Chapter 40:  Worth a Thousand Words

After breakfast with her family, Alex grabbed their coats and dragged Olivia out into the snow.  “Alex…it’s cold!  Can’t I open the rest of my presents first?” Olivia whined.


Alex pinched her cheek.  “In due time, Liv.  In due time.”  She bent down to gather up some snow in her gloved hands and shaped it into a nice ball.  Then she smiled wickedly at Olivia.


Olivia shook her head.  “No.  Oh no.  Alex, if you throw that at me, I will—”  Her words were cut off as Alex aimed the snowball straight at her and let it loose.  It landed with a thud right against her chest.  “Alex!” Olivia exclaimed, brushing the snow off her chest.


Alex giggled and bent down to make an even larger snowball.  But Olivia beat her to it.  Alex was just about to stand up when she felt the hard force of the snowball against her butt.  She rubbed the large wet spot on the back of her jeans and frowned.  “Liv!  You hit me right in the ass!  Now my pants are all wet!”


Olivia snickered and replied, “Serves you right.”  She patted together another snowball and threw it at Alex’s arm. 


“Hey!” Alex protested.  “I still haven’t had time to recover from the last shot!”


Olivia grinned.  “Too bad,” she responded, pelting her with yet another snowball.  She then went off a little farther to find a better patch of snow.


Alex ran behind a tree to gather up her ammunition.  Peeking her head around the side, she saw Olivia with a hand raised, grinning wickedly.  Before Olivia could release the snow in her hand, Alex had let hers go and it landed hard against Olivia’s crotch.  “Bullseye!” Alex said, jumping up and down and clapping.


“Oh no!  Now you’ve gone too far, Alex!  That area was off limits!”


“Oh really?  I didn’t see a sign,” Alex taunted with a smug grin.


Olivia chased her around with the snow still in her hand until she caught up to her.  Pulling on the back of Alex’s coat, she shoved the snow down the back of her sweater.  Alex let out a scream as she began frantically trying to shake the snow out.  Olivia doubled over with laughter.  “Oh, how I wish I had my camera now!”


Alex frowned.  “Liv, it’s not funny!”


Olivia wiped tears from her eyes.  “Oh, it’s so completely funny.”  Olivia turned around to make another snowball when she felt Alex’s weight against her back.  “Come on, Al!  Get off!”


“Not before I do this!” Alex shouted, taking the snow from Olivia’s hand and shoving it into her bra.  This time it was Olivia’s turn to scream.  Alex jumped down off her back and stuck her tongue out at her.  “Not laughing so hard now, are we?”


“Alex!  My boobies!  They’re all wet!”


Alex smirked.  “Won’t be the first time.”  Olivia gasped and Alex pulled up her sweater to survey the damage.  She lifted up the bottom of her bra and shook the snow out.  “There.  Now they’ll dry faster.”


Olivia frowned.  “Allllllll!  You made the pokies cold,” she whined.  Then slowly a smile began to creep across her face.  “And for that I will have to exact revenge.”  She tackled an unsuspecting Alex to the ground and shoved snow in her face.  They rolled around for a few minutes before Olivia trapped Alex underneath her and shoved more snow in her face.


Alex spit snow out her mouth and demanded, “Stop, Liv!  Right now!”  She picked up a handful of snow beside her and rubbed it in Olivia’s face and hair as retaliation.  However, Olivia would not be deterred.  Delighted at still having Alex pinned underneath her, she started scooping up armfuls of snow and piling them on Alex’s chest despite her adamant protests.  “Liv?  What the hell are you doing?  Liv, stop!”  Alex flung another handful of snow at Olivia’s face but that only threw her off momentarily before she started piling on snow again.  Alex managed to grab some of the snow off her chest and shove it in Olivia’s underwear.


Olivia cringed and started wiggling around.  “Ack!  Cold, cold!  Alex, you don’t play fair!  Keep the snow away from my nether regions!”


Alex giggled.  “Hey!  I’m the one who’s buried in snow!  I deserve to play dirty!” 


After many more minutes of wrestling with each other in the snow, the girls finally decided to call a truce.  “Alex, as much as I loved seeing the look on your face when I almost buried you in snow, I did not love having snow shoved in the crack of my ass or in other more, um…sensitive areas which shall remain nameless.  Truce?”


