Chapter 9:  Spoiled

On Saturday afternoon, Alex had Kathy, Elliot, Serena, and Casey meet her at the furniture store to help her look for a waterbed for Olivia.  “Ok, Alex.  So how are we gonna get this huge waterbed in Olivia’s room without her noticing first?” Elliot asked.


“Well, one of us will have to keep her away from the house until it’s in there,” Alex replied.  “I’ll call her mom at the college and tell her to come home on her lunch break so the movers can get in.”


“But what if she comes home to get something before tryouts?  I’m sure she’ll wanna come home and change after they’re over.  Didn’t you say you wanted it to be the last surprise of the night?” Elliot asked.


“That’s where you all are gonna come in.  Make sure she doesn’t go home at all until after the party,” Alex responded.


“Wow, Liv is oneeeeeee lucky girl,” Serena commented.


Alex smiled.  “I think I’m luckier.”


Casey shook her head and laughed.  “You are so smitten.”


Alex smirked and replied, “Like you aren’t.”  Casey blushed and hugged Serena to her waist.


“What time is the party gonna be?” Kathy asked.


“Six.  We have tryouts Monday afternoon so it’ll give us time to get home and get everything set up before Liv gets done.”


“Anything special for the cake?” Elliot asked.


“Oh, yeah,” Alex answered with a huge smile.  “I was thinking about making it basketball themed at first, but since she’s doing swimming this semester, it’s gonna look like a huge pool.  It’ll have little swimmers and lanes and everything.”


“Aww, that’ll be so cute, Alex!” Kathy gushed.


“Too bad it’s not summer or it could really be a pool party,” Elliot said with a laugh.


Alex grinned.  “Well, technically it still can be.  We have two pools.  One is indoor and it’s heated.  Dad likes to swim in the winter because it helps his joints.”  Suddenly, Alex’s cell phone began ringing.  “Hold on, guys.  It’s Liv.  Shh, don’t say anything.”


Elliot did a zipper motion over his mouth and the others stood there quietly.  “Hey, baby.  What’s up?” Alex said into her phone.


“Not much.  Just wondering where you are.  Remember, sweetie?  We’re supposed to have lunch.”


Shit, Alex thought.  Their lunch plans had completely slipped her mind with all the planning for Olivia’s birthday that afternoon.  “Oh, um…can you give me about an hour?  I’m out doing some shopping with Serena.”


Olivia frowned.  “Shopping?  Alex, since when is shopping with Serena more important than spending time with me?”


Alex sighed.  She didn’t want Olivia mad at her but she also didn’t want to give away the surprise.  “I’m sorry, Liv.  I guess we just lost track of time.”


“Lost track of time?  This is our first weekend where we can be together again and you totally blow me off to go shopping?”


“Liv, I didn’t blow you off.  Listen, we should be done here in a few minutes and then I’ll go home and get ready.  Ok?”


“Nevermind, Alex.  No need to rush back home.  Enjoy your shopping expedition,” Olivia barked, closing her cell phone.


Alex groaned.  “Well, that went well,” she muttered sarcastically.


“What’s wrong?” Kathy asked.


“Liv’s mad.  She thinks I blew off having lunch with her to go shopping.  She just hung up on me,” Alex said sadly.


Elliot laid a hand on her arm.  “I’m sorry, Alex.  Hey, I’ll talk to her, ok?”


Alex nodded.  “Thanks.  I just wish she’d given me a chance to explain.”


Serena smiled sympathetically.  “Well, you did explain.  She just didn’t like your explanation.”


Alex sighed deeply.  “I’ll be back, guys.  I’m gonna go put the bed on my credit card and give them instructions on delivery.”  As Alex walked away, she thought, I really hope Liv gets over this soon.




While Alex was gone, Elliot’s cell phone rang.  “It’s Liv,” he told the rest of them.  “Hey, Liv.  What’s up?”


“Hey, El.  Oh, not much.  Other than the fact that Alex just blew me off to shop with Serena.”


“Well…Liv, your birthday is coming up.  Maybe they’re looking for a present for you,” Elliot responded matter-of-factly.


Olivia paused to think about what Elliot had said.  She mentally kicked herself for not coming to that conclusion first.  “You really think so?”


“Well, I dunno.  But it is highly possible.  I’ve never known Alex to blow you off.”


Olivia sighed.  “If that is the case, I hope she’s not too mad at me.  I really do still wanna spend the day with her.  We were supposed to have lunch.”


“You need to call her and get the story straight, Liv.  It’s too close to your birthday for you to be mad at each other.  I mean, didn’t you guys plan on spending it together?”


“Yeah, we did.  You’re right, El.  The last thing I want is us apart then.”  Especially since it will be the first birthday I’ll get to spend with someone who loves and cares about me to the extent Alex does, Olivia thought.


“Yeah, especially over something so trivial.  Even if she isn’t out shopping for a present, it’s not worth creating tension between you two.”


