Chapter 18:  Lucky

“Hey, Elliot!  How’s your day been going?”


Elliot set his tray down and eyed her suspiciously.  “Why are you so chipper today?”


Olivia sighed happily.  “I’m just in a really good mood.  It’s such a beautiful day outside.  I may just go to the park later, put down a blanket, and read a novel.”


“Let me guess.  You and Alex made up this weekend.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “Oh, did we.”


Elliot’s fork stopped midair.  “Wait…don’t tell me you guys actually…”  A huge grin spread across Olivia’s face.  That was all the confirmation he needed.  “No way!  You and Alex actually did it?”


Olivia grinned wider.  She nodded excitedly.  “Hey, don’t tell her I told you, though.”


“My lips are sealed,” he promised, doing a zipper motion over his mouth.  “Soo…when did you guys make up?  Before you did it I mean.”


Olivia smiled.  “After school, she was by her locker and at first she didn’t wanna talk to me but I told her I didn’t cheat on her.”  She sighed.  “She was surprised.  I told her I’d never cheat on her because I loved her.  Then I explained the whole situation with Brian last year.  She said she thought I was ashamed of her because I didn’t tell Brian she was my girlfriend, and I told her that I wasn’t ashamed of her but I just didn’t think it was any of his business.  So we made up and I told her we had to trust each other.”


“Ok, so then what happened?”


“We went back to her place.  Her mom said she was going out of town and asked me if I could stay with her over the weekend to look after her since she’d been sick.  By the way, Alex told me at her locker she wasn’t really sick; she just didn’t wanna see me.”


“Wow, Liv.  That’s cold.”


“Yeah.  So anyway, I told her mom I’d stay with her and she left us all to ourselves.”  Olivia grinned wickedly.


“Liv, you are totally fucking lucky!  There’s no way Kathy’s parents would ever let us stay in the house alone all weekend.”


“Well, Mrs. Cabot doesn’t know I’m dating her daughter.”


“Good point,” Elliot conceded.


“God, Elliot, I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world,” she said, smiling.


“No pun intended,” he replied, grinning.


Olivia sighed.  “So this is what being in love feels like, huh?”


Elliot smiled.  “Yep.”  He cleared his throat.  “So…um, the Gay-Straight Alliance is having its first meeting tomorrow.  Maybe you and Alex should go.”


Olivia’s fork stopped midair.  “Uh…why?  Elliot, just because we’re in love doesn’t mean we’re now the poster girls for gay rights.”


Elliot gave her a look.  “Come on, Liv.  Maybe if more people saw two hot girls together, they’d be more accepting.  Besides, I’ll support you all the way.  So will Kathy.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Elliot, stop thinking like a guy.”


“What’s wrong, Liv?  Are you afraid of kids at school finding out you and Alex are a couple?”


Olivia looked down.  “No, Elliot,” she lied.  “I just don’t think it’s everyone’s business.  And I’m not gonna go broadcast my sexuality either.”


Elliot regarded her warily.  “Liv, I thought you didn’t care about what people think.”


“I don’t,” she lied again, irritation hinting in her voice.  “I just don’t want people seeing me and thinking, ‘Oh there goes gay Olivia.’  If we join that club then that’s gonna be the first thought people think about us.  Yeah, I like girls, Elliot but what I don’t like are labels.”


“Not necessarily, Liv.  I think you’re being pretty irrational about the whole thing.”


“Knock it off, Elliot.  I’m not going.  And don’t try to get Alex to go either.  Find another couple to be crusaders for the cause.”


“Olivia, people are going to find out sooner or later.”


Olivia groaned.  “And when they do, Elliot, we’ll deal with it.  Ok?  Just drop it.”


Elliot raised his hands in surrender.  “Sorry, Liv.  Forget I said anything.”


Just then Serena came up to them.  “Hey guys.  What’s goin’ on?”  She then looked at Olivia.  “Or shall I say what’s goin’ down?”  She burst into giggles at her own joke.


Olivia turned bright red.  She lowered her voice and grabbed Serena’s arm.  “Oh my god, Serena!  Alex told you?  Who all have you told?”


Serena pulled her arm out of her grasp.  “Whoa, Liv!  Calm down.  I haven’t told anyone.  Alex made me swear not to.”


Olivia let out a deep sigh.  “Good.”


Serena smirked.  “Gee Liv, I thought you’d be happy that you’re gettin’ lucky.  I know Alex is.”  Serena and Elliot both laughed as Olivia turned a deeper shade of red.  However, Elliot’s laughing ceased when Olivia shot him an evil glare.


“Knock if off, guys.  My sex life will not be a source of your entertainment.”


Serena leaned over and whispered loudly in Elliot’s ear, “Hey, I guess this means we can’t refer to her as ‘Wet and Wild’ now.”


Elliot burst out laughing.  “Damn, Liv!”


Olivia’s mouth dropped open and her eyes almost popped out of her head.  She leaned across the table and growled, “If either of you refer to me as that again, I will break both your legs.”


Serena stepped back.  “Whoa.  Down, kitty.”


“Yeah, Liv.  Retract your claws,” Elliot agreed.


Olivia stood up angrily.  “You two are unbelievable!”  And with that, she stalked off to return her tray just as the bell rang. 


Elliot and Serena just looked at each other.  “Better go do some damage control, Elliot,” she advised.


Elliot watched as Olivia walked out the cafeteria.  “I’ll say.”




