Chapter 23:  Dance with Me

Olivia came up the bleachers with some nachos and returned to her seat next to Alex.  “Here, I hope this will hold you over until later,” she said with a smirk.


Alex grinned and dipped a chip in some cheese.  “Thank you.”


“No prob.  Someone has to feed you,” Olivia teased.  Alex slapped her on the arm.


When the homecoming court came out, Olivia asked her, “So how come you didn’t run for Miss Sophomore?  You know you would’ve won.”


Alex shrugged.  “I dunno.  Maybe I’ll run next year if you run for queen.”


Olivia smirked.  “Don’t get your hopes up.”


“Oh come on, Liv.  I think you’d have a really good chance of winning.”


Olivia smiled and squeezed her shoulder.  “Thanks for the vote of confidence, Al.”


By the middle of the 3rd quarter, the score was 42-6, in favor of the Panthers.  Olivia started to get up and said, “Come on.  Let’s get outta here so we can get ready.”


The girls drove back to Alex’s house in mostly silence.  Alex opened the door and started to get out.  “Bye, Liv.  Thanks for taking me to the game.”


Olivia grabbed her arm.  “Alex, wait.  Can I come in for a few minutes?”


“Liv…I dunno.  You need to go home so you’ll be ready when Andy comes.  I wouldn’t want you to keep your date waiting,” she responded with a hint of bitterness in her tone.


Hurt flashed across Olivia’s eyes.  “Alex…don’t be that way.  You’re still my girlfriend.  You’re my top priority.”


“I know,” Alex sighed. 


“Alex…you know I’d much rather be going with you,” Olivia said, looking intently into her eyes.


Alex gave a weak smile.  “Yeah, Liv.  I know,” she said softly.


Olivia reached for her hand.  “Please, Al.  Just for a few minutes.”


Alex was silent for a moment.  “Ok, Liv,” she relented.  They got out of her car and headed upstairs to her room.  As soon as the door closed, Olivia pulled her close to her and softly kissed her.


“I love you.  I love you.  I love you,” Olivia mumbled repeatedly against Alex’s mouth.


“I love you too, Liv,” Alex replied, moaning.  Olivia backed them up to her bed and softly settled down on top of her.  “Liv…no, stop.”


“What?” a flustered Olivia asked.


“We don’t have time.  We need to get ready,” she responded.


By that time Olivia already had her shirt off.  “Come on, Alex.  I just wanna make you feel good,” she said, slipping her hand under Alex’s shirt and cupping her breast.  Alex moaned involuntarily and reached up to cup Olivia’s breasts in return.  Olivia reached behind her and unclasped her bra with one quick flick of her wrist and then pulled it off.  She took Alex’s hand and guided it over one of her nipples.  After pulling off Alex’s jeans and underwear, Olivia gently dangled her breasts above her face before letting a nipple brush across her lips.  Alex took the nipple in and began sucking gently and almost didn’t even notice when Olivia inserted two fingers inside her.


“Mmm,” Alex moaned.  Olivia braced herself against the bed with one hand as she began thrusting gently but firmly inside her with the other.  She quickened her pace until she brought Alex over the edge and herself as well.  Alex let go of her nipple with a soft plop as Olivia carefully removed her fingers from her and captured her mouth in a long, searching kiss.  She lay down on top of Alex and held her for a few moments before rolling onto her back.


Alex grinned.  “Oh god, Liv.  Now I’m gonna be even later because I need to take another shower.”


Olivia turned her head to look at her.  “You don’t have to.”


“Yes I do, Liv!  I can’t go to homecoming smelling like sex!”


Olivia chuckled.  “Well, that’ll let everyone know that you’re taken.”


Alex shook her head and smiled.  “You know you have magic fingers.”


Olivia rolled onto her side and propped herself up on her elbow.  “Oh really?  Is that your way of asking for an encore?” she asked, grinning wickedly.


Alex turned to her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.  “No.  At least not right now.”


“Why not?” Olivia asked, trailing a finger down Alex’s arm.


“Because we really need to go get ready now,” she said, getting up off the bed.


Olivia groaned.  “Ok, ok.  See you in a little while?”


“Yeah,” Alex responded.  All of a sudden Olivia grabbed her arm.  “What?”


“You’re just gonna walk away without giving me a goodbye kiss?” Olivia asked with a teasing grin.


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Ok, ok, Liv.”  She bent down to give her a quick kiss on the lips.


“Hey!  That wasn’t a kiss!  A kiss is more like this,” Olivia said huskily, pulling Alex down on top of her and consuming her mouth.


Alex pulled back.  “Liv, stop.  And put your top back on.”


Olivia looked down at her chest.  “Give the pokies a goodbye kiss.”


“Liv, no.  No way.  Come on, let me go!”


