Chapter 54:  Surf's Up

Alex stood back and admired Olivia in her green camouflage bikini.  The firm, bouncy chest, the chiseled stomach, the strong, muscular thighs, the tight, rounded ass…she licked her lips.  Could I have a hotter girlfriend? she wondered. “Forget about riding the waves, how about I just ride you?”


Laughing, Olivia finished tying her bikini top at the back of her neck.  “Like what ya see?”


Alex nodded.  “Hell yeah!”  She let the fingers of one hand dance across Olivia’s chest, making her nipples immediately perk.  Then she leaned down and ran her tongue between her cleavage.


A small shudder coursed through Olivia’s body.  “If you keep that up, I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to leave this hotel room.”


Alex grinned.  “Oh, what torture!” she said sarcastically.  She bent down and licked Olivia’s cleavage again, eliciting the same response.


Casey and Serena walked into their hotel room at that moment and stopped dead in their tracks.  “Well, this is awkward,” Serena said.


“I think we just walked in on something rated NC-17,” Casey mused.


Serena folded her arms and grinned.  “I have to agree with ya there.”


“So I take it you two got everything worked out from last night?” Casey asked hopefully.


Alex stood up straight again.  Looking at Olivia and smiling, she brushed her fingers through her hair.  “Yep.”


“Good.  Hey, I like those boy shorts, Liv,” Serena said.


“Thanks,” Olivia replied.


“I thought it was hard to surf in a bikini,” Serena continued.  “You guys aren’t afraid that the waves will pull them off?”


“These are special surfing ones,” Alex answered.  She had an identical bikini to Olivia’s, only her camouflage was blue, light pink, and magenta.  “The boy shorts and tops are designed to handle aggressive waves.”


Casey looked at Serena.  “Alex and Liv just don’t want wetsuits cramping their surf style.”


Serena replied, “And if their tops do come off, I’m getting everything on camera.”


Olivia pulled her shirt and cargo shorts over her bikini.  Smirking, Casey said, “Well, there goes Alex’s peep show.”


Alex turned to her and quipped, “Oh, I’ll get another very soon, I’m sure.”


“Do we have everything, babe?” Olivia asked, looking around the room.


“Yeah.  Now let’s get down to the beach!” Alex said, running out the door.


Olivia shook her head and laughed.  “Someone’s excited!”


When the four of them arrived at the beach, it was still early enough in the morning that it wasn’t packed.  The powder-soft white sand sparkled in the sunlight.  They found a nice clear spot and spread out their beach towels and equipment.


“Liv, the umbrella’s crooked!” Alex whined.


Olivia tickled her stomach and then peeled off her shirt and shorts.  “Don’t worry, kiddo.  You’ll be in the water so you won’t have time to notice.”


“I think the slant is kinda cute,” Casey said, lying down on one of the lounge chairs under their umbrella.  “Ooh, this is perfect.  I won’t fry to death under the hot sun.”


“Speaking of which, we need to put sunscreen on each other,” Alex told Olivia.  She grabbed a bottle and got to work.


Serena stretched out on her towel.  “Will Her Highness come down off her throne long enough to put some sunscreen on me?” she asked, grinning up at Casey.


Casey smiled at her and got up.  She picked up the other bottle of sunscreen and started slowly and sensually working it into her girlfriend’s back.  “Anything for you, baby.”


Olivia smiled down at them while rubbing sunscreen on Alex.  “Well, while you two are giving each other massages, Alex and I are gonna go get our boards and hit the surf.”


Serena looked back over her shoulder as Casey untied the back of her bikini so she could provide full coverage with the sunscreen.  “Ok.  When Casey’s done with me, I’ll be sure to watch Alex fall flat on her ass in the ocean!”


“Ha ha,” Alex stated dryly, picking up a towel and slapping Serena’s ass with it.  “You won’t be saying that when I dominate the waves!”


Serena and Casey both burst into laughter.  “Liv, maybe.  You?  No!” Serena replied.


“Oh, ye of little faith,” Alex retorted dryly.  “At least Liv believes in me.”


