Chapter 29:  Never Have I Ever

The next afternoon, Serena, Casey, Olivia, and Alex were outside playing paintball.  Olivia and Alex were winning, but Serena and Casey refused to give up.  “It’s time for payback, bitches!” Casey yelled, raising her gun.


Alex raised her own gun at Casey.  “I don’t think so, sucka!”  She was about to pull the trigger but had a wicked idea.  With a devious smile, she aimed it right at Olivia’s ass instead and let the paintball loose. 


Olivia screamed as she felt the hard ball pelt her.  Turning around, she shouted, “Alex!  Dammit!  That shit hurt!  You’re not supposed to shoot your own teammate!”


Alex giggled.  “I know.  But it was such a good shot I couldn’t resist.”


Alex, Casey, and Serena giggled while Olivia raised her marker.  “Alex, you are so gonna pay!”


Alex screamed and started running with Olivia close behind her.  “Your ass is mine!” Olivia threatened.


“Think again!” Alex said, speeding up.  Olivia stopped and watched Alex duck around behind the gazebo and squat down out of view. 


Casey and Serena came to stand beside her.  “What do you have planned?” Casey asked.


“Well, I’m gonna sneak up on her.  I’m gonna act like I’ll just chase you guys instead and make sure Alex sees me run off.  I’m gonna wait for her to look around to make sure I’m nowhere in sight, then I’m just gonna hide somewhere and wait for her,” she whispered.


“Sure you can pull it off?” Serena asked.


Olivia smiled smugly.  “Oh, I’m sure of it.”  Looking in Alex’s direction, she yelled, “Well, since my girlfriend is being a coward, I’ll just have to seek revenge on her later.  In the meantime, I’m gonna defend our honor by taking you two out!”  Turning to Serena, she continued, “Ok, you run off and start screaming.  Casey, act like you’re gonna try to block me from chasing after Serena.  Then I’m gonna turn my marker on you and you’re gonna scream, too.  Alex will think I’m preoccupied with you guys and she’ll try to come out from behind the gazebo.”


“Got it,” Serena replied.  She began screaming and ran off.  Casey launched into character and pretended to block Olivia from running to catch Serena.  After a couple minutes, Casey retreated in the direction of Serena and Olivia followed her.


Casey squatted down and looked through the neatly-trimmed shrubbery.  “Ok, Alex looks like she’s about ready to come out from behind the gazebo.”


“Got it,” Olivia said.  She picked up her marker again and quickly ran around the side of the mansion to hide and wait for Alex to come around.


Taking a deep breath, Alex slowly stood up and began tiptoeing toward the back of the house.  She quickly looked behind her to make sure Olivia wasn’t following her.  She was just about to clear the corner when she ran smack into her.  Screaming in shock and putting a hand to her chest, she yelled, “Liv, what the hell are you doing here?”


Olivia grinned wickedly as Alex began backing up.  “I think the term is called revenge.  I seem to recall a rather painful shot in my ass not too long ago.”


“Liv, please don’t shoot me!” Alex pleaded, giving Olivia a huge pout and holding her hands up in surrender.  “I’m sorry!”  She pouted harder and said more softly, “Please?”


Sighing, Olivia lowered her gun to the side.  “Oh, Alex.  Don’t give me the goo-goo eyes and sad puppy dog faces.  You know my insides go all mush.”


Alex gave a little smile and opened her arms.  “I wuv you,” she cooed.


Olivia fell into them and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.  “Oh, you.”


“Liv, you are so whipped,” Casey commented, running up behind them.


“Not just whipped.  Pussy whipped!” Serena chimed in.


Olivia blushed deeply.  “Alex is, too,” she mumbled.


“Come on, guys.  Let’s go inside and warm up in the jacuzzi,” Alex suggested, smiling happily.


After they’d scrubbed the paint off themselves and changed into bikinis, they all headed to the jacuzzi.  “Man, this water feels so good,” Casey said as she lowered her body into the warm, bubbling water.


“I know, right?” Serena agreed.


Alex got in behind Olivia and took a seat on her lap.  Olivia gave her a quizzical look.  “What?” Alex asked.  “I’m just trying to get comfortable.”


“On top of me?” Olivia joked.


“I just want you to hold me,” Alex said with her signature pout.  She splashed some water on Olivia’s chest.


“All right, all right,” Olivia agreed, wrapping an arm snugly around her waist and immersing herself deeper in the water.


“Why don’t you two just run off and get married already?” Casey joked.


“Don’t give them any ideas,” Serena said.


Olivia shook her head.  “You two like tormenting us, don’t you?”


“Olivia and Alex sitting in a tree, f-u-c-k-i-n-g—” Casey began.


“Um, last time I checked the rhyme it was kissing,” Alex interrupted.


“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Olivia with the baby carriage!” Serena finished.


Alex and Olivia both blushed.  “You guys are relentless,” Olivia responded.


“Oh please!” Serena said.  “You know you enjoy every second of it!”


Olivia grinned.  “That’s not the point.”


Alex giggled.  “You know I can’t wait to marry you one day, though, right?”


Olivia’s grin spread.  “I know,” she said proudly.


“Aww,” Serena and Casey said in unison.


Alex shifted her position in Olivia’s lap to straddle her thigh.  She reached around to her back and untied her bikini top.  Olivia gave her a lopsided grin.  “Sweetie…they’re watching.”


“Close your eyes!” Alex quickly instructed.  Olivia teasingly closed her eyes and Alex shoved her shoulder.  “Not you, silly!  Them!”


