Chapter 2:  The Best Laid Plans

“So how did the weekend sexcapades treat ya?” Elliot asked with a grin as he leaned back on the couch and folded his arms behind his head.


Olivia sat down in a recliner across from Elliot.  “Very funny, Elliot.  Just so you know, it wasn’t all sex.”


Elliot chuckled.  “Right, right.  But you had a good weekend, didn’t you?”


Olivia smiled briefly.  “Well…I had a great weekend until Alex’s mom tore me a new one when we got back.”


Elliot’s eyes grew wide.  “Wait…Mrs. Cabot found out about you two?”


Olivia shook her head.  “No, at least not yet.  She thinks Alex is fucking some guy and wants me to spy on her.”


Elliot laughed.  “Wow, Liv.  That’s rough.”


Olivia glared at him.  “This isn’t fucking funny, Elliot.  Now we both have to lie to her to keep her from finding out about us.  And Alex was mad at me because I didn’t tell her mom that she wasn’t sleeping with any guy.”


“Whoa, Liv.  Chill.  I just got this funny image in my head of you as some super spy or something.  Is she still mad?”


Olivia relaxed her body a little.  “No.  Thank God.  But she still isn’t too comfortable with the idea of blatantly lying to her parents.”


Elliot wrinkled his forehead.  “Wait…so why does she think Alex was having sex anyway?”


Olivia folded her hands in her lap and looked down.  “She found lingerie and massage oils in her drawer,” she mumbled.


Elliot started laughing again but stopped abruptly when Olivia shot him another look of death.  He cleared his throat.  “So, um…yeah.  Why didn’t you just tell her you didn’t know she had those things?”


“I did, El.  But it wasn’t that simple,” Olivia replied.


“Why not?”


“Because I’d already made it seem as if I knew she was sneaking off having sex before she told me what she found.”


Elliot leaned forward on the couch.  “What?  How the hell did that happen, Liv?”


Olivia sighed.  “She was really raking me over the coals, El.  The way she phrased everything made it seem like she knew about our relationship at first.  So I panicked and started apologizing.  Luckily for us she kept interrupting me before I told her anything.  But by the time she actually got around to asking who he was who took her virginity, I had already made it seem like I was guilty of aiding Alex in keeping stuff from her.”


“So when she started pumping you for info on this phantom guy, what did you tell her?”


“That she was in love but I didn’t know much about him.  That’s when she ordered me to find out.  I told Al we had to go along with it and get our story straight.”


Elliot shook his head.  “Wow, Liv.  This doesn’t seem like a good idea.”


Olivia frowned at him.  “Well, do you have a better idea, genius?” she snapped.


Elliot sighed.  “Liv, when you tell one lie, you have to keep lying.  Sooner or later they’re gonna catch up to you.  I just don’t want you and Alex to end over something so stupid.”


Olivia folded her arms and scowled.  “I don’t either, El.  This is why I proposed that we just make up some story about the guy so she won’t find out about us.  Her mom told me she wouldn’t let Alex hang around me anymore unless I reported everything I found out about him.”


“Well…why don’t you try steering clear of her mom for awhile?  You won’t have to lie to her if you don’t run into her.”


“That won’t work, El.  Her mom and my mom have become pretty close.  If Alex and I stop hanging out at her house, then Mrs. Cabot will just track me down through my mom.  Hell, she might even decide to stop by and pay me a visit.”


Elliot sighed.  “Seems like you and Alex are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to this, Liv.”


Olivia slouched in the recliner.  “Yeah, I know.  I hope after her mom gets what she wants from me, she’ll leave us alone.”


Elliot got up to pour her a glass of water.  Olivia nodded her thanks and began sipping.  After he had sat back down on the sofa, he said, “So enough about that.  Tell me about the good part of your weekend.”


A smile spread across Olivia’s face.  “Well, for starters, Alex’s cabin is absolutely gorgeous.  We slept on this huge waterbed—”


“You mean fucked all weekend on this huge waterbed,” Elliot interrupted with a grin.


Olivia smirked.  “Not all weekend.  We actually cooked together, sat in front of the fireplace and cuddled, went snowmobiling…God, it was absolutely fantastic.”


“Aw, Liv.  That’s great.”


