Chapter 17:  No Harm, No Foul

Alex awoke to the smell of pancakes and bacon frying.  She noticed that Olivia was not beside her and that instead she was holding a pillow.  Getting out of bed and throwing on a tank top and shorts, she went in the bathroom to brush her teeth and then headed downstairs to find Olivia in the kitchen adding cheese to eggs in a frying pan.


Turning her head to find Alex in the doorway, Olivia smiled and said, “Good morning, sleepyhead.”


Alex walked over and slipped her arms around her waist, laying her head on her shoulder.  “Morning, beautiful.  How long have you been up?”


“A couple hours,” Olivia replied as she continued stirring.  “I needed to go home and get some clothes.  I didn’t want you to wake up alone, so I put a pillow in your arms.  You looked so adorable sleeping.”


Alex giggled.  “Aww, you’re too cute, Liv.”


“Hey, that’s what the ladies tell me,” she joked.


Alex went to go get plates and Olivia started piling food on them.  She suddenly regarded her with concern.  “Hey Al, are you sore?”


Alex shrugged.  “A little.  But it was well worth it.”  Olivia gave her a kiss on the cheek.


They sat down and Olivia reached for the syrup.  “Syrup?”


“Yes, please.  On you,” Alex replied with a sly grin.


Olivia blushed.  “Well, considering how I’ve already showered, I think the syrup will be better on the pancakes.”


Alex took the syrup from Olivia and poured some on her pancakes.  Taking a bite, she complimented, “Mmm…these are good, Liv.  I didn’t know you could cook.”


“You should try the eggs, then,” Olivia replied, scooping some onto a fork and holding them out to Alex.  Taking the eggs off the fork, Alex nodded her approval.


“Wow, Liv.  Delicious.  So what other talents do you have that you haven’t told me about?” she asked, munching on a slice of bacon.


Olivia winked at her.  “You’ll just have to find out.”


“Oh, I plan on it,” Alex replied, grinning.  “So what do you wanna do today?”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows and grinned.  “Well…if last night was any indication…”


“Liv, you’re insatiable!” Alex teased.


“Do you have a jacuzzi?” Olivia asked.  “I hear those water jets are pretty—”


“Liv!” Alex exclaimed, slapping her arm.


Olivia gave Alex her best puppy dog expression and whined, “But Alexxx, I’ve never been in a jacuzzi before!”


As had been expected, Alex melted.  “Ok, Liv.  But you have to promise me you’ll behave.”


“Don’t I always?” Olivia asked, grinning.


Alex smiled and took another bite of her pancakes.  Seeing that Olivia’s juice glass was almost empty, she got up and refilled it, adding a little more to her own glass as well.  After putting the pitcher back in the refrigerator, she sat down on Olivia’s lap and placed a kiss on her cheek.


Olivia giggled.  “Eww, now my cheek is all sticky!”


“By the end of the day that’s not gonna be all that’s sticky,” Alex said slyly.


Olivia almost choked on her orange juice, which elicited a series of giggles from Alex.  Returning to her own seat, Alex shoveled eggs into her mouth while playing footsie with Olivia under the table.  When they finished eating, Alex took their dishes and placed them in the dishwasher.  Olivia wrapped her arms around her waist and rubbed her belly under her tank.  Alex turned around and gave her a peck on the lips.  “Thanks for breakfast.”


“My pleasure,” Olivia responded, kissing her back.  “I have to make sure someone feeds you.”


Alex giggled.  “Ok.  Well, I’m gonna go take a shower.  Have your bikini on by the time I come out,” she said as she unwrapped herself from Olivia’s embrace. 


“But I didn’t bring a bikini,” Olivia replied with a mischievous grin.


Knowing where Olivia was going, Alex said, “Well, then you can just wear one of mine.”


Plopping down on Alex’s bed, Olivia stretched out and began reading a Cosmo as she showered.  What does she see in these magazines? she thought.


Alex came out in a towel and started looking through her bikini drawer.  Getting off her bed, Olivia began surveying the bikinis and frowned at how small some of them were.  “Do you really expect me to fit in one of these?” she asked incredulously.


“We’ll manage,” Alex responded with a grin.  “Let’s start trying them on.”


