Chapter 22:  Playful

“No, need sleep,” Olivia mumbled as Alex tried to nudge her awake.  She was lying on her stomach, perfectly content to sleep all morning if Alex would let her.


“Come on, Liv,” Alex coaxed, rubbing her back.  “Get up, I wanna make you breakfast.”


“No, need sleep,” Olivia repeated, not bothering to open her eyes.


“I’m horny,” Alex whispered.


A smile slowly crept across Olivia’s face.  “Really now?”


Alex tickled Olivia’s cheek until she opened her eyes.  “God, you’re so beautiful when you first wake up.”


Olivia grinned and sat up on an elbow.  “Only when I wake up?”


Alex laughed and shook her head.  “You know what I mean.”


“Show me,” Olivia said, pulling Alex in for a kiss.


After the kiss ended, Olivia laid her face back against the pillows and closed her eyes again.  Alex let out a frustrated groan.  “Liv!”


 “Just a few more minutes,” Olivia insisted.


“Liv…” Alex whined more softly.  She shook her shoulder.  “Come on, you can sleep later.” 


Olivia raised her arms on the pillow and repositioned her face on them.  “Just a few, babe.  Then I promise I’ll do anything you want,” she mumbled.


Alex traced a finger down the side of her breast and lightly squeezed her nipple.  Olivia giggled.  “That tickles!”


Alex tickled her eyelids but Olivia still refused to open them.  “Come on, babe…” she pleaded.


“No,” Olivia pouted.


Alex sighed.  I bet I know how to wake her up, she thought.  Placing one hand on Olivia’s back, she used the other to slowly ease two fingers inside her.


“Mmm…” Olivia mumbled, licking her lips. 


Alex pulled out right after Olivia had opened her eyes.  She saw Olivia’s frown and said, “Tricked ya!”  And with that, she hopped out of bed and picked up her pink satin robe. 


Olivia turned over and sat up a little.  She pouted harder as she watched Alex put on the robe and tie the sash around her waist.  “Come on, Alex!  You can’t leave without finishing what you started!”


Alex gave her a wicked smile and headed for the door.  “I’m gonna go make breakfast.  Belgian waffles and the works.  Come on, get up and come with.  If you don’t hurry up, yours is gonna be cold.”


Olivia groaned.  She threw the covers to the side and tried to get out of bed, but the side of the sheets was dragging the floor and her foot got caught.  She went flying headfirst onto the floor but managed to break her fall with her hands.


Alex held a hand to her mouth and tried hard not to laugh, but to no avail.  She dropped her hand to her stomach and doubled over as Olivia lay sprawled on the floor.  “Oh my god, Liv!  I wish I could’ve recorded that in slow motion.  Can I get an instant replay?”


Olivia glared at Alex.  “Glad you find this amusing,” she grumbled.


Alex walked over and reached a hand down to help Olivia up.  “I’m sorry, babe.  It’s just that you…your face as you went—”  Alex could barely get the words out as she burst into another round of giggles.


“Enough dammit,” Olivia snapped, pulling herself up. 


Alex still laughed.  “Oh come on, sweetie.  If that had been me, you know you’d be laughing your ass off, too.”


“Well, it wasn’t you,” Olivia snapped again.  Her whole body flushed red in embarrassment.


Alex noticed and reached a hand out to stroke her face.  “Come on, Livvie.  Don’t be embarrassed.  It’s just me.  We always do silly stuff in front of each other!”


“You laughed at me when I fell,” Olivia pouted.


“Babe, I was laughing with you, not at you.”


Olivia let out a chuckle despite herself.  “Oh, really?  That’s funny cuz I wasn’t laughing.”


“Ok, ok.  I was laughing at you,” Alex confessed.  She kissed Olivia on the forehead and grabbed her hand.  “Come on, let’s just get downstairs.  Just don’t trip on your way down.”


Olivia shoved her shoulder and pushed her out the door.  “Very funny, Al.”


Once they were downstairs, Alex set out the waffle iron, waffle mix, eggs, milk, rubber spatula, and bowl.  Olivia sat on a stool beside her and watched her get started.


“Sweetie, don’t you wanna put something on?” Alex asked as she mixed the batter for the waffles.


