Chapter 47:  Screaming for More

Olivia dipped her head under Alex’s gown.  Grabbing her panties with her teeth, she proceeded to slowly drag them down her legs.  Alex squirmed as Olivia’s nose brushed her sensitive clit.


Once they were completely off, Olivia held the panties in one hand and deeply inhaled their sweet scent.  “Mmm,” she moaned, slowly licking her tongue up the center of the fabric.


Alex felt her wetness spreading.  “Hey, I thought I was gonna get the licks!” she joked.


“Oh, you will.  Just be patient.  Now it’s time for the dragon to come off,” she whispered sultrily, running her hand over the design on the gown.


“Come off or come out?” Alex teased.


“Both if you want,” Olivia replied.


Alex stood up and Olivia untied the corset back of her strapless gown.  Alex dropped the gown to the floor and kicked it a couple feet away from her.  Olivia licked her lips as she gazed at Alex’s nude form.  “So beautiful.”  She leaned in to envelop Alex’s mouth.


Alex kissed back slowly and deeply.  She ran her hands over Olivia’s back, letting her fingers rest on a strand of rhinestones.  Pulling back from her mouth, she pulled Olivia’s halter over her head.  Olivia’s full breasts sprung free and Alex immediately gripped them tightly in her hands.  Olivia pulled Alex to her again and consumed her mouth as she pulled her gown down over her hips and let it drop to the floor as well.


Alex dipped a hand in Olivia’s underwear and rubbed her sex.  “These have to come off now,” Alex whispered beside her mouth.


Olivia pulled her panties down with lightning speed and kicked them away from her so hard that they landed on top of Alex’s laptop.  She let out a laugh.  “Oh shit, baby!  Sorry!”


“Don’t worry about that,” Alex told her, throwing back the covers.  She pushed her down on the bed and straddled her waist.  “They’re nice decoration.”


Olivia chuckled and brought Alex’s mouth to hers again.  She nibbled on her lower lip as she reached up to tweak a nipple.  “I’ve wanted to make love to you all night,” she told her.


Alex ran her hands down Olivia’s arms.  “Great minds think alike.  You looked so fucking sexy in your dress I just wanted to rip it off and have my way with you in the ballroom.”


“Well, you can certainly have your way with me now,” Olivia responded. 


“Oh, I plan on it.”  She picked up Olivia’s diamond pendant and brushed it over her nipples.  Smiling, she whispered, “The pokies love diamonds.”


“Why, yes, they do.  But maybe I should take this off before we get started.  Don’t want it to suffer any damages.”


Alex laughed and unclasped her own necklace as Olivia took off hers.  “It’s gonna be that intense, huh?”


“It is your 16th birthday after all,” Olivia replied, removing her earrings as well.  She took Alex’s and put them on the nightstand beside their necklaces.


“So what are we gonna do first?” Alex asked.


“This,” Olivia said.  She ran her hands over Alex’s breasts as she explored her mouth with her tongue. 


“Mmm…”  Tilting her head and running her fingers through her hair, Alex chased Olivia’s tongue.  As she sucked it gently, she became more aroused by the second.   


A few minutes later, Olivia pulled back and said, “I have a few goodies to show you, but first let me give you what I promised.”  She flipped them over and made her way down Alex’s slender figure.  Massaging her center with her fingers, she lowered her mouth and delivered the first lick to her sex.


With each lick, Alex’s arousal spread.  Olivia reveled in the salty-sweet taste.  She gave eight slow, long licks to her outer folds before parting her lips and giving the remaining eight to her inner sex.  Then licking her lips, she said, “And now one to grow on.”  She dragged her tongue up her stiff clit and sucked it gently.  Alex moaned loudly.  She grunted in frustration when Olivia stopped sucking and got up off the bed.


Olivia gave her a lopsided grin.  “You didn’t think I was gonna let you come that quickly, did you?”


Alex pouted.  “Liv, why must you tease me on my birthday?”


“Oh, if you think that’s teasing, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” she promised.  She grabbed a duffle bag and set it on the bed beside Alex.


“What’s in there?” Alex inquired.


“Open it and see.”


Alex unzipped the bag and her jaw almost dropped to her knees.  “Well, I’ll be damned, Liv!  Did you bring the whole sex shop with you?” she asked incredulously. 


