Chapter 5:  Be Aggressive

A couple hours later, Olivia awoke to find Alex still sleeping.  Edging closer to her and leaning on her elbow, she marveled at how peaceful and innocent Alex looked.  The sun reflected off her blonde hair, reminding Olivia of images she’d seen of halos.  She looks like an angel, she thought.


Before she realized what she was doing, her hand was stroking Alex’s face.  Alex stirred from the contact and slowly opened her eyes.  Olivia’s hand froze.  Alex smiled when she saw Olivia leaning over her.  Slowly bringing Olivia’s hand back down to her face, she said, “Don’t stop.  That feels good.”


Olivia blushed slightly and cautiously began stroking Alex’s face again.  Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, she stopped again.  Alex reached up and began stroking Olivia’s face, letting her fingers trail along her firm jaw line.  Olivia felt a smile creeping across her face and turned her face slightly so that her lips softly brushed Alex’s fingertips.  Trailing one long slender finger down Olivia’s lips, Alex removed her hand and raised herself a bit so that she was closer to her face.  Olivia’s breath quickened at the mere proximity that their lips once again found themselves in.  Both leaned in closer.  Alex’s heart began pounding wildly at the thought of what was inevitably bound to occur.  She could almost taste the softness of Olivia’s lips when she was startled out of her reverie by her cell phone ringing.  “Shit!” Alex responded, clearly disappointed at the intimate moment that was lost.  Scrambling to retrieve her phone, she sat up and leaned back against the tree.  Seeing that it was Serena, she flipped open the phone and couldn’t keep the annoyance out of her voice.  “Yes?”


“Well, hello to you too, babe!” Serena quipped.  “What are you doing?”


Looking down at Olivia, she mouthed silently, “Serena.”  Olivia gave a brief nod and Alex continued.  “I’m at the lake with Olivia Benson.”


“Olivia Benson?” Serena asked.  “She’s one of the players on the girls’ basketball team, right?”


“Yeah,” Alex responded impatiently.


“So what made you guys wanna hang out?” Serena pressed on.


Getting more frustrated by the second, she responded, “I asked her if she wanted to hang out after Thursday’s game.  She just seemed really cool, and I wanted to get to know her better.  What is this, 20 questions?”


Serena laughed on the other end of the line.  “You like her, don’t you?”


“Serena!  I’m serious, stop it,” Alex demanded, blushing.


“Alex likes Olivia!  Alex likes Olivia!” Serena chanted.


“Goodbye, Serena,” Alex said through gritted teeth, closing her phone.


“So what did Serena have to say?” Olivia asked, smiling.


“Nothing important,” Alex mumbled.


“Oh yeah?” Olivia asked, sitting up.  “So why are you blushing?”


“I’m not,” Alex replied, folding her arms across her chest.


“Yeah, you are,” Olivia responded simply.  “So.  What did she say?”


Giving in, Alex finally replied, “Nothing really.  She just asked if you were one of the basketball players.”


Raising an eyebrow, Olivia chuckled and asked incredulously, “And that made you blush?”


“No…” Alex said, trailing off.


“Ok, so then spill.  What did?” she demanded.


Alex couldn’t help but smile at Olivia.  “You’re very persistent, aren’t you?”


Olivia scooted closer to her.  “You could say that.”


Realizing Olivia wasn’t going to let this one go, Alex sighed and said, “She…she said I liked you.”  Alex immediately looked down, afraid of what Olivia’s reaction to her words might be.


But Olivia wasn’t willing to let her get away with it that easily.  She lifted Alex’s chin and turned her head so that they were looking into each other’s eyes.  “Well…do you?”


Olivia melted at Alex’s deer-caught-in-headlights expression.  Alex shrugged and blushed harder.  “Maybe…”


Olivia grinned widely and began stroking Alex’s face again.  Leaning in closer, she whispered in her ear, “Well…maybe I like you too.”


Now it was Alex’s turn to grin like a Cheshire cat.  Looking back up at Olivia she inquired quietly, “Really?”


Olivia just shrugged, mimicking Alex’s earlier one.  Alex giggled as Olivia pulled her closer.  Resting her head on her shoulder and draping one arm across Olivia’s stomach, she sighed contentedly.  Olivia looked down at her and smiled, lightly brushing her hair.  She then placed a kiss on the top of Alex’s head, causing Alex’s grin to broaden.  All of a sudden, Alex’s stomach growled.  “What a great way to ruin the moment,” Alex grumbled.


