Chapter 39:  Double Trouble

“Liv, does this look ok?” Alex asked, twirling around.


Olivia groaned and rolled her eyes.  “Yes, Alex.  So did the last five outfits.  Come on.  Kathy and El are gonna be here any minute now.”


“But I still have to get dressed and do my makeup!” Alex exclaimed, wiggling out of the outfit.


Olivia shook her head.  “No.  No, no, no, no, no.  It takes you ten hours to do your makeup!”


“Oh, stop exaggerating, Liv.  Besides, it’s Christmas Eve.  I just wanna look nice for you.”


Olivia sighed.  “Alex, you do look nice—just the way you are.”


Alex smirked.  “Well, I’m in nothing but my underwear right now.  Do you want me to go to the restaurant like this?”


Olivia grinned.  “Well…”


Alex cut her off.  “Don’t even.”


Finally, Alex settled on a red cashmere sweater, low-rise dark wash jeans, and chocolate-colored sheepskin boots.  She topped it off with M.A.C.’s “Humid” eye shadow (a shimmering green frost), “Silverstroke” liquid eyeliner, and “Russian Red” lipglass.  “Is this festive enough?” Alex asked, smiling.


Olivia smiled and her mouth dropped open in awe.  “Wow.  You look really nice, babe.”


“See, I told you all the time was worth it,” Alex said, screwing the top back on her lipglass and throwing it and her compact in her purse.


Olivia stared at her lips.  “That lip gloss is fantastic.  Your lips look so kissable.”


Alex’s mouth dropped open in shock.  “Liv!  It’s called lipglass!”


Olivia held up her hands.  “Whoa, ok.  Lipglass, sweetie.  Is the eye shadow still called eye shadow or does it have a strange name, too?”


Alex laughed and swatted her on the arm.  “You’re silly.”


Olivia smirked.  “Well, personally, I think M.A.C. is silly for giving their makeup such weird names.  Whoever thought to call lip gloss lipglass?”


“Hey, now.  It’s not just lipglass.  There’s also lustreglass and plushglass.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Oh boy.”


Alex smiled and looked Olivia over again appreciatively.  “You know, we could be mistaken for twins.”


“I don’t see how.”


“Well, we both have on red sweaters and dark blue jeans,” Alex explained simply.


Smirking, Olivia quipped, “Except I’m missing the blonde hair, eye stuff, and liplust…or whatever it’s called.”


Alex giggled.  “Lipglass, Liv.”  She took it out of her purse.  “Come on, I wanna see how this looks on you.”


Olivia held up her hands and backed away.  “No, no.  It’s too shiny.”


Alex pouted.  “Pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Liv.  With whipped cream and a cherry on top?”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “You promise?”


Alex shrugged.  “If you want.  But only if you let me put some on you.”  Olivia still held a look of reservation.  “Come on, baby.  I’ll only put a little.  I promise.”


Olivia sighed.  “Fine, just a little.”


Alex uncapped the tube and started to wipe the brush on the edge when Olivia surprised her by pressing her lips hard against hers.  “Liv!  You messed mine up!” Alex exclaimed, frowning and reapplying her lipglass.


Olivia rubbed her lips together and then smacked them loudly.  “There.  I knocked out two birds with one stone—I got my kiss and I saved you the effort of having to put it on me.”


Alex shook her head and laughed.  “You know, Liv, that color does look nice on you.”  Just then, the buzzer went off.  Alex buzzed Elliot and Kathy in the gates and then ran to grab her coat and purse.  “Come on, Liv!  We don’t wanna be late!”


Olivia smirked.  “Oh, so now you’re worried about being late.” 


Alex rolled her eyes and pulled her down the stairs.  “Come on, come on.”


When they got outside, Elliot looked the girls up and down and smiled.  “Well, well.  Double trouble.”


Kathy smiled, too.  “You guys should dress for twin day next semester.”


Olivia rolled her eyes and held open the car door for Alex.  “Hey now, don’t encourage her.”


Once they had arrived and been seated at the restaurant, Olivia reached down and squeezed Alex’s hand.  Alex smiled and laid her head on her shoulder.  “Aww, Elliot!  Aren’t they the cutest couple ever?” Kathy gushed.


Elliot wrapped his arm around Kathy’s shoulders and replied, “Hey, Kathy.  I thought that title was reserved for us.”


