Chapter 45:  The Fast and the Furious

A half hour later, Olivia took Alex’s hand and said, “How about a dance?”


“I thought you’d never ask,” Alex replied, letting Olivia lead her down to the dance floor.


Madeline noticed the two of them dancing.  Those two are inseparable, she thought.  She watched them for a couple more minutes before deciding to go over to them.


“Alex, dear, you really should be more social,” her mother whispered.  “You’ve been with Olivia the majority of the night.”


Alex reluctantly pulled back from Olivia.  “Mom, you’re exaggerating!  I’ve worked the crowd…somewhat,” she said, looking down.  Olivia tried not to snicker. 


“It will look suspicious if you refuse to leave each other’s side,” she whispered in a harsher tone.  “Remember the little talk we had in the bathroom?”


Alex sighed.  “Mom, just let us dance one more song together, ok?  I’ll dance with others afterwards.  Please?  My 16th birthday only comes once.”


Her mother sighed and against her better judgment replied, “Fine.  One more and then you two need to branch out.”


“Ok,” Alex said.


They began dancing one more song together until they were interrupted by Rebecca Hendrix.  “Mind if I cut in, Liv?”


Olivia’s jaw immediately clenched.  Deciding to forgo a rude comment, she finally said, “You’ll have to ask Alex.”


Alex looked from Rebecca to Olivia.  “Uh…well, I guess one dance won’t hurt,” she decided.  “Besides, Mom did say that we should dance with other people.”


Olivia tried to keep her blood from boiling.  “She’s all yours,” she said, letting go of Alex’s hands.


Alex looked at Olivia apologetically.  “I’ll just be a few minutes.”


Olivia nodded and walked over to Elliot and Kathy.  “I can’t believe that bitch would have the nerve to come up and break us up like that.”


“Liv, I’m sure a lot of people wanna dance with Alex tonight.  You can’t keep her all to yourself.  This is her big night,” Elliot told her.


“I don’t need you to keep reminding me of that!” Olivia snapped.  “If it was anyone else, it would be different.  But Rebecca has been trying to get into her pants ever since Alex and I broke up the first time.  Between Rebecca and Abbie, I’m gonna go fucking crazy!”


“Chill out, Liv.  You know Alex is completely devoted to you,” Elliot responded.


“Don’t give Rebecca the satisfaction of getting to you,” Kathy told her.  “Alex is just being nice.”


“Besides, the song will be over in just a few minutes,” Elliot said.


Olivia watched them as they danced, getting angrier by the minute as Rebecca held Alex close and ran her hands up and down her back.  Near the end of the song, she saw Rebecca slap Alex’s ass.  I can’t take anymore of this, she thought.  “You see what I mean, Elliot?” she yelled.  “I’m going over there.”


“Liv…” Elliot warned, but to no avail.


Olivia marched over and loudly cleared her throat.  “Rebecca, do you mind keeping your hands off my girl?”


Oh shit, Alex thought.  “Liv…”


Rebecca looked at Olivia in shock.  “Don’t get your panties in a twist.  We were just playing around.”


We?” Olivia snarled.  “Alex didn’t seem to share your sentiments.  And you have some nerve touching Alex like that after the stunt you pulled at Jake’s party.”


“Let’s not argue, guys,” Alex begged.


Olivia turned to Alex.  “Can I speak to you alone?”


“Sure,” Alex said, dreading the conversation.  “I’ll be back,” she told Rebecca.


“Oh, you will?” Olivia demanded once they were out of earshot.  “After she put her fucking hands all over you?  Why were you letting her feel you up like that anyway?  Are you trying to make me jealous or something?”


“Liv, we were just dancing!  What?  Is she not supposed to touch me at all?”


“Alex, how would you feel if someone started dancing with me and rubbing all over my back and ass?”


“Liv, it was not that serious!”


“Not that serious?  A girl slaps your ass and it’s not that serious?  Can I have some of that weed you’re smoking?”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Oh, shutup, Liv!” 


“You know she has an interest in you!”


“Liv, that was months ago!  Stop making such a big deal out of everything!”


“I told you not to invite her.”


“Liv, you have absolutely no right to try to tell me who I can and cannot invite to my fucking party!”


“Alex, it makes me angry to see her touching you all over.”


“Then don’t watch!” Alex yelled, storming back over to Rebecca.


