Chapter 4:  Sundance

Olivia woke up with a jolt at the blaring of her alarm clock.  Frowning and automatically reaching out to smash the snooze on the offending device, she managed to turn her head to get a look at the time.  6:45 a.m. “Shit!  I forgot to turn the damn thing off last night,” Olivia muttered.  Upset to be woken up at that hour on the weekend, Olivia turned the alarm off and then turned back over to try to catch a few more hours of sleep.  Just as she was drifting back to sleep, she heard a loud crash coming from the living room, followed by a string of expletives from her mother.  Groaning and realizing she wasn’t going to get back to sleep anytime soon, Olivia pulled herself out of bed and went to see what all the commotion was about.


As she walked into the living room, she was hit by the stench of alcohol.  Wrinkling her nose, Olivia looked across the room to see an overturned table, broken vase, and her mother unsuccessfully trying to right the table again.  Rushing over to the mess, Olivia turned the table back upright and then grabbed a dustpan to begin scooping up the broken pieces of the vase.  Her mother began groaning and trying to pick herself up off the floor.  Olivia grabbed her under her arms and muttered, “Come on, Mom, get up.  You have to get up!”  Struggling to pick the older woman up, she sat her on the couch and then went into the kitchen to get a wet towel.  Wiping the remnants of vomit from her mouth, she told her, “Mom, you’ve got to stop doing this!  This is disgusting!” 


Her mother looked at her with a snarl and growled, “You’re disgusting, you little bitch!  Fuck you!  Get the hell away from me!”  She threw out her hand to slap Olivia, but Olivia caught her arm.


Through gritted teeth, she exclaimed, “Calm down, Mom!  Just lay here and sleep it off, ok?”  Serena Benson snatched her arm out of Olivia’s tight grasp and turned over on the couch, while Olivia went to the hall closet to retrieve a blanket.  Covering her mother with it, she then dumped the pieces of the vase in the trash and threw the dirty dishtowel in the washer.  Realizing she had gotten some of the vomit on her own tank top, she took off the tank and angrily threw it in as well.  Trudging back down the hall to her room topless, she raked through her pile of clothes on the floor until she found a clean tank to replace it, pulling it over her head and climbing back into her bed.


After several hours of restless sleep, Olivia awoke to the sunlight beating down on her face.  She turned to look at her bedside clock and cursed at the time.  12:20 p.m. “Shit!  I have to pick Alex up soon!”  She scrambled out of bed and went in the bathroom to brush her teeth and shower.  Walking back into her room, she began throwing things out of drawers for something fitting to wear.  Settling on a white bikini, navy blue tank top, and khaki shorts, she threw on her clothes and brushed out her hair.




Meanwhile at the Cabot residence, Alex was frantically throwing around her own clothes, still not having been able to find the perfect outfit.  Giving up again, she stalked into the shower.  As the warm water ran over her pale skin, she began thinking about her collection of bikinis.  Thinking of the hot pink one with the white flowers, Alex smiled as she turned off the water and began drying herself off.  Now all I have to find is something suitable to wear on top of the bikini, she thought. 


Once back in her bedroom, Alex gave her closet one last run-through.  In the back of her closet she came across her white frilly skirt.  “Perfect,” she mumbled.  A few hangers down, she came across a pink v-neck halter top.  Smiling, she retrieved her bikini from her drawer and then pulled on the halter top and skirt.  Admiring herself in her full-length door mirror, she turned around, causing the skirt to flare out.  She didn’t fill out the halter top much but was thankful that the bikini top gave her a slight boost.  Putting her hair up in a ponytail, she smiled at herself in the mirror.  Realizing she had about 20 minutes before Olivia was supposed to pick her up, she went to pack her bag.  Unable to contain a squeal of excitement any longer, she let out a shriek.


“Alexandra!  Heavens, child!  What is going on up there?” her mother exclaimed from downstairs.


“Nothing, Mom!  I’m just excited!” Alex yelled back.


Grabbing her bag and running down the stairs to the media room, she plopped down on the couch and began surfing through channels to entertain herself until Olivia called.


Just a few minutes later, her cell phone went off.  Looking at the caller ID, she gave another squeal of excitement and was thankful that Olivia couldn’t see the big goofy grin on her face.


“Hello?” Alex asked, trying to quell the tone of excitement in her voice.


“Hey, Alex.  I’m about 5 minutes from your house now.”


“Really?  Ok, cool.  So I take it that I gave good directions?”


