Chapter 42:  Prostye Dvizheniya (Simple Motions)

The next weekend, the girls drove up to the Cabots’ cabin.  It was their last weekend before school started back, and Alex thought a romantic getaway would be the perfect way to relax and spend the rest of their Christmas vacation.  Olivia was all too excited to go—as she had never stayed in a cabin before—and she was glad to have Alex strictly to herself with no adults swarming about them.


They had planned to get to the cabin by early Friday afternoon, but due to a few wrong turns along the way, they didn’t arrive until around five o’clock that evening.  Alex jumped out of the car and shouted, “We’re here!  We’re finally here!”


Olivia grunted and opened the trunk to get their luggage.  “Yeah, Alex.  We would’ve been here much sooner if you hadn’t gotten us lost three times.  Haven’t you been up here enough times to know the way by now?”


Alex laughed.  “Hey, I just got a few roads mixed up.  Usually when we come up here, I’m in the back asleep anyway.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Good to know, Alex.  Just open the door.”


Alex unlocked the door and helped Olivia bring their stuff in.  Then trekking back outside, she grabbed some firewood from the shed and brought it over to the fireplace.  After she had started up a nice fire, she took off her boots and warmed her feet.


“Wow, Alex.  I never expected you to know how to start a fire,” Olivia teased.


Alex stuck her tongue out at her.  “You’d be surprised at what I can do.  Come on, I’ll show you around the cabin.”


When they got upstairs to the master bedroom, Olivia quipped, “Well, I already saw this one when I brought our stuff up.  But I didn’t get a chance to test out that king-size bed.”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “It’s actually a waterbed.  But Liv, we are not staying in bed all weekend.”


“It’s a waterbed?  Oh hell yes!”  Olivia jumped on the bed and lay flat on her back as the bed sloshed and rippled beneath her.  She started rolling around and saying, “Alex, oh yes!  Yes, Alex!”


Alex jumped on the bed with her and started hitting her with the pillows.  “Liv, stop!”


Olivia trapped her underneath her.  “You are now under my control.  Muahahaha!”


Alex shook her head and laughed.  “You’re a lunatic, Liv.”


Olivia rolled off her and looked dreamily up at the ceiling.  “I always wanted a waterbed.”  Alex smiled and tucked that information away in a corner of her mind for later use.




After they were settled in for a couple hours, Alex proposed that they make s’mores.  “What do ya say we sit in front of the fireplace, tell stories, and eat s’mores?”


Olivia rubbed her stomach.  “I say that sounds like a plan.”


Alex got the Hershey bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows from the pantry while Olivia rushed to the fireplace.  Walking into the living room, she sat her pile down in front of Olivia.  “You do the honors.”


Olivia flashed her a bright smile.  “My pleasure.  But that means I get to eat the first one.”


After making her s’more and letting Alex have a bite, Olivia held another marshmallow over the fire.  However, the flames leapt a little too high and the marshmallow caught on fire.  Olivia quickly blew it out and then teasingly held it out to Alex.  Alex gaped at her in shock.  “Olivia, I wanted my marshmallow lightly toasted, not charcoal black.”


Olivia snickered and put another marshmallow on the wooden skewer.  After it had browned a little, she put a few Hershey squares on a graham cracker and placed the marshmallow on top.  Alex put another graham cracker on top and bit into her s’more happily.  “Mmm…absolutely yummy.”


Olivia grinned.  “I aim to please.”


When they had both eaten enough s’mores to make their stomachs feel like popping, they moved to the sofa and held each other in comfortable silence.  After several minutes had passed, Alex moved to the other end of the sofa and pulled her knees up under her chin.  Taking a deep breath, she asked, “Liv, what would you do if your mom found out about us?”


Olivia had started to stretch her feet out to meet Alex’s but immediately froze up.  “What do you mean?”


“Well…a lot of people know we’re together now.  I think it’s just a matter of time before our parents find out.”


Olivia stared at her for a moment.  Finally finding her voice, she responded, “Alex, I’m perfectly content with our parents not knowing about us.  Besides, the only people who know are our age.”


“Yeah…and what if word gets around?  What if they tell their parents?  Or what if they mention us and an adult overhears?  We have to be prepared for that to happen.”


Olivia started to get annoyed.  She knew Alex was right, but it wasn’t something she wanted to deal with until she absolutely had to.  “Alex, let’s not think about that now, ok?  Let’s just enjoy our time up here away from everyone.  If and when our parents find out, we’ll deal with it then.”


“Well…I thought about breaking it to Mom.  I know she’ll be more understanding than Dad.”


Olivia gaped at her in shock.  “Alex, why do you want to destroy us?”


Alex looked hurt.  “Liv, I’m not trying to destroy us.  I just think that it would be better if our parents found out from us and not through the grapevine.”


Olivia shook her head.  “Alex, no offense, but you’re incredibly naïve.”


Alex frowned at her.  “How am I being naïve, Liv?”


“Because you seem to think that if we tell our parents they’re gonna be all ‘Yay!  Our daughters are gay!  Super!’ when in reality they’re gonna blow a gasket.”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Liv, I think no such thing.  I just think that if they saw how much we loved each other, they’d understand and while they may not accept us at first, they’d grow to accept us because they want us to be happy.  Our parents love us, Liv.  Besides, your mom and my mom have become really good friends now.  I think they’ll take the news better than you think.”


Olivia shook her head.  “Our parents can make us break up!”


