Chapter 48:  Cocoon

When Alex woke up the next morning, it was already 10:30.  She yawned loudly and looked beside her.  Olivia was still fast asleep with an arm wrapped tightly around her waist.  She smiled and lightly brushed a hand over her hair.  Not wanting to wake her, she carefully pried Olivia’s arm away and slipped out of bed to shower.


About 15 minutes later, Alex came out of the bathroom wrapped in a white terrycloth bathrobe.  Olivia was now wide awake.  “Good morning, sleepyhead,” Alex teased.


Olivia pouted.  “Why didn’t you wait for me?”


Alex smiled and climbed back in bed beside her.  “Because we never would’ve made it out of the shower.”


“What’s wrong with that?” Olivia asked, pulling Alex in for a kiss.


Alex giggled against her mouth.  “Nothing if we want to starve.”  She gave her another quick kiss on the lips, followed by one on the nose, and then pulled back.  “Gosh, Liv, I’m so sore from last night!”


Olivia grinned.  “Then let me get down there and kiss it…”


“No!  That’s how it got sore in the first place!”


Olivia laughed.  “Well, I think it took a little more than kissing if I remember correctly…”  She grabbed the sash to Alex’s bathrobe and pulled it open.


Alex swatted her hands away.  “You go take a quick shower.  I’m gonna call room service and order us breakfast.”


“Ok,” Olivia said, stealing another kiss from Alex and then running off to the bathroom. 


Several minutes later there was a knock at the door.  “Room service, Miss Cabot,” the waiter called.  Alex opened the door and the waiter wheeled in his cart.      


He removed the large silver domes to reveal scrambled eggs with chives, pancakes with strawberries and blueberries, applewood bacon, smoked salmon, fresh ruby red grapefruit with brown sugar, and breakfast potatoes.  He began setting up the breakfast on the table.  As he poured their beverages, he asked Alex, “Are there enough marshmallows in your hot chocolate?”


“Yes, thank you,” Alex replied.  She took a sip of her orange juice and rubbed her hands together excitedly.  “Now this is what I call breakfast.” 


Olivia came out of the bathroom in a fluffy bathrobe identical to Alex’s.  The aromas of the food immediately caught her nose.  “Wow!  All this is ours?”


“Yes, ma’am,” the waiter answered.  “Is there anything else you would like?”


Olivia shook her head.  “No.  This is plenty.”


The waiter bowed to them.  “Enjoy your breakfast, ladies.”


Alex tipped the waiter and he took his leave.  Closing the door, she squealed and said, “Oh, my taste buds are already powered up for this!”


“I can tell,” Olivia said with a teasing grin.


Alex sat down at the table and Olivia took a seat across from her.  Alex unfolded her napkin and placed it in her lap.  “I wish we had food like this at school.”


“Me too.  You know…I’ve never spent the night in a fancy hotel like this before.  You make me feel all special,” Olivia said with a sheepish smile.


Alex reached across the table and brushed her cheek.  “You are special.”


Olivia blushed and poured some syrup on her pancakes.  “Sometimes you leave me speechless, Alex.”


Alex just smiled at her.  She poured her cheese sauce on her eggs and took a bite.  “This is beyond orgasmic.”


Olivia smirked.  “Alexandra, do not refer to your food in that manner!” she mimicked in Madeline’s voice.


Alex almost choked on her eggs laughing.  “I remember that!  We were at the charity gala!”


“Yep.  And I have to say that this is a much more interesting and pleasant setting than that was.”


“And we can do whatever we want here.  No parents—”


“No friends.  Just the two of us,” Olivia finished for her, lifting her glass.


Alex toasted her and said, “To our freedom, our love, and the best weekend of our lives.”


Olivia put some potatoes and salmon onto a plate.  “I’ve never had salmon for breakfast.”


Alex smiled and scooped a spoon into her grapefruit.  “Go ahead.  Help yourself to all you want.”


After they’d both had a little of everything, they leaned back in their seats and held their hands over their stomachs.  “Ugh.  I’m so full!” Olivia exclaimed.


Alex picked up the menu and looked over it.  “How about the ginger-teriyaki glazed sea bass with some lobster bisque for dinner?  Ooh, the lobster bisque comes in a bread bowl.”


Olivia laughed.  “You’re already thinking about dinner?  Our breakfast hasn’t even had time to digest!”


Alex shrugged.  “What can I say?  I like to plan ahead.”


“Ok, little planner.  So what’s on the agenda for today?”


“Well, we could lounge around here and watch movies.  Maybe we can take a break and go for a drive or something.  But we need to study at some point cuz you know we have that quiz with Olivet tomorrow.”


Olivia slapped her hand to her forehead.  “Shit!  I forgot all about that!  Dammit, she would fucking give a quiz on Monday and ruin our fun.”


Alex laughed.  “Don’t worry, babe, I’ve got it covered.  I brought my stuff for her class, so we can study together.”


“Is that the only homework we have?”


“Lucky for us, yeah.”


“Ok.  I can deal with that then.”


“I’m gonna bring my new MacBook with me to school tomorrow.  That way, I can type up all my notes instead of having to write them down.”


“Aren’t you worried about it getting stolen?”