“What do we get in return?” Serena asked.


“A cookie?” Alex suggested.


“Not good enough,” Casey chimed in.  “I think Serena and I will just sit back and watch the show.”


Groaning, Alex got off Olivia’s lap and sat down beside her.  Olivia quickly tied her bikini back.  “You guys just ruin all the fun, don’t you?” Alex grumbled.


“Aw, cheer up, pookie,” Olivia said, reaching over to pinch a nipple.


Alex giggled and put her hand protectively to her breast.  “Hey, you tweaked my nipple!”  She reached over and pinched Olivia’s nipple in return.


“Hey!” Olivia protested, covering her own breast. 


“Alrighty then,” Serena said.  “Before this turns into a grope fest, let’s talk about something different.”


“You know what I’d really love right now?” Casey asked.


“What, babe?” Serena responded.


“An amaretto sour,” Casey said lustfully.


“Ooh, I love those!” Alex exclaimed.  “I like mine with an extra cherry!”


Olivia leaned over and said, “I have an extra cherry for ya.” 


Alex blushed profusely.  “Liv!”


“Well, then,” Serena said, standing up.  “How about Casey and I go make some amaretto sours and leave you two to frolic?”


Alex grinned victoriously.  “Sounds like quite a good plan.”  She was in Olivia’s arms again before they’d even exited the room.


Grinning at Olivia, Alex demanded, “Flash me, Liv!”


Olivia stood up and flipped up her bikini top.  She shook her breasts at Alex and then forced her face between her breasts.  Alex giggled gleefully and placed her hands on Olivia’s sides to brace herself.


Pushing Alex back, Olivia laughed and flipped her top back over her breasts.  “Ah Alex, the things I do for love.”


“Thank you, sweetie,” Alex said, tenderly kissing her lips.  “That was hot.  For someone so athletic, you have the most amazing curves.”


Olivia blushed.  “Flattery will get you everywhere, babe.”


“How close am I now?” Alex teased, tracing the outline of Olivia’s nipple.


“Mmm…very close,” Olivia said, pulling her into her arms again and perusing her mouth with her tongue.


Casey and Serena returned with their drinks.  Casey loudly cleared her throat and announced, “We’re backkkkkkkk.”


Alex groaned again and pulled away from Olivia.  She eagerly reached for her drink.  “I guess this will just have to hold me over.”  She pulled out one of her cherries and popped it in her mouth.


“This is really good!” Olivia said in appreciation.


“You can thank our resident bartender here,” Casey replied, pointing at Serena.  “I just watched.”


Olivia nodded in Serena’s direction.  “Nice work.”


“Thanks,” Serena said, taking a sip of her drink.


Sipping her own drink, Olivia rubbed her hand over Alex’s stomach.  “Is it time for the Cabot feeding yet?”


Alex giggled.  “Almost.”


“It’s always time for the Cabot feeding,” Serena joked.


Alex splashed some water in her face and said, “Haha, very funny.” 


A little over a half hour later, they all got out.  Alex took Olivia’s hand and yanked her in the direction of the nearest bathroom.


Closing the door, Olivia picked Alex up in her arms as Alex swung her legs tightly around her waist.  She pressed Alex up against the door and ravaged her mouth before moving down to her neck.  Alex moaned in pleasure and tightened her grasp around Olivia’s neck as Olivia ripped away her bikini top and lavished her mouth’s attention on her breasts.


“Take me, Liv!” Alex demanded.


“You’re gonna have to ask nicer than that,” Olivia teased.


“Get…get inside me.”


Olivia let out a laugh.  “Sweetie, I said nicer.”


“Please…please, Liv.”


Olivia placed a hand on Alex’s smooth stomach and used the other to push aside the fabric of her bikini bottom.  She trailed her fingers around her sex but never made contact, instead choosing to caress her thigh.


“Liv…Liv, please!” Alex begged, feeling her wetness spreading.


Olivia slid Alex higher up against the door and moved down her body.  She blew her warm breath against Alex’s center, causing shivers of pleasure to course through her.  “Oh fuck, Liv!”


Coming back up her body, she invaded Alex’s mouth again.  Alex wildly pushed the cups to Olivia’s bikini top aside and caressed her breasts.  “You drive me wild,” Olivia mumbled.  “Are you open?” she asked right next to her ear.


Alex nodded impatiently.  “Yes, I’m open.”


“Good,” Olivia replied, grinning and lowering Alex back down to the floor.  She pulled the fabric back over Alex’s sex again.  Alex looked at her in shock.  “Liv, what the hell are you doing?”


“That’s your punishment for earlier,” Olivia said, grinning wickedly.  She tied the straps at the neck again to her bikini top. 


“So you’re just gonna leave me here horny and half naked?” Alex asked in a state of shock.


“That’s correct.”


Frowning, Alex quickly picked up her own bikini top off the floor and put it back on.  “I can’t believe you’re doing this.”


Olivia laughed.  “Your pokies are all happy.”


“Correction, they were all happy.”  She opened the door and headed for the living room.


Both Serena and Casey noticed Alex’s sullen expression.  “Damn Al, what crawled up your ass and died?” Casey asked.


“I’m not in the mood, Casey!” Alex snapped, folding her arms.


“Geez, Al.  Chill,” Serena told her.  “People are usually in a good mood after sex.”


“Yeah, tell me about it,” Casey added. 


Alex frowned.  “Well, I would be if sex had actually occurred.”


