Chapter 24:  Confrontation

Once again, Olivia did not heed Alex’s advice about not confronting Abbie.  Storming up to her in the locker room Thursday afternoon after practice, she roughly shoved her into the lockers.  “You stupid little bitch,” Olivia growled.


Abbie frowned and pushed Olivia’s hands off her shoulders.  “Fuck off, Olivia.  And move outta my way.”


“No.  Not until you stop fucking with our lives!” Olivia retorted.


“I’m not doing anything to you or Alex.  You’re not that important to me.  Now get lost.”


“Listen, I love Alex!  Don’t you dare try to ruin what we have!” Olivia yelled.


Abbie laughed.  “You might wanna get some help for your paranoid delusions there, Liv.”


“Stop playing games, Abbie.  I know you’re the bitch who called Alex’s mom,” Olivia snarled.


Abbie looked at Olivia as if she were crazy.  “I have no clue what you’re talking about.  Now you wanna get outta my face?”


“That depends.  You wanna stop trying to wreck my fucking life?” Olivia responded nastily.


Abbie rolled her eyes.  “Olivia, I’m so tired of your fucking macho act.  You have no proof I was the one who called Mrs. Cabot.”


“Oh, I know it was you.  Who else is out to get us?”


Abbie folded her arms.  “How should I know?  But you two don’t exactly keep your relationship private.  You choose to make out all over school!  It could’ve been any student or teacher who’s seen you and you automatically blame me.”


“That’s because you’re the only one with a grudge who wants Alex!”


Abbie scoffed.  “I do not want Alex.  I have a girlfriend.”


Olivia snorted.  “You don’t really care about Lexie.  You’re just using her as a distraction until you think you’re smart enough to get to Alex.  And let me tell you something, Abbie.  You’ll never be that smart cuz she doesn’t want anything to do with you.”


A wicked smile crossed Abbie’s lips.  “If she’s smart she won’t want anything to do with you.”


Olivia glared harder at her.  She slammed her hand against the locker beside Abbie’s face, secretly content when she flinched.  “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” she demanded.


“Well, let’s see,” Abbie began, straightening up again.  “You’re violent, possessive, selfish, reckless, unstable, and most of all you’re a bitch,” she continued, counting off the reasons on her fingers.  “Face it.  You’re a ticking time bomb and Alex needs to get away from you as soon as possible.”


Alex came in with Serena and caught Abbie’s insults of Olivia.  She walked over and placed her hand on Olivia’s shoulder.  “It’s ok, sweetie.  She’s not worth it.”


Abbie saw Olivia bawling up her fists.  “Benson, if you hit me, I will have you arrested for assault.”


“Who said I was gonna hit you?  Gettin’ scared, Abbie?” Olivia asked.


Abbie snorted.  “Of you?  Are you serious?”


“Liv, come on.  Let’s just go,” Alex insisted.  She glared at Abbie over Olivia’s shoulder.  “Stay the fuck outta our lives, Abbie.”


After glaring into Abbie’s eyes for a few seconds longer, Olivia took a few steps back so Abbie could walk past her.  Feeling devious, she stuck her foot out and Abbie went sailing over it onto the floor.


Serena and Alex burst out laughing.  Abbie quickly scrambled to her feet and sneered at Olivia.  “You think you’re so funny, bitch?  We’ll see who gets the last laugh.”


Olivia laughed in her face and taunted, “Yeah, right.  Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.”  Abbie angrily got her things and stalked out of the locker room.


Once Abbie had left, Serena said, “Wow, I can’t believe she’s such a bitch.  Why doesn’t she just give up?”


“Because that would be too sensible,” Alex responded.  She placed a hand gently on Olivia’s back.  “You ok, sweetie?”


Olivia nodded.  “Yeah.”


“What did she say before we got there?” Alex asked.


Olivia recounted their conversation to Alex and Serena.  Serena rolled her eyes and said, “It was obviously her.  She needs to stop bullshitting.”


“Liv, you knew she’d never admit to it.  I told you not to waste your time on her,” Alex said.  “She gets off on seeing you squirm.”


“Our lives would’ve been so much better if she’d never brought her ass to our school!” Olivia replied.


“Yeah.  She has Lexie, so she should leave you two alone.  I swear if Casey’s ex tried to fuck with us I’d bust his balls,” Serena stated.


Olivia smirked.  “Yeah.  I’d like to bust something on Abbie all right.”


Alex quickly looked around.  Lowering her voice, she said, “Liv, not so loud.  You don’t want anyone running back to Abbie and telling her you’ve made threats against her.”


Olivia laughed bitterly.  “Threat?  No.  Promise?  Yes.”


Alex wrapped her arms around Olivia and squeezed tightly.  Pulling back, she said, “Baby, please don’t do anything to her.  Don’t even talk to her anymore.  She does shit like this just to bait us.”


“I agree with Al, Liv,” Serena responded.  “She’s just doing stuff to gauge your reaction.  So don’t give her one.”


Olivia sighed.  “I guess you guys are right.  Maybe she’ll just fall off the face of the Earth.”


Alex and Serena laughed.  “Let’s all cross our fingers,” Alex said.  She threw Olivia’s bag over her shoulder and continued, “Come on, let’s get outta here.”


Olivia smiled.  “Carrying my bags now, huh?”


Alex grinned.  “Just thought I’d return the favor.  And if you’re good, we’ll go get some sundaes.  I’m paying.”


Olivia raised an eyebrow.  “Double hot fudge?” she asked hopefully.


Alex grinned.  “Triple.”


Olivia squeezed Alex’s hand and said, “Mmm.  If I knew torturing Abbie would get me such a great treat, I’d do it more often.”


Serena laughed.  Alex shoved Olivia’s shoulder playfully and said, “Hey!  Don’t get any ideas!”


Olivia grinned.  “I’ll try to behave just for you.”


“You better,” Alex told her, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and pulling her out the locker room.