Olivia giggled and flipped them over, pinning Alex underneath her.  “They’re gonna hold you captive until you agree to give them a goodbye kiss.”


Alex giggled in spite of herself and tried to push Olivia off her, but she wouldn’t budge.  “Ok, Liv.  I’ll do it.  Just let me go.”  Olivia gave a smug grin and eased up off Alex enough to let her breasts dangle over her face.  Alex leaned up and planted a kiss on each nipple.  “There.  Satisfied?”


“Very,” Olivia grinned slyly, getting off Alex and putting her bra and shirt back on.  Giving her one last kiss, she said, “I’ll see you soon.”


Alex walked toward her bathroom.  “You’re crazy, Liv,” she said over her shoulder.  Olivia just grinned and headed out to her car.




When Olivia answered the door, Andy looked her up and down and let out a wolf whistle.  “Whew!  You look absolutely stunning, Liv.”


“Thanks,” she said, smiling and taking his offered arm.


When they got to the Marriott ballroom, several kids were already there with their respective dates.  Olivia scanned the room for Alex but saw no sign of her yet.


After several minutes, she heard loud gasps coming from the direction of the entrance.  Turning her head to see what was going on, she saw Alex and Jake walking in.  Olivia’s jaw dropped and her heart started racing when she saw how gorgeous Alex looked in her dress.  Her hair was swept up in a curly updo, which complemented the majestic features of her face.  Long, dangling diamond earrings hang from her ears.  She looks like a princess, Olivia thought.


Olivia was snapped out of her reverie when Andy exclaimed, “Hot damn!”  Olivia shot him a glare, which he of course didn’t notice because he was too busy staring at Alex.


Alex’s eyes searched the crowd, trying to catch sight of Olivia.  It wasn’t long before their eyes met.  Walking over with Jake, Alex complimented, “You look absolutely beautiful, Liv.”


For a moment Olivia was speechless.  Finally forcing her brain to function again, she responded, “Thanks.  So do you.”  She looked into Alex’s eyes dreamily.


Jake decided to butt in.  “She does, doesn’t she?  Man Alex, we’ve gotta get a lot of pictures tonight.  My brother still doesn’t believe I’m at homecoming with you!”  Alex smiled politely while Olivia felt her blood begin to boil.


“Speaking of pictures,” she said with a hint of hardness in her voice.  “Andy, do you mind taking a pic of Alex and me?”


“Oh no, not at all,” he replied, taking Olivia’s camera from her.  Olivia and Alex slipped their arms around each other’s waists, and Andy snapped a few shots of them.  Then Alex pulled out her camera and Andy snapped a few more with hers. 


After the pictures were finished, Jake said, “Well, I guess we’ll see you guys later.  I need to go get a few dances in with my date.”  Olivia cringed at the last word.  Alex smiled apologetically at her as Jake dragged her away.


“So what do you say I get a few dances in with my lovely date,” Andy suggested, smiling.


Olivia smiled back.  “I say that sounds like a plan.”  Andy placed his hand on her back and pulled her close.


After a few minutes of dancing, Andy looked down into Olivia’s eyes and asked, “Can I have a kiss?”


Olivia felt her heart drop into her stomach.  Looking over at Alex and Jake, she replied, “Um, Andy…I’m involved with someone.”


Andy looked shocked.  “Oh, really?  Then why are you here with me?”


Olivia sighed.  “They had to work tonight,” she lied.


“Really?  There’s no way in hell I’d be working while my beautiful girlfriend was out at a dance with some other guy,” he responded.


Olivia gave him a tight-lipped smile.  “Couldn’t take off,” she lied again.


Just then, Elliot came over.  “May I?” he asked Andy.  When Andy nodded, Elliot took his place to dance with Liv.  “Wow,” he said.  “Alex is looking mighty gorgeous tonight, Liv.”

“Yeah, El.  Rub it in,” she said crossly.


“Hey…I’m just saying.  Jake’s a lucky guy—”


“I get it, El.  That could’ve been me.”  Should’ve been me, Olivia thought bitterly.


Elliot knew he was risking his life by asking the question, but he decided to go through with it anyway.  “So, um Liv…I was just wondering…um, would you mind if I danced with Alex?  I mean, since we’re all friends and all.”


Olivia stopped dancing and glared at him.  “Yes, I’d mind!  Besides, what’s wrong with Kathy?”


“Nothing,” he replied.  “You can’t expect me to dance with her the whole night, can you?”


“I can’t expect you to dance with my girlfriend, either.”


“Whoa, Liv.  Calm down.  I won’t dance with her if it bothers you that much.”


Olivia sighed.  “I’m sorry, El.  It’s just that I can’t even dance with her, so it’ll really suck if my best friend gets to.”


“Olivia…no one said you couldn’t dance with Alex.”


Olivia gave him a look.  “Come on, Elliot.  As much as I want to, you know I can’t.”


