Chapter 21:  Serenade

Alex gasped when she saw that scented candles had been lit all around the room.  Soft jazz music was playing in the background.  Olivia had placed white satin sheets on the bed and pink and red rose petals were strewn across it.  In the center of the bed was a silver tray with chocolate-dipped strawberries. 


“Oh, Liv,” Alex said softly.  “This is all so beautiful.”


Olivia gently lay Alex down on the bed and removed her own shoes so she could get in as well.  She picked up a strawberry and held it out to Alex’s lips.  Smiling at her, Alex gladly took a bite and then offered a strawberry to Olivia.  Wiping some chocolate off the tray with her finger, she painted a line with it on Olivia’s cheek.


Olivia giggled and sucked the remaining chocolate off Alex’s finger.  Alex leaned in and slowly licked the chocolate off her cheek.  Olivia smiled and presented another strawberry to her.


“Liv, if you keep feeding me all night I’m gonna be too full to do anything but sleep!” Alex joked.


“I think I can take care of that,” Olivia said, taking a quick bite of Alex’s strawberry and then setting the tray on the nightstand.  Now that there was nothing between them, she pulled Alex into her arms.


“Although…” Alex began, playing with Olivia’s necklace.  “I would’ve loved to play around with more of that chocolate.”


“Oh really now?” Olivia teased, watching Alex’s fingers at the base of her throat.


“Yes, really.”  She replaced her fingers with her lips and continued, “Just think of all the places I could put it…”


Olivia swallowed hard as Alex slowly began nipping at her collarbone.  “Is that so?” she asked.


“You bet,” Alex said, slowly unbuttoning Olivia’s shirt with one hand while continuing to tease her collarbone.  She slid her shirt off her shoulders and ran her hands over Olivia’s ample cleavage.  “Nice bra, babe,” she commented, watching Olivia’s nipples push against the light blue lace.


“I thought you’d like it,” Olivia murmured.


Alex reached over, dipped her finger in some chocolate, and then drew a heart onto Olivia’s cleavage.  Some of the warm chocolate started to drip down the valley of her breasts.  Alex watched it drip down to her belly button but busied herself with licking the chocolate off her cleavage instead.


Olivia reached around to undo her clasp in back but Alex grabbed her hand.  “Nuh uh.  We must be patient.”


Olivia whimpered in distress.  “Please, Alex…”


“In due time, sweetie,” Alex promised.  She pulled Olivia in for a soft kiss, letting her taste the chocolate on her tongue.  Olivia sucked hungrily at Alex’s tongue while unsuccessfully still trying to get her own bra unclasped.  When Alex broke the kiss, she unzipped Olivia’s pants and pulled her panties down just a little to reveal the very top of her dark curls.  Dipping her finger in the chocolate again, she traced a line on the exposed curls and looked up into Olivia’s eyes with a wicked smile.


Olivia felt her heart rate climbing.  “Go ahead.  Lick it off.”


Alex gave a deep throaty laugh, which Olivia thought sounded considerably cruel given the circumstances.  “Ok,” Alex conceded.  She licked her abs instead.


Olivia let out an exasperated groan.  “Alex, that’s not where I meant!”


“Not until you’re wet,” Alex told her.


Olivia looked down at Alex as if she were crazy.  “Are you mad, Alex?  My panties are soaked!”


“That’s not wet enough,” Alex said, licking the chocolate from around her navel.


“Not wet enough?  Sweetie, what do you want?  A waterfall?” Olivia asked incredulously.


Alex ignored her.  She pulled Olivia’s pants off her hips, down her legs, and then threw them on the floor.  She laughed again when she saw that Olivia was right—the front of her panties was entirely soaked.


“Alexxxxx, this isn’t funny!” Olivia whined.


Alex gingerly reached a finger out and traced some of Olivia’s wetness off her underwear.  Eyeing her intently, she stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it loudly.  Olivia thrust her pelvis upward, trying desperately to regain contact with Alex’s hand, her arm, her something.  Seeing Olivia’s frustration, Alex straddled her stomach and leaned down to kiss her again.  When Olivia sneakily tried to sit up and push Alex against her center, Alex pulled back and waved a finger at her.  “Patience, sweetie.  Patience.”


