Chapter 8:  It's Official

Sure enough, as Alex was pulling books out of her locker, Olivia came strolling up to her.  “Why hello, Miss Cabot.  May I carry your books for you?”


Giggling, Alex shut her locker and held out her books to Olivia.  Taking a couple off the stack, Olivia walked Alex to her desk.  “Try to stay outta trouble today, Alex,” she said, winking as she walked out the door.


“Just for you,” Alex said, waving.


Seeing the exchange between Olivia and Alex, Serena rushed over to her.  “Okay, spill.”


“Spill what?” Alex asked innocently.


“Oh puh-leaseeeeeee,” Serena said, rolling her eyes and sitting down at her desk.  “I wanna hear all the juicy details.”


“Not here,” Alex replied.  “I’ll tell you about it later.”


Frowning, Serena pulled off a piece of paper and threw it at her.  “You’re no fun!”


Grinning wickedly, she said slyly, “I bet Olivia would beg to differ.”


Gasping, Serena’s eyes got wide.  Just then, Mr. Stevens walked in and motioned for everyone to be quiet.  “Consider yourself saved this time, Cabot,” Serena whispered.


Alex laughed softly and opened up her notebook.  Looking at the clock, she willed 2nd period to come sooner so she could see Olivia again.


When the bell rang, Alex gathered up her books and dashed out the door.  Seeing that she had made it to class before Olivia, Alex settled in her desk.  She took several deep breaths to stop her heart from racing in anticipation of Olivia’s entrance.  When she saw Olivia walk in, she motioned for her to come sit beside her.  Sliding into the desk next to Alex, she teased, “So I take it you didn’t have to stay after class today?”


“Nope,” Alex said, giddy with excitement.  “In fact, I didn’t get a single dirty look from Stevens.”


“Hmm.  Maybe you need a reward for good behavior,” Olivia said, winking.


Giggling, Alex bent over to pull out her notebook.  When she sat back up, she was shocked and annoyed to find Jake Matthews sitting on the edge of her desk.  Groaning, she asked, “Can I help you with something, Jake?”


“Yeah.  See, there’s this really cute blonde that I’ve been digging for awhile now, and I was wondering when she’d let me take her out on a date,” Jake said, grinning.


Turning to look at Olivia, Alex rolled her eyes.  Looking back at Jake, she said dryly, “I have a proposition for you, Jake.  You stop pestering me, and I’ll let you take me out on a date on the twelfth of never.  Sound good?”


Olivia giggled as Jake got off Alex’s desk.  Turning red, he mumbled “Whatever” and went to his seat.


“Well that was easier than I expected,” Alex said, smiling at Olivia. 


“Ouch, Alex.  I hope you don’t turn down everyone like that.  Kid will probably be crying his eyes out tonight.”


Alex smiled again at her.  “Nah, I do accept special offers,” she replied, winking at her.  Olivia winked back and turned to face the front of the room.




Alex spent the rest of her day daydreaming about Olivia.  When it was finally time for cheerleading practice, she practically sped down the halls to the gym.  By the time she got to the locker room to change, Coach Cragen already had the girls’ basketball team doing suicides.  Quickly changing into her uniform, Alex ran outside to meet the other cheerleaders on the field. 


When Coach Donnelly finally let them go, Alex walked back in the gym to find the team still practicing.  Wanting to sit and watch Olivia without looking out of place, she convinced Serena to sit with her. 


“You owe me, Cabot,” Serena stated.  “I’m calling you tonight and I want every single detail of what happened between you two this weekend.”


“Ok, ok,” Alex assured her.  Watching Olivia do a layup, Alex sighed contentedly.  “How perfect was that?  God, she’s so hot when she plays.”


“Careful, Alex.  Drooling isn’t becoming of you,” Serena teased.


Slapping Serena on the arm, Alex giggled.  “I just wanna run over and kiss her!”


Raising an eyebrow, Serena said, “I dunno about that.  Cragen would probably make her do more suicides for that.”


