Chapter 10:  Perfect

Olivia and Alex were sitting in 2nd period when there was a knock on the door.  Mrs. Olivet went to open it to reveal a guy from the florist shop.  He was holding a large Agathe crystal vase which held two dozen red and white roses, including an array of balloons which were attached to the vase.  “Uh…is there an Olivia Benson in here?”


“Yes, yes.  Come in,” Mrs. Olivet told him.  “She’s right over there.”


The delivery guy walked over and placed the vase on her desk.  “You must be really special to someone,” he said with a smile.  Alex giggled lightly.


“Who’s it from?” Matt Spencer asked.


“Like you have to guess,” Jake answered with a roll of his eyes.


“Oh, it’s so cute!” Mandi cooed.  “Look how gorgeous those roses are!”


“Barf,” Abbie muttered under her breath, sparing a glance at Alex.


However, Alex didn’t hear Abbie’s crude comment.  She was too busy watching how Olivia’s face lit up when she read the card and how she trailed her fingertips lightly over the delicate rose petals.  She looked as if she were going to cry as she tried to take in the whole array of crystal, flowers, and balloons.  No one had ever given her anything like it before.  She looked over to meet Alex’s eyes and said simply, “These are so beautiful, sweetie.  Thank you.”


Alex saw the tears glistening in Olivia’s eyes and felt her own eyes prick with tears.  “You’re more than welcome, baby.  Happy birthday.”  For a moment, both of them had forgotten where they were as they leaned in to let their lips softly meet.


“Oh, double barf,” Abbie said loudly with a roll of her eyes.


Mrs. Olivet cleared her throat as several of their classmates started clapping and cheering.  “Girls, remember we are still in class.  However, I’ll allow you this one indiscretion since it is your birthday, Olivia.  I hope you enjoy it.”


Giggling, the girls quickly pulled back from one another, both of their faces a deep crimson.  “Sorry, Mrs. Olivet,” Olivia replied sheepishly.


Mrs. Olivet smiled.  “It’s all right—this time.  Just don’t make it a habit.”


Alex looked over and glared at Abbie.  Olivia followed her line of eyesight and glared as well, angry that Abbie had upset Alex and made such a callous remark on her birthday.  Abbie rolled her eyes at them and turned her attention again to the front of the classroom.


Olivia tried to concentrate the rest of the class period but she couldn’t keep her eyes off her roses.  In a sense, she was mesmerized by them.  If she wasn’t outlining the roses or the balloons, she was outlining the sculpture of the vase with her fingers.


When class was over, she carefully picked up the vase.  “Need some help?” Alex offered her.


Olivia laughed.  “Yeah, I think I just might.  How am I gonna carry this huge thing around all day?”


Mrs. Olivet overheard her and offered, “Well, you could keep the vase in my room until the end of the day.  I wouldn’t want something so beautiful to get damaged.”


Olivia smiled and carefully brought it over to her desk.  “Thank you,” she told her as Mrs. Olivet picked up the vase and set it in a vacant area on the floor.  Alex grabbed her hand and they walked outside.


“So I take it you liked your roses?” Alex asked with a grin.


“Loved loved loved them!” Olivia exclaimed, wrapping her in a tight hug.  “God, I love you so much!”


Alex smiled.  “I love you too, beautiful.”


Olivia pulled back and frowned.  “You think they’re safe in Olivet’s room?”


Alex wrinkled her brow.  “Yeah, I’m sure she’ll watch them.  She always locks the room when she’s away.  One time I’d left my notebook and couldn’t even get back in to get it because she was gone.  Why?”


“Abbie seemed pretty jealous.”


Alex frowned.  “Yeah, she did.  But if she has any sense, she won’t go near those roses or I’ll knock her teeth down her throat.”


Olivia grinned as they began walking to Alex’s next class.  “Now that’s something I’d pay real money to see.”




Olivia said her thanks as everyone at the table greeted her with “Happy Birthday.”  “So what did you get so far?” Elliot asked.  “Wait, keep it clean,” he added.


Olivia smirked.  “Well…I got this huge bouquet of roses and balloons from Alex.  They were delivered during second period.”


“So where are they?” Casey asked, anxious to see them.


“In Mrs. Olivet’s room.  They were way too big for me to carry around all day.  I didn’t want anything happening to them.  The vase is absolutely gorgeous, might I add,” Olivia told her.


“So do you have any plans for the day?” Serena asked innocently.


“Just to spend it with Alex,” Olivia said, smiling at Alex and grasping her hand under the table.  “It’s been perfect so far.”


Serena and Alex exchanged knowing glances.  “Do you feel any older?” Kathy asked Olivia.


Olivia shook her head.  “No.  But I’m sure that’ll change after tryouts this afternoon.”  Everyone laughed.