“Olivia, no one is going to think you’re gay just because you danced with Alex Cabot.  I’m sure there are quite a few girls who would love to right now.”


Olivia glared at him again.  Elliot amended his response.  “Or not.”


Olivia looked over and noticed Alex had her head on another guy’s shoulder.  “Elliot, look at her!  That’s like the fifth guy she’s danced with tonight!  That I’ve seen!”


Elliot chuckled.  “Come on, Liv.  You’ve been watching her nonstop since the time she came in here.  I don’t think one has slipped past you.”  That got him another dirty look.  He sighed.  “Listen, Liv.  Don’t be a prude.  Just go over and ask her to dance.”


“Fine, El,” she conceded, pulling away from him.


Olivia went over to Alex and Matt Spencer.  “Hey…mind if I steal her for a moment?”


Matt smiled.  “Sure thing.” 


As soon as Matt walked away, Olivia put one hand on Alex’s shoulder and the other at the small of her back, being careful not to stand too close.  Alex smiled.  “Wow…I can’t believe Olivia Benson decided to dance with me in…” she stopped to gasp, “…public.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Don’t flatter yourself, Alex.  I’m just protecting you from the dozens of horny guys around here.”


Alex laughed.  “Protecting me?  Why, is Olivia jealous?”


Olivia turned red.  “Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the way they’ve been undressing you with their eyes!”  She then looked down at Alex’s dress.  “Well, not like they’d have to put much effort into it.”


Alex laughed again.  “The only one I care about undressing me with her eyes is you.  Then again, if you’re a good girl tonight, you won’t have to use just your eyes.”


Olivia blushed even harder.  “Alex!”


Alex smiled.  “You know you look very sexy tonight, Liv.  If you always look this delicious dressed up, I’m gonna start making you wear a dress every time we go out.”


Olivia grinned.  “Why Alexandra, you sure know how to charm a lady.”  Just then, Alex’s stomach growled.  Olivia sighed.  “Is it time for the Cabot feeding?”


“Hey, I haven’t eaten since the game!  After this song is over you have to come with me to get some food.  I hope it’s good.”


Olivia gave Alex her best pout.  “Come on Cinderella, one more song before the clock strikes twelve,” she joked.


Alex giggled.  “Ok…one more song and then you have to feed me.”  They danced one more song together and then Alex dragged her to the refreshment table.  “Ooh look, Liv!  Strawberries!  And sweet and sour meatballs!”


Olivia rolled her eyes as Alex piled more food on her plate.  “Ah yes, what a grand combination.”


“Come on, Liv.  You have to eat with me!” 


Olivia smirked.  “If you insist…” she said as she put a couple brownies on her own plate.


After Olivia finished eating with Alex, she went back over to Elliot.  “Ok, she’s all yours now.  If you can keep her away from the food long enough.”


Elliot smiled.  “See, that wasn’t so bad, now was it?”  Olivia grinned as he left to dance with Alex.  Alex winked at her over his shoulder.

Before long, Alex was dancing with another guy.  Olivia tried hard not to get jealous but she realized she could take no more when the guy started whispering in her ear and rubbing his hands up and down her back.  Olivia stormed over to her.  “Um, Alex.  Can I see you for a minute?  It’s really important.”


Olivia dragged Alex into the bathroom and confronted her.  “You sure looked pretty fucking cozy dancing with all those guys,” she accused.


Alex gaped at her in shock.  “Olivia, what’s your problem?  After all, aren’t you the one who said it’s ‘just a freaking dance?’”


Olivia frowned.  “I didn’t mean it literally, Al!  That guy was rubbing his hands all over you and you didn’t even tell him to stop!”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Come on, Liv.  Stop exaggerating.  Besides, I’m sure Andy would love to rub his hands all over you if he got the chance!”


“Well, Alex…unlike someone, I told him I was taken!” Olivia shot back angrily.


Alex was speechless for a moment.  “Really?” she finally asked.


“Yes, really Alex.  He asked if he could kiss me and I told him I was involved with someone.”


Alex smiled.  “He didn’t ask who?”


Olivia sighed.  “I told him they couldn’t get off work.”


Alex giggled.  “Let’s not argue tonight, Liv.  Ok?”


“Ok,” Olivia replied, smiling.  “God, you look so gorgeous tonight,” Olivia said, staring her up and down.  “Ever since you walked in I’ve wanted to ravage you.”


Alex blushed.  Olivia moved closer to her and whispered in her ear, “You think stains come out of that dress easily?”  Alex drew in her breath sharply.


Just then, a group of girls came in.  Olivia jumped back from Alex.  “Well…I guess I should get back out there.  You’re still going to the party, right?”


Alex nodded.  “Yeah.  I’ll see you there,” she said with a quick smile as Olivia left the bathroom.