Chapter 57:  Picture Perfect

When they finally sauntered back over to Serena and Casey, Casey took off her shades and asked, “Where the hell have you two been?  We thought the ocean had swallowed you up.”


“Kicking Jenny’s ass,” Alex answered, running her fingers through her hair to get the tangles out and then pulling it back into a ponytail.


Both Casey and Serena’s mouths dropped open.  “Get outta here!” Serena exclaimed.


“You did not!” Casey added.


“Oh, yes we did.  And Alex punched her in the face,” Olivia said proudly.


Serena looked at Alex.  “Ok, now I know you’re lying.”


Alex smiled smugly.  “What?  Didn’t think I had it in me?”


“And what were you doing the whole time, Liv?” Casey asked.


“Probably masturbating,” Serena answered.


Alex looked at Olivia and smirked.  “Well, she got pretty close.”


“So where is Jenny now?” Casey asked.


“Cowering in fear of Alex, that’s for sure,” Olivia replied with a grin.


“So how did everything go down?” Serena asked.


Alex recounted all the details with Olivia chiming in every now and then to add to them.  When they finished, Serena and Casey’s mouths were agape again.  “Why the hell did we miss this?” Casey demanded.


Olivia laughed.  “Guess you guys should’ve followed Alex.”


“That’s definitely somethin’ that needed to be on camera!” Serena replied.


“Tell me about it,” Casey muttered.  “I can’t believe she actually took her top off and tried to seduce you!  What a skank!”


Serena stroked her cheek.  “Well, you took your top off for me…”


“We already knew each other!  I’d never do it for some chick I just met,” Casey replied, kissing her fingers.


Alex sat down on the lounge chair and was surprised when Olivia sat in her lap.  “Hey, you’ve proven today that you’re big and strong enough to hold me now!” Olivia explained.


Alex laughed.  “You’re so cute.”


Olivia cuddled up to her chest.  “Protect me from the big bad meanies of the world, Alex.”


Alex leaned down and kissed her head.  “You are too adorable for words.”


Olivia grinned from ear to ear.  “Well, I try every now and then ya know…”


Alex pulled some Skittles out of her bag and a Capri Sun.  Olivia looked up at her and exclaimed, “Hey!  You already had a drink and wanted me to get a daiquiri?”


Alex grinned.  “Daiquiris taste much better than Capri Suns!  Besides, we left the cooler in the room so it’s not cold.”


“Have anymore?” Casey asked.


“Nah, I just grabbed this one,” Alex answered.


Casey got up.  “I’ll go fill the cooler with ice and drinks.  Be back in a few.”


Serena got up, too.  “Uh…I’ll go help,” she said, giving her a sly grin.


Casey grabbed her hand.  “I could always use a little extra help,” she replied with a smile of her own.


“Can I have a sip?” Olivia asked.  “They probably won’t return for days.”


Alex laughed.  “Sure you can.”  She held the straw down to Olivia’s mouth.


Olivia held out her hand.  “Skittles please?”


Alex poured her a generous amount.  “So what are we gonna do the rest of the day?”


“Well…” Olivia started, walking her fingers up Alex’s stomach.  “We could chill, surf, nap, and um…play.”


Alex grinned.  “I’m always down for playing.”


“We could also take a long know, check out some venues along the boardwalk.”


Alex kissed her forehead.  “That would be fun—and romantic.”


Smiling, Olivia said, “You’re only kissing me because you’re tryna butter me up to let you spend hours in each store.”


“Hey!  Being a conscientious shopper is a good thing!”


Olivia chuckled.  “If you say so.”  She wrapped an arm around her waist and continued, “We still have a whole week left here.  We’ll have time to check out everything, no worries.” 


“And we can kiss and hold hands everywhere without worrying about parents,” Alex added.


“That’s the best part.  No one can tell us what to do or what not to do.  Hey, there’s a concert tomorrow night.  Wanna go?”


“Sure.  Oh, did you bring your hookah?”


