Chapter 44:  Azhdahā-yāra

“How do I look?” Alex asked, hesitantly coming out of the bathroom.  Her iridescent peach-colored silk taffeta gown had a bodice with a sweetheart neckline and ruched pickup skirt that swept the floor.  Pearl appliqués highlighted the skirt at each gathering.  The bodice featured a hand-painted dragon motif surrounded by Persian flowers.  The dragon and flowers were adorned in an array of rhinestone details.  Colorful Swarovski crystals made up the scales of the dragon. 


Olivia stood there in awe.  After a few seconds, she found her voice again and responded, “Amazing.  Simply amazing.” 


“Will you tie me up in back?” Alex asked.


“You don’t even have to ask,” Olivia responded, walking over and tying up the corset back to the gown.  “Wow.  I definitely have the best looking date in the hotel,” she said, looking her up and down again.


Alex blushed and grinned.  “You really mean that?”


“Of course I do, sweetie.  Let me show you how much,” she continued, leaning in and placing sweet kisses down her jawline and neck.


Alex closed her eyes and moaned, “Liv, I just put the dress on to have to take it off so soon.”


Olivia laughed.  “Who said anything about it coming off?”


Alex smiled.  “If you keep kissing me like that, it’ll absolutely have to come off.”


“Maybe if we had a little more time, I wouldn’t be opposed to that.”


“I just wanna rub up against you,” Alex told her.  She ran her hands over Olivia’s bare breasts.  “And I wanna do a lot of other things, too.”


Olivia brought Alex in closer to her.  “Careful now.  A little bit of friction can lead to addiction.”


“I’m already addicted to you,” Alex whispered in her ear.  Olivia shivered lightly against her as Alex ran her fingers down her spine.


“Sweetie, are you trying to make me stain my panties?” she asked, closing her eyes.


“Am I turning you on?”


“Been there, done that,” Olivia muttered as Alex rubbed her nipples.  She picked her up and started placing kisses along her collarbone.


“Oh gosh, I love it when you pick me up topless.”  Alex bit her lip.  “And when you nibble and kiss me there.”


“Mmm,” Olivia moaned, starting to move them over to the bed.


Suddenly, Alex caught her reflection in the mirror.  Frowning, she asked, “Does this dress make my ass look big?”


Olivia’s eyes flew open.  “Way to ruin the moment, Al,” she muttered, putting her back down on the floor.


“Well does it?”


“No, baby.  You ask me that every time, and I always tell you the same thing.  Your curves are perfect.  You have the hottest ass I’ve ever seen.”


Alex grinned.  “I love it when you flatter me.”


Olivia picked up the pear-shaped diamond necklace and placed it around Alex’s neck.  “Well, I speak the truth.”


Alex grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s just stay up here and start our um…afterparty early.”  She looked down at her bare breasts again.  “I’d say you are appropriately dressed for the occasion.”


Olivia teasingly covered her breasts with an arm.  “I think you lose all reason when you stare at my tits, so now you aren’t allowed to look at them anymore.”


Alex tickled her under her armpit to make her drop her arm.  “Hey, that’s not fair!  I am the birthday girl after all.”  She pushed Olivia down on the bed and straddled her waist.  Pinning her wrists above her head with one hand, she bent down and brushed her lips across her ear.


Olivia closed her eyes and squirmed underneath her.  “Alex, w-we can’t….shouldn’t…”


Alex looked up.  “We can and we should.”




“How about letting me go for a ride, cowgirl?” Alex whispered as she shifted her weight so that she was directly rubbing up against Olivia’s clit.  She twisted a rock-hard nipple between her fingers before taking it into her mouth and sucking hard.


Oh shit, I better stop this now before I lose the last little bit of resolve I have, Olivia thought.  She forced her eyes open and regretfully pushed Alex back.  “Come on, sweetie.  I need to get breast—I mean, dressed!”


Laughing, Alex got off her waist.  “I think I like this look better than your dress.  You’ve never looked hotter!”


Olivia chuckled.  “I’ll take your word for it, but I don’t think your mom and dad would approve of my little wardrobe malfunction.”


“Who cares what they think?  You know…it really worked out well making the gang get dressed elsewhere.  Please, Liv?  Let’s just take advantage of the little private time we have now,” she coaxed, a mischievous glint in her eye.


Olivia tried to give her a serious look.  “Alex, I’m serious.  We cannot have sex right now.”


Alex grinned and got off the bed.  She uncorked a bottle of champagne.  Filling a glass and dropping a strawberry into it, she took a sip and said, “I still beg to differ.”