Olivia grinned.  “Go ahead.  Look through it.”


Alex began sifting through the bag of toys and treats.  There were dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, nipple clamps, a crop, several different flavored lubes, massage oils, candies, and games.  She picked up some chocolate body frosting and strawberry body crème.  “I’d like to taste these.”


“You can taste as much as you want tonight.  This should be good, too,” Olivia replied, pulling a container out.


“What’s that?” Alex asked.


“Lust dust.  It’s like edible body shimmer,” Olivia explained.  She unscrewed the top, dipped her fingers into it, and spread some on Alex’s stomach.


Alex smiled.  “Ooh, it’s pretty.”


Olivia bent down and licked it off.  “Tastes pretty, too!”


“What’s it taste like?”


“Well, this flavor is Strawberry Daiquiri.”  She traced a little on her own stomach and told her, “Try it.”


Alex licked the lust dust off her abs.  “Mmm!”  She picked out a few more things and put them on the bed.  “I think this will be enough to start us off.”


Olivia smiled.  “I’m glad to see your adventurous side come out tonight.”


Alex shrugged.  “Well, I’m a year older now.  New attitude.  I’m no longer afraid of your big bad toys.”


Olivia giggled.  “I can see that.  I must say I like this boldness.”  She picked up a feather teaser and dragged it across Alex’s nipples.


“Liv, that tickles!”


“It’s supposed to,” Olivia replied, brushing it over her center.


Alex spread her legs so the feathers met her clit.  But Olivia would only give her a little swipe before she brought the teaser down the inside of her thigh and continued down her leg.  When she reached her toes, she brushed it between each one and then opened the jar of chocolate body frosting.  She traced some on her nipples and told Alex, “Lick it off.”


“I think we need a little more,” Alex said, dipping a finger in and tracing more on her nipples.  Then she took one of Olivia’s nipples into her mouth and slowly sucked off the gooey chocolate.  “Mmm…I don’t know what tastes better,” she mumbled, moving to the next nipple.  “This chocolate or your nipples.”


Olivia could feel her own arousal spreading as Alex sucked, bit, and pulled her nipples.  “I’ll let you be the judge of that.”  When Alex was done, Olivia dipped her fingers into the chocolate again and brushed some on her toes.  Then she expertly sucked and licked the frosting off each of Alex’s slender toes.


Alex leaned back against the pillow and let out a long satisfied moan.  “Liv, you have no idea how that…mmm…oh, shit…”  Olivia looked into her eyes and sucked harder.  When Alex’s brain would function again, she finished her previous thought.  “…feels.”


Olivia turned Alex on her stomach.  She kissed her way down her spine and then opened the container of strawberry body crème.  She painted a line of chocolate frosting down her spine and topped it off with a line of strawberry crème.  She reached around to cup Alex’s breast and proceeded to lick the mixture off her back.


Alex moaned even louder.  “Oh, Liv…please…”


“Please what?” Olivia mumbled, sitting down on Alex’s ass.  She continued to lick up and down her back as she brushed her own center back and forth between her cheeks.


“Please…please….” Alex stammered.  For the life of her, she couldn’t remember what she had planned to ask Olivia to do.  She probably would’ve forgotten her own name if Olivia had asked it at that point.


“You know, Alex, if you want to be a lawyer one day, you’re gonna have to be more articulate than that.”


Alex could feel Olivia’s wetness spreading.  It dripped down and blended with her own.  Olivia let her hard nipples brush against her back as she continued to slide back and forth.  She lifted up Alex’s hair and kissed her at the nape of her neck.  Alex bit her lip and reached up to grip the headboard.  Olivia kissed down the arch in her back and twisted one of Alex’s nipples tightly.  Alex let out a slight yelp and begged, “Olivia…please, baby.  Let me come.”


“Ooh, someone’s impatient,” Olivia teased.  “Not yet, though.”  When her clit couldn’t take anymore, she got off Alex and flipped her over on her back again.  Then she swooped down to her feet and licked a line from her toes to her neck.  She licked across her collarbone and her breasts before moving down her body again and purposely licking around her mound but not on it.


“Gosh, Liv, you’re gonna kill me!” Alex yelled, desperate for Olivia to make contact with her center.


Olivia laughed.  “Well, the French do call the orgasm the ‘little death,’” she countered.


