Chapter 61:  Brown Eyed Girl

Alex awoke a few hours later.  Olivia was watching tv.  She looked down at her and stroked her cheek.  “Have a good nap?”


Alex smiled, happy that Olivia hadn’t left her side.  “Yeah.  But I hate I’ve wasted half the day.”  Her smile slowly faded.  “Half your day,” she murmured softly.


“Oh well, we have plenty days left,” Olivia assured her.  “It’s only Sunday.”


Alex suppressed a yawn.  “Yeah.”  She walked her fingers up her stomach and added, “You look sexy.”


Olivia smirked and bit into another chip.  “Eating Doritos is the new sexy.”


“Sweetie, you didn’t order room service?”


“I thought I’d wait on you and just snack in the meantime.”


Alex sat up.  “Baby, you didn’t have to be without because of me.  If you’d wanted, you could’ve taken my car to get something.  I’m sure the pokies were hungry,” she said, rubbing her hand across her chest.


Olivia laughed.  “They’ve been asleep most of the day.”


“What do you wanna do tonight?  Still wanna check out that concert?”


Olivia shook her head.  “Nah.  There will be another later in the week.  We should see what Serena and Casey’s plans are.”


“Think they’re still in their room?”


“Probably not,” Olivia said, eating another chip.  She offered one to Alex, who took it happily into her mouth.


“We can call them,” Alex replied after she finished chewing.  Thinking about how angry they were with her earlier, she amended her statement and said, “Well…you can call.”  She ate another chip and asked, “You think they hate me?”


“No, sweetie.  All friends fight.”


“But I was really an ass,” Alex replied remorsefully. 


“It will all blow over,” Olivia promised, rubbing her back.


“I don’t want you to still be mad at me either,” Alex said sadly.


“Baby, I’m not mad,” Olivia said, picking up the remote to change the channel.


Alex gently turned her face back to her.  “Yes, you are.  It’s ok.  I understand.  And if you’re not still angry, you’re still hurt, which is just as bad.”


Olivia sighed.  “Ok, I am still hurt.”


“I promise I’ll make it up to you,” Alex insisted, kissing her softly on the cheek.


Those words were comforting to Olivia, and she was happy that for once she wasn’t the one having to say them to Alex.  “I know.”


“You know…but do you really believe?”


“Yes.  We all know I can’t resist your charms for too long.”


Alex giggled.  “Well, I can’t resist yours either!”  She wrapped her arms around her waist and added, “Thank you for taking care of me earlier.”


Olivia kissed her on the forehead and replied, “You’re welcome.”  She picked up her cell phone and added, “I’ll call them to see where they are.”




A few minutes later, she said, “They’re at some store on the boardwalk.  Said they’ll be back in half an hour or so.  They’ll call.”


“Have they eaten?”


“Yeah.  They went to some pizzeria.  Casey told me to go ahead and get some food if I wanted.”


“You wanna go somewhere or order something here?”


“Why don’t we go out and get a little sunlight?  Well, what’s left of it.”


“Ok, let me get changed,” Alex said.


“Yeah, I need to as well,” Olivia replied.


About 10 minutes later, they were walking down the boardwalk hand in hand.  “Think we’ll bump into Serena and Casey?” Alex asked.


“It’s possible,” Olivia replied, reaching into her pocket and slipping on her shades.  “I can’t believe it.  The sun will go down in about an hour and it’s still blazing out here.”


Alex smiled.  “You look very sexy in your shades.”


Olivia grinned.  “Why, thanks, babe.”


They walked a bit farther before Alex stopped and pointed at a particular store.  “Ooh!  Let’s go in there.”


“Sweetheart, it has cartoon paraphernalia.”


“I know,” Alex said, grinning and pulling her inside.


Olivia playfully rolled her eyes.  “Uh oh.  I know what’s comin’ now.”


Alex led them straight over to the Looney Tunes section.  “Look at all this amazing stuff!”  She picked up a cap that had Tweety on it and put it on Olivia.  “You look totally hot.”


Olivia smirked.  “I don’t know how hot I can look with Tweety sitting on my head.”


“And look over here!” Alex said, pulling her into the corner.  “There’s an inflatable Tweety.”