“How many more days of tryouts do you have, Liv?” Kathy continued.


“Well, tryouts are over on Wednesday, so just two.  Well, technically three if you wanna count today.”


“Wouldn’t it be funny if we were both trying out for swimming?” Alex asked.


“Or gymnastics,” Olivia added.


“Then we’d be competing against each other.  That’d be really weird,” Alex replied.


“You both would lose every time because you’d be too busy making out,” Casey joked.


“We would not!” Alex protested.


“Exactly,” Olivia chimed in.  “There’d be plenty of time before and after meets to do that.”


“Oh boy,” Elliot remarked.


“When do you find out if you’ve made the team or not?” Kathy asked.


“Thursday morning,” Olivia answered.


“Wednesday afternoon for Serena and me.  Right after our final tryouts,” Alex added.


“I guess we’ll both be going to our girlfriends’ meets, huh Liv?” Casey asked.


Olivia looked at Casey and smiled.  “I guess so.”


“Aw, can’t you just imagine Casey and Liv sitting beside each other waving these huge banners around?” Elliot said.


Kathy laughed.  “I bet they’ll look so cute.”


“I bet so, too,” Alex agreed, giving Olivia a kiss on the cheek.


After the bell had rung, Olivia began walking in the direction of Alex’s class but was shocked when Alex began pulling her the opposite way.  “What are you doing, Alex?”


“Well…it’s your birthday.  So I thought I’d walk you to class the rest of the day.”


Olivia beamed in happiness.  “Aw, baby that’s so sweet of you!”


Alex grinned and began swinging Olivia’s hand in her own as they walked down the hall.  “Hey, I try.”




Olivia padded into the locker room, shivering and soaking wet from the pool.  Every muscle in her body ached, even the ones she never knew existed, and the only things she could think of were a hot shower and warm bed.  Stripping off her swimsuit and standing under the hot spray of the shower, she soaped her body and washed away the tension from her muscles.


When she got out, she was surprised to find Alex waiting for her with a towel.  “Hey you,” Alex said.


“Hey yourself,” Olivia said with her signature smirk.  She held out her hands to gladly accept the towel but Alex started drying her off instead.  “Mmm…you have no idea how good that feels.”


“Try me,” Alex said with a sly grin.


“Every muscle in my body aches, Alex,” Olivia told her with a pout.


“I think I can take care of that,” Alex said, rubbing her hands over her abs and then over her hips.


Olivia laughed lightly.  “Well, those weren’t exactly the muscles I had in mind, but that feels good, too.”


Placing her hand on the back of Olivia’s neck and letting her eyes drift closed, Alex captured her soft mouth and slipped her tongue inside when Olivia’s lips parted.  They became lost inside the warm caverns of each other’s mouths until a voice interrupted their thoughts.


“Surely this can’t be allowed,” Abbie said with a sneer as she watched Alex ravage Olivia’s mouth and caress her breasts.


The girls pulled back from one another to glare into Abbie’s face.  Olivia quickly wrapped the towel around herself and said, “Mind your own, bitch.”


“All this PDA is getting really old.”


“So is your jealousy,” Olivia snapped.  Abbie just rolled her eyes.


Alex stared Abbie down.  “Don’t you dare try to ruin Olivia’s birthday.”


“Let me guess.  You were just giving her another present.”


“It’s really none of your business what I give her,” Alex snapped.


“Sorry, Alex.  You made it my business and everyone else’s when you decided to put on a fuck show,” Abbie retorted.


“We weren’t fucking, you stupid cunt!” Olivia shouted, menacingly stepping into Abbie’s face. 


Alex lightly put her hand on her arm.  “Don’t worry about her, Liv.  She’s not worth getting in trouble for, especially on your birthday.”  She gently ran her fingers through Olivia’s wet locks, working out the tangles.  She knew that always soothed Olivia.  Sure enough, Olivia relaxed her stance slightly.


Abbie scoffed.  “Olivia’s a little too violent for you, don’t you think?” she asked, turning to Alex.


“Not at all,” Alex replied, wrapping her arms around Olivia’s waist from behind.  “She’s just defending me.”


“Against me?  Are you serious?  Alex, I’m not a threat to you.”


“That’s right, you never will be as long as I’m around,” Olivia retorted.


Abbie turned her attention back to Olivia.  “You know, Liv, if you didn’t have such a stick up your ass, I’d actually find you pretty hot,” she said, starting to run her hand down Olivia’s arm.


Olivia harshly slapped her hand away before she even reached her elbow.  “Don’t fucking touch me, bitch.”


Alex was fuming.  She knew Abbie was just trying to get to her, and using Olivia was the easiest way.  “Keep your hands off my girlfriend!” she shouted.