Olivia burst out laughing herself.  Alex turned to her and frowned.  “Hey, you’re supposed to be on my side!”


Olivia shook her head.  “I’m sorry, babe.  I do have faith in you.  It’s just the way you said it.”


“Right!” Alex said, rolling her eyes.  She grabbed a thin scrunchie and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.  After giving Serena her digital camcorder, she told Olivia, “Let’s just go rent the surfboards already.”


They went to the surfboard rental.  “May I help you ladies?” the vendor asked.


“Yeah, we’d like to rent a couple boards,” Olivia answered.


“Ok,” he said.  “For how long do you wanna rent ’em?”


“All day,” Olivia replied.


“Fiberglass or soft?”


“Soft,” Olivia answered.


“Alrighty then.  That will be $32.10,” the vendor said.


Olivia pulled her wallet out of her pocket and paid him.  He walked from behind the counter over to the surfboards and explained the specifics of the ones in their category.  Alex asked him, “Can I get the pink one?”


He smiled at her.  “Sure.”


Olivia said, “I’ll have the yellow foamie.”


The vendor grinned.  “Down with the lingo and everything, huh?”


Olivia shrugged.  “I’ve surfed before.”


The vendor nodded and gave them both their boards.  “Be careful out there and have fun.”


“Think you can handle carrying it to the water?” Olivia teased.


Alex gave her a playful shove.  “Liv, I’m strong enough to carry a surfboard!”


“Well, it’s 8 feet in length.  I just wanted to make sure.”


They walked to the edge of the water.  The ocean was a beautiful, transparent turquoise and it was hard to tell where it ended and the sky began.  The sun high in the sky was warm on their backs.  The air was fresh and revitalizing, and balmy breezes caressed their bodies and swayed the palm trees and flowers to and fro.  Frothy waves lapped against the beach.  Olivia stuck her foot in the water.  “Ah, the temp’s just right.  But before we practice in the water, we need to practice on the sand first.”


“Ok,” Alex said.  “What do I do first?”


“Put your board down on the sand and lie down on it.  You need to center yourself.  You already have really good balance from cheerleading and gymnastics, so this should be a piece of cake for you.”  She illustrated what to do for Alex.


Alex followed her lead.  “Ok.  Now what?”


“Grab the rails.”


Alex looked at her in confusion.  “Rails?”


“Yeah.  That’s the term for the edges of the board.  Now cock your elbows back like you’re gonna do a pushup.”


Alex did as she was told.  “Ok.”


“Now we’re gonna do what’s called a pop-up.  Go ahead and push your body up, but pop your feet quickly underneath you.  Plant your lead foot on the center of the board so you’re crouched.”  She illustrated a perfect pop-up for Alex.


Alex did her pop-up with ease.  She smiled.  “This is fun!”


Olivia smiled back.  “That’s great.  Now lie on your stomach again and practice this a few more times.”


Alex did several more pop-ups while Olivia stood and watched. 


“Woohoo!” Casey shouted.  “Dominate that sand, Alex!”


Alex turned around and flipped her off.  “Let’s see you try it!” she shouted back.


“Perfect, baby,” Olivia complimented her.  “Think you’re ready for the water?”


Alex nodded excitedly as her heart started to pound in her chest.  “I think so.”


They grabbed their boards and waded out into the water.  Once it was up to their chests, Olivia stopped and said, “Ok.  I want you to get a feel for the rhythm of the waves.  When you’re ready, we’ll get on our boards and start to paddle.  Try keeping the nose of the board an inch or two above the water.”


Alex stood in her spot for a couple minutes and watched the whitewater roll past.  “All right.  I’m ready.”


They lay down on their boards and began to paddle.  Olivia made sure that she didn’t get ahead of Alex.  Alex paid close attention to the movements of Olivia and mimicked them to the best of her abilities.  The gentle rocking of the water remarkably soothed her first time jitters.  She could taste the saltiness of the water as it splashed over her face.


“Now I want you to try paddling directly into a wave,” Olivia said.


Alex nodded.  “Got it.”  When Olivia began paddling harder and faster, so did she. 