“They can’t make us do anything we don’t wanna do.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, that’s what you say now.  We’re still minors and we still live under their roofs.”


“Our parents would never throw us out!”


“Don’t be so sure of yourself, Alex.”


“Liv, I know you’re scared.  I’m a little scared, too.  But this is something we will have to face one day.  And as long as we love each other, everything will be ok.  We’re strong enough to get through this.  Don’t you believe that?”


Olivia sighed.  “Alex, I believe we’re strong enough to get through anything.  But that doesn’t mean I want to put us through unnecessary pain and trials just to prove that point.  You don’t have to put your hand in fire to know that you’ll get burned.”


Alex thought about what Olivia had just said.  “Liv, you do have a point.  Fine.  We won’t tell them until we have to and whatever happens just happens.  And I’ll just have to keep making up excuses for why I don’t wanna go out with any of my mom’s friends’ sons.”


Olivia jumped up off the sofa.  “What?  Your mom has been trying to hook you up with guys?”


Alex looked down.  “Yeah,” she answered quietly.


Olivia stared at her with her mouth wide open.  “Why the hell didn’t you tell me this, Alex?”


Alex looked up at her.  “Calm down, Liv.  I didn’t wanna upset you.  I just tell my mom that I’m not interested or that I wanna focus on school right now, and eventually, she leaves me alone.  That is, until the next offer.”


“She has no right to do that,” Olivia said, beginning to pace back and forth across the room.


“Yeah, I hated when she invited Geoff over for dinner without even giving me a heads up.”


Olivia stopped her pacing.  She stormed over to Alex.  “What?  Geoff who?”


“Geoff Bartley.  After dinner, he informed me that he wasn’t interested in me either because he was gay and had a boyfriend.”


Olivia breathed a sigh of relief.  “Good.  Still, how many more of these dinner dates have you had?”


Alex sighed.  “Just that one.  I was so cold to him at dinner my parents wanted to save themselves the embarrassment of inviting another boy over.”


“How long ago was this?” Olivia prodded.


“Right before school let out for Christmas break.”


Olivia frowned at her.  “Alex, I don’t like you keeping secrets from me.”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Liv, it’s not that big of a deal.”


Olivia looked at her as if she were crazy.  “Not that big of a deal?  How would you like it if my mom was setting me up on dates with guys?”


Alex sighed again.  “Liv, it wasn’t a date.  It was dinner and I was not an active participant.”


Olivia sat back down on the sofa and her lower lip began to tremble.  Alex kissed her on the cheek and began rubbing her back.  “Sweetie, don’t cry.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.  But I didn’t wanna have dinner with him.  I was upstairs and all of a sudden Mom comes up, and she tells me to get dressed because Geoff and his parents are coming over for dinner in half an hour.”


Olivia wiped away a tear.  “I just…I just don’t wanna lose you one day to some stupid rich guy.”


Alex wrapped her in a warm hug.  “Liv, that’s never gonna happen.  I don’t want anyone but you.”


“But what if she arranges your marriage?” Olivia asked, choking back a sob.


“They’d never do that, Liv.  But even if they tried, I’d never go for it.”


“What other secrets have you kept from me, Alex?” Olivia asked her with a pained expression on her face.


Alex took a deep breath.  Letting it out, she said, “Just one.”


Olivia looked horrified.  “Tell me,” she demanded in a voice that sounded strangely foreign to them both.


“Well…you know that night you were with Nick?  Well, I initially went over to Serena’s to spend the night, but then I told her to take me home because I couldn’t stop crying and just wanted to be alone in my own bed.  But the next night I did stay at her house and she invited Lexie Porter and a few other cheerleaders over to cheer me up.  Well…Lexie and I kissed that night.”


Olivia jumped up off the sofa again.  “You kissed her?” she asked, feeling her heart begin to pound.


Alex looked down.  “Yeah,” she responded quietly.  “Well, technically she kissed me.”


Olivia knew that the question she was about to ask was probably implausible, but she couldn’t stop herself.  “Did you…did you sleep with her?”


Alex looked at her in shock.  “No, Liv!  We just kissed.  If I wouldn’t even let her tongue in my mouth, why would I let it somewhere more intimate?”


Olivia felt relieved but she was still highly upset that Alex had kissed Lexie without telling her.  “And why didn’t you tell me this?”


Alex sighed.  “Liv, we were broken up.  I didn’t think it mattered.”


“It does matter!” Olivia screamed.  “Two wrongs don’t make a right!”


“Liv, you dumped me then you got together with Nick the next day!  I was really hurt!  I just wanted something to numb the pain!”


“Someone, you mean,” Olivia retorted bitterly.


“Liv, I don’t even know why you’re getting upset about this!  The night before you almost slept with Nick and then you have the nerve to get mad at me just because I briefly kissed someone?”


Olivia considered the logic of what Alex had just told her but still refused to back down.  “But you knew about Nick!  I didn’t know about Lexie until just now!”


“The only reason I knew about Nick was because I caught you getting out of a car with him!”


Olivia glared at her.  “Alex, I would’ve told you.  Unlike you, I don’t keep secrets from the girl I love.”


Alex stared at her incredulously.  “Don’t keep secrets?  Liv, you waited a whole week before you told me you were going to homecoming with Andy!”


“But I still told you!  And it wasn’t a week, it was five days!” Olivia yelled, storming upstairs to the bedroom.