“It would be worth them if he made her do them naked,” Alex said, smiling wickedly.


Serena gaped at her in shock.  “Alexandra Cabot!  What has gotten into you?”


Alex just grinned.  When Olivia changed sides, she waved to Alex and Serena.  Alex burst out giggling again.


Fifteen minutes later, Cragen released them from practice.  Olivia jogged over to the girls.  “So I hope you girls enjoyed the show?”


“I know I did,” Alex said, giving her a sly grin.  Realizing Serena was still there, she said quickly, “Oh, Olivia.  Sorry, let me formally introduce you two.  Serena, this is Olivia Benson, the hottest basketball star on earth, and Olivia, this is Serena Southerlyn, my best friend.”


Holding her hand out, Serena said, “Hi, Olivia.  Nice to meet you.  I hear Alex here is quite fond of you.”


Alex shot Serena a warning look.  Olivia just laughed and shook her hand.  “Yeah, I’ve seen you around a lot.”


“Same here,” Serena said, grinning.  Turning to leave, she said over her shoulder, “Keep Cabot in line for me, ok?”


Olivia laughed again and assured her, “Oh, I will.  Don’t worry.”


As soon as Serena was out of sight and the other players had left, Alex draped her arms across Olivia’s shoulders.  “So how exactly are you gonna keep me in line?” she asked in a sultry voice.


“Oh, I can think of a few ways,” Olivia responded, waggling her eyebrows.  Holding out her arm, she continued, “Accompany me to the locker room, Miss Cabot?”


Looping her arm through Olivia’s, Alex replied, “It would be my pleasure.”


Looking down at Alex’s cheerleading uniform, Olivia remarked, “You know, you look cute with your little uniform on.  Especially the skirt.”


Alex giggled.  “Well, if you’re good, maybe I’ll do some back handsprings for you.  Or maybe I’ll let you throw me in the air and catch me.  Think those muscles could handle that?”


Olivia stopped and flexed her arms.  Almost like an automatic response, Alex reached out to touch them.  “Ooh…they’re all sweaty.”


“Isn’t that how you like them?” Olivia joked.


“Definitely,” Alex responded, giving her a knowing grin.  Then she dragged them into the locker room.  “Come on!” she exclaimed excitedly.  “We can get showers right next to each other.”


With an eye shag, Olivia stripped down to her sports bra and panties.  Alex’s eyes immediately gravitated to Olivia’s chest.  Following Alex’s gaze, Olivia smirked.  Leaning in near Alex’s ear, she whispered, “Are they to your liking today?”


Looking around to make sure none of the other girls were watching, Alex quickly pulled Olivia to her and kissed her.  Watching as Olivia’s nipples hardened even more, Alex said satisfactorily, “Now they are.”


Olivia shook her head and chuckled.  “You’re incorrigible, Alex.  You know that?”


Alex just smiled and began taking off her uniform.  Admiring Alex’s slender body, Olivia ran her hand over her flat stomach.  Giggling, Alex complained, “That tickles!”


Stepping closer to her and applying more pressure, Olivia stroked Alex’s stomach again.  “Does that tickle?” she said in a low voice.


Alex pulled Olivia to her and kissed her again.  Reluctantly pulling away, Olivia said, “Come on.  Let’s shower before we get caught.” 


In the dressing areas before their respective shower stalls, the girls stripped off their underwear.  As they were showering, Alex turned her shower head so that it sprayed into Olivia’s stall.  “Hey!” Olivia exclaimed.  She retaliated by aiming her own shower head into Alex’s stall, which elicited a squeal from the girl.


Alex dressed and waited for Olivia to come out.  Pleased to see her in nothing but a towel, she went over to her and wrapped her arms around her.  “Well, you’re no longer hot and sweaty but hot and steamy will just have to do.”


Olivia grinned and kissed her.  Alex ran her hands through Olivia’s wet locks and said, “You know, Liv, we’re the only ones in here now.”