Olivia grinned wickedly.  “Nope.”


“Olivia, do you always have to wear nothing when I cook?”


Olivia grinned.  “Yep.”

Alex sighed and shook her head.  “Well, if you aren’t gonna put on any clothes, make yourself useful and get the bacon and cheese out of the fridge for me, will ya?”


“Your wish is my command,” Olivia replied, hopping off the stool.


After pouring the batter in the waffle iron, Alex put the strips of bacon on the stainless steel griddle to fry.  “You want yours soft or crispy?”


“Soft,” Olivia murmured, stepping behind her and wrapping her hands around her stomach.


Alex smiled and leaned back against Olivia.  “You’re distracting me.”


“And you’re enjoying it,” Olivia whispered.


Alex giggled.  “That I am.  Now go beat the eggs for me before I enjoy it a little too much.”


“All right,” Olivia said with a smirk.  She grabbed a smaller bowl and started cracking eggs into it.  She then picked up a whisk and began beating them to perfection.


Alex cut the Velveeta into chunks and put the chunks in the beaten eggs.  “Thanks for beating, babe.”


“No problem,” Olivia said, picking up a chunk of cheese and throwing it into her mouth.


Alex rolled her eyes as she watched Olivia reach for another piece of cheese.  “Babe, I said thanks for beating, not eating.”


Olivia chuckled.  “I know.”


Alex reached a hand out to work the tangles out of Olivia’s hair.  “Aw sweetie, your hair is so tangled.”


Olivia snorted.  “That’s what rough sex does to ya.”


Alex rolled her eyes again.  “Oh, puh-lease.”  She poured the eggs and cheese mixture into a skillet and began stirring.


“Ah, multi-tasking.  Nice,” Olivia teased.  “Are we gonna have strawberry syrup with our waffles?”


“We have strawberry, blueberry, and maple.”


“Damn, babe,” Olivia replied with a laugh.  “I didn’t know this was IHOP.”


“If you’re good, I’ll even put a little whipped cream on top of yours.”


Olivia licked her lips.  “I love whipped cream.  Maybe if we have some left we can put it on top of other things…”


Alex shook her head.  “You’re bad.  Is sex always on your brain?”


“Well, it wouldn’t be if you didn’t get me all worked up earlier.”


Alex gave her a look.  “Liv, I hardly touched you.”


“That’s because you’re such a tease,” Olivia said, pulling Alex into her arms and stealing a kiss.


Alex threw her head back as Olivia attacked her neck.  “Liv, you’re gonna make me mess up the food!”


“I’ll take care of that,” Olivia whispered, grabbing some tongs and transferring the bacon to a plate.  She reached over and flipped the waffle iron while she was at it.


Alex turned back around to face the stove.  “Hey, babe.  Get me another bowl for the eggs, will ya?”


“Sure,” Olivia said, although a little disappointed at the complete loss of contact with Alex.


When the eggs were cooked, Alex scooped them into the bowl.  Olivia poured the rest of the batter into the waffle iron as Alex got plates from the cabinets and set them on the kitchen table.  Walking over to the refrigerator, she asked, “What kinda juice do you want?”


“Grape will be just fine,” Olivia answered.


“Ok.”  Alex poured the grape juice in a pitcher and then placed it in the middle of the table.


A few minutes later, they were sitting down enjoying their meal.  Alex got up to get some more Country Crock for the waffles.  She was just about to return to her seat when Olivia pulled her down into her lap.  “Liv,” Alex whined.  “Do you have to do that?”


“I just want you close to me,” Olivia whispered, taking a bite of her eggs.  She reached over and moved Alex’s plate next to hers.


Alex smiled and planted a quick kiss on her cheek.  Olivia’s need for her affection and attention reminded her of a little puppy.  She thought it was cute.  Olivia had never acted that way with anyone but her.


Olivia poured more strawberry syrup on her waffles and offered a bite to Alex, who had chosen blueberry for hers.  “Good, babe,” Alex said, wiping away a little bit of the syrup that had dripped down her chin and offering Olivia a bite of her waffles in return.


“This food is so amazing,” Olivia complimented her.  “You did a terrific job.”