Smiling into the phone herself, she said, “You could say that.  Did you remember dessert, Alex?”


Laughing, Alex responded, “Yep, I sure did!  That’s really why you’re calling isn’t it?”


Olivia just laughed in response.  Alex continued, “Well, when you get to the gate, just press the buzzer and announce who you are and I’ll buzz you in.”


“Ok.  See you in a few.”  Closing her phone, Olivia grinned and felt her stomach do a slight flop at the thought of getting to spend the entire day with Alex.


In no time, Alex heard the buzzer go off and rushed to answer it.  “I got it, Mom!” she called.  “Is that you, Olivia?”


Olivia started to make a sarcastic remark but thought better of it.  Instead she just answered, “Yeah.” 


Alex buzzed her in and told her to drive up to the front of the house.  Then grabbing her bag, she yelled goodbye and ran out the house to Olivia’s car.  Just as she was about to get in, she realized that she had forgotten the cookies.  “Shit!  Be right back!” she exclaimed and ran back to get them. 


Returning with the dessert, she saw Olivia raise her shades to the top of her head and push her hair back.  Giving her a grin, Olivia said, “Yeah, we aren’t leaving without dessert!”  Alex blushed lightly and started buckling her seatbelt.  Olivia tried to reach over and snag a bite, but Alex slapped her hand away. 


“Hey!  No dessert for you, yet!  You’ll spoil your appetite!”


Olivia glanced over at her and smirked.  “Whatever you say, Mom.”  She then cranked her car back up and began heading towards the lake.


They made small talk on the ride over.  Every chance she got, Alex turned to admire how hot Olivia looked.  Finally working up some nerve, she managed to say, “You know, you look really nice today.” 


Olivia turned towards her and smiled.  “Hey, you’re not so bad yourself.”  Blushing again, Alex turned her head, hoping Olivia wouldn’t catch the blush.  She hoped in vain, though.  Olivia thought to herself, She’s so cute when she blushes. 


Glancing over at Alex again, she said, “Hey, you know you don’t have to be shy around me.  I don’t bite.”  Then with a wag of her eyebrows she continued, “Unless you want me to.”


Alex felt her stomach flip-flop but smiled despite the fact.  “Ok,” she just said in response.


In a few minutes they arrived at the lake.  Olivia began pulling out the picnic basket along with her bag as Alex grabbed her own stuff.  They found a nice, grassy spot under a tree that gave them an excellent view of the lake and that was also near the docks.  Going back to the car, they both reached for the cooler but Olivia assured her, “It’s ok, I got it.  I’m sure it weighs more than you.”


Alex swatted her but laughed it off.  “Are you sure you can handle it?” 


Olivia smirked at her and then flexed her right arm muscles.  Alex couldn’t resist reaching over and grasping the firm biceps.  She instantly felt butterflies creep up in her stomach at the touch.  Olivia felt a spark at the touch as well but managed to respond, “Do these look like they can’t handle a little cooler?” 


Swallowing the lump in her throat, Alex finally fixed her gaze back to Olivia’s eyes and responded, “No.”


“Good, that’s what I thought.”  Before turning to walk away and set the cooler down, Olivia held Alex’s gaze for a few seconds and thought, Her eyes are the exact color of the ocean.  So beautiful.


As they sat down and started pulling out food, Olivia got a good look at the copious amount of leg that Alex’s position on the grass as well as her skirt afforded.  Munching on the ham and cheese sandwiches and Doritos that Olivia had fixed, the two ate in happy silence, both girls just wanting to bask in the comfort of each other’s presence.  However, soon enough the girls were jarred out of their reverie by the sound of Olivia’s phone going off.  Looking annoyed at the caller, Olivia flipped open her phone and barked, “What is it, Elliot?”


Elliot smiled on the other end of the phone and responded, “Whoa…easy there partner.  I just wanted to see how you were enjoying your day.”


“Just fine,” Olivia responded curtly.


“Well, well.  I can tell someone’s in a good mood.  Get a chance to thaw the ice princess, yet?” he quipped.


“I was in a perfect mood until you called,” Olivia snapped.  “And stop saying that.”


“Well, all right.  I take it things are going well, then.  I’ll let you two get back to your makeout session,” Elliot teased.


“Elliot…” Olivia started, the warning apparent enough in her tone to make him lay off.


“Ok, ok.  Bye,” he said, getting the hint.  


Olivia slammed her phone shut and slowly let the frown disappear from her face.  Looking at Alex, she said, “That was Elliot.”