Looking around, Olivia teased, “Is that so?”  And with that, she pulled Alex’s mouth to hers in a passionate kiss.  When Alex moaned, she took the opportunity to slip her tongue in, letting it roam over the delicate textures of Alex’s mouth.  Sucking on her tongue, she ran her hands up and down Alex’s back and then under her shirt to touch her bare sides.


“God, you’re so beautiful,” she mumbled into Alex’s mouth.  She left her mouth, trailing kisses down her long neck.  When she got to the base of her throat, she flicked her tongue out and began sucking gently.


“God, Liv.  Ohh goddddddd,” Alex moaned in pleasure, rubbing her hands over her bare shoulders.


The girls were so engrossed in their kissing that they didn’t even notice anyone come in.  Serena smirked and said, “Damn, Alex!  With a girl who kisses you like that I can see why you were practically drooling watching her practice.”


Astonished, the girls jumped back from one another, their chests heaving heavily.  Serena just snickered.  “Don’t let me stop you, girls.  I just realized that I left my geometry book in my locker and came back to get it.”


Still gasping for air, Alex demanded, “How long have you been standing there watching us?”


“Don’t worry, I just got here.  But I wish I’d gotten here sooner,” she said, getting her book out of her locker.


Turning to leave, she said over her shoulder, “You know…if you girls started selling tickets, you’d have guys lined up around the school to watch.”  Winking at them, she added, “And girls.”


When Serena had exited the locker room, Alex sat down on the bench.  “Oh, God,” she said, looking up at the ceiling.


Pretty pleased with herself, Olivia gave Alex her best shit-eating grin.  “Is there a problem, Alex?” she teased.


Looking at her, Alex exclaimed, “Yes!  My best friend just saw my girlfriend vacuuming my face!”


Olivia raised an eyebrow.  “Your girlfriend?”


Realizing what she’d just said, Alex looked at Olivia in horror.  “Geez, Liv, I’m sorry!  That just slipped!  I swear that was the first time I called you that!”


Seeing Alex panic, Olivia gave a soft chuckle as she began walking closer to her.  “Well, I would hope that only your girlfriend was allowed to kiss you like that.  If not, I must say I’d be a tad bit jealous,” she said, waggling her eyebrows at Alex.


Looking at Olivia incredulously, she stammered, “So you…you wanna be my girlfriend?”


Smiling at her, Olivia answered, “I’d like that a lot, Alex.”


Sighing, the relief evident on her face, Alex replied, “Whew!  I was afraid I was gonna scare you off when I said that.”


Sitting down beside her, Olivia assured her, “You’re too beautiful and sweet to scare me off, Alex.”


Blushing, Alex turned to look at her.  “You really think that?”


Taking Alex’s hands into her own, she responded, “Yes, really.”  Giving her a quick kiss on the lips, she stood up.  “I need to get dressed.  No peeking,” she said, smiling as she went around the corner.


As she was dressing, she heard Alex exclaim, “Oh my god, Olivia!”


“What is it?” Olivia asked, running around the corner in jeans and a bra. 


Alex pointed to the sizeable discoloration at the base of her neck.  Olivia burst into giggles.  Alex gaped at her with mock anger on her face.  “You left a colossal hickey on me!  My mom is gonna see this!”


“Use concealer,” Olivia said matter-of-factly, walking back around the corner laughing.  Alex scrambled for her makeup bag and applied a small amount of concealer to the area.


Coming back shortly afterwards with her bag on her shoulder, Olivia asked, “Ready to go?”


“Yeah,” Alex said, standing up and gathering her things.  Olivia reached for her hand and Alex gladly took it.  Once they got outside, Alex said, “I need to call my mom to tell her I’m done with practice.  Will you wait with me until she comes?”


Waving her hand, Olivia said, “You don’t need to tell her to pick you up.  I’ll drop you off.”


“Are you sure?”


“It would be my pleasure,” Olivia answered, smiling sweetly.  “Besides, I don’t mind driving my girlfriend around.”


Giggling, Alex kissed Olivia on the cheek and they set out for the parking lot.