“Close enough!  And I just told you about Lexie!” Alex shouted, following behind her.


“That’s only because I asked you if there was anything else you were keeping from me!” Olivia yelled exasperatedly, turning around to face her. 


Alex sighed.  “Liv, I still don’t know why you’re getting so mad.”


“Because it fucking hurts!” Olivia screamed.  “Hurts that I pushed you into the arms of someone else,” she continued more softly, taking a seat on the bed.


Alex looked down.  “I’m sorry, Liv.”


Olivia brushed away a tear.  “I just wish you had told me.”


Alex felt horrible for making Olivia cry.  She sat down on the bed beside her and stroked her hand with her thumb.  “I felt guilty in a way.  I didn’t wanna hurt you.  Things were going so well between us, and I was afraid it would push you away.”


Olivia looked at Alex.  “So how long was the kiss?”


“Only a few seconds.  She leaned in to kiss me and I started to kiss her back, but then I pulled away.  It didn’t feel right since she wasn’t you.”


“And it was just that one time?” Olivia asked.


“Yes, Liv.”


“Who’s a better kisser?” she continued.  She knew she was being petty and insecure, but at the moment she didn’t care.


“Obviously you.  Liv, what’s up with all the questions?”


Olivia ignored her.  “Who’s better looking?”


“You, Liv!  What next?  Are you gonna ask me who has nicer boobs?”


Olivia’s mouth dropped open.  “You saw her tits?”


Alex shifted uncomfortably.  “Not that night.”


“Not that night?!” Olivia asked incredulously.


“Well…I’ve seen her in the locker room after practice.  She walks around naked.  Look, she knows she has a nice body and isn’t afraid to show it off.”


Olivia frowned.  “Well…who does have nicer boobs?” she demanded.


“You, Liv.”  Alex smiled.  “Your nipples are perkier.”


Olivia smiled satisfactorily.  She rubbed her nipples through her t-shirt.  “Well, I guess nothing is a match for the pokies.”


Alex stared intently at the circular motions Olivia was making with her fingers.  “Liv, stop that.  You know that drives me crazy.”


Olivia feigned ignorance.  “Stop what?”


“Playing with your…your nipples like that!”


“Nah, Alex.  This isn’t playing.  Playing would be this,” Olivia said, stripping off her shirt in one quick motion and pulling her already erect nipples.


“Liv, this is cruel and unusual punishment!”


Olivia looked down at her nipples.  “Yeah, pokies.  Alex keeps secrets from us.  She can’t play.”


“Liv, this isn’t fair!”


Olivia ignored her.  Lying down, she licked a finger and traced it around a nipple.  Alex reached out to touch it as it grew even more, but Olivia pushed her hand away.  “Nuh uh, Alex.  No pokies for you.”


Alex pouted and folded her arms.  “You suck, Liv.”


Olivia grinned wickedly.  “Speaking of sucking…I bet you’d like to, wouldn’t you?”


Alex felt like crying.  “Liv, please stop.”


“Ok, I’ll stop, Alex.”  She moved her hand down and slid it inside her pants.




Olivia closed her eyes and unzipped her pants with her other hand.  “Oh, Alex.  Yesssssss…Alex.  Right there.”


Alex shoved her shoulder.  “Liv, stop touching yourself and calling out my name!”


Of course, Olivia ignored her.  “Oh, Alex…you make me so wet.”  She lifted her hand and traced some of her wetness around her nipples.  Alex tried to climb on top of her but Olivia pushed her off.  “Get off me, Alex.”


Alex paused for a second before reaching over to touch her breast.  Olivia shoved her arm away.  “Alex, I’m serious.  Do not touch me.”


“Fine, Liv.  Two can play this game.”  Alex pulled down her pants and underwear and started touching herself. 


Olivia’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw that Alex was completely shaven.  “Alex!  It’s…it’s naked!”


Alex looked at her smugly.  “I was gonna save this as a surprise, but now you’re not gonna get it.”


Olivia stared with her mouth open.  “Al, I was just messing with you.  I was gonna let you touch me…eventually.” 


“No, you weren’t.”


“Come on, you can touch me right now,” Olivia replied, grabbing Alex’s hand and trying to force it between her legs. 


“Too late,” Alex said, grinning smugly and yanking her hand away. 


Olivia was relentless.  She grabbed Alex’s hand again and tried to place it on her breast.  “Come on, don’t punish the pokies for my mistake.”


Alex rolled her eyes and retracted her hand again.  “Oh please, Liv.”  She rolled onto her side.


Olivia cuddled up to her back.  “But Alex…”  She began to trail her fingers up and down Alex’s side and tenderly kiss her neck.


Despite herself, Alex could feel herself giving in.  “Stop,” she demanded, although it came out more as a moan than a command.


Olivia brought her hand around to caress her stomach.  She started mumbling seductively in her ear while trailing her fingers up and down her spine. 


Alex gasped at the explicitness of Olivia’s desires but had never felt so turned on in her life.  “Liv!”


“Does this feel good?” Olivia asked, tracing the skin of her innermost thigh.  Alex shuddered.  Olivia was dangerously close to her center but purposely kept her fingers from closing the small distance.


“No,” Alex lied.


Olivia chuckled.  “Alex, baby, that’s the most unconvincing ‘no’ I’ve ever heard.  But in any event, I guess I’ll just have to change my tactics.”  She removed her fingers and started to trace a pattern where they’d been with her tongue.


