Chapter 24:  Panic

As soon as they were in the car, Andy asked, “You goin’ to the party?”


“Yeah,” Olivia answered.  “I just need to go home and get changed and then I’ll drive over.”


Andy shook his head and put the car in gear.  “Nonsense.  I’ll take you.”


“No, Andy.  It’s really ok.”


Andy smiled and took another approach.  “Come on.  Don’t you plan on drinking tonight?”


When Olivia didn’t say anything, he continued, “I know you, Liv.  You can really hold your own for a girl.”


Olivia smirked and gave him a lopsided grin.  “Fine, Andy.  You drive.”


Andy smiled contentedly.  Maybe with a few drinks in her she’ll forget about whatever loser she’s dating, he thought.


When they got to Olivia’s house, she told him, “Ok.  I’ll be in my room changing.  You can just stay in the living room and watch tv or do whatever.  You can even raid the fridge if you want.”


“Just like old times, huh?” he said, taking a seat.


Olivia forced a smile and went to her room to change.  When she came out, Andy almost dropped the remote.  “Holy shit, Liv!”  He stared at her red tube top and tight black pants.


Just then, her cell phone rang.  “Hey you,” she said, seeing it was Alex.


“Hey.  I just got here.  When are you coming?” Alex asked her.


“Oh, give us about 10 minutes.”


Alex felt a wave of disappointment wash over her.  “You’re coming with him?”


“Yeah…since I’m gonna drink and all.  Besides, aren’t you there with Jake?”


Alex sighed.  “Yeah.  Hey, listen.  I gotta go.  I’ll see you when you get here, ok?”


“Ok, bye,” Olivia said, closing her phone.  Turning to Andy, she asked, “Ok, ready to go?”


Looking down at her chest, he said, “Oh yeah.”


Olivia rolled her eyes and shook her head.  “Come on, let’s go you,” she replied, pushing him out the door.




When they came in, the place was already crowded.  “Hey!  Have you seen Alex?” she asked Serena, who was already pretty tipsy.


“What?” Serena yelled.


“Have you seen Alex?” Olivia yelled over the music.


“Oh yeah!  She’s over there with Sara and Jake!” Serena yelled back.


Olivia picked up a bottle of Corona and tried to spot them in the direction that Serena had pointed.  Just then, she saw Alex walking toward her eating a jello shot, dressed in a very short skirt and a purple halter top. 


“Always eating huh?” Olivia joked as she took a swig of her beer.


Alex came right up to Olivia and started dancing sexily on her.  Olivia gasped.  Andy groaned and said, “Hey, Liv.  I’m gonna go get a beer.  I’ll be right back.” 


“Alex, what are you doing?” she demanded, barely noticing Andy leaving.


“Dancing.  Oh please.  It’s not like we didn’t dance together at homecoming!”


“But Alex…you weren’t dry humping me then!” Olivia protested.


Alex smirked.  “Who said I was dry?”


A look of horror crossed Olivia’s face.  Alex chuckled.  “Come on, Liv!  It’s just dancing!  Other girls are dirty dancing with each other,” Alex coaxed.


“Ok…” Olivia said reluctantly, as Alex turned around, bent over, and began grinding her ass into her crotch.


“Alex…” Olivia began, looking around nervously and sitting her Corona on a nearby table.  She looked down and gasped.  “Alex!  Stand up!”


Standing up and turning back around, Alex frowned.  “What’s your problem, Liv?”


“Alex…you’re wearing a thong!”


“So?” Alex asked, thrusting one of Olivia’s legs between hers as she continued to dance on her, looking intently in her eyes.


So?  Alex, everyone can see your ass if you keep bending over like that!  Your skirt is like two inches!”


“Are you jealous?” Alex asked, running her hands over Olivia’s back.


“I just don’t want everyone seeing my girlfriend’s ass!  They ogled you enough tonight at the dance!” Olivia whispered angrily in her ear.


“Oh, so now I’m your girlfriend?”


“I never said you weren’t,” Olivia replied, getting annoyed.


“You could at least act like you’re enjoying dancing with me,” Alex complained, frowning.


“All right, all right,” Olivia complied, putting a hand around Alex’s waist and moving her hips in rhythm with Alex’s.