Olivia watched as Alex slowly and sensually licked around the rim of the glass.  When Alex held out the glass to offer her some, she shook her head and said, “Save some for later, baby.  Alex, I don’t want you getting drunk.”


“Can’t I be a little tipsy?”


“You can be as tipsy as you want after the party is over.  If anything happens to you, you know your parents will blame me.”


“It’s my party and I’ll drink if I want to,” Alex sang softly, twirling around.  She grabbed Olivia by the hand and said, “Let’s go to the bathroom.”


Rolling her eyes, she reluctantly let Alex drag her into the bathroom.  Alex began frantically trying to get Olivia’s panties down.  “Come on, Liv.  Let me pour a little champagne on your—”


“Alex!” Olivia exclaimed, taking the glass from her.


“Don’t you want me to lick it off?” Alex asked sultrily.


“You can lick as much champagne off as you want—later.”


“Liv, I’m just so horny right now.  Can’t we go for a quickie?” Alex begged.


“Sweetie, we need to get back downstairs and we can’t until I’m dressed.  I promise you I will make it well worth your wait later on.”


“But you’re going to be so tired by the time the party is over,” Alex pouted.


Olivia cocked her head to the side.  “Me, tired?  Haha, this is Olivia Benson you’re talking about!  Stamina is my middle name!”


“Kiss me,” Alex ordered.


Olivia gave her a quick peck on the lips.  Alex gasped.  “Liv, why the little kiss?  My mom kisses me harder than that!”


“If I kiss you hard, it will just make you hornier.”


“And that’s a bad thing because…”




“Come on, Liv…kiss me like you did this morning,” she begged, dipping her hand into the front of her panties and tugging the fine hairs.


Olivia bit her lip.  “No…baby, not that.”


“Well, how about this?” Alex asked, sliding her hands around to the back to squeeze her bare ass.


Olivia tried stifling a moan.  “Alex, seriously…quit it.”


She took the glass back and took another sip.  “Oh, I’m quite serious.  Just let me have a little taste…”  She began to move down her body.  “Just one lick and I promise I’ll leave you alone.”


Olivia was just about to give in when suddenly there was banging against the door.  “Thank god!” Olivia said, pushing Alex back and running across the bathroom. 


Alex grinned deviously.  “You can run but you can’t hide…” she teased, starting to make her way over to Olivia.


“Go get the door!” Olivia demanded.


The banging got louder.  Alex groaned.  “Hold your horses!  We’re coming!” she yelled.


“Oh, I’m sure you are,” Casey muttered sarcastically, eliciting snickers all around.


“Liv’s not ready yet!” Alex continued.  “So you guys will have to wait in the sitting room until she gets dressed!”


“She’s not even dressed yet, Alex?  Geez, what have you two been doing?” Elliot asked.


Serena turned to him.  “Do you really have to ask?”


“We just got a little caught up!” Alex yelled, pushing Olivia into the bedroom and closing the French doors.  She then ran to the suite door to let in their friends.


“Wow, Alex, you look amazing!” Serena exclaimed.


“Hear, hear!” Elliot agreed.


“You know, Liv, Alex looks so hot right now!” Casey shouted from the sitting room.  “Maybe if I wasn’t with Serena…”


“Hey!” Serena protested, playfully shoving her girlfriend.


“Don’t even try it!” Olivia shouted back.


Alex gave Elliot the remote and said, “Here.  You guys watch some tv or something while I help Liv get ready.”


“I’d be ready if you hadn’t tried to seduce me!” Olivia yelled.


Alex blushed lightly in front of their friends.  “I have no idea what she’s talking about.”


“Sureeeeeeeee,” Serena said.  She walked up to Alex to get a closer look at the dress.  She traced her fingers along the Persian calligraphy near the bottom of the dragon.  “What do these symbols say?” 


“Azhdahā-yāra.  Azhdahā means ‘dragon’ and yāra means ‘strength,’ so the terms together mean ‘of the strength of a dragon.’  And the flowers around her illustrate delicacy and passion.”


“Deep.  That definitely fits your nature,” Serena replied.


“Only Alex Cabot would incorporate symbolism into a dress,” Casey said with a laugh.


Laughing, Alex held a finger up and said to the rest of them, “Give me just a sec, guys.”  She entered the bedroom and closed the doors again.  “Ok, sweetie.  How fast can you slip into that dress?”