Olivia stood there dumbfounded.  She couldn’t believe Alex was acting that way toward her and it only made her angrier.  Fuck her, she thought.  She went to pour herself some punch and then rejoined Elliot and Kathy.


“Liv…it makes no sense to be this angry,” Elliot told her.


Olivia ignored him.  She tried to tear her eyes away from Rebecca and Alex but couldn’t.  Serena came up to them; she was sweaty from dancing.  “Why aren’t you out there dancing with Alex?” she asked breathlessly.


Olivia glared at her.  Elliot turned to Serena and said shaking his head, “Don’t.”


Serena followed Olivia’s gaze.  “Oh…”


Casey walked up to their little group and handed Serena a glass of punch.  She noticed Olivia’s sinister gaze.  “What’s up with you, Liv?”


“Take a guess,” Serena muttered, nodding her head in the direction of Alex and Rebecca. 


Reveling in Olivia’s apparent anger, Rebecca shot her a smug look when Alex put a hand at the back of her neck.  As if that wasn’t enough, she leaned in and ran her tongue up the side of Alex’s neck.  People around them started letting out wolf whistles.  Alex immediately pulled back.  She shot Olivia a panicked glance and then looked back at Rebecca angrily.  “Why’d you do that?”


Rebecca grinned and shrugged.  “Let’s just say it was my version of a body shot.”


Olivia made it over to them in what seemed like two seconds flat.  “I’m going to punch your fucking lights out, bitch,” she told Rebecca, drawing her arm back.


Alex grabbed Olivia’s arm right before her fist connected with Rebecca’s nose.  “Liv, don’t!  If my mom sees you, you’re done!”


Olivia snatched her arm away and got right in Alex’s face.  “Fuck you, Alex!”  She stormed out of the ballroom and headed for the bathroom. 


Alex quickly ran after her.  “Liv!” she called out.


Olivia kept going.  “Liv, wait!” Alex repeated.


Their group of friends watched the scene from afar.  “This looks like it could get nasty.  Serena and Casey, I think you both need to go referee,” Elliot said.


“Let’s give them a couple minutes and then if no one’s back, we’ll go,” Casey said.


Olivia flung open the bathroom door and stood fuming in front of the mirror.  Her whole body trembled all over with rage.  She gripped the counter so hard that her knuckles turned white.


Alex grabbed her shoulder.  “Liv, please.”


Olivia yanked her shoulder away.  “Get your hands off me.”


Alex was on the brink of tears.  “Why are you acting this way toward me?  I didn’t do anything wrong.”


Olivia swung her head around to her.  “Gee, Alex, I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because you let Rebecca lick your motherfucking neck on the dance floor!”


“Liv, I’m sorry!  I swear I had no clue she was gonna do that!”


“Yeah, that’s what you’re gonna say when Abbie does that, too!  Although with Abbie, I’m sure you’re gonna let her lick somewhere else!”


“That’s so fucking unfair, Liv!  You know I’d never cheat on you—especially not with someone like her!”


“No, you’d rather just allow my exes to lick and touch you like they’re your girlfriend instead of me!”


“So if someone should grab and kiss me, you’d think it was my fault?” Alex asked painfully.


“I dunno, Al.  I might if you put yourself in that situation in the first place, which you did with Rebecca!  I told you I didn’t like that she was rubbing her hands all over you, and you continued to dance with her just to piss me off!”


Alex grabbed Olivia’s shoulders.  “Liv, please!  Let’s not argue.  Please.”


Olivia stared at her for a few seconds before deciding, “Fine, Alex.  Let’s just drop it.”  She inhaled and exhaled several times.  “Listen, I’m sorry.  I know I shouldn’t be spoiling your birthday.  But I just got so upset at Rebecca and I was wrong to take it out on you.”


“I know.  But I swear to you, if I’d known she’d try anything slick, I never would’ve gone back.”


“I just let my jealousy and anger get the best of me.  Come here,” she said softly, pulling Alex to her and giving her a kiss on the cheek.


Alex brushed away a tear.  “It just really hurts when you yell at me.  And it scares me to see you fly into rages.  You know that,” she murmured.


“I’m sorry,” Olivia repeated, gently rubbing her back.  “You know I’d never hurt you, though, right?”


“I know,” Alex said quietly, pulling back and folding her arms around herself.  “I’m not worried about you hurting me since we’re in a relationship.  But you were going to hurt Rebecca, an ex of yours.  If you can fight her, then it makes me nervous.  That means that if we ever had a nasty breakup and you got angry with me at some point in time, you wouldn’t hesitate to fight me, too.”