Alex sat up and brushed the snow off her cheeks, which were rosy not just from the exhaustion of trying to escape Olivia but also from the cold wetness of the ice.  “Yeah, truce.  Now help me out of this snowy grave before I freeze to death.”


Olivia giggled and started quickly pushing the snow off her.  “But we didn’t get to build our snow woman!”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Liv, you almost made me into one!”  Of course, this just made Olivia laugh harder.


The girls trudged back into the house, cold and ringing wet.  Mrs. Cabot looked at them as if they had lost their minds.  “Girls!  Heavens!  You two get out of those wet clothes right now before you catch pneumonia!  I’ll have some hot chocolate waiting for you when you come down.”


“I’d like extra marshmallows, please!” Olivia called as she headed up the stairs to Alex’s room.


“No, Mom!  She doesn’t deserve them after what she did to me in the snow!” Alex protested.  Her mother just shook her head and returned to the kitchen.


Olivia stripped off her wet clothes and began drying off.  Alex quickly followed suit.  Smiling slyly, she went over to Olivia and wrapped herself in Olivia’s towel.  “You know, you look really hot right now,” Alex said, pressing her body against Olivia’s and running her fingers over a breast.


Olivia smirked.  “Well, thanks to your crazy idea to play in the snow, I’m actually very cold.”


“Then let me warm you up some,” Alex said huskily, gently kissing Olivia’s lips.  She slid her hand down to caress a hip as Olivia deepened the kiss.


“Mmm…that feels good, Alex,” Olivia mumbled.


Alex moved down her body and took an erect nipple into her mouth.  “I can’t believe they’re still hard after all this time,” Alex mumbled against her breast.


Olivia smirked again.  “They’re not hard.  They’re frozen.”  She moaned as Alex began sucking.  “Harder, Alex.”  As Alex sucked her breast harder, Olivia tangled her hands in her hair and closed her eyes.  Just as Olivia felt a distinct wetness beginning to spread between her legs, she felt Alex pull back. 


“Come on, Liv.  We’d better get dressed and go back downstairs or else the cocoa will get cold.”


“Alex, it’s not nice to tease me on Christmas,” Olivia whined.


Alex smiled and stroked her cheek.  “Don’t think of it as teasing, think of it as an appetizer before the main course arrives.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “Well, in that case, let’s hurry downstairs!”  She threw on fresh clothes and was out the door well before Alex.


As they sat in front of the fireplace sipping their hot chocolate, Olivia stated, “After this we get to open up my presents.”


 “Liv, you’re like a five-year-old.”  Alex smiled and added, “But in a cute way.”  She took her spoon and dipped it into Olivia’s hot chocolate to retrieve a couple marshmallows.


“Hey!” Olivia protested.  “You cheated!  You have your own.”


“I know.  But I wanted one of yours,” Alex responded.


Olivia couldn’t help but smile at Alex.  As Alex sipped her hot chocolate, a warm flush spread across her pale cheeks, making them look especially lively.  “I love you, Alex.  Even if you do shove snow up my ass and steal my marshmallows.”


Alex grinned.  “I love you too, Liv.  Merry Christmas.”


“Merry Christmas to you too, babe.”


After finishing their hot chocolate, the girls went back upstairs to Alex’s room.  “Ready to open up your presents now?” Alex asked with a grin.


“Boy, am I ever!” Olivia replied, rubbing her hands together excitedly.


“You’re so cute,” Alex cooed, pinching her cheek.  She went over and picked up a small box then handed it to Olivia.  “Go ahead.  Open it.” 


Olivia unwrapped it to find a jewelry case.  She gasped.  “Alex…you didn’t have to get me any jewelry.”


Alex smiled.  “Just open it, silly.”


Olivia opened up the case and gasped louder.  She carefully lifted out a necklace that held a gold plate with a strange inscription.  Olivia sounded it out.  “Ab-hay-a.  What’s it mean?”