Olivia stripped off her clothes and took one of the bikinis from Alex.  Putting on the top, she stared at Alex as if she were crazy.  “Alex, my boobies are hanging out!” she whined.


“Mmm, just the way I like them,” Alex replied, smiling.  “Now put on the bottoms.”


Olivia tied the strings and frowned.  “Tight.  Way too tight.”  She quickly untied the strings as Alex reached for another pair of bottoms.


“Here, try these.  My mom accidentally got me medium but told me to keep them so I had some to grow into.”  As Olivia put on the red bottoms, Alex searched for a matching top.  Finding a red and white striped top, she motioned for Olivia to pull off the previous one.  


Olivia tied the strings at the neck and back and then turned to the mirror.  “Alex!  It barely covers my nipples!” she complained.


Alex adjusted the material over Olivia’s breasts, lightly brushing her nipples with her fingertips.  Olivia shivered at the contact as her nipples hardened.  “Mmm…easy access,” Alex replied with a smirk.


She dropped her towel and Olivia drew in her breath sharply.  Picking up two bikinis, she asked Olivia, “Which one should I wear?”


Lifting her eyes from Alex’s slightly damp nakedness, Olivia shook her head and replied, “Oh, um…the blue one.  It’s the same color as your eyes.”


“See something you like?” Alex teased, stepping closer to her.


Olivia gulped.  “Alex…stop teasing me.”


“Who said I was teasing?” Alex said in a low voice, placing a hand at the small of Olivia’s back and kissing her deeply.


Olivia kissed back hard, ravaging her mouth.  Alex brought her hands up to cup her breasts, removing one of the cups aside to reveal an erect nipple.  As she brushed her fingers over it, Olivia pulled Alex directly up against her body and ran her hands down her back and to her ass, squeezing her cheeks hard.  Alex reluctantly pulled back from her and said, “Come on, if we keep this up we’ll never make it downstairs.”


Olivia groaned and readjusted her bikini top.  Alex quickly pulled on the blue bikini and then grabbed Olivia’s hand and led her down to the jacuzzi.  Starting it up, she dipped a foot in to test the water.  “Mmm…just right.” 


After getting in, Alex rubbed her foot up and down Olivia’s leg.  “So how are you enjoying your first jacuzzi experience?”


Olivia smiled and moved down farther into the water.  “Mmm…” she replied, closing her eyes.


Alex giggled.  “Yeah, I made sure to leave you a spot near the water jets.”


Olivia opened her eyes and splashed some water on Alex’s tummy.  “Hey!” Alex protested.  She moved over to Olivia’s side and started caressing her stomach. 


“Mmm…Alex, that feels nice,” Olivia complimented, closing her eyes again.


“Your abs are so hot, Liv,” Alex said as she stroked harder.  Olivia didn’t open her eyes again until she felt Alex’s weight settling onto her thigh.


“Al-Alex…what are you doing, baby?”


“You,” she responded simply.  Undoing the strings of Olivia’s bikini, she threw the two pieces of material in the water and then did the same with her own.  She enveloped Olivia’s lips with her own before attacking her neck. 


“Ohh, Alex…” Olivia moaned, bringing her hands around from Alex’s back to grope her breasts.  She gasped when she felt Alex push two fingers inside her.  Alex began grinding her own center against Olivia’s thigh as she continued thrusting inside her.  Olivia kissed her passionately and then let out an “Ah, fuck!” when Alex began massaging her clit with her thumb.  She grabbed Alex’s ass and pushed her sex harder into her thigh.


Alex moaned in pleasure at the sensations shooting through her.  Continuing to thrust inside her, she bent down and took one of Olivia’s engorged nipples into her mouth, sucking hard.  Moving to the other, she gently bit it before moving back up to suck Olivia’s neck.  Bracing her other hand against her back, she thrust a few more times before she felt Olivia’s muscles clench around her fingers. 


“Shit, Alex!” Olivia shouted as she gripped her ass harder.  The combination of Olivia’s added force and body trembling underneath her sex stimulated Alex’s clit to the breaking point, and she soon came hard on Olivia’s thigh.  Collapsing onto Olivia, she removed her fingers and held onto her tightly.


