Chapter 7:  Something Special

After her run, Olivia went back to her car and saw that she had two missed calls from Elliot.  He probably wants to know how yesterday went, she thought.


Elliot picked up on the second ring.  “Well, well.  To whom do I owe the pleasure for this call?”


Smiling, Olivia threw her bag in and went around to the driver’s side.  “Alex,” she said simply.


“Well, you’re in a good mood.  I take it things went well yesterday?” he asked.


“Better than well.  I can’t remember when I’ve had such a great time.  Alex is amazing,” Olivia said dreamily.


“So you like spending time with her?” Elliot continued.


“I adore spending time with her.  She’s a really sweet girl, Elliot.”


Trying to think of the best way to approach the real reason he had called, Elliot took a deep breath and said, “So…”


Guessing where Elliot was headed, Olivia warned him.  “Elliot, don’t even…”


“Oh, come on, Liv.  Just admit that you like her,” he prodded.


Sighing and deciding to give him that much, she replied, “Ok, ok.  Yeah, I like her.”


Concerned, Elliot asked, “Are you sure she isn’t straight?”


Smirking, Olivia blurted out before she could stop herself, “Straight?  Not the way she was kissing me last night and staring at my boobs.”  Realizing it too late, Olivia exclaimed, “Ah, shit!  El, keep your mouth shut about this, please.”


“Don’t worry, Liv.  Your secret’s safe with me,” he promised.  “So what time did you get home last night?”


“Actually, I got home this afternoon after one,” Olivia answered.


“What?!  Holy shit, Liv!  Don’t tell me you and Alex actually—” Elliot began.


“No, Elliot.  We didn’t,” Olivia said, cutting him off.  “I just spent the night.”


“Yeah, sucking face,” he snorted.  “So how far did you get?”


“We just made out a little, El.  That’s all,” Olivia responded, rolling her eyes.


“How much?” Elliot prodded.  “Any groping going on?”


“Elliot, Alex and I will not be the subject of your girl-on-girl fantasies,” Olivia replied with annoyance in her voice.


“Come on, Liv.  I’m your best friend.  I’m not asking you for a play by play of last night,” he insisted.


“Ha, yeah you are, El.  I know you too well by now,” she retorted.  Sighing, she continued, “But just so you know, there was no groping.  I like what we started.  I don’t wanna rush anything.  There’s something special here, El.  I just know it.”


“Is that so?” Elliot asked sincerely.


“Yes, El.  I dunno…I just feel different around her.  In a good way.  It’s something I’ve never felt before.  I can’t really place my finger on it, though—at least not yet,” Olivia explained.


“So, when is the next time you guys are gonna hang out?” he asked, happy to hear that Olivia was happy.


“I dunno.  I’m supposed to call her tonight, though.  And she’ll be in Psych with me tomorrow.”


“Are you coming over for dinner tonight?” he asked.


“Sure,” Olivia said, fumbling with balancing the phone, her gym bag, and trying to unlock the door.  “I just need to take a shower and then I’ll head out.  Talk to you then?”


“Yeah, see you soon, Liv,” Elliot said, pressing the end button on his cell.


Olivia walked into the house with a smile on her face.  I can’t wait to call Alex tonight, she thought.  She stripped off her sweaty clothes and walked into the shower.  Ten minutes later, she got out and looked at herself in the mirror.  Seeing that her nipples were erect, she lightly circled her areolas with her fingertips and chuckled at the thought of Alex calling her nipples “pokies.”  Drying off, she left the bathroom and pulled on a t-shirt and jeans, then grabbed her keys off the table and headed to Elliot’s house.


After dinner, she and Elliot went outside to sit on the steps.  “So how’s Kathy doing?” Olivia asked him.


“Wonderful,” he said, smiling.  “It’ll be two months Friday.”


“Aww, look at you two lovebirds,” Olivia cooed, ruffling Elliot’s hair.  “Congrats.”


“Thanks,” he responded, grinning from ear to ear.  “I’m gonna take her out to dinner.”


“Oh yeah?  That’ll be nice,” Olivia replied, plucking a blade of grass from the ground.  Turning to look at Elliot, she asked, “You know where?”


Shaking his head, he answered, “Nah.  Not yet.  But hey, I have the whole week to figure that out, now don’t I?”


“Procrastinator,” Olivia teased, throwing the blade of grass at him.  Standing up, she said, “Well, I better be getting home.  I need to call Alex before it gets too late.”


Chuckling, Elliot nodded.  “Ok, pal.  Don’t stay on the phone talking too late.”


Waving, Olivia got in her car and drove back to her house.  Grinning, she sat down on her bed and dialed Alex’s number.


Seeing that it was Olivia, Alex answered on the first ring.  “Hey,” she said softly.


“Hey yourself,” Olivia teased.  “What’s up?”


“Just going over some notes.  I was bored to tears waiting for you to call,” Alex said gratefully.


“Aww, do you miss me, Alex?” Olivia cooed into the phone.


“Yes.  I wish you were here right now.”


Smiling, Olivia replied, “Yeah, me too.  You know, I had a really great time yesterday.”


“Me too,” Alex agreed.  “And this morning.”


“That too,” Olivia said, grinning into the phone.  “It was worth braving the Cabot gauntlet.”


“Hey now,” Alex started. 


They talked for several more minutes before Olivia’s mother began yelling her name.  “Shit, Alex!  I gotta go.  I’ll meet you tomorrow morning by your locker, ok?  Bye,” she said, quickly closing her phone.


Groaning, she got up and went into the living room to see what her mother wanted.  “Yes, Mom?” she asked, frowning.


“Where the hell is my porcelain vase?” her mom demanded.


“You knocked it over and broke it yesterday,” Olivia answered, clearly irritated at having her phone call with Alex interrupted for something so trivial.


Staring at Olivia like she had lost her mind, her mother asked suspiciously, “When?  I don’t remember breaking it.”


“That’s because you were too drunk, Mom,” Olivia snapped, glaring at her.


Her mother didn’t say anything.  Instead, she turned around and went to the kitchen, angrily banging around pots and pans.  “What do you want for dinner?” she asked.


“I’m not hungry.  I ate at Elliot’s,” Olivia said, turning to go back to her room.


“Olivia, wait!” her mom said, coming out of the kitchen.  Slowly, Olivia turned back around.  “Sweetie, I’m sorry.”


Looking down, Olivia gave a half-hearted smile.  “I know, Mom.  I know.”  And with that, she walked back down the hall to her room.  Turning on her tv, she flipped through the channels, desperately wishing Alex were with her.