Chapter 11:  Sundae

A couple of weeks had passed.  Olivia slept over often at Alex’s.  The two of them had worked hard at mastering how to be affectionate but not too intimate.  Their kisses were still as passionate as ever but their touches were only lingering, and they opted for cuddling when they wanted to be close instead of removing articles of clothing.  It was in the sanctuary of Alex’s arms that Olivia found peace, and she was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to open up to Alex.  Alex was warm and caring without being overbearing and understanding and observant without being judgmental.  Olivia was also surprised at how quickly she was falling for the girl.


Olivia’s suspension had been lifted, but her happiness was short lived since they lost the first game that she was allowed to play in again.  Disappointed, she stalked off to the locker room with the rest of her teammates.  After she had showered, she grabbed her stuff and left the gym, only to find Alex waiting for her outside.  “Hey, I didn’t know you were still around,” she said, looking down.


“I wouldn’t leave without letting you know, Liv,” Alex responded.  Seeing Olivia’s sullen face, she said, “You played a good game, Liv.  You can’t always win.”


Giving Alex a tight smile, she said simply, “Thanks.”  Then shifting her bag to her other shoulder, she said, “I think I’m gonna go for a run in the park.  You know, just to clear my head.  I can still drop you off if you want.”


Standing up, Alex walked over to her and laid a hand on her arm.  “That’s ok, Liv.  Serena and I are going to Dairy Queen, and I was waiting around to see if you wanted to come with us.”


Olivia patted Alex’s hand and replied, “Nah, but thanks for the offer.  You two go on ahead.  I’ll call you later, ok?”


Nodding, Alex gave Olivia a quick kiss on the cheek.  “Everything will be ok, Liv.”  Olivia smiled at her and stared into her crystal blue eyes for a few seconds before turning to leave.


A couple of hours later, Olivia was surprised when her doorbell rang.  She opened the door to find Alex, who had a sundae in her hands.  “Hey…after I got home from Dairy Queen I thought that you could really use some cheering up.  So I had Mom take me back to pick this up on her way to a dinner party.”


Taking the sundae from her, Olivia motioned for Alex to come in.  “Sweetie, you didn’t have to do this.  But thank you.”


“You’re very welcome,” Alex said, giving Olivia a quick kiss on the lips.


They walked over to the couch and sat down, turning to face each other.  Olivia dug into her sundae.  Alex leaned forward and wiped some chocolate syrup from the corner of her mouth, sucking it from the tip of her finger.  Olivia grinned, dipped her spoon in again, and then held it out to Alex.  Some of the ice cream dripped a couple inches below Alex’s collarbone, and Olivia responded by licking it off.  Alex giggled at the feel of Olivia’s cold, wet tongue.  Olivia took another bite of her sundae and kissed Alex, transferring some of the melting ice cream to Alex’s mouth with her tongue. 


“You’re sneaky,” Alex giggled.


“Whoever said that’s a bad thing?” Olivia responded, waggling her eyebrows.


Alex just laughed.  “So did you have a good run?”


“It was ok,” Olivia said after swallowing another spoonful of ice cream.  “There weren’t too many people out, which was good.  It was easier to sort my thoughts out.”


“What were you thinking about?” Alex asked, rubbing Olivia’s knee.


Olivia shrugged.  “Lots of stuff.  The game, school, my mom, you.”


Alex smiled to know that Olivia had been thinking about her during her run.  “Good thoughts about me, I hope?”


Olivia leaned in and kissed Alex.  “Yes, very good.”  She finished the last of her sundae and threw the empty carton across the room.  It sailed smoothly into the wastebasket.


“Nice shot,” Alex admired.


“Hey, I try,” Olivia said, grinning.  She turned her back to Alex and scooted between her legs.  Resting her head on Alex’s chest, she let out a happy sigh.  Alex leaned back a little and folded her arms across Olivia’s stomach.


“Are we still on for bowling this weekend?” Alex asked casually.


“Hell yeah.  I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to kick your ass,” Olivia teased.


“You wish!” Alex quipped.


“Alex, we both know the bowling balls weigh more than you do.”


“They do not!” Alex exclaimed, slapping Olivia on the arm.


“Oh, come on, Alex.  I could easily bench press you,” Olivia said, rolling her eyes.


“You could not!” Alex protested.


Olivia turned around, resting her chin on Alex’s chest and looking up at her.  “Wanna bet?”


Alex ruffled Olivia’s hair.  “Hmm…I just might like being bench pressed by you.”


Olivia smirked.  Suddenly, without warning, she bounded off the couch and scooped Alex up into her arms.  Despite Alex’s screams and protests, Olivia took her to her room and threw her down on the bed, tickling her mercilessly.


“Olivia, please!  Stop, Olivia!  Stop!  I can’t breathe!” Alex pleaded, laughing uncontrollably.  She curled up into a ball on Olivia’s bed, desperately hitting at Olivia’s hands, which were attacking her at all angles.  When Olivia finally relented, Alex was laughing so hard that there were tears rolling down her cheeks.  Olivia reached over on her nightstand to get a tissue and Alex saw her chance.  Olivia was totally caught off guard when Alex jumped on her back, pushing her hard into the mattress.  Turning around so she was facing Olivia’s butt, Alex reached into her shorts and gave Olivia a wedgie.  Olivia yelped and pinned Alex to the bed with one arm, bending the other around her back to pull her panties out of her butt.


Alex giggled incessantly.  “You should’ve seen the look on your face!”


Olivia straddled Alex’s waist and pinned her arms above her head.  “And just what would you have done if I hadn’t been wearing any underwear?”


“Then I would’ve pulled your shorts into your ass!” Alex responded.


Olivia bent down to kiss Alex before rolling off her and collapsing on her back.  Alex laid her head on Olivia’s chest and put her hand on her stomach.  Olivia sifted her fingers through Alex’s silken golden locks.  Alex smiled and closed her eyes.  “You know, you make me feel so safe, Liv,” she murmured.


Olivia smiled.  “That’s my job.”