“Thanks, sweetie,” Alex said, grinning.  She loved it when Olivia complimented her on her cooking.  She finished another strip of bacon and looked down at her watch.  “Well, it’s 8:30 now.  When do you wanna leave?”


“Never,” Olivia responded with a lopsided grin.


“Well, me too.  But realistically, babe.”


Olivia sighed.  “Maybe around 6 or so.”


Alex echoed her sigh.  “I wish it were a weekend.  We’d have longer.”


“Yeah, me too.  So what’s on the agenda for today?”


“Well, I thought we could cuddle and watch movies.”


Olivia smiled.  “Sounds like a good idea to me.  But first you promised me a nap.”


Alex chuckled.  “Only if I can snuggle in your arms.”


“Deal,” Olivia said, finishing her juice.




A few hours later, Olivia stirred in her sleep.  Opening her eyes and yawning, she looked over at the bedside clock.  12:03 p.m.  She turned back over and looked at Alex, who was still sleeping.  My little angel, she thought.


Alex opened her eyes and smiled up at Olivia.  “How long have you been up?” she asked sleepily.


Olivia grinned down at her.  “Just a few minutes.  Now who’s the sleepyhead?”


Alex smiled sheepishly.  “Cuddle?”


Olivia grinned and snuggled up to Alex.  “You read my mind.”


Alex stroked her arm softly.  “Can you read mine?”


Olivia placed her hand at the small of Alex’s back and pressed her lips hard against hers.  When she pulled back she said, “Yep.  You wanted me to kiss you like that.”


“Actually, the kiss I had in mind was more like this,” Alex said softly, pulling Olivia back down and completely invading her mouth.


A few minutes later, Olivia’s cell phone started ringing.  She groaned in frustration.  “Who the hell?”


“Don’t answer that,” Alex whispered against her mouth.


Olivia ignored her phone call, but it wasn’t long before Alex’s cell started ringing.  “You don’t think it’s anyone important, do you?” Olivia asked, pulling back.


Alex frowned at the loss of contact with Olivia’s soft lips.  “I doubt it.”  Nonetheless, she rolled over and grabbed her phone off the nightstand.  She rolled her eyes when she saw that it was Serena but flipped it open anyway.  “What do you want?”


“Well, don’t sound so cheery, my dear.  Elliot tried to call Olivia but she wasn’t answering, so I decided to call you.  What are you guys up to?” Serena asked.


“Serena, what the hell do you think we’re doing?” Alex asked with annoyance in her voice.


“Are you naked?” Casey asked in amusement.  Both Olivia and Alex heard all their friends laughing in the background.


“Funny, Casey.  Serena, why the hell do you have me on speaker phone?” Alex demanded.


“So we can all share in the fun,” Serena responded.


“Well, unlike you immature kids, Liv and I are gonna get back to doing adult things,” Alex told her.


“If by adult you mean fucking each other’s brains out,” Serena joked.


Olivia took Alex’s cell and turned it on speaker phone.  “Guys, seriously.  Just leave us alone, ok?”


“Tsk, tsk.  Is someone cranky?” Elliot teased.


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Elliot, you’re supposed to be on my side.”


“When are you guys getting back?” Casey asked.


“Sometime tonight,” Alex answered.


“Well, we have a shitload of reading for Euro,” Serena informed her.  “And we’re having a quiz tomorrow, too.”


“Shit!” Alex cursed loudly.  “Stevens is such an asshole.”


“Yeah, tell me about it,” Serena muttered.


“Can I borrow your notes?” Alex asked.


“Sure,” Serena responded.  “Just call me when you get back and I’ll bring them over.”


“Sweet,” Alex responded.


“Well, we’ll let you get back to your um…activities,” Casey said.  “Although we all know how raunchy and X-rated they probably are.”


“Don’t pay them any attention!” Kathy shouted.


“Thanks, Kathy,” Olivia responded.


“Bye, guys,” Alex said into the phone before closing it.


“Sweetie, let’s turn our phones off,” Olivia suggested.


“Done,” Alex responded, turning hers off and dropping it on the floor.


“Now where were we?” Olivia asked, grinning and consuming Alex’s mouth again.