“Yep, along with five flavors of shisha.  And I’ll get some alcohol tonight and we can have a good time.  Then maybe later on in the week we can hit up some parties.”


“Sounds like a plan to me,” Alex replied, throwing some Skittles into her mouth.


Olivia watched her chew.  “Those jaws were made for Skittles.”


“Damn right.”


Twenty minutes later, Serena and Casey finally returned.  “What took you guys so long?” Alex asked.


Olivia gave her a look.  “As if you didn’t know.”


“I was helping Casey find something,” Serena said in her defense.


Olivia smirked.  “If she doesn’t know where her clit is after all this time you’ve been having sex, then there’s no helping her—or you either for that matter.”


Alex burst out laughing and Casey and Serena both tried not to laugh.  “Oh you are gonna get it!” Casey yelled, opening up the cooler and throwing some ice on Olivia.


Olivia threw the ice back at her.  “So it’s true, huh?”


“No!  We know very well where each other’s clits are!” Serena retorted.


A few people not too far away from them turned their heads and stared.  Serena and Casey both turned beet red.  Alex and Olivia almost fell over with laughter.  “Could you say that a little louder?” Alex asked with a shit eating grin.


Serena rolled her eyes and sat down.  “Real funny, Alex.”


Casey cuddled up beside her.  “Yeah, they should both be comedians when they grow up.”


“Emphasis on the growing up,” Serena muttered.


“Don’t be so uptight,” Olivia said.


“Yeah.  Can’t you guys take a joke?” Alex added.


Serena pulled out a Capri Sun and jabbed the straw in it.  “I’m so over this.”


“You guys tease us about sex all the time,” Olivia protested.


Casey groaned.  “Liv, just drop it, ok?”


Several minutes of silence ensued.  Olivia looked in Alex’s bag and pulled out a pack of Starburst.  Alex looked at her and exclaimed, “Hey!”


Olivia tore open the pack and pulled a couple out.  “Don’t you wanna share with your Livvykins?” she said with a pout.


Alex smiled.  “Ok.  You can have some.”


Olivia grinned.  “Works every time.”


“Yeah, but you’re gonna have to feed me soon,” Alex replied.  “Punching whores works up an appetite.”


Olivia laughed.  “I’ll say.  Surfing, too.”  She grabbed a scrunchie and pulled her hair into a ponytail.


Alex tugged on it.  “Aw, it’s so short and cute!” 


Olivia kissed her on the cheek.  “I aim to please.”


“Talk about pleasing…” Serena began.  “Some chick just took her top off!”


“Where?” Alex asked.


“Right over there!” Serena said, pointing. 


“She has really nice tits,” Alex said as she stared.  “Ooh, she’s putting oil on them!”


Olivia frowned.  “Alex, my tits are down here,” she said, pointing to her own chest.


“Don’t get mad, pookie,” Alex replied, patting Olivia on the shoulder absently while not letting her eyes leave the woman’s breasts. 


“If you wanted to watch a chick put oil on her boobs, all you had to do was ask,” Olivia replied.


Alex folded her arms.  “What was it you said about looking but not touching?  About just liking the ‘eye candy’?  I like boobs, too, Liv.  And as evidenced from earlier, so do you!”


Serena rolled her eyes.  “Geez Liv, jealous much?”


Olivia glared at her.  “How many times do I have to tell you to stay outta my business?”


“Funny, you don’t seem to stay outta ours!” Serena retorted.


“Please, I know you’re not talking.  I can’t count the number of times you tried to tell Alex to stop talking to me,” Olivia snapped.


“Liv, let’s not bring up the past, ok?” Alex begged.


“Yeah, Liv, stop attacking my girlfriend,” Casey demanded.


“I’ll stop attacking her when she stops attacking me!” Olivia yelled.


Alex rubbed her shoulder.  “Liv, please?  Don’t you remember our pact about not arguing?”