Olivia giggled and teased, “Aw, is it time for someone’s feeding?”  Alex responded by lightly tickling Olivia’s stomach, which brought forth another set of giggles from Olivia. 


“I love your laugh,” Alex said, looking up at her. 


Not being able to resist making a dirty remark, Olivia said, “Yeah, and you also love my pokies.”


“Liv!” Alex slapped her on the arm and sat up. 


Olivia laughed again and replied, “Well, it’s true.”


Blushing, Alex didn’t answer her.  Olivia pulled her close to her again and gave her a quick squeeze.  “Come on.  Let’s get you fed.”


They stood up and pulled on their clothes again.  Gathering up their things and walking back to the car, Olivia asked her, “So where do you wanna get dinner?”


“How about T.G.I. Friday’s?”


“Sounds good to me,” Olivia said, loading the last of her stuff into her car.


Fifteen minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot at T.G.I. Friday’s.  Once they were seated, Alex began looking at the list of smoothies.  “Hey, do you wanna share a smoothie with me?”


“Sure,” Olivia said, looking up from her own menu.


“Ok.  What kind do you want?”


“Whatever you choose is fine with me,” Olivia responded, smiling.


Alex ordered a Citrus Freestyle and asked for two straws, and the waitress asked if they were ready to order.  After telling the waitress that they needed a few more minutes, Alex asked Olivia, “So what kinda movies do you like?”


Olivia shrugged and replied, “Um…pretty much anything and everything.  Action flicks, comedy, sappy romance, foreign films, horror…as long as it has a good plot.”


“Cool.  Me too,” Alex said, smiling.  “I just don’t like stuff with a lot of blood,” she continued, shuddering.


Olivia nodded in understanding and looked down at the menu again before speaking.  “Hmm…blood doesn’t really bother me that much.”


In a few minutes, the waitress returned with their smoothie.  “Are you ladies ready to order now?”


Olivia and Alex both gave the waitress their orders and then their menus.  Each taking a straw, they began sipping their smoothie.  “Wow, Alex.  This is good.  Great choice,” Olivia said between sips.


“I aim to please,” Alex responded, sipping happily.


“Ah, is that so now?” Olivia asked innocently.


Leaning forward, Alex lowered her voice and replied, “I guess you’ll just have to find out.”


“I plan on it,” Olivia said, winking.


Alex moved her foot under the table until it came into contact with Olivia’s.  “Why, Alex.  Are you playing footsie with me?” she asked, grinning.


“Perhaps,” Alex said in response, continuing to rub her foot against Olivia’s.


They continued sipping their smoothie and gazing silently into each other’s eyes.  Several minutes later, the waitress returned with their entrées. 


“Oh my god, I’m starved!” Alex exclaimed as she dug into her chicken.


“I can tell,” Olivia replied, smirking.  She took a bite of her ribs and dipped a fry into her Jack Daniel’s sauce.  Dipping another fry in, she held it across the table to Alex.  Alex leaned in and took the fry into her mouth.


“Are you gonna get into the habit of feeding me?” she asked.


“Perhaps,” Olivia quipped, imitating Alex from earlier.


Alex speared a piece of chicken with her fork and held it across the table to Olivia.  “Mmm…yummy,” Olivia said, wiping her mouth.


After they had finished their meals, Olivia leaned back in the booth and patted her stomach.  “If I eat anything else tonight, my stomach is gonna pop!” she exclaimed.


“Aw, no popcorn tonight at the movies?” Alex asked, pretending to pout.


“Maybe next time,” Olivia said, winking.


Hmm, she said next time, Alex thought as she let a smile spread across her face.


When the waitress returned with the check, both girls started throwing money on the table.  “No, no, no. I got it, Liv,” Alex insisted.


“It’s ok, Alex.  I’ll pay,” Olivia said, pushing her money farther across the table. 


Alex stilled Olivia’s hand.  “No, Liv.  Let me pay this time.  I insist.”


Slowly dragging her money back, Olivia replied, “Ok.  But I’m paying for our movie tickets!”


“Deal,” Alex accepted, smiling.


As they left the restaurant, Alex linked her arm through Olivia’s.  “So where do you like to sit in theaters?” Alex asked her.


Olivia turned to Alex and with a knowing look responded, “Back.  Definitely the back.”