Olivia frowned.  “Sweetie…please…”


“Do you wanna come?” Alex asked.  Olivia nodded helplessly.  Alex could see the raw desire in her eyes and decided to give her at least a little reprieve.  She lowered her mouth to her neck to gently suck.  Olivia threw her head back with a moan as Alex reached around her back and finally undid her clasp.


“Oh god, Alex,” Olivia breathed, wildly anticipating her next move.


While nipping at an earlobe, Alex squeezed her breasts through her bra, taking care to rub the lace back and forth over her nipples.  Olivia shivered against her.  Alex slid her hands underneath and lightly twisted her nipples.


The sensations shot straight down to Olivia’s sex.  “Alex…shit…baby…”


Alex finally removed her bra.  She cupped Olivia’s breasts and began kneading the soft flesh.  She placed tender kisses on them and murmured, “Baby, you are so beautiful.” 


Olivia closed her eyes in delight as Alex continued lavishing attention on her breasts, flicking her warm, wet tongue out to meet smooth, creamy skin.  However, she opened them again in frustration when Alex licked everywhere on her breasts but her nipples. 


“Alex, you are driving me insane,” Olivia informed her.


Alex chuckled and dipped her finger in chocolate again.  She held it directly over one of Olivia’s nipples and watched as it dripped down onto it.  Swooping down, she took the engorged nipple into her mouth and sucked hungrily, which elicited a contented moan from Olivia.


“Yes…” Olivia said gratefully.  “Oh fuck yes!”


Alex did the same with the other nipple and then moved down her body again.  She removed Olivia’s drenched underwear and threw it on the floor.  She reached over to the tray again, picked up a strawberry, and held it right above Olivia’s center with a wicked grin.  Pushing her thighs apart and nestling between her legs, she finally licked off the chocolate that she’d used to coat the top of her curls several minutes prior.


Olivia looked intently at the strawberry.  “Sweetie…please.  Please touch me,” she begged.


Smiling, Alex dipped the strawberry into Olivia’s ample wetness.  Looking her directly in the eye, she brought it to her lips and took a big bite.  “Mmm…I love chocolate covered strawberries but Liv-covered strawberries are even better.”


Olivia felt like she could faint.  It was all she could do to keep from exploding as Alex dipped the strawberry into her folds again and finished it off.  Alex then quickly removed her own clothes and settled again between Olivia’s legs.  As Alex bathed her sex with her tongue, Olivia reached a hand down to play in her hair.  Alex’s hair felt like pure silk and even it had the ability to elicit erotic pleasure.  Every little sensation, every little touch, every little movement Alex made seemed to set Olivia’s soul on fire.  “Please, Alex.  I need you inside me,” Olivia begged.


Giving Olivia a knowing smile, Alex flipped her hair over her shoulder and plunged her tongue deep inside Olivia.  Olivia let out a long, low guttural sound as Alex made love to her very core.  She grabbed a handful of the sheets and twisted them tightly while Alex took her higher and higher.


Several minutes later, Olivia lay contently in her arms after an earth-shattering orgasm.  “Damn, Alex.  If giving you a ring gets me sex like that, then I’ll give you one every day!”


Alex chuckled.  “Glad it was good for you.”  She loved how the candlelight danced off Olivia’s face and gave her eyes an even deeper intensity.


Olivia gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, “Well, I wanna make it good for you, too.”


Alex chuckled again.  “Sweetie, I’m surprised you have any energy left.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows and gently settled on top of Alex.  “Oh, baby, I have plenty.”  Brushing some hair back from Alex’s forehead, she said softly, “Um, I wanna try something a little new.”


Alex raised an eyebrow.  “How new?”


Olivia shrugged a shoulder lightly and said, “Well…um, I mean…I brought some toys that I thought we could try…” 


A flash of fear crossed Alex’s eyes.  “Sweetie…I dunno.”


“Come on, Alex.  Don’t be afraid.  I thought we could try to chart some new waters.  They’re just toys, baby.  Please?”


Alex watched as a grin slowly spread across Olivia’s face.  “How many?”


“Oh, you know just one or two.  They’re in the bag.”


Alex got out of bed and opened up Olivia’s bag.  Gasping, she exclaimed, “Liv, you said one or two!  There are like at least 7 in here!”


Olivia giggled softly.  “One, two, seven—same difference.”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Right, Liv.”  She began sifting through the toys and settled on the black light body paints and a little purple bullet.


