Chapter 55:  Powers of Persuasion

Alex and Olivia returned to their original spot on the beach to find Serena and Casey staring at them with shit-eating grins.  “You two look a little frazzled,” Serena teased.


Olivia plopped down on a lounge chair and Alex cuddled up in her lap.  “Not as frazzled as you two look!” Alex shot back.


Olivia ran a hand up and down one of Alex’s smooth legs.  “I would’ve done a little frazzlin’, but Alex here thought we were being watched.”


Alex looked at her.  “We were,” she insisted.


“Then by whom?” Olivia wanted to know.


Alex shrugged.  “I dunno.  But trust me—we were.”


Olivia rolled her eyes.  “Maybe the boogeyman was watching us.  He was probably turned on by a couple lesbians.”


Alex shoved her shoulder.  “I’m serious!”


Serena shook her head and laughed.  “You’d better hope it wasn’t that guy who films ‘Girls Gone Wild.’”


Olivia smirked.  “If it had been him, he would’ve been closer and would’ve had an entire camera crew with him.”


“And we would’ve heard cheers,” Alex added.


“Maybe it was Jenny,” Casey guessed.


They all looked at her.  “Jenny?  Why her?” Olivia asked.


Casey gave her a look.  “Come on, Liv.  You’d have to be deaf and blind to not tell that she was sweating you.”


“Definitely,” Serena agreed.


Olivia rolled her eyes again.  “Oh, please.”


Alex frowned.  “Please, nothing!  She was acting like she wanted to throw you down on the sand and have her way with you right then and there!”


“How so?” Olivia challenged her.


Alex mimicked in her best Valley Girl voice, “‘Oh my god, Liv, you were like, totally hot out there in the water!  Can you show me how to serve?  I only know how to do it underhand!’”


Serena joined in with, “‘Oh, Liv!  I’m pretending to admire you in sports but I really just wanna fuck you senseless!  Like totally, for sure!’”


Casey burst out laughing and Olivia couldn’t help but laugh either at their antics.  “You two are insane,” Olivia said, shaking her head.


“We are not!  I’m sure she would’ve stripped naked in two seconds if you’d told her!  She was batting her eyelashes and everything!” Alex insisted.  “And she was brushing up against you every chance she got.”


“Alex, baby, you’re exaggerating,” Olivia argued.  “But at least now I understand why you were acting weird during the game.”


“I don’t like her,” Alex replied.  “She seems shady.”


Olivia sighed and played with a few strands of hair at the nape of Alex’s neck.  “Lots of girls flirt, sweetie.  It’s often just harmless fun.”


“But sometimes there are ulterior motives,” Alex continued to argue.


“Are you jealous?” Olivia asked her point blank.


Alex opened her mouth in shock and took a few seconds before responding, “Of her?  Little Miss ‘Let me bounce my boobs in your face’ Jenny?  Hardly.”


Olivia smiled; she loved it when Alex was competitive against other girls and enjoyed teasing her about it.  “You’re so hot when you’re saucy.”


“Someone’s getting turned on,” Serena said with a wry smile.


Casey looked down at Olivia’s chest.  “I’ll say.”


Alex looked down, too and her lips slowly curled into a smile.  “The pokies have come out to give their input on the situation.”


Casey looked at Serena and said, “If Liv’s nipples actually start talking, I’m running far, far away.”


“I’ll be right behind you, babe,” Serena agreed.


Alex put her ear down next to one of Olivia’s nipples and said, “What’s that you say?  Oh, you hate Jenny and think she’s sketchy, too?  Good.  Glad I’m not the only one.”


Olivia laughed.  “Well, I guess we’ve reached a consensus now.”


“Yeah, the pokies always get the last word!” Alex replied.


“Liv, is your bikini top even lined?” Casey wondered.


“Yes,” Olivia said simply.  “But this is Alex’s fault.”


