Chapter 13:  Intruder

After the weekend, Alex hadn’t seen much of Olivia outside of class, to her dismay.  The big Manchester game was coming up next week, and Cragen was working the girls extra hard.  Deciding to spend time with Olivia no matter what, after Alex finished cheerleading practice, she went into the gym to wait outside the locker room for Olivia.  She rolled her eyes when she heard Cragen lecturing the girls.  Great, no telling when this meeting will end, Alex thought. 


Alex paced around outside until she saw Cragen come out.  She was just about to go in when Olivia came out in her jersey and shorts.  Shocked to see Alex, Olivia asked, “Hey, what are you doing here?”


“I was waiting on you,” Alex said, smiling.  Olivia bent down over the water fountain to get a drink.  “Can I talk to you for a sec?”


Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, Olivia said, “Sure, what’s up?”


Alex motioned for Olivia to follow her.  When they got to the side of the bleachers, Alex pinned Olivia up against the flat surface and hungrily attacked her mouth.  Olivia was clearly shocked but allowed Alex’s tongue entry.  Her mind was telling her to stop—that they could get caught by Cragen or someone else—but her body clearly welcomed Alex.  Her body temporarily won out but she was snapped out of her pleasures when she felt Alex grab her breasts through her jersey and begin caressing them.


“Alex…Alex, stop,” Olivia protested as Alex devoured her neck.


“Why?” Alex mumbled against her neck.


“Because Cragen could come around that corner any minute,” Olivia replied. 


“No, he won’t,” Alex tried to convince her, not releasing her hold on Olivia’s breasts.


Getting frustrated with Alex’s persistence, Olivia roughly pushed her back.  “Dammit Alex, I said stop!” she exclaimed angrily.


Before Alex could completely regain her balance, she felt another harsh shove.  “You heard her!  Get off her, you dyke!”


Alex turned to the voice with clenched fists.  She looked into the angry face of Brian Cassidy.  “This is none of your business, Brian.  So fuck off!” she said, getting into his face.


“Brian…” Olivia started.


Ignoring her, he moved closer to Alex.  “Olivia’s not a dyke!” he said nastily.


Not in the least intimidated, Alex retorted, “You don’t know anything about her, you jackass!”


“Oh yeah?  I know she’s not a dyke because I slept with her!” he said, a smug look on his face.


Alex felt her heart drop into her stomach.  She felt her stomach lurch and began to get nauseous.  “What?”  Turning to Liv with tears in her eyes, she asked, “Is this true, Liv?”


Olivia looked at Alex’s face and felt her heart break.  “Yes, Alex, we had sex!  But it’s not like that!” she said quickly.


Alex stared at her, the pain evident in her eyes.  “Fuck you, Liv!” she said, running off as she burst into tears.


“Alex!  Alex, wait!” Olivia yelled after her.  Glaring angrily at Brian with a look of pure hatred, she exclaimed, “Fuck off, you stupid bastard!” 


She started to run off after Alex but stopped dead in her tracks when she heard Cragen yell her name.  “Olivia!  Get your ass back in here!”


“But coach, my—” Olivia started.


“Olivia!  Now!” he growled.


Frowning, Olivia marched back into the locker room.  The whole time the coach was explaining game strategy, Olivia was thinking about how soon she could get to Alex.  When Cragen was finally done, she bolted out of the locker room and started scanning the building for any sign of Alex.




Meanwhile, Alex was sitting in Serena’s car, her body wracking with sobs.  She could still taste the bitter remnants of vomit from where she’d thrown up.  “I can’t believe she’d do this to me!” Alex said, sobbing into Serena’s neck.


Serena rubbed her back.  “There, there sweetie.  It’s gonna be ok.  I’m sure this is all just a big misunderstanding.”


Alex pulled back from her and stared at her as if she’d just told her the sky was green.  “A misunderstanding?  Serena, she fucking slept with him!  What’s there to misunderstand about that?”


Trying to calm Alex down, Serena placed her hands on her shoulders.  “Alex, maybe you’re overreacting.  Did you ask her when she slept with him?”


Shaking her head, Alex mumbled, “No.”


“Then how do you know she cheated on you?  She probably slept with him before she met you!” Serena tried to reason with Alex.


“Well, he seemed pretty damn cozy about it,” Alex muttered, feeling a glimmer of hope at Serena’s words.


“Brian Cassidy is a douche, Alex.  He was just trying to get a rise out of you,” Serena responded.


Alex sniffled and wiped her eyes.  “Well, it worked.”


“You need to talk to Olivia.  Get the whole story.  You know what they say.  When you assume, you make an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘me’,” Serena said gently.


“But what if she did cheat on me, Serena?  I can’t take it, I’ll be crushed,” Alex said, fresh tears falling.


“Well, the only way you’re gonna find out is by talking to her.  But I really don’t think Olivia would cheat on you.  I can tell by the way she looks at you that she’s absolutely crazy about you.  Until you know the facts, stop speculating and stop working yourself into a depression.  You’re probably mad at her for something she didn’t even do,” Serena explained.


Turning toward the window, Alex said quietly, “I want to go home now.”


“So you can mope around and cry all night?  I don’t think so.  You’ll spend the night with me,” Serena pressed.


Shaking her head, Alex replied, “No.  No, Serena.”


“Well, are you gonna call Liv and tell her to come over so you two can talk about this?” Serena asked.


“No, I don’t think I can deal with seeing her tonight,” Alex answered dejectedly.


“Then it’s settled.  You’re coming home with me,” Serena said firmly. 


Alex sighed.  She knew there was no arguing with Serena when she’d made her mind up.  Slumping into her seat, she stared out the window as Serena drove them to her house.




When Olivia had thoroughly scanned the building—three times—looking for Alex, she finally gave up and decided to drive to Alex’s house.  She’s probably home now anyway, Olivia thought.


Driving up to the gate, she punched in the code that Alex had given her over a week ago.  When she pulled up to the front door, she got out of her car and rang the doorbell. 


Mrs. Cabot answered the door.  “Why hello, Olivia!  How are you this evening?”


“Hi, Mrs. Cabot.  Um, is Alex home?” Olivia asked, shoving her hands in her pockets and looking at Mrs. Cabot hopefully.


Shaking her head, Mrs. Cabot offered Olivia a solemn smile.  “No, dear.  She isn’t.  Would you like to come in and wait for her?”


“Uh, that’s ok, ma’am.  Can you tell her I stopped by?” Olivia asked.


“I will, dear.  Have a good night,” Mrs. Cabot said with a smile, shutting the door.


Olivia jumped in her car and drove off.  Not having a clue where Alex was, she drove back to her own house.  Slumping on her bed miserably, she tried calling Alex’s cell phone.  When it went directly to voicemail, she hung up.  Opting to send a text message instead, she typed, “Alex, please call me.  Liv,” and closed her phone.