“Ok, here’s one coming toward us!  I don’t want you to pop up just yet; I want you to paddle through this one as it breaks so you won’t be intimidated by the water,” Olivia told her. 


Alex took a deep breath.  With fierce determination, she paddled a little faster.  As the wave drew closer, they braced themselves and pushed through it as it broke.


Olivia shook the water out of her face.  “How’d that feel?”


Alex squeezed the water out of her ponytail and laughed.  “Good!”


“You didn’t swallow too much water, did you?” Olivia asked, concerned.


Alex shook her head.  “Nah.  The water feels refreshing!  So what’s next?”


“We can actually try catching a wave.  When the whitewater reaches you, you’ll feel yourself surge forward.  That’s when you’ll stop paddling, grab the rails, and pop up.  When you feel stable enough, let go of the rails,” Olivia instructed.


Alex took a deep breath.  “Ok.”


Olivia sat on her board and looked out over the water.  Alex sat down, too.  “What are we doing, Liv?”


“Waiting on a nice set to come,” Olivia answered.  “You nervous?”


Alex nodded sheepishly.  “A little.”


Olivia flashed her an encouraging smile and gave her hand a squeeze.  “Don’t be.  You’ve already done everything like a pro.  You’ll be fine.” 


“What if I fall?”


“Don’t be afraid; it happens to everyone.  Just cover your head with your hands and your ears with your wrists and stay underwater for a few seconds so your board doesn’t hit you.”


“Can I get hurt?” Alex asked, a sense of trepidation filling her.  “I’ve heard horror stories about even the most experienced surfers falling and hitting their heads on rocks.”


Olivia leaned in and gave her a reassuring kiss.  “I won’t let you,” she vowed.


Alex smiled and felt her confidence return.  She had complete trust that Olivia wouldn’t let anything happen to her.  “Thank you,” she murmured.


A few minutes later, Olivia saw a good swell surfacing on the horizon and increasing in size as it quickly approached them.  “Ok.  Now for your first pop-up on the water.  We’re gonna turn our boards around and face the shore.”


Alex did as she was told and looked at Olivia for further instruction.  Olivia continued, “As the whitewater gets closer, I want you to start paddling.  Remember everything I told you to do a few minutes ago?”


Alex nodded.  “When the wave starts pushing you forward, stop paddling, grab the rails, pop up, and don’t be afraid to fall,” she recited from memory.


“Good.  Ok, here it comes!” Olivia warned.  As she felt the water under her board push her forward, she expertly popped up and rode it out.


Alex, however, was not so lucky.  As soon as she tried to stand in a crouch, the wave knocked her into the ocean.  She resurfaced after a couple seconds and grabbed onto her board.


“Don’t give up!” Olivia said, paddling back toward Alex.  “We’ll keep doing it until you get it, ok?”


Alex nodded and spit out water.  “Ok.”


Olivia patted her on the back.  “Hey, when I tried to stand up my first time, I fell down, too,” she said with a smile. 


Alex gave her a small smile back.  “Really?”


“Really,” Olivia affirmed.  She started paddling farther out into the water and Alex followed her. 


“We’re not gonna go too far out, are we?” Alex asked apprehensively.


“No, babe.  We’ll be fine.”  A small set of waves rolled toward them that she just decided to let pass.  “Damn ankle busters!”


“Huh?” Alex asked, looking at her in confusion.


Olivia smiled and explained, “Small waves.”


Alex nodded.  “Oh, right.”


Within a few minutes, a nice set of waves could be seen in the distance.  “Ok, take two,” Olivia said.


Serena came to the edge of the water with the camcorder poised in the air.  As the swell neared them, Alex and Olivia turned around to face the shoreline again and started paddling.  When the wave started pushing them forward, they popped up on their boards.  However, Alex stepped a little too far forward and ended up nosediving into the water.


Olivia rode her wave out and then paddled back to Alex.  “That’s ok, babe!  Just stay centered so you won’t pearl next time.”


“Easier said than done,” Alex grumbled.


Olivia rubbed her back and kissed her cheek.  “Don’t get discouraged, sweetie.  You’ll get it.  I promise.  For some people, it takes days to learn how to pop up properly.  That was only your second try and you’re already doing so great.”