“The jeweler told me that in Sanskrit it means ‘fearlessness.’  I just thought about how you’d struggled with the whole sexuality thing, and I’d been looking for something to show you how proud I was of you.  And I saw this and thought, ‘Perfect.’  What you did took a lot of courage.  I know you’ve taken a lot of risks by being open about your love for me, and I don’t want you to think I took it all for granted.  I’m not saying this will always be easy and there are bound to be some roadblocks along the way, but I don’t want anything to ever come between us again.  But you’re human and I don’t expect you to be perfect.  I know there will be times when coming out to certain people may shake you up a little, but I believe you’re strong enough to overcome those fears.  I want you to wear this whenever you get scared about anything—not just being gay—as a reminder that fear is the enemy and you can beat it.”


By the time Alex had finished her speech, Olivia had tears in her eyes.  She put the necklace on and wrapped Alex in a warm embrace.  Then she pulled back and studied Alex’s face.  “Alex, this is beautiful.  And I want you to know that I’m gonna stand by you, no matter what comes along.  What we have is so special and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  I made the mistake of letting you go before and the pain and misery I felt as a result were nothing compared to any insecurities I had about being out.  Sweetie, other than you, this is the most precious gift I’ve ever received!  Thank you.”


Alex smiled.  “You’re welcome.  But don’t speak so soon.  You still have a few left.”


Olivia smiled broadly in return.  “Baby, you’re spoiling me.”


Alex kissed the tip of her nose.  “You deserve to be spoiled.  God knows you spoil me enough.”


Olivia draped her arms over Alex’s shoulders.  “But I like pampering you.”


Alex grinned.  “Speaking of pampering,” Alex said as she went over to pick up another gift from under the tree.  “Here’s another present just waiting to be opened.”  She gave Olivia a wink.


Olivia unwrapped the present to find that it was a set of massage oils.  She waggled her eyebrows.  “Well, these most certainly look interesting.”


“The best part about them is that they’re flavored.  Oh, and that they warm to the touch.  Maybe later on tonight we can try them out,” Alex suggested, smiling slyly.


Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist and kissed her in response.  “Sounds tempting.  I think the pokies will enjoy them.” 


“I think so, too,” Alex replied, giving her another kiss before handing her another present.  “Come on, open it up!”


Olivia opened the box to reveal a Bath and Body Works set of “Winter Candy Apple” body lotion, shower gel, and body splash.  She sprayed some of the body splash in the air and sniffed.  “Mmm…this smells so good, Alex!”


“Well, I couldn’t decide between that and Vanilla Bean Noel at first.  But in the end I liked the scent of Winter Candy Apple the best,” Alex replied.


“Great choice,” Olivia said, smiling.  “I absolutely adore Bath and Body Works.”


“Thanks,” Alex responded, going over to get Olivia’s next present.  “Well, I know how much you love CSI, so…”


Olivia grinned at Alex and then excitedly ripped off the wrapping paper.  “Oh my god!” she screamed.  “You got me the fifth season!”  She held the box of DVDs in her hand and squealed.


“Hehe, now you sound like me, Liv,” Alex teased.


“Alex, we have to go watch these right now!” Olivia exclaimed, running over to the DVD changer.


“Hold on a sec, Liv.  There’s one more gift you might wanna look at first.”  She gently took the DVD set out of Olivia’s hands and replaced it with her last present.  “Be careful when you unwrap it, though, because some parts of it are pretty delicate.”


Olivia sat down on Alex’s bed and carefully unwrapped the present.  Her face lit up in wonder when she discovered that it was a scrapbook.  “Alex…you made me a scrapbook?  Gosh, I’ve never had one before.”  Her eyes filled with tears again as she ran her fingers over the orange and white striped fabric cover.  In the middle was a picture of them with their arms wrapped around each other inside a large basketball cutout, which was positioned directly over a white mesh net.  At the top of the white backboard in large black calligraphy was written “Alex & Olivia.”  Smaller basketball cutouts as well as cutouts of pompoms, megaphones, and jerseys also graced the cover of the scrapbook.  “Aww, this is so cute, Alex!  I’ve never seen something this creative!”


“Yeah, I thought it would be nice if you had even more pictures to add to your late-night collection,” Alex teased. 


Olivia giggled.  “Where’d you get the little cutouts?” she asked, running her hands over them.


