Chapter 12:  Strike

“Olivia!  Don’t they have any lighter balls?” Alex whined, struggling to hold up the 13.


Olivia smirked at her and took it from her hand.  “Sorry, Al.  The smallest they have left is the 11.  All the kiddies took the lighter ones.”


Alex frowned and picked up the 11.  “It’s heavy, too, Liv!” she whined again.


“Sorry, babe,” Olivia smiled sympathetically.  After punching their names in the machine, she picked up the ball, got a running start, and then let the ball loose down the alley.  Getting a strike on the very first try, she smirked at Alex.  “Good luck,” she said smugly.


“Hey!  No fair!  You have an unfair advantage because you’re used to balls this weight,” Alex complained.


“Wow, Cabot.  I never knew you to give up so easily,” Olivia teased.


“Not on your life!” Alex retorted, taking the ball and throwing it down the alley.  She knocked down seven pins and then one more on the second try.  “Don’t worry, I’m just warming up!”


“Whatever you say, babe,” Olivia replied, putting a hand around Alex’s waist and picking up the ball again.


When the game was over, Olivia had bowled a 190 while Alex barely made 85.  She wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist and gave her a quick kiss.  “Aw, sweetie, why the long face?  If you’re a good sport, I’m willing to give you a consolation prize.”


Alex perked up.  “Really?  Just what sort of consolation prize?”


Olivia kissed her again and rubbed her back.  “Well, it involves my lips and yours.”


Alex giggled.  Just then, someone called out, “Well, well, if it isn’t the two lovebirds!”  Alex and Olivia both turned to the voice to find Elliot and Kathy walking toward them.  Seeing the girls jump back from one another, Elliot continued, “Hey now, don’t let me stop you!”


Surprised, Olivia replied, “Elliot!  I didn’t know you guys were coming.”


“Neither did we until Kathy got this crazy notion that she could out-bowl me,” he quipped as Kathy hit him on the shoulder.


Olivia laughed.  “Oh, really?  Well, so did Alex here.”  Then realizing that Alex and Kathy hadn’t met before, Olivia shook her head.  “Oh, sorry guys.  Alex, this is Kathy, Elliot’s girlfriend, and Kathy, this is Alex, my girlfriend.”


Alex stuck her hand out to shake Kathy’s.  “Don’t let Liv fool you.  The only reason she won is because all the kids stole the light balls.”


Kathy laughed.  “I see.  It’s nice to finally meet you.  Elliot said Liv talks about you all the time.  You two make a cute couple, by the way.”


Olivia blushed and said softly, “Thanks.”  Alex turned to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. 


“So you talk about me a lot, huh?” Alex teased.


“Well…you know…I mean, it’s not like…” Olivia stumbled over her words as her face turned bright red.


Alex put her arm around Olivia and rubbed her nose against her cheek.  “Aww, that’s really cute, Liv.”


Kathy turned and looked up at Elliot.  “Honey, they’re so cute!”


“I know,” he replied, wrapping his arm around Kathy’s shoulders.  “Hey, lovebirds!  How about me and Kathy against you two?”


Olivia smiled at him.  “You’re on.”  Entering in Kathy and Elliot’s names, Olivia squeezed Alex to her side and said, “We are going to kick their asses!”


“Oh yeah?” Elliot retorted.  “We’ll see about that!”


They played three rounds, Olivia and Alex winning two and Elliot and Kathy winning one.  “Well, Alex.  I guess we do make a pretty good team, huh?” Olivia asked.


“You bet,” Alex replied, smiling.


“Oh whatever, guys.  You two just got lucky,” Elliot teased.  “Next time, your asses are ours!”


“Nah, I think my ass belongs to just one person,” Olivia retorted, looking into Alex’s eyes.


Alex giggled and gave Olivia a quick kiss on the lips.  “So Elliot, do you have any blackmail stories I can use against Liv?”


Grinning wickedly, Elliot responded, “Man, Liv can be a wild one sometimes!  I hope you can handle her.”


Olivia shot Elliot a glance.  Alex laughed.  “Maybe I’ll get to see this wild side,” she said huskily, twirling a finger in Olivia’s hair.


Elliot ignored Olivia’s glance.  “Hey, Liv!  Do you remember that one time when we all went skinny dipping?” Elliot asked.


Glaring at him, Olivia began, “Elliot…”


Alex looked at her in surprise.  “Skinny dipping?”


Olivia turned beet red.  “It was at night…a few years ago.  We were just fooling around.  It was a stupid dare.”  I’m going to kill you Elliot, Olivia thought, shooting him another glare.


“Damn, Liv.  If looks could kill,” Elliot teased.


“We?  Who’s we?” Alex asked, feeling a pang of jealousy.


