Chapter 16:  Surprise

When the two girls got to the Cabot residence, they were greeted by Mrs. Cabot.  “Well, hello darlings!  Alex, I was just on my way out to meet your father at the airport.  Janice came by earlier to make sure you had everything you needed.  Your father and I won’t be back until Sunday evening, but Janice has been told to keep her weekend open so she can come if you need her.  Are you going to be ok by yourself?”


“Yeah, Mom.  I’ll be fine,” Alex assured her, trying to contain her excitement at her parents being out of town all weekend.


“Good.  Splendid, dear,” Mrs. Cabot said, kissing Alex on the cheek.  She suddenly turned to Olivia.  “Olivia, do you have any pressing engagements this weekend?  If not, would you mind staying with my Alexandra?  Even though she seems to be well again, I would feel much more comfortable if she had a friend stay with her to watch out for her.”


Olivia grinned widely.  “I’m free all weekend, Mrs. Cabot.  I would love to stay with Alex.”


“Good, good,” she said, giving Olivia a kiss on the cheek as well.  “Well girls, if I don’t run now I’m going to be late.  You two be good.”


They waved at Mrs. Cabot as she shuffled out the door.  When she had driven off, Alex squealed in excitement.  “Oh my god, they couldn’t have picked a better weekend!”


Olivia was as excited as Alex was but was curious to know what Alex had in mind.  “So what’s my surprise?”


Alex tapped Olivia on the nose and then dragged her to the sofa.  “Patience, Liv.  Patience.”  Sitting in Olivia’s lap, Alex said, “I’m hungry.”


Olivia captured Alex’s lips with her own and replied, “I’m hungry, too.”  She pulled Alex closer to her and kissed her again deeply.


Alex giggled.  “Well, I’m hungry for real food.  Let’s order pizza!”  Jumping off Olivia’s lap, she went to get the menus.  “Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, or Domino’s?”


“Papa John’s,” Olivia stated.


“Papa John’s it is, then.  What do you want on your pizza?” Alex asked as she looked over the toppings.


“Pepperoni and extra cheese.  And can we get one of those dessert pizzas?”


“Sure.  Apple, cinnamon, or berry?” Alex asked.


“Berry.”  Olivia snuggled up to Alex and inhaled the scent of her hair.


After Alex had placed their order, she turned to kiss Olivia.  “I love you,” she said, rubbing her nose against Olivia’s.


Olivia smiled widely.  “I love you, too.”


Alex got up and pulled on Olivia’s hand.  “Where are we going?” Olivia asked.


“Let’s go watch a movie!” Alex said excitedly.


Olivia shook her head.  “Maybe we shouldn’t have ordered that dessert pizza.  You’re hyper enough as it is.”


She let Alex drag her into the media room.  Looking over the DVDs, Alex said, “Hmm…a movie may be too long.  How about some Family Guy?”


Olivia shrugged.  “Family Guy is fine.”


After popping in Family Guy, Alex plopped down on Olivia’s lap.  Olivia admired the copious amount of leg that Alex’s skirt afforded.  Sliding her hands up and down Alex’s long legs, Olivia absently watched Family Guy.  “Your legs are so long,” she admired.


Alex grinned wickedly at her.  “The better to tease you with, my dear.”


Olivia laughed and snuggled Alex closer to her.  “Speaking of teasing, I want my surprise.”


“Good things come to those who wait,” Alex replied, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.


Thirty minutes later, their pizza arrived.  Olivia watched Alex eat in a state of awe.  “Damn, Alex.  You’ve eaten enough to feed a small nation.”


Alex swallowed a mouthful of pizza before answering.  “Hey, I’m a growing girl.  What can I say?”  She took a slice of the dessert pizza and took a bite before holding it out to Olivia.


Taking a bite, Olivia shook her head and said, “Oh, Alex.  What am I gonna do with you?”


Grinning, Alex replied, “Oh, I can think of a few things.”  Olivia just smiled.


When they were done eating, they went up to Alex’s bedroom.  Falling back on her bed, Alex held her stomach.  “Oh my god, I’m so full!”