Alex spread her legs wide.  “Liv!”


Olivia leaned down and blew lightly against her exposed sex.  Alex squirmed and tried to push her sex against her lips but failed miserably.  Olivia blew her warm breath against it again and quickly moved back before Alex could force her to make contact.  She laughed again at Alex’s desperation.


Alex frowned.  “Just what about torturing me is funny?”


Olivia ran her fingertips up and down Alex’s thighs, sending shivers throughout her body.  “Oh, in just a few, you’ll forget about the torture.”


“How so?”


Olivia slid up beside Alex.  “Kneel over my face.”


Alex did as she was told.  Olivia lowered her slick center over her mouth and stuck her tongue out to catch a few drops of her wetness.  After bathing her entire sex, she thrust her tongue as deeply inside her as she could.  Alex’s eyes rolled back in her head as Olivia’s stiff, wet tongue pumped in and out of her.


“Oh, Liv!  Oh, fucking shit motherfuck, Liv!” Alex yelled, bouncing harder against her tongue.


Olivia slapped her ass a few times as she began flicking and twisting her tongue against her walls.  She pressed her thumb hard against her quivering clit and began to massage it in circular motions.  Alex was in pure ecstasy.  She grabbed the headboard for support as she continued to ride Olivia’s tongue.  “Yes!  Yes!  Fuck, Liv, harder!  Yes!”  Earlier she’d wanted to come, but now the sensations felt so good that she didn’t want them to end.


Olivia drove her tongue in faster and harder.  Alex was close to coming when Olivia suddenly removed her tongue and said, “Lay flat on your back, baby.”


“You want me to bend backwards?” she asked in confusion, disappointed that Olivia had once again broken contact with her sex.


“Yeah,” Olivia replied breathlessly.


Alex bent backwards.  She felt Olivia’s warm clit against the back of her neck.  Lifting her ass, Olivia thrust her tongue back inside Alex tenderly and quickly, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.  Olivia felt her own orgasm about to break as Alex’s neck kept stimulating her swollen clit each time she brought her hips forward to meet her tongue.  She tried to contain it as hard as she could as she continued to drive Alex’s sex fiercely onto her tongue. 


This was one rollercoaster ride Alex never wanted to get off.  “Oh, Liv, please don’t stop!”


When she knew Alex was at the breaking point, she flipped her back upright with such force that Alex saw stars.  Alex threw her palms against the wall to brace herself as her muscles clenched around Olivia’s tongue.  She let out a long scream as wave after wave of her orgasm overtook her.  Olivia moaned as Alex’s delicious nectar caressed her tongue and flowed down her throat.


After drawing the last of Alex’s shudders out by softly stroking her clit, Olivia licked her lips and slowly removed Alex from her face.  “Now that’s what I call direct deposit,” she said with a grin.


Alex let out a hearty laugh as she sat on Olivia’s taut abs.  “You’re something else, Liv.”  After she’d caught her breath, she spread Olivia’s legs apart and swiped her tongue against her sex.  She shoved three fingers inside and thrust deeply before taking her clit into her mouth and sucking it as hard as she could.  Olivia’s orgasm tore through her like a whirlwind and she wrapped her legs around Alex’s back and clung to her for dear life.  When her muscles finally released her fingers, Alex licked every drop of her juices from them and then licked her sex clean until Olivia stopped trembling beneath her.


“Please, baby,” Olivia begged.  “Can’t…take…anymore.  Brain on fire.”


Alex grinned.  “Now who’s begging?”  She lay beside Olivia, whose chest was still heaving and slicked with sweat.  “Wow.”


“Wow, indeed,” Olivia agreed.  She leaned up on one elbow and continued, “Wanna try a vibe now?”


Alex laughed.  “Baby, you’re like the Energizer bunny!”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “Oh, yeah.  And I plan on going and going and going all night long.”


“Good to know,” Alex replied.  She looked through the toys she’d earlier placed on the bed.  “What sizes are these?” she asked, pointing to the dildos and vibrators.


Olivia sat up to examine them.  “Uh…well this one is 7.5 inches long.  This one over here is 8, and the one right beside it is 8.5.  Actually, none of them are over 8.5.  The smallest is 7.”


Alex nodded.  “I see.”  Deciding to go all the way, she pointed to an 8.5” purple jelly vibrator.  “How about this one, Liv?”