“Michael’s,” Alex replied, smiling.


Olivia grinned and opened it up.  On the first page, written in storybook fashion, was a little story about the two of them.  The “O” in “once” was written in huge storybook lettering.  “Once upon a time, a blue-eyed blonde and a brown-eyed brunette fell hopelessly in love with each other.  The blonde was a cheerleader named Alex and the brunette was a basketball star named Olivia.  The chivalrous brunette always carried the blonde’s books to class and impressed her by shooting hoops—both on and off the court.  The two lovers embarked on many adventures together and slew any formidable opponents that dared encroach upon their star-crossed path.  Their journey of conquering the world is preserved here for all eternity.”  Olivia felt tears begin to fall from her eyes and hugged Alex to her chest.  On the two following pages were short histories of each of the girls, complete with pictures from various stages in their lives.  Olivia was surprised when she saw photos of both herself and Alex as toddlers.  “Alex, I can’t believe Mom gave you the photo of me naked in the backyard!  I’m gonna kill her when she gets here!”


Alex gave her a smug grin.  “I told you I’d get her to show it to me.  But don’t complain.  I put the picture of me naked with Santa in there as consolation.”


Olivia laughed.  “This is true.”


On the next page, there was a movie stub from their first date together as well as two little bikinis Alex had cut out of fabrics that bore striking resemblances to the real ones they’d worn that day.  All their other dates were commemorated throughout the scrapbook in some special way as well.  Their “adventures” included both these official dates and private moments they spent in each other’s company.  Headings for each “adventure” were written at the top of its respective page in metallic glitter glue and the pages were decorated with cutouts related to the event.


As Olivia flipped through the pages, she saw all the rest of the pictures of them.  Each photo was accompanied by its own caption.  Among them were pictures of Olivia’s shots from basketball games, Alex cheerleading, homecoming, Thanksgiving, and photo strips from the fair.  Olivia laughed when she saw the two of them gathered around their heart-shaped brownie, horseback riding, and decorating the Christmas tree; Alex had even attached a little whip to the horseback riding page!  There were also several individual photos that they had taken of each other.  “Aww, these are from last night!” Olivia exclaimed happily as she came across the last pages.  “This is definitely the most precious gift now!  It’s so beautiful and sentimental and…God, I love you so much, Alex,” Olivia cried, engulfing Alex’s mouth in a fiery, loving kiss.


Alex mumbled against her mouth, “If I knew making you a scrapbook would get me kissed like that, then I’d make you one every day.” 


Olivia responded by kissing her harder.  When she finally broke the kiss, she wiped away stray tears and said, “Alex, it’s not nice to make me cry on Christmas.  Even if it is for a good cause.”


Alex smiled and kissed her tear-streaked cheeks.  “I love you, sweetie.”


“Thank you so much, Alex.  Words cannot express how much this means to me.  How long did it take you to make?”


Alex shrugged.  “A few days.  Then I finished it last night.”


Olivia wrinkled her forehead in confusion.  “When?”


Alex grinned.  “When you were fast asleep.  Had to add the latest additions.”


Olivia smiled and kissed her again.  “And I’m glad you did.”  She carefully placed the scrapbook on the bed and then took Alex’s hand.  “Come on.  You still need to open your gifts.”


They sat down under the Christmas tree and Alex began tearing open gifts, slinging wrapping paper everywhere.  Olivia ducked.  “Careful, sweetie,” she laughed.


Alex’s gifts from Olivia consisted of Dolce and Gabbana’s “Light Blue” perfume and body cream, a brown sweater from Express, a Sephora lip gloss set, and Sephora’s Hot Cocoa shampoo.  Alex closed her eyes and deeply inhaled the delicious scent of the shampoo.  “Ooh, I’ve always wanted to try this one!”


Olivia smiled.  “I thought maybe you could mix it with the strawberry-scented one.”


Alex grinned.  “Ooh, strawberries and chocolate.  I like.”  Then brushing a finger down her lips, she said, “You know…they aren’t just shampoos.  You can also use them to shower and take bubble baths with.  What do ya say we take a chocolate bubble bath together?”


“I say that sounds like a plan,” Olivia replied, smiling sweetly.