Olivia calmed down.  “Ok,” she grumbled.  “But I wasn’t arguing with you, I was arguing with them.”


“Now maybe we can get back to our regularly scheduled boob watching,” Casey said.  She looked at the woman again.  “Her boobs are totally fake.”


“Yeah, but I’ve seen worse looking ones,” Serena commented.  “Those actually have a more natural shape.”


“Her nipples are perky,” Alex said.  Before Olivia could open her mouth, she added, “But not as perky as the pokies.”


Olivia smiled.  “Damn right.”


“You’re cute when you’re jealous,” Alex said, tapping her on the nose.  She unwrapped a Starburst and ate it.  Then she unwrapped another and put it in Olivia’s cleavage.


“The pokies love Starburst,” Olivia said, taking it out and popping it into her mouth.


“I wonder what else Liv can fit in her cleavage…” Casey began, throwing a Skittle at her chest.


“Hey, my boobs aren’t made for candy!” Olivia protested.  She flicked the Skittle on the sand.


“Maybe somewhere else is…” Alex replied with a naughty grin.  She unwrapped yet another Starburst and stuck it in the front of her bottoms.


Olivia’s mouth dropped open.  “You’re getting it out.”


Alex grinned.  “Gladly.”  She pushed Olivia off her lap and started to move down her body.


“I guess Alex is gonna bob for apples,” Casey muttered to Serena.


“I heard that!” Alex said.


“Careful, you don’t wanna attract a crowd of horny guys,” Serena said.


“I think the biggest problem we have to worry about is a horny Alex,” Casey joked.


Olivia closed her eyes in anticipation of feeling Alex’s mouth on her center.  Grinning at Serena and Casey, Alex reached down and picked up a handful of sand.  She then quickly opened her bottoms and poured it in.


Olivia’s eyes flew open as the fine sand settled.  “Alex, what the fuck?”


Alex laughed and jumped up.  “Tricked ya!”


Serena and Casey both laughed as Alex took off.  Olivia yelled out, “I’m so gonna get you!” and chased after her down the beach.


Alex glanced over her shoulder and saw Olivia gaining on her.  She sped up in an attempt to escape her. 


Olivia started running faster.  When she was an arm’s length away, she tackled her to the ground and started tickling her.  “Got ya!”


“Stop, Liv!” Alex demanded, giggling incessantly.  “Stop!”


“Say you’re sorry!” Olivia replied, tickling her harder.


“Sorry!” Alex shouted.  She tried to catch her breath as she pushed Olivia’s roaming fingers away.


After shaking out the sand, Olivia straddled her waist and looked down at her.  “You are so beautiful.  I love the way you look up at me with those big blue eyes.”


Alex’s whole face broke out in a smile.  “Aww, Liv…” she said simply.


“Close your eyes,” Olivia ordered.  “I have a surprise for you.”


Alex raised an eyebrow.  “You’re not gonna put sand in my bottoms as payback are you?”


Olivia laughed.  “No, but I should!  Come on.  You’ll like it.  I promise.”


Alex stared into her eyes to try to figure out what she was doing.  When she decided Olivia wasn’t up to any mischief, she closed her eyes.  “Don’t disappoint me.”


Olivia ran off.  She walked along the cliffs until she saw the perfect flowers.  Smiling to herself, she picked a few of the yellow daisies and formed a nice little bouquet.


When she returned, she plucked off two of the flowers from their stems and put them on Alex’s eyelids.  Alex reached up to remove the soft petals and opened her eyes.  A wide smile crossed her face.  “Aww, you brought me flowers.”


Olivia smiled and presented her with the rest of the bouquet.  “They remind me of sunshine.  Just like you.”


Alex let out a gasp of adoration.  “I love you,” she breathed.


Olivia leaned down to kiss her.  Alex wrapped her arm around her neck and tenderly returned the kiss.


After several minutes they heard a voice say, “Well, well, look who it is!”


Olivia opened her eyes and pulled back from Alex.  She frowned when she saw Abbie.  “What the fuck are you doing here?”


