Chapter 10:  Confessions

Alex was surprised to see Olivia at her door with a single lavender rose in her hand.  Taking the rose and motioning for Olivia to follow her into the kitchen, Alex asked, “What’s this for?  And what happened to your lip?”


“Well, the rose is for earlier.  And the lip…yeah, well, that’s what I came to talk to you about,” Olivia said, looking down.


Putting the rose in a slim vase with some water, Alex said, “Well, thank you for the rose, Liv.  It’s beautiful.  Come on, let’s go up to my room.”


As they sat down on Alex’s bed, Alex carefully reached out to touch Olivia’s cut.  “Does it hurt?”


“Not anymore,” Olivia replied.


Grabbing a tube of Neosporin, Alex applied a tiny dab to the cut—after she got Olivia to stop protesting, that is.


“So what happened?” Alex asked her again.


Taking a deep breath, Olivia began, “Well, I came home and my mom told me I was grounded.  She was…drinking, and I tried to take the glass away from her.  That’s when she hit me.  So I left.”


“Oh my God, Liv.  That’s so horrible…does she, does she drink a lot?” Alex asked cautiously, stroking Olivia’s arm.


Olivia looked down embarrassed, not knowing how to approach the subject.  But then she figured that she’d rather tell her right at that moment than have her over one day and accidentally witness one of her mom’s drunken tirades.  “Yeah,” Olivia finally mumbled.


Alex wrapped her in a tight hug.  “You’ll spend the night here, ok?”


“I dunno, Alex…I don’t want to impose,” Olivia began.


“No.  I’m not gonna let you go back there where she can hurt you again,” Alex insisted.


“But it’s a school night, sweetie.  And I don’t have any clothes for tomorrow,” Olivia protested.


Alex stopped to think.  When she finally spoke, she asked, “Is there any time she’s not gonna be there tonight?”


Olivia shrugged.  Alex continued, “Well…maybe we can sneak in sometime tonight and get some of your things.”


Olivia stopped to ponder what Alex had said.  Remembering she left her window partially open to let the night air in, she said, “Well, I do keep my window cracked.  I could lift it.”


Smiling, Alex replied, “Good.  Then it’s settled.”


Olivia smiled back and teased, “You just wanna get the opportunity to go through my underwear drawer.”


Kissing Olivia on the cheek, Alex responded, “Ok, we are definitely sneaking in now.”


Leaning in closer to Alex, Olivia said in a sultry voice, “I dunno, Alex.  Seeing you touch my underwear might make me a little horny.”


Alex felt her heart begin to race.  Finally finding her voice, she asked Olivia, “Do I make you horny a lot?”


“I dunno.  You tell me,” Olivia replied, leaning in to kiss Alex and pulling Alex’s hand under her shirt to cup her breast.  Guiding Alex’s fingers over her nipple, which instantly hardened, Olivia asked, “So what do you think?”


Alex gulped loudly.  Her eyes locked with Olivia’s.  “I think I’m gonna need a cold shower if you keep this up.”


“What?  This?” Olivia asked innocently, reaching out to cup Alex’s breast under her shirt. 


Alex responded by engulfing Olivia’s mouth with her tongue.  Olivia kissed back with equal force.  Alex left Olivia’s mouth to trail kisses down her neck, sucking and nipping along the way.  Olivia ran one hand over Alex’s breast, across her stomach, around to her hip, and let it finally rest at the front hem of her pajama bottoms.  As Olivia let her fingertips begin to slide under the hem, Alex suddenly pulled away from her mouth and said, “Olivia, wait!”


Startled, Olivia stilled her movements.  “What’s wrong, sweetie?”


Flushing deeply, Alex said, “I…it’s too soon.”


“Ok…” Olivia said, removing her hand and backing away from Alex.


Alex reached for her arm.  “No, Liv.  I want you.  I really do.  It’s just that I…I’ve never…I’ve never…”


“Had sex with a girl?” Olivia finished for her. 


Turning redder and looking down, Alex answered, “Well…no.  But I’ve also never, um…um…oh god, this is so embarrassing.”


Suddenly, realization dawned on Olivia’s face.  “You-you’ve never slept with a guy either?”


Ashamed, Alex let a single tear fall down her cheek.  “No…” she said almost inaudibly.


Pulling her into a hug, Olivia began stroking her hair.  “Alex…sweetie, it’s ok.  I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable.”


Alex looked up with tears glistening in her cerulean eyes.  “I can understand if you don’t want to be with someone who’s so inexperienced,” she said sadly.


Kissing her forehead, Olivia assured her, “Sweetie, no.  No.  I don’t care about that.  I don’t wanna be with anyone but you.”


“Are you sure?” Alex asked softly.


“Positive.  And we don’t have to do anything if you’re not ready,” Olivia responded.


Moving down to lay her head on Olivia’s chest, Alex wrapped her arms around her waist.  “I wanna lose my virginity to you,” she said.


Stunned but also happy at Alex’s revelation, Olivia asked, “Baby, are you sure?  I mean…that’s a pretty big thing.”


“I’m sure,” Alex replied.


“Wow.  Well, I’d be honored to be given such a precious gift by you,” Olivia smiled and said.  “And I promise I’ll be gentle.”


Smiling, Alex cuddled into Olivia’s chest.  “So you’re not mad at me?”


“Mad at you?  No, silly.  Why would I be mad?” Olivia asked.