After a few minutes of dancing, Alex looked down at Olivia’s chest and noticed her nipples were hard.  “Liv!  Did you not wear a bra?”


Olivia stopped her movements and answered, “No.  This top has a built-in one.”


“Well it’s not helping!  I don’t want all the guys staring at your boobs!”


Olivia chuckled as Alex moved closer to her and they began dancing again.  “Fix your nipples,” she whispered in her ear.


“Hey now.  It’s your fault.  You’re the one who started dancing all up on me with your two inch skirt.”


“It’s not two inches!” Alex retorted.


“Ok, three,” Olivia conceded, smiling. 


Alex danced her way down Olivia’s body and then came back up.  “Olivia, I’m serious.  Fix them!  I almost lost an eye.”


“You did not!” Olivia said, looking down and adjusting her top.


“That’s only making it worse!  Come on, bathroom now,” Alex said, taking her hand and pulling her in the direction of the bathroom.  Turning to Andy, she said, “We’ll be back in a few minutes.  Liv thinks she’s getting sick.”


As soon as they were in the bathroom, Alex pinned Olivia up against the wall and engulfed her mouth.  “Alex…Alex, wait,” Olivia mumbled.


“For what?  Them to bust out through your shirt?” Alex joked, attacking her neck and running her hands over Olivia’s breasts.


“Alex, no.  Alex, we can’t,” Olivia said, involuntarily running her hands up under Alex’s skirt.


“Ok.  Fine.  I’ll just go back out there and dance with someone else.  Maybe they’ll appreciate my…skirt,” she said, letting go of Olivia and making a move for the door.


“The hell you are,” Olivia growled, roughly pulling Alex back to her and pinning her against the wall.  She unzipped her pants and thrust her crotch against one of Alex’s thighs.  Alex ran her hands over Olivia’s hips.  As Olivia hiked up her skirt and pulled one of Alex’s legs up around her waist, Alex let out a yelp.  Consuming her mouth, she moved Alex’s thong aside and shoved two fingers deep inside, eliciting a sharp gasp from her.


“God, Olivia.  Ah, fuck!” Alex exclaimed as Olivia thrusted hard.  Alex squeezed Olivia’s breasts and then yanked down her top.  Olivia let out a gasp of pleasure when Alex began twisting and pulling her nipples.  She tightly gripped Olivia’s breasts as Olivia ground her own center against Alex’s thigh in rhythm with her fingers pushing inside.


“Olivia, don’t stop.  Please…don’t stop!” Alex begged.


“I don’t plan on it,” Olivia responded breathlessly.


“Harder.  Fuck me harder,” Alex demanded.


Alex couldn’t help but let out a little yell when Olivia began thrusting harder.  Olivia shoved her tongue down her throat to keep her from being too loud. 


Just then, the door opened.  “Hey Liv, I just wanted to see if you were—” Andy began.  His mouth dropped open in shock at the sight he saw before him.  “Holy fuck!” he exclaimed.  The girls froze as he quickly backed away and slammed the door shut.


Olivia yanked her fingers out of Alex with such force that she yelled out in pain.  “Ow, Liv!”


Roughly pushing Alex’s hands off her breasts and pulling up her top, Olivia began to panic.  “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!  Andy just saw us fucking, Alex!  Shit!”  She zipped up her pants and started for the door.


Alex grabbed her arm.  “Liv, wait!  Where are you going?”


Olivia turned back to Alex with wild fear in her eyes.  “Are you serious?  I have to get out of here!  Fuck!  Andy’s gonna tell everyone what he saw.”


“Liv, come on.  Calm down!  No he won’t.  Everything will be ok.  Just relax.”


“That’s easy for you to say, Alex!  You weren’t the one with your fingers inside another girl!”


“I would’ve been soon if we hadn’t been interrupted,” Alex said, reaching out to touch Olivia’s face.


Olivia stepped back.  “Stop it, Alex!  Why are you acting like this is no big deal?”


“It’s not!  Not to me, anyway.”


Olivia stared at her.  “That’s the problem, Alex.  You don’t give a shit.  Well I do, Alex.  We can’t do this anymore.”


Alex’s heart dropped.  “Wait…we can’t do what anymore?” she asked, her heart pounding as she feared the words she knew would come out of Olivia’s mouth.


“This.  Us.  We can’t be together anymore.”


