Chapter 30:  Turbulence

“Olivia, may I talk to you for a moment?” Serena Benson asked when Olivia walked through the door.


“Sure, Mom,” Olivia replied, putting her bookbag and keys down on the sofa.  “What about?”


“Well…I think you are spending far too much time with Alex.”


Olivia almost couldn’t believe her ears.  “You’re not serious.”


“I went to Parents’ Night the other evening.  You have a C in your I.B. British Literature class.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Mom, it’s only the first week of March.  I have plenty of time to bring my English grade up.”


“Olivia, I am an English professor for crying out loud!  How do you think it makes me look if my own daughter has a C in a fucking English class?”


“Mom, not everything is about you,” Olivia retorted. 


Her mother frowned.  “I think your time spent with Alex is interfering with your studies.”


Olivia’s mouth dropped open in disbelief.  “You can fucking forget it, Mom!  I’m not gonna stop seeing Alex!” she yelled before she could stop herself.  An awkward silence followed.  She avoided eye contact with her mother.  Looking down at the floor, she mumbled, “Um…I mean…”


“Yes, Olivia.  What exactly did you mean?” her mother asked nastily.


“I’m not gonna stop hanging out with her!” Olivia yelled, getting her edge back again.


“Are you sure that’s all you meant?” Serena inquired, pulling out a pair of pink lace panties and dangling them in the air.  “Since when do you wear size extra-small panties?”


Shit!  I knew I should’ve hid them in my drawer!  “Um…I don’t.  But Alex was over a couple days ago and she must’ve overlooked them when she was packing her stuff to go home.”


Her mother folded her arms.  “Why did she have her underwear off in the first place?”


Olivia groaned.  “Mom, she spent the night.  She brought a fresh change of clothes for after she showered.  I guess she just missed the underwear when she was getting all her stuff together.”


“Oh, I’m sure.  Then why were they in your bed?”


Olivia turned crimson.  Looking down at the floor again, she said, “They were on the floor, so I just picked them up before I went to school and threw them on my bed.  I didn’t want them to get dirty.”


“Oh, you didn’t want them to get dirty, huh?” her mother asked, walking right up to her.  “It seems like it’s a little too late for that.  What exactly is this stain on them?”


Olivia was absolutely mortified.  At that moment, she wished she could just fall through the floor.  “Uh…I dunno, Mom!” she yelled defensively.  “I don’t examine her underwear!  What?  Do you want me to call and ask her to identify it and issue you a written report?”


“Do not get smart with me, young lady.  You know damn well what this stain is,” Serena said, staring at her accusingly.


“What were you doing in my room in the first place?” Olivia asked angrily, avoiding her mother’s latter statement.  “You can’t just go in and invade my privacy like that!”


“I thought I would be nice and do your laundry for you.  But I didn’t know Alex’s was part of the deal, too!”


“Mom, that wasn’t necessary.  I do my own laundry, thank you very much,” Olivia snapped.


“Regardless of this, I am ordering you to focus more on your schoolwork and less on Alex.  You cannot afford any distractions.”


“You have no right, Mom!” Olivia screamed.  “You can’t tell me who I can and can’t hang out with!  I’m practically an adult!”


Her mother glared at her.  “You are still underage.  You also still live under my roof.  You are not to bring Alex back in this house until I say so!”


Olivia put her hands on her hips.  “You think that’s gonna go over well with Mrs. Cabot?  How you won’t let her daughter even set foot in this house?  I thought she was your friend!”


“I didn’t say she was never allowed in the house again.  I said that you need to focus on your studies.  Until you get your grades up, you are not allowed to have any company—that includes Alex.”


“Alex and I have three fucking classes together; we study a lot!  You can’t ban her from this house!  Alex is obviously not the problem here!  I have A’s in all my classes with her!  It’s not my fault Brit Lit is so damn boring.  None of that shit interests me!  The books Adams makes us read are so lame!”


“Watch your language, Olivia Benson!”


“You’re being a tyrant!  You wouldn’t want Mrs. Cabot telling Alex I’m not allowed in her house!  You’ve never put any restrictions on anyone I’ve had over before.  So why now?”


“This is not up for debate anymore, Olivia.  You are to go to school, go to practice, and come straight home—alone.”


“Fuck you, Mom!  Not in this lifetime!”  She snatched Alex’s underwear out of her mother’s hands and picked up her bookbag again.


“Olivia, you will not disrespect me that way!  You get back here, right now!” her mother demanded, taking a long drink from her bottle of vodka.


