Chapter 19:  Ecstasy

Saturday came before they knew it, and both girls weren’t surprised to find the state fair packed by the time they got there.  After purchasing their tickets and then buying tokens for the rides, Olivia and Alex started their trek through the fairgrounds.  Alex reached for Olivia’s hand and dragged her to the food stands.  “Oh my god, Liv, I’m starved!”


Olivia smirked.  “Why am I not surprised?  You know, for someone so tiny you sure can eat a lot.”


Alex shrugged.  “Fast metabolism.”


When it was their turn in line, Alex ordered a foot-long corndog, a strawberry-topped funnel cake, and a large lemonade.  Alex held her money out but Olivia pulled her hand back and insisted on paying for it.  “Oh, Liv!  You don’t have to do that!”


“But I want to,” she said, smiling and kissing her on the cheek.  She put the money in the vendor’s hand.  Then handing the corndog and lemonade to Alex, she pulled off a piece of the funnel cake and stuffed it in her mouth.  “Mmm.  I can see why you’re so obsessed with strawberries now.”


Alex giggled and pulled off a piece herself.  “You can never go wrong with strawberries!”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “I’d say.  Come on.  Let’s find a seat somewhere so we can eat without getting shoved by everyone who walks by.”


Sitting down on a nearby bench, Olivia watched amazed as Alex wolfed down her corndog.  Alex looked over at her and wiped her mouth.  Holding out the corndog, she asked with a mouthful of food, “Want some?”


Olivia smiled and took a bite.  “Good,” she said, nodding and taking a swig of lemonade.


Alex ate another piece of funnel cake and rubbed some of the strawberry glaze on her lips.  Then she kissed Olivia on the cheek.  “Alex!  You got strawberries on me!”


Alex leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Well, I’d much rather put them somewhere else, but since we’re in public your cheek will have to do.”  She wiped the glaze off with her finger and sucked it into her mouth.


Olivia blushed.  “Alex!”


After they were finished eating, Olivia grabbed her by the hand.  “Come on!  Let’s get on some rides.  I hear Power Surge is crazy!”


“Don’t walk so fast, Liv!  I feel like I’m gonna pop!”


Olivia rubbed her hand over her belly.  “Feel better now?”


Alex smiled.  “A little.  Let’s just walk slow.  I’m sure the line is gonna be really long anyway.”


When they got to the ride, the line was indeed long.  “Damn.  Looks like we’d be standing in line for 45 minutes.  Let’s go find another,” Olivia suggested.


The line for Ring of Fire was considerably shorter.  Ten minutes and 4 tokens later, the girls were on the ride.  When they got off, Alex held her stomach.  “Ohh…I think I can taste my corndog again.”


Olivia put her arm around her.  “You ok, sweetheart?”


Alex nodded.  “I will be.  I think I just need to wait a little while before getting on another ride.”


Olivia smiled.  “That’s fine.  Let’s just walk around and see what else is here.”


They stopped at a booth with shooting games.  “Ooh, this looks like fun, Al!” Olivia exclaimed, pushing some cash over the counter.  She sat down and picked up the rifle.  Alex stood beside her, watching her intently.


“Three tries!” the guy behind the counter barked.


Aiming carefully, Olivia pulled the trigger.  “Bullseye,” she said grinning.


Alex started jumping up and down and clapping.  “Wow, Liv!  You nailed it on the first try!  Looks like someone would make a good cop one day.”


Olivia grinned.  “Praise will get you everywhere, Alex.”


“Pick a toy!” the man barked, not too excited that Olivia had beat his game.


Olivia smiled at Alex.  “Go ahead, babe.”


Alex’s face lit up.  “Really?”


“Yeah,” Olivia assured her, placing a hand softly on her shoulder.


“I want Tweety!” she said, pointing to one of the huge stuffed Tweety Birds hanging from the hooks.  The attendant took it down and handed it to her over the counter.  Alex squealed and hugged it close to her.  Then she gave Olivia a big kiss on the cheek.  “I love you, Liv!”


Olivia grinned.  “I love you, too, sweetie.”  Alex squeezed Tweety to her chest again.  “Aw, you’re so cute,” Olivia cooed, hugging Alex and Tweety.


They walked around a little more with Alex proudly holding the stuffed animal on her hip like it was her child.  “Hey, let’s take Tweety back to the car so we can ride some rides,” Olivia suggested.


After Alex made sure Tweety was safely tucked in the backseat, she turned to walk back.  She was surprised when Olivia grabbed her arm.  “What?”


“This.”  Olivia pulled Alex close to her and captured her lips.  Sliding her hands under Alex’s skirt, she pulled her right up against her thigh.


“Liv!  Tweety might see…”


“He won’t mind,” Olivia mumbled against her mouth. 


Alex ran her hands over her breasts, down her sides, and gripped her ass as Olivia kissed her more forcefully.  After a few minutes of making out, she reluctantly pulled back.  “Come on, Liv.  We need to get back.”  She looked around and noticed a group of guys cheering and clapping.  “Ugh,” she said in disgust, straightening her skirt.