“Oh god,” Alex breathed.


Olivia smiled.  “Wow, Alex.  I’ve never had anyone fuck my thigh before.”


Alex laughed.  “First time for everything, huh?”


“Haha, yeah.  I’ve never been fucked in a jacuzzi before either,” she replied.


“Well, maybe I can fuck a new body part each time.  Those abs are looking pretty good for it.”


Olivia’s mouth dropped open in shock.  Then shaking her head, she smiled and said, “Wow, Alexandra Cabot is into the freaky stuff?”  Alex gave a sly grin.  Cupping her breasts and bouncing them in her hands, Olivia continued, “So how are these looking for it?”


Alex lightly pinched Olivia’s nipples.  “Oh, I’m saving the best for last.”


Olivia kissed Alex again.  “So what do ya wanna do today?”


Alex smiled wickedly.  “Well…”


“Besides fucking my brains out.”


Alex giggled.  “I dunno…we could just cuddle and watch movies.  Or we could go to the mall if you’d like.”


Olivia shook her head.  “We can go to the mall anytime.  But it’s not everyday I get you all to myself with no parents around.  Let’s just stay here.”




After getting out, drying off, and changing, the girls went to the media room.  Alex picked up the remote and began flipping through channels as Olivia sat down on the couch, pulling Alex down with her.  “Ugh.  Isn’t there anything on tv on the weekend?”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “There’s always something on Skinemax.”


Alex laughed.  “No, Liv.  We are not watching porn.”


Olivia smirked.  “You’re right.  We can just create our own.”


Alex laughed and playfully pushed her shoulder.  “So how are things going between you and your mom?” she asked, changing the subject.


Olivia shrugged.  “About as well as can be expected.  She’s all right when she doesn’t drink.”


Alex nodded.  “What does your dad say about her drinking?”


Olivia stiffened.  Alex noticed her reaction and placed a hand gently on her arm.  “Is everything ok, Liv?”


Olivia looked down.  “I…I don’t know what he’d say.  I’ve never met him.”


Alex’s eyes widened.  “Really?  Have you at least seen a picture of him?  Talked to him on the phone?”


Olivia shook her head.  “No.  My mom doesn’t have any, and I’ve never heard her talking to him on the phone.  I don’t even know his name.”


“Oh.  So did she have a one-night stand or something?”


Olivia drew in her breath sharply.  She wasn’t ready to tell Alex about the circumstances of her birth.  “Not exactly.  Hey listen, Al.  Can we not talk about him?”


Alex could tell that the subject of her father was making Olivia extremely uncomfortable.  Not wanting to ruin their day, she decided to just drop it.  “Sure, Liv.  Hey.  What do ya say we go play some basketball?”


Olivia sighed in relief, glad that Alex wasn’t pushing her anymore to talk about her father.  Giving Alex a brief smile, she got up and replied, “Fine by me.  It’s about time I schooled you on the court.”


“Hey now!  I may be better than you think!”


Olivia grinned.  “We’ll see.”


Once they were outside, Alex bounced the ball a couple times and threw it towards the goal.  It bounced off the side of the rim and she ducked just in time to keep it from rebounding off her head.  Groaning, she ran over and retrieved the ball from the sidelines.  Olivia burst out laughing.  “Geez, Alex.  I don’t know what’s more funny—that shot you just made or the fact that the ball almost ricocheted off your skull.”


Alex rolled her eyes and responded dryly, “Haha, Liv.  Very funny.”


“I sure as hell thought so.”  She took the ball from Alex and positioned it for a shot.  “See Alex, you hold it like this.  Then you raise your hands a little and just let it loose.  Like this.”  She let the ball go and it sailed through the net effortlessly.  “See?  Nothin’ but net.”


Alex took the ball from her and tried to throw it the way Olivia showed her.  She missed the goal again.  “It’s not working.”


Olivia took the ball from her again and said, “That’s because you need to aim for the backboard.  Don’t throw it too hard, just let it glide nicely off it at a good angle and I promise you it will go in.”  Olivia demonstrated her technique for Alex and made yet another perfect shot.  “See?  Give it another try.”