Alex smiled.  “Thanks.”


Olivia slapped her on the ass and said, “Come on.  Let’s get back out there, kiddo.”


As the next wave approached, they paddled toward the shore again.  When the whitewater propelled them forward, they popped up once more.  Balancing herself, Alex put her lead foot in front and was able to ride the wave for a few seconds before falling into the water again.


“Yay, Alex!” Serena could be heard shouting.


Continuing to ride the wave, Olivia steered her board back toward Alex and started clapping.  “Awesome job, baby!”


Alex held onto her board and smiled goofily as the wave subsided.  “I still fell.”


“But you caught a wave!  I’m so proud of you!” Olivia exclaimed, enveloping her in a huge hug.


“I wanna learn how to do the turns and stuff like you did,” Alex said with a pout.


Olivia laughed.  “That was called a cutback.  You’ll get there.  One step at a time, babe.  Wanna try again?”


alex nodded eagerly.  “Hell yeah!”


They tried several more times until Alex was able to ride a wave all the way through without falling.  After she succeeded, Olivia picked her up at the shoreline and gave her a big kiss.  “That was so perfect, baby!”


Alex wrapped her legs tighter around her and grinned from ear to ear.  “You really think so?”


“No, I know so,” Olivia replied, giving her a firm slap on the ass. 


Alex looked down at Olivia’s chest.  Her soaked top outlined her nipples more than usual.  “I think the pokies are proud of me, too.”


Giggling, Olivia agreed, “They are.  And if you keep riding the waves like that, they’ll have to give you a special treat.”


“Oh yeah?  Just what kinda treat?” she asked.


Olivia whispered something naughty in her ear and Alex blushed all over.  “In that case, let’s get back out there!” Alex yelled, grabbing her board and running into the ocean again.


“Hey, wait for me, little surfer!” Olivia called, running behind her.


Alex smiled to herself to hear Olivia call her a “surfer.”  It made her want to try even harder to impress her.  She looked out over the water and it didn’t seem as intimidating as it once did.  It actually looked full of promise and temptation.  Once they were a good piece from the shore again, Olivia turned to her and asked, “Is there anything you can’t do, babe?”


Suddenly shy, Alex gave a small smile and answered, “I should be asking you that.”


Olivia smiled back at her and then looked out over the horizon to see another set coming their way.  “Hey, I wanna drop in on a wave in a bit, so you can sit tight on your board,” she said.  “Or you can practice a little more if you want.  I think you’re ready to have a wave all to yourself now.”


“I think I’ll practice,” Alex said, excitedly waiting for the next wave.  After falling into the water again, she decided to just sit on her board.  “Scratch that.  I think I’ll watch you.”


Olivia smirked.  When a big wave approached, she dropped in and began riding the face of it.  Alex smiled admirably and clapped as her girlfriend smoothly sailed under the crest of the tall wave.  “Go, Liv!” she shouted.


A few other people in the water started hooting at her.  Olivia was on cloud nine.  She could hear the power of the wave as it barreled behind her before crashing over her at the very end.


“You looked so amazing!” she said with a grin as Olivia came back to her.  “You make it look so easy!  I don’t know if I’d ever be able to do something like that!”


Olivia shook the water from her hair and grinned back.  “Before you know it, you’ll be shooting the curl, too.  Let’s go catch some more waves.”


When they returned to their spot on the beach about a half hour later, Alex dropped her surfboard on the sand.  Folding her arms and smirking, she asked smugly, “What was that you said earlier about me riding the sand?”


Casey smiled.  “Ok, I completely take that back.  You rocked out there.”


With a satisfied smile, Alex sat down on a towel and stretched her long legs out.  Olivia stretched out beside her and asked Serena, “Can we see the video?”


“Sure,” Serena said, handing her the camera.


Alex leaned in so she could watch the video and squealed.  “I can’t wait to upload this on my laptop when we get back to the hotel!”  She looked at Olivia.  “Look how awesome you are riding the curl.”