“Oh shit!” Alex gasped softly.  Her tongue’s teasingly close proximity to her outer folds was driving her absolutely wild.  The wetness of Olivia’s tongue was blending with her spreading arousal, and she needed Olivia to make contact with her center.  To add to her building insanity, Olivia’s hair was falling forward and lightly tickling her in places her tongue had not yet ventured.


“Liv, please…”


Olivia grinned wickedly.  “Oh, that could be interpreted in so many ways.  Please stop.  Please continue…”  She moved right up to Alex’s ear and whispered, “Liv, please take off your pants…” 


Alex shuddered involuntarily again as Olivia proceeded to remove her pants and underwear.  Seeing how swollen and slick Olivia’s center was with her own arousal was almost enough to send Alex over the edge.  Olivia moved back down to circle Alex’s center with the fingertips of one hand while shoving a finger of her other hand deep inside herself.  Alex craned her neck to the side to watch Olivia’s finger expertly appear and disappear at random.  She reached down and took hold of Olivia’s hand, pulling her finger out.  “Liv, why do you insist on touching yourself in front of me?”


“Because you won’t let me touch you,” Olivia responded.  She traced her own wetness on the back of Alex’s thigh, causing her to shiver and hiss.


“Liv, what do you call what you just did…or what you’ve been doing for the past 10 minutes?”


“You know what I mean.  I can’t touch you where I want to.”


“That’s because you were mean earlier.  You wouldn’t let me touch you.”


“I’m sorry.”  Olivia gently turned Alex onto her back.  “God, you’re beautiful,” she breathed, licking her top lip as she stared at Alex’s bare sex.


Alex felt her heart rate climbing.  “Liv, that’s not gonna work,” she responded, trying to salvage the last shred of resolve she had left.


“Come on, Al.  Just a little taste,” Olivia said, looking up at her with her pupils dilated.  There was something so erotic to Alex about the way Olivia uttered the last word.  It was with both a hunger and an unyielding lust, and Olivia made it seem as if she absolutely needed it for sustenance.


“Ok, Liv,” Alex finally relented.


Olivia smiled gratefully and slowly parted Alex’s thighs.  She brushed her tongue up and down the length of her outer sex, reveling in the smoothness, before delicately swirling some of Alex’s wetness around her clit.  She could feel the warmth emanating from her opening, beckoning her inside, but wanted to save that pleasure for the very last.


“God, Alex, you taste so good,” Olivia murmured.  Alex felt a tingle go up her body at Olivia’s warm breath and provocative utterance.


As Olivia caressed her sex with her tongue, Alex lifted a leg and rubbed it back and forth across one of Olivia’s nipples.  Olivia moaned and pressed her tongue against her clit.  That was all Alex could take.  Arching her sex to press her clit harder against Olivia’s tongue, she felt a shiver of electric warmth flow through her body as the waves of pleasure overtook her. 


Olivia was clearly disappointed that Alex had not been able to keep her impulses in check.  “Alex!  You are such a cheater!”


Alex smiled smugly.  “Wow…that was good.”


Olivia scooted up beside her and grumbled, “Yeah, it would’ve been good if you’d let me get anywhere near finished.”  She pouted and whined, “I wanna go again.”


Alex giggled.  “You had your turn.  Now it’s mine,” she replied, taking off her shirt and flipping over on her side.


Olivia folded her arms and grumbled something under her breath.  Alex cooed, “Aw, is Livvie cranky?”


Olivia frowned.  “You killed the mood, Alex.”


“Aw, stop being a baby, Liv.  It’s not like you’ve never come early.”


“Whatever,” she grumbled.


Alex trailed her fingers up and down the valley of Olivia’s breasts.  Surprisingly, Olivia didn’t move to stop her.  “You know…I had planned to put on my glasses and make love to you, but since you’re no longer in the mood…”


Olivia bolted upright.  “You brought the glasses?”


Alex grinned.  “Yes.”


“The black-rimmed ones?”


“Yep,” Alex confirmed again, reaching over to take her eyeglass case out of the drawer.  She took them out and began to twirl them around her finger.  “Lie back down or I won’t put them on.”


She instantly obeyed.  Alex took them and gently traced the tips around Olivia’s nipples, which hardened at the touch, before putting them on.  Olivia could feel herself getting wet all over again.  Taking Olivia’s face in her hands, Alex leaned down and tenderly kissed her before slowly sliding a hand down her body until she reached her center.  Outlining it with her fingers, she gently caressed her inner sex before slipping two fingers inside.  Inside Olivia’s mouth, she allowed her tongue to mimic her fingers’ motions in her most intimate region.  Slowly leaving her mouth, she let her tongue trail down Olivia’s neck, across her collarbone, and down her breast until she reached her nipple. 


Olivia moaned and arched her back to force more of her breast into her mouth.  She gently ran a hand up and down Alex’s smooth back and then around to her stomach.  Alex continued sucking her nipples while continuing to thrust deeply but gently inside her.  When Olivia closed her eyes again, Alex took the opportunity to take off her glasses and rub the temple tips against her clit.  Olivia’s eyes shot open and she came before she even had time to think about it.


Alex looked down at her glasses and gasped, “Liv!  Now I have to clean my glasses!”


Olivia chuckled.  “Good.”


Alex grumbled, “And you talk about me not having any self-control.”