Abbie grinned triumphantly and asked, “Now who’s jealous?”  She knew it was safer to touch Olivia than Alex.  She didn’t know how serious Olivia was about fighting her if she crossed the line too far concerning Alex, but she didn’t want to find out.  She could already tell that Olivia was very overprotective of Alex and even the littlest aggravation might make her snap.  However, it was fun to see Olivia squirm.  Abbie could tell that Olivia was a person who liked to be in control, and she liked to be the one to challenge that control.


“Why don’t you just leave us alone?” Alex asked.


“Lighten up, Alex,” Abbie told her.


“We’ll lighten up when you get the hell away from us,” Olivia growled.


Abbie just laughed and threw her bag over her shoulder.  “Don’t worry, I’m leaving.  Enjoy your evening, girls.  By the way, Liv.  Nice tits,” she said with a devious smile, walking out the door.


Olivia shook her head and bawled up her fist.  “I cannot believe the nerve of that girl.  How dare she put her hands on me!”


“Come on, sweetie.  Don’t let her ruin your birthday,” Alex said, kissing her on the forehead.


Olivia sighed.  “You’re right.  She’s not worth it.”  She got dressed and continued, “Sweetie, I’m exhausted.  I just wanna go home and take a nap.  But I’d love it if you joined me.”


Alex quickly fought down a wave of panic.  “Um…how about we go back to my place?  We can nap together in my bed.”


Olivia shrugged.  “Sure,” she agreed with a smile.  “But only if you agree to give me a full body massage.”


“You got it,” Alex said.  She couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief that Olivia wasn’t insisting on going back to her own house.


Olivia wrapped her arm around Alex’s shoulders and smiled.  “See, that’s exactly why I love you.”


Alex grinned.  “Well, have to be good for something.  Hey, I got you a new bikini.  Maybe we can go for a special swim later on tonight.”


Olivia looked at her as if she were crazy.  “Alex, there is no way I’m getting near a pool anymore today.  And a bikini?  In this cold weather?”


“We’ll use the indoor one.  I’ll make the water nice and warm for you.”  Alex walked her fingers up and down Olivia’s side and added with a pout, “Please, Liv.  I’ll spend extra time on the pokies when I give you your massage.”


Olivia grinned her lopsided grin.  “Well, in that case, I’m in.  That’s not an offer I can refuse.”


As they were walking outside, Alex exclaimed, “Oh my god!  Did you remember to get the roses?”


Olivia patted her on the back reassuringly.  “I sure did, babe.  Trust me, I wouldn’t forget something as gorgeous and important as that.  I picked them up from Olivet before tryouts and put them in my car.”


“Good,” Alex said with a relieved smile.  “Hold on a sec.  I need to make a call.”  She walked a few feet away from Olivia.


“Ok,” Olivia replied.  She thought it was weird that Alex would make a call away from her. 


“Hey Serena, Liv and I are on the way home,” Alex whispered into her phone.  “Tell everyone to take their places in the fitness room.”  She closed her cell and walked back over to Olivia.


“Who was that?” Olivia inquired.


“Oh, I was just calling home.”


“About what?”


Alex squeezed Olivia’s hand and smiled.  “I can’t tell you right now.  But I promise it’s not anything that will upset you.  In fact, it’s quite the contrary.”


Olivia raised an eyebrow.  She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she trusted Alex.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, she thought as they headed to her car.




When they got to Alex’s house, Olivia began to drag her up the stairs.  However, Alex planted her feet and held onto the banister.  “Alex…come on.  Sleepy time,” Olivia whined.


“Wait, Liv.  There’s something I wanna show you.  Come on.  I promise it won’t take long.”


Olivia groaned.  “All right, all right Alex.  But make it quick.”


Alex began pulling her in the direction of the fitness room.  Olivia stopped and asked, “What’s in here?”


Alex grinned.  “Don’t worry, you’ll find out,” she assured her, continuing to tug her along.


When they arrived at the fitness room, Alex turned on the lights.  Elliot, Kathy, Serena, Casey, Monique, Olivia’s mother, and Alex’s mother and father all jumped out from behind the equipment and yelled, “Surprise!”


Olivia laughed and placed a hand over her heart.  “Wow, guys.  If your plan was to almost give me a heart attack for a birthday present, then thanks!” she joked.


Alex draped her arm across her shoulders and said, “That’s not all.  Look to your left.”


The walls to the fitness room were glass all around and the indoor pool room was directly adjoining it.  Olivia looked through the glass to see a huge cake, trays of food, presents, balloons, and decorations set up around the pool.  A huge banner that said “Happy 17th Birthday, Olivia!” was strung high across the wall.  “Oh my god,” Olivia gasped softly, feeling her eyes tear up.