“No, Mom!  Fuck you!” Olivia yelled, turning back around and flipping her mother off.  She grabbed her keys, ran out the door, and climbed in her car.  By the time her mother made it to the door, she was already backing out the driveway.


Several minutes later, she arrived at the Cabot mansion.  Alex opened up her door to find a frazzled Olivia.  “Liv?”


“Are your parents home?” Olivia asked breathlessly.


“Not yet, baby.  Why?  What’s wrong?”


Olivia didn’t say anything else.  She just grabbed Alex and pressed a bruising kiss on her lips.  Alex pulled back to catch her breath.  “Baby…what’s going on?” Alex asked again.


Olivia took Alex’s hand and pulled her upstairs to her room.  As soon as the door shut, she backed Alex up into the wall and roughly attacked her neck.  “Fuck.  I just need to fuck,” Olivia grunted.  She quickly undid the buttons to Alex’s shirt and pulled it off her shoulders.


“Liv…what are you doing?” Alex asked as Olivia unclasped her bra in back and quickly discarded it as well.


“I just need you right now,” Olivia said, running her hands over Alex’s breasts.


“Oh…ok, Liv,” Alex said.


Olivia quickly unzipped her own jeans and pulled them down her legs, along with her underwear.  Alex helped her out of her shirt.  She rubbed Olivia’s nipples and then sucked them hungrily as she shoved two fingers inside her, quickly followed by a third.


“Fuck me, Alex!  Fuck me!” Olivia ordered, thrusting her pelvis forward.


Alex drove her fingers harder and faster into Olivia.  Olivia covered Alex’s mouth with her own and thrust her tongue inside to match the rhythm of Alex’s fingers, which soon began twisting at random.  Alex could sense that Olivia’s orgasm was building so she broke away from her mouth and knelt on her knees before Olivia.  She removed her fingers from inside her and rapidly began rubbing her clit up and down.  “Come on, sweetie.  Come for me.”


The friction Alex was creating against her most sensitive area was stimulating her orgasm to the breaking point.  Alex took her clit into her mouth and sucked hard.


“Ah, fuck!  Shit!” Olivia screamed, throwing a leg over Alex’s shoulder and grabbing a handful of her blonde hair.  She could no longer contain her orgasm and exploded in Alex’s mouth before she knew it.


Alex licked Olivia’s sex clean before standing up and consuming her mouth.  When they broke apart, Olivia was covered in tiny beads of sweat.  “That was incredible, sweetie,” she complimented her.  “Thank you.”


Alex smiled.  “You’re welcome.  Now will you tell me what’s going on?”


Olivia sighed and took a deep breath.  She pulled Alex’s panties out of her bag and handed them to her.  Taking them from her, Alex gave a puzzled look and said, “Why’d you bring these back?  I thought you wanted to keep them as a trophy.”  She gave a sly grin.


“That was before Mom found them,” Olivia grumbled.


Alex almost dropped the underwear on the floor.  “What?  How did that happen?”


“She said she was gonna do my laundry and she saw your panties in my bed.  This was of course after she told me that my grades were suffering because I spent so much time with you.”


“Are you serious?  The only bad grade you have is in Brit Lit.  And everyone knows Adams is hard as fuck.”


“Well, my mom doesn’t think so.  She went to Parents’ Night and now is determined to play the role of the ‘concerned parent.’  She told me it makes her look bad that the daughter of an English professor has a C in a Lit class.”


“It’s not a big deal, Liv.  You have plenty of time to bring that grade up.”


“That’s what I told her, but she wasn’t hearing it.  She said you were interfering with my studies and I couldn’t afford to be distracted.”


Alex’s mouth dropped open in shock.  She was angry that Olivia’s mother would blame her.  “That’s bullshit!  In all our classes together, you have good grades!”


“I told her that as well.  And I told her she could forget it because I’d never stop hanging out with you.  But I-I slipped up,” Olivia said, looking down.


“Slipped up how?” Alex wanted to know.


“I first said I’d never stop seeing you instead of hanging out with you.”


Alex brought a hand to her mouth.  “Did she pick up on it?”


Olivia nodded.  “Yeah.  She asked me what exactly I meant.  I tried to recover by saying I meant that I’d never stop hanging out with you, and then she pulled the panty trick.  She dangled them in my face and asked, ‘Are you sure that’s all you meant?’”


“Oh my god!” Alex exclaimed.