Olivia looked in the direction Alex was referring to.  “Sick pervs,” she said, shaking her head.  “Come on.  Let’s go before they start jacking off.”


Olivia held Alex’s hand and walked back to the gates.  They went through the turnstiles and flashed their wristbands.  “Ooh, Liv!  Let’s go take some pictures!”




Once inside the photo booth, the girls wrapped their arms around each other.  They took several pictures together—some making goofy faces, some giving each other bunny ears, some holding each other, some smiling into the other’s eyes, some looking straight at the camera, and some kissing.  When they got out, they happily took their strips of photos.  “Look, Liv!  You look so silly there.”


“Hey now!  Not half as silly as you in that one!  Come on, Ecstasy is right next to us.  Let’s get on it.”


Alex held back.  “I dunno, Liv.  Ecstasy looks pretty scary.”


Olivia wrapped her arm around her shoulder and pulled her close.  “Don’t worry, babe.  I’ll be right there with you.  Nothing’ll ever hurt you as long as I’m around.”


Luckily for them, the wait was only 20 minutes.  When it was their turn to get on, Olivia gave Alex’s hand a comforting squeeze.  “Ready?”


Alex nodded.  “As ready as I’ll ever be.”


When it was over, Alex got off the ride holding her head.  Even Olivia looked a little frazzled.  “Liv…I think my brains are scrambled.”


“Wow,” Olivia said.  “That was intense.”  She smiled and grabbed her hand.  “Ready to get on Power Surge now?”


Alex’s mouth dropped open.  “Liv!  You can’t be serious!  I’m lucky I didn’t lose my lunch on this ride!”


“But, Al!  I’m just excited!  Come on.  The line’s not too long now.  I promise we can do whatever you want after this.  Just ride this with me.”


Alex smiled slightly.  “Whatever I want, huh?”


“Whatever you want.”


Alex grinned wickedly.  “Ok, let’s get in line.”


After handing over five more tokens each, the girls took their seats on the ride.  “Hold my hand, Liv.”


Olivia reached over and squeezed her hand reassuringly.  “Don’t worry, sweetie.  It will all be over in like two minutes, ok?”


Once they got off the ride, Alex groaned and said, “My insides are officially jelly.”


Olivia nodded.  “I think I’m gonna have to agree with you on that one, Al.  I think we should maybe take a break before anymore rides.  What do you say?”


“Deal.  Come on, let’s sit down.”  After sitting down on a nearby bench, Alex laid her head on Olivia’s shoulder.  “I could stay here for the rest of the day.”


Olivia patted her cheek.  “Yeah.  I know what you mean.”


After a few minutes, they got up and began walking around again.  Olivia stopped at one of the basketball games.  She laughed as she watched several people unsuccessfully try to throw the balls in the basket.  Giving the attendant her money, she turned to Alex and said, “See, the secret to this game is throwing the ball at just the right angle.  All these things are rigged.  The goals aren’t actually round, they’re oval.  Watch.”  Olivia let the ball go and watched it sail in. 


“Wow, Liv!  No one ever gets that ball in!”


Olivia shrugged.  “Hey, what can I say?  I am a basketball player, after all.”


The attendant laughed and shook his head.  “Second one to beat the game today.  Take your pick, young lady.”  Olivia chose the huge Scooby Doo.


“Wow, Liv, I hope we can fit Tweety and Scooby in the back!”


Olivia smiled.  “It’ll be a tight squeeze, but I’m sure they’ll both fit.  Besides, they’ll have fun getting to know each other.”


“He better not scare my Tweety.”


Olivia grinned.  “If he does, I promise to lock him in the trunk for all eternity.”


After a few more hours of rides, food, games, and fun, the girls were ready to retire for the night.  “God, Liv, I could go to sleep right on the pavement.”


Olivia smirked.  “That wouldn’t be such a wise choice, now would it?”


When they got back to Alex’s house, she dragged Olivia up to her room.  As soon as they had put all their stuff down, Alex raced to the bed.  She patted the sheets beside her.  “Oh Livvv…” she began, grinning wickedly.


Olivia shook her head.  “Oh no, no no no.  Every muscle in my body is begging for sleep.”


Alex shrugged and pulled off some cotton candy.  “Suit yourself.”  Sticking it in her mouth, she continued, “You know how cotton candy dissolves when it hits your tongue?  Well I wonder if it will dissolve if placed somewhere else…”  She stuck another piece in her mouth seductively.  She giggled when Olivia’s jaw dropped.  Encouraged by her reaction, she pulled off yet another piece and lowered her hand under the sheets, out of Olivia’s sight.  “Ah well, I guess you just won’t find out.”


“The hell I won’t.”  And with that, she jumped under the covers and moved down Alex’s body, burying herself beneath the sheets.  “Mmm…so this is what ecstasy tastes like,” she mumbled.  Suddenly, she came back up.  “If Serena or Elliot hear one word about this from you, I swear I will hold Tweety hostage.”  Alex giggled and pushed her head back down.