Olivia raised an eyebrow.  “Daring, aren’t we?” 


Alex giggled.  “A little.”


“Feel how soft that is,” Olivia instructed, holding out the jelly vibe to her.


Alex gripped it with one hand and bent it back and forth.  “That’s nice.  It’s so flexible, too!”


Olivia took the vibe back and slid it into her mouth to wet it.  As she licked along the soft ridges, she told Alex, “Pick out a lube.”


Just seeing Olivia’s tongue tease the vibrator like that made Alex’s wetness start spreading all over again.  She didn’t think she’d need the lube, but since she’d never tried anything that large before, she decided to go ahead with it.  After looking through the different flavors, she picked a cherry flavored one.


Olivia smiled at her.  “Cherry.  How appropriate.”  Before opening the bottle of lube, she traced the vibe against Alex’s nipples, watching them harden in anticipation.  She then ran it between her breasts and down her stomach.  Alex’s eyes excitedly followed it.  Continuing to rub it over her breasts and stomach, Olivia licked her sex.  Looking back up at her, she asked, “You ready?”


Alex nodded.  “Yeah, sweetie.”


Olivia noticed slight apprehension in Alex’s eyes.  “It’s ok to be a little nervous, sweetie.  But I won’t let anything happen to you, ok?”




Olivia flipped open the cap of the bottle and poured some lube onto her fingers.  She rubbed it over the vibe and slowly inserted it inside Alex.  She pushed a couple inches in first just so she could get a feel for it.  “Baby, you’re so fucking tight,” she commented.


Alex felt herself opening wider as Olivia began thrusting lightly.  “You like that, don’t you?”


“Always have,” Olivia responded.  She pushed the vibrator in a couple more inches before turning it on.  She automatically knew the exact rhythm that would sync with Alex’s body and give her the most pleasure.  She alternated between the second and third speeds, delighted with seeing the changes in expression on Alex’s face.  Knowing that Alex was so turned on made her even more aroused.  She began rubbing her own center with her other hand as she gently pushed the vibe back and forth.


“Mmm…” Alex moaned, closing her eyes as the soft ridges slid past her walls.  She listened to the gentle hum of the vibrator.  “It’s so quiet.”


“Yep,” Olivia replied.  Continuing to pump the vibe inside her, she moved up her body and took a stiff nipple into her mouth, sucking hard. 


Alex squirmed against the sheets as the vibe sent pulses of pleasure coursing throughout her body.  She reached behind her and gripped a pillow tightly as Olivia slid another inch inside.  “Fuck, Liv…”


“Am I hurting you, baby?” Olivia asked, looking up.


Alex shook her head quickly.  “No…it’s just that I feel a little pressure.”


“Ok,” Olivia replied, running her thumb over Alex’s clit.  She replaced her thumb with her tongue and then slid yet another inch of the vibe in.


Alex let out a gasp and arched her back.  “Ooh…”


“You want me to stop here or you think you can take it all?” Olivia asked.


“Go ahead.  I picked the 8.5” for a reason, sweetie,” Alex replied with a smile.


Olivia smiled back and almost pulled the whole thing out of her except for an inch.  She gripped it tightly to keep the slippery vibe from pulsating out of her hand.  Then she pumped it back and forth a few times, each time increasing the depth of her thrusts and twisting it inside her.  The soft gel squished against Alex’s muscles as it pushed forth.  Soon she had the last couple inches inside Alex.  “Does that feel good?”


Alex nodded.  The sensations deep inside her were building up quite an orgasm.  Looking into Alex’s eyes, Olivia removed the vibe and licked and sucked her sweet juices from it.  Alex licked her lips as she watched Olivia’s expert lips work.  She almost came when Olivia kneeled over her center, leaned back at an angle, and slowly inserted the vibe into herself.  She pushed it in deeper and harder until the entire length was finally inside.  Alex squeezed Olivia’s clit as the vibe disappeared and reappeared at random.


As Olivia continued to pump the vibe in and out of herself, Alex leaned forward and sucked her nipples until they were at maximum erection.  Then she grabbed the nipple clamps and attached them.  Olivia closed her eyes and let out a sharp gasp of pain mixed with pleasure as the tight clamps held her nipples captive.


“Do they hurt, Liv?” Alex asked.