“Thanks, El.  I’ll call her back and apologize.  Hopefully she’ll still wanna have lunch.”


“Great, Liv.  I’ll talk to you later, ok?”


“Ok.  Bye,” Olivia said, ending the call and then pressing the speed dial number for Alex.


Alex had just finished getting things arranged for the delivery when her cell phone went off.  She immediately recognized her special ringtone for Olivia.  “Hello?” she answered.


“Hey, sweetie,” Olivia said nervously.  “Listen…I’m sorry about earlier.  I wasn’t being fair to you and I jumped the gun.”  She paused to see what Alex’s response would be.  When Alex didn’t say anything immediately, Olivia continued, “Are we still on for lunch?”


Alex smiled and let out a sigh of relief.  Neither she nor Olivia could take the other being angry with her for very long.  It created an uncomfortable level of anxiety and put a damper on the whole day.  “Sure.  I’m done here anyway.  I’ll rush home immediately.  It won’t take me long to get ready.”


Olivia smiled, too.  “Good.  Just call me when you get home and I’ll come over.  Maybe I can uh…help you decide what to wear,” she suggested with a hint of mischief in her voice.


Alex giggled.  “Cool, Liv.  That sounds good.  I love you.”


“Love you, too.  See you soon.”


When Alex returned to the group, she said, “Ok, guys.  We need to hurry.  I need to buy sheets and then get home so I can have lunch with Liv.”


They left the store and drove to Bed Bath & Beyond.  When they entered the store, Alex grabbed a cart and rushed over to the bedding section.  “Come on, guys.  Help me find some nice sheets for a queen size waterbed.”


Kathy admired some satin charmeuse sheets.  “These look really nice, Alex.”


Serena came over beside her and fingered the sheets.  “Ooh…and comfy.  I bet they’ll definitely come in handy,” she told Alex with a wink.


Alex laughed and came over to examine their findings.  “Ooh…these are nice.  So many colors, too!  Well…Liv likes navy so I guess that’s what I’ll get.”


Casey went to the pillow section and swatted Serena with a down pillow.  “Hey!” Serena protested, grabbing her own pillow and reciprocating the blow.


“These are so soft,” Casey commented.  “I love down.”


Alex picked up a pillow and felt it.  “I agree.  Definitely need to get her a few of these.  Oh, and a down comforter to match.”


Elliot chuckled and shook his head.  “Liv is gonna be so spoiled.”


“Tell me about it,” Casey said with a smile, fluffing the pillows.


After stuffing some pillows into the cart, Alex picked up a Siberian white goose down comforter.  “When I’m not there, this’ll be sure to keep her warm,” she said with a smile.


“Alex, isn’t the waterbed heated?” Kathy asked.


“Yeah…but she may not want the heat on every night,” Alex said matter-of-factly.


Elliot looked at the price tag and gasped.  “Alex!  That comforter is $500!”


Serena laughed.  “That’s pocket change to Alex.”


Alex shrugged.  “Hey, Liv deserves only the best.”  She threw an aqua and navy striped silk duvet into the cart as well.  “Now I think I’m done.”


“Damn, Alex.  If that’s what you’re getting Liv for her birthday I don’t even wanna think about what you’re gonna get her for your anniversary,” Casey joked.


Alex laughed.  “Ha!  You haven’t even seen how much the catering costs.”  She laughed again as everyone’s mouths dropped open.  Shaking her head, she continued, “Come on, guys.  Let’s check out.”




Alex had only been out of the shower a few minutes when she heard the doorbell ring.  Throwing on a robe, she ran downstairs.  “Hey you,” she greeted Olivia, giving her a kiss on the cheek.


“Hey yourself,” Olivia said, coming in and closing the door behind her.


They went upstairs to Alex’s bedroom.  Thank God I put her presents away as soon as I got back, Alex thought.  Olivia took a seat on Alex’s bed and joked, “Nice outfit.”


Alex laughed.  “I knew you’d find the robe appealing.  So where are we going for lunch?”


“I was thinking about Ruby Tuesday’s.  Is that ok?”


Alex smiled and replied, “Sure.”  She went over to her closet to pick out something to wear.  Sighing, she said, “So many clothes.  So little time.”


Olivia came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist, burying her nose in Alex’s still damp hair.  “Mmm…your hair smells so yummy, sweetie.”


“Just my hair?” Alex joked.


Olivia chuckled.  “Ok, so do you.  What ya gonna wear?”


Alex continued sifting through clothes.  “That’s what I’m trying to decide.”


“Let me help you,” Olivia said softly, turning Alex around in her arms and brushing her lips across hers.  She ran her hands over Alex’s back as she kissed her again and again, letting her fingers linger to feel the soft terrycloth of her robe.


Alex pulled back and laughed lightly as Olivia placed soft kisses on her warm neck.  “Liv, you’re not being much help!”