“No, this would be my fault,” Alex responded, rubbing one of the bikini cups back and forth over Olivia’s nipple to make it even more erect.


Olivia blushed a deep shade of crimson and put her hand over her breast.  “Alex!”


Alex grinned.  “You’re so easy.”


Olivia did the same thing to Alex and smiled smugly as her nipple hardened.  “Now who’s talkin’?”


Alex’s face became as red as Olivia’s had a couple seconds prior.  “Liv!”


Casey lifted her hand to do the same thing to Serena but Serena gave her a look and warned, “Don’t you even dare.”


Casey cuddled Serena closer to her and whined, “Aww, sweetie, why do they get to have all the fun?”


“Because we already had our fun last night and this morning,” Serena reminded her with a smile.


Casey gave her a soft kiss and replied, “I’m surprised we made it out of the shower.”


Olivia laughed.  “You two are starting to sound like us!”


Alex grinned at Serena.  “Yeah, tell me about it!”


Serena smirked.  “You two are rubbing off on us.”


“I’m sure you’ll be doing a little rubbing later,” Olivia replied.


“So will you!” Serena retorted.


Olivia grinned.  “Oh, you can count on it.”  She wiped some sweat off her brow with her arm.  “Man, it’s really starting to get hot out here.”


Alex began drawing lazy circles on Olivia’s cleavage with her index finger.  “Speaking of hot…I could really go for a frozen mango daiquiri,” she said dreamily.


“I’ll get it, babe,” Olivia offered.  She pulled her fake ID and some money out of her wallet.


“Thanks,” Alex said, flashing a smile. 


Olivia was shocked to find the very person who had been the topic of conversation at the drink stand.  Jenny gave Olivia her sexiest smile and said, “So we meet again.”


Olivia nodded.  “I guess we do.”


“So how old are you?” Jenny asked.


Olivia smiled at her.  “Maybe I shouldn’t answer that until after I’ve ordered my drink.”


Jenny laughed.  “It’s ok.  I’m not gonna snitch.”


“Well, in that case, 17,” Olivia answered.


Jenny nodded.  “Senior?”


“No, I’m a junior.”


“Well, you certainly seem more mature than most other 17-year-olds I know,” Jenny complimented, eyeing her cleavage.


Olivia flashed her a bright smile.  “Thanks.  How old are you?”


“19.  How long you been surfing?”


“Uh…I’ve done it during the summer for a couple years, but nothing major,” Olivia answered.


Jenny sipped her margarita and smiled.  “You have really good form.”


“So you surf, too?” Olivia asked her.


“Yeah.  I’ve been doing it since I was 13.”


“Wow!  I guess you’re pretty experienced, huh?” Olivia replied.


“You could say that,” Jenny answered, taking a longer sip.  Her eyes smiled at her over the rim of the glass.


Olivia ordered Alex’s daiquiri.  She could still feel Jenny’s eyes on her while she waited.  When the vendor handed her the drink, she noticed that she and Jenny exchanged a knowing smile.  Have they slept together before? Olivia wondered. 


Jenny looked at the daiquiri and said, “That looks really good.  Cari makes the best drinks I know.  She gives me free ones all the time.”


“Cari?  So you’re on a first name basis?”


Jenny smiled slyly.  “We know each other very well.”


Olivia smirked.  Well, I guess I have my answer, she thought.  Changing the subject, she asked, “So…do you have your own board?”


Jenny nodded.  “I saved up a lot of money to buy my baby.”


“Yeah, I bet.”


“Wanna see her?” Jenny offered.




What’s taking her so long? Alex wondered.  She got up and started walking over to the drink stand to investigate and soon discovered what, or rather, who was the cause of the holdup.  She was still several feet away when she saw Olivia and Jenny walking off in the opposite direction.  Just where the hell is the bitch taking her?  Alex decided to surveil from a distance so she could see exactly where they were going without making it obvious that she was following them.