“Me, Monique, Casey, Elliot, Fin, and Kathy,” Olivia replied, looking down.


“And we all know who I was looking at,” Elliot quipped, looking down at Kathy.


“Elliot!  Oh, come on, it was dark!  Not like you got to see much of anything,” Kathy retorted.


“But what I did manage to see I enjoyed,” he replied, pulling Kathy close to him.


“Oh,” Alex said softly.  “Hey guys, I’ll be right back.  I have to use the bathroom.”


As Alex started to walk off, Olivia turned to Elliot and said, “You’re dead, Elliot.”  Catching up to Alex in the bathroom, she grabbed her arm and turned her around.  “Alex, don’t tell me you’re getting upset over that.”


“I’m not upset,” Alex lied, looking away.


Olivia turned Alex’s face back towards her.  “Don’t lie to me, Alex.  Yes, you are.”


Alex sighed.  “Well, Liv, it’s not that I’m really upset, I’m just a little jealous.”


“Jealous?  Alex, why?  It was years ago and it really was too dark to see much of anything, let alone anyone,” Olivia retorted incredulously.


“Because we’ve never gone skinny dipping,” Alex said in a small voice, looking down.


“That’s because we’d be having sex, Alex!” Olivia said, her voice rising as she threw her hands up.


“Would that really be such a bad thing?” Alex asked, looking at Olivia.


“No, Alex, but you’re the one who wanted to wait!” Olivia retorted heatedly.  Olivia saw the hurt flash in Alex’s eyes.  Softening her tone, she said, “Alex, I-I’m sorry.  That was outta line.  I don’t want you to think I’m pressuring you because I’m not.”


Alex wrapped her arms around her chest as tears began to well up in her eyes.  “Wow, Liv,” is all she said.


Smooth, Liv.  Real smooth, Olivia thought.  Reaching out to touch Alex’s face, she replied, “No, baby.  That’s not what I meant.  Please don’t cry.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wanna have sex with you.  You’re gorgeous and I’ve never been so attracted to anyone in my life.  But not until you want me to.”


“I’m scared, Liv,” Alex replied softly, brushing the tears away with the back of her hand.


“And that’s perfectly normal, sweetie.  And until you’re completely comfortable with the idea of us making love, I won’t expect us to.  Please don’t feel bad,” Olivia pleaded.


Alex smiled a weak smile.  “Ok.”


Olivia pulled Alex to her and brushed her lips against hers.  “Perk up, sweetie.  The pokies don’t come out to play when you’re sad.”


Alex giggled and Olivia kissed her again.  “I have an idea, Alex.  I still owe you a consolation prize, right?  So how about we go down to the lake—just the two of us—and we’ll do whatever you want.  Even skinny dipping.”


“Really?” Alex asked, smiling.


“Yes, really.  And I promise I’ll behave,” Olivia said, waggling her eyebrows.  Taking Alex by the hand, she started pulling her to the door.  “Come on.  The kiddies will wonder if the toilet swallowed us up if we don’t get back out there.”


Elliot was relieved when he saw Olivia and Alex come out holding hands.  “Everything ok?”


“Yeah,” Alex said, grinning and nuzzling her nose against Olivia’s cheek.  Olivia blushed lightly.


“Hey Elliot, I think Alex and I are gonna be heading out now.  How about we double date sometime, though?” Olivia suggested.


“Yeah, sure.  That’ll be cool.  You two have a busy night planned?” Elliot asked, grinning.


Olivia rolled her eyes and Kathy giggled.  “Don’t even go there, Elliot.  Hey Kath, keep him in line for me, will ya?”


“I’ll try my hardest.  You two have fun,” Kathy said, waving goodbye.


“Not too much fun!” Elliot said as Olivia shoved him. 


Alex and Olivia said their goodbyes and turned in their bowling shoes.  Heading out into the night, Olivia remarked, “You know, I love nights like this.  Not too hot, not too cold.  It’s so peaceful and it really helps me clear my head.  Sometimes I’ll go outside in the middle of the night and just take long walks with really no destination.  And the best part is that now I have someone special to share it with.”


Alex giggled and grabbed Olivia’s hand.  “Aw, Liv, you’re so romantic.  I never knew you liked stuff like this.”


Olivia smiled and squeezed her hand.  “Looks like we have a lot to learn about each other.  Come on, let’s go to the lake.”


On the drive to the lake, they sat in comfortable silence.  Every once in awhile, Alex would reach over and place her hand on Olivia’s thigh.  Olivia would turn her head and smile at Alex then pat her hand.  When they got to the lake, Olivia jumped out of the car first, telling Alex to wait.  Opening her door, she held out her hand to Alex and then led her over to a grassy spot near the edge of the lake.  Sitting down, Alex laid her head on Olivia’s shoulder.