Alex jumped on Olivia and wrapped her in a tight hug, knocking her backwards on the floor.  “Thank you so much for everything, Liv.  I love it all!”


Olivia gave her a big kiss on the cheek.  “What do ya say we go downstairs and open up your presents from your family?”


Alex smiled.  “I have all the presents I need right here,” she said, wrapping her arms around Olivia’s neck.


Olivia grinned and ruffled her hair.  “That’s sweet, Al.  But I think your parents would be a tad bit offended if you just discarded theirs without so much as a word.”


Alex laughed and rolled her eyes, pulling Olivia up off the floor.  “Ok, then.  Come on.  I know Mom got you a few presents, too.  Speaking of moms, when is yours coming?”


Olivia brushed some ribbon off her jeans and followed Alex out.  “She should be here by three.”


“Are you guys gonna exchange gifts then?”


“Yeah.  She told me she has something for your mom, too.”


“Cool,” Alex responded.


After Olivia had opened up her gifts from Madeline and Alex had opened up all hers from her family and exchanged presents with them, the girls went back upstairs.  “You know, Alex.  Your folks are probably gonna think we’re antisocial.”


Alex grinned.  “It’s ok.  We’ll see them at dinner.”  She pulled Olivia to her in a deep kiss.  “I’d much rather be social with you,” she said, pulling back and brushing Olivia’s hair back behind her ears.


For some reason, it was with that simple touch that Olivia felt her insides melt.  She stared at the imperial features of Alex’s face, her blonde hair spilling around her shoulders gracefully and ethereally, and felt tears prick the back of her eyes.  “What’s wrong, Liv?” Alex asked as Olivia felt the intense emotion overwhelm her and the tears spilled forth down her cheeks.


Olivia stumbled over her words.  “I…it’s just…I…”


Alex wrapped her in a warm hug.  “It’s ok, sweetie.”


Olivia pulled back and gushed, “It’s just that sometimes I look at you and…and…you—your beauty—just seems so surreal.  Like you’re a vision and if I blink, you’ll be gone.  I have to ask myself what I did to deserve such a precious gift.  I know this sounds so cliché, but it really does seem like you were sent from above.”


Alex was clearly moved by the depth of the raw emotion that Olivia showed in not just her eyes but her voice as well.  She didn’t even notice that her own tears had started to fall until she felt Olivia’s hand brush the side of her face.  “Liv…I-I don’t know what to say to that.  It’s so beautiful.”


Olivia gently brushed her lips across Alex’s.  “You don’t have to say anything.  Just kiss me.”


“Gladly,” Alex replied as she began kissing and undressing Olivia.  Olivia did the same to her.  Lying on their sides facing each other, they dipped their fingers into the other’s sex and began making slow, passionate love.  Their lovemaking was gentle and sweet, with each altering the rhythm and speed of their fingers to be in sync with the other.  Their plan was to achieve orgasm together, and each tried hard to contain their impulses until it was time.


Alex closed her eyes momentarily but Olivia forced her to open them again.  “No, sweetie.  I want us to be looking in each other’s eyes when we come.”


After a few more minutes, with a silent signal from their eyes, they came together.  Holding each other as their orgasms rippled through their bodies, Alex and Olivia tried to slow down their ragged breathing.  “I wish we could just lie here all day,” Alex said happily, tracing a line down Olivia’s jaw with her fingertip. 


Olivia sighed and smiled.  “Me, too.  Come on.  Let’s take a nap while we still have some time to kill.”


They happily fell asleep in each other’s arms, their hearts beating together.  They didn’t awaken until they heard Alex’s father knocking on the door.  “Girls?  Come downstairs.  Olivia’s mother is here.”


Alex scrambled out of bed and started throwing her clothes back on while Olivia quickly followed suit.  “Ok, Dad.  Give us a few minutes.  We’ll be right down,” Alex called out.


Olivia grinned at her.  “It’s a good thing you locked your door, huh?”


“I’ll say,” Alex replied, laughing.


After they got downstairs, Olivia and her mother exchanged gifts.  “Have you girls been enjoying yourselves?” Serena asked.


Alex and Olivia looked at each other and smiled.  Turning to Serena, Alex answered, “Well, Olivia enjoyed trying to bury me in the snow earlier.”


