Chapter 62:  Payback

“Ok, I sent Abbie the text,” Alex said.  “Just waiting for her to respond.”


“We need to make sure we’ve got everything down pat,” Olivia said.  “You and I will pretend to be fighting right before she’s scheduled to meet you.  We want her to be in a position to eavesdrop.”


Alex smiled.  “I’m glad it’s just a pretend fight this time.”


“Me, too,” Olivia replied.  “So then you’ll go off and pretend to cry and she’ll be waiting for you.  You’ll spill your guts, she’ll try to comfort you and make her sordid move, blah blah.”


Alex’s phone beeped a few minutes later.  “Ok, she texted back.”


“What’d she say?” Serena asked.


“She said she would like to meet up and thinks a civil chat is long overdue,” Alex replied, showing her the message.  “Where should I suggest?”


“Outside the game room on the 4th floor,” Olivia said.  “No one should be there at this time of night.”


“Tell her the entrance farthest from the elevator,” Casey said.  “It’s in a secluded corner and will give you more privacy.”


“Ok,” Alex said, composing the text.  “Sent.”


Her phone soon beeped again.  “She’s game, no pun intended,” Alex said with a smile.  “She wants to meet there in 10 minutes.”


“Good, that gives us plenty of time to get down there first,” Olivia said.  “We’ll all hide.  Then when it’s almost time for her to get there, Alex and I will come out of hiding and start arguing by the elevator.”  She got up off the bed and grabbed Alex’s digital camcorder.  She gave it to Casey.  “Come on.”


They all left the hotel room and took the elevator down to the 4th floor.  “I predict this will go flawlessly,” Casey said as they gathered behind the huge plants in the hallway on the left side of the game room.


“It should,” Olivia said.  “Abbie will enter from the opposite hallway since it’s closest to their room, so she won’t see us.  On the off chance she comes this way, these plants will hide us.”


“And we can still see her,” Alex said with a grin.  “I kinda feel like a special agent.”


Serena looked at her watch a few minutes later and said, “We have about 2 minutes before she’s supposed to meet you.  She’s probably close.”


“Got the cam ready?” Alex asked.


“Yep,” Casey said.


“You don’t think she’ll be late, do you?” Alex asked.


“Nope,” Olivia said.  “If it involves you, she’ll definitely be punctual, maybe even a little early.”


“Ok, so let’s go near the game room and start our fake fight,” Alex said, stepping from behind the plants into the open.


Olivia nodded and took a deep breath.  She followed her and began, “Alex, why do you want to meet up with her?”


Alex stopped at the elevator and turned around.  “I think we need to settle our differences.  You know, reach some common ground.”


“You honestly think that’s a good idea?”


“Yes, Liv!  Maybe if we talk about our issues we can come to a compromise instead of having this never-ending feud.”


“Alex, you can’t compromise with someone like her!  She has no conscience!”


“Come on, Liv!  She’s not that bad.  Even Anne Frank believed that everyone was good at heart.”


“Yeah, well she wasn’t talking about Abbie Carmichael!”


“Liv, you don’t know her!  You only see this side of her!  The girl I dated was warm and funny and sweet—”


“And she cheated on you!” Olivia interrupted.  “After you’d only been dating a couple weeks!”


Alex sighed.  “It still doesn’t mean she’s a bad person overall.  Even good people do bad things sometimes.”


“Why are you defending Abbie?  Look at all she’s done to hurt us!  Look at how many fights she’s caused between us!”


“I’m not defending her!”


“Yes, you are!  Sometimes I’m confused as to who is really your girlfriend!”


“I don’t like her anymore!”


“Really?” Olivia said, raising her voice.  “You can’t seem to stop talking about her!  Maybe you do really still have feelings for her!”


“You know that’s not true!” Alex yelled.


“I don’t want you meeting with her,” Olivia ordered.  She grabbed her arm and said, “Let’s go back to our room.”


Alex yanked her arm away.  “Why are you trying to control me?  I’m my own person, Liv!”


Olivia threw her hands up in exasperation.  “See!  That’s what I’m talking about!  Ever since Abbie came to our school, you’ve acted different!”


“How so?”


“You know how!” Olivia accused.


Alex folded her arms.  “No, I’m afraid you’ll have to enlighten me.”