Olivia beamed with pride.  “I guess I do look pretty good.”  She turned to Serena again.  “Did you get any good pics, too?”


Serena nodded.  “I got a few, actually.”


Alex and Olivia looked at the pictures and grinned.  “These are great!” Olivia said.  “Alex, you look fabulous.  You’re my little surf bunny.”


Alex blushed.  “That really is a compliment coming from you.”


“Look at Olivia glowing with girlfriendly pride,” Serena remarked.


Olivia shrugged.  “Have to say I taught her well.”


Alex straddled her waist and looked down at her.  “Yes, you did, baby.”  She leaned down and planted a soft kiss on her lips.


“Your lips taste delicious,” Olivia said with a smile.


Alex laughed.  “They taste like saltwater.”


“Come back down here and gimme more,” Olivia replied, bringing Alex down to meet her lips again.


“Mommy, I’m too young!” Casey teased, covering her eyes.


Olivia stopped kissing Alex and threw some sand on Casey.  “Oh, please.  That was fairly G rated.”


Serena got up off the sand and cuddled up to Casey on the lounge chair.  Casey wrapped her arm around her and kissed the top of her head. 


“Aww,” Alex and Olivia said in unison.


“What do you think Elliot and Kathy are doing now?” Serena asked as Casey sifted her blonde locks through her fingers.


“Crying cuz they aren’t here with us,” Olivia answered.  Everyone laughed.


“You should call Elliot,” Alex suggested.


“Hey, can one of you reach down and pull my cell out of Alex’s bag?” Olivia asked, pointing to Alex’s bag on the other side of Casey’s lounge chair.


Serena retrieved Olivia’s cell phone and handed it to her.  “Thanks,” Olivia said, sitting up and stretching out her legs.  She flipped it open and dialed Elliot as Alex nestled comfortably in her lap.


Elliot picked up on the third ring.  “Yeah, I know you’re calling to rub it all in my face.”


Olivia laughed.  “What are you, a mind reader?”


“I just know you well enough,” Elliot replied.  “You guys get a chance to surf yet?”


“Actually, we did.  Alex did a great job.  We got some great pics and a couple videos.  What are you and Kathy doing?”


“Finishing up breakfast,” Elliot answered, shoving another forkful of eggs in his mouth.


“Hey, guys!” Kathy said into the phone.


Olivia put her phone on speaker so everyone could say “hey” back.  Then she asked, “How’d you and El enjoy not being able to sleep in the same room?”


“Very funny!” Kathy replied.


“Next time we’re definitely vacationing with you guys,” Elliot insisted.


“If your dad lets you,” Olivia replied.  “You know how strict he is.”


“Yeah, don’t remind me.  He’s already taking me to police camp again once summer rolls around.  But we can all do something together before school starts back.”


“Where’s the camp?” Serena asked.


“In the Catskills.  It’s near Florida.”


“Since when is Florida near the Catskills?” Serena wanted to know.


Elliot chuckled.  “Not the state.  Florida is in upstate New York.” 


“Oh,” Serena answered.  “Sounds like fun.”


“I’m surprised they’re letting girls and guys eat breakfast together,” Casey chimed in.


“Don’t worry.  They’re probably giving them a lecture on abstinence while they’re eating,” Alex joked.


Elliot groaned and retorted, “You should be a comedian, Alex.”


“No sneaking behind the boathouse and making out, you two!” Olivia said.


“Been there, done that,” Kathy replied.


“And making out wasn’t all that was done,” Elliot said before he could stop himself.  Kathy whacked him on the arm.


“Woohoo!” Olivia shouted.  “I guess you guys do need a lecture, huh?  I think confession will be pretty interesting, too!”


Alex snickered.  “Just make sure you don’t get caught in the act.”


“Liv, I know you aren’t talking,” Elliot snapped.  “Just how many times have you and Alex done it since you’ve been there?”


“None, actually,” Olivia answered.


“Yet,” Alex added with a grin.


“Oh, Elliot!  Is it in yet?” Casey teased.


“Harder, Elliot!  Harder!” Serena added.


“I hope you didn’t forget to pull out!” Olivia chimed in.