Olivia playfully swatted Alex on the arm.  “Hey, you’re the one who threw the first snowball!”


Serena shook her head and laughed.  “Olivia, you’re still roughhousing Alex, I take it?”


Olivia ruffled Alex’s hair and then wrapped her arm around her shoulders, pulling her close.  “She likes it.”


Serena smirked.  “I’m sure she does.  Alex, did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?”


Alex looked at Olivia and smiled before turning to Serena.  “For the most part.  But I was hoping there’d be a new car parked out in the driveway!” Alex replied, raising her voice on the last words so her mother could hear.


Her mother stuck her head out of the kitchen.  “Alex, you know very well that you are not 16 yet.  I promise you there will be one in a few months—when it’s actually your birthday.”  Madeline turned her attention to Serena.  “Serena, could you give me a hand in here?  I have a few more desserts I need to prepare.”


“Sure, Madeline.  I’ll be right there.”  Serena patted Olivia’s hand and then left to go help Madeline in the kitchen, leaving Olivia and Alex on the sofa.


“So what do you wanna do while our moms slave away in the kitchen?” Olivia asked with a smile.


Before Alex could answer, two little blonde-haired girls came running over and jumped onto the sofa with them.  “Alex, come make snow cones with us!” the younger one ordered.


Alex turned to Olivia with a wry smile.  “Well, I guess our decision has been made for us, huh?”  She pulled the younger girl into her lap and introduced her to Olivia first.  “This is my cousin, Sarah.  She’s only 5, but she thinks she’s 25.”  The other little girl climbed into Olivia’s lap and looked up at her with big brown eyes.  “Oh, and that’s Peyton.  She’s 7 and usually the quieter of the two,” Alex explained.


Olivia stroked Peyton’s hair.  “Hi there,” she said softly, smiling down at her.


“Hi.  What’s your name?” Peyton asked.


“It’s Olivia.  But you can call me Liv.”


“Can we go make snow cones now?” Sarah asked impatiently, tugging on Alex’s hair. 


“Yes, we can.  Liv, we’ll be back.  I’m gonna go get cones.”  Alex scooped up Sarah and went into the kitchen to get paper cones and an ice cream scoop.  She came back out and joined Olivia and Peyton over at the coat closet. 


“Do you and Liv have sleepovers?” Sarah asked as Alex helped her into her coat.


Alex looked at Olivia and grinned.  “All the time,” she answered.


“What do you do?” Peyton chimed in.


Alex and Olivia exchanged another amused glance.  “We play lots of games together.  Now come on.  Let’s get outside before the temperature drops even more,” Olivia replied.


Pulling on their own coats, Alex and Olivia slung the girls onto their backs and trekked back out into the whirling snow.


After everyone had filled their cones with snow, they all went back inside to the kitchen.  Pulling out the flavored syrup, Alex asked, “What flavors do you guys want?”


“I want strawberry!” Peyton yelled.


“I’ll take strawberry, too,” Olivia said, smiling.


“I want strawberry and raspberry,” Sarah demanded.


Alex squirted the syrup into each of their cones and then squirted the peach and strawberry into her own.  They all went back into the living room to eat their cones.


“So what’s your favorite toy that Santa brought you today?” Olivia asked the girls.


“My new Bratz runway!” Sarah shouted excitedly.


“I got a new bike!” Peyton said, smiling.


“Awesome,” Olivia replied.


Alex fed Olivia some of her snow cone.  “Not bad,” Olivia said, nodding and wiping her mouth.  “I like the blend of flavors.”


“I wanna try!  I wanna try!” Sarah yelled.  Alex gave both her and Peyton a taste of her snow cone.


As soon as Sarah finished her own snow cone, she grabbed Peyton by the hand.  “Come on, Peyton!  Come play Bratz with me!”


“Ok, but I get to play with Jade this time!” Peyton told her.


“All right, but just for a few minutes!” Sarah conceded.


After the girls had run off to play with their new toys, Alex turned to Olivia and asked, “Do you ever wanna have kids?”


Olivia grinned.  “Why?  Are you offering?”