Abbie folded her arms.  “You guys don’t own the beach, you know.  Lexie and I decided we’d chill here over Spring Break, too.”


Olivia stood up and then pulled Alex to her feet.  “You mean Lexie decided to chill and you decided to tag along so you could stalk me and Alex.”


Abbie rolled her eyes.  “Please.  Get over yourself.  I was walking by and just happened to recognize you.”


“You wouldn’t have even come here if you hadn’t overheard us talking about our plans in class,” Alex snapped.


Abbie smirked.  “Do you two really think we ripped off your vacation idea?  Hardly.  We don’t need you to think for us.  Everyone knows this is a popular Spring Break getaway.”


“Speaking of getaways, why don’t you get the hell away from us?” Olivia demanded, sneering at her and bawling up a fist.


Abbie shook her head and replied, “Tsk. Tsk.  Alex, why don’t you pay for some anger management classes for your girlfriend while you’re here?”


Olivia stepped right up to her face.  “I’m not going to tell you again.  Leave us alone or you’ll regret it.”


Abbie would not back down.  “Oh, really?  You keep making the same threats over and over again without carrying them out.  Something tells me you’re just full of shit.”


Alex put a hand gently on Olivia’s shoulder.  “Sweetie…don’t let her get to you.  She’s purposely baiting.”


“You know, no teachers are around to write us up,” Olivia said to Abbie.  “This would be the perfect opportunity to kick your ass without getting suspended!”


Abbie swung her long brown hair over her shoulder.  “Well, if you wanna take being arrested over being suspended, be my guest.  But you’re probably not worried; I’m sure Alex has plenty of bail money.”


Olivia pushed her backwards.  Abbie stumbled back a few steps but managed to keep her balance.  Olivia closed in on her again and said, “I’m getting real sick of you implying I’m a gold digger.”


With her beautiful features twisted into a scowl, Abbie retorted, “I didn’t hear those words come out of my mouth.  Sounds like guilt to me.”


Olivia pointed a finger at her nose and said, “The only thing I’m guilty of is acknowledging your pathetic existence.  Maybe you should take some classes while you’re here for your obviously low self-esteem.”


“You think I have low self-esteem?  Seems you’re projecting,” Abbie snapped.


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Save your psychobabble for Olivet’s class where it belongs.”


Olivia clenched her jaw.  “The only thing I’m going to project is my fist onto your face if you don’t leave us the hell alone!”


“I should find a cop now and have you arrested for assault,” Abbie threatened.


Olivia laughed scornfully.  “Assault?  You think one little shove is assault?  Let me make it worth your while then,” she said, shoving her so hard that she fell to the ground.  She drew back her fist and was going to punch her when Alex got in front of her and held her arms.


“Liv…don’t.  She’s not worth it,” she begged.


Sighing, Olivia softened her stance.  When Alex let go of her arms, she looked around her and said to Abbie, “Consider yourself lucky this time, bitch.”


Abbie jumped to her feet and brushed the sand off herself.  “Fuck you.  I have better things to do anyway.”


As soon as she left, Olivia looked at Alex and smiled.  “Now where were we?”


Alex brushed her cheek and smiled back.  “I think I remember.”  Taking her hand, she sat back down on the sand and pulled her on top of her.


As their lips merged, Olivia ran her hands over Alex’s body.  Moaning deeply, Alex cupped her breasts while Olivia’s lips darted from her mouth to her neck.


Olivia worked her fingers into Alex’s hair and released her ponytail.  She traced her lips along her collarbone and circled the hollow of her throat with her tongue before enveloping her mouth again.


What they didn’t know was that Abbie was watching them from a distance.  She was hidden safely from view but not too far that she couldn’t capture a clear image of them with her telephoto lens.  Ms. Benson is going to love getting these, she thought with an evil grin.  After taking several photos of them making out, she put her camera in her bag and then walked off to find Lexie.