Lying down beside her, Olivia retorted, “Gee, I wonder why.”


“But I’m not too full to do this,” Alex replied sultrily, getting on top of Olivia and kissing her.


Olivia kissed her back passionately.  After a few minutes, Alex pulled back and looked into her eyes.  “Olivia, I’m ready.”


Slightly caught off guard, Olivia took a moment before she replied.  “Are you…are you sure, Alex?”


“100%,” Alex said.  “I mean, I’m ready if you want to.”


Olivia pulled Alex back down to her and engulfed her mouth.  Moaning into Olivia’s mouth, Alex broke away for a second and said, “I take that as a yes.”


“Mmmhmm,” Olivia murmured against Alex’s lips.


Olivia maneuvered them so they were on their side and slowly slid her hand up the back of Alex’s thigh and underneath her skirt.  Alex threw her leg over Olivia’s waist to give her better access.  She gently cupped one of Alex’s cheeks and gave it a squeeze.  Then she slid her hand underneath Alex’s shirt, caressing her stomach and cupping her breast. 


Alex slid her hands under Olivia’s shirt, groping her bra-clad breasts.  “Ah, what a fine day you picked to wear a bra, Liv.”


Breaking away from her mouth, Olivia sat up and pulled off her shirt.  “Not for long,” she promised.  As Olivia resumed her contact with Alex’s mouth, Alex ran her hands over Olivia’s ample cleavage.


“For some reason, I’m really starting to like this bra.  White really is your color,” she murmured. 


Olivia gave a slight chuckle and continued suckling her tongue.  With her own tongue, she hoped to demonstrate the motions inside Alex’s mouth that she was going to soon perform in the lower regions of her body.  She lifted up the ends of Alex’s top and circled her navel with her fingertips, alternating between light, barely there caresses and heavier, firmer ones.  Alex shivered.  Temporarily breaking her contact with Olivia’s mouth, she sat up to remove her top.


Olivia sharply sucked in a breath when she saw the blue silk bra Alex was wearing.  Gingerly running her fingers over the smooth material, she lightly pinched Alex’s nipples.  “Mmm, pokies,” she teased in Alex’s ear.


Alex giggled and moved down a little to kiss Olivia’s cleavage.  Olivia closed her eyes and massaged Alex’s ass more.  Alex gently ran her leg up and down Olivia’s side.  Olivia suddenly turned them over so that Alex was beneath her.  She straddled her waist and bent down, leaving a trail of kisses from the top of her neck to the valley of her breasts.  Alex reached around and let her fingers rest on the clasp of Olivia’s bra.  Capturing Olivia’s lips in a sensuous kiss, Alex undid the clasp.


Olivia sat up and removed the bra from her shoulders.  Alex swallowed hard at the sight of Olivia’s breasts laid bare before her.  Reaching up, she caressed and massaged them, circling the nipples with her fingertips until they were erect.  She pulled and tweaked them, twisting gently.  Sitting up a little and bracing herself against her headboard, Alex placed her hands on Olivia’s back and tentatively stuck her tongue out to taste her areola.  Olivia gasped at the contact as she watched Alex intently.  Alex circled Olivia’s areola several times with her tongue, marveling at the bumpy texture afforded by her Montgomery glands, before proceeding to lick the nipple itself.  Moving to the other breast, she repeated the motions.  Olivia tangled her hands in Alex’s hair and thrust against her stomach.  Alex moved back to the first breast and took the engorged nipple into her mouth, sucking hard and looking up directly into Olivia’s eyes so she could watch her reaction.  Olivia bit her lip and groaned at the myriad of sensations running directly from her nipples to her throbbing sex.


“Alex, Alex.  Undo my pants,” Olivia half pleaded, half commanded.


Olivia leaned back a little as Alex undid the button on her jeans.  Sucking Olivia’s other nipple gently and feeling it grow even more in her mouth, Alex reached down and unzipped Olivia’s jeans. 


“Oh god, I love your nipples,” Alex murmured as she continued sucking.