Kathy smiled up at him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.  “Ok, then.  Second to us.”


The waiter came by to take everyone’s order.  As they were waiting on their food, Kathy complimented Alex on her appearance.  “Wow, Alex.  Your makeup is gorgeous!  How long did it take you to do it?”


“Too long,” Olivia interjected.  “I was tempted to take her whole supply of M.A.C. and throw it out the window.”


Alex looked at Olivia and gasped.  “And then someone would’ve been very unlucky this Christmas.”


Kathy giggled and Elliot smirked.  “Um yeah, Liv.  You may want to reconsider your statements in the future,” he advised.  “God knows mine have gotten me into plenty of trouble with Kathy before.”


Olivia turned from Elliot to look at Alex.  “You don’t really mean that.”


“Try me,” Alex shot back, folding her arms.


“Baby, you know I was just kidding,” Olivia said, tugging on an arm to try to uncross them.  She scooted closer to Alex and wrapped her arms around her waist.  “I love you,” she said, nuzzling her face against her neck.  She reached up and was able to successfully pull Alex’s arms apart this time.  Alex scooted away a little farther but Olivia grabbed her hand.  “Come on, Alikins.  Don’t be like that.  It’s Christmas Eve.”  She tickled her stomach gently, and as hard as Alex tried not to laugh, she couldn’t hold out any longer.  Olivia saw her chance and quickly turned Alex’s chin toward her, kissing her on the lips.


“Aww!” Elliot and Kathy exclaimed in unison as Elliot took a picture with his camera.


Olivia smiled happily.  “Hey, I want a copy of that picture.”


“Me too,” Alex echoed.


Elliot smiled.  “I’ll email you both after I get home.”


After a few more minutes of chatting, Alex’s stomach growled.  Olivia smiled and commented, “Well, well.  Looks like someone’s tummy is impatient.”  She smirked and then added, “As usual.”


Alex shoved her shoulder.  “Hey, it’s your fault you didn’t feed me before we left!” she teased.


“That’s because I couldn’t drag you out of the bathroom long enough!” Olivia replied.  Alex giggled and stuck her tongue out at her.


Twenty minutes later, the waiter returned with Olivia, Kathy, and Elliot’s entrées.  Sympathizing with the fact that Alex’s food had not yet arrived, Olivia twirled some of her shrimp and scallop alfredo around her fork and fed it to Alex.  Wiping her mouth, Alex exclaimed, “Mmm!  That’s really good, Liv!  Maybe I should’ve ordered that.  Then it would be here by now.”


Olivia reached over and rubbed her tummy.  “Aww, sweetie, I’m sure your food will be here soon.”


“But I’m hungry,” Alex whined.


Olivia gave her a kiss on the cheek and fed her more of her pasta.  “I know, sweetie.  I know.”


When the waiter finally arrived with her chicken alfredo pizza, Alex immediately reached for a slice.  “Ow!” she said, burning her fingers against the hot crust.


“Careful, sweetie,” Olivia cautioned, taking the fingers and planting a kiss on them.


“Alex, there’s no way you can eat that whole thing!” Kathy exclaimed, staring at the size of the pizza in disbelief.


Olivia smirked.  “You haven’t seen her eat, have you?”


“Hey!” Alex said, pushing Olivia’s shoulder.  She took a slice of her pizza and placed it on Olivia’s plate.  Then turning to Kathy and Elliot, she asked, “You guys want a slice?”


Elliot shook his head and waved his hand.  “Nah, I’m all right.”


“Me too,” Kathy declined politely.


All three of them watched amazed as Alex wolfed down slice after slice.  “Wow, Liv.  And I thought you ate a lot,” Elliot said with a laugh.


Olivia reached for another slice of pizza.  “Alex here can certainly give me a run for my money.”


Alex shrugged and replied, “What can I say?  I’m a growing girl.”  Olivia pinched her cheek, causing her to giggle.  “Stop, Liv!  You’re gonna make me choke!”


The waiter returned to their table a few minutes later.  “Would any of you like to order dessert?” he asked.


“What’s the most popular one?” Alex inquired.


“The tiramisu is definitely the most popular choice.  And I can assure you that it is absolutely exquisite,” he answered.


Olivia rubbed her nose against Alex’s cheek.  “Just like you.”