Olivia came up behind Alex, giggling hysterically.  “Oh, you guys, it was so great.  I’d gotten Alex here all hot and bothered and then I just stopped.  Payback for the paintball in the ass stunt.”


Casey and Serena doubled over with laughter.  “Ouch, Alex,” Serena sympathized. 


Alex glared at Olivia.  “You seem so proud.”


“Oh come on, babe.  Don’t act like you never tease me!”


“But it’s all in good fun!” Alex protested, turning red.


“So was this,” Olivia said with a grin.


“Serena never leaves me hanging,” Casey said, wrapping an arm around Serena’s waist and kissing her.


“Get a room!” Alex said grumpily, stomping up the stairs.


Casey and Serena pulled back from each other.  “Damn, Liv.  Alex seems pretty pissed,” Casey observed.


Olivia laughed.  “She’ll get over it.”  Sighing, she said, “Still, I think I better do some damage control.”  And with that, she bounded up the stairs after her.


Cautiously opening the door, she peeked in.  Alex was sprawled across the bed on her stomach, her face against a pillow.  “Sweetie?”  When Alex didn’t answer, Olivia climbed in bed beside her and rubbed her back.  Alex turned her head away from Olivia.  “Come on, babe.  You’re not really mad at me, are you?”


“You embarrassed me in front of our friends,” Alex mumbled.


“Oh sweetie, I didn’t mean to.  I was just teasing.  I didn’t know you’d get upset.”  She carefully ran her fingers through Alex’s hair.  “The pokies want you to cheer up.”


Alex felt her lips curving into a smile in spite of herself.  She turned her head back toward Olivia.  “Really now?”


“Yes, really,” Olivia responded, tweaking her own nipples.  “See?  They’re coming out to provide entertainment.”


“Liv, that’s not helping my situation.  You’re making me horny all over again.”


Olivia stopped and brushed the back of her hand against Alex’s face.  “Ok, baby.  I’ll stop.”  She pouted at her.  “My ass still hurts.”


Alex turned Olivia over on her stomach and began rubbing her ass.  “Feel better?”


With her eyes closed in contentment, Olivia smiled.  “Mmm…much.”  She turned back on her side and pulled Alex close to her.  “If I cuddle you, will you come back downstairs?”


Alex grinned.  “I guess.  But you have to promise me one thing.”


“What’s that?”


“Lunch,” Alex said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.  “I’m starving.”


Olivia grinned.  “I knew that would bring you out of your room.  It’s a deal.”


“Good,” Alex responded, smiling and laying her head against her chest.


When they went back downstairs, Serena and Casey were busy making out in a living room recliner.  Alex rolled her eyes.  “Oh god, Liv.  They’re at it again.”


Olivia put two fingers between her lips and let out a long, loud wolf whistle.  Startled, Serena and Casey quickly separated.  “A little privacy here?” Serena asked.


“Looks like someone has the freaky deaky going on!” Alex teased.


“We were just kissing!” Casey said in annoyance, straightening her bikini top.


Olivia smirked.  “Yeah, with your hand between Serena’s legs.  I’m not stupid enough to fall for that.  Alex and I have used that excuse way too many times already.”


Serena got off Casey’s lap and straightened out her own bikini.  “Can we just eat lunch?”


Olivia grabbed Alex’s hand and started pulling her to the kitchen.  “Remember to wash your hands!”


“Take your own advice, Liv!” Casey retorted, following closely behind them.




“I’ve never done these little girly sleepovers before,” Olivia said, hugging a pillow.


“Oh, what are you talking about, Liv?  We have them all the time!” Alex joked.


Olivia grinned.  “I mean with more than just us.”


“So where are you gonna have your party, Alex?” Casey asked her.


“Ritz Carlton ballroom,” Alex answered.  “I’m so excited!”


“What’s your theme gonna be?” Serena asked.


“Pretty in pink,” Olivia joked.


Alex swatted her arm.  “No…it’s Arabian Nights.  And there’s a private dinner party scheduled before for all of us.  I hope I won’t be too full to dance.”


“Do I get to ride in on a horse?” Olivia asked.


“No, Liv.  I get to ride in on the horse.”


 “Well then can I be the horse?” Olivia asked, grinning widely.


Alex swatted Olivia again.  “Liv!”


“Liv, are you perpetually horny or what?” Casey asked.


“Hey!  There was nothing dirty about my offer!” Olivia insisted.


“Rightttttttt,” Serena commented.


“I’m gonna have belly dancers and everything.  Lots of hot girls,” Alex said with a grin.


Olivia frowned slightly.  “Not too hot.”


Alex laughed and rolled her eyes.  “Don’t worry, babe.  No girl there will be hotter than you.  I’ll make sure you wear a super sexy costume.”


“Good to know,” Olivia responded with a smile.


“And I’m gonna have henna artists, too,” Alex continued.  She looked at Olivia again.  “You and I can get matching henna designs.”


“Sweet,” Olivia replied.  “On our ass cheeks?”


Casey and Serena laughed while Alex playfully shoved Olivia’s shoulder.  “No, Liv.”


“What kinda food are we having?” Casey asked.


“Mediterranean,” Alex answered.


“Mmm,” Serena said, rubbing her stomach.  “I love Mediterranean.”


“Me, too,” Casey agreed.


“And my cake is gonna be four-tiered, five-feet-tall,” Alex gushed.  “It’s gonna have jewels and swarovski crystals.”


“I hope I don’t swallow one,” Olivia joked.


“How many people are you gonna invite?” Serena asked.