Olivia gave her a shocked look.  “Sweetie, I’ve told you time and time again that I’d never lay a hand on you, no matter what happens.  You’re different from everyone else.  You’re the only one I’ve ever been in love with.”


“What if you fall out of love with me?”


Olivia pulled her arms apart and picked up her hands.  “Baby, I don’t see that ever happening.  Honestly.  But if by some unexplainable occurrence in the atmosphere I do fall out of love, you have my word that I will never ever even think about harming one hair on your beautiful body.”


Alex nodded.  “Hold me.”


Casey and Serena giggled outside.  “Hey, let’s act like we think they’re fighting and just go in,” Casey whispered to Serena.


“Good idea.”


“All right girls, break it up!” Casey said, barging into the bathroom.


Groaning, the girls broke apart from each other.  “We’re fine,” Olivia said.


“I’m surprised they’re still dressed,” Serena said, nudging Casey with her elbow.


“Of course we’re still dressed.  Alex’s mom came in here and bitched us out earlier when she caught us kissing,” Olivia said.


“Shit!  When did this happen?” Serena wanted to know.


“About 45 minutes ago,” Alex said.  “So we have to lay low from now on.”


At that moment, Mandi came into the bathroom.  “Hey, Elliot and Kathy told us we could find you here,” she said to Alex.  “There are some people trying to crash your party.”


Alex’s heart started to pound in her chest.  “Who are they?”


“I don’t know yet,” Mandi said, trying to catch her breath.  “But I heard they were outside starting shit.”


Olivia put her arm protectively around Alex.  “Come on, sweetie.  Let’s go investigate.”


The group of them joined many others who had gathered outside.  The security guards were trying to convince people to go back inside.  “We have everything under control!” the head security guard shouted over the crowd.


“It sure as hell doesn’t look like it!” Alex yelled as she watched the catastrophe unfold in front of her.  She ducked just in time to miss a water balloon as it sailed over her head.


Covered in war paint, Dustin and Jeremy ran shrieking through the fountain in their underwear along with two other boys.  “Those stupid fucking assholes!” Olivia yelled.  She turned to Alex, whose lower lip was trembling.  “Sweetie, don’t cry.  I won’t let them ruin your party.”


“Liv, I can’t believe they’d do that!” Alex said, sobbing into Olivia’s shoulder.


Olivia smoothed a hand over her hair.  “Don’t worry.  I’ll make them pay,” she swore.


“Alex, everything will be under control,” Rabia told her, patting her on the back.  “Security’s already called the cops and detained the kids who were trying to sneak in through the back.  The cops’ll be here in two seconds, I promise.”


“How many people are there?” Alex asked, reluctantly lifting her head off Olivia’s shoulder.


“We don’t know yet, but we will get them all,” Rabia promised.


“Oh my god, one of them just pissed in my fucking fountain!” Alex cried in horror.  “Get them out now!” she yelled at the security guards.


“Oh, I am going to kill them!” Olivia muttered, shaking all over in rage that anyone would dare crash Alex’s birthday party.  She began to move forward when one of the guards grabbed her arm.


“Young lady, we are equipped to take care of this situation.  We don’t need any help.  Just stay back,” he warned.


“Well, you sure as hell aren’t doing anything!  Why haven’t you yanked those assholes out of the fountain?  Alex’s father paid you to do your job and it seems you’re too worried about getting wet!  If you can’t handle them, I will!” Olivia yelled, starting to go toward the fountain again.


This time, Madeline held her back.  “Olivia, please.  Let them do their jobs,” she begged.  Nonetheless, she was secretly pleased at Olivia’s steadfast determination to protect her daughter at all costs.  She turned to the security guard in front of her.  “Apprehend those boys now.”


“Yes, ma’am,” he said.


However, despite the demands of the guards to stop, the boys in the fountain continued throwing water balloons at the front of the Ritz-Carlton.  A couple hit Alex’s custom banner and a few more hit a few kids who had gathered outside to see what the ruckus was about. 


“You want some, too?” Adam taunted, holding a balloon up at one of the guards.


“Yeah!” Luke pitched in.


“Don’t do it!” the guard ordered, drawing his weapon.  “I’m warning you!”  But Adam ignored him, and he and his friends let the balloons they were holding go.