Alex blushed and told the waiter, “Sure then.  We’ll take a slice.”


“We’ll have one, too,” Elliot told the waiter.


Olivia shook her head after the waiter left.  “Alex, how can you fit anything else in that little tummy?” she asked in wonder.


Alex kissed her on the cheek and said, “Trust me.  I always have room left for dessert.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “That’s always good to hear.”


Elliot and Kathy exchanged glances.  “Oh boy,” Elliot began.


Olivia gave him a look.  “Don’t even.”


When the waiter returned with their tiramisu, Alex excitedly dug her fork into it.  “Mmm…” she moaned, savoring the delicate layers.


Olivia dug in, too.  “Mmm…I agree, Alex.  This is divine.”


“Definitely.  This is better than sex!” Alex exclaimed.  Olivia cocked her head and gave her a look.  “Almost,” Alex amended.


Kathy snickered and Elliot almost choked on his forkful of tiramisu.  Olivia told Alex, “Don’t push it.”


After they had been given their checks, Olivia threw money on the table.  Alex shoved her money back toward her.  “No, no, no, Liv.  I got it.”


“No, Alex.  I wanted to do something special for you tonight.  It’s my treat,” Olivia protested, pushing the money forward again.


Alex stilled Olivia’s hand.  “Sweetie, trust me.  You already have done so many special things for me.”  Looking into Olivia’s eyes, she fingered her necklace and smiled.  “I want to treat you tonight.”


Olivia still shook her head.  “No, sweetie.  You can pay next time.  Just let me get this tonight.”


Alex gave her a look.  “Olivia, if you don’t let me pay for dinner, I am cutting you off both tonight and tomorrow.”  Olivia quickly drew her hand back as Kathy and Elliot’s mouths dropped open.


Alex grinned and turned to Kathy and Elliot.  “See, I knew that would do it,” Alex said smugly, throwing her own cash onto the table.  Olivia just blushed.


When the waiter returned to collect their money, Elliot asked, “Hey, you think you could get a picture of all of us?”


“Sure,” he replied, smiling.  “Ok, everyone.  Smile big.”  Alex wrapped her arm around Olivia’s waist as Kathy wrapped hers around Elliot’s.  The waiter took the picture and gave Elliot back his camera.  “Ok, there you go.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening.”


The four of them got up and walked out hand in hand with their dates.  Olivia pulled Alex close to her and softly kissed her lips.  “Thanks for dinner, gorgeous.”


“It was my pleasure,” Alex replied, rubbing her nose against Olivia’s.


Once they were in the car, Elliot asked, “So what do you girls have planned for the night?”  Seeing them give each other knowing smiles through his rearview mirror, he added, “And keep the details clean please.”


Alex shrugged.  “I dunno.  We both promised we’d let the other open up one gift at midnight.  But I dunno what we’ll do in the meantime.”


Olivia smiled.  “We could watch ‘Home Alone.’  I used to watch it every Christmas when I was little, but I haven’t seen it in a few years.”


Alex returned her smile warmly.  “That sounds like fun, Liv.”


“Cool,” Elliot responded.


“What are you and Kathy gonna do?” Olivia asked.


Elliot shrugged.  “Oh…I dunno.  Sit around and twiddle our thumbs, I guess, because Kathy is refusing to let me open any of her gifts until the morning.  And unlike you guys, Kathy’s parents won’t let me spend the night.  Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian.”  Everyone in the car laughed.


“Oh, come on, El,” Kathy said, laying a hand on his arm.  “I’ll be over tomorrow morning.  And I promise you the gifts will be well worth the wait.”


Elliot turned his head and smiled at her.  “Ok, if you say so.”


They drove on in happy silence.  Alex laid her head in Olivia’s lap and Olivia sifted her hands through her soft blonde locks.  Elliot looked through his rearview mirror and joked, “Hey, hey!  None of that now.”  Both Alex and Olivia giggled.


When they arrived back at Alex’s house, Olivia opened the car door for Alex and said, “Tonight was a lotta fun, guys.  We’ll have to do it again sometime.”


Kathy smiled and nodded.  “Yeah, definitely.  You girls have a Merry Christmas!”


“You too,” Alex and Olivia said simultaneously.