Alex grabbed her hand and tugged her inside the pool room, where a digital camcorder was also set up to record the party.  Everyone followed after them and excitedly watched Olivia’s reaction as she gazed at everything set up before her.  The look on her face was one of sheer amazement and appreciation.  She turned to Alex as the tears spilled forth down her cheeks and enveloped her in a tight hug.  “Sweetie, you didn’t have to do all this.”


“Yes, I did.  You deserve it,” Alex said, rubbing her back.


Olivia pulled back and wiped her cheeks.  “You know, it’s not nice to make me cry on my birthday.”  The room erupted in laughter.  Alex kissed her on the cheek, and her father took out his camera and began snapping pictures.


Olivia walked over to the cake to get a closer look and started crying harder.  “This is the most gorgeous cake I’ve ever seen!” she said through her tears.  She gazed at the cake, which resembled a swimming pool.  It was a full chocolate sheet cake with blue buttercream frosting for the water.  The backstroke flags, lap lanes, diving boards, swimmers, and their swimsuits were all made out of different colored marzipan.  The pastel blue and green tiles surrounding the pool were fashioned out of marzipan as well.  “Who came up with something so cute?”


“Alex,” everyone said in unison.


Olivia turned to Alex again and said, “Thank you so much, sweetie.  The little swimmers look so real!  Everything else does, too!”


“Well, you can thank the bakery for the wonderful job,” Alex replied with a huge smile.  “And look.  See that swimmer in front of all the others?” 


Olivia nodded.  “Yeah.”


“That’s you,” Alex continued.  “Because you’re gonna be first every time.”


“Aww!” Olivia cooed.  She hugged Alex tightly again.


“Careful, Liv.  I can feel my ribs cracking,” Alex joked.


Olivia loosened her grip slightly.  “God, I love you so much,” she whispered in her ear.


“I love you too, Liv,” Alex whispered back.


“So how does it feel to be 17, young lady?” Mr. Cabot asked.


“Wonderful,” Olivia responded.  “Absolutely wonderful.”


“Well, who’s going to give the lucky girl her birthday spanking?” Mr. Cabot continued.


“I will!” Alex volunteered.  “Come on, Liv!  Bend over.”


Olivia happily obliged as Alex gave her 17 licks.  She was just about to stand up when Alex slapped her hard on the ass one more time.  “And one more to grow on,” Alex said with a satisfied grin.


“Wow, Alex.  That was pretty um…bold,” Casey whispered in her ear.  Alex just smirked.


“Thank you all so much!” Olivia exclaimed, gazing around the semi-circle they’d formed around her and making eye contact with everyone.  “This is the best birthday I’ve ever had!”


Alex hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  “That was the plan.”  She loved to see her so happy and definitely felt like she had opened up a new chapter in Olivia’s life.  The joy emanating from every pore in Olivia’s body was more rewarding than anything she could ever imagine.


Olivia looked at the copious amount of food provided by Maggiano’s.  There was meat lasagna, four cheese ravioli, veal and mushroom ravioli, fettucine alfredo, angel hair with marinara, stuffed chicken fontina, calamari fritte, garlic shrimp linguine, mussels with white wine and clam sauce, filet mignon, and garlic mashed potatoes.  “Mmm…the food smells so delicious!  I love Italian!” Olivia exclaimed.


“That’s why I had it catered,” Alex said, smiling sweetly.


“There’s so much to choose from, I don’t know what to get!” Olivia said with a laugh.


“Get some of everything,” Alex suggested.   “That’s what I plan on doing.”


Olivia patted Alex’s stomach.  “I bet you do.”


“Wow, Alex, did you get the whole menu?” Elliot joked, staring at all the food in astonishment.


“Well…she didn’t get the whole menu.  Just most of it,” Serena chimed in.


“I know, right?  I’ve never seen so much Italian food at one time in my life!” Casey commented.


Alex passed Olivia a plate and said, “Go ahead.  Pile up.”


Everyone else got behind Olivia and started piling food on their plates.  After Alex and Olivia had gotten their food, they sat down beside each other and started digging in.  “This is soooooooo good!” Olivia exclaimed around a mouthful.


“I agree,” Alex said.


Alex and Olivia fed each other forkfuls.  Their chairs were virtually glued to each other, leaving absolutely no personal space.  From time to time, either Olivia or Alex would get so lost in each other that they wouldn’t even think before rubbing the other’s back or slipping kisses on the other’s cheek.  Madeline regarded the girls’ interaction with curiosity.  They sure seem cozy.  Their behavior toward each other seems almost…intimate.  There isn’t something deeper than friendship between them is there? she asked herself.  No, I’m just imagining things.  Perhaps their bond is so strong that they are just naturally affectionate towards one another. 


“Are you all right?” Serena Benson asked.


Madeline shook her head quickly.  “Yes.  I guess I just got lost in thought,” she responded, smiling at Olivia’s mother.