“I’ve noticed,” Olivia responded, smiling.


Suddenly, Alex let go of Olivia’s nipple with a loud plop, causing Olivia to gasp loudly.  “We need to get your pants off,” Alex whispered huskily.


Olivia nodded, trying to slow her racing heart.  She moved off Alex and lay onto her back, lifting her legs so Alex could pull her jeans off.  Throwing the jeans on the floor, Alex smiled when she saw the rather large wet spot on the front of Olivia’s cotton panties. 


“Well, well.  What do we have here?  A little shower?” Alex teased.  She reached out to brush the spot, getting some of Olivia’s dampness on her fingers. 


Olivia hissed at the contact.  “Take…take my panties off.”


“Soon,” Alex said, smiling wickedly at her.  Olivia let out a whimper of frustration and grabbed the sheets.  Alex giggled.  She then leaned down to slowly lick a line from Olivia’s stomach to the base of her throat. 


Olivia cupped Alex’s ass, squeezing hard under her skirt.  Moving her hands out from under the skirt and up Alex’s back, she unlatched her bra and pulled it down her arms.  Pinching Alex’s nipples, she pulled them until they were hard and then licked all over her breasts.  Alex closed her eyes momentarily and moaned in pleasure.  Olivia responded by squeezing and kneading Alex’s breasts, causing her to open her eyes again.  Alex looked down at her and swallowed loudly.  Olivia licked her areolas and holding her gaze, she began licking and sucking a hardened nipple.  Flipping them over, Olivia continued lavishing attention on Alex’s breasts.  Stroking her inner thighs, she could feel the heat emanating from Alex’s center.  Olivia motioned for her to lift her hips so she could pull her skirt down.  Throwing it on the floor on top of her jeans, she smiled at the wetness quickly spreading over Alex’s panties.  Resting her fingertips on the hem of her panties, she looked into her clear blue eyes for permission.  When Alex nodded quickly, Olivia slowly eased her underwear down her hips, gaping in awe at the sight before her.  I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, she thought.


“Alex, baby.  You’re drenched,” Olivia observed. 


“You’re one to talk,” Alex said, smirking.


Olivia reached out to gingerly run her fingers through Alex’s damp blonde curls, eliciting a series of moans from Alex.  Alex reached up to cup Olivia’s soaked mound and then began pulling her panties down her hips.  Olivia rolled onto her back and lifted her legs so Alex could pull her underwear the rest of the way down her legs.


“I’m keeping these,” Alex said huskily, throwing the garment on the floor.  She then proceeded to run her fingers through Olivia’s drenched brown thatch of hair and along her outer folds.  “You’re beautiful,” she said, breathlessly.  Gently parting her folds, she ran her fingers up and down the length of Olivia’s inner sex.  Removing her fingers, she sucked them gently as she looked into Olivia’s eyes.


Olivia gasped at the sight of Alex’s first taste of her arousal.  She turned them over again and kissed a trail from the valley of Alex’s breasts to the top of her curls.  Putting her hands against the inside of her thighs, she pushed gently.  Alex’s legs easily spread apart, allowing Olivia ample room to maneuver freely.  “I am so glad you’re a cheerleader,” she muttered.


Alex smiled.  “Something tells me all those splits and toe touches are gonna come in very handy.”


“Indeed,” Olivia said, smiling as she straddled Alex’s hips.  Sliding downward and positioning herself so that her center was directly on top of Alex’s, Olivia began to grind gently.  Both girls reveled in the feeling of heat transferring and their wetness blending, their arousal becoming one.


“Oh my god,” Alex groaned as Olivia fell into a steady rhythm.  She had never felt anything like the sensation she was feeling at the moment.  Olivia began to exert a little more pressure, pushing her inner folds and clitoris harder into Alex’s, as she trailed her hands over Alex’s breasts and stomach.  Placing one hand on Alex’s breast, Olivia used her other to play with her own nipple.  When Olivia leaned forward, Alex reached up to knead her breasts, pulling on Olivia’s already sensitive nipples.  When Olivia had stimulated both their centers enough to bring them to the brink of ecstasy, she got off Alex.