Olivia shrugged and gave her a content smirk.  “Hey, you know what those glasses do to me.  I had no idea you were gonna put them down there!”  She grinned.  “But I am sure as hell glad you did.”


Alex shook her head.  “You’re insane.”


Olivia turned over on her side so that she was facing Alex.  “I love you—and your sexy ass glasses.”


Alex giggled.  “I love you, too,” she replied, kissing her on the nose.  She got off the bed.  “I’m gonna go clean my glasses now.  Try to behave while I’m gone.”


Olivia grinned at Alex and teasingly slid her hand back down to her crotch.  “Liv, I’m serious!” Alex said, shoving her arm away.  Olivia just laughed.


Alex came back and laid her head on Olivia’s chest.  After a few minutes, she propped herself up on her elbow and asked, “Liv…do you ever miss having sex with guys?”


Olivia looked at her in amusement as she gently stroked Alex’s arm.  “No, sweetie.  Why would you think that?”


Alex looked down.  “I dunno…but didn’t you like having sex with guys?”


Olivia shrugged.  “It was all right.  But it lacked the intimacy that I feel when I’m with a girl.  I dunno…I can’t fully describe it.  Being with a guy was satisfying if all I wanted was a quick stitch, but there was always something missing to truly take me to the next level.  You know what I mean?”


“Well…kinda.  But it’s not like I can really compare since you’re the only one I’ve ever been with.”


Olivia sat up on her elbow and frowned.  “Are you saying you wanna sleep with a guy to see what it’s like?”


Alex looked at her like she was insane.  “No, Liv.  I was just stating the obvious.”  She looked down again and added, “And sometimes I wonder if I’m enough for you.”


Olivia lifted her chin and forced her to make eye contact.  “Sweetie, if you weren’t, would I keep coming back for more?”


Alex smiled sheepishly.  “I guess not.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows and pulled Alex close to her.  “Speaking of coming back for more…”




The next morning, Olivia yawned and stretched without bothering to open her eyes. As a reflex, she turned over and absently reached for Alex but was disappointed when all her hand met was wrinkled sheets.  Frowning, she opened her eyes and looked around the room but saw no sign of Alex.  Crawling out of bed, she shielded her eyes from the hot rays of sunlight bursting through the arched casement windows and padded downstairs into the kitchen.


A huge smile crossed her face when she saw Alex attempting to make breakfast.  “Mmm…something smells good.”


Alex turned her attention from her omelettes to see Olivia standing naked in the doorway.  “Liv!  What are you doing in here?”


“Well, I woke up and saw that you weren’t beside me, so I decided to investigate.”


“And you couldn’t bother to put on a robe while you were at it?”


Olivia began walking toward her.  “Why?  Am I distracting you?” she asked with a grin.


“Liv…I can’t cook when you’re naked,” Alex whined.


Olivia pulled a stool over and plopped down happily beside Alex at the stove.  She wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist and rubbed her cheek against her arm.  “I missed you,” she cooed.


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Liv, you’re not even supposed to be up!  I got up early just so I could bring you breakfast in bed.”


Olivia smiled, touched that Alex wanted to do something so sweet.  Nonetheless, she couldn’t resist teasing her.  “Well, I just came in to supervise.  Your mom told me about the time you set the stove on fire.”


Alex’s mouth dropped open.  “Are you serious?”


Olivia grinned.  “Yep.”  She looked over into the skillet.  “But I can see that’s not an issue anymore.  You’re doing very well.”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Glad I have your seal of approval,” she muttered sarcastically.


Olivia planted a kiss on her cheek.  “Baby, don’t get offended.  I was just teasing you.  I think you’re a great cook.”


Alex felt a small smile begin to cross her face.  “You really think so?’


“I know so,” Olivia replied, reaching into a small bowl and throwing a few ham cubes into her mouth.


“Hey, don’t eat them all,” Alex scolded.  “I need those for the omelettes!”


Olivia’s stomach growled.  “I’m hungry, Al,” she said with a pout.


“Your omelette will be done in a minute,” Alex said, adding some diced tomatoes to the cheese, ham, and baby Portabella mushrooms before folding the omelette over.  She then reached down and patted Olivia’s stomach.


Olivia gave her a lopsided grin.  “I didn’t get a good morning kiss.”


Alex leaned over and planted a quick kiss on her lips.  “There.  Satisfied?”


Olivia shook her head.  “Nope.”  She took the spatula from Alex and placed it on the counter.  Then she pulled her close and softly captured her lips.  Alex tenderly returned the kiss.  After a couple minutes, Olivia pulled back and said, “Now I’m satisfied.”


Alex grinned and transferred the omelette to a plate.  “Can you go turn off the oven and get the muffins out?”


“Sure,” Olivia answered, giving her a quick kiss before jumping off the stool.  She got an oven mitt and then opened the door to take out the muffins.  “Ooh…strawberry!  My favorite!” Olivia exclaimed.


Alex grinned.  “I thought you’d be pleased.”


Olivia walked back over to give her a hug.  “Thank you so much.”


“You’re welcome.  Now go get back in bed so I can still pretend I’m surprising you by bringing you breakfast,” Alex said, slapping her on the ass.


Olivia giggled.  “Ooh, the chef likes to play a little rough.”


Alex shook her head.  “Bed.  Now, Liv.”  Olivia gave her one more quick kiss on the cheek and then ran up to the bedroom.