Olivia grinned.  “Why not the silver one, babe?”


Alex blushed and looked down.  “I wanna try the slimmer one first.”


Olivia carefully lifted Alex’s chin and forced her to look into her eyes.  “Sweetie, don’t be embarrassed.  If that’s what makes you more comfortable, that’s what we’ll work with.  Ok?”


Alex nodded and gave her a hug.  “You’re so understanding, Liv.  I just don’t want you to think I’m a big wimp.”


“Aww, I’d never think that, sweetie,” Olivia assured her, smiling and brushing her cheek.  “I think your reservations are cute.  And kinda innocent.”


Alex smiled sheepishly.  “Really?”


Olivia smiled and kissed her forehead lightly.  “Yes, really.  I’ll be gentle, I promise.  Ok?”


Alex nodded.  “Ok,” she said softly.  She picked up the vibrator and turned it on. 


Olivia laughed.  “That’s a little too high, baby.”


Alex turned the dial down to a lower speed and handed it to Olivia.  Sliding down her body, Olivia placed it at Alex’s warm opening, slid it in gently, and began pumping it in and out.


“Mmm…” Alex moaned in pleasure.  “That feels good.  Use your tongue, too.”


Olivia slipped her tongue inside under the bullet and synced their thrusting rhythms together.  She suddenly pulled her tongue out and laughed.  “It’s making my tongue vibrate!”


“And that’s a bad thing how?” Alex asked, smiling coyly.


Olivia shook her head and stuck her tongue back in.  She reached a hand up to cup Alex’s breast and roll her nipple back and forth between her fingers.


After a few minutes, Olivia pulled out of Alex and moved back up her body to capture her lips.  As she let her tongue freely roam her mouth, she continued pumping the bullet in and out while pressing her thumb against her clit.  It wasn’t long before Alex was shuddering against her and holding onto Olivia’s strong back for dear life.


“Livvie…” Alex said after she’d had a few minutes to recover.


“Hmm?” Olivia asked.


“Since we’re talking about exploring new territory and all that…” Alex continued.


“Are you ready for round two?” Olivia asked, waggling her eyebrows at Alex.


“Well…kinda.  But I wanna ask you to do something for me.”


“Anything, baby,” Olivia replied.


“Well…” Alex began, tracing lazy circles on Olivia’s chiseled stomach with her finger.  “Will you shave for me?”


Olivia looked confused.  “Shave?  Shave what?” she asked, although she knew exactly what Alex was talking about.


Alex let her fingers travel to Olivia’s center and tugged gently on her dampened curls.  “You know…down here.  I’ve never seen it naked before.”


Olivia gulped.  “But Al…it needs its fur to keep warm!” she argued.


Alex giggled.  “I’ll keep it warm.”


Olivia couldn’t help but smile at Alex’s statement.  “I’m holding you to that, Cabot.”


Alex got out of bed and held her hand out to Olivia.  Olivia took her hand and they went into the bathroom.


“Take a seat,” Alex said, gesturing at the toilet.


Olivia sat down.  Alex ran her hand under some warm water and rubbed it in Olivia’s soft curls.  Then she grabbed the container of Skintimate, squeezed some of the gel out into her hands, and gently lathered up Olivia’s sex.  Picking up her Venus, she looked into Olivia’s eyes and asked, “Are you ready?”


Olivia sighed.  “Yeah,” she confirmed, although a little nervously.


Alex caught Olivia’s reservations.  “Are you sure, sweetie?  I mean, if you really don’t wanna do this, we don’t have to.”


Olivia gave a quick smile.  “No, it’s ok.  Go ahead.  After all, it’ll grow back.  Just don’t ever ask me to shave my head,” she joked.


Alex laughed.  “Oh trust me, I’d never do that.  Your hair is way too hot as it is.”  She lifted the razor and began shaving. 


“Just be careful not to nick me,” Olivia said, looking down and watching her.


Alex met her eyes and smiled.  “I’m always careful shaving.”


When she was done, she took a warm, wet washcloth and wiped Olivia’s sex clean.  “So it’s over that quick, huh?” Olivia asked with a slight chuckle.


“Yep.  Just like that.”  She picked up a handheld mirror and gave it to Olivia.  “Now take a look for yourself.”


