Chapter 56:  Cease and Desist

Olivia was shoving Jenny away when a voice yelled, “Stop it, you skank!”


They both turned to see Alex, who marched right over and shoved Jenny hard.  Mouth agape, Jenny stumbled back a few steps and almost tripped over a cooler.  Even though she and Alex were practically the same height, she didn’t expect someone as skinny as her to have that much strength.  “Chill out.  Liv and I were just talking.”


“I just saw you trying to kiss my girlfriend!” Alex shouted, shaking all over in anger.  “The only talking was with your boobs!”  She picked Jenny’s top up off the sand and threw it in her face.  “Put your fucking clothes on!”


Jenny shrugged and put her top back on.  “Your loss.  It’s a pity, too.  Maybe if you were nice I would’ve been up for a threesome.”


Letting out a growl, Alex shoved Jenny harder, sending her tumbling to the ground.  “Stay away from my girlfriend!  She doesn’t want your disease-ridden lips on her!”


Jenny stood up and glared at her.  “I’m clean, you bitch.”


“Since when is trash clean?” Alex taunted.  Olivia snickered next to her.


“Trash?  If I’d had five more seconds with Liv, she would’ve been screaming my name right about now.”


“Uh, no…that was never gonna happen,” Olivia snapped, glaring at Jenny.


Before Jenny could respond, Alex slapped her hard across the face.  Her hand stung from the contact, but she refused to give her the satisfaction of showing it.  What she really wanted to do was rip her face off instead.  “Stop calling her Liv!” she demanded.


Jenny’s hand flew to her face.  “You’re gonna regret that,” she threatened, staring Alex down.


Olivia narrowed her eyes and stepped closer to her.  “How so?”


Alex folded her arms and smiled smugly.  “It must really hurt your ego to know that a 17-year-old turned you down.  Guess you’re not as slick as you thought.  Maybe if you weren’t so conniving, you’d have a girl of your own and wouldn’t have to try to steal everyone else’s!”


Jenny rolled her eyes and let out a bitter laugh.  “You kids are so naïve.  You’re both too young to be tied down to one person.”


“Just because you’re a stupid whore doesn’t mean the rest of us are!” Alex retorted. 


“Whore?  Who are you calling a whore, you dumb bitch?” Jenny yelled.


Alex snatched the daiquiri out of Olivia’s hand and threw it in Jenny’s face.  “The bitch who’s covered in my daiquiri!  I’d planned on drinking it, but your skanky ass ruined my appetite!”


The thick, cold, sticky liquid slid down her face and dripped onto her chest and stomach.  Jenny stood there with her mouth open in shock for several seconds before frantically trying to wipe it away.  “How fucking dare you?”


“How dare you try to fuck my girlfriend?  Don’t touch her again or I will make you regret it!”


Jenny narrowed her eyes and took a step toward Alex.  She was beyond fed up with her.  “No, maybe I’ll just touch you,” she said, shoving her down on the ground. 


Olivia screamed, “Hey, don’t put your hands on her like that!”


“Fuck you!” Jenny replied.  She was just about to jump on Alex when she shot her foot out and kicked her hard in the stomach.  “Ow!”  However, she would not be deterred; in fact, that only made her angrier.  She lunged at Alex again and landed on top of her.  She grabbed a handful of hair out of her ponytail and pulled as hard as she could.


“Let go, you cunt!” Alex yelled, trying to pry Jenny’s fingers out of her hair.  She threw her fist out and it connected squarely with her jaw.


Immediately letting go of Alex’s hair, Jenny screamed in pain and fell back.  Since she hadn’t listened to her, Olivia decided to teach her a lesson.  Before she could recover from the pain of Alex’s foot in her stomach or the punch to her jaw, Olivia grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her so hard against a tree that it knocked the wind out of her.  “Mess with her again and I’ll punch your fucking lights out!” she threatened, raising a fist right under Jenny’s nose.


Gasping for air, Jenny doubled over.  Turning to Alex, Olivia grabbed her hand and quickly helped her to her feet.  “You ok, baby?” she asked, kissing her cheek.


Alex nodded and fixed her ponytail.  “I’m fine.”


“That’s what I get for messing with jailbait,” Jenny muttered after she’d finally caught her breath again.  She slowly and shakily stood up straight.


“Yeah, and this jailbait will kick your ass!” Olivia threatened, getting in her face again.


“So will this one!” Alex pitched in, straightening her shoulders.


Jenny knew that Olivia was a force to be reckoned with, so she decided to back down this time.  “Fine.  Have it your way.”