“Oh…around 200.  The invitations should be ready by the end of next week.”


“And the picture of Alex on there is absolutely gorgeous, might I add,” Olivia pitched in.


“They look like little miniature versions of the 1001 Arabian Nights book,” Alex said.  “Except I’m dressed up like a genie on the front.”


“The sexiest genie I’ve ever seen,” Olivia added.  “I was at the shoot.”


“Wasn’t the genie male?” Serena asked.


Alex smirked.  “Not in my version.  And there will be no king either.  The whole book relevance really ends with the invitations.  Oh, and the invites are also scented with frankincense.”


“What are you gonna be at your party?” Casey asked.


“An Arabian princess.  I’m gonna perform one of the belly dances with the other girls.”


“Ooh, this should be interesting,” Casey teased.


“My sweetie is certainly flexible enough,” Olivia said, kissing her on the cheek.


“And I can do my special shimmy in front of everyone,” Alex replied, shaking her chest.


“Alex, I don’t want you shimmying for anyone but me!” Olivia whined.


“Oh, cheer up, babe,” Alex told her.  “You’re the only one who gets to see my topless shimmy.  And we can play with the veils later.”


Olivia grinned.  “This is true.”


“My party is gonna be so perfect!” Alex exclaimed, clapping her hands.


“Abbie’s not invited, right?” Casey asked.


Alex and Olivia both gave her a look.  “Are you serious?” Alex replied.  “If she comes anywhere near it, I’ll have her arrested on the spot.”


“You really think she’d be stupid enough to show up?” Serena asked.


“She’s done some pretty stupid shit already,” Alex muttered.  “I wouldn’t put anything past her.”


“Are you inviting Lexie?” Casey asked.


Alex shrugged.  “Sure.  She hasn’t done anything to me.”


Olivia looked at Alex in shock.  “Sweetie, are you sure that’s such a good idea?  How do you know Abbie hasn’t brainwashed Lexie against you?  You don’t want her showing up and sabotaging things on Abbie’s behalf.”


“Well, I’ve known Lexie a lot longer than Abbie has,” Alex argued.  “I don’t think she’s that into Abbie.  Besides, Lexie’s attitude hasn’t changed towards me.”


“I just think you’re making a mistake,” Olivia insisted.  “If Lexie is there, you can bet there’s gonna be drama from Abbie in some way.”


Alex sighed.  “I don’t wanna talk about them anymore, ok?”


“Ok,” Olivia agreed.  “Let’s just put in L Word.”


“Um…I’ll go downstairs and make some popcorn,” Serena volunteered.  “But don’t start the DVD without me.  Any requests?”


“Cheese!” Alex said excitedly.


“I’ll take butter,” Olivia said.


“Me, too,” Casey agreed. 


In a few minutes, Serena came back upstairs with two big bowls of popcorn in her arms.  Alex reached into the bowl with the gourmet cheddar cheese popcorn.  “Extra cheese.  Just the way I like it.”


Olivia reached over and grabbed some popcorn.  “Mmm…extra butter.  Just the way I like it!”


“Shit, I didn’t think about drinks,” Serena said.  “I’ll go down and get some Hawaiian Punch.”


“It’s ok, baby.  I’ll get it,” Casey offered, kissing Serena on the cheek.


Serena smiled in delight.  “Thank you, beautiful.”


Casey returned with four glasses of Hawaiian Punch.  Alex picked up the remote and started the DVD.


Olivia looked at her.  “We should be on L Word.”


Alex chuckled.  “We’re too young.”


“Yeah, and I don’t think the viewing audience would be too keen on your Tweety underwear,” Serena teased.  Everyone laughed.  Well, everyone but Alex, of course.


“Well, everyone in the viewing audience can go fuck themselves,” Alex snapped.


Serena, Casey, and Olivia all looked at each other.  Olivia put her hand cautiously on Alex’s back.  “Sweetie…we were just teasing.  You know that, right?”


Alex crossed her arms.  “Whatever,” she mumbled.


“You know Tweety and I have become great friends,” Olivia continued.  She picked up a few pieces of the cheese popcorn and held them out temptingly to Alex’s mouth. 


Alex opened her mouth and Olivia fed her the popcorn.  “You and your food bribes.”


“It worked, didn’t it?” Olivia said with a grin.  She wiggled her fingers at Alex.  “It appears I still have some cheese left on my fingers.”


Alex grinned.  She took Olivia’s hand and sucked the remaining cheese off her fingers.


“I still have some more,” Olivia joked.


Alex laughed.  “No, you don’t.  I’m not gonna suck your fingers anymore, Liv.”


“You’re gonna wash your hands, right?” Casey asked.


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Of course I am.”  She got out of bed and headed for Alex’s bathroom.


She came back and got in bed between Casey and Alex.  “Geez Liv, stop pushing!” Casey grumbled.


“I’m just trying to get next to my lovey dovey Aly Poopoo,” Olivia cooed, rubbing her nose against Alex’s cheek.


Alex blushed while Serena and Casey laughed.  “Aly Poopoo?” Serena asked.


“Don’t act like you don’t have cute little names for Casey!” Olivia accused.


“If Serena ever called me Casey Poopoo, that would be the end of our relationship,” Casey stated.


Serena gasped and pretended to be offended.  “You don’t mean that, do you?”


Casey smiled.  “Of course not.  But don’t go getting any ideas.”


They were already a few minutes into the second episode of L Word when Olivia informed them all, “Hey guys, I gotta tell ya.  I sleep naked.”