Rolling her eyes, Olivia stepped into the dress and pulled the beaded halter over her head.  The teal silk satin gown was slim and sexy with a high slit on the left leg.  The crystal-trimmed plunging V neckline dipped all the way to her belly button.  The gown also had cut-outs on the sides with rhinestone strands that wrapped around her back.  “I would’ve been dressed ages ago if you hadn’t insisted on dragging me into the bathroom and proceeding to fuck me with champagne!”


“Shh!” Alex ordered, putting a finger to her lips.  “They’re right outside!”


“Just be lucky your mom isn’t right outside,” Olivia said, adjusting the material over her breasts.  “I feel so…naked.”


“You look stunning, babe,” Alex breathed, walking around her to get a view from the back.  Her olive skin was a nice contrast to the rhinestones.


“Thanks,” Olivia said modestly.


“No, I’m serious,” Alex said, taking her hand and dragging her over to the mirror.  She stood behind her and ran her hands over her shoulders.  “You always play down your looks, but you really are gorgeous.  You’re gonna wow everyone.”


“Alex, you’re the princess here.  Not me.”


“Come on, Liv.  You have incredible bone structure, incredible curves…incredible everything.  Your look is sexy, fresh, exotic, alluring—”


Olivia couldn’t help but grin at all Alex’s compliments.  She loved it when Alex praised her, even though she tried to act as if she didn’t care about superficial things like looks.  But nonetheless, she couldn’t resist making a wisecrack.  “Alex, this isn’t America’s Next Top Model.”


“I’m serious, Liv.  This is a couture gown and trust me, you make the dress, not the other way around.”  She gave her a quick kiss on the neck.


Olivia’s grin widened.  “You’re making me blush.”  She looked down at her breasts.  “You don’t think my boobs will fall out, do you?”


“Nah, it was custom made to fit snug.”  She put a finger on her chin to ponder things for a second.  “But how about you wear the nipple guards just to be safe?”


Olivia shook her head.  “No!  No, no, no!”


Alex laughed and put her tiara on.  “I was just kidding.  Besides, I didn’t even bring any!”


Olivia adjusted the tiara in Alex’s hair so that it was straight.  “Hey, don’t joke about stuff like that.  You know how much the pokies loathe those things.”


“I have a little surprise for you,” Alex said, going over to her suitcase.  “I know if I’d suggested getting you something when we were in Cartier, you would’ve protested.  Anyway, I thought Tiffany’s was more your style…so I went there on my own one day and got this for you!”  She handed her a blue-green box and waited expectantly. 


Olivia untied the white bow and took the lid off the box.  Her heart dropped into her stomach.  The diamonds of the platinum open circle pendant sparkled brightly.  Alex placed the necklace around her neck and fastened the clasp.


“Alex, how much did this necklace cost?” she demanded, turning around to face her.


Alex smiled.  “Not telling.  But I knew it would look great with this gown.  See how it rests nicely between your breasts?”


Olivia ignored her.  “Alex…I’m serious!  How much did this cost?”


“It’s impolite to ask the gift horse how much she paid,” Alex said.  She studied her eyes.  “You do like it, right?”


Olivia looked down at the necklace, which felt cool against her warm skin.  “That’s not the point.”


Alex lifted her chin and forced her to meet her eyes.  “You’re not mad at me, are you?”


“No, sweetie.  Don’t get me wrong—I really do appreciate this.  It’s gorgeous.  But you know how uncomfortable it makes me when you insist on spending money on me.  It makes me feel like I’m indebted to you in some way.”


Alex stroked her cheek and replied, “Don’t ever feel that way.  I just saw something that I thought screamed, ‘Olivia!’ and I had to get it.  Besides, it perfectly matches the earrings.”


Olivia sighed.  “Ok.”  She picked up her heels and put them on.


“Now all we need to do is touch up your lips…” Alex said, pulling out a M.A.C lipglass and brushing it on.  She screwed the cap back on and turned Olivia to face the mirror.  “So beautiful.” 


Olivia looked at her reflection.  She brought her fingers up to carefully stroke the diamonds.  It was as if she was almost afraid that if she stroked too hard, the necklace would fall apart.  “I…I don’t know what to say.”


“You don’t have to say anything.  Come on.  Let’s go out there and wow our friends.”


Alex opened the doors and held out an arm to the crowd.  “I now present to you the striking Olivia Benson!  Turn around and model for them, baby!”


Smiling, Olivia did a 360 degree turn.  Elliot’s eyes almost popped out of his head.  “Hot damn, Liv!”


“Wow, Liv!  High fashion has never looked so good!” Kathy said.


“It’s so revealing!” Casey said.  “I love it!  And I totally love that necklace, too!”