“Well, let’s see,” Olivia said, trying to come up with lies off the top of her head.  “You get offended when I insult Abbie, you stick up for her, you try to sneak glances her way when you think I’m not looking, you check her myspace and livejournal, you show less affection for me, you want to have sex less often…the list goes on and on.”


“I do not!”


“Do, too!  If you want to be with her, just tell me so we can end this now and my heart will be spared!”


“I can’t believe you!” Alex screamed, running off.


“That’s right, Alex!  Run away when you can’t handle the truth!” Olivia called after her.  She shook her head and walked back down the hall.


“That wasn’t bad for improv, Liv,” Casey said.


Olivia shrugged.  “What can I say?  I’m quick on my toes.”


“Ok, I know Abbie has to be at their meeting spot,” Serena said.  “She was probably thrilled to hear the fight.  Alex will be in tears and everything should fall right into place.  Casey, you rush into position and make sure she can’t see you.  The quickest way is by cutting through the exercise room.  You need to have a superb recording angle.  Liv and I will meet you shortly.”


“Got it, babe,” Casey said, giving her a quick kiss on the lips before running off.


As soon as Alex rounded the corner, Abbie was there sure enough.  “What’s wrong?” she asked, pretending to not know a thing.


“Liv and I just had a huge fight,” Alex said, wiping away a tear.


“What were you guys fighting about?” Abbie asked, trying to appear concerned.


Alex sniffled.  “Well, it was over you.”


“Me?” Abbie asked, secretly jumping for joy inside.


“Yeah…Liv accused me of still having feelings for you.  She said it’s the main reason we fight all the time.  But I just wanted her to understand that maybe talking to you was a good thing, you know?  This fighting between us has to end.  Now I feel like I have no one.  I know she’s gonna tell Serena and Casey and they’ll take her side.”


Abbie started rubbing her shoulders.  “It’s ok, Alex.  Whenever you need me, I’m here.”


“I miss this side of you,” Alex said softly, touching her arm.  “The sweet Abbie.”


Abbie brushed some hair back from her face and let her fingertips linger on her cheek.  “I know I’ve done some shitty stuff to you and Liv, but I believe in fighting for the one I love.”


“Is that why you sent that email outing Liv to her mom?  Abbie, she could get in a lot of trouble.  Her safety is at risk.”


“Yes, because to me no price is too much to pay if it means getting you back.”


Alex looked down.  “Wow…um, I don’t quite know what to say.”


“You don’t have to say anything,” Abbie said, moving in close.  She ran her thumb down Alex’s lips.


Alex tried not to panic.  “Um, Abbie…I don’t think we should—”


“Shh,” Abbie said.  She leaned in to kiss her but Alex turned her head.


“Abbie…we shouldn’t,” Alex insisted.


Abbie ran her hand up Alex’s thigh.  “Don’t be so tense.  We both want this.  I can tell.”


“I’m gonna kill her right now!” Olivia whispered harshly. 


“No!” Serena said, grabbing her arm.  “We need to get more on video!”


“I agree, Liv,” Casey replied quietly, holding the camera steady.  “We need Abbie to incriminate herself a little more.”


“Do you really love me?” Alex asked, stalling.


“Yes,” Abbie breathed.  “It’s always been you.”


“But what about Lexie?  Don’t you love her, too?”


“No,” Abbie said, shaking her head.  “I like her, but she’s just a crush.  Something to get my mind off you.”


“I…I can’t do this to Liv,” Alex said.


“Forget about her,” Abbie whispered.  “It’s just you and me now.”  When she still saw Alex’s reservations, she said, “Perhaps I can do a little coaxing…”  She unbuttoned several buttons to her shirt so her cleavage was revealed.  “Remember how much fun you had playing with these?” 


Alex looked down at her chest.  “They are nice.”


Abbie smiled.  “Good to hear.”  She continued to rub her thigh as she began softly kissing her neck.


“Mmm…” Alex moaned, pretending to enjoy it and trying not to shudder in revulsion.  She ran a hand through Abbie’s long dark hair and down her back.


“You like that?” Abbie asked, slipping her hand under Alex’s shirt and rubbing her stomach.  “Just like old times.”  Her hand slowly made its way up to her bra cup.


“I’m stopping this right now!” Olivia announced.


Serena grabbed her arm again.  “No, just wait a little bit longer, Liv!”


Olivia glared at her.  “Would you be able to stand there and watch Derek mack on Casey to get her back?  No?  Didn’t think so.”