“This is perfect, Liv,” she breathed.


Just like you, Olivia thought happily.  She reached out to rub Alex’s tummy, causing her to giggle and snuggle closer.  After several minutes of soothing silence, she asked, “So what do you wanna do, baby?”


“Maybe we can go for a swim?”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “Skinny dipping?  I’ve never done it under a full moon.”


Alex smirked, knowing what Olivia was thinking.  “Kinda sorta.  Can we keep our underwear on?” she asked.


“Sure, sweetie,” Olivia said as she stood up and began pulling off her shirt.  Wiggling out of her pants, she revealed a gray cotton bra and panties.  Following her lead, Alex stripped down to her underwear as well.


“Well, well.  Pretty in pink,” Olivia admired.


Alex blushed slightly.  Olivia pulled her to her and kissed her softly.  Alex let out a shriek when Olivia picked her up and began wading into the water.  Putting her down gently in the water, Olivia kissed her again.  After a few moments, Alex began trembling in her arms.


“Aw baby, you’re trembling!” Olivia said, rubbing her arms.  She grabbed Alex and ducked her into the water.


“Hey!” Alex exclaimed, splashing Olivia a few times.


“Well, you were shivering!” Olivia replied, splashing her back.  Alex splashed even larger quantities of water at her as Olivia tried to fend her off.  “Alex, come on!  Quit it!”


Alex ignored her.  Olivia went underwater and grabbed Alex by the legs, pulling her under.  When they came up for air, Alex splashed her again and then jumped out of the water.  Olivia chased after her, catching up and tackling her on the grass.  Straddling her waist, she asked with a smug grin, “Going somewhere?”


Alex squirmed underneath her.  “Come on, Liv!  Let me go!”


Olivia began tickling her.  “Say you’re sorry!  Say you’re sorry!”


Laughing and gasping for air, Alex exclaimed, “Ok, ok!  I’m sorry!  I’m sorry!  Please, Liv!”


Olivia got off her and smirked.  Helping her up, she pulled her to her and gave her a quick kiss.  “Next time I may just have to spank you,” she whispered in Alex’s ear.


“You promise?” Alex asked with a sly grin.


“Alex!” Olivia said in surprise.


Alex reached around to squeeze Olivia’s ass.  Olivia jumped a little at the contact.  “You know…we could make this more like skinny dipping if we lost the bras…” Alex began.


“You sure, Al?” Olivia asked.


“Positive,” Alex responded, taking off her bra. 


Olivia quickly followed suit.  “The pokies are happy you let them come out and play.”


“Mmm…so are mine,” Alex responded, wrapping her arms around Olivia’s waist and pressing their breasts together.


“I think they like each other,” Olivia teased.


Alex smiled.  “I do, too.  Come on, I’ll race you to the water!”  And with that, Alex took off with Olivia right behind her. 


As they held each other in the water, Alex said, “You know, I’ve never done anything like this before.”


“Aww, I’m corrupting innocent little Alex,” Olivia cooed.


Alex responded by playing with her nipples.  “Not so innocent now, huh?”


Olivia looked down at Alex, who was now caressing her breasts.  “Al, I’m supposed to behave,” she whined.


“You said you were gonna behave.  I didn’t say I was,” Alex replied huskily, engulfing Olivia’s mouth.


Olivia ran her hands up and down Alex’s back before bringing them around to massage her breasts.  Alex moaned into her mouth while reaching down to squeeze her ass.  Jumping in Olivia’s arms, she wrapped her legs around her waist, never breaking contact with her mouth.  Finally breaking away, Alex said, “Come on.  Let’s get out.”


Olivia carried Alex out of the water and put her down.  “Wow.  I hope there’s more where that came from.”


“Oh, there is,” Alex replied.  Sighing, she looked up at the sky.  “I wish we could stay here all night.”


“I think I have a blanket in the car,” Olivia said, smiling. 


After bringing the blanket and a towel back, she looked down at their soaked panties.  “I hope you’re not planning to sleep in those,” she teased.


“No,” Alex replied, looking around for her shirt and jeans.  “I guess we’ll just have to go commando.”


Olivia chuckled.  “I guess so, huh?”  Picking up the towel, she told Alex, “Hey, no peeking!”  Alex giggled and turned her back while Olivia pulled off her panties, dried off, and then put on her clothes.


“Ok, done.”  She turned around so Alex could dry off and get dressed.  Lying down together under the blanket, they snuggled up to each other for warmth. 


“We should do this more often,” Alex suggested.


“I agree,” Olivia said, wrapping her arms tighter around Alex.  They looked up at the stars until their eyelids grew heavy and they fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.