After everyone had finished eating, Alex placed and lit the candles on Olivia’s birthday cake.  She started singing “Happy Birthday” to Olivia and everyone else joined in loudly.  She watched with pride as Olivia stared at the brightly lit cake in awe, tears glistening in her chocolate brown eyes.  “Go on, Liv.  Make a wish,” Alex instructed softly.


Olivia looked at Alex and smiled.  Alex’s father stood poised with the camera.  Olivia inhaled deeply and blew out all 17 candles in one breath.  There was clapping and cheering all around.


After plenty of pictures had been taken of Olivia or both Alex and Olivia with the cake, everyone got a slice and sat down again.  Alex and Olivia fed each other birthday cake—with their hands.  Alex wiped away some icing from the side of Olivia’s mouth and sucked it off her finger.  Mrs. Cabot’s previous thoughts about the nature of the girls’ closeness returned, but she quickly dismissed them when her husband initiated a conversation about the newest stock peaks. 


After everyone had finished eating cake, Alex told Olivia, “Hey, now it’s time to open up your presents!”


Olivia grinned.  “You spoil me, you know that?”


Alex giggled.  “No more than you spoil me.”  She turned to her father and asked, “Got the camera ready?”


“As always,” John answered.


Olivia began excitedly ripping off the wrapping paper to her presents.  Among them were clothes, shoes, bath gift sets, movies, CDs, and a Seiko Kinetic Dive watch (from Alex’s mother).  Olivia decided to open up Alex’s presents last, which included Speedo air seal goggles and a navy mesh equipment bag, a silicone Speedo swim cap, and both a one-piece and two-piece Speedo swimsuit.  “I love Speedo,” Olivia said, grinning widely.


“I know,” Alex responded.  “I guess I kinda went on a Speedo shopping spree.”


Everyone laughed.  Monique added, “Yeah, we can definitely tell.”


Olivia squealed when she opened Alex’s last gift, which was an iPod.  “Alex, you got me an iPod?!”


“Yep.  Video,” Alex answered with a grin.


Olivia threw her arms around Alex.  “I really wanted one of these!  Man, I can’t wait to go hook this thing up to my computer!  Thank you!”


Alex smiled and stroked her hair.  “You’re very welcome, sweetie.”


When Olivia had finished admiring her presents, Alex announced, “Ok, everybody.  This is a pool party!  Time to go swimming!”


The adults all looked at each other.  “Nah, I think we’ll pass,” Serena Benson declined with a smile.


“I second that,” Madeline agreed.  “We’ll leave the pool lollygagging up to you kids.”  She looked over at Alex and said pointedly, “Try not to drown each other.”  Alex snickered.


Olivia hugged Alex again and said, “God, I love you so much.”


“I love you, too.  Come on, Liv.  Let’s go put on your new bikini!” Alex said excitedly.


“You got me another swimsuit?” Olivia asked incredulously.


“Yep.  But this one is especially for the pool party,” Alex said with a grin.


Olivia chuckled and shook her head.  “Whatever you say, babe.”  She followed Alex into the bathroom and undressed.  “Maybe I’ll just go skinny dipping,” she joked.


“Um…I dunno about that.  I don’t think our parents would approve,” Alex responded with a laugh.  “Come on, try it on.”


“I hope my boobies don’t hang outta this one,” Olivia said.


Alex giggled.  “I think they’ll fit nicely inside.”  She eagerly held out the solid brown bikini for Olivia to take.


Olivia put on her bikini and had Alex tie the straps at the neck and back.  She did a 360 degree turn and asked, “So how do I look?”


“Absolutely gorgeous,” Alex responded, tweaking her nipples through the fabric.  “Very sexy.”


“So where’s yours?” Olivia asked.


“I thought you’d never ask,” Alex replied, pulling off her clothes to reveal a light blue bikini that accentuated her small curves very well.


Olivia ran her hands over her chest.  “Ooh, I love how your boobs fill out the cups.”


Alex grinned.  “So do I.  Come on.  Let’s get outta here before our friends start getting crazy ideas.”


The two walked back to the pool room to find that everyone else had on their swimsuits and were waiting patiently.  “Glad to see you two made it back out,” Elliot teased with a smirk.


“Haha, El.  Very funny,” Olivia commented dryly.  “So is everyone ready to hop in?”


“You bet,” Monique answered.


Olivia bent over so Alex could climb onto her back.  “Come on, Al.  Hop on.”


“Uh…I dunno, Liv.  That seems a little scary,” Alex said hesitantly.


“Oh come on, babe.  I promise I won’t let you get hurt.  Just hold on tight, ok?”


“Ok,” Alex conceded, climbing on.  “But if you drop me, I swear I’ll kick your ass.”


Olivia chuckled and walked over to the diving board.  She climbed up the ladder and walked to the end of the board.  “Ready?” she asked, gripping Alex’s legs tighter around her waist.