In a few minutes, Alex brought in a tray with a glass of orange juice, an omelette, and two muffins.  Olivia grinned as Alex carefully placed the tray in her lap.  “I love you, sweetie.”


“I love you, too,” Alex replied.  “Now eat up.”


Olivia began wolfing down her food while Alex went back in the kitchen to get her own.  When she returned, she took her place beside Olivia and started eating as well.


When Olivia finished eating, she put her tray aside and pulled open the sash of Alex’s satin pink robe.  “You’re so beautiful.”


Alex blushed.  “Liv, aren’t you too full to be horny?”


“No.”  She pulled Alex into her lap.  “Besides, I just wanna cuddle.”


“Somehow cuddling with you always has a funny way of you ending up on top of me or between my legs.”


Olivia laughed.  “Alex, just because we’re naked doesn’t mean we have to have sex.  We can just hold each other.”


Alex smirked.  “Is that what it’s called nowadays?  Liv, I thought you’d never let me go to sleep last night.”


Olivia grinned.  “Hey, you’re the one who said I have magic fingers.”  She waggled her eyebrows and added, “And a magic tongue.”


Alex laughed and shook her head.  “Remind me never to encourage you again.”


Olivia smiled.  “Trust me, I don’t need any.”


“So what do ya wanna do today?” Alex asked her, twirling a lock of Olivia’s hair around her finger.


“Stay right here all day with you.”  She pulled Alex’s robe off her shoulders and marveled at the way the rays of sunlight reflected off her skin.  “Did anyone ever tell you how the sunlight gives your skin a certain glow?”


Alex laughed again.  “Liv, you don’t have to use pickup lines with me.”


Olivia giggled.  “It’s not a pickup line.  It’s just another thing that amazes me about you.”


Alex blushed.  “Aw, you’re so sweet, Liv.”


Olivia planted a chaste kiss on her cheek.  “I’ll be back in a few.  I’m gonna take a shower.”


“Ok,” Alex replied, flashing her a smile.


Olivia had only been in the shower a few minutes when Alex started getting restless.  Smiling to herself, she climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom.  When she came in, Olivia had her back turned to her and was shampooing her hair.  Humming softly to herself over the roar of the shower, she did not hear Alex approaching.  Alex pulled the shower door open and quickly stepped in behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist.


Pleasantly surprised, Olivia turned around in Alex’s arms and stepped back a little to pull her directly under the shower spray.  “Nice of you to join me, Alex.”


“Mmhmm…” Alex moaned, slipping her tongue into her mouth.  Olivia pressed their bodies tightly together and battled Alex’s tongue for dominance.  Alex ran her hands over the slippery terrain of Olivia’s back before reaching down to grip her ass.  Olivia always liked her showers scalding hot, and the steam from the water seemed to surround them both in a sensual fog of desire and passion.


After pulling away to catch her breath, Alex poured some body wash into her hands and soaped Olivia’s breasts.  Trailing her hands down her abs and over her dark thatch of hair, she gently took a washcloth and traced circular patterns in the soap.  Olivia moaned loudly as Alex’s nimble fingers traversed her center.   When Alex let her fingers move back up to caress her breasts, she let them linger on her fully erect nipples before taking one into her mouth and sucking hard.  When Alex let go, Olivia shuddered a little at the simultaneous sensations of blood rushing to that nipple and Alex’s teeth raking over the next one.


“God, I love it when your nipples are erect,” Alex mumbled.


Olivia smiled.  “And I love it when you suck on them.”  Alex gently bit it.  Olivia added, “Mmm…and that, too.”


After mercilessly teasing her nipples, Alex got down on her knees and flicked her tongue between Olivia’s legs.  Olivia placed her hands on Alex’s shoulders to steady herself against the sensations she was igniting inside her.  Alex delighted in the rush of water blending with Olivia’s arousal as she easily slipped her tongue in and out her opening and along her folds. 


“Mmm…Alex.  A little to the left.  No, my left.  Yeah, that’s it,” Olivia instructed her, closing her eyes.


“Tell me how good it feels,” Alex demanded.


“Good.  So good,” Olivia breathed.


Alex continued pumping her tongue in and out Olivia.  Olivia gasped sharply when Alex unexpectedly slid a finger in her anus and began moving it in rhythm to her tongue in her sex.  She tried hard to contain her impulses because she never wanted the sensations to end, but after a few more minutes, she couldn’t stand it any longer.  “God, Alex!” she cried out as she fell forward against the glass.


Alex gently pushed her back upright and said soothingly, “It’s ok, sweetie.  I’ve got you.”


Once Olivia had caught her breath, she began running her hands up and down Alex’s torso.  Alex pulled Olivia tightly to her and consumed her mouth, leaving virtually no space between their bodies.  When Olivia slipped her tongue inside her ear, Alex jumped into her arms and then loosely straddled her waist.  Olivia leaned back a little at an angle and then arched her sex to meet Alex’s.  Holding onto her strong shoulders, Alex repeatedly thrust her clit against Olivia’s.  She desperately tried to maintain contact but the water was making it slightly difficult to keep her center from slipping off Olivia’s.  Olivia placed her hands against Alex’s hips to provide better friction until she brought them both to orgasm.


“Are you tired, Liv?” Alex asked, sliding off Olivia.


Olivia shook her head.  “Not at all.  Just give me a minute.”


