.  “I’ll say.  It doesn’t look like I have anything on.”


“That’s exactly how it’s supposed to look.”


“You really have a knack for this,” Olivia replied, starting to dig through the numerous eye shadows Alex owned.  She held up a bright red frost and said, “Which one do you think will look best with our dress?  Something like this?”


Alex shook her head as she finished applying her own foundation.  “Nah, that’s too bold.  We need something much more subtle.  Perhaps something with silver tones.”  She began digging herself and finally settled on “Electra,” which was an icy metallic silver frost.  “See, this one will give our lids a shimmer and really make them pop, but it is also very subtle,” she explained as she began applying it to Olivia’s eyelids.  “It’s sorta there, but not there at the same time if you get my drift.”


Olivia nodded.  “It looks beautiful, baby.”


“Thanks,” Alex said, grinning.  She applied it to her own eyelids and then started searching for the appropriate lipglass.  “Now for our lips.”


“How about that one?” Olivia asked, pointing at a passion red M.A.C. lipglass with coral undertones.


“Yeah, ‘Chance Encounter’ will look great.  It’s just lipglass so it’s gonna give a tint instead of being really bold like some of my lacquers or lipsticks.  You’re really getting the hang of this, Liv,” Alex said, slapping her on the back.


Olivia grinned.  “What can I say?  I learn from the best.”


After expertly applying the lipglass to Olivia’s lips, Alex finished her own makeup and then wrapped her arm around Olivia’s shoulders.  They both gazed at their reflections in the mirror and smiled.  “We’re gonna be the hottest chicks there, tonight,” Alex stated proudly.


“I agree,” Olivia said, placing her arm around Alex’s waist.  “And I have the sexiest date, ever.”


“Ooh, we forgot mascara!” Alex said, digging through her makeup again and pulling out some clear mascara.


“Sweetie, we don’t need it.  We look perfect the way we are now.”


“You really think so?” Alex asked.


“I know so,” Olivia said, taking the mascara out of Alex’s hands and wrapping an arm supportively around her waist again.


“You’re so gorgeous,” Alex breathed, turning to Olivia.


“And you’re breathtaking,” Olivia answered.


“No, you are,” Alex replied, starting a fun banter.


“No, you are,” Olivia echoed her.


“But you’re more gorgeous,” Alex argued, placing a hand lightly on Olivia’s stomach.


“You’re the most gorgeous of the gorgeous,” Olivia insisted, leaning in to kiss her lips and placing a hand on the back of her warm neck.


“Girls!” Alex’s mother yelled through her bedroom door.  “Hurry up!  The limousine will be here in 15 minutes!”


Alex groaned and reluctantly pulled back from Olivia.  “Come on.  Let’s get our purses and head downstairs.”


When they got downstairs, Alex gave her camera as well as Olivia’s to her father and said, “Daddy, take a picture of us!”


Mr. Cabot smiled and said, “Of course, sweetie.”  Alex and Olivia wrapped their arms around each other as several photos were snapped of them.  He handed their cameras back and asked, “Ready to go, girls?”


They looked at each other and smiled.  “As ready as we’ll ever be,” Alex answered.




“When are they ever going to bring the main entrées out?” Alex asked Olivia impatiently, pushing the remnants of her Caesar salad around with her fork.


“Alexandra, you are not a child!” her mother scolded.  “Stop playing around with your food!”


Alex rolled her eyes and put her salad fork down.  She reached for another honey butter roll, split it in half, and offered it to Olivia.


“Why, how kind of you, Alexandra,” Olivia whispered, taking a bite of her half.  Alex discreetly nudged her in the side with her elbow.  Olivia grinned and slipped her hand over Alex’s knee under the table.


Ten minutes later, the servers began rolling out the entrées.  “’Bout damn time,” Alex whispered to Olivia. 


“Hungry, sweetie?” Olivia teased.


“You have no idea,” Alex muttered.


Olivia grinned.  “Oh, I think I might.”


Alex practically drooled when her food was finally placed in front of her.  The entrée consisted of baked salmon in a vodka cream sauce, crab-stuffed lobster tail, a baked potato, basmati rice pilaf, and steamed vegetables.  She broke off a piece of her salmon with her fork and took a bite.  “This is absolutely orgasmic.”


Olivia smirked while Mrs. Cabot shot Alex a glance.  “Alexandra, please do not refer to your food in that manner.”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Chill out, Mom,” she replied, scooping some rice onto her fork.


“This lobster is fantastic,” Olivia commented.


“I agree.  Lobster and crab—the best of both worlds,” Alex replied.


Several minutes later, they had finished eating.  “I’m so full,” Olivia groaned.


“Me, too.  But I can’t wait for dessert!” Alex exclaimed.


Grinning, Olivia leaned over and whispered in her ear, “How about some Olivia à la mode drizzled in chocolate sauce?”


Alex brushed crimson.  “Liv!”


Mrs. Cabot looked over at them and glared.  She hadn’t heard what Olivia said, but judging by Alex’s reaction, she knew it wasn’t anything appropriate.


The servers removed their dinner plates and in a few minutes, dessert was brought out.  It was chocolate marble cheesecake drizzled with strawberry sauce.  Alex dug right in and whispered in Olivia’s ear, “This is even more orgasmic than our dinner.”


Olivia giggled.  “You’re silly.”


“But you love me,” Alex whispered back.


“Yes, I do,” Olivia confirmed, indulging in her dessert.


When the speeches and subsequent award announcements began, Alex had to fight not to put her head down.  Olivia felt the same way.  “Alex, why is this so boring?” she asked, pouting slightly.