Olivia grinned.  “Yeah.  It was completely amazing.  We didn’t wanna come back.”


Elliot chuckled.  “I don’t blame you.  So school starts in two days.  You gonna try out for any sports this semester?”


Olivia shrugged.  “Well, I was thinking about swimming and diving.  Or maybe softball.  I know Casey is trying out for it.  What about you?”


“Eh, I dunno.  I told Kathy I was thinking about joining the wrestling team, but she’s worried I’m gonna get hurt.”


Olivia flexed her muscles.  “I wish there was a girls’ wrestling team.  I think Alex would be pretty stoked if I was on it.”


Elliot smirked.  “Yeah, if it was mud wrestling.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “El, stop thinking with your pecker.”


He grinned.  “Hey, I think mud wrestling is hot.”


Olivia smirked.  “I bet.  But hey, I am kinda excited about school starting back.  Alex and I have three classes together and we’re in the same lunch.”


“Really?  What period?”


“4th.  What lunch do you have?”


Elliot smiled.  “4th, too.  So does Kathy.  Well, this should certainly be interesting.”


Olivia grinned.  “I know, right?  It’ll be like double dating every single day.”


“Except you two will probably be making out the whole time.”


Olivia shrugged and gave him a lopsided grin.  “Not when the teachers are looking.”  She rolled her eyes.  “Or when Alex is stuffing her face.”


Elliot laughed.  “How in the world does she eat so much and stay so skinny?”


Olivia grinned.  “Well…we do a lot of activities to burn off those calories.”


Elliot shook his head.  “Oh boy.”


Olivia stood up and stretched.  “Well, I should be getting home.  Tell Kathy I said hi.”


Elliot got up to follow her out.  “Ok.  Talk to ya later, Liv.  Good luck with the whole fake boyfriend melodrama.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, we’ll definitely need it.  Later, El.”




Olivia ran to answer the door.  “Coming!  Just hold your horses.”  She opened the door to see Alex and smiled.  “Hey sweetie, I didn’t know you were coming over.”


Olivia stood before Alex in a tank top and drawstring pants, her hair slightly damp from her shower.  Alex licked her lips before saying, “Serena dropped me off.  I wanted to surprise you.”  She wrapped her arms around her waist.  “But it looks like I was a little too late.”


Olivia gave her a tender kiss on the lips.  “You’re right on time, babe.”  She suddenly looked over Alex’s shoulder out the door.


Alex gave her a confused look.  “What are you looking at?”


Olivia smiled.  “I just had to make sure you were alone.  Didn’t know if your mom had the Gestapo with her and was just using you as bait.”


Alex playfully pushed her shoulder and closed the door.  “Liv, you’re so silly.”


They went to Olivia’s room and sat down on her bed.  “So how are things between you and your mom?” Olivia asked.


Alex shrugged.  “Tense.  I don’t know why she hasn’t brought the subject up yet.  It’s like she’s just waiting to drop the anvil on me.  When we were at the table this morning, she was giving me these death stares.  It’s like she’s just waiting for me to ask her what’s wrong so she can rip me apart.”


Olivia groaned.  “Ugh.  I just wish this whole thing was over with.”


“Yeah.  Me, too.  So when are you gonna start reporting about Mike?”


Olivia lay back against her pillows.  “Eh, I dunno.  Maybe next week.  Don’t wanna do it too fast or she’ll know something is up.”


Alex slumped against the pillows beside her.  “Yeah.  But I’m sure she’ll have cracked by then.  Even though I’m dreading the confrontation, I kinda wish she’d just go ahead and grill me.  The sooner she does, the sooner we can get on with our lives and I can walk around the house without feeling like daggers are gonna start shooting out of the walls.”


Olivia laughed.  “Hey, at least school starts back soon.  You get some time away from your parents.  By the way, has your dad said anything?”


Alex shook her head.  “Nope.  I think he’s waiting for her to make the first move.  Then they’ll probably tag team me.”


Olivia draped her arm across her shoulders.  “Don’t worry, babe.  I’ll protect you.”  She flexed her muscles.  “Even your dad isn’t a match for these babies.”


Alex gripped her biceps.  “I love your muscles.”


“They love you, too,” Olivia replied, pulling Alex into her arms.  “You know, school is gonna be so much more fun now that we have more classes together.”