Olivia opened her eyes and looked down at Alex.  “They hurt so good.”


Alex pushed Olivia’s hand off the vibe and took over the thrusting.  She leaned in and licked her nipples around the clamps.  Olivia grabbed a handful of Alex’s hair and ordered, “Harder.  Fuck me harder.”


Alex picked up her rhythm and turned up the speed.  Olivia threw her head back and let out a low guttural moan.  She rocked her hips back and forth on the vibe while Alex opened and closed the clamps on her nipples.  Olivia screamed out in pain, reveling in the sensations of the blood rushing back to her nipples each time Alex released the clamps.  Alex finally removed the clamps for good and sucked the tender, sensitive buds of flesh into her mouth.   


“Ooh, careful, baby,” Olivia instructed, hissing slightly.


Alex kissed the nipples and said, “I promise I’ll be gentle.”  With a sly smile, she picked up the crop and slapped Olivia hard on the ass with it.  A bright red mark appeared in the shape of the crop head.  Alex rubbed the spot tenderly before giving her another hard smack.


“What happened to gentle?” Olivia asked.


“That was for your nipples,” Alex answered.  She pushed Olivia back on the bed and positioned her center against hers so that their clits were touching.  When Alex slid her hips back and forth, the ridges of the vibe brushed against her ass.  As she drove her clit into Olivia’s, she continued thrusting the vibe inside her until they both were shuddering violently and screaming expletives.


Alex fell forward onto Olivia and lay there until she’d recovered enough energy to slowly remove the vibrator.  She and Olivia licked the juices from it and then Alex threw it back on the bed.  “That was fun,” she said breathlessly, rolling off her.


“Oh definitely,” Olivia replied.  “You’re a natural.”


Alex laughed.  “Well, you’ve taught me so much.  This time last year I hadn’t even lost my virginity yet.”


Olivia smiled.  “Your mom would kill me if she knew all the stuff we were doing tonight.”


“Ha!  So would yours!”  She walked her fingers up and down Olivia’s stomach.  “Are your nipples still sore?”


Olivia nodded.  “A little.  But they’re still not ready to turn in for the night.”


Alex shook her head.  “I have a feeling we’re going to be sleeping a good part of the day tomorrow.”


“But certainly not now,” Olivia said.  She sat up on the bed.  “I just got a great idea.”


Alex looked at her with a curious smile.  “What’s that?”


“You’ll see.”  Olivia picked up a pair of handcuffs off the bed and dangled them over Alex’s face.  With a wicked grin, she grabbed Alex’s wrists and raised them above her head.


Alex felt the cool steel lock against her wrists.  “Officer Benson, what did I do wrong?”


Olivia looked at her and gave the cuffs a sharp tug against the bedpost.  Alex arched her back and tried to rub her sex up against Olivia, but she wouldn’t let her.  “That’s Detective Benson to you.”


Alex grinned.  “What am I under arrest for, Detective?”


“For being a very, very naughty birthday girl,” Olivia responded, moving down her body.  “Now I have to do a cavity search to see if you are hiding any contraband.”  She licked up and down the length of her slit before parting her lips and pushing her tongue inside.


“Detective Benson, since when do they allow you to do cavity searches with your tongue?”


That warranted a hard smack with the crop on her thigh.  A bright red welt appeared on her smooth, creamy skin.  “You aren’t allowed to question the detective.”


“I’m going to have a word with your commanding officer and then I’m filing a complaint for police brutality!”


“Is that a threat, Miss Cabot?” Olivia asked.


Alex smiled, a defiant twinkle in her eye.  “It’s a promise.”


Olivia slapped the crop against her sex and Alex screamed.  “Stop resisting,” she ordered.  Nonetheless, she placed a few tender kisses where the leather head had hit and then rubbed her center gently.  “Now are you going to cooperate for the detective?” she asked, dragging the crop between her ass cheeks.


“No,” Alex answered.


Olivia slapped her on the knee with the crop.  “What was that?”


“I meant to say yes!”


“You are to remain quiet while I perform this search or someone will have a very sore pussy tonight,” Olivia informed her, raising the crop as a warning.  When she was sure Alex was going to obey, she plunged her tongue deep inside her.  Before Alex could get lost in its smooth, talented motions, Olivia pulled it out of her and moved back.  Groaning loudly, Alex lifted her hips and tried to force her sex on her face again but she moved out of her reach.  “You want some more?” Olivia asked.