Swallowing a bite, Alex felt her stomach sink a little.  “Oh, is everything all right?”


“Yeah,” Olivia said with a roll of her eyes.  “He’s just being a prick.”


Wiping her mouth with a napkin and taking a swig of her Coke, Alex finally breached the topic that had been in the back of her mind.  “So…are you and Elliot, um, dating?”


Olivia almost choked on her food.  Finally managing to swallow, she assured Alex, “Dating?  Eww.  Elliot and me?  Gross!”  Alex let out the breath she was holding in a sigh of relief.  Olivia made a quick note of Alex’s response and smiled.  “Nah, we’ve been best friends since third grade.  He’s like a brother to me so that would be like what?  Incest?”  She shuddered at the thought.


Alex giggled.  Olivia decided to press further.  “So what made you think we were dating?”


Alex shrugged and replied, “Well, I always see you two together at school.”


Olivia snorted and teased, “What?  Do you stalk me or something?”


Alex blushed furiously and stuttered, “N-no.  It’s just that I’ve um, noticed…um, sometimes on the way to class.” 


Seeing that Alex was embarrassed, Olivia decided to have a little mercy on her.  “It’s ok, Alex.  I was just teasing.”  Brushing a few strands of hair behind her ear, she reached out with her other hand and softly touched Alex’s arm.  Alex felt herself get warm at the contact.  Their eyes locked and for a minute, they were lost in the depths of each other’s eyes.


Wondering precisely the same thing about Alex that Alex had been wondering about her, Olivia asked, “So…what about yourself?  I’m sure lots of guys vie for the affections of the hot blonde cheerleader.”


Alex smiled and thought, So she thinks I’m hot?  Leaning in closer to Olivia, Alex responded, “Well, that doesn’t mean the cheerleader has to vie for the affections of the guys.  Maybe her affections are…elsewhere.”


Smiling, Olivia thought, Is she flirting with me?  Deciding to continue with their little game, Olivia leaned in closer to Alex and responded, “Oh yeah?  Do I get to be enlightened as to where these affections are?”


Alex playfully tapped her on the nose and said, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”


“Oh, I plan on it, Miss Cabot,” Olivia grinned.  “So, shall we have dessert?”


“I don’t know,” Alex teased.  “I have to decide if you’ve been a good girl.”


“Well, what do I get if you think I’ve been good?” Olivia asked.


“A cookie bar,” Alex responded simply.


“And are you gonna spank me if I’ve been bad?” Olivia asked sultrily.


Alex felt a heat wave wash over her again and managed to get out, “I don’t believe in corporal punishment.”


Olivia chuckled and gave a lopsided grin.  God, she’s so cute! Alex thought, marveling at Olivia’s dark tresses, which fell about an inch below her chin.  And I love the way her hair frames her face.  So sexy.


Grabbing the pan, she took the top off it and pushed it toward Olivia.  “Help yourself.”


“It’s about time,” Olivia stated as she excitedly reached for a cookie bar.  Taking a bite, she exclaimed, “These are really good, Alex!”


“Thanks,” Alex responded softly.  She noticed that Olivia had a little chocolate on the side of her mouth and reached out with one finger to brush it away.  Sucking the chocolate off her finger, Alex smiled sweetly at Olivia.  Olivia felt her breath momentarily catch in her chest.


“Did I shock you, Olivia?” Alex asked innocently.


This time it was Olivia’s turn to stutter.  “N-no.  By the way, you can call me Liv.”


Smiling at the shortened version of Olivia’s name, she responded, “Ok, Liv.” 


By the time Alex had finished her first cookie bar, Olivia was on her third.  Quickly shoving the rest of it into her mouth and then licking her fingers, Olivia patted her stomach and said, “Ugh.  I’m so full.”


“I can see why,” Alex replied.


Looking at Alex’s slender frame, Olivia joked, “You could stand to eat a little more, you know.”


“I have to be light enough so the girls can catch me,” Alex stated matter-of-factly.


Simply smiling in response, Olivia stretched out her legs.  Alex took note of how toned her thighs and calves were.  Raising her arms above her head, Olivia stood up and held out her hand for Alex.  Alex reached out to take her hand and let Olivia pull her up.  “So, Alex.  Wanna join me for a swim?”


“Sure,” Alex responded as she began pulling off her top.  Soon, both girls were stripped down to their bikinis, and both gave each other’s bodies appreciative glances. 


“Wow!  I never knew basketball players had such sexy bodies!”  Alex exclaimed.  I also never knew how full your breasts were, she thought.