“Cool.  Me too.”  What does Liv like to do in the back of theaters? Alex wondered.  Hopefully I’ll find out.


On the drive to the theater, they discussed what movies were out and which ones they’d already seen.  When they pulled into the parking lot, they discovered that the place was packed.  So much for privacy, Alex thought.


After circling the lot three times, Olivia finally found a parking space.  “Now we just have to remember where I parked,” she said jokingly.


Walking up to the ticket booth, they decided on a movie and Olivia paid for the tickets.  Having about fifteen minutes before the movie was supposed to start, they walked to their screening room and luckily managed to find seats in the third row from the back.  “Well, it’s not the very last row but hopefully this will do,” Alex said, turning to Olivia.


“This is fine,” Olivia responded, patting Alex’s hand.


When the movie finally started, Alex laid her head on Olivia’s shoulder.  Olivia reached her arm around the back of the seat to hug her closer to her.  Alex smiled and snuggled in contentedly, placing her hand on Olivia’s stomach.


An hour and forty minutes later, the credits began to roll.  As people began filing out of the theater, Alex stood up and stretched, followed by Olivia.  When they walked out into the crisp night air, Alex asked her if she wanted to spend the night.


“Well…I don’t have anything to sleep in.  Well, other than my birthday suit,” Olivia said, waggling her eyebrows.


Alex blushed at the thought of Olivia sleeping naked.  “That’s ok.  You can borrow something of mine.  I’m sure something will fit you,” she assured her. 


Olivia was secretly thankful at hearing this.  She wanted more than anything to spend the night with Alex but didn’t want to go home and get clothes for fear of walking in on another of her mother’s drunken episodes.  It was one thing to deal with her mother’s drinking alone but another to expose someone else to that, especially someone like Alex.


After they arrived at Alex’s house, Alex got out her key to let them in and then led Olivia up to her room.  “Wow.  Your house is absolutely gorgeous, Alex,” Olivia said, looking around appreciatively.


“Thanks,” Alex replied simply, opening the door to her room.  Upon seeing Alex’s queen sized bed, Olivia thought to herself, Well doesn’t that look nice and comfy?  She kicked off her shoes and flopped down backwards on her bed.  Alex joined her and they turned to face each other.


“So how long have you been playing basketball?” she asked Olivia.


“Five years,” Olivia answered her.  “How long have you been cheerleading?”


“Since I was third grade,” Alex replied.  “Think you can teach me how to play sometime?”


“Sure, if you want.”


“You know something?” Alex asked as she laced her fingers with Olivia’s.  “You looked really hot when you were all sweaty after the game.”


“Is that so?” Olivia asked teasingly.  “Maybe I’ll have to be sweaty more often.”


“Maybe,” Alex teased back.  “So you have practice Monday afternoon?”


“Yeah,” Olivia answered.  “We might just run into each other.”


“Do you think you’re ready for Wednesday’s game?” Alex inquired.


Olivia shrugged.  “Eh, as ready as I’ll ever be.  Sometimes no matter how hard you train, you can still be thrown for a loop at a game.”


“Yeah, I know how hard you guys work.  Your practices seem brutal,” Alex sympathized.


“Ha, brutal isn’t even the word,” Olivia responded dryly.


“You’re an aggressive player,” Alex observed.  “I like that.”


Shrugging again, Olivia replied, “You have to be if you wanna score.”


Alex smiled, thinking of another meaning for what Olivia had just said.  Deciding to do something impulsive, she leaned in and quickly kissed Olivia on the lips.


Clearly shocked, Olivia asked, “What was that for?”


Shrugging, Alex answered matter-of-factly, “Well, you said you have to be aggressive if you wanna score.  So how’s that for aggressive?”


Smirking, Olivia responded, “Nah.  I think aggressive is more like this.”  With that, she wrapped her hand around the back of Alex’s neck and quickly pulled her mouth to hers for a long, hard kiss.  Bracing her other hand against the side of Alex’s face, Olivia recaptured her lips with her own again and again.  Alex felt herself melting in the intensity of the kiss and the softness of Olivia’s lips.  When Olivia finally pulled away, gently pulling on Alex’s bottom lip with her teeth, Alex was left completely breathless.


“Oh my,” she said simply, for lack of better words since Olivia’s kiss had somehow robbed her speech of anything more articulate at the moment.