Olivia looked at her sex in the mirror with an amused grin.  “It’s so…naked.”


Alex laughed.  “It’s supposed to be.”  She lightly trailed her fingers up and down Olivia’s sex.  Olivia felt a tremor of pleasure course through her; the sensation when Alex touched her there was amplified now that her fingers were in direct contact with bare skin.  She could only imagine with great anticipation what Alex’s tongue would feel like there now.  It wasn’t long before she got her wish.


Alex took Olivia by the hand and pulled her up.  She then knelt down before her and began kneading her hips.  She ran her tongue up and down the length of her outer folds several times. 


“Liv, you taste so good,” Alex murmured, lapping at Olivia’s folds with her tongue.


“Shit, Alex,” Olivia gasped, placing a hand on Alex’s shoulder to steady herself.


Alex took Olivia’s hand and placed it on her cleanly shaven sex.  “Feel that, Liv,” she ordered, moving Olivia’s hand slightly up and down.  “Feel how smooth it is.”  She saw a smile spread slowly across Olivia’s face.  “You like that?” Alex whispered, her breath warm against Olivia’s deliciously exposed sex.


Olivia felt an involuntary shudder rip through her.  “Alex,” she breathed.


“What do you want me to do?” Alex asked softly.


“Anything.  Anything you want,” Olivia replied.


“Ok,” Alex conceded.  She parted her folds and began swirling her tongue inside her sex.  She then pressed her tongue hard against Olivia’s quivering nub and wiggled it up and down.


Olivia felt like every nerve in her body was going to explode.  She had had all she could take before she felt her orgasm rob her of both breath and strength.  She fell forward and almost toppled over Alex’s head.


“Whoa, baby,” Alex teased, trying to push her back upright.  After she stood up, she joked, “Well, that was quick.”


Olivia was still struggling to catch her balance; her knees felt like jello.  “Hey now, it’s your fault.”  She tried hard to stop her teeth from chattering.  “Shit, Alex, what the hell did you do to me?”


“Exactly what I wanted,” Alex responded with a smirk.  “Come on, let’s go play with the paints.”


Once back in the bedroom, Olivia blew out the candles and set up the black light.  She then jumped back in bed beside Alex and opened up some green paint.  Dipping her fingers into it, she spread a layer of the paint down Alex’s stomach.


Alex giggled and advised, “Just be careful not to get that in certain areas.  The last thing I need is my mom taking me to the doctor because of some weird infection and having to explain how body paints got inside me.”


Olivia laughed.  “I’ll be extra careful, sweetie.  These are purely for aesthetic purposes.”


“Yeah, that’s what you say now.”  Alex opened up the pink paint and spread it across the top of Olivia’s breasts.


“How’d I know you were gonna go for the pink?” Olivia asked, shaking her head.


“Because this is one of the few times I’m gonna ever see you in this color.”


Olivia laughed again and rolled on top of Alex.  “Anything for you, babe.”


Alex ran a finger down Olivia’s cheek, leaving a streak of pink paint in her wake.  “I can feel our hearts beating together,” she whispered, staring up into Olivia’s eyes.


Olivia looked down into Alex’s crystal blue eyes and whispered, “You’re so beautiful.”


Alex shifted her body a little underneath her and replied, “No, you are.”


Olivia laughed.  “Not this again.”


“But you are,” Alex insisted, closing her eyes and tilting her face slightly to meet Olivia’s lips.  Their kiss was long, sweet, and filled with love and devotion.  Alex flipped them over and Olivia felt something wet against her back.  She briefly broke away from Alex and sat up to see what it was.  One of the containers of paint had spilled out onto the sheets. 


Olivia reached around to her back and rubbed some of the paint off.  “Alllllll!  It’s all over me!”


Alex laughed in glee.  “And pink to boot!” 


“I look like such a girly girl!” Olivia whined.


Alex reached around, rubbed off some of the paint, and spread it on Olivia’s hips.  “Now your ass is pink, too!”


Olivia stared at her in shock.  “Alex, you did not just rub that on my ass!”


Alex grinned smugly.  “I think I did.”


Olivia shook her head and dipped her fingers into the orange paint.  “Oh, you are so gonna pay!” she yelled as she held Alex down and smeared it all over her face.