Casey and Serena gave her a weird look.  “Then we’ll just sleep on Alex’s couch,” Serena said.


“Or another room entirely.  We could still hear them from the couch,” Casey said matter-of-factly.


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Guys, she won’t be sleeping naked.”  She looked at Olivia.  “I can assure you of that.”


“Oh come on, Alex.  You love seeing me naked.”


Alex gave a quick laugh.  “Yeah…but not when we have company right next to us.”


“Oh, really now?  Could’ve fooled us earlier,” Casey mused.


“You guys were supposed to close your eyes,” Alex retorted.


“The only one I wanna see naked is Casey,” Serena said, running a finger down Casey’s stomach.


“I’m sure,” Olivia said sarcastically.


When they were finished with the food, Alex grabbed a bowl and a couple glasses.  “I’m gonna get this stuff back downstairs.”


Olivia grabbed the other bowl and glasses.  “You guys behave while we’re downstairs.”


“We’re not making any promises,” Serena said.


Casey and Serena were busy making out when Alex and Olivia came back.  Olivia put a finger to her lips.  “Shh.”


They tiptoed over to the bed and Olivia jumped on top of them.  “Surprise!”


“Liv, move!” Casey yelled.


“I wanna play, too!” Olivia teased, sticking her lips out.


“Alex, make Liv move over!” Serena whined.


Olivia giggled.  “I don’t wanna!”


“Liv, get off us!  You have your own girl!” Casey protested.


Alex pulled Olivia off them.  “Behave, sweetie.”


Olivia jumped out of the bed and pulled Alex with her.  She picked her up and threw her over her shoulder.


“Liv, stop!  Put me down!  Casey, Serena!  Help!” Alex screamed as Olivia gave her a hard slap on the ass.


Casey and Serena just laughed.  “Hey, just let me know if things are about to get freaky so we can sleep in another room,” Casey replied.


Olivia finally put her back down and climbed back in bed.  Alex grabbed a pillow and hit her with it.  Olivia squealed and held her hands up defensively.  “Alex!”


Alex was bringing the pillow down again when Olivia grabbed her by the waist, pulled her down on top of her, and then rolled over and pinned her underneath her.  “I love you,” she cooed.


Alex giggled up at her.  “I love you, too.”


“Kiss me,” Olivia ordered.


Alex leaned up to meet her lips.  “You’re my world,” she responded when the kiss ended.


“And you’re mine,” Olivia replied, smiling into her eyes.


“I remember our first kiss,” Alex said, sitting up.


“What was it like?” Casey asked.


“Well, we’d just gotten back from the movies—” Alex began.


“It was our first date,” Olivia interrupted with a grin.


Alex grinned and continued, “And we were on my bed.  I told her I liked that she was an aggressive basketball player and she answered, ‘You have to be if you wanna score,’ so I got this crazy idea in my head and I just leaned forward and planted one on her.”


“Aww!” Serena and Casey said in unison, clapping.


“But it doesn’t end there,” Olivia continued.  “I asked her what that was for and she said, ‘Well you told me you have to be aggressive if you wanna score!’  So I told her, ‘Actually aggressive is more like this,’ and I kissed her again.”  She leaned into Alex’s face and said, “Like this.”  Then she captured Alex’s lips for a steamy kiss.


“Ooh, and visuals to boot!” Casey teased as she watched Olivia slip her tongue in Alex’s mouth.  Alex moaned in response.


“Isn’t Alex’s little moan so cute?” Serena mused.


Alex slipped her hands under Olivia’s tank top to massage her breasts.  Olivia bit her lip and pushed her tongue farther down Alex’s throat.


“Whoa there, kids!” Serena said.


Olivia removed Alex’s hands from under her shirt and pulled back.  She then gave her one more quick kiss before turning to Serena and Casey.  “Well, maybe not that last part.  We only got to first base that night.”


Casey smirked.  “Looks like Alex here was stealing some bases.  She was at third and on her way home.”


“Hey, it’s not my fault Liv won’t wear a bra!” Alex protested.


“Hey, my boobies like to be free spirits,” Olivia replied, waggling her eyebrows.


“Apparently so do Alex’s hands!” Serena joked.


“It’s not my fault my girl has amazing tits, either,” Alex responded.


Olivia leaned forward and whispered in Alex’s ear, “You’re starting to make me horny.”


Casey and Serena overheard her whisper.  “Like that’s anything new,” Casey retorted.


Alex looked down at Olivia’s erect nipples and licked her lips.  “And you’re starting to make me horny.”


“Do you guys need a moment?” Serena asked sarcastically.


Alex tugged on Olivia’s top.  “No, we’re good,” she said, pushing Olivia’s nipples in.


“Alex!” Olivia whined, frowning.


“Tell your little soldiers to stand down,” Alex said with a giggle.


“But you got the pokies all excited,” Olivia whined, pouting at Alex.  “They were aimed and ready.”


“Pokies?  Pokies?” Casey inquired.


Both Olivia and Alex blushed furiously.  “Um…it’s a little pet name,” Alex explained, clearly embarrassed.


“Pet name?  For your nipples?”  Serena asked.


“Where did you two come up with that?” Casey inquired.


“Long story,” Alex answered quickly.


“Well, Alex actually came up with it,” Olivia explained.


Casey and Serena looked at Alex and grinned.  “Oh, really now?  Tell me more!” Casey demanded.