“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Alex said somewhat nervously.


Olivia sensed the hesitation in her voice.  “Sweetie, do you trust me?”


“Yes,” Alex answered.


“Good,” Olivia responded.  “Now don’t be nervous.  You have nothing to worry about as long as you’re under my care, ok?”


“Ok,” Alex answered more confidently.  She loved how safe Olivia made her feel, even in the least tenable situations.


Serena stood by Casey with Alex’s camera.  “Ready guys?” Serena asked.


“Ready,” Olivia answered as Serena snapped a picture of them on the diving board.  Olivia bounced lightly a couple times and then sailed smoothly into the water.  When they resurfaced, everyone started clapping.


“Wow, Liv.  You have great form even with Alex on your back!” Kathy told her.


“Thanks, Kathy,” Olivia responded.  She looked over at Serena.  “Did you get a picture of us in the air?”


“Yep,” Serena told her.  “A couple, actually.”


Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex’s neck.  “The water feels really nice, sweetie.”


“I thought you’d like it,” Alex responded.  Madeline came in and offered to relieve Serena of the camera so she and Casey could get in the pool.


Olivia whispered in Alex’s ear, “Well, I guess there will be no untying your bikini now.”


Alex swatted Olivia on the arm.  “Hey now.  At least we’ll have pics of everyone.”


Olivia’s mother came in and threw a huge beach ball into the pool.  “Just thought you all might like to play,” she said.


“Oh, most definitely,” Olivia answered, taking the ball and serving it overhand to Elliot, Kathy, and Monique’s side.


Monique bumped the ball to Alex, who hit it back to Kathy.  After a few more rounds of hitting the ball back and forth, Olivia suggested that they do something else.


“What do you wanna do, Liv?” Elliot asked.


Olivia looked at Alex with a wicked grin and waggled her eyebrows.  “How about water tag?”


“Sure, Liv.  If you promise to chase someone other than me,” Alex joked.


Everyone swam around trying to avoid getting tagged, but Alex ended up tagged by her girlfriend anyway.  Olivia gleefully splashed water in Alex’s face.  “Liv!” Alex spluttered as she tried to rub the water out of her eyes.  Olivia just giggled and swam off. 


Alex caught up to Olivia and whispered in her ear, “You’re so lucky our moms are watching us cuz if they weren’t, I’d pants you in front of everyone.”


Olivia smirked.  “Not if I pantsed you first.”  She then picked Alex up in her arms.


“Liv!  Put me down!”


Olivia grinned.  “All right, I’ll put you down.”  She tossed Alex into an area of the pool several feet away.


Alex screamed.  Everyone just laughed, especially Olivia.  “Liv, you’re so gonna pay for this!” Alex promised.


Olivia swam over and whispered, “I just might look forward to that.”




Serena, Casey, Monique, Elliot, Kathy, Alex, and Olivia all drove back to Olivia’s house.  “Hey Serena, do you have the blindfold?” Alex asked.


“I sure do,” Serena answered with a mischievous grin, handing it over to Alex.


“Alex, come on,” Olivia whined.  “Did you guys secretly get me a stripper or something?”


“No, I got you something much better,” Alex said, tying the blindfold around Olivia’s head.  “And be sure to close your eyes, too.”


“Why, Alex?  I’m blindfolded.”


“Just to make sure,” Alex insisted.


Olivia laughed.  “This better be damn good, Alex.”


Alex led Olivia into her bedroom and pulled her blindfold off.  “You can open your eyes now, sweetie.”


When Olivia opened her eyes, she was speechless for a moment when she saw the bed.  When she finally found her voice, Olivia exclaimed, “Oh my god!  Oh my god!  What is this?”


“Looks like someone got you a new bed,” Elliot quipped.


“Well, I know that much,” Olivia replied.  Alex pulled back the covers and Olivia walked over to examine the bed more closely.  “Ooh… I love satin!  The pillowcases even match the sheets!”


Alex laughed.  “Well…sheets and pillowcases usually come in a set, Liv.”


Olivia laughed in return.  “That’s true, huh?  I’m just so excited I can’t even think straight.”  Elliot opened his mouth to say something sarcastic but Olivia smirked and advised, “Elliot, don’t even.”  He just laughed in response.


Alex smiled and rubbed her back.  “And I’d like to add that it’s not just any bed, Liv.  Go on, take a seat.”


Olivia looked at Alex in astonishment.  “You didn’t—?”


“Just see for yourself,” Alex told her, grinning widely. 


Olivia sat down on the bed.  She started screaming when she realized it was a waterbed.  She jumped up and threw her arms around Alex, almost knocking her down.