After they had both recovered from their orgasms, Olivia turned Alex around, planting several kisses at the nape of her neck.  She picked up the washcloth and began gently washing her back.  Grabbing the bottle of shampoo, she poured some on her hair and sat the bottle back down.  Olivia then massaged the shampoo into Alex’s hair and scalp with one hand while slipping her fingers inside her with the other. 


“Oh god, Liv,” Alex moaned.


“You like that?” Olivia asked, sucking the side of her neck.


“Yes.  Shit, yes.”


Turning Alex back around, Olivia flicked her tongue over her nipples and resumed thrusting inside her.  Dragging her tongue down her stomach, she stopped and flicked it inside her navel.  Alex felt her knees get weak and grabbed onto Olivia’s hair.  She wanted to come, but she never wanted the pleasure she was feeling to end.  Deciding to do something completely spontaneous, she yanked Olivia’s hand out of her and roughly pushed her up against the tile.


Olivia was clearly annoyed at being interrupted and stared at Alex as if she had lost her mind.  “Alex, why the hell did you just do that?”


“Shh,” Alex whispered, running her hands over her breasts and tugging her nipples before pulling Olivia forward to suck on them.  After she was satisfied that they were at maximum erection, she firmly gripped Olivia’s shoulders and pulled herself up her body until her center rested atop her right breast.  With one leg wrapped around her back and the other dangling between Olivia’s legs, Alex began a gentle gliding motion.


Olivia looked at her in surprise.  “Alex, what the—”


“Just let me fuck you,” Alex growled as she increased her rhythm.


Olivia thought she was going to faint under the water at the sensations of Alex’s center sliding back and forth over her nipple and her leg brushing against her sex.  “Shit, Alex!  Man, that feels good!” 


Alex had never felt anything like it before either.  She never knew that such simple motions could have so much erotic power.  It was as if someone had taken all the nerve endings in the most sensitive areas of their bodies and fused them together permanently.  She was so caught up in what she was feeling that she almost didn’t notice herself slipping.  She braced her hands against the tile to catch herself just in time.  “Damn, Liv!  A little help here!”


“Oh shit!  Sorry, Alex,” Olivia said, pressing her hands against Alex’s hips to steady her.  She then arched her back a little more to push her nipple harder against Alex’s clit.


Olivia came first, the violent waves of ecstasy coursing through her body and causing her to collapse against the shower floor, bringing Alex down with her.  When Olivia finally was able to form coherent thoughts again, she exclaimed, “Oh my fucking god, Alex.  Holy shit!”


It wasn’t long before Alex was shuddering right on top of her.  The rush of the water served to only intensify her orgasm and she had never felt so connected to Olivia as she had at that exact moment.  She held onto Olivia tightly and frantically tried to catch her breath while her trembles finally abated.


“Ok, Alex.  I am officially exhausted,” Olivia announced.


“That was insane,” Alex commented.


“Tell me about it,” Olivia muttered, standing up and helping Alex up as well.


The girls finished cleansing each other and then stepped out to dry off.  “Liv, is your boob sore?” Alex asked.


Olivia smiled.  “Just a little.  But it was well worth it.”


Alex stuck out a finger to gently touch the nipple.  Olivia jerked a little.  “Still sensitive?” Alex asked with a grin.


Olivia chuckled.  “Yeah…probably will be for the next couple of days.”


Alex pulled her to her and kissed her lightly on the lips.  “You up for some snowmobiling?” 


Olivia shrugged.  “Sure.  You know how to drive one?”


Alex laughed and rolled her eyes.  “Yes, Liv.  Now go get dressed.”


The girls dressed, bundled up, and then went outside.  Olivia helped Alex get the snowmobile out the shed, and then Alex refilled the fuel tank.  After they climbed on, Alex started up the engine and Olivia wrapped her arms tightly around her waist.  “Ready to ride?” Alex asked with a quick glance over her shoulder.


“Yeah!” Olivia shouted over the roar of the engine.


Alex pressed the gas and they went sailing over the snowy trail.  Gliding around the bend of a mountain, the girls felt faint flakes of snow brush their faces.  Olivia deeply inhaled the mountain air and laid her chin on Alex’s shoulder, marveling at all the gorgeous scenery.  She held on tighter as Alex guided them down a steep slope, laughing at the rush of adrenaline pumping through her veins.  This is the vacation of a lifetime, she thought happily.


After about an hour and a half of snowmobiling, Alex drove back up to the front of the cabin.  “So what did ya think?” Alex asked, brushing some snow out her hair.


“Wow, Alex!  That was so much fun!”  She hugged her to her side and added, “And you’re a great driver.”


“Told you,” Alex said as they went back into the cabin and changed.  Olivia started up a fire and the two happily cuddled up to each other to get warm.  Alex laid her head on Olivia’s chest as Olivia stretched her hands out over the fireplace.  Smiling, Olivia placed her hands on Alex’s cheeks, bringing about a rosy flush.


“Liv, your hands are hot!” Alex said, giggling and burying her face in Olivia’s sweater.


“You’re so cute,” Olivia cooed.


Alex got up and stretched.  “Man, I’m starved!  You want paninis for lunch?”


Olivia stood up beside her.  “Sure.”


After grilling their chicken panini sandwiches, they took them into the living room and Alex popped a movie into the DVD player.  She took her place next to Olivia on the sofa and they began eating.  “These are pretty good, Alex,” Olivia complimented around a mouthful. 