Olivia was more than happy to.  “Well, we had just finished swimming the afternoon of our first date.  And uh…we stepped up onto the docks and I noticed Alex was staring at my chest.  So I was like, ‘Alex, see somethin’ ya like?’  And she answered, ‘Well, your…your pokies!’  And I said, ‘My pokies?  You mean my nipples are hard?’”


“Oh my god, Alex,” Serena said, shaking her head.


Alex buried her face in her hands.  “Liv, did you have to tell the story?” she mumbled.


“Don’t be embarrassed, sweetie!” Olivia said, rubbing the back of her neck.  “I thought it was cute.”


“Well, while we’re telling stories, why don’t we tell the one about you refusing to wear nipple guards because the pokies didn’t want their individuality suppressed?” Alex replied.


“Are you serious?” Serena asked.


“Oh, so now Liv’s nipples have personality, too?” Casey joked.  “Can they talk?”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “I still ended up wearing them.”  She noticed the strange looks on Casey and Serena’s faces.  “What?  Those silicone things feel funny!”


Serena leaned over and whispered in Casey’s ear, “I wonder what nicknames they have for Liv’s pu—.”


“None!” Olivia and Alex shouted together.


“Oh boy, wait until we tell Kathy and Elliot,” Casey said.


“Oh please!  Don’t act like you guys don’t have little pet names!” Alex accused.


“For body parts?  I’m afraid not, Al,” Serena informed her.


“So what’s your favorite thing about Olivia?” Casey asked Alex.


Alex smiled at Olivia.  “Well…I’d have to say her eyes.”


“What about you Liv?” Serena asked.


“Definitely her eyes…they remind me of the ocean,” Olivia answered. 


“Hey, that was my answer!” Alex said, kissing Olivia on the nose and pushing her down on the pillows. 


“Then her lips,” Olivia continued, running a finger down them.  “They’re so soft and full, and I always wanna kiss them.”


“Like right now?” Alex asked with a grin.


“Yes,” Olivia said, leaning up to meet her lips. 


“Oh boy, they’re at it again,” Serena said as she watched Alex once again slip her hands under Olivia’s tank.


When Alex left Olivia’s lips to move down her torso, Casey pointed at Olivia’s chest and said, “Damn, Liv.”


“Whoa, keep it above the belt guys!” Serena teased as Alex lifted up Olivia’s shirt a little to kiss her stomach.


“If clothes start coming off, we’re relocating to another room,” Casey added.


“Bye,” Olivia said quickly.


Alex stopped and looked at Casey.  “We’ll behave,” she said, moving back to her spot beside Olivia.


“But I don’t wanna behave,” Olivia pouted.


“I’ll make it worth your while,” Alex promised, trailing a finger down Olivia’s cheek.


“You promise Aly Pookie?” Olivia asked, pouting harder.


“Well, I did before you called me that,” Alex teased.  Serena and Casey laughed.


“Oh, come on!  I thought it was cute,” Olivia replied.


“Geez Liv, when did you become such a softie?” Serena wondered.


“It’s not just me.  You should hear what Alex calls me.”


Serena grinned.  “Oh, do tell.”


“Well, Livvykins comes to mind,” Olivia said, grinning at Alex.  Alex blushed crimson and covered her face with her hands.


“You two are crazy,” Casey commented.


“Crazy in love,” Olivia said, pulling Alex to her for another kiss.


“I’m crazy in love with my Casemunch, too,” Serena cooed, kissing Casey.


When the kiss ended, Casey said, “I never thought I could be this happy.”


“Me neither,” Serena agreed.


“Aww, Casemunch,” Olivia gushed.  “And you say we’ve got it bad.”


“I know!  They’re so cute!” Alex added, reaching over to pinch Serena’s cheek.


There was a knock at the door.  “Come in,” Alex shouted.


Janice opened the door and stuck her head in.  “Will you girls be needing anything else tonight?”


“No, thanks Janice.  We’re good,” Alex replied.


“Very well.  Then I shall see you tomorrow morning.  Breakfast is at 7:30 sharp, girls,” she responded, closing the door softly.


“Isn’t it nice to have the house to ourselves?” Olivia asked.


“Oh yes,” Serena replied.  “I wish my parents were out of town this often.”


“Tell me about it,” Casey agreed.


“Hey guys, I’m gonna go downstairs and get something else to drink.  I’ll be back,” Serena promised.


As soon as she was sure Serena was completely out of earshot, Casey told them, “Oh my god, you guys.”


“What?” Alex asked.


“Serena is wild in bed.  She makes me feel pleasure in places I didn’t even know I had!”


Olivia and Alex burst out laughing.  “Serena?  As in Serena Southerlyn?” Alex joked.


“Are you serious?” Olivia asked.  “You had us both thinking you were the resident nun lesbo couple.”


“I’m dead serious,” Casey responded.  “She turned me into a screamer.”


You?  A screamer?  Well, damn!” Olivia exclaimed.


“Ooh, tell us more.  I wanna hear all the juicy details about how my best friend is a tiger in bed,” Alex insisted.


“Tigress,” Olivia corrected.


“Well…you know, before Serena, I never had anyone go down on me before.  I mean, Derek never did that.”


“Lots of guys don’t.  And even when they do, they don’t know how to do it right,” Olivia replied.


Alex looked at her.  “You seem to know from experience.”


“Well, Andy went down on me once but I made him stop cuz it totally sucked ass.  He had no clue what he was doing.”


“Ew Liv, gross!” Alex said.  “You let him go down on you?”