“Ok, conversation over,” Kathy announced curtly.


“I agree.  You guys have fun and try not to be too immature.  Bye,” Elliot said, hanging up.


All four girls burst out laughing.  “They are so gonna kill us when we get back,” Alex said, holding her stomach.


“I’ll call back later and try to smooth things over,” Olivia said.  “But hey, they shouldn’t be ashamed that they’re gettin’ some.”


“What are we gonna eat for lunch?” Alex asked abruptly.


Olivia smirked.  “Babe, we just ate breakfast not too long ago.”


“I know, but you know I always like to think ahead!” Alex responded in her defense.


Olivia patted her on the top of her head.  “Don’t worry.  We’ll find some venue that can satisfy your appetite.”


“You guys wanna see a movie tonight?” Serena suggested.


Olivia shrugged.  “Fine with me.”


Alex smiled and hugged Olivia’s waist.  “I love you.  You’re always down with anything.”


“Emphasis on the ‘down’,” Casey teased.


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Please, as if you don’t do it.”


Casey laughed and responded, “I know.  I just like teasing you and Alex.”


Alex leaned in and whispered in Olivia’s ear, “While we’re on the subject, when do I get my treat you promised?”


Olivia whispered back, “Patience, my little hornball.”


“How much you wanna bet Liv’s treat involves whipped cream and/or caramel?” Casey said to Serena.


“Mmm,” Alex said.  “The more, the better.”  She got off Olivia and sat down on the towel beside her.


Olivia turned to Serena and Casey.  “You two win the award for nosiest couple ever.”


“You two win the award for horniest couple ever!” Casey retorted.


Olivia put her hand to her chest and said, “Hey, I can’t help it if Alex tries to rip my clothes off every time she sees me.”


Alex’s mouth dropped open and she swatted her on the arm.  “Please!”


“Maybe Liv will give Alex a naked piggyback ride,” Casey joked.


Serena walked her fingers up Casey’s stomach.  “Maybe you’ll give me one.”


“I could’ve given you one last night if you’d just asked,” Casey whispered, running a hand over Serena’s breast.


Olivia gave Casey her best shit-eating grin.  “And you call us horny.”


Alex smiled.  “I don’t even wanna hazard a guess what those two were doing last night.”


Some people not too far away from them began setting up a volleyball net.  Olivia jumped up and said, “Come on, guys!  Let’s join in!”  She grabbed Alex’s hand and started pulling her across the sand.


Casey and Serena looked at each other and shrugged.  “Might as well,” Casey said.


They all chose a side and lined up.  A chick came to join their team right at the last minute.  She smiled brightly at Olivia and said, “Hey, I recognize you from Outback last night!”


Olivia smiled back.  “Yeah, you were our waitress.  How’s it going?”


“Good.  Just out here trying to catch some rays,” Jenny replied, throwing her long, layered brown hair over her shoulder.  Her honey highlights glinted in the sun as her emerald eyes slowly traveled over Olivia’s body.


“Yeah, we are, too,” Alex interjected.  More like trying to catch my girlfriend.  She’s taking a little too much interest in Liv, she thought.  She eyed Jenny suspiciously.  She was very pretty, had a killer body, and seemed nice enough, but Alex didn’t like the vibes she was getting from her at all. 


Jenny turned to Alex.  She could be a model, she thought. “Oh, hey.  I saw you out there surfing.  You looked really good.”


Alex gave her a tight smile.  “Thanks.”


Jenny looked at Olivia again.  “And you were totally hot shooting the tube.  I was thinking, ‘Damn, girl!’”


Olivia grinned.  “Thanks.”


“So what are your names?” Jenny asked.


“Olivia, but everyone calls me Liv,” Olivia answered.


“Alex,” Alex answered bluntly.  She didn’t like the idea of anyone outside their circle calling Olivia “Liv” and she was kind of disappointed that Olivia would give her that permission—especially since they didn’t even know the girl.






After introductions were made, Olivia threw the ball up in the air and slammed it over the net.  People on the other team didn’t have a chance.  Groaning, a guy dug the ball out the sand and threw it back over the net at Olivia so she could serve it again.