When Olivia saw Alex at her locker before sixth period, she marched over to her.  “Alex, why did you tell Serena that we were having sex?” she asked in a hushed voice.


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Oh, come on, Liv.  I bet you told Elliot.”


Olivia paused momentarily, not knowing how to answer.  “He’s different.  Serena, on the other hand, has a big mouth.”


Alex folded her arms.  “Don’t talk about my best friend that way.  Serena wouldn’t spread my business around.  I’ve known her much longer than you have.”


Olivia frowned.  “I also don’t appreciate Serena telling Elliot at lunch that my new nickname is ‘Wet and Wild.’”


Alex burst out laughing.  Olivia glared at her.  “This isn’t fucking funny!”


“Hey, she came up with that.  I didn’t.  But I like it.”


“Well I don’t!”


“Chill out, babe.”  She started pulling notebooks out of her locker.  “I’ll just tell her not to call you that if you hate it that much.”


“Don’t worry, I’ve already taken care of it.”


Alex turned to face her.  “Geez, Liv.  It’s not that serious.”


Olivia pulled one of Alex’s books out her locker.  “Who else have you told?”


Alex looked at her like she was crazy.  “Um…no one.  Why are you freaking out?”


“I’m not freaking out, Alex.  I just don’t want everyone to know what I’m doing in bed!”


Alex grinned.  “Well…we weren’t exactly in bed the whole time we did it.  Remember the jacuzzi…and my couch…and then there were those couple times we fell off the bed.”


Olivia blushed furiously.  “Alex, lower your damn voice!”


“Geez, Liv.  Calm down.  It’s not like I made a t-shirt that said, ‘I fucked Olivia Benson.’  Although…”


Olivia gave her a look.  “Don’t even think about it, Alex.”  Alex shook her head and laughed as Olivia walked her to her class.




That afternoon after practice, Alex came up to Olivia and draped her arms across her shoulders.  “Hey, baby.  I missed you.”


Olivia nervously looked around and pushed her arms away.  “Alex, stop it.”


Alex frowned.  “Why?”


She moved closer to her and whispered harshly, “Alex, there are other people in this locker room!”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Liv, it’s not like I’m gonna rip your clothes off in front of everyone.  I just wanted to be close to you.”


Olivia sighed.  “Let’s just shower, ok?”


Alex gave her a sly smile.  “Together?”


Olivia looked mortified.  “Alex!”


“I kid, I kid.  I just wanted to see your reaction.  And from the look on your face, it’s priceless.”


Olivia rolled her eyes and went to go shower.  When she came out, Alex had already showered and dressed.  As she started dressing, Alex went to her locker and got her things for her.  Olivia smiled.  “Aw, thank you, baby.  That’s sweet.”


Alex shrugged.  “Just thought I’d return the favor.”


Once outside the gym, Alex grabbed her hand.  She was shocked and hurt when Olivia yanked her hand away.  “Alex!”


“Liv, stop being paranoid!  Most people have already left!”


“Alex, when we aren’t around people at school, we can hold hands.  The fair is this weekend.  It’s 40 minutes away and we’re not likely to run into anyone we know.  Ok?”  She hated to see the hurt etched across Alex’s face.  “Look, sweetie.  You know I love you, right?”


Alex frowned.  “I thought so before you started acting all funny today.”


Olivia sighed.  “I do.  It’s just that we have such a good thing going and I don’t want anyone to ruin it.  Just wait until we get in the car, ok?”


Alex sighed, too.  “Fine, Liv.”


When they were in her car, Olivia reached for Alex and leaned in to kiss her.  Alex kissed her back full force and tangled her hands in her hair.  “Oh god, Liv, I love you so much.”


“I love you, too, baby.  You don’t know how much I’ve wanted to do this all day,” she mumbled into her mouth.


After a few minutes of kissing, they heard a knock on the window.  Olivia jumped back from Alex to find Elliot standing there.  Frowning and straightening out her clothes, she let down her window.  “Elliot!  What the hell do you want?”


“You left your notebook at lunch today.  I thought you might need it.”


When Olivia’s breathing had finally slowed, she responded, “Thanks.  But you scared the shit out of me, Elliot!”


He smirked.  “I can tell.”  Turning to leave, he said, “By the way, Alex, that kiss was Guinness Book of World Records material.  I stood here for like two hours before I had to tap on the window to get your attention.”


Alex giggled.  Olivia just gaped at him in shock before asking, “You watched us kiss?”


He shrugged.  “Hey, that was better than any Girls Gone Wild video I’ve ever seen.”


Olivia turned beet red.  “We’re leaving now, Elliot,” she said through gritted teeth as she backed out of her parking space.


On the way to Alex’s house, Alex said, “Come on, Liv.  Don’t be embarrassed.  It’s just Elliot.  After all, you did say he was like a brother to you.”


Olivia turned to briefly glance at her.  “Yeah, Al.  If you had a brother would you want him watching you make out?  He’s never gonna let me live this down.  First I’m called ‘Wet and Wild’ by Serena, and now Elliot saw me kissing and groping you.”


Alex giggled.  “I think it’s cute, Liv.”


Olivia gave her a lopsided smile.  “Since when did you become an exhibitionist, Cabot?”


“Since I fell in love with you.”  Alex reached over and took her hand.  Olivia squeezed it reassuringly, smiling happily as they made their way through traffic.