Olivia opened her mouth to say something smart and Alex warned, “I know where you’re going.  Don’t even say it.”


Olivia laughed.  “Can read me like a book, huh?”  Suddenly her eye caught a Tweety steering wheel cover.


Alex immediately followed her gaze and her entire face lit up.  “I have to get it!”


Olivia shook her head.  “Oh, boy.”


“Aw, it’s perfect, Liv!  Now I can always remember our first Spring Break together!”


Olivia had to smile as Alex picked it up.  “You’re so cute.”


“Should I get one or two?”


Olivia shifted her eyes upward and pretended to think.  “Let’s keep at least one vehicle untainted.”


Alex swatted her shoulder playfully.  “Are you saying Tweety would somehow cramp our style in a convertible?”


“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” Olivia answered.  “Completely unsexy.”


Alex gasped.  “Quel horreur!”


Olivia looked at her watch.  “As much as I’d love to spend hours more ogling Tweety, my stomach has started to growl.  Where do you wanna eat?”


“How ’bout Johnny Rockets?” Alex proposed.


“Sounds good.”


“Ok.  Just let me check out and we can go,” Alex replied.


“We could do it quicker if you just charged everything Tweety to your credit cards and had it all delivered to your room later,” Olivia teased.


That warranted her another swat from Alex.  “I do not plan on buying one of everything!  Just the cap and the wheel cover.”


“Riiiiiiiiiiiight,” Olivia said.


After Alex checked out, they went to Johnny Rockets and slid into a booth.  “I’ll be right with you,” the waitress told them.


Olivia picked up a menu.  “I know I just had one the other night, but man, I’m really craving a big juicy burger.”


“I’ll have whatever you’re having,” Alex told her.


“Ok,” Olivia replied, continuing to scan the menu.  When the waitress returned, she looked at her and said, “We’ll have two Rocket Doubles, two orders of fries, and two root beer floats.”


After the waitress left with their orders, Alex pulled out a nickel and inserted it into the little jukebox on their table.  “What do you wanna listen to?”


Olivia flipped through the pages and shrugged.  “Eh…doesn’t matter to me.”


Alex turned back a couple pages and a spark came to her eyes.  “I found the perfect song.”


“What is it?”


“Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl,’” Alex responded, smiling and winking at her.


Olivia grinned, pleased that she had chosen to dedicate a song to her.  “Nice.”


As the song played, Alex picked up a ketchup bottle and started singing to Olivia.  “Skipping and a jumping in the misty morning fog with our hearts a thumpin’ and you, my brown eyed girl.  You, my brown eyed girl.”


Olivia laughed and shook her head.  “Alex, baby, you’re somethin’ else.”


Alex stood up and started dancing from side to side around her as she sang.  Other people turned around and watched in amusement.  Even a few of the waitresses momentarily stopped what they were doing.


Alex was aware that she had an audience but this didn’t bother her in the slightest.  “Standing in the sunlight laughing, hiding behind a rainbow’s wall.  Slipping and sliding all along the waterfall with you, my brown eyed girl.  You, my brown eyed girl.”


Olivia wished Serena, Casey, Elliot, and Kathy were all there to witness it.  She’d never seen Alex so goofy but serious at once—and she loved every bit of it.


Alex brushed a lock of hair back from Olivia’s face and twirled around.  She leaned in close and continued, “Sometime I’m overcome thinking ’bout making love in the green grass behind the stadium with you, my brown eyed girl.  You, my brown eyed girl.”


The way Alex looked at her with such tenderness as she sang made Olivia warm all over.  She had already forgiven her, but if she hadn’t, this would’ve certainly done the trick.


“Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da,” Alex sang, grabbing Olivia’s hand.


When the song ended, people at tables around them started clapping and hooting.  Olivia blushed profusely.  Alex gave her a big kiss on the cheek.  “I love you,” she said, putting the ketchup bottle back on the table.


“I love you, too,” Olivia responded, kissing her back.  “No one’s ever done something so cute and adorable for me!”


Their waitress came over with their root beer floats.  “That was quite a performance,” she said with a grin.  “You both get brownie sundaes on the house.”


“Thank you!” Alex and Olivia said in unison.