Alex giggled.  “You’re so silly, Liv.  Seriously, have you ever thought about it?”


Olivia shrugged.  “I’m only 16, Alex.  Haven’t given it much thought at all, actually.  Maybe one day, though.  What about you?”


Alex sighed.  “I dunno.  There are times when I think it’d be great to hear the pitter-patter of little feet running around, but there are others when I don’t know.  Kids are a handful.”


Olivia smiled.  “Yeah, I’m sure you were,” she teased.


“Hey, I wouldn’t talk if I were you.”  Just then, Alex’s stomach growled.


Olivia rolled her eyes and laughed.  “Right on schedule, huh?”


Alex jumped up and grabbed Olivia’s hand.  “Come on.  Let’s go see how dinner’s coming along.  I’m starved!”


“Alex, you just had a snow cone.”


“Yeah, like that put a dent in my appetite!”


When they got in the kitchen, Alex grabbed a chocolate silk tart off a serving tray and took a huge bite.  “Mmm!  These are really good.”


“Thank you, dear.  But you are not to have anymore until after dinner.  You’ll ruin your appetite!” Madeline scolded, handing Olivia one.


“I have to agree with Alex, Mrs. Cabot.  These are delicious!” Olivia complimented her.


Madeline smiled.  “Thank you, Olivia.  But I can’t take all the credit.  Your mom did the decorative icing.”


“Speaking of icing, I only got one with green.  I want a red one like Liv!”


Madeline pushed Alex toward the door.  “Out, you two.”


Once they were outside the kitchen, Olivia fed Alex a bite of her tart.  “Satisfied?” she asked.


Alex nodded.  “Very.”  She fed Olivia a bite of hers in return.  “Let’s go back up to my room.  You know that Godiva Mom got me for Christmas?  Well, they are white chocolate strawberry truffles and trust me, they are orgasmic.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “Well, in that case, I’ll definitely have to try one or two.”


Sitting on her bed, Alex fed Olivia a truffle.  Swirling the strawberry and chocolate filling around on her tongue, Olivia put her hand on the back of Alex’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss, making sure to coat Alex’s tongue with the ganache.  “Mmm…” Alex said in response as she picked up another truffle.  “I wanna do that again and again and again…”


Several minutes later, both girls were lying flat on Alex’s bed.  “Oh god, Liv.  I think my stomach is gonna pop.”


“Ugh, mine too,” Olivia groaned.  “Why’d you let me eat so many?”


“Let you?  Liv, I couldn’t grab the box outta your hands long enough!”


Olivia chuckled.  “I’m not moving until it’s time for dinner.”


“Ditto,” Alex agreed.




After eating dinner and socializing with the relatives, the girls excused themselves.  Olivia took a plate of ham with her up to Alex’s room and munched happily.  “Mmm…you have no idea how much I love honey-baked ham.”


Alex grinned and watched as Olivia ravenously devoured it.  “I think I’ve noticed.  That’s like your fifth slice tonight!”


“Hey, a girl’s gotta eat,” Olivia mumbled through a mouth full of ham.  “But it still doesn’t compare to all your Uncle Bill ate.  Who knew that judges had such voracious appetites?”


“I’ll say.”  Alex suddenly grinned wickedly.  “Hold on a sec.  I need to get something from downstairs and then I promise you I’ll be right back.  Just stay put,” Alex said, running out the door.


When she returned, she had a can of Reddi Wip and some Smuckers caramel topping.  “I know we’ve already had dessert, but I thought we could be each other’s.”  She slowly and seductively stripped off her clothes in front of her.


Olivia licked her lips and put her plate aside before she took off all her clothes as well.  “You can never have too much dessert.”


Alex settled down on her bed and began drizzling caramel over Olivia’s nipples.  She topped it off with spraying whipped cream all over her breasts and drizzling more caramel on top.  “Mmm…Liv.  Your breasts look delicious.  Literally,” Alex said, smiling as she slowly proceeded to lick off the whipped cream and caramel.  When she got to her nipples, she sensually sucked the caramel off them, eliciting several moans of pleasure from Olivia.