“So yeah, baby.  I think Mom knows we’re dating.  And that’s not the worst part.  She had to taunt me with them by saying that I don’t wear extra-small panties and then asking me what the stain was on them.  I got smart with her and said I’d ask you to deliver a written report about it and she said ‘You know damn well what this stain is.’”


“She knows it’s my…my…” Alex said, blushing profusely.


“Yeah, sweetie.  She knows it’s cum.”


“Oh god,” Alex said.  She covered her face with her hands.  “Then what happened?”


“I told her that you spent the night, took them off when you showered, and accidentally left them when you packed your things.  She wanted to know why they were in my bed and I said they were initially on the floor, so I picked them up and just threw them on there before school.”


“Then what did she say?” Alex asked nervously.


“Oh, she just kept going on about how she didn’t want you over anymore until I got my grades up.  She said it was her house and I wasn’t allowed to have any company.  I called her a tyrant and told her to fuck off.”


“Are you serious, Liv?  She doesn’t even want me in the house anymore?”


“Yeah.  She told me to go to school, practice, and come home alone.  She can’t fucking control me like this, Alex!  She just can’t!  I said ‘Fuck you’ and flipped her off.  I ran out and came over here.  I just needed to be with you.”


Alex turned from Olivia and began running her hands up and down her upper arms anxiously.  “Liv, I’m so scared!  I don’t wanna lose you!”  She covered her face again.


Olivia took Alex’s hands into her own and swore, “Sweetie, you’ll never lose me.  My mom can go fuck herself for all I care.  She probably won’t even remember our conversation.  She was busy drinking herself into oblivion when I left.” 


Alex put her hand supportively on Olivia’s arm.  “I’m so sorry, sweetie.  She’s drinking again?”


Olivia nodded.  “Yeah.  For once I wish she’d stay sober.”


Alex wrapped Olivia in a warm hug and led her over to her bed.  “Sweetie, everything will be ok.”  She brushed Olivia’s hair back off her face.  “Whenever you need a safe haven, you’re always welcome here.  Ok?”


Olivia forced a smile.  “Ok.  But what if my mom talks to your mom and your mom starts thinking I’m a bad influence on you?  What if she doesn’t want me in her house anymore?”


“Well…then we’ll just go somewhere else.  We can’t let our parents control our lives, Liv.  Besides, you’re always welcome in my arms and no one can control them.”


Olivia smiled brightly.  “You really mean that?”


“Of course I do, silly buns.  Now cheer up.  When you came, I was just adding some icing on some sweet rolls.  So let’s go downstairs and eat some.”


“Damn Cabot, I didn’t know you could multitask like that,” Olivia said, starting to put her clothes back on.  “Cuz when I came I thought the only thing you were doing was holding your mouth open so—”


“Liv!” Alex interrupted, shoving her playfully.  “I meant when you came over.”


“I know, I know.  Wow.  You’re baking, huh?  I guess I’ve really rubbed off on you.”


“If you’ll recall, I baked just fine for our first date.”


Olivia grinned.  “This is true.  I’m sure the sweet rolls will be just as delicious as the cookie bars.”


Once downstairs, Olivia helped Alex drizzle the icing on the rest of the rolls.  Sucking some off her fingers, she said, “This icing is really good.”


Alex picked up a sweet roll and held it out to her mouth.  When Olivia had taken a bite, Alex asked, “How does it taste?”


“These are really fucking good!” Olivia said appreciatively.


“Why, thank you, baby,” Alex said, picking up her own sweet roll and taking a large bite.


“You are very welcome.”


“Hey, you wanna go riding with me and Serena tomorrow after practice?” Alex asked.  “Casey will be there, too.  Serena’s gonna be her personal instructor.”


“Sure.  Serena rides, too?” Olivia asked.  “I never knew that.”


“Oh, totally.  She’s even better than I am!”


“Now that I don’t believe,” Olivia said, taking another bite.


“I’m serious.  She has me beat at show jumping!” Alex insisted.


“You know, those two make a really cute couple.”


“I know.  They’re so in love; it’s adorable!” Alex gushed.


“Yeah, it is,” Olivia agreed, sucking some icing off a finger.  “I’m serious, Alex.  These are really too good,” she continued, finishing her sweet roll and reaching for another.  “I’m gonna have to take some to school tomorrow.  It will be loads of fun to eat them in the others’ faces while they drool with envy.”


“Come on, Liv.  We have to share.”


Olivia pouted.  “We do?”


“Yes,” Alex said, poking Olivia’s stomach with a finger.