“Liv, seriously.  Just wait, ok?” Serena begged.


Abbie reached around her back to unlatch her bra.  “Abbie, wait,” Alex ordered.


Abbie looked confused.  “What’s wrong?”


“It’s just…this is all happening so fast,” Alex responded.  “It doesn’t seem quite real.”


Abbie stroked her cheek.  “Don’t fight it this time.” 


She leaned in again to brush her lips as she successfully unlatched her bra.  She was so close when Olivia shouted, “Kiss her and die, bitch!”


Abbie moved back from Alex and glared.  She quickly rebuttoned her shirt.  “Oh, great!  The jealous lover arrives.  Can’t handle the fact that Alex really wants me?”


“What parallel universe do you inhabit, bitch?” Olivia demanded, storming up to her.  “Alex doesn’t want you.  We all just wanted to give you enough rope to hang yourself to force you to stop fucking with our lives.”


Abbie folded her arms.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Olivia shoved her into the wall.  “Don’t play games with me, slut.  We know you took those pics and sent them to my mom.”


Slut?  Oh, I know you’re not talking!”


Olivia backhanded her hard across the mouth.  “Comments like that aren’t gonna be very good for your health.”


Abbie put her thumb to her lip and was infuriated when she saw blood.  “I’m bleeding!”


“Oh, that’s just the beginning of it,” Olivia taunted.


Abbie looked at Alex.  “You really wanna be with someone like that?  It won’t be long before she gets so mad at you that she tries to hurt you.  Clearly she can’t think of a way that doesn’t involve violence to solve her problems.”


Alex shook her head emphatically.  “She’d never do that.  She loves me too much.”


“Don’t be naïve, Alex.  If she can break your heart, she can break the rest of you.”


Olivia glared and shoved her into the wall again.  “Never gonna happen.  I’d die before laying a hand on her!”


Abbie rolled her eyes condescendingly.  “Right.  Your anger is barely contained as it bubbles beneath the surface.  You’re not to be trusted, especially with her heart.  You’re just gonna break it again because you’re still the same coward you were before I transferred.  This is what I wanted to get Alex to wake up and see before it’s too late.” 


“What, bitch?  You expected me to break Alex’s heart by running for the hills so she’d rush into your arms for comfort?  Sorry, but that little plan backfired.  It only brought us closer.”


Abbie smirked.  “Closer?  So fighting brings you closer, huh?  Yeah, right!  Little did you know, I was peeking around the corner when you guys were yelling your lungs out.”


Olivia laughed cruelly.  “That was staged.  You fell right into our trap, ya dumb whore.”  She put her arm around Alex’s shoulders.  “And Alex here is such a great little actress.  Didn’t know my baby could cry right on cue.”


Abbie turned to Alex as her mouth dropped open in shock.  “Are you serious?”


“Yes,” Alex answered, reaching behind her to fasten her bra back.  “It was all planned.  I don’t have feelings for you, Abbie.  I thought I made that clear months ago.  Now just leave us alone!”


Olivia laughed louder.  “You’re such a sucker, Abbie.  You thought I was history and you could weasel your way in.  Not gonna happen—I don’t care if you send 1000 emails to my mom.”


Abbie sneered at her.  “Please.  You’ll be down on your knees in front of the nearest guy as soon as your mom threatens to kick your ass out.”


Olivia squarely let her fist connect with her face.  The force of it knocked Abbie to the ground.  She whimpered in pain.


“You have no clue how long I’ve wanted to do that,” Olivia said, standing over her with her fist still pulled back.


“Fuck you!” Abbie shouted, struggling to get to her feet.  She tenderly touched a hand to her eye and hissed in pain.  “Bitch, I better not have a black eye!”


“With how hard Olivia hit you, you better hope that’s all you have,” Alex said, folding her arms smugly.


Serena grinned and said to Casey, “I think black and blue will look very sexy on Abbie, what about you?”


Casey smiled.  “It’ll be hot.”


Abbie glared at Alex.  “I can’t believe you tricked me.  I thought you were better than that, but it turns out that you’re just as much of a stupid bitch as Liv is.  I must have really bad taste in girls.”


“Don’t you dare talk to Alex that way,” Olivia said, getting in her face again.


“I’m calling the cops,” Abbie threatened, pulling out her cell phone.  “Your ass is going to jail for assault and battery, loser!”