“Ow, Liv.  Remember the ribs!  I think I’m gonna be in a cast before the night is over!” Alex joked.  Olivia pulled back slightly and pressed her lips hard against Alex’s.  Laughing, Alex told her, “Go back and read the card.”


Olivia picked up the card and began reading aloud, “Olivia, you stole my heart and I never want it back.  There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.  You said you always wanted a waterbed, so I just wanted to make your dream come true on your special day.  You may not have had the best of luck on your other birthdays, but I hope your 17th will always be one you’ll treasure.  I love you more than words can say—Alex.”  She burst into tears and hugged Alex tightly.  “Oh baby…you really didn’t have to do this!  But thank you so much.  I love you.”


Alex comfortingly rubbed her back.  “You’re welcome, sweetie.  And I love you, too.”

Olivia turned to the rest of them.  “Were you all in on this, too?”


“Yep,” Elliot answered.  “Well, everyone but Monique.  We were all at the store picking the bed out when you called on Saturday.”


Olivia’s mouth dropped open.  Shaking her head and smiling, she said, “You sneaky bastard.  I bet Alex was standing right beside you when I called you.”


“Nah, she was off paying for it, then,” Elliot answered with a grin.  Alex just giggled.


Olivia sighed.  “Thank you all again so much.  Never in a million years would I have thought that my 17th birthday would be so perfect.”  She went over to hug each of their friends.


Kathy smiled.  “Glad we could make it so great for you.”


Serena put her arm around Casey.  “Hey guys.  What do you say we get outta here and give these two some much needed privacy?”


“I agree,” Monique remarked.  “With a present like that from your girl, privacy is almost expected.”


Olivia and Alex both laughed.  “Hey, don’t tell me any of you actually thought the purpose of this bed was just for sleeping!” Alex joked.


Elliot grinned and headed for the bedroom door.  “Trust me, I don’t think any of us did.”


Casey patted Olivia on the back before walking out the door and said, “Enjoy your special present from Alex.”  Alex and Olivia exchanged amused glances.


After saying goodbye to their friends, Olivia pulled Alex down onto the bed with her.  “So I take it there’s no private stripper on the agenda tonight?” Olivia teased, resting on an elbow facing Alex.


“Well, you know…I could be your private stripper tonight,” Alex said with a wicked grin.


Olivia licked her lips.  “I’m into that,” she replied in a husky voice.


Alex smiled and pushed Olivia flat on the bed.  She leaned down and barely brushed her lips across Olivia’s and moved back, causing Olivia to lean forward to try to capture them again. 


“Ah, I see what this is.  A little lip chase?” Olivia teased.


Alex just laughed as she kept up her game of cat and mouse, giving her a taste of what was to come but leaving Olivia wanting more.  Finally, Olivia had had enough.  She tangled her hand in Alex’s hair and passionately brought her mouth back to hers, pushing her tongue deep inside.  After several moments passed, Alex broke away from Olivia and got up and walked to the end of the bed.  She began dancing sexily and slowly removing her jeans.  Olivia was captivated by the sensual sway of her hips.  Alex stopped to play with the lace of her underwear, never letting her eyes leave Olivia’s.  “Would you like me to take them off?”


Olivia could feel her wetness spreading.  “Yes,” she stated.


Alex complied with Olivia’s wishes, slowly sliding them down her legs, stepping out of them, and throwing them across the room.  Climbing back on the bed, she straddled Olivia’s waist and let her fingers rest at the ends of her shirt.  “Do you want me to take this off, too?”


Olivia nodded.  Alex smiled and slowly removed her shirt.  She reached around her back and unlatched her bra with one quick flick of her wrist and pulled it down her arms.  Giggling lightly, she teasingly dragged it down Olivia’s face.  Olivia stuck out her tongue to taste the lace, in which Alex’s wonderful scent was embedded.  Alex threw the bra to the side and leaned down to brush her lips across Olivia’s again before dragging her tongue down her neck.


Working her way down her body and leaving kisses in her wake, she pulled off Olivia’s pants and underwear and ran her hands up and down her legs and thighs.  Moving down to her feet, Alex took each one of Olivia’s toes into her mouth, sucking gently.


“Oh, that feels so good, baby,” Olivia commented, closing her eyes.  Alex just smiled.


When she came back up her body, Olivia took her into her arms and kissed her.  As always, Alex’s mouth was warm and inviting.  Olivia rolled them over, linking the fingers of one hand through Alex’s and raking her nails across the satin sheets.  She had begun to lick a trail down her torso but Alex flipped them back over.


“Alex!  I wanna—” Olivia protested.


Alex smiled and put a finger to Olivia’s lips.  “For the rest of the night, I don’t want to hear a word out of you unless it’s to tell me how much you like it and how good it feels.  Understood?”


Olivia nodded.


“And you will do exactly what I tell you.  Understood?”


Olivia nodded again.