Giving her one last glare, Alex grabbed Olivia’s hand.  “Come on.  Let’s leave this slut to find other prey.”


Alex led them over to some secluded rocks.  Olivia gave her a lopsided grin and began, “You know…I was kinda getting turned on seeing the two of you scuffle.”


Alex glared at her.  “Oh, don’t think you’re off the hook!”


Olivia’s mouth dropped open.  “Alex, come on!  I resisted her advances every step of the way!”


“Except for the first step you took in her direction anyway!  Why’d you go off with her like that?” Alex demanded, hands on her hips.  “We’d all warned you how she had the hots for you and you didn’t listen!  Were you trying to hook up?”


Olivia was hurt that Alex would think she’d betray her.  “Alex, if this had been a year ago, yeah, I would’ve fucked her right there.  But everything is different now!  You know I’d never cheat on you and I have no desire to do so!  I thought you trusted me!”


“Then why’d you go off with a girl you knew was trying to get in your pants?” Alex asked again.  “What were you thinking?”


Olivia sighed.  “She was at the drink stand when I walked up.  She started making small talk—asking my age, what grade I was in, talking about surfing—and after I got your daiquiri, she asked me if I wanted to see her board.  So I told her yeah cuz I didn’t think there’d be any harm in that.  She didn’t start being so aggressive until we were alone.  But I can handle myself around horny chicks!  Just because they wanna do stuff to me doesn’t mean I’d let them!”


“Come on, Liv!  You were getting off on her drooling all over you!”  Raising one hand, Alex looked up to the sky and mimicked, “‘Your biceps are so hot!  How long did it take you to get those babies?’”  She reached over and squeezed Olivia’s upper arm just where Jenny had.


Olivia pulled away.  “Drop the sarcasm, Alex.  Ok, I’ll admit that I liked the attention but—”


Alex scowled and interrupted, “Why the fuck do you need attention from other girls?  Don’t I give you enough?”


“Of course, Alex, but I’m just saying—”


“I wanted to vomit when she put her hands on you!” Alex interrupted again.  “Remember how you flipped out at my fucking party when Rebecca slapped my ass and licked my neck?”


Turning red, Olivia pointed her finger in Alex’s face and shouted, “That’s not the same thing!  Letting someone touch your biceps is a lot different from letting them touch your ass or letting them put their tongue on you!  Did Jenny slap my ass?  No!  Did Jenny lick me?  Hell no!  So yeah, she may have touched me, but I didn’t touch her at all until I was pushing her hand away when she tried to feel up my abs!  And I also pushed her back when she tried to kiss me!  Doesn’t that count for something?”


Regardless of Olivia’s point, Alex still refused to let her off the hook.  “No, because you were totally checking out her body!  I saw the way you were staring at her tits!  So what is it?  Am I not enough for you?”


Olivia threw her hands up exasperatedly.  “Yes, you’re more than enough!  We’ve gone over this before!  Sometimes I just like the eye candy—like anyone else!  There are plenty of girls with bangin’ bodies but yours is the only one I wanna touch!  If I’d wanted to touch her, I would’ve and we both know she was practically begging me to!”


“Great, Liv!  Like I needed the reminder!”


“And like I need you busting my chops about this!” Olivia yelled.  “I keep trying to explain but everything I say just gets me in more trouble!”


“You hurt me, Liv!  Why not own up to it instead of making excuses for it?”


“I’m sorry I hurt you!  Geez!”


“Yeah, you sound real apologetic!” Alex snapped. 


“I mean it!  All I’m saying is that I can’t undo the past so can we please just drop it?  I told you I had no intention of letting things get any further and you damn well know I’m telling the truth!  I’m done arguing about this just because you wanna have something to be angry about!”


“I damn well have every right to be angry!  I don’t wanna see you flirting with other girls or letting them flirt with you!  You’d be ready to chew me out in a heartbeat if I did it!”


All this arguing was making Olivia strangely aroused.  She looked at Alex—chest heaving, face red, fire in her eyes, and strands of sun-kissed hair cast wildly about her face—and she felt herself burning up with desire.  “Shut up,” she ordered, pushing Alex against the rocks and pressing her mouth against hers.


Alex was definitely caught off guard.  As much as she wanted to resist the kiss, her body had other plans.


Olivia twisted Alex’s long ponytail around her hand.  Grabbing the scrunchie, she pulled it off so Alex’s hair fell loosely over her shoulders.  She tightly tangled a hand in the messy locks as she pushed her tongue hungrily against hers.


With each second of the kiss, Alex could feel her wetness spreading.  Olivia pulled her boy shorts down over her hips and shoved two fingers inside her.