“Thanks,” Alex said, taking a napkin and wiping some honey mustard from the side of Olivia’s mouth.  Olivia smiled and planted a big kiss on her cheek.


About 30 minutes into the movie, Alex fell asleep with her head in Olivia’s lap.  Olivia smiled down at her and stroked her hair.  She looks so precious when she’s sleeping.


Three hours later, Alex lifted her head and looked around.  Stretching, she turned to Olivia and asked, “How long was I asleep?”


Olivia smiled.  “You were knocked out for a few hours.”


“Sorry about that,” Alex apologized.


Olivia smiled sweetly at her.  “Don’t be.  I love watching you sleep.”


Alex blushed.  “What do you wanna do for dinner?” she asked.


Olivia shrugged.  “Well, I make a mean lasagna.”


Alex smiled.  “Sounds yummy.  Besides, I always love the chance to observe your culinary prowess.”


Olivia giggled.  “How about we make it together?”


“That would be fun, Liv,” Alex replied, following her into the kitchen.


Olivia browned the ground beef in a skillet and then added the tomato sauce, spices, and herbs.  “Do we have any brown sugar?” she asked.


Alex got off the stool and went to search the cabinets.  “Yeah, there’s light and dark.  Which one do you need?”


“Either one will be fine.”


Alex brought over the box of light brown sugar and handed it to Olivia.  Olivia smiled and gave it back.  “You can add the brown sugar.”


Smiling, Alex leaned over and sprinkled a few pinches of brown sugar into the meat sauce.  “Is that enough?”


“That’s good.  Now go boil the noodles.”


Alex put the lasagna noodles in a pot of water and then resumed her position next to Olivia.  Olivia held out the spoon for Alex to taste the sauce.  “How is it?” she asked expectantly.


Alex swallowed the sauce.  “Liv, that is the best sauce I’ve ever tasted!  Can I have another sample?”


Olivia grinned proudly.  “Thanks.  And sure you can.”  She fed her even more sauce and then tasted some herself.  “Do you think it needs anything else?”


Alex shook her head.  “Not at all.  It’s perfect the way it is.”


Olivia mixed together the eggs, ricotta, Parmesan, and parsley.  She turned to Alex and said, “I think the noodles are done.  Can you drain them for me?”


“Sure,” she replied with a smile.  After draining, Alex took the steaming lasagna noodles and made a layer in the glass baking pan.  Olivia poured some sauce on top and then added the ricotta cheese mixture and shredded mozzarella.  After they had finished stacking the layers of noodles, sauce, and cheeses, Olivia put the pan in the oven to bake. 


“Liv, I feel like we’re living together or something,” Alex said with a grin.  “You know, waking up with a place all to ourselves, making meals together…it’s a nice feeling.”


Olivia came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist.  “So this is what it’s gonna be like in a few years?”


Alex turned around and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.  “I look forward to that.”


After the lasagna was done, Olivia scooped big slices on two plates and then brought them to the table.  “Dig in,” she said, slicing the French bread and placing the pieces alongside the lasagna.

Alex ate a forkful of her lasagna and nodded her head approvingly.  “Wow, Liv!  You really outdid yourself!  This is seriously the best lasagna I’ve ever had!”


Olivia grinned.  “Thanks.  But I can’t take all the credit.  You were a big help.”


Alex jumped out of her chair and went over to the wine cabinet.  She got a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and two wine glasses and brought them over to the dinner table.  After uncorking it and pouring herself and Olivia a glass, she held up her glass and said, “I’d like to propose a toast to our love.”


“To our love,” Olivia said, clinking their glasses together and taking a sip.  She swirled the wine on her tongue and savored its rich flavors.  “This is really good, Alex.  I’ve never had it before.”


Alex smiled.  “Thanks.  You deserve the best.”


Olivia reached across the table and grabbed her hand, looking intently into her eyes.  “I already have the best.”


As they were cleaning up after dinner, Alex asked Olivia, “Liv, do you think we’re soul mates?”


Olivia put down the dish she was holding and took Alex’s hands into her own.  “With every inch of my being.”


Alex grinned.  “Good to know.  I think so, too.”


Olivia smiled and pulled Alex into a warm embrace.  “You complete me.”


Alex rubbed her back and replied, “And you complete me, too.”




When the girls got back Monday, it was late evening.  They were preparing to take their things upstairs when Alex’s mother suddenly came around the corner and stood at the end of the staircase.


“Good evening, Mrs. Cabot,” Olivia said, somewhat surprised.


“Good evening, Olivia,” Madeline answered, regarding her pensively.


Alex stared at her mother in shock.  “Mom…I didn’t know you were still awake.”  Thank God we weren’t holding hands.


Madeline offered them a wry smile.  “Well, I wanted to stay up to make sure you girls got in safely.  I was in the reading room.”


Alex smiled and kissed her mother on the cheek.  “Thanks, Mom.  Goodnight.”


Her mother returned the kiss.  “Goodnight, dear.”


“Goodnight, Mrs. Cabot,” Olivia stated.


The girls turned to go up the stairs again when Madeline grabbed Olivia’s arm.  “Olivia, may I see you privately for a minute?”


Alex and Olivia exchanged panicked glances.  Olivia turned her gaze back to Madeline.  “Sure, Mrs. Cabot.  What about?”


Madeline put her hand on Olivia’s back and led her into the dining room.  Closing the door behind her and folding her arms, she looked at her sternly and asked, “Olivia, what is going on with my daughter?”