Alex felt her heart ripping to shreds.  “What?” she asked, her voice breaking.


“Listen.  I have to go, Alex,” Olivia said, opening the door and rushing out.


“Liv, wait!” Alex yelled after her.  She fixed her clothes and then ran out behind her.


Olivia ran up to Elliot.  “Elliot, can you take me home?”


“Why, Liv?  What’s wrong?  Where’s Alex?” he asked, confused.


Just then, Alex showed up beside them.  Olivia ran out the door, followed by Elliot and Alex.


“Elliot, please!  Please just take me home,” she begged.


Alex reached out to touch her arm.  Olivia yanked out of her grasp and yelled, “No Alex!  Stop it!  Just go away!”


“Ok…will one of you tell me what the hell is going on?” Elliot demanded, eyeing them both carefully.


Olivia started crying.  Alex explained, “Andy barged in the bathroom and caught us…you know…”


“Oh god!” Olivia yelled, grabbing onto Elliot and burying her face against his neck. 


Alex reached out to rub her back.  “Come on, Liv.  It’ll be ok.  Don’t do this.  Please don’t do this to us!”


Olivia turned around.  “Alex, stop it!  There is no us!  Not after this!”  And with that, she turned and ran in the direction of Elliot’s car.


Elliot gazed at Alex apologetically.  “I’ll talk to her,” he promised. 


Just then, Kathy came outside.  “Is everything all right with Liv?”


“I’ll tell you later.  I need to take her home first,” he explained. 


Alex burst into tears as Kathy put her arms around her.  “Shh.  Alex, it will be ok.”


“She…she dumped me!” Alex exclaimed, hot tears falling onto Kathy’s shoulder.


“Shh…she’ll come around.  Come on, let’s go back inside,” Kathy said, rubbing her back.


“No!  No, I can’t go back in there!  I just wanna go home!”


“Ok, ok.  We’ll get you home.  I’ll go inside and tell Jake you want to go home. You stay right here, ok Alex?  I’ll be right back.”  Kathy ran back inside.


Alex’s shoulders shook as she sobbed up to the sky.  Why did this have to happen?  Things were going so well, she wondered sadly.




“Liv, why are you so upset about this?” Elliot asked as they sat on the sofa in Olivia’s living room.


“Why, Elliot?  Because Andy Eckerson just saw me fucking my girlfriend!”  Olivia looked down.  “Well…ex-girlfriend now.”


“Ok, so he saw you guys going at it.  That’s no reason to break up with Alex.  Don’t you love her?”


Olivia gave Elliot a pained expression.  “You know I do, El!  But I can’t be with her!  It’s just too risky.”


“Olivia…what happened to you?  You never gave a shit before about what people thought about you until you started dating Alex.”


“This is different, El.  Now I do.  This is the type of stuff that can ruin my life,” she said dejectedly.


“Only if you let it, Liv.”


Olivia knew Elliot was right, but she had already made her decision.  “I’m sorry, Elliot.  I just can’t deal with this.  Not right now at least.”


“Do you honestly think Alex is gonna wait around until you can?”


“If I ever can…” Olivia trailed off.


“Do you seriously want someone else to take your place in Alex’s life?” Elliot asked.


“Maybe she’ll be better off with them,” Olivia protested.


“No she won’t, Liv.  She loves you.”


“She’ll get over me,” Olivia responded glumly.


“You won’t get over her.  You can’t just turn your feelings on and off like a faucet, Liv.  You’re gonna be miserable if you do this to yourself.  And to her.”


“Yeah, and I’ll be miserable if people give me hell for being out.”


“I think you’re making a big mistake, Liv.  For the first time, you have someone who loves you unconditionally and you’re willing to throw it all away like that just because you’re scared of coming out?”  Elliot shook his head.


Olivia slowly rubbed her hands down her face.  “Look, Elliot.  I’m tired and I just wanna go to sleep.  I don’t wanna talk about this anymore, ok?  Thanks for bringing me home.”  And with that, she got up and opened the front door.


Elliot walked out and turned around.  “Night, Liv.”


Olivia forced a smile and shut the door.  Then she went to her room and lay down on her bed.  Picking up the framed picture of her and Alex on her nightstand, she held it to her chest and cried for all she had lost until she fell asleep.