“No problem,” the waitress said.  “Your burgers should be up in a few minutes.”


“It’s so exciting to get free dessert,” Olivia said.


Alex laughed.  “Yeah.  Too bad we can’t get it right now!”


“You know, I wish I’d had a video camera.  I’d watch it whenever I needed a good laugh.”


“Hey now!  That was from the bottom of my heart!”


Olivia smiled and rubbed her hand across the table.  “I know.  I loved it.  I was just teasing, babe.”


Alex pulled her straw out of her float and licked the ice cream off it.  “Mmm….”


Olivia took a long sip of her own float.  Alex slipped a foot out of one of her flip flops and let it caress hers.  “That tickles,” Olivia giggled.


“It’s supposed to,” Alex said, dipping her finger in the foam and wiping it on Olivia’s nose.


Olivia stuck her tongue out and tried to make it reach her nose.  Alex laughed and asked, “In a bind, Liv?”


Olivia finally settled for wiping it off with a napkin.  “Not anymore.”


The waitress returned with their burgers and fries.  “Enjoy your meal, girls.”


“We should leave her a nice tip,” Alex suggested.


“I agree.  She’s pretty nice.  And there’s an added bonus that she’s not trying to get in either of our pants.”


Alex snorted.  “Yeah, tell me about it.”  She took a huge bite of her burger.


Olivia raised an eyebrow.  “Hungry, babe?”


“Hell yeah!  I don’t know how I made it without breakfast or lunch!”


Olivia chuckled and munched on a fry.  “I don’t know either.”  She dipped another into the ketchup that was already on the plate and said, “I kinda don’t wanna mess up the smiley face.”


“Oh, I know!” Alex agreed.  “Me either.”


A short while later, the waitress brought the check and their brownie sundaes.  “There you go.  Have a good evening.”


After saying their thanks, they began eating their desserts.  Alex scooped up some of her sundae and fed some to Olivia.  “Good?”


“Very much so,” Olivia replied.  “I could eat these all day.”


“You probably wouldn’t be able to surf very well on such a full stomach,” Alex joked.


“Speaking of which, you wanna give it another go tomorrow?” Olivia asked, pushing a piece of brownie into some chocolate syrup.


Alex nodded.  “I’d love to!”  She took a bite of her sundae and said, “The cold ice cream and warm brownie is the perfect combination!”


“I agree,” Olivia replied.  She ran a streak of ice cream down Alex’s cheek.  “So is the cold ice cream and warm cheek.”


Alex laughed.  “Anything for you, baby.”


After they left the restaurant, they decided to check out a few more places on the boardwalk.  “Serena and Casey still haven’t called yet.  Wonder where they are,” Alex said.


“They’re probably off somewhere making out,” Olivia replied.


“Or making love,” Alex said.  She took off Olivia’s shades and put them on herself.  “I can’t say I’d mind that one.”


“You wanna make love with my shades on?”


Alex shrugged and grinned.  “What can I say?  They’re hot.”


A few minutes later they spotted them coming out of a clothing store.  “Hey lovebirds!” Olivia yelled.


Casey and Serena turned around and waited for them to approach.  “Hey, what have you two been up to?” Casey asked.


“Just a little shopping,” Alex said, taking off Olivia’s shades.


Olivia grinned.  “And you missed Alex singing to me in front of everyone at Johnny Rockets.”


Both Serena and Casey’s eyes almost bulged out of their heads.  “Really?” Serena asked.  “You’re kidding, right?”


“Not at all,” Alex replied.


“Yep, she put on quite a show,” Olivia said, placing a hand proudly on her back.


“Damn!” Casey exclaimed, snapping her fingers.  “We always miss the good stuff!”


“What did you sing?” Serena inquired.


“‘Brown Eyed Girl,’” Alex answered.


Casey smiled.  “That’s a pretty cool song.”


“And very fitting for Liv,” Serena added.


“So I take it all is well between you two?” Casey asked as they started walking back to the hotel.


Olivia gave Alex a reassuring smile and wrapped an arm around her pale shoulders.  “Couldn’t be better.”


Alex was elated to hear her say that.  She felt like a huge burden had been lifted from her heart.  “I’m so lucky to have you,” she said softly.