Alex nodded desperately.  Olivia continued, “Then you will do whatever I say without protest.”


“What would you like for me to do, Liv?” Alex asked.  Olivia turned her over on her side and slapped her hard on the ass with the crop.  “Uh, I mean Detective Benson!” she corrected herself.


“Much better,” Olivia replied, turning her on her back again.  She dragged the crop between her breasts.  “I want you to tell me why you’ve been so naughty.”


Alex lifted her foot and ran it over one of Olivia’s breasts.  “Because I felt like it.”


Olivia slapped her foot with the crop and Alex yelped.  “That’s not the right answer.”


“Ok!  I just wanted to have a little fun, but I’m sorry for being naughty,” Alex amended.


Olivia kissed her foot tenderly and brought the crop up her leg.  She traced circles on Alex’s inner thigh and then dipped the crop between her moist folds to capture some of her arousal.  Staring into Alex’s eyes, she sucked her wetness off the leather.


Whimpering, Alex struggled against the bedpost.  She longed for Olivia’s tongue to caress her again.  “Detective, you never finished performing your search.”


“I don’t need you to tell me how to do my job,” Olivia replied, a hint of hardness in her voice.  She dipped a finger in the strawberry body crème and traced some on her nipples. 


Alex licked her lips.  She could feel her wetness dripping onto the sheets below her.  Olivia leaned over her and dangled a breast over her face.  Alex leaned up to take the nipple into her mouth just as Olivia moved back.  Alex slammed the heel of her foot against the bed in frustration.  “Come on!”


“Nuh uh,” Olivia teased.  “What have I told you about being naughty?”


Alex groaned and once again yanked her wrists against the bedpost.  She felt the leather head of the crop smack her thigh again a couple times.  “Ow, Liv!”


“Excuse me?” Olivia asked, raising the crop again.


“Detective Benson!” Alex yelled quickly.


Olivia dropped her arm.  “Keep this up and I’ll have to give you a full spanking.”  She watched Alex stare lustfully at her nipple.  “Oh, you’d like this, wouldn’t you?”


Alex nodded.  Olivia dipped her finger in the container again and sensually sucked the crème off it.  “Now tell me what you’ve done to deserve this.”


“It’s my birthday,” Alex whined.


Olivia laughed at Alex’s pout.  “And it looks like you’ll be spending the rest of it in handcuffs.”


“My wrists are hurting!” Alex complained.


Olivia kneeled beside her and ran the crop up and down her stomach.  She turned Alex’s face toward her and traced a finger down her jawline.  “You’d like to be free, wouldn’t you?”




Olivia gave her a wicked grin.  “Too bad!”  She moved away from her on the bed.  “I want you to close your eyes.”




“My, are you hard-headed, Alexandra Cabot.  Didn’t I tell you not to question the detective?”  She turned her over on her side and slapped her ass several times with the crop, alternating from one cheek to the other. 


Alex screamed in pain with each blow and fought back tears.  Her ass was on fire and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.  But to her surprise, there was something so erotic about the spanking that it caused her wetness to increase and spread down her thighs.


“Now look what you made the nice detective do.”  Olivia lowered her mouth to her ass and lovingly kissed the welts multiple times.  The feel of Olivia’s lips against her skin made Alex even more aroused.  Olivia flipped her back over and straddled her waist.  “Now are you gonna do what I tell you?”


Alex nodded and closed her eyes.  “Yes, Detective Benson.”


“Good,” Olivia said, getting off her waist.  “Open your mouth.”


Alex complied and Olivia leaned over and inserted a nipple into her mouth.  Alex greedily sucked the crème off it, thankful that Olivia was at least giving her a little bit of reprieve from the punishment.  When she’d finished, Olivia let her suck the other nipple.  Alex sucked even harder when she felt Olivia’s center dripping onto her stomach.


Olivia let out a deep moan.  “Yes, that’s right, please the detective.”  Before she knew it, she had dipped two fingers inside herself and was pumping them in and out as Alex continued to lick and suck to her heart’s content.  Feeling that she was close to orgasm, she moved back.  “Ok, that’s enough for now.  But it’s nice to see that you’re being good for a change.”