“That’s a pretty good serve!  I only know how to do it underhand,” Jenny complimented her.  “Think you could teach me?”


“Sure.  There’s nothing to it.  Just watch me closely,” Olivia replied, throwing up the ball again and serving it.  She laughed as the other team dove into the sand to attempt to hit the volleyball before it landed but ended up just crashing into one another.


“This is gonna be a pretty one-sided game if you keep serving like that!” Jenny teased.  She placed a hand gently on Olivia’s shoulder.  “That rocked.”


Alex narrowed her eyes at Jenny.  She tucked an arm around Olivia’s waist and kissed her cheek, all the while never letting her eyes leave Jenny.  “She’s really good at sports,” she said dryly.


“I can see that,” Jenny replied.  So she’s marking her territory.  That’s fine.  I’m always up for a challenge, she thought mischievously.


Serena and Casey looked at each other.  They could sense trouble brewing.  Casey leaned over and whispered to Serena, “It’s been less than two minutes into the game and Alex already looks like she’s out for blood.”


“Wouldn’t you be?” Serena replied.  “She’s eye-humping Liv!”


Olivia served the ball again with the same result as the last couple times.  “Three in a row!” she shouted victoriously.


“Yeah, well your luck’s about to run out!” some guy shouted from the other team.


“We’ll see about that!” Olivia retorted.  Wanting to show off her moves, she threw the ball high in the air, jumped up, and slammed it down expertly onto their side.


Jenny inadvertently licked her lips as she watched Olivia’s muscles ripple.  This certainly was not lost upon Alex, who frowned and folded her arms.  “That was so cool!” Jenny said.


Olivia gave her a lopsided grin and shrugged.  “Nothin’ to it.”


Oh, she is not giving her “the grin!” Alex thought angrily.


A girl from the other team threw the ball back to Olivia.  She started to serve again but caught Alex’s less-than-pleased expression.  “Something wrong, baby?”


Alex shook her head and forced a smile.  “No.  I was just thinkin’ about something, that’s all.”


Olivia studied her face for a few more seconds and made a mental note to ask her about it later.  She turned her attention to the net again and announced, “Ok, since you all suck so much ass and the rest of us actually wanna play, I’m gonna be much easier on you and won’t spike serve the ball this time.”  Groans and mumbles of “whatever” could be heard from the other side as Olivia decided to serve the ball underhand.


A tall girl in the back managed to hit the ball back over the net.  Casey smoothly hit it back to the other side again and stood on alert for the anticipated return of the ball.  It returned and Serena hit it over the next time.  The ball went back and forth a few more times but when it came back to their side again, it was headed in Alex’s direction.  Alex attempted to bump it over but missed.


“There goes my winning streak,” Olivia muttered.


Alex frowned and threw the ball to the other team so they could serve.  She folded her arms in annoyance.  “It’s not like I did it on purpose, Liv.”


Olivia rubbed her back and said, “I know, babe.”  She tried to turn Alex’s chin toward her but she struggled against her.  Then she tried to pry Alex’s arms apart but she refused to budge.  Grinning, she tickled her stomach and as soon as Alex’s arms dropped, she stole a kiss from her.


“You cheated!” Alex said, slapping her on the ass.


“You’re so stubborn,” Olivia said, pulling her close and stealing another kiss.


Jenny rolled her eyes, which Casey and Serena both caught.  The girl on the other team who was about to serve shouted, “Hey!  I could serve the ball if you two would stop making out!”


“Gettin’ jealous?” Olivia shouted in return.


“She’s not, but I know someone who is,” Serena muttered to Casey.


“Yeah, tell me about it,” Casey replied, still staring at Jenny.


The girl served the ball right to Alex, who this time was able to successfully bump it over.  Olivia patted her on the back and said, “That was beautiful, sweetie.”


Alex turned to her and smiled.  “Thanks, baby.”


The game ended with a score of 15-6 in favor of Olivia’s team.  Olivia threw the ball in the sand and swung Alex around.  Alex squealed until Olivia put her on solid ground again.  “I’m so dizzy!” she said.