Alex aimed for the backboard and the ball went in.  Olivia started clapping.  “See?  That wasn’t so hard, now was it?”


Alex grinned.  “I guess not.”  She made another goal.  “Hey, I think I’m on a roll.”


“Well, in that case, I guess it’s time for a little one-on-one,” Olivia suggested, grinning.


Alex looked unsure.  “Uh, I think I need to practice a little more.”


“No better way than playing with someone else.  It’ll help you build up your strategy.”


“But Liv, you have an unfair advantage,” Alex whined.


“I promise I’ll be gentle,” Olivia responded, smiling encouragingly.


Alex sighed.  “Oh, all right.  Just remember that you’re playing with a beginner.”  She threw Olivia the ball.


Olivia threw it back to her and Alex dodged it.  “Come on, Al.  The ball isn’t gonna hurt you.”


“Geez Liv, don’t throw it so hard!  I thought you said you’d be gentle.”


“Alex, that was being gentle.”


Alex scoffed.  “Yeah, if gentle is 90 miles an hour.”


Olivia laughed and rolled her eyes.  “Come on.  Take it out.”


Alex did as she was told and tried to dribble the ball past Olivia.  However, Olivia stole the ball from her and sailed down the court, making a perfect layup. 




Olivia held the ball under one arm and walked over to her.  “What?  You just let me take the ball from you.”


Alex rolled her eyes and grumbled, “Not like I had much of a choice.”


Olivia smirked.  “You could’ve turned away from me.”


The next time Olivia took the ball out.  Alex reached out several times to steal it from her but to no avail.  However, when Olivia jumped up to shoot, Alex jumped up as well and used her extra couple inches to knock the ball hard to the ground.  Laughing and pointing at Olivia, she taunted, “Haha!  Blocked your shot!”


Olivia stared at her, her mouth dropping open.  “Damn, Alex!  Didn’t see that one coming.”


Alex grinned smugly.  “I knew being taller than you would come in handy one day.”


“Hey, you’re not that much taller than me!”


Alex smirked and took the ball out again.  She tried dribbling past her, but Olivia kept closing in on her.  “Liv!  You’re right up on me!  Stop touching me!  God, we need a referee.”


“Hey, no harm, no foul.”


“Come on, Liv.  Stop crowding me.”  Olivia ignored her and kept blocking her every move.


Suddenly, Alex made a swift dash to the right and ran down the court, Olivia right behind her.  Alex let the ball go and it made its way through the net.  Olivia clapped.  “Wow, Al.  Impressive.”


Alex smiled at her.  “I learn from the best.” 


After each had scored a few more points, the girls went back in the house.  “You played a great game, Alex.”


Alex pouted.  “Yeah, but you still won.  By 13 points.”


Olivia draped her arm around her and replied, “Hey, no pouting.  At the rate you’re going you’ll have me beat in no time.”  She held her hand out to Alex.  “Come on.  What do ya say we go up to your room?  I think it’s time I gave you another consolation prize,” she said, waggling her eyebrows.


Smiling, Alex took Olivia’s hand and followed her upstairs.  “Only if that prize involves a very hot and sweaty basketball star sans her clothes.”


Olivia grinned.  “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”




The rest of the weekend was spent talking, cuddling, and making love.  Even their meals were taken in each other’s arms.  Olivia made Alex feel things that she had never even dreamed of before and made her feel much more mature than her age.  Olivia had grown up fast, and Alex was surprised at how much she seemed to know about the world.  With each thing she learned about Olivia, she fell more in love with her.  She hated when Sunday evening arrived and Olivia had to go home.  “I wish you could stay with me forever,” she said, pouting.


“Me, too,” Olivia replied, pulling Alex’s bottom lip with her own.  “But we’ll see each other tomorrow.  And the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that…”  She trailed off as Alex slipped her tongue in her mouth.  After awhile, Olivia reluctantly pulled back.  “Alex, if I don’t leave now, I never will.”


Alex sighed.  “Time really does fly when you’re having fun, huh?”


Olivia grinned.  “I guess it does.  I’ll call you later on tonight, ok?”


“You promise, Liv?” Alex asked, pouting.


“I swear on my life.”  After blowing each other final kisses, Olivia honked and pulled off.