“Yeah, right!  Like you were looking at the necklace!” Serena teased.  “But in all seriousness, the necklace is beautiful.  It’s even shaped like an ‘O’ for your name!”


Olivia blushed profusely.  “I’m glad flattery doesn’t add any pounds,” she joked.


Alex put an arm around her shoulders.  “Yep.  I have the most amazing girlfriend in the world—and the sexiest.”


“Now Alex is going to be even hornier than ever!” Serena announced, trying to divert her eyes from Olivia’s chest.


Casey noticed.  “Alex or you?” she asked pointedly, a tad bit jealous.


Serena gave her a look.  “Come on, Casey.”


“Well, if you’re all finished undressing my girlfriend with your eyes, I think we should head downstairs,” she said with a smile.  Holding Olivia’s hand, she waited for their friends to walk out and then playfully started to shut the door behind them.


Casey caught the door with her arm.  “Don’t even think about sexin’ Liv up now, Alex!”


Olivia shook her head.  “Ah, Cabot.  Always the sneaky one.”


Alex smiled and followed Olivia out.  “Ah well, it was worth a shot.”




“That’s like the 1000th compliment you’ve gotten since we returned,” Elliot said with a grin to Olivia.


“Aw, thanks, El.”


“Can you convince Kathy to wear something like that?” he teased.


“Hey, I heard that, mister!” Kathy said, slapping his arm.  “Don’t worry—prom is still coming up.”


“Oh man,” Elliot said, gulping hard.


Olivia laughed.  “Don’t get his hopes up, Kath.”  She looked around the room and tried to spot Alex.  She finally spotted her talking to her parents across the room. 


Five minutes later, Alex ran up on the stage.  “Hey, I’d like everyone to clear the center of the room, please and make room for the caterers to get through!” she ordered.


People started clearing a path.  Olivia turned to Elliot and said, “She’s sexy when she’s bossy.”


Elliot chuckled.  “Are we gonna have to put you in a cold shower?”


Olivia smirked.  “Nah.  I’m all right—for now.”


“Ok!  Who’s ready for some cake?” Alex yelled into the microphone as the caterers moved the cake table to the center of the room.  The cake table was decorated with ivory tulle with gold satin trim, rose petals, and candles.


Cheers and clapping erupted from the crowd.  People started chanting her name.  Once the noise had died down some, she continued, “I want everyone to get in line in front of the cake and wait to be served.  I’ll cut the first piece.”


She ran back down the steps, grabbed Olivia’s hand, and dragged her over to the cake.  A spotlight was focused on her.  “Alex, I don’t wanna steal your glory,” Olivia whispered.


“Don’t be silly.  We’re feeding each other cake, remember?” Alex said.  She took the knife from Susie and asked, “Where should I start cutting?”


“Either side is fine,” Susie replied.


“Ok,” Alex said.  Her father began singing “Happy Birthday” and everyone else joined in.  After the singing concluded, she cut into the cake.


“It’s so pretty inside!” Olivia exclaimed.


“Isn’t it, though?” Alex agreed.  After putting her own slice on a plate, she then cut a slice for Olivia, followed by slices for her parents, Serena, Casey, Kathy, and Elliot.  She returned the knife to Susie so that she and the catering staff could begin serving slices to the crowd.


Olivia dug her fork into her piece and held it out to Alex.  Alex smiled and did the same, then they simultaneously put the forks in each other’s mouths.  People waiting in line clapped loudly.  John thought it was a little odd that the girls fed each other cake, but he brushed it off.


“That was fun!” Olivia said, wiping some icing from the side of Alex’s mouth.


“Oh, I know, right?  And this cake is the best I’ve ever had!” Alex replied.


“You’re tellin’ me!” Olivia agreed.  “Come on, let’s get outta everyone’s way.”


They all went back up on the dais and sat down around Alex.  “Alex, exactly how tall is your cake?” Elliot asked.


“Five feet.  And hey, be careful that you don’t swallow any jewels!”


Deciding to have some fun, Olivia threw her hand to her throat and pretended she was choking.  Alex immediately jumped up and began to panic.  “Liv, are you all right?”  She wrapped her arms around her and prepared to do the Heimlich.


Olivia doubled over in laughter.  “Gotcha!”


“Shit, Liv!  You scared us all!” Elliot said in annoyance.


Alex turned red.  She was so angry with Olivia that she didn’t know what to do.  “Liv, don’t you ever do something that stupid to scare me like that again!”