Alex shook her head.  “Nah.  I’ll keep it with me all day.  Besides, when I’m away from you and I get bored, I can just watch one of our videos.”


Olivia smiled widely.  “I think they’ll be a little distracting.”


“You’re a good distraction.”


“Just make sure you don’t get that laptop confiscated.”


“Maybe I should password protect it just in case prying eyes want to be nosy.”


“That would actually be a smart idea,” Olivia replied.  “Could you imagine if someone you hated somehow got possession of your laptop and sent our videos out to everyone at school?”


Alex shuddered.  “I don’t even wanna think about it.”


Olivia stood up and took a seat on the sofa.  “Come cuddle with me.”


“Gladly,” Alex replied, going over and sitting in her lap.  “You smell good.”


“You can thank Frédéric Fekkai for that.  Sure beats other hotel bath stuff.”


“Toiletries, you mean?”


“I know what they’re called!  I just felt lame saying ‘toiletries,’” Olivia replied, tickling Alex under her robe.


Alex giggled.  “Stop!”


Olivia tilted her head up to give her a kiss.  “I love these new highlights.  They make your hair sparkle even more when the sun catches it.”


Alex beamed.  “Really?”


“Yes, really.”


“Speaking of sun, we need to go ahead and get together with the gang so we can make exact plans for Spring Break,” Alex said.


“Mmm…I can’t wait to see you in your bikini on the beach,” Olivia said, kissing Alex’s neck.  “All sandy…”  She stopped to place another kiss on her neck.  “…and wet.”


“I have more to fill out the top now than when you first saw me in a bikini,” Alex replied, grinning proudly.  “Hey, let’s go shopping for new bikinis today!”


Olivia couldn’t help but smile at Alex’s excitement.  “Sounds great, babe.”


“But first let’s take a nap.  I’m still a little worn out from last night.”


“You should be.”


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Proud, huh?”


“I love it when I make hot girls scream,” Olivia teased.


“You were screaming pretty loud yourself!”


“It’s good exercise for my lungs.”


Alex got off her lap and stretched.  “I need to call and have room service come get the cart.”


When Alex returned, Olivia leaned back on the sofa and sighed happily.  “This is the perfect way to spend a Sunday.”


Alex wrapped her arms around Olivia’s neck and said, “I wish we’d never have to leave this place.”


“Tell me about it.  I’m not looking forward to going back to school…or my mom’s.”


Alex brushed a tendril of Olivia’s hair back from her face and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  “You don’t have to go back there.”


Olivia rubbed Alex’s back.  “I know.  But I feel like I should stop by to check in on her and make sure she’s not passed out on the floor.”


“Well…I could come back with you if you’d like.”


Olivia patted Alex’s hand.  “That’s really sweet of you to offer but I don’t know what type of state or mood my mom will be in.  But I promise I’ll call you after I get unpacked and settled in.  And if things are…let’s just say, unfavorable, I’ll spend the night with you.  Deal?”




Olivia stood up and carried Alex to the bed.  Alex untied Olivia’s robe and then pulled off her own.  “How long should we nap?”


“A couple hours should do it,” Olivia said, cuddling up to her.  “That should be long enough to replenish my energy for our big shopping expedition.”


Alex laughed and poked Olivia in the stomach.  “Come on!  We’re only gonna go in a couple stores at the most.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Please.  You always say that and we always end up in no less than 8.”


“I’m totally serious this time!” Alex insisted, pressing her forehead against Olivia’s.


Olivia pulled the covers up over them and wrapped her arms around Alex.  “It feels like we’re inside our own little cocoon.”


“It does, doesn’t it?” Alex agreed.  “I feel all warm and safe in your arms.”


Olivia gave her a tender kiss.  “I’ve never felt warm or safe with anyone but you.”


“Aww,” Alex said, giving her another kiss.


Olivia ran her hands over Alex’s bare shoulders and stared into her ocean blue eyes.  “Your skin is so soft.”


Alex could feel the love emanating from her hands.  “Your hands are so soft…and smooth….and they’re strong.  Just like your muscles.”


Olivia grinned.  “Well, you know my strongest muscle is my heart.  And it’s well-equipped to carry you around forever without ever tiring.”


Alex felt her heart skip a beat.  “Oh, Liv…you always say these things that make me want to just melt in a big puddle of gooey love.”


Olivia rubbed her nose against Alex’s.  “I can’t help but feel that way when I’m around you.  Whenever I see you, I get tingly all over.  And then you’ll smile at me or say something sweet that will make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world.”


“You are,” Alex replied.


“When I first fell in love with you, I was scared shitless.  You know…being so open and vulnerable with someone, my emotions are just so raw with you and I wasn’t used to that.  And there are still times when I feel that way—especially when I think about the worst possible reactions my mom and your dad might have about us.  But I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.”


“Neither would I.  You know…you are so beautiful the way you are…but when you lay your emotions out in front of me, you’re absolutely radiant.  And being with you makes me feel like I can do anything.  I know my parents threw me this big party and Daddy calls me his princess, but no one really makes me feel like a princess but you.”


Olivia beamed and placed her hand over Alex’s heart.  “You’ll always be my princess.  You’re proof that fairy tales do come true.”


“I love you,” Alex said simply, placing her hand over Olivia’s heart and capturing her lips.