Aware of Alex’s intent gaze at her chest, Olivia chuckled and flexed her muscles.  Alex felt her heart skip a beat and her knees almost get weak.  Olivia then asked, “Did you remember to bring the sunscreen?”


Alex snapped out of her daze and shook her head quickly.  “Yeah, it’s in my bag.”  Reaching down to get the sunscreen out, Olivia got a good look at her ass.  Nice, she thought.  When Alex passed her the sunscreen, their fingers touched, sending a warm rush through both girls. 


Olivia put an ample amount of sunscreen on and then asked, “Think you could get my back?”


Alex gulped loudly and just nodded.  She squirted a big glob of the sunscreen in her hands and then rubbed them together.  In swift long strokes, she smoothed the sunscreen into Olivia’s toned back, carefully going under the thin strip of material that was the back of her bikini.  Olivia relaxed into the feeling of Alex’s soft, slender hands moving over the contours of her back. 


When Alex was done, she turned around and said, “Ok, my turn.”  Olivia returned the favor, repeating Alex’s gestures but adding her own circular motions, which elicited a contented sigh from Alex.  Was that a moan? Olivia thought.  Pleased with herself, Olivia handed the sunscreen back to Alex, who gave her a surprised look.


“What?  You didn’t expect me to do your whole body, did you?” Olivia asked with the smirk that made Alex melt.


Alex blushed furiously, which pleased Olivia even more.  Silently rubbing sunscreen over the rest of her body, Alex blushed even more under Olivia’s gaze.  Holding her hand out to the blonde, Olivia jerked her head in the direction of the docks and said softly, “Come on.”


Wordlessly following behind the brunette, Alex couldn’t help but think about how soft Olivia’s hands were.  When they reached the end of the dock, Alex gasped in shock as Olivia reached down and scooped her up in her arms.  “Wow, you are light!” she observed.  Looking into Alex’s eyes, Olivia realized their lips were mere inches apart.  Smiling wickedly, she threw Alex into the water without warning.


Alex soon surfaced, spitting out water.  “Liv!” she spluttered.  Olivia stood on the edge of the dock giggling.  Alex pulled herself back onto the dock and playfully punched her in her arm.  Olivia laughed harder and grabbed Alex by the hand, tugging her toward the end of the dock again.  Alex tried to firmly plant her feet on the dock but felt her feet slipping with each tug of Olivia’s hand.  Grabbing onto Olivia’s shoulders, she tried to keep herself from being thrown in the water again. 


“No!  Liv, no!  I’m serious!  No, don’t!  Liv, I swear to God!”  Alex struggled against Olivia but found that she was too strong.  Ignoring Alex’s protests, Olivia pushed her into the water and then jumped in behind her.  As they both surfaced to the top, Alex frantically splashed water in Olivia’s face.


“Stop!  Alex, stop!  I can’t see!  Stop!”  Ignoring Olivia’s pleas, Alex looked at her with a smug expression on her face and then swam off.  Olivia started swimming after her and grabbed her foot.  Alex kicked hard, trying to loosen Olivia’s grip but to no avail.  Eventually, Olivia let go and then swam up face to face with Alex.  Alex turned around and folded her arms. 


“You don’t play fair!” she told Olivia and pouted. 


With a self-satisfied smirk, Olivia wrapped her arms around the wiry blonde, holding tight.  Alex tried to get out of her grasp, but Olivia snuggled closer.  “Going somewhere?” she asked right next to the blonde’s ear.


Alex gulped, both excited and somewhat scared at the close proximity of their bodies.  She shivered at the feeling of Olivia’s hard nipples pressed against her back and felt her breathing quicken.  Olivia was not oblivious to this matter either and enjoyed the sensations rippling through her body at that moment.


Alex managed to turn around in her arms.  Feeling as if she would drown in the chocolate depths of Olivia’s eyes and not be able to fight the urge to kiss her, she chose to bury her face in the crook of Olivia’s neck instead.  Trying to release some of her nervous energy, she giggled.  “You’re soft,” Alex observed.


Olivia just held her in her embrace, somewhat disappointed at the missed chance to kiss Alex.  Holding her feels so natural, she thought.  Rubbing her back a little, she then chose to play with a few strands of Alex’s soaked hair.  “Come on, let’s get out,” she told her.