Alex laughed.  “I dunno.  But I’ll tell you one thing.  I’ve been going to these things ever since I was a little girl and they don’t get any more interesting as the years come along.”


“Oh, joy,” Olivia said sarcastically.  She lovingly stroked Alex’s knee under the table.  “But none of that will matter as long as I’m with you.”


Alex’s face beamed in delight.  “Oh, Liv.”


Alex and Olivia both clapped loudly when the Cabots were called for an award.  “They’re so cute,” Alex commented as she watched her father place his hand at the small of her mother’s back and lead her to the stage to accept their charity award, which was a gold figurine holding up a large globe with the continents etched into a shape of a heart.  The figurine was atop an engraved, piano-finished cherry base.


“You think we’ll be like that someday?” Olivia asked.


Alex smiled.  “Of course we will.  You’ll be receiving some great cop accolade and I’ll be cheering you on with our kids.”


Olivia smiled.  She squeezed Alex’s hand under the table and said simply, “Oh, Alex.  We’re going to have the most beautiful life.”


“I know,” Alex responded, squeezing Olivia’s hand back.


After all the awards were announced, the orchestra launched into a Shostakovich symphony and couples started getting up to dance.  “Would you like to dance?” Alex asked Olivia.


Olivia grinned.  “Of course I would,” she replied, getting up from her seat and walking out on the ballroom floor with Alex.


Mrs. Cabot frowned as she watched Alex and Olivia dance together.  “With all these nice young gentlemen here to dance with, they just had to choose each other.”


“Oh come on, darling.  They’re just girls having a good time with each other,” her husband replied.


“Hmmpfh,” his wife mumbled, taking a sip of her champagne.


“I love you so much,” Olivia whispered to Alex.


“I love you, too,” Alex whispered back, fighting very hard the urge to just lay her head on Olivia’s shoulder and not care what anyone else would think about it.


A few minutes later, Eric Carlson came over to them and asked, “Hello, Alex.  May I cut in?”


Olivia and Alex both turned their heads to look at him and said in unison, “No.”


Eric laughed.  “Come on, girls.  Share the love.”


“We are,” Olivia answered.  “With each other.”


Eric rolled his eyes.  “Ok, ok.  I get the point.  See ya later, girls.”


“Bye,” Alex told him.  She turned back to Olivia.  “I hope no one else interrupts us.”


“Mmm…me, too,” Olivia agreed.


“So how are the pokies feeling?”


Olivia smiled.  “Quite all right, I must say.”


“You have no idea how hard I’m trying not to kiss you,” Alex whispered.


“Oh, trust me, baby.  I do,” Olivia responded.


When the music stopped, they returned to their seats.  “Did you enjoy yourselves, girls?” Mr. Cabot asked.


“Yes, Daddy,” Alex responded.


“Yes.  Thank you for allowing me to share this evening with you,” Olivia answered, offering him a polite smile.


“You’re quite welcome, dear.  I am glad that our daughter has found such a great confidante in you,” he responded, smiling back.


“And I’m glad to have found that in her as well,” Olivia responded, gazing lovingly into Alex’s eyes.  She was grateful for the opportunity to experience something this extravagant with Alex and never wanted the night to end.




Once they were back in Alex’s bedroom, Olivia snuggled up to her and pulled the covers up more.  “Tonight was divine.  Thank you for inviting me.”


“I couldn’t have imagined it with anyone else,” Alex responded, bringing a finger down Olivia’s lips.


“You know what else made it really special?”


“What?” Alex asked.


“It was our first dance we actually attended as each other’s date,” Olivia said.


Alex grinned.  “I know.  I can’t believe we got away with dancing with each other the whole time, too.”


Olivia rubbed her hand up and down the sleeve of Alex’s Tweety flannel pajamas.  “These are so soft,” she commented.


“I agree.  They’re really warm and fuzzy,” Alex said.


“Just like you,” Olivia whispered, rubbing her nose against Alex’s.


“So what do you wanna do for Valentine’s Day?” Alex inquired.


“Spend it with you,” Olivia responded.


“Well, that’s a given, silly,” Alex said, grinning.  “I hate it’s on a school day.”


“Me, too,” Olivia agreed.  “But we have all night to spend together.  And I have quite a surprise for you.”


Alex’s smile widened.  “Really?  Can I get a hint?”


Olivia shook her head.  “Nuh uh.  I want it to be a total surprise.”


“Aww, you’re no fun,” Alex whined, tickling her stomach.


Olivia laughed and removed Alex’s hand out from under her shirt.  “I will not be bribed or tickled into telling you.”


“Damn,” Alex said.


“You think we could go up to the cabin after practice on Tuesday?”


Alex raised an eyebrow.  “Sure.  Why?  Do you have something special planned?”


Olivia grinned.  “You could say that.  We need to go somewhere private so our parents aren’t buzzing around.  We’ll probably have to miss school the next day, though.  It’ll be a long drive back.”


“Well, I don’t usually skip school for fun but in your case, I guess I can make an exception.”


“That’s good to hear,” Olivia replied.  “Our first Valentine’s Day together.”  She sighed.  “I’ve never looked forward to this day before you.”


Alex leaned in and tenderly kissed her.  “Well, this one is just gonna be the first one of many,” she promised.


“We have a lot to look forward to,” Olivia said, running a hand through Alex’s hair.


“I can’t wait,” Alex whispered.


“Neither can I,” Olivia responded, closing her eyes and rubbing Alex’s back gently.  “Neither can I.”