With a self-satisfied smirk, Olivia asked her, “So did I score pretty high on the aggressive scale?”


Still trying to catch her breath and stop her chest from heaving, Alex responded, “Indeed.”


“Good.”  Olivia ran her hand up and down Alex’s arm and then asked, “Are you sure your parents are ok with me staying over?”


Finally coming back to her senses, Alex assured her, “Oh totally.  They’re happy as long as I stay outta their hair.”


Laughing, Olivia said, “Well, that’s cool, I guess.”  Giving Alex a sly grin, she continued, “I can think of plenty to do to keep you outta their hair.”


Alex blushed and giggled.  “Speaking of parents, don’t you need to call home to tell yours that you’re spending the night?  I don’t want them to be worried.”


Olivia frowned slightly.  “Nah.  It’s just me and my mom.  A lot of the time she doesn’t come home until really late.  She won’t care.”


“Are you sure?” Alex questioned.


“Positive,” Olivia said with a tight smile.


Sensing that it was a touchy subject for Olivia, Alex decided not to ask anymore questions at the time.  Instead, she got up off the bed and began looking through her drawers for something Olivia could wear to bed.  Picking out some panties, a white wife beater, and some navy shorts, she brought the clothing items over to Olivia.  “Here.  You can shower in my bathroom and I’ll shower down the hall.  There’s an extra toothbrush in the medicine cabinet.”


Smiling, Olivia simply responded, “Thanks.”  Alex nodded and went back to her dresser to pull out her own items for bed.  She then left the room to shower.  Smiling wider at the thought of the kiss she had shared with Alex, Olivia got off the bed and went to Alex’s bathroom to shower as well.


When Olivia returned from her shower, she found Alex in a pink tank top with matching pajama bottoms.  Blow drying her hair, she had her back turned to Olivia.  Olivia snuck up behind her and wrapped her arms around Alex’s small waist, rubbing her belly.  Alex giggled and turned off the dryer.  Turning in Olivia’s embrace, Alex gave her a quick peck on the lips.  Olivia pulled her close and placed several more quick kisses on her lips.  Backing them towards her bed, Olivia pushed her down, gently settling on top of her.  Alex felt herself relaxing into their kiss, tangling her hands in Olivia’s hair.


Olivia’s tongue flicked at Alex’s lips, silently begging entry.  Alex’s mouth dropped open effortlessly, and soon they were intensely involved in a battle of tongues.  Alex moaned into her mouth, desperately trying to explore every texture of the intricate cave.  Sliding her hands under the back of Olivia’s shirt, Alex let them roam freely over her bare skin.  Feeling the toned muscles of her back, Alex gently sucked on her tongue, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Olivia.  When they finally broke the kiss, both girls’ chests were heaving heavily.


“Wow…that was amazing, Liv!” Alex exclaimed.


Rolling onto her back beside Alex, Olivia replied, “And I never would’ve expected Alexandra Cabot to be the best kisser I’ve ever known.  That was one intense mouthgasm.”


Alex playfully hit Olivia’s arm and looked down at her chest.  “Yeah, I can tell.”


Following Alex’s gaze, Olivia made note of her own erect nipples.  “Admiring my pokies, huh?” she teased.


“Yeah.  I’m definitely glad I chose the white wife beater for you,” she giggled. 


This time it was Olivia’s turn to hit Alex on the arm.  “Hey, I wouldn’t talk if I were you,” she said, looking down at the smaller peaks poking through Alex’s tank.


Alex blushed and responded by grabbing the front of Olivia’s shirt and bunching it tightly together.  Flushing at Olivia’s even more pronounced nipples, she placed a quick kiss on her tummy.  Olivia felt herself get warm with the sensation of the fabric tightening around her nipples.  She gulped but managed to find her voice somehow.  “You’re such a tease, Alex.”


Laying her head on Olivia’s stomach, she responded, “I just like finding out what makes you squirm.”


Trailing her fingertips up and down her spine, Olivia noticed Alex’s slight trembles.  “Likewise,” she said, pleased with herself.


Alex got up to turn off the light and then jumped back in the bed, resuming her position on Olivia’s stomach.  They lay in comfortable silence as Alex was gently lulled to sleep by the steady up and down rhythm of Olivia’s breathing.  Smiling, Olivia continued stroking Alex’s back until she fell into a sleep more restful than she’d had in months.