Chapter 22:  Dressing Room

“Alex…this is the eighth store we’ve gone to!  It only takes one to find a dress.”


Alex noticed Olivia’s pout and squeezed her hand reassuringly.  “Come on, Liv.  Last one.” 


Olivia groaned.  “Alex, that’s what you said last time.  And the time before that.”


Alex kissed her on the cheek and dragged her into the store.  “I promise I’ll thank you for being so patient.”  She winked.


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “I’m holding you to that Miss Cabot.”


As they looked through the formal dresses, Alex pulled dress after dress off the racks.  “Al…you aren’t seriously gonna try all those on are you?”


Alex smiled.  “If you’re good I’ll let you watch.”


Olivia gulped.  “Ok, but hurry it up.”  She pulled a long, slinky silver dress off a rack.  It was simple in design, yet elegant.  This is gorgeous, she thought.  “Hey Al, I’m gonna go try this on.”


Alex ran her hand over the smooth material and nodded her approval.  “It’s beautiful, Liv!  I think I have enough dresses for now, we can go in together.”


After finding an empty room, the two went in.  Alex waited for Olivia to try on her dress first.  “Oh my, Liv!  It looks perfect on you!  Are you gonna get it?”


Olivia turned around in front of the mirror and smiled, admiring the dress.  “Yeah.  I think I am.”


Alex pulled out her phone.  “Oh my god, I have to get a picture!”


“Alex…can’t it wait until the dance?”


“No!  Now come on.  Pose and smile.”  Olivia rolled her eyes but did as she was told.  Alex took the picture and squealed.  She then showed it to Olivia.  “Look how beautiful you are!”


Olivia grinned.  “Hey, send that to my phone.”


“Done,” Alex said as she selected “OK” to send the picture.  She wrapped her arms around Olivia and tangled her hands in her hair, kissing her passionately.


When Alex pulled back, Olivia asked, “What was that for?”


“For being such a gorgeous girlfriend.”  Olivia smiled.  Alex began to pick up one of her own dresses to try on.  After modeling them all for Olivia, she asked, “So what do you think?”


“You look beautiful in all of them, Alex.”


Alex looked at the dresses and frowned slightly.  “Nah.  They’re all nice but something just doesn’t do it for me.” 


Olivia sighed.  “Let me guess, Alex.  Another store?”  Alex looked at her with pleading eyes as they walked to the register to pay for her gown.


They were just leaving the store when Alex suddenly stopped so fast that Olivia ran into her.  “Alex!”


“Look!” Alex instructed, pointing to a dark pink sparkly dress.  She excitedly grabbed it off the rack.  “It’s beautiful, Liv,” she said breathlessly.


They returned to the dressing room.  Alex slipped into the dress and pulled the halter over her head.  Then she did a 360 degree turn for Olivia.  Olivia gasped when she saw the plunging neckline and that the back of the dress dipped all the way to the small of her back.  “Alex…that’s a little revealing, don’t you think?”


“I think it’s sexy,” Alex said, admiring herself in the mirror.


Olivia scoffed.  “Yeah, a little too sexy.”


Alex turned to look at her.  “Don’t you like it?”


“Don’t get me wrong, Al.  It’s gorgeous.  But you’re half naked in it!  I don’t want the guys all over you!”


“Liv, you’re over-exaggerating!  It’s not a big deal!”


“Oh yeah?  Is your dad gonna let his 15 year old daughter walk outta the house in that?”


“I’ll be 16 in a few months!” Alex retorted.


“That’s not the point right now, Alex.  It is way too revealing.”


“Too revealing?  You’re jealous, aren’t you?”


Olivia threw up her hands.  “You don’t get it do you?”


“No, Liv.  You’re the one who doesn’t get it.”


“Oh, I get it all right.  My girlfriend wants to wear a dress made for someone twice her age!”


“What’s your point, Liv?” Alex asked, folding her arms over her chest.


“Alex, my point is…”  She pointed her finger at her face.  “My point is…”  She suddenly pulled Alex to her and ravaged her mouth, running her hands all over her.  “Oh god Alex, I have never been more turned on in my life.”


Alex tried to catch her breath as Olivia pulled aside the material of her dress and hungrily began sucking a nipple.  “Liv…Liv what are you doing?”  Olivia just moaned loudly in response, bracing her hands against Alex’s bare back and taking more of her breast into her mouth before moving on to the other one.


“Olivia…come on.  You’re gonna make me stain the dress!”


Olivia smiled up at her.  “Then take it off.”


“Liv…we shouldn’t do this right here.”


Olivia looked at her with a feral lust in her eyes.  “Please Alex?”


Alex sighed.  She took the dress off and carefully hung it on the back of the door.  Olivia picked Alex up and threw her legs around her waist.  Invading her mouth again, she began pumping her fingers hard and fast into her.  “Oh fuck, Liv!  Fuck!  Fuck!”


“Shh,” Olivia whispered.  She pumped a few more times and Alex came hard against her hand.  Olivia’s body began shuddering in response.  Her knees went weak and she fell to the floor with Alex.


“Oh god,” Olivia gasped on top of her.  “It’s a good thing I already picked out my dress!”


Alex smiled and quipped, “You may wanna buy another pair of panties while we’re in the store.”  

Olivia slowly got off her and let Alex get dressed again.  Straightening out her clothes, Alex asked, “So are we good, Liv?  You won’t pitch another fit about this dress?”


Olivia smirked.  “Only because I get so incredibly turned on seeing you in it.” 


Alex shook her head and rolled her eyes.  “That’s an understatement.”  Olivia chuckled and they headed to the register.