Two security guards fired plastic bullets at Dustin, Jeremy, Luke, and Adam.  The boys fell down, writhing in pain.


“I’m suing you!” Dustin threatened, holding his ribcage as the guards forced him and the others to get up.  They stumbled out the fountain and the guards marched them over to the side of the building.


“You’re lucky we only carry plastic bullets,” one of the guards growled.  “If the cops had shot you, you wouldn’t have been as lucky.”


Nancy suddenly ran up to Madeline and Alex.  She told them that two boys had broken into the horse trailer and were trying to escape with Thunder.


“I’m not waiting for the cops!” Olivia yelled, running off around the back.  She ignored various shouts for her to come back.


“Damn, Liv runs like a cop!” Fin said.


Elliot turned to Kathy.  “I’m not letting her go back there alone!” he said, running off after her.


“Elliot, wait!” Kathy shouted.  She, Alex, Casey, Serena, Fin, Monique, and Mandi rushed off behind him.  It wasn’t long before several more people decided to join them as well.




Alex’s father ran outside just as the police arrived.  Madeline went to her husband’s side.  “I want all of these young men taken into custody!” John told them, pointing to the boys the security guards had already detained.


“Yes, sir, Mr. Cabot,” Officer Deaton assured him.  He and the other officers read the boys their Miranda rights and then started loading them up in the back of the squad cars.




Olivia chased down the boys and tackled one of them to the ground.  She threw her arm across his neck and pinned her knee against his back.


“Ow, bitch!  You’re hurting me!” Jason yelled.


“So what?” Olivia said, adding more pressure against his neck.


“Get off him!” Brandon demanded, reaching out to grab her.  Olivia threw back her leg and her heel landed squarely in his crotch.  Brandon immediately dropped to the ground in pain, screaming and holding his crotch.  “You stupid fucking cunt!” 


Thunder began to run off but Alex grabbed his lead rope and stroked his mane to soothe him.  She turned back to Olivia.  “Sweetie, be careful!”


“Don’t worry, babe.  This scumbag doesn’t stand a chance.”


Elliot ran over and grabbed Brandon while Olivia returned her attention to Jason.  “Unless you want the same, I suggest you calm the fuck down,” she warned.


“You won’t get away with this!” Jason yelled.


“Me?  You’re one to talk!  Trying to crash Alex’s party!”


“Sticking up for your bitch of a girlfriend, huh?  That stuck-up bitch needs a good strong slap in the mouth to teach her a lesson!” Jason snarled.


Olivia slapped him in the back of the head.  “Shutup!”


He struggled against her and she grabbed a handful of hair and forced his face hard to the ground.  “Stop it.  You’re not going anywhere.”


“I’ll teach you, you fucking dyke!”


Olivia slammed his face against the ground again—harder this time.  Bright red blood started gushing onto the concrete.  “This is one dyke you’ll regret you ever met.”


“Shit, you broke my nose!  You’ll pay for this!  How do you think Alex’s rich parents are gonna respond when they find out she’s a big ole carpet muncher?  They won’t think you’re much of a hero then, will they?”


“Make another threat like that and I’ll do more than bust your nose!” Olivia growled, grinding her knee sharply into his spine.


“Ow!  Ow!  Help!  She’s killing me!” Jason screamed.


Elliot looked over at him.  “How does it feel to get your ass kicked by a girl?” he asked Jason while continuing to hold Brandon’s hands behind his back until the cops finally made their way there and cuffed him.  John and Madeline were right behind them.


The cops took Jason off Olivia’s hands and cuffed him as well.  “Nice work, young lady,” one of them said, nodding at Olivia.  “With skills like this, you’ll be a shoo-in for the Academy in a few years.”


“Thanks,” Olivia said, letting Elliot help her up.


“Very impressive, Olivia,” John said, patting her on the back.  “Maybe I should have hired you instead of the security guards.”


“Liv, see?  You’re totally meant to be a cop!” Alex said, smiling proudly and giving her a large kiss on the cheek.  “So can I have your autograph, super cop?” 


“Ditto!” Serena exclaimed.


Olivia smiled.  “Got a pen?”


“And she did it without even tearing the dress,” Elliot said with a grin.


“And in heels!” Casey said, equally impressed.


“And without her boobies falling out,” Alex added.


Olivia laughed.  “I told you you had nothing to worry about.”


“Now that’s some fucking talent,” Fin said.