“Liv!  Liv, stop!” Alex demanded, reaching down and smacking Olivia hard on the ass while desperately trying to wipe the paint off her face with her arm.


Olivia squealed; however, she would not be deterred.  She spread some paint on Alex’s thigh just as Alex managed to spread more paint on her ass.


“Alex, I swear if there’s paint in my asscrack…”


Alex giggled.  “What ya gonna do about it, huh?”  She gripped Olivia’s ass tightly.


“This!” Olivia said.  She smeared paint all over Alex’s breasts. 


In retaliation, Alex traced some blue paint on Olivia’s areolas.  She smiled at the bumpy texture from their aroused state and joked, “Look, Liv.  Pokie dots!”


Olivia rolled her eyes and laughed.  “Very clever, sweetie.”  She shook her head.  “Where in the world do you come up with this stuff?”


Alex shrugged.  “I dunno.  But you know I’ve always been one to be creative.”


Olivia kissed her forehead and said, “That I know.”


Alex began poking her nipples with her finger.  Olivia laughed and grabbed Alex’s finger.  “Baby, what are you doing?”


“I’m poking your pokies,” Alex said, grinning.


Olivia shook her head.  “Are we done with the pokie jokes for tonight?”


Alex grinned wider.  “Hmm…I dunno.  But if I think of another, you’ll be the first to know.”


“I’m sure I will,” Olivia replied, kissing her on the nose.


Alex looked down at her own chest.  “Liv…my boobies are all covered in paint!”


Olivia chuckled.  “Well, my nipples and ass are!”


“Not just your nipples,” Alex said, smearing paint all over her breasts.


Olivia smiled and pressed her breasts up against Alex’s.  “This paint is slippery!”


“So is the bed!” Alex exclaimed. 


Olivia rolled off Alex and looked down at the sheets.  “Yeah…I’m definitely gonna have to change them.”  She flicked a couple stained rose petals off the sheets. 


“And we need to wash this paint off.”


“Not before we make good use of it,” Olivia said, waggling her eyebrows.  She pulled Alex into her arms again and enveloped her soft lips.




A couple hours later, they lay in each other’s arms, freshly showered atop clean sheets.  “Thank you for the most wonderful day of my life,” Alex said softly.


“And thank you for the most wonderful day of mine,” Olivia replied, stroking her cheek.  She picked up Alex’s hand and twirled her ring around on her finger.


Alex giggled and watched Olivia’s motions.  “This ring still has me on cloud nine.”


“Likewise,” Olivia responded.


Alex sat up on her elbow and leaned over Olivia.  Her hair gently tickled Olivia’s breasts.  Olivia started giggling.  “What are you laughing about, sweetie?” Alex asked huskily.


“Your hair is tickling my boobs!”


Alex looked down at her hair and said, “Maybe my hair wanted to give the pokies a good night kiss.”


Olivia grinned.  “It’s not their bedtime yet.”


“Well, is it our bedtime yet?” Alex teased. 


“Our bedtime isn’t for several more hours,” Olivia replied.


“Oh is that so now?”




“Well…we could get Olivet’s homework outta the way so we have all day tomorrow to just spend time with each other.”


Olivia shook her head.  “No, sweetie.  It’s Valentine’s Day.  I’d rather wait until tomorrow.  We aren’t gonna focus on anything else besides us tonight.”


Alex smiled and kissed Olivia’s lips tenderly.  “Sounds good to me.”  She looked down at Olivia’s ring and continued, “I can’t wait until all our friends see our rings.”


Olivia smiled sweetly at Alex.  “I can’t either.”


“You don’t think anything will happen to the ring when I’m practicing do you?” Alex asked.  “Should I take it off just to be safe?”


Olivia shook her head.  “No.  It’ll be safe.  I don’t want this ring to ever leave your finger.”


Alex grinned.  “And I don’t ever want it to.  It’s as much a part of me as my—”


“Heart,” Olivia finished for her.


Alex laughed.  “Yes.  Wow, now we’re even finishing each other’s sentences!”


“Isn’t it cute?”


“Yep,” Alex answered.  “We’re one in the same.”


“I’ve never needed anyone before you,” Olivia confessed, holding Alex tight.


“Same here.  But now we’ll never need anyone else,” Alex promised, kissing her again.


“You got it,” Olivia responded, pressing her heart against Alex’s.