Elliot looked at Olivia and smiled, glad that for the first time, she would experience true joy on Christmas.  The love and happiness that she had as a result of Alex emanated from her pores and gave Olivia an aura that he had never seen before.  “Merry Christmas, you two,” he said warmly.


“Merry Christmas,” the girls said in unison again as they waved and turned to walk into the house.




When the clock struck midnight, Alex ran across the room and got one of her presents for Olivia from under their Christmas tree (even though there was a huge tree downstairs, Alex had insisted a few days prior that they get one of their own and decorate it in her room).  Olivia’s whole face lit up and Alex couldn’t help to think that she looked just like a small child on Christmas morning.  As Olivia ripped through the layers of wrapping paper on her bed, Alex snapped several pictures.  When Olivia finally got to the present, she carefully pulled it out and grinned from ear to ear.  “Alex!  It’s gorgeous!” she breathed, openly admiring the smooth black leather jacket. 


Alex beamed, taking another picture.  “Glad you like it.” 


Olivia looked up at her.  “Like it?  I love it!”  She deeply inhaled the scent of the fresh leather before excitedly pulling it on.  Standing up, she turned around for Alex.  “How does it look?”


Of course, Alex captured this moment as well.  “Perfect.  No one has ever looked hotter in leather than you do right now.”


“Aw, thanks,” Olivia replied, running her hands over a sleeve.


Alex grinned.  “Does it fit ok?”


Olivia nodded.  “Fits perfectly.”  Grinning, she walked over to Alex and pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss.  “Thank you so much, sweetie.”


“You’re very welcome.”  Pulling out of Olivia’s embrace and taking her hand, Alex jumped up and down a little.  “Now where’s mine?” she asked impatiently.


Olivia smirked and went over to get a package from under the Christmas tree.  She smiled while Alex carefully opened the present.  Olivia had the camera ready to capture the priceless look on Alex’s face when she discovered that her present was Tweety Bird flannel pajamas.  Alex jumped up and down and squealed.  Then she jumped on Olivia and threw her legs around her waist.  “Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”


Olivia grinned and rubbed her back.  “You’re welcome.  Now get down and try them on before you cut off the circulation around my waist.”


Alex giggled and jumped back down.  Quickly throwing off her clothes, she pulled on her new Tweety pajamas.  “They’re fantastic, Liv!”  She gave her a loud kiss on the lips.  “And warm,” she said, smiling and rubbing her cheek against a sleeve.


“Come on.  Let’s get a picture in our new gifts,” Olivia suggested.


They snuggled in close to each other and grinned as Olivia held the camera out to take a picture of them.  She got another when Alex wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her on the cheek.  “What do you say we call it a night?  Breakfast is at 8:00 sharp and trust me, with everything going on tomorrow you won’t be able to get anymore sleep,” Alex suggested.


Olivia nodded and replied, “That sounds like a plan.”  She took off her jacket and carefully folded it back up.  Then she stripped off all her clothes and got in bed right next to Alex.  “Mmm…” she mumbled, nuzzling her face against Alex’s pajamas.  “These feel so soft against my skin.”  She wrapped her arms around Alex and held her tightly.


“I love you, Livvie.”


“I love you too, Alikins.” 


The girls went to sleep, but Alex woke up in a couple hours.  There was something she needed to do.  Being extra careful not to wake Olivia, she slowly wiggled her way out of her arms and tiptoed across the room to pick up her camera and one of her presents for her.  Deciding not to use the desktop computer in her room for fear it would wake Olivia, she grabbed her laptop and tiptoed to the computer room downstairs.  She plugged her laptop up to the printer and then began uploading the newest pictures from the camera.  Checking her email, she was pleased that Elliot indeed remembered to send the photos from their double date.  Pulling out some glossy photo paper, she placed it into the paper tray and then began printing out all the photos.  Stifling a giggle, she excitedly began adding the newest additions to the scrapbook and writing out captions.


About 45 minutes later, she cleaned up her mess of glue, glitter, paint, colored paper, and various other art supplies, then she rewrapped the scrapbook.  Sneaking back up to her room, she silently placed the gift back under the tree and went over to look out the window.  The snow was falling pretty heavily.  She smiled and pressed her hand up against the glass.  Looks like we’ll have a white Christmas after all, she thought as she walked over to her bed and snuggled up to Olivia again.