“I know, sweetie.  I can’t wait.  I was so excited when we synced our schedules together like that.”


“Me, too.  Did you know El and Kathy are in our lunch?”


“Really?  Things should be very interesting.  I forgot to ask Serena what lunch she has.”


Olivia started lazily tracing patterns on Alex’s stomach with a finger.  “How are she and Casey doing?”


“Really good,” Alex responded with a quick nod.  “I’m happy for them.”


Olivia smiled.  “Aw, they’re in the puppy love stage.”


“Liv, you act like we’ve been dating a year or something,” Alex said, laughing.


“Well, sometimes it seems like a year.  Maybe even longer.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve known you forever.”


Alex placed her hand on Olivia’s face.  “Aww,” she cooed.  “Olivia Benson the romantic.”


Olivia grinned.  “Hey, I guess you bring it out in me.”


Alex smiled sweetly and patted her hand.  “What time is your mom getting home?”


Olivia shrugged.  “Oh, I dunno.  Maybe in a couple hours.  Is your mom home?”


“She wasn’t when I left.”


Olivia suddenly pounced on Alex.  Looking down at her with a twinkle in her eye, she exclaimed, “Let’s run away!”


Alex giggled.  “Liv, we can’t run away.  School starts in two days.”


Olivia gave Alex her best pout.  “Pleaasssssssseeeeeeeeee.”


“Oh, Liv.  You and your puppy dog eyes.”  Alex decided to humor her a bit.  “Ok, Liv.  So where would we go?”


Olivia raised her eyes skyward and pretended to ponder.  “Hmm…how about Hawaii?  We can lay on the beach all day drinking daiquiris.”


Alex burst out laughing.  “Brilliant plan, Liv.  We can pack our bags tonight.”


Olivia laughed and rolled off Alex.  “Oh god, your mom would kill me for kidnapping you.”


“It’s not kidnapping if you go willingly,” Alex replied, cuddling up to Olivia and laying her head on her chest. 


Olivia smiled down at her.  “Would you really go away with me if things got rough?”


“Liv, I’d go to the moon with you if you asked me to.”


A big grin crossed Olivia’s face.  She sighed happily.  “I know that when our parents eventually find out about us, shit will probably hit the fan.  But I want you to know that I will never abandon you again.  Nothing and no one is gonna keep me from you.”


Alex beamed with pride to hear Olivia make such a strong vow.  “Same here,” Alex promised, softly kissing her lips.


Just then, Alex’s cell phone began ringing.  Scrambling out of Olivia’s arms to pick it up off the floor, she groaned when she saw it was her mother.  “It’s Mom,” she told Olivia, taking a seat back on the bed.


Olivia groaned and rolled her eyes.  “Speak of the devil,” she muttered.


Alex smirked.  “Yes, Mom?” she answered.


“Alexandra, where are you?” her mother demanded.


“Just out,” Alex answered curtly.


“Are you with that boy?” her mother asked, her tone hardening.


Alex rolled her eyes.  “No, Mom.  I’m with Olivia.”


Her mother breathed a slight sigh of relief on her end of the line.  “Well, tell her to drive you back home.  It’s about time you and I had a talk.”


Alex immediately became filled with dread.  All the color drained from her face.  “Ok,” she replied, closing her phone.


Olivia saw Alex’s expression and immediately became worried.  “Alex, what’s going on?”


Alex got off the bed and grabbed her coat and purse.  “Mom wants you to bring me home.  She said we need to talk.”


Olivia swallowed the lump that had started to form in her throat.  She wrapped her in a reassuring hug.  “It’ll be ok, sweetie.  If you want, you can spend the night here, ok?”


Alex nodded and forced a smile before saying, “Ok.  Come on, let’s go before she sends out a search team.”  Olivia firmly gripped Alex’s hand and led her out to her car.


When Olivia pulled up at the front of Alex’s house, she let out a deep breath and said, “Good luck in there, sweetie.  Call me when you’re ready for me to pick you up, all right?”


“All right,” Alex answered.  She leaned over to give her a quick kiss on the lips before resting her head on her shoulder.  Olivia held her tightly and stroked her hair.  Sighing, Alex finally pulled back and said her goodbyes before opening the car door and walking into the house.