Olivia’s laughing immediately halted when she saw how upset Alex was with her.  “Gee, baby, I was just playing.”


“I should kick your ass!” Alex said, moving away from her on the chaise longue.


Olivia scooted closer to her.  “Come on, sweetie.  Don’t be like that.”  Alex continued to ignore her.  Olivia rubbed her back.  “Alikins…”


Alex suddenly turned to face her.  “Why the hell do you do shit like that?”


“It was a joke!” Olivia shouted.


“Well, I didn’t get the fucking punch line!” Alex snapped.


Luckily, the slideshow of Alex began on the HDTV mounted on the wall.  Everyone turned to watch.  There were pictures of her from birth up to the photo shoot she’d taken the previous month. 


“Are those the pics you took for your party?” Kathy asked.


“Yeah,” Alex replied.


“You look like a model!” Kathy continued.


Alex grinned.  “Thanks.”


“She’s gorgeous in them, I agree, Kath, but the childhood shots hold a special place in my heart,” Olivia said, turning to Alex and giving her a kiss on the cheek.  “Especially the Girl Scout and kiddie cheerleading pics.”


With Olivia’s warm lips against her skin, Alex felt her anger dissipate.  She turned to her with a half smile and said, “You’re lucky I love you.”


“So does that mean I’m forgiven?” Olivia asked, giving her another kiss.


Once again, Alex felt herself melting.  “I suppose.”


As more pictures were shown, Alex threw her hands over her face.  “Some of these are so embarrassing!  I really wish Mom had let me see all of them beforehand!”


“I love them all,” Olivia said, squeezing her hand.  “Aww, it’s your first debate tournament!” she exclaimed as another picture appeared.


“Did you win?” Elliot asked.


Alex smiled.  “Of course.”


“Ah, middle school.  Good times,” Serena said.


Once the slideshow was over, Olivia got up and said, “I have to use the bathroom.  I’ll be back.”


Alex smiled at the rest of them and followed Olivia.  When they entered the bathroom, she proposed with a mischievous grin, “How about a little playtime?”


Olivia laughed.  “You’re relentless, aren’t you?”


“Just a tad,” Alex said, running a hand down between her breasts.


“What if someone walks in?”


“Then they’ll just get a free show,” Alex said, pulling Olivia to her.


A few minutes later, Madeline walked into the bathroom and stopped dead in her tracks.  The girls were moaning into the kiss and Alex’s hand was caressing one of Olivia’s breasts under the material of the gown.  “Alexandra, you stop that right now!” she yelled, startling them out of their kiss.


Alex and Olivia quickly jumped back from one another.  “Uh…we’re sorry, Madeline,” Olivia said nervously.


“Sorry doesn’t cut it,” Madeline shot back.  “After this rather risqué debacle, I’m rethinking letting you two share a room together.”


“Mom, please don’t!” Alex begged. 


“I can’t trust you,” Madeline scolded.  “First I catch you sitting on her lap and then I catch you touching her inappropriately and French kissing like you’re the only ones in this hotel!”


“Mom, you said you would support us!  We do kiss—just like any other couple!” Alex protested, flushing red.


Her mother frowned.  “I did not give you my support for you to behave like two dogs in heat in public places!  Anyone can walk into this bathroom!  I will not tolerate boldness or reckless abandon from the two of you.”


“But Mom—” Alex began.


“And don’t think I am not uncomfortable with the idea of you two being intimate.  But I know that if I tell you not to, you’ll just do it behind my back.  So the least you could do to respect me is to keep it private.”


“We promise it won’t happen again, Madeline,” Olivia assured her.


Madeline narrowed her eyes at her.  “It better not.  From now on, I mean it.  Keep affection between the two of you behind closed and locked doors,” she ordered, turning on her heel and walking out.


“Alex, I told you we should be careful,” Olivia said, shaking her head and trying to calm her nerves.


“Well your tongue down my throat told quite a different story!” Alex retorted.


Olivia shrugged.  “So I got a little carried away.  Damn, you’re testy when you’re horny.”


Alex blushed a deeper shade of red.  “I can’t help it!  But she shouldn’t have gotten all upset at us.”


Olivia sighed.  “Let’s just make sure we do what she says from now on.  I can’t afford to get on her bad side.”


“Ok, Liv.”


“I’ll be back in a sec,” Olivia said, going into a bathroom stall.  When she finished, she washed her hands and playfully flicked her fingers at Alex.


“Liv!  You’re getting water on me!”


Olivia ran to the door.  “Last one to the ballroom has to spend the night with your mom!”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Don’t even joke about that.”