“If I ever have problems with anyone, I’ll just sick Liv on ’em,” Mandi said.


“Girl, you said it!” Monique agreed.  “Sure as hell would save me the trouble.”


Olivia was beaming at all the compliments thrown her way.  “Thanks, guys.”


“Thank you,” Nancy said.  “If you ever want to stop by the stables, you can ride any horse you want—free of charge.”


Olivia smiled.  “I’d like that—but I think Alex here needs to give me a couple more lessons so I don’t make a fool of myself.”


Alex noticed that Olivia had scraped her elbow and forearm.  “Sweetie…you’re bleeding!” she said in alarm.


Olivia gave a lopsided grin.  “That’s nothing compared to Jason.”


“Boy, am I glad I’m not that young man!” John joked. 


“I agree,” Madeline said, smiling at her.


“I’m glad I’m not Brandon either.  A heel to the family jewels does not sound like my cup of tea,” Elliot joked.


Olivia smirked.  “I bet.”


“See, my parents now officially love you,” Alex whispered in her ear. 


Blushing, Olivia tried brushing the dirt and grime off the dress.  “Sorry, Alex,” she said, feeling ashamed.


“No, no.  It’s ok.  Don’t worry about the dress,” Alex assured her.


“No…you spent thousands on this dress for me and now it’s ruined.”


“It’s not ruined, silly!  There are just a couple streaks, that’s all.  And whatever dirt doesn’t come out, just consider it a fashion statement,” she said with a sheepish smile.  “Now let’s worry about going back inside and getting that scrape taken care of.”


In the bathroom, Alex opened a first aid kit and dabbed at Olivia’s cuts and bruises while Serena scrubbed the marks on the dress.  “All done!” Serena said, standing up.


Alex smiled.  “See?  I told you the dirt wasn’t a big deal.  You looked so sexy kicking their asses.”


Olivia grinned.  “It was a great adrenaline rush.”


“The pokies were awesome little crime fighters tonight,” Alex said.


Serena laughed.  “Of course her nipples did all the work.”


Alex gave a sly grin.  “Never underestimate the power of the pokies.”


Serena shook her head and turned to Olivia.  “I guess I’ll have to take her word for it, huh?”


Casey came in.  “What’s taking you guys so long?  Having a threesome or something?”


Serena laughed.  “Hardly.  And if Olivia tackles Alex like she tackled Jason, I think I’d pass.”


Olivia looked at Alex and winked.  “She’s always liked it a little rough.”


Alex scoffed.  “Hell, not that rough!”  She closed the first aid kit and said to Olivia, “Ok, kiddo.  You’re good to go.”


“And you’re the hottest nurse around,” Olivia said.


Casey smirked at Serena.  “Do I detect a little role playing that will be in order tonight?”


Serena laughed and opened the bathroom door.  “You never know with those two.”




Once the clock struck midnight, Alex’s father got on stage and took the microphone.  “Everyone, may I have your attention, please?”  The crowd settled down and faced the dais.  “I know the party is winding down but we have one more special gift for the guest of honor.”


Alex looked at Olivia.  “What’s he talking about?  Are you guys all in on this?”


Olivia shook her head.  “This is as much of a surprise for me as it is you.”


Her father continued, “Although after Olivia’s heroic performance tonight, perhaps I should give this final present to her instead.”


Everyone laughed and a few more people slapped Olivia on the back.  “I love you,” Alex whispered in her ear. 


Olivia grinned and responded, “Love you, too.”


“But getting back to business, I would like everyone to exit the front entrance so you can all share her surprise with her,” John finished.


Alex linked her arm through Olivia’s and they pushed their way to the front of the crowd.  “Stand back!” Olivia yelled, shoving people out of her way.


As soon as they arrived outside into the cool night air, fireworks went off.  When Alex saw a brand new silver Mercedes-Benz CLK550 Cabriolet parked on the pavement, she began screaming and jumping up and down.  A huge pink bow rested on the hood of the car.


She grabbed Olivia’s hand and pulled her down the red carpet as she rushed to the car.  “Liv, oh my god!  Look at it!”


Olivia stood there with her mouth open.  “Wow!” she finally said when her brain recovered.


“She fucking got another car?” Fin asked, turning to Monique.  “Damn, Alex’s old man must be rollin’ in some mad dough.  That’s a $60,000 car!”


“I’d give anything to be Alex Cabot right now,” Monique replied.