Olivia gave her a quick kiss on the lips.  “And I you.”


“Aww!” Serena and Casey said together.


Alex looked at them and asked, “Are we ok, guys?”


Casey looked at Serena and then back at Alex.  “Yeah,” she answered.


Serena reached out and touched her shoulder.  “You’ve been my best friend since kindergarten.  We’ve had our share of fights.  I won’t desert you for a mistake.  You’re human.”


“Thanks, guys,” Alex said, giving them both a hug.


When they arrived at the hotel, Casey said, “Let us just put our bags up and we’ll come right over, ok?”


“Ok,” Alex said.


Olivia swiped her card to open the door to their hotel room.  “No freaky stuff, you two!”


Casey smirked.  “Well, we can’t promise you that.”


Alex followed Olivia inside and put her things down on the bed.  Then she took off her flip flops and fell backwards.  “Man, does this bed feel good.”


Olivia laughed.  “You’ve been in it practically all day!”


“Yeah…but my eyes were closed instead of gazing at you,” Alex responded, leaning in for a kiss.


Olivia welcomed Alex’s warm lips, soft and full against her own.  She pulled her gently on top of her and began caressing her shoulders and back.


Casey and Serena came in a couple minutes later.  “Hey!  You guys tell us no freaky stuff and it’s you going at it!” Serena accused.


Regretfully, Alex got off Olivia and wiped her mouth.  “Way to scare us, guys!”


Casey jumped on the bed beside them and was joined by her girlfriend.  She opened Alex’s bag to see what she’d bought.  “No.  Tell me she did not get a Tweety cover for her steering wheel!” she exclaimed.


Olivia looked at her.  “You must not know her very well.”


“Let me see that,” Serena said, taking it from Casey.  After examining it, she said, “Wow, Alex.  Just…wow.”


Casey pulled the cap out and put it on Serena.  “I dare you to wear this to school and keep it on all day.”


Serena took off the cap and replied, “Not in this lifetime.”


“Well, while you guys continue to pile on your Tweety hate, I’m gonna check my email,” Alex said.  She went over to the desk, picked up her laptop, and then returned to the bed.


“She’s about to register with Tweetyholics Anonymous,” Casey teased.


Serena slapped her thigh with the back of her hand.  “Baby, Liv’s right here.  That might be a sensitive subject for her.”


Casey threw a hand to her mouth.  “Oh, Liv.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean any offense.”


Olivia waved her off.  “Don’t be silly.  None taken.”


Alex logged in and rolled her eyes.  “Why do I have so many dumb emails?  There’s like 50 of them!  They call it Spring Break for a reason.”


Olivia ruffled her hair.  “You’re a popular chick.”


Alex smirked.  “Ooh, wait!  Here’s one from Mom.”


“She’s probably telling us not to have sex,” Olivia said dryly.


Serena laughed.  “Yeah, a lotta good that’ll do!”


Alex opened the email and started to read.




You and Olivia need to be more careful.  Serena came over this afternoon and she was very upset.  Someone had sent an email with photos of the two of you being sexually inappropriate on the beach.  I tried to calm her down, but she refused to listen to any rationale.  She told me that she never would’ve let Olivia vacation with you if she’d known the two of you were involved.  She left even angrier and was determined to find out information about Olivia’s past relationships.  Be on your guard and don’t hesitate to call me if any problems arise.




All the blood had drained from her face by the time she finished.  “What’s wrong, sweetie?” Olivia asked, becoming alarmed.


Alex turned her laptop in her direction.  “Look at what she sent yesterday.”


Casey and Serena moved behind Olivia so they could read over her shoulder.  “Oh my god,” Serena murmured.


For the longest time, Olivia didn’t say anything.  Then she slammed her fist on the mattress.  “Fuck!  I’m going to kill that bitch, Abbie!”


“Whoa, Liv.  Calm down.  Don’t get yourself into any trouble because of her,” Serena said.


Gritting her teeth, Olivia shook her head.  “No.  She’s gone on far too long without suffering the consequences.  And now she’s gonna pay.”


“Why won’t she just leave you two alone?” Casey asked incredulously.  “Doesn’t she realize that she’s never gonna get another chance with Alex?”