Olivia pulled herself up onto the dock first and then helped Alex up.  With both dripping wet and shivering from the cold water, Alex let her eyes drift to Olivia’s chest.  Her white swimsuit was clinging to her like a second skin, leaving little to the imagination.  Olivia’s nipples were even more erect than she’d felt in the water.  Alex’s breath caught in her chest at the sight, and she felt a series of warm sensations course through her body. 


Alex’s gawking at her chest did not go unnoticed.  Olivia smirked and asked slyly, “See something you like, Alex?”


Blushing, Alex stammered embarrassedly, “I, I’m s-sorry.  It’s just that the water…your…your…”  At a loss for words and feeling like a blubbering idiot, she turned beet red.


Olivia stepped closer to her and gave Alex her best shit-eating grin.  Deciding not to let her off the hook, she asked softly, “My what?”


Alex turned redder and looked everywhere but at Olivia’s face.  “You know…your…”


Olivia shook her head and tilted it so her eyes were level with Alex’s.  Wanting to give her no escape, she lightly held Alex’s chin so she couldn’t turn away and prodded, “No, I’m not sure I do know…”


Lowering her voice and wanting to melt into the dock along with the water dripping off her skin, she cast her eyes downward and said, “Your…pokies.”


Olivia laughed and let go of Alex’s chin.  Alex blushed furiously and refused to make eye contact.  “My pokies?  You mean my nipples are hard?” Olivia questioned, raising her voice slightly.


Gasping at Olivia’s bluntness about one of the more erotic areas of her body, Alex exclaimed, “Liv!”


Olivia smirked again.  “Hey, that’s the formal terminology.  Not ‘pokies,’” she responded, making air quotes to emphasize Alex’s use of the word.  Letting her eyes drift down to Alex’s chest, she continued, “Looks like the water was a little cold for someone else, too.”


Gasping again, Alex covered her chest with her arms.  Olivia just laughed at her.  Rubbing her back, she said, “Come on, let’s go get dried off.”


The two walked to get their towels and proceeded to dry off.  Alex was still embarrassed from their previous conversation and turned her back to Olivia.  Olivia came up to her and draped an arm across her shoulders.  “Did anyone ever tell you how cute you are when you blush?”


Alex giggled shyly and worked up enough courage to slide her arm around Olivia’s waist.  “I think you just like seeing me squirm.”


“That, too,” Olivia answered matter-of-factly. 


Suddenly, Alex turned toward her and looked down at her muscled stomach.  With one hand firmly planted around Olivia’s waist, Alex used her other to gingerly finger her abs.  “Nice six pack,” she complimented.


Shivering at the touch, Olivia managed to say, “Thanks.” 


Alex giggled.  “Now I know what makes you squirm,” she purred in Olivia’s ear.  Now it was Olivia’s turn to do some blushing.  Pleased with herself, Alex continued, “Do you work out a lot?”


“Yeah, we have to for basketball,” Olivia mumbled, looking down and concentrating on the movements Alex’s nimble fingers were making over the plains of her stomach. 


Stilling her movements and moving in closer to Olivia, she nuzzled her face in her neck.  “You smell good,” she said softly.  Alex lowered her hand slightly so that it rested at the small of Olivia’s back.  Olivia jumped a little at the contact, her breath catching.  Alex’s hand was dangerously close to her firm yet supple ass.


Swallowing hard, Olivia pulled out of Alex’s grasp.  Deciding to change the subject, she asked, “Did you bring a frisbee?”


Slightly disappointed at the loss of contact with Olivia, Alex muttered absently, “Yeah, I’ll go get it.”


When she returned with the frisbee, Olivia took it from her and motioned for her to spread out.  When she thought Alex was at a far enough distance, she threw the frisbee, watching as it effortlessly sliced through the air.  Alex easily caught it and then threw it back to Olivia like an expert.


“Wow, I’m impressed.  So the cheerleader can throw a frisbee!” Olivia teased.


“I can do a lot of things you don’t know about!” Alex yelled back across the grass as she threw the frisbee again. 


Olivia smiled at the thoughts that were formulating in her brain.  “Oh yeah?  We’ll just have to see about that!” 


Alex giggled at Olivia’s statement.  They threw the frisbee back and forth a few more times before Alex said, “Ok, I’m kinda tired.  Can we lie down for a bit?”


“Sure,” Olivia called to her, walking over.  They lay down on their towels side by side, the hot sun beating down on their skin.  Alex shyly reached over and grasped Olivia’s hand.  Olivia looked over at her and smiled, watching the sun dance off her face.  She then turned her head back and closed her eyes.  I wish I could just lie here forever, she thought.