“Baby…what?” Alex asked, confused.


“Not yet,” Olivia explained, bending down to capture her lips in a passionate kiss.


“You’re such a tease, Liv,” Alex whined.


“Trust me, you won’t be disappointed,” Olivia said with a smug grin.  Settling between Alex’s legs, Olivia licked her inner thighs and then all around her mound.  Moving down, she then kneaded the muscles of Alex’s thighs and calves, leaving kisses in her wake.  Pulling herself back up, she licked a slow trail up Alex’s neck and then across her breasts before resuming her position between her legs.


Gently opening Alex’s folds, she licked all along her inner sex.  One of Alex’s hands tangled in Olivia’s hair, the other grabbed the sheets tightly.  When Olivia carefully licked around but not on her clit, Alex squirmed in frustration. 


“Olivia!” she whined.


Olivia looked up at her with a knowing smile.  She resumed her licking of Alex’s inner sex and then let her tongue come to rest at Alex’s opening.  “Are you ready?” she asked.


“Yes…yes, Olivia,” Alex replied, looking down intently.


Olivia plunged her tongue deep inside.  She slowly explored the delicate textures inside Alex before initiating a gentle thrusting rhythm.  As she tasted Alex, she massaged her folds with her fingers.  Alex moaned in pleasure, grabbing more of Olivia’s hair.  Before Alex could get lost in the sensations of Olivia’s tongue and fingers, Olivia pulled her tongue out and gingerly placed a finger at Alex’s opening.  She saw a flash of fear cross Alex’s eyes.


Olivia crawled up beside her and stroked her face.  “Sweetheart, are you sure about this?”


“Yeah.  I guess I’m just…a little nervous.  Is it gonna hurt?” Alex asked, her eyes big.


“Not if I can help it,” Olivia assured her.  She caressed Alex’s center while looking deeply into her crystal blue eyes.  “Don’t be nervous, sweetie.  Just close your eyes.”


When Alex closed her eyes, she kissed her softly.  Lightly nipping her bottom lip and flicking her tongue against the top, she silently asked for permission to enter.  When Alex complied, she slowly caressed her tongue with her own while slowly pushing a finger inside.  She began thrusting tenderly, each time increasing the depth of her thrusts.  When she heard Alex give a slight gasp of pain against her mouth, she kissed her deeper and softly stroked her clit with her thumb.  Alex sighed deeply.  As Olivia continued thrusting, Alex moaned and caressed her back.  When Alex’s hands moved around to caress her breasts and tweak her nipples, Olivia began thrusting deeper as she slowly brought forth a second finger to join her.


“Oh Liv, oh god Liv!” Alex shouted.  She clung to Olivia for dear life when Olivia began twisting her fingers inside her as she massaged her clit with her thumb using firm circular strokes.  Feeling her muscles tighten against Olivia’s fingers, she wrapped her legs around her tightly as her body began to shudder.  She screamed out a final “Liv!” as wave after wave of her orgasm hit her.  Olivia held her tightly before moving down again to Alex’s center, placing her tongue on her quivering nub.  Sucking her clit gently, she elicited another series of shudders from Alex before she felt her muscles finally beginning to relax around her fingers.  She slowly removed her fingers and lightly began stroking Alex’s sex to bring out the last of her trembles.


“Liv, please…please…I can’t take anymore,” Alex begged as her breathing slowly returned to normal. 


Olivia pulled herself up Alex’s body and kissed her.  Then rolling onto her side, she asked, “So how was it?”


Alex turned her head to look at Olivia.  “Wow.  Just…wow.”


“Just wow?” Olivia teased.


“Amazing…incredible…fucking phenomenal,” Alex responded.


“Mmm…that’s more like it,” Olivia replied with a smug grin.


Laughing, Alex asked, “You’re pretty pleased with yourself, aren’t you?”


“Alex, baby, your screams were loud enough to break all the windows in the house,” Olivia responded.