“Denial,” Serena said.  “It’s pretty pathetic, really.”


“Shit!  My mom is gonna go snooping through my room if she doesn’t get completely hammered so she doesn’t have to deal with the reality of her gay daughter first!” Olivia yelled dejectedly.


Alex rubbed her shoulder comfortingly.  “No, she won’t, sweetie.  Don’t panic.  And you hide all the important stuff so well that she could search all night and wouldn’t find anything substantive.”


“Don’t be so sure about that,” Olivia mumbled.  “I don’t want her destroying anything you’ve given me—like the scrapbook.”


Alex kissed her cheek.  “It’s under lock and key.  We made sure of that after my mom came across my lingerie.  Don’t worry, honey.”


“Your mom found your lingerie?” Casey asked, a look of horror on her face.


“Um…yeah.  It was before we came out to her.  Long story.  We need to come up with a game plan on stopping Abbie.”


“I already have one,” Olivia grumbled.  “It includes my fist.”


“I agree with Serena, Liv,” Casey said.  “Abbie is so not worth fighting.  But there are other ways you can get her back that won’t get you in trouble.”


“Sending shit to my fucking mother is beyond crossing the line!” Olivia yelled.  “She had no right to out us!  So maybe having the living shit beaten out of her will make her think twice before doing something like this again.”


“We know, Liv,” Serena replied.  “But we need to think this through rationally.”


“She needs to be stopped,” Alex said.  “We should blackmail her.”


“I don’t wanna go home,” Olivia said quietly.  “Then I’ll have to deal with my mom.”


“But you’re staying with us, remember?” Alex replied.


“I know.  But that won’t stop her from marching over.  And eventually I’m gonna have to go back.”


“Then what’ll happen?” Serena asked fearfully.


Olivia shook her head slowly.  “I don’t know,” she murmured.  “But it won’t be good.”


Alex’s lower lip started trembling.  “I can’t believe this.  She’s not gonna stop until she’s split us up.  She knew how scared you were about coming out to your mom.  It just seems like…like every time we get ok, something just—”  Her voice broke.  “God, I can’t lose you again!”


Olivia brushed her tears away and looked deeply into her eyes.  “Alex, I’m not going anywhere.  Abbie wants to tear us apart.  She knows how I freaked out before and we broke up and she’s banking on it happening again.  I’m not the same person I was several months ago.  Yeah, I’m scared shitless.  But I made a promise that I’d stick by your side even when times got rough, and I plan on keeping it.”


Alex smiled and threw her arms around her neck.  “Oh, Liv!” she gasped.


“Aww, you guys are bringing tears to my eyes!” Serena said.


“Mine, too!” Casey agreed.


“Our hearts are one, remember?” Olivia asked, kissing Alex’s forehead reassuringly.  “One heart, one beat.”


Alex nodded and laid her head on her shoulder.  “Yeah.”


“So what are we gonna do about Abbie?” Serena asked.


“We need to use Abbie’s pursuit of Alex as leverage,” Casey suggested.


“Yeah, you guys remember how Lexie told me she hated that Abbie was so hung up on Alex?  Well, we need to get proof to show her somehow.  I’m sure Abbie has used her powers of manipulation to assure Lexie she’s over Alex and nothing will happen, but we need to trap her,” Olivia said.


“Maybe by using Alex as bait?” Casey asked.


“Yeah,” Serena said.  “Alex can tell her she wants to talk to her.  Then when they meet, she can pretend to still have feelings for her.  She can say she was just denying them because of Liv but now she has to face them.”


“That makes me nervous,” Alex said.  “I don’t want her forcing a kiss on me.”


“We’ll be right around the corner, babe,” Olivia assured her.  “If she goes too far, I’ll be there to whip her ass all over this beach.”


“You really think she’d fall for that?” Alex asked.


“She’ll do anything to get a chance with you,” Olivia said.  “She doesn’t care whether you’re lying through your teeth.  But she’s too dumb to figure that out since apparently she’s already deluded herself into thinking you secretly still have feelings anyway.”


“So how are we gonna orchestrate all this?” Alex asked.


Olivia gave a wicked smile.  “I know just the way.”