Alex whimpered at the loss of contact but did not dare open her eyes again.  Olivia got up to get a piece of ice and then returned to the bed.  As soon as she touched the ice to a nipple, Alex’s eyes flew open. 


Olivia instantly picked up the crop again.  “Did I give you permission to open your eyes?”


Alex shook her head.  “Not really, but ice kinda has that effect.”


“Smartass, huh?”  She traced the crop around her erect nipple before giving it a firm smack. 


Alex cried out again as the stinging pain shot through her.  “Shit, that hurts!”


Olivia massaged the nipple and placed a kiss on it.  “Does this hurt?”


Alex shook her head.  “That feels good.”  Olivia picked up the piece of ice and rubbed it against her nipple to soothe the burn from the leather.  “Mmm…that feels even better.”


Feeling guilty, Olivia moved the ice to the welts on her ass and thighs.  “You know I love you, right?”




“This is all in fun,” Olivia continued.  She ate what was left of the ice and then ran her cold tongue between her warm folds.  “Mmm…you taste so good for such a naughty girl.”


Alex moaned and bit her lip.  “Detective Benson, do you treat all your perps this well?”


Olivia looked up and smiled.  “You’re a personal favorite.”  She licked her opening, which was begging for the return of her tongue.  “Now I need to finish my cavity search.”


“Yes ma’am, Detective.”


Olivia threw Alex’s legs over her shoulders and slowly slid her tongue inside her.  Alex had forgotten all about the pain in her wrists and the welts on her body as Olivia’s tongue deeply explored her soft tunnel.  Olivia reached up to caress a breast.  Alex closed her eyes and moaned, “Ooh, yes.”


But Olivia wasn’t ready for her to come yet.  She once again removed her tongue, much to the disappointment of Alex.  “Please, Detective Benson.  Don’t stop.”


Olivia smiled.  “You’re lucky your cavity search came up clean.”  She picked up a clear glass dildo.  Alex eyed it intently.  Olivia ran it across Alex’s thighs and then traced her belly button with the curved end.  Alex’s breath caught in her chest.  “Now that you’ve withstood the pain like a champion, are you ready for a little pleasure?”


Alex nodded.  “Yes, please.”


Olivia gave her a quick kiss on the lips.  “See what using manners gets you?”  She kissed a line down her body until she reached her center.  Then she carefully slid the dildo inside Alex and started up a gentle thrusting rhythm. 


“Ohhh…” Alex moaned.  The glass felt cool at first, but it quickly warmed up deep inside her hot walls.  She almost lost it at the sensation of the glass slipping and sliding around inside her.  Olivia straddled her thigh and started grinding her sex into it as she continued thrusting.  She started spinning the glass, which made Alex moan and gasp louder.


“How does that feel?” she asked Alex.


“Good.  Too good,” Alex answered, barely able to get the words out.


Olivia leaned down to suck her nipples.  Then she pressed her thumb against her clit and vigorously moved it up and down as she stimulated her swollen G spot with the curved end of the dildo.  Alex felt as if her whole body was on fire.  Knowing that Alex was close to coming, Olivia started grinding her sex harder and faster onto her thigh.  Pretty soon, Alex had had all she could take.  Her thighs began trembling fervently and her breathing quickened.  She let out a scream as her whole body tensed up and then exploded with pleasure.    


“Oh, dear god!” Alex yelled as the orgasms kept coming.


Alex’s trembling underneath her drove Olivia over the edge.  “Fuck!  Sweet fucking shit!” she screamed as she came hard on her thigh.


When their orgasms had finally abated, Olivia pulled out the dildo, which was covered in Alex’s juices.  She licked up every bit and then pushed her tongue inside her mouth for a deep, passionate kiss.  Their tongues danced together for a few minutes before Olivia broke the kiss to catch her breath.


“Thank you, baby,” Alex said.


Olivia grinned.  “Thank you.”  She unlocked the handcuffs and placed several kisses on the red, sore wrists.  She brushed back a few strands of Alex’s hair that had become matted to her face.  “Oh god, that was intense,” she said, falling on her back.


“You’re telling me!” Alex said.  She cuddled up in Olivia’s arms and laid her head on her shoulder.  “This was certainly the best birthday present ever.”


Olivia smiled down at her and kissed her softly on the forehead.  “I told you I’d make your birthday the most special day of your life.”