Alex slapped her on the arm.  “They were not!”


“Liv, oh Liv!” Olivia imitated.


“I did not sound like that!” Alex protested.


Olivia chuckled and rolled onto her back, folding her arms behind her head.  “Whatever you say, sweetie.”


“Yeah?  We’ll see what you have to say in a few minutes,” Alex retorted as she got on top of Olivia and kissed her.  She then began a slow trail down her neck, across her breasts, down her stomach, and on top of her dark curls.  As she licked the damp hair, she caressed one of her breasts.  Olivia moaned in pleasure.  Moving down a little, Alex massaged her outer sex with her tongue.  Licking along the length of her slit, she parted Olivia’s folds with her fingers and gave her inner sex a thorough tongue lashing before plunging her tongue unexpectedly as far as she could inside Olivia’s opening. 


“Ah shit, Alex!” Olivia dug her fingers in Alex’s hair and began massaging her scalp.  “Ohh goddd,” her voice trembled when Alex moved from thrusting her tongue in her opening to licking her clit.  Alex quickly stuck one finger followed by another in to replace her tongue.  Thrusting her fingers hard inside Olivia, she slowly raked her teeth over Olivia’s clit.  Using her other hand to pick up some of Olivia’s wetness, she wiped it on both of Olivia’s nipples.  Olivia hissed in pleasure.  Alex then proceeded to suck them, all the while continuing to thrust and turn hard inside her. 


“Fuck!  Oh fucking shit, fuck!” Olivia shouted as Alex continued sucking her nipples and began rubbing her thumb over her clit.  She knew Olivia was close but wanted to draw things out a little more.  Removing herself completely from Olivia’s sex, Alex sucked both her fingers while watching Olivia. 


Olivia drew a sharp intake of breath before begging Alex, “No.  Baby, please…please don’t stop.”


Alex smirked and replied, “Patience is a virtue.”  She pulled herself up Olivia’s body and attacked her mouth.  Sucking hard on Olivia’s tongue, she ran her hands up and down her arms.  Breaking away from her mouth, she then began nipping and sucking her neck while gently tugging on Olivia’s soaked curls.


“Alex…sweetie, please.  I need…I need…” Olivia pleaded, barely able to make her requests.


Deciding not to torment Olivia any longer, Alex moved back down to Olivia’s sex.  She alternated between thrusting her fingers and her tongue inside her.  As she thrust a few more times, she covered Olivia’s clit with her mouth and sucked hard.  Alex felt Olivia dig her fingers into her back as her muscles tightened around her fingers.  Thrashing wildly underneath her, Olivia screamed Alex’s name over and over again as her body began to shudder. 


“Alex!  Oh fuck, Alex!  Alex, god!”  Encouraged by Olivia’s screams, Alex sucked Olivia’s clit harder before giving it a firm flick with her finger as she used her other hand to pinch her nipple.  This evoked another series of quakes accompanied by a string of expletives.  When the waves of her orgasms had finally abated, her muscles relaxed and Alex removed her fingers, placing a final kiss on Olivia’s clit.  Olivia jerked and spasmed once more before pulling Alex up her body, capturing her lips in a bruising kiss. 


Alex pulled back and smirked at Olivia.  “Wow.  I think your body just caused a 9.5 on the Richter scale.  Seriously, I think my bed moved over about three feet.”


Willing her heart and breathing to slow down, Olivia finally managed out, “Shit, Alex!  Never in a million years would I have expected—”


“To have such mind-blowing sex from a first timer?” Alex interrupted.


“Fuck first timer.  From anyone.  I never knew sex like this could even exist,” Olivia continued.


Highly pleased with herself, Alex traced the side of Olivia’s breast with her finger.  Cuddling up in Olivia’s arms and laying her head in the crook of her neck, she asked, “So did you enjoy your surprise?”


“Very much so.  Thank you,” Olivia said as she placed a kiss on the top of Alex’s head.  “God, I love you so much.”


Grinning, Alex replied, “I love you, too, Liv.”