“Oh fuck, Liv!  Give me more!” Alex yelled, thrusting her hips in rhythm with Olivia’s pumping fingers.


Olivia quickly added a third finger to the mix.  She began thrusting deeper and deeper.  Alex thought she would faint at the feeling of Olivia’s thumb swiping against her clit with each thrust.


Olivia could feel the saltwater dashing against the rocks and spraying her face with a light mist.  Her nostrils flared at the crisp scent of the air mixed with the intoxicating smell of Alex.  She licked her lips as she ran a hand under one of the cups of Alex’s bikini top and was met with a rock hard nipple.  She pulled and twisted it as Alex let out staggered gasps of raw pleasure.  Before she knew it, Alex had yanked down her boy shorts and was grabbing a handful of her ass.


“Do I fuck you like I want anyone else?” Olivia asked, grinding her sex against Alex’s thigh while she started twisting her fingers inside her.  She bit her lip when Alex dug her nails into her ass and began massaging one of her breasts under her top.


“N-no,” Alex stuttered, reveling in the feeling of Olivia’s slick heat on her thigh.  Her insides were burning from the intensity of the sensations Olivia was creating throughout her body, and the coolness of the rocks behind her was a welcome contrast.


“Do I kiss you like I want anyone else?” Olivia demanded, enveloping her mouth again.


All Alex could do was moan in response.


With swollen lips, Olivia broke away from her mouth and asked, “Do I touch you like I want anyone else?”  She ran the fingers of her other hand up her spine in a way that made Alex shiver with ecstasy.  When Alex didn’t answer right away, Olivia slapped her right ass cheek to get her attention. 


“No!” Alex answered, her eyelids fluttering open again.


Olivia took Alex’s hand and shoved it against her dripping sex.  “Do I let you touch me like I want anyone else?”


Alex shook her head.  She moved her fingers so she could caress Olivia’s throbbing, engorged clit.  With her other hand still on her girlfriend’s breast, Alex played with a taut nipple.  Olivia let out her own moan and continued, “Do I get wet for you like I want anyone else?”


Alex shook her head again and curled her toes in the sand.  “Fuck no!”  She continued riding her hand until she felt her walls tighten around Olivia’s fingers.  With a soul-shaking scream, she submitted to wave after wave of passion.


As Alex shuddered violently against her, Olivia asked, “Do I make you cum like I want anyone else?”


Alex held onto her strong shoulders and replied, “Oh shit, no!”


After Olivia came hard against her thigh, she asked, “Did I just cum all over you like I want anyone else?”


Alex’s legs felt like rubber.  Gasping for breath, they both collapsed to the sand.  Alex looked up into Olivia’s eyes and said softly, “No.”


Olivia gave her a soft kiss and brushed some hair out of her eyes.  “I love you,” she whispered.  “And I really am sorry.”


Alex looked into Olivia’s eyes and could see the love pouring from them.  She smiled and replied, “I know.”


Olivia straddled her waist and picked up her right hand to examine it.  “Do your knuckles hurt, baby?”


Alex’s smile turned into a grin.  “Not anymore.  But the pain was well worth it.”


Olivia brought her hand to her lips and kissed her knuckles.  “I’ll say.  The pokies really enjoyed their front row seats.  You pack quite a punch.  Remind me not to piss you off anymore.”


Alex laughed.  “I can’t believe I actually fought someone, let alone punched them.”


Olivia linked Alex’s fingers with her own.  “Well, she deserved it.”


“I can’t wait to see Casey and Serena’s faces when we tell them.”


Laughing, Olivia leaned down and kissed her nose.  “Speaking of which, I bet they’re wondering what the hell happened to us.”


“They’re probably too busy sucking face,” Alex replied.  “So do you think Jenny will leave you alone for good?”


“Hell yeah!  She’s not stupid enough to mess with either of us again.  And she’ll probably be too busy nursing that jaw to wanna do anything else for the rest of the day.”


Alex laughed again and reached up to play with a few strands of Olivia’s hair.  She thought about how beautiful she looked with the wind blowing the wisps of damp hair around her face.  “Yeah.  Maybe she can find some new plaything to nurse her back to health.”


Olivia’s smile faded into a serious look.  “Are we ok?”


Alex gave her a reassuring smile and nodded.  “Yeah.  Can we make a pact not to argue anymore during our vacation?”


Olivia smiled again and promised with a kiss, “Yes.”


“Where do I sign?” Alex asked, tapping her playfully on the nose.


“Well, I’m more a fan of oral contracts,” Olivia said, closing her mouth over hers again.