Olivia shrugged.  “Well, it felt good when a girl did it.  I didn’t think it would feel so different when a guy did it.  I was clearly mistaken.”


“I guess we should warn all Andy’s future girlfriends,” Alex joked.


“Well, I guess it’s like they say,” Olivia replied.  “Only a woman knows what a woman wants.”


“I’m actually beginning to think there’s some truth to that.  Man, after Serena, I—” Casey began.


“After me, you what, babe?” Serena asked, coming in and closing the door behind her.


“Well hello, tigress,” Alex teased.


“Oh, this should be good,” Olivia added.


“Tigress?” Serena asked, raising an eyebrow.


“Casey here was just telling us how good you are in bed,” Alex replied with a Cheshire cat grin.


Serena’s mouth dropped open in a shocked laugh.  “Oh, is that so?” she said, getting back in bed between Alex and Casey.


“I had to get all the good details.  It’s hard to imagine my best friend doing the freaky deaky,” Alex explained.


Serena grinned proudly.  “Well, Liv isn’t the only one who knows how to get down.”


“Literally,” Casey added.  “I wasn’t convinced there was such a thing as a G spot before but now…damn.  I think Serena found mine.”


Serena reached over and cupped one of Casey’s breasts.  “You’re starting to make me horny,” she said, nibbling at Casey’s bottom lip.


“Geez guys.  And you say I’m bad,” Olivia teased.


“No, you’re worse,” Casey joked.


“Do you guys talk dirty to each other?” Olivia asked with a grin.


Serena gave her a look.  “No dirtier than the things you and Alex say to each other.”


“Especially Alex,” Olivia said.


Alex looked at her and pretended to be shocked.  “What do you mean especially me?”


“You may appear to be sweet and innocent, but some of the things you tell me you wanna do to me are enough to make the kama sutra look tame,” Olivia replied.


“Whoo!” Serena teased.


“Well, hot damn,” Casey added.


Alex blushed furiously.  “I have an active imagination,” she mumbled. 


“And I love every bit of it,” Olivia said, grinning at her and planting a kiss on her lips.


Alex giggled.  “Hey guys, let’s play Never Have I Ever!” she suggested excitedly.


“What’s that?” Casey asked.


“It’s a drinking game where the person who starts says, ‘Never have I ever…’ and they have to finish the sentence with something they’ve never done sexually.  If the rest of us have done it, we have to take a shot,” Alex explained.


“I guess Liv will be piss ass drunk by the time the night is over,” Casey joked.


Everyone laughed but Olivia.  “Very funny,” she stated dryly.


“We don’t have to use hard liquor.  There are a couple 24 oz. bottles of Smirnoff Ice Triple Black downstairs.  I’ll go get ’em,” Alex said, getting out of bed and walking out.


She returned with the Smirnoff and four shot glasses.  She filled each of them and set them on the tray.  “Ok, I’ll start off.  Never have I ever had sex with a guy.”


Olivia, Casey, and Serena all took a shot.  “Ok, Liv.  Your turn,” Alex informed her.


Olivia grinned.  “Never have I ever had sex on the stairs.”  No one took a shot.


“Ok, my turn,” Serena said.  “Never have I ever slept with more than one girl.”


Everyone looked at Olivia.  “All right, all right,” Olivia grumbled, reaching down and taking a shot.


“Now mine.  Never have I ever rimmed anyone,” Casey said.  Olivia and Alex looked at each other, sighed simultaneously, and took a shot.


Casey and Serena stared in shock.  “Oh my god, you two are fucking freaky!” Casey exclaimed.


“Hey, we had whipped cream and caramel!” Olivia said in their defense.


It was Alex’s turn again.  “Never have I ever had sex in an elevator.”  No one drank a shot.


Olivia grinned.  “Hmm…never have I ever had sex in a restaurant.”  Again, no one took a shot.  “What?  None of the rest of you have?  Come on!”


“Sorry, Liv.  Ok.  Never have I ever used sex toys,” Serena said.


Alex and Olivia grinned at each other and took a shot.  Casey laughed and shook her head.  “I knew it!”


“Never have I ever had a threesome,” Casey said.  She and Serena both looked at Olivia when no one took a shot.


“Oh come on guys, I really haven’t!” Olivia insisted.  She grabbed Alex and kissed her on the cheek.  “I don’t like to share my pookie wookie.”


“Never have I ever 69ed anyone,” Serena said.  Grinning proudly, Olivia and Alex poured shots and toasted each other before drinking.


“You guys have done that, too?” Casey asked in shock.


Olivia looked at Alex again and grinned wider.  “Yup.”


“Never have I ever had sex at a gas station,” Alex said, looking at Serena and Casey, who each groaned and downed their shots. 


Olivia giggled and nudged Alex.  “And they call us freaky.”  She paused a moment to think.  “Ok…never have I ever had sex on my period.”  She looked suspiciously at their little group when no one took a shot.  “Whew!  I’m glad no one here has.  Now that’s nasty!”


“I agree.  We’d have to stop talking to you guys if you’d done that,” Casey commented.


“So you’re telling me that if you were really horny and you hadn’t fucked Alex in over two weeks and she told you she was on her period, you wouldn’t even go in the shower and fuck her?” Serena asked.


Alex folded her arms.  “I’m curious to hear this answer, too.”


“I’d just masturbate,” Olivia responded bluntly.  “That would hold me over.  No one needs to have sex that bad.  Hey, I had to go six weeks without fucking her once; a few days is a piece of cake.”