Olivia started grinning.  “You know…the pokies would like to taste some icing.”


Alex shook her head and laughed.  “How’d I know that was coming?”


Olivia grinned wider.  “Cuz you know me too well.”


Alex lifted up Olivia’s shirt, traced some icing on her nipples, and then sucked it off while Olivia moaned in pleasure.  “Satisfied?”


Olivia shuddered a bit.  “Mmm…much.”  She pulled Alex into her lap.  “I love you.  And your yummy desserts.”


“I love you, too, Liv,” Alex responded, licking the icing off her fingers and finishing her roll.


When they had eaten all their stomachs could hold, they went back upstairs.  “God, I’m so full!” Olivia exclaimed, falling backwards on Alex’s bed.


“You’re tellin’ me,” Alex said, lying down beside her.  “You wanna take a nap before we start studying for the Anatomy quiz?”


“Sounds good,” Olivia responded.  “You know…if I wasn’t dating you, I still think I’d probably wait until the last minute to study for every test.”


Alex gave a short laugh.  “Ha!  And your mom thinks I’m a bad influence.”


“You’re the perfect influence on me.  You keep me grounded.  You’ve made my life so much better than it ever was.”


Alex smiled.  “You’ve done the same for me, though, sweetie.”


“You certainly know how to make a woman swoon.”


Alex raised an eyebrow.  “A woman?”


“Well, I’m almost an adult.”  She leaned closer to Alex and said, “I certainly fuck like a woman, don’t I?”


Alex giggled and blushed.  “Yes.”


Olivia smiled.  “I love it when you giggle all innocent-like.”


Alex placed a chaste kiss on her nose and said, “But I certainly wasn’t innocent when you first arrived, now was I?”


Olivia licked her lips.  “You definitely weren’t.  Just thinking about it gets the pokies all sorts of excited again.”


Alex looked down at her chest and said, “I can tell.”


“Yours, too,” Olivia replied, tweaking one of Alex’s nipples through her tank top.


“Will you spend the night?” Alex asked.


“I’d love to,” Olivia said with a happy grin.  All of a sudden she rolled her eyes.


“What is it, Liv?”


“I didn’t bring a change of clothes.  And there’s no way Mom’ll let me back in the house without giving me grief.”


“Well, she was drinking, wasn’t she?  Isn’t there a chance she’ll be passed out?” Alex asked.


“Yeah.  But I don’t wanna chance it.”


“Well, you’ve snuck in several times before, so we could probably pull it off again.”


Olivia sighed.  She turned to Alex and placed a hand on her cheek.  “Sweetie, I don’t want you in any danger.  She’s drunk and I don’t want you exposed to that.”


Alex sat up on her elbow.  “Baby, I can take care of myself.  I don’t want you exposed to that either.  And I’m gonna protect you at all costs.”


“Sweetie, you’ve never seen her like this.  She’s crazy.  She’s not herself!  Remember?  She busted my lip before once when she was drunk.”


Alex sighed.  “Yeah, I remember that.  But she can’t hurt both of us.  Two is always better than one.  I refuse to let you be around her alone.  Listen.  When you gave me this ring, you promised to protect me and never leave my side, and I promised the same to you.  So I mean it.”


Olivia smiled gratefully.  “I love you so much.”


“I love you, too,” Alex said, wrapping her in a warm hug.  “Besides, I don’t think your mom can compete with these babies,” she continued, flexing her arms.


Olivia laughed.  “Oh, you are so cute.”  She squeezed Alex’s muscles.  “Ooh, don’t hurt me now!”


Laughing, Alex shoved Olivia’s shoulder.  “I’ll have you know that I’m quite strong.”


“I bet you are, cutie,” Olivia cooed, placing a soft kiss on Alex’s biceps. 


Alex giggled.  “Kiss me again.”


Olivia placed a couple more kisses on Alex’s biceps and then captured her mouth.  “How’s that?” she asked when she broke away.


“That was perfect,” Alex said admiringly.




“Sure,” Alex said, cuddling up in Olivia’s lap.


“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you,” Olivia swore solemnly.


“Likewise,” Alex agreed.  She closed her eyes and placed her head contentedly on Olivia’s shoulder.  “We’ll be ok, Liv.”


Olivia sighed.  “God, I hope so.”


“You know what’s ironic about all this?” Alex asked after a few moments of silence.




“It’s always my underwear that’s found!”


Olivia laughed.  “We’ll just have to hide it better next time.”


Alex grinned.  “I guess so.”