“Because I got you all worked up for nothing.”


Rubbing her back, Olivia responded, “That’s ok, sweetie.  It really is.  Besides.  I wouldn’t say it was for nothing.  I have the most beautiful girl in the world lying on my chest right now.  And my pokies are happy.  I’d say that’s something.”


Alex giggled and hugged her waist tighter.  “You’re so silly, Liv.”


The two remained in that position for a few more minutes in comfortable silence.  Then Alex got up and said, “Come on.  Let’s go get your stuff.”


Arriving at Olivia’s house, the two crept over to her bedroom window.  Olivia hoisted her window up and climbed inside then helped Alex through the window.  Being as quiet as they could, the girls tiptoed over to Olivia’s dresser and her closet, pulling out items.  Then they snuck back out her window just as quietly and hurried over to the car.  Olivia sped backwards out of the driveway, and the two made their way back to Alex’s house.


Once back in Alex’s bedroom, Alex confessed, “You know, you looked pretty hot when you were kicking that girl’s ass today.”


“Is that so?” Olivia asked, smirking.  She pulled Alex closer to her.


“Yes,” Alex breathed, looking intently into Olivia’s eyes.


“Well, I wonder how hot Cragen thought I looked when he suspended me for three games,” Olivia said, rolling her eyes.


“You’re suspended for three games?” Alex asked incredulously.


“Yeah,” Olivia replied bitterly, stepping back from Alex.  “This really sucks,” she continued, frowning.


“It’s not your fault, Liv.”  Alex moved closer to her and hugged her sympathetically.


“Yeah, it is,” Olivia argued.  She moved out of Alex’s embrace and said, “I’m gonna go take a shower now.”


Nodding, Alex sat down on her bed and curled up to her pillow.  Listening to the shower running, she was almost lulled to sleep until she heard her bathroom door open and Olivia come out.  At the sight of Olivia in just a tank top and panties with her hair and skin still damp, Alex became wide awake.  Olivia walked over to the bed and got underneath the covers.  She noticed Alex staring at her and asked, “What?”


Alex responded by kissing her hard.  “You look so incredibly sexy right now, Liv.”


Olivia smirked.  “Do I now?”


Before Olivia knew it, Alex was on top of her, straddling her waist.  Alex bent down to place several kisses along her neck and collarbone.  “Wha-what are you doing, Alex?”


“Kissing you,” Alex replied simply.  She continued her endeavors, running her hands over Olivia’s breasts and down to her stomach.  Capturing Olivia’s mouth again, she slipped her tongue in between her parted lips and lifted up the ends of her tank.  Realizing what Alex was about to do, Olivia stopped her.  Shocked, Alex asked, “What’s wrong?”


“Alex, if you take off my top, I’ll be in nothing but panties,” Olivia replied.


“Mmm.  I know,” Alex said, smiling wickedly.  With that, she pulled off her own top.  Smiling at Olivia’s sharp intake of breath at the sight of her bare breasts, she bent down again to capture Olivia’s lips.


Gently pushing Alex back, Olivia said, “Alex, what if your mom comes in?  Or even worse…your dad?”


“Don’t worry.  The door’s locked,” Alex said, impatiently tugging at Olivia’s top again.  Seeing Olivia’s reservation, Alex began rubbing her stomach.  Olivia swallowed hard.  “Please, Liv.  I need to see you.”


Sitting up a little, Olivia pulled off her top.  Alex immediately began massaging her breasts, eliciting moans and whimpers from Olivia.  She tweaked and pulled Olivia’s nipples until they were painfully erect.  Olivia responded by tweaking one of Alex’s own nipples.  Alex moved a hand down to Olivia’s inner thigh and began stroking it.  Olivia whimpered.  Lightly caressing Alex’s breasts, she felt a throbbing in her center and a distinct wetness beginning to spread.  Realizing that they were venturing into dangerous territory, she pulled her mouth away from Alex’s and said, “Stop.  Alex, stop.”


“Why?” Alex asked, disappointed.


“Because I’m getting too aroused,” Olivia said, her chest heaving.  “Alex, I’m practically naked.”


“I’m well aware of that,” Alex said, grinning wickedly.  “I want you, Liv,” she breathed, looking directly into Olivia’s eyes.


“I know, Alex.  I want you, too.  Way too much.  That’s why we should stop before things get outta hand,” Olivia protested.


“Olivia, just because I’m not ready doesn’t mean I can’t do something for you,” Alex said softly.


Olivia just stared at her, speechless for a moment.  When she finally got her voice back, she said, “No, Alex.  I want us to do this together.  I don’t want you to make love to me without me being able to make love to you back.  I can wait.  Really.  There’s no need to rush anything.”


Sighing, Alex got off Olivia and pulled her shirt back on.  “So what do you wanna do?”


Pulling her own top back on, Olivia replied, “I think we should cool things down for a bit.  Things are getting way too intense.”


Nodding, Alex quietly responded, “Ok.”  Turning her back to Olivia, she asked, “Will you hold me?”


“Sure, baby,” Olivia complied, snuggling closer to her and protectively putting her arm around the blonde’s small waist.  “Can I have a goodnight kiss?”


Alex turned her head and Olivia kissed her passionately but slowly.  It was a kiss full of promise and desire.  Alex turned off the light and snuggled deeper into Olivia.  Feeling content, the girls soon drifted off into a peaceful sleep together.