“Six weeks?  When did this happen?” Casey inquired.


“When we weren’t together.  We hung out all the time and cuddled and stuff because we were working on getting back together, but I told you, Serena, we really weren’t having sex,” Alex explained.


“Well, I’ll be damned,” Serena said.


“Why’d you think they were still having sex?” Casey asked.


“Because Alex and I were supposed to study for Euro one day and I came over.  She and Liv were in bed together sleeping and Liv had her shirt off.”


“Hey, I told you guys my boobies like to be free spirits,” Olivia said with a chuckle.


“Ok, my turn again,” Serena said.  “Never have I ever had sex at a party.”  She looked pointedly at Alex.


“Damn!” Olivia said, pouring herself and Alex another shot.


“You guys are never gonna let us live that one down, huh?” Alex asked.


“Nope,” Serena and Casey responded in unison.


“Ok, well the bottle is almost up, so I guess I’ll be the last one,” Casey said.  “Never have I ever had a one night stand.”


Groaning, Olivia poured a shot and downed it.  So did Serena.  Casey looked at Serena in surprise.  “Wait a minute.  Who did you have a one night stand with?”


“Daniel Markison.”


“When was this?” Casey continued.


“Sometime last year.  We were drunk at a party and we just kinda hooked up,” Serena answered.


“Sound familiar?” Alex asked, nudging Olivia with her elbow.  Olivia rolled her eyes.


Serena looked at Casey apologetically.  “I’m sorry I never mentioned it.  He’s the only guy I ever slept with.”


“You lost your virginity during a drunken one night stand?” Casey asked.


Serena frowned.  “Yeah.  It’s not something I’m proud of, ok?”


Casey stared at her.  “Geez Serena, it was just a question.”


“Sounded more like a judgment to me,” Serena snapped.


Casey stroked her face and said, “I’m sorry, babe.  I wasn’t being fair to you.  I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”


“It’s ok,” Serena said softly.


Olivia placed her hands on the back of their heads and pushed them into a kiss.  Alex said jokingly, “Liv, I don’t think they need any help.”


Olivia watched as Casey pulled Serena closer and deepened the kiss.  “I think I’m inclined to agree.”


“Let’s give these kids some privacy,” Alex whispered.


“Ok,” Olivia agreed.  She and Alex got out of bed and tiptoed to another bedroom.  They cuddled up together and Alex placed her head on Olivia’s chest. 


“I love you, Liv.”


“I love you, too, sweetie,” Olivia replied, running her fingers up and down Alex’s spine.


“Hey, you wanna tease Casey and Serena?” Alex whispered after several minutes.


Olivia grinned from ear to ear.  “Oh definitely.  So what’s the plan?”


“Well, we can pretend we’re having sex.  That’ll definitely weird ’em out!”


“Does it only have to be pretend?”


Alex swatted her.  “Yes, it will only be pretend.”  They got up and returned to Alex’s room.  Casey and Serena were wrapped up in each other’s arms. 


“Everything good?” Olivia asked.


“Yes,” Serena said, kissing Casey’s forehead.


“Good,” Alex replied, getting under the covers and snuggling up to Olivia again.  “I’m tired,” she continued, stifling a yawn.


“Me, too,” Olivia agreed, getting out of bed to turn off the lights.  They all said goodnight to each other and tried to drift off to sleep.


After the lights had been out for a few minutes, Alex began lightly moaning.  “Mmm, Liv.  Up a little more.  Now to the right.”


Stifling a giggle, Olivia began making loud slurping noises.


Casey’s eyes opened wide and she nudged Serena.  “Serena,” she whispered.


“Hmm, sweetie?” Serena said sleepily.


“I think Alex and Liv are having sex!”


Serena sighed.  “Don’t be ridiculous.”


“They are!  Shh, listen,” Casey insisted.


Olivia continued her slurping and Alex continued moaning.  “Liv…oh yes, Liv.  Right there!”


“Oh my god, guys!  Stop!” Serena protested.


Alex reached over to turn on the lamp and Olivia giggled.  “We were just messing with you,” Olivia said.


“See, look,” Alex said, pulling the covers down.


“Liv, you were making slurping sounds!” Casey said in disgust.


“Those were all fake,” Olivia insisted.  “Trust me, if we had really been doing it, Alex would’ve been much louder.”


“Hey!” Alex protested, hitting Olivia’s arm.


“Besides, I don’t slurp like that, either,” Olivia added.


Serena rolled her eyes.  “TMI, Liv.  Is this what we’re gonna have to put up with all night?”


“Nah, just special occasions,” Olivia teased, turning off the lamp.


Casey shook her head and put her arm around Serena again.  “Come on, babe.  Let’s just go to sleep.”


“Ok,” Serena mumbled.  “Hey, no freaky stuff you two!” she added as an afterthought.


“Only if you promise no freaky stuff first!” Olivia said.


“Deal,” Serena agreed.


“Ditto,” Olivia replied.


“Liv?” Alex asked a few minutes later.


“I love you, too, sweetie,” Olivia mumbled sleepily.


“That’s not what I was gonna say,” Alex joked.  “I was gonna ask you what you think we’re having for breakfast.”


Olivia let out a soft chuckle.  “Sweetie, that’s several hours away.  I have no clue.”


“Oh.  What do you want?”


“French toast and ham sounds good,” Olivia replied.


“Sounds good to me, too.  Oh, and Liv?”


“Yes, baby?”


“I love you.”


Olivia squeezed Alex’s waist and said, “I love you, too, baby.”