Olivia let out a muffled laugh against her neck.  “I’m helping myself,” she mumbled.


Alex laughed again and gently pushed her away.  “Come on, Liv.  Lunch first, play later.”


Olivia pretended to pout.  “Aw, Al.  You’re no fun.” 


Alex smirked.  “Trust me, Liv.  I’m loads of fun when my stomach is full.”


Olivia grinned.  “This I know.”


After a few more minutes, Alex had finally settled on a brown sweater and pair of jeans.  Olivia lay on her bed, pretending to be asleep.  Alex walked over and nudged her.  “Come on, Liv.  Stop playing.”


Olivia opened her eyes and shook her head.  “Wow, what time is it?  Damn, that was a good nap.”


Alex smiled and rolled her eyes.  “Oh please.  It did not take me that long to pick out something to wear.”  She pulled her off the bed and dragged her over to her purses.  “Hmm…which purse should I carry?”


Olivia sighed.  “Sweetie, any of them will look great.”


“Don’t be silly, Liv!  I have to coordinate.”


“Well, choose the brown one since it’ll match your sweater.”


“Which brown one?” Alex asked her, pointing to her row of brown purses.  She had all her purses arranged by color and size.


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Oh, I don’t know, Alex.  Just choose that one,” she told her, waving her hand at a large brown Prada.


Alex picked up the bag and put her forearm through the straps.  “Ok, ready to go?”


“Sweetie, I’ve been ready for the past couple days.”


Alex pulled her out the door.  “So silly, Liv.”




Olivia was amazed at the speed Alex was consuming her ribs.  “Damn, sweetie.  You can really put one away can’t you?”


Alex grinned and wiped her mouth.  “What can I say?  Shopping works up an appetite.”


“What’d you get?” Olivia asked, hoping to sound casual but failing miserably.


Alex was amused by her eagerness to know what she’d bought.  She waved a finger at Olivia and shook her head.  “It’s a secret.”


Olivia grinned.  So she was out shopping for my birthday present after all, she thought.  “Come on, I can keep a secret.”


Alex smiled slyly.  “I’ll show you when the time is right.”


“Come on, Al.  At least give me a hint,” Olivia whined.


“Well…it’s soft.  That’s all I’m gonna tell you.”


Olivia cocked her head to the side.  “Come onnnnnnnnnn.  That’s barely a hint at all!  So many things are soft!”


Alex giggled.  “I know.”


Olivia sighed and took a bite of her Carolina chicken finger salad.  She saw Alex smiling expectantly at her.  Olivia grinned and shook her head.  “Let me guess.  You’d like to try some?”  Alex nodded excitedly and moved over to sit beside her.  Olivia speared some of her salad with her fork and fed it to Alex.  “Good?”


“Very,” Alex said, wiping away some honey mustard from her mouth.  She picked off a few of her ribs and placed them on a small plate for Olivia.


“Thanks, sweetie,” Olivia said appreciatively, tearing off a piece and putting it into her mouth.  “Mmm…really good.”


“I know,” Alex replied with a smile, digging into her baked potato.  Olivia tucked her arm around her waist and continued eating.


Several minutes later, they had finished and were looking at the dessert menu.  “Ooh, let’s get the blondie,” Olivia suggested.  “It reminds me of you.”


Alex swatted her arm.  “Hey now!”


“Don’t worry.  It’s a compliment.  And it tastes very very good.”


“Hey, I’m down for anything that has chocolate chips and caramel sauce,” Alex said with a shrug.


When their dessert arrived, Alex was the first to dig in.  “This is pretty good, Liv!” she exclaimed, nodding.


Olivia grinned and ate a forkful.  “See.  Told you it was tasty.”  Alex tried to feed her some from her own fork but ended up getting caramel sauce all over Olivia’s mouth.  “Alex!”


Alex giggled.  “Sorry, babe.”  She stuck her finger out to wipe off some of the caramel and sucked it off her finger.


Olivia laughed and shook her head.  “Sweetie, why is it that every time you try to feed me you end up getting whatever it is all over my mouth?”


“Well Liv, when you see a fork coming toward your mouth it would be wise to open it up.”


After they were done eating dessert, Olivia started to give the waiter her money but Alex stopped her hand.  “Sweetie, let me get it,” Olivia insisted.


“That’s ok, Liv.  I got it.”


“Baby, seriously.  It’s fine,” Olivia protested, sticking her hand out again.  However, Alex started tickling her side and made her drop her hand.  “Alex, stop!  Alex!  That’s not fair!” Olivia said, giggling and trying to push Alex’s hand away.


Alex handed the waiter her credit card.  “No, Liv.  I’m paying.  After all, it is your birthday coming up.”


“Well, it’s not my birthday yet, sweetie.”


“Doesn’t matter.  We can start celebrating early.”


“You spoil me, you know that?” Olivia said with a smile.


Alex smiled at her.  Oh, you have no idea, she thought in excitement.