Olivia pressed her body right up against Alex’s.  “Don’t worry.  I’ll never let you fall.”


Alex smiled at Olivia’s sweet double entendre.  “You got me all sorts of horny watching you play,” she whispered in Olivia’s ear.


Grinning, Olivia captured her mouth in a deep, probing kiss. 


Jenny watched them and felt a twinge of jealousy.  Wow, she’s a really great kisser, she thought.  I wonder what her lips taste like…


When the kiss ended Olivia asked, “So what sort of horny does that make you?”


“Let’s just say it’s not the waves soaking my bikini bottoms this time,” Alex replied with a grin of her own.


Olivia licked her lips.  “Then how ’bout we go someplace private so I can do a little investigating?”


“Sounds good.  I’m more than ready for my first taste of sex on the beach.”


“I think so, too,” Olivia replied, running her hands over Alex’s ass and squeezing hard.


Alex pulled Olivia’s bottom lip between her teeth and ordered, “Slap it.”


Olivia slapped her ass and then picked her up in her arms again.  Alex wrapped her legs tightly around her waist and bounced against it.  “You’re really asking for it, aren’t you?” Olivia said huskily, walking the fingers of one hand up Alex’s stomach.


“Begging,” Alex answered, running her hands up her arms and over her shoulders.  She let her fingers linger at the knot that secured Olivia’s bikini top at her neck.  “What would happen if my fingers slipped and pulled this dainty little knot loose?”


“I’d have to fuck your beautiful brains out right here then,” Olivia replied, her eyes filled with hunger.


Jenny bit her lip.  She listened to the sexy banter they had going and was definitely more than a little turned on.  She loved that Olivia was a sexual person and it only made her more attracted to her.  How dirty does Liv talk in bed?  Is she dominant or submissive?  Or is she a little bit of both? she wondered.


Olivia ran across the sand with Alex and placed her down on a deserted spot.  “Privacy at last,” she whispered.


Alex smiled up at her.  “The sand is perfect—warm, but not too hot.”


“Oh, it will be when I’m done with you,” Olivia said with a waggle of her eyebrows.  She settled down on top of her and started kissing and caressing her.


“Mmm,” Alex moaned into her mouth.


With her eyes still closed, Olivia let her hand trail down her stomach and into the front of her bikini bottoms.  Alex moaned louder as Olivia massaged her tongue with her own before leaving her mouth and slowly licking down her neck. 


Olivia could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with each moan out of her girlfriend’s mouth.  She shifted her body so that one of Alex’s thighs was between her legs and rubbing up against her sex.  But before either of them could get completely lost in the moment, Alex pushed her back a little and opened her eyes regretfully.  “Liv, wait.”


Olivia was completely caught off guard.  She opened her own eyes and looked at Alex curiously as she tried to make her brain function again.  “What’s wrong, sweetie?”


Alex looked around nervously.  “I just have this eerie feeling that we’re being watched.”


Olivia looked behind her and did a quick scan of the area.  “I don’t see anyone.  You’re just being paranoid, babe.”


“Well, maybe they’re gone now but I’m rarely wrong when I have that feeling.  Anyway, let’s just cuddle,” she suggested.


Olivia smiled and continued to caress her inner sex.  “My fingers are cuddling with your pussy.”


Alex giggled.  “Silly, you know what I mean.”


Olivia removed her fingers and pouted.  “But I thought me and the pokies were gonna give you your treat now.”


Alex ran two fingers over Olivia’s lips and used her other hand to pinch a hard nipple.  “I’m still looking forward to that…but we don’t want anyone walking up on us.  How about we come back here late at night when no one is around?”


Olivia smiled again.  “I’d like that very much.  I guess it’s a good idea we kept our bikinis on then, huh?”  She rolled off Alex onto her back and pulled her close to her.  Alex wrapped an arm around her waist and snuggled up to her shoulder.  They both closed their eyes in contentment and started kissing again.


Little did Alex know, she had been right.  Jenny was watching them from afar.  The more affectionate they were with each other, the more determined she was to seduce Olivia.  Besides, not one girl had been able to resist her charms yet…