“Take off your shirt and bra.”


Olivia did as she was told.  Alex stared at her breasts, which even after all the time they’d been dating never ceased to amaze her.  She straddled Olivia’s waist and slowly dragged her hands up and down her torso.  She then leaned down to kiss her full breasts, causing Olivia to moan in pleasure.


“You like that?” Alex asked.


“Yes,” Olivia breathed.


“Well how about this?” Alex continued, licking in the valley between and then across the swell of her breasts.  Using her fingers, she gently massaged the soft flesh, eliciting more moans from Olivia.

Olivia threw her head from side to side as Alex mercilessly licked and sucked her nipples.  When she wanted to be especially teasing, she would slowly trace her tongue over her areolas, reveling in the feel of Olivia’s Montgomery glands against her tongue.  The sensations Alex was giving her were so intense that Olivia could feel her pulse pounding in her ears.


“Play with your nipples,” Alex ordered.  Olivia slowly brought her hands up to her breasts and began fingering her nipples.  “Pull them,” Alex instructed.  Olivia did as she was told.  Alex licked her lips and then engulfed Olivia’s mouth in a fiery kiss before sliding down her body and nestling between her legs.


Alex was pleased to find that Olivia was completely soaked.  The strong scent of Olivia’s arousal was absolutely breathtaking.  Alex covered her sex in gentle kisses before swirling her tongue around to capture some of Olivia’s wetness.  She slid three fingers into her warm opening and thrust deeply while still continuing to bathe her sex with her tongue.  Olivia began whimpering; it was her way of barely audibly begging Alex for release.  Alex looked up from her motions and scolded, “Nuh uh.  Not a sound.”


Suddenly, Alex got an idea.  She removed her fingers and turned around so that she was facing Olivia’s feet.  Olivia lowered Alex’s center to her mouth and began massaging it with her tongue.  After parting Olivia’s folds with her fingers, Alex allowed her tongue to resume the same intimate caresses on Olivia’s sex, and she tried not to get distracted by the passion Olivia was creating inside her.  The gentle motion of the bed only intensified the sensations.  It wasn’t long before they were both consumed by multiple waves of pleasure.


After Olivia had had a chance to recover, she remarked, “Damn Alex, if you’re gonna make love to me like that, can it be my birthday everyday?”


Alex giggled and traced around her navel with a finger.  “You know…we’ve never done that before.”


Olivia grinned.  “Hey, I’m glad we finally did.  I always wanted to but I didn’t know if you’d be comfortable with it.”


“You’ve never done it before?” Alex asked curiously.


“Nope.  How’d you like it?”


“Well, it was um…interesting to say the least,” Alex responded with a twinkle in her eye.


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “Wanna try it again?  We can switch positions.”


Alex smiled and tenderly kissed Olivia’s lips.  “I’d love to.”


They spent the rest of the night and well into the morning making love to one another before they realized that they were only going to get a couple hours of sleep before having to get up for school that morning.


Alex groaned.  “Man, I wish your birthday was on a Friday or Saturday.”


Olivia sighed and twirled her finger in Alex’s hair.  “Tell me about it.”  She rolled over and draped her arm across Alex’s stomach.  “Let’s not go to school today.”


Alex smiled.  “Are you asking me to play hooky?”


Olivia grinned at her.  “Yes.”


“But Liv…we can’t both be absent all day and then just show up at tryouts.”


Olivia pouted.  “But pookie…”


Alex tapped her on the nose.  “Come on, Liv.  Let’s just go to sleep.  The day will probably go by really fast anyway.”


Olivia sighed.  “I don’t know if I can sleep, sweetie.  I’m so wired up.”


“How about if I give you a massage?” Alex asked hopefully.  She knew that they both needed to rest so they would have adequate energy for tryouts.


Olivia smirked.  “You expect that to make me go to sleep?”


“It’ll be innocent.  I promise.”


Olivia pouted again.  “But I dunno if I want it to be innocent…”


“Just trust me, Liv.  You’ll enjoy it,” Alex promised her, beginning to knead the muscles of her back.  She massaged in even, firm strokes down the length of her back, imagining those same muscles rippling as Olivia glided effortlessly through the water.  “Does that feel good?”


“Mmm…very good.”


“Now close your eyes…imagine how good sleeping in this bed for the first time will feel,” Alex instructed.


Olivia closed her eyes and snuggled deeper into the pillows.  “These pillows are so soft,” she mumbled.


“They’re down,” Alex whispered, finishing up her massage.  “So is the comforter.”


Olivia smiled.  “I love it when you pamper me.”


“And I love pampering you,” Alex responded, giving her a kiss on the cheek.


After Olivia set the alarm, she and Alex nestled in each other’s arms, listening to the sound of the other’s breathing, until both of them drifted off into a peaceful slumber.