Moving down Olivia’s body, she drizzled a trail of caramel down her stomach and licked it off.  Then she sprayed a mountain of whipped cream on top of her center.  Inside her folds, she poured more caramel.  Olivia’s moans became louder as Alex licked off the caramel and whipped cream before plunging her tongue deep inside and making love to her warm core.  She temporarily ceased her actions to tease Olivia’s clit with the caramel and her tongue, but she discontinued her sucking when she felt Olivia was close to orgasm.


“Please…please, Alex.  I need to come,” Olivia begged.


“In due time,” Alex promised, smiling up at her.  Bracing her hands against Olivia’s hips, she plunged her tongue inside once more and resumed her thrusting and turning.  It wasn’t long before she felt Olivia’s hands tighten in her hair and her muscles clench around her tongue as her orgasm hit her hard.  Alex bathed her sex thoroughly with her tongue and then firmly stroked it with her fingers until she felt the violent waves of another orgasm rack Olivia’s body.  Tiny beads of cold sweat had formed all over Olivia.  Olivia pulled Alex up her body to kiss her, sucking the salty sweetness off her tongue.


“So how did you like your special treat?” Alex asked, looking down into Olivia’s eyes and smiling contentedly. 


Olivia tilted her head up for another kiss.  “It was fucking great.  Anytime you wanna make me a human dessert, just let me know.”


Alex giggled and rolled onto her back.  “Will do.”  She sat up and began screwing the top back on the caramel.  “I need to take this stuff back downstairs.”


Olivia grabbed her by the arm.  “Hold on a sec.  You didn’t think I’d let the night end without getting my own dessert, did you?”


Alex smiled and handed her the caramel and Reddi Wip.  “Help yourself.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “Oh, I plan on it,” she replied as she excitedly poured the caramel all over Alex’s body.


“Liv, don’t use it all!”


Chuckling, Olivia sat the caramel on Alex’s nightstand and proceeded to lick it off her body.  Several minutes later, she instructed, “Turn over.”


Alex did as she was told and was surprised when Olivia drizzled a little caramel between her hips, followed by a good amount of whipped cream that she sprayed in the shape of a thong.  “Liv, what are you doing?” Alex asked nervously, looking back.


“Making edible undies,” Olivia replied as she licked off the whipped cream.  Alex gasped in pleasure when she felt her tongue press hard against the puckered opening of her anus.  Reaching around to grab a breast with one hand, Olivia gently stroked her mound with the other before inserting two fingers in the opening of her sex to make love to her from behind.


“Do you want me to turn over, Liv?” Alex asked.


“No.  Not at all,” Olivia replied as she picked up a steady rhythm.  She continued licking a trail between her hips as she pumped slowly inside her, not stopping until she knew Alex was close.  Removing her fingers, she slid under Alex and caressed her sex with her tongue.  When Alex sat up and placed a knee on each side of her head, Olivia grabbed her hips and drove her harder and harder onto her tongue.  Alex let out a long, low guttural sound as she came intensely and repeatedly on her face while Olivia raked her teeth over her clit.


Alex slid down Olivia and laid her head on her chest.  “Wow, Liv.  That was intense.”


Olivia smiled and stroked her hair.  “I know.”


“I’m so exhausted that I don’t even feel like taking the stuff back downstairs.”


Olivia kissed the top of her head.  “Don’t bother.  We may need it for later on,” she said, winking at her.


Alex giggled.  “You’re naughty, Liv.”


“Not any more than you are.”


“Hmm…I’ll have to think about that one,” Alex teased.  Olivia just laughed.


“You know, this whole day just seems so magical,” Olivia said after several minutes of silence.


Alex smiled and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.  “That’s the way it’s always supposed to be.”


“Thank you for making this the best Christmas of my life,” Olivia said sincerely.


Alex stroked her cheek.  “This is just the beginning, babe.  You’re worth it.”


Olivia grinned.  “Flattery will get you everywhere, Miss Cabot.”


Alex giggled and reached to turn out the light when Olivia grabbed her arm.  “Wait, aren’t we missing someone?”




Olivia got out of bed and came back with Tweety.  “This little guy.”


Alex wrapped her arms around Olivia’s neck.  “God, I love you so much, Liv.”


“I love you too, Alex,” Olivia said, smiling and turning out the light.