They arrived at Jenny’s spot on the beach.  Olivia noticed a bunch of towels, bags, coolers, and equipment lying around.  “Where’d everyone go?” she asked, setting Alex’s drink down on a cooler.


“I came with some friends, but they’re out hitting the surf.”  After downing the rest of her margarita, she picked up her board and showed it to Olivia.


Olivia ran a hand over it and said, “Fiberglass—nice.  I’d love to have a board like this.”


Jenny smiled.  “I’m sure you will one day.”  She looked at Olivia’s toned arms and complimented, “You seem really strong.  Can you flex for me?”


Of course, Olivia was not oblivious to the fact that Jenny was hitting on her hardcore, but she secretly enjoyed all the attention and flattery—especially from an older chick.  “Sure,” she answered, lifting her left arm and flexing her muscles.


Jenny couldn’t resist reaching over and feeling the hard biceps.  “Ooh, nice!  How long did it take you to get those babies?”


Oh, no she didn’t! Alex thought.  She was seething. 


Grinning with pride, Olivia shrugged.  “Well, I’m pretty athletic and I work out a lot…so I’ve had them awhile.”


Jenny bit her lip; she could barely contain her desire.  “I guess it takes years to perfect a body as hot as yours.”  She held Olivia’s gaze for a few seconds, and this was not lost upon Alex, who just got angrier.


Not wanting to give Jenny mixed signals, Olivia broke the gaze.  Her eye happened to catch her belly-button jewelry.  It was a silver belly button ring with two small red cherries fashioned from rubies and leaves fashioned from emeralds.  “Cute,” she said.  “When did you get it pierced?”


“Last year,” Jenny answered.  “You should get one.  It’d make your stomach even sexier.”  She grinned at her.  “So what do you look like under that bikini?”


Olivia laughed awkwardly.  She couldn’t tell whether Jenny was joking or not.  “Uh…I plead the fifth.”


Jenny moved closer to her and ran her fingers over her abs.  “Oh, come on now.  Don’t be shy.”


Alex felt her heart drop into her stomach as she watched the scene unfold.  How far is she gonna let her get? she wondered, trying to stop her lower lip from trembling.


Luckily, Olivia did not disappoint.  She removed Jenny’s hand and stepped back.  “Hey, you can look but don’t touch.  As you already know, I have a girlfriend.”


Alex couldn’t help but smile at hearing Olivia resist her.  She let out a deep, thankful sigh. 


But Alex’s smile wouldn’t last long.  Jenny took a step toward Olivia again.  “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”  She untied her bikini top at the neck and twirled the strings around her finger.  “Besides, I can make your body feel things that your girlfriend couldn’t begin to imagine.”


The hell she can! Alex thought.


Olivia looked around nervously.  “Um, I think you should keep your clothes on.” 


“It’ll be our little secret,” Jenny persisted, taking one of the strings and tracing it down Olivia’s jaw.


Olivia moved her head to the side.  “I don’t keep secrets from Alex.  Seriously, keep your top on.”


Jenny ignored her.  She flipped her hair over her shoulder, raised her top over her breasts, and threw it on the sand.  “The girls wanna come out and play.  Come on.  No one’s looking.”


Olivia gawked at her breasts but took a couple steps back nonetheless.  Damn, she has one of the nicest pair of tits I’ve ever seen!  Slowly raising her eyes, she announced, “Ok.  I’m leaving now and you need to put your clothes back on.  Last time I checked, this wasn’t a nude beach.”  She grabbed Alex’s drink, turned around, and started walking away.


Jenny grabbed her arm and pulled her back.  “Don’t you find me attractive?” she asked sultrily, her nipples hardening.


Olivia forced herself not to look at her breasts again.  She yanked her arm away.  “Your body?  Yes.  Your sleazy, underhanded attempts to fuck me when you know I have a girlfriend?  No way in hell.”


“Maybe this will change your mind…” Jenny purred, wrapping her arm around her neck and leaning in to kiss her.