“Alex Cabot, have my babies please!” some guy yelled from the crowd behind them.  Olivia turned around and glared.


“That is the hottest car I’ve ever seen!” a girl shouted.


“This car was made for speed!” Alex exclaimed. 


Alex’s father came up beside her.  “Don’t even think about it.  I won’t allow you to be reckless just because you have a convertible.  We thought you could use a little something to drive around on the weekends and during the summer.  For a princess, you need something a little softer than a Range Rover.”


Olivia looked at Alex’s glowing face and all the excited people around her.  The flash of cameras came from almost every angle.  While she was glad that Alex was happy and had parents who loved her so much, she also couldn’t help feeling a sharp twinge of jealousy.  Two cars for her 16th birthday?  Even for Alex Cabot, this all seemed too over the top.  They have more money than they know what to do with, she thought.


Alex noticed that Olivia seemed to be lost in her thoughts.  “Is something wrong, Liv?”


Olivia shook her head quickly.  “No.  I was just thinking about some stuff.”


“Oh,” Alex said quietly. 


“Go on, Alex!  Get behind the wheel so I can get some good pics!” the photographer shouted.


Alex opened the door and jumped in.  “This feels so nice!” she exclaimed, leaning back appreciatively and gripping the steering wheel tightly.  “It’s keyless?  This is so cool!” Alex squealed.  “And I love the black interior, too.”


“Yep.  As long as you have your transponder, you can stop or start it by pressing a button,” John replied.  “Speaking of which, here it is.  Don’t lose it.”


Alex held the transponder excitedly in her hand.  “I won’t, Daddy!”  She patted the passenger seat.  “Come on, Liv!  Hop in!”


Elliot slapped Olivia on the back.  “Go ahead!  Man, you’re one lucky chick!”


Olivia laughed.  “Nah, I think Alex is the lucky one!”


“But you get to be the first one to ride in her car!” he replied.


Olivia jumped over the passenger side door to join Alex.  “Smooth, Liv!” Elliot joked.  “Real ladylike!”  Olivia smirked at him.


“Ready to ride, babe?” Alex asked her.


“Ready when you are,” Olivia replied, giving her an encouraging smile.


“I love you, princess,” John said, leaning over and kissing her on the cheek. 


“I love you, too, Daddy!” Alex replied, kissing him back.


“Be safe!” Madeline said. 


“We will, Mom!” 


“And you’d better not get one ticket in this car,” Madeline warned.


Alex gave her mom a look.  “I won’t.”  She turned to Olivia.  “Isn’t this exciting?”


Olivia smiled.  “Yeah.”


“Let’s drive around the block.  Go ahead, Liv.  Start the car!”


“Nah, it’s your car.  You should do the honors.”


Alex gave her a look.  “Come on.  Please?”


Olivia gave a soft laugh and replied, “Ok.”  She pressed the ‘start/stop’ button on the shift lever and the engine revved up.


“Listen to that engine!” Alex exclaimed.  She put the car in reverse and backed away from the curb.  Then she honked the horn twice and she and Olivia waved goodbye to the crowd as they pulled off in her new convertible.  Several pink and purple balloons were released into the air and there was cheering all around.


“This is seriously the perfect ending to a perfect party!” Alex yelled as the air whipped through her hair.  She suddenly remembered the boys who tried to crash the party and said, “Well, almost perfect.”


Olivia looked at her.  “Don’t think about those idiots.  This was the best night ever.  You’re really the luckiest girl in the world.”


As Alex stopped at the light, she put her hand on Olivia’s knee and responded, “Only because I have you.”  She noticed that Olivia was somewhat quiet and said, “Liv…you know I mean that.  No matter how many material things I have, none of them matter to me more than you.”


Olivia smirked.  “Not even your two cars?”


“Nope.  Even if my dad got me a private jet, it still wouldn’t amount to you.”


Laughing, Olivia said, “Careful.  That will be next on the list.”  She reached over and stroked her cheek.  “I don’t want you to think I’m unhappy for you.  I’m not.  It just takes me a little longer to get used to all the glam and glitz.”


Alex put her foot on the gas again and said, “What’s mine is yours.  And we love each other, so that’s all that matters.  Right?”


Olivia decided to push her insecurities about Alex’s wealth to the back burner.  Smiling, she brushed a curl back from Alex’s shoulder and affirmed, “Right.”