“You do that and we’re all gonna tell Lexie exactly what went down tonight,” Serena said, staring her down.


Abbie scoffed.  “Please.  I’ve got her wrapped around my little finger.  She’s not gonna believe you skanks.”


Casey laughed.  “We thought you’d say that.”  She pulled her hand from behind her back and revealed the camcorder.  “But we got it all on video.  Lexie should be getting a copy in her inbox shortly.”


Abbie looked horrified.  “You wouldn’t!  You’re just bluffing!”


Casey began playing the video.  Olivia grinned wider and wider as Abbie looked more and more terrified with each second.  “Turn it off!  Turn it off!” Abbie begged.


Casey stopped the video.  “What’s the problem, Abbie?  Can’t stand to see your own work?”


“Yeah, I’m sure Lexie will love the part about how she’s just something to get your mind off Alex,” Serena added.  “How many times did you lie and tell her you loved her?”


“You better not show her that!” Abbie warned.


“Then you better not get the authorities involved and you better not say or write anything else about us to anyone,” Alex demanded.  “Not to mention that we have you on camera admitting that you outed Liv.  If anything happens to her, the cops will come after you.”


Abbie turned from Alex to Olivia.  “You think you’re slick, don’t you?”


Olivia walked forward until she’d backed Abbie into the wall.  “I know the real reason you hate us.  You see two people madly in love with one another and you can’t stand it.  You long to have that in your own life but you know that you’ll never feel for Lexie what Alex feels for me or what I feel for her, and it eats you up inside.  You delude yourself into thinking I’m horrible for Alex so you can feed your fantasy of getting her back one day and rationalize all the shit you’ve done.  But it’s not working.  Get it through your thick skull!  It never will!  Alex Cabot is mine forever.”  With a smug smile, she stared Abbie down for a few more moments before turning to leave.


Abbie jumped on her back without warning.  Olivia shoved her elbow back hard and it landed in Abbie’s stomach.  However, Abbie was determined to hang on.  Olivia moved backwards and purposely slammed her into the wall before grabbing her and throwing her over her shoulder onto the floor. 


“Holy cow!” Casey exclaimed, cringing at the hard thud Abbie’s body had made.


“Oh my god!” Serena shouted.


“Liv, be careful!” Alex yelled.


“You’re a dirty whore!” Abbie said, grabbing a handful of Olivia’s hair and pulling as hard as she could.  “I hope Alex STD-proofed her body before sleeping with you!”


Olivia punched her in the face again and Abbie screamed in pain and let go of her hair.  “You don’t know when to quit, do you, cunt?”


Abbie slapped her in the face.  “Ooh, Olivia Benson called me a cunt.  It wounds!” she yelled sarcastically.


Olivia ignored the sting from the slap.  “I’ll give you something that will!” she shouted, grabbing her hair and slamming the back of her head into the floor.


Abbie struggled to get the upper hand and flip them over but Olivia had her pinned firmly to the ground.  So she did the one thing she knew would inflict the most damage—she grabbed Olivia’s necklaces and tugged with all her might.


But Olivia was not about to let her rip her necklaces off.  She pried Abbie’s fingers away and painfully pulled them back until she screamed for mercy.  Abbie felt like Olivia was going to break them off.  “Stop!  Please!  You’re hurting me!”


“That’s kinda the point!” Olivia replied, punching her in the nose.


“Ok, we need to break this up before someone really gets hurt, and by someone, I mean Abbie,” Casey said, tossing the camera to Alex.  She grabbed Olivia under her arms and tried to pull her away.  Serena stepped in to help her girlfriend when she saw the strength of one wasn’t enough.


As soon as Olivia was off her, Abbie threw her leg out and kicked her in the thigh.  Olivia grunted and kicked her in the shin.  With tears streaming down her face, Abbie grabbed her leg with one hand and held her nose to stop the bleeding with the other.  “Ow!” she screamed.  “God, what did you do to me?  Ow!  Shit!”


Olivia yanked herself away from Casey and Serena.  “Get off me!  I’m ok,” she insisted, her chest heaving.


“Are you sure?” Alex asked, brushing some wisps of sweaty hair back from her face.


“Yeah,” Olivia gasped, sucking in air.


Alex carefully looked her up and down.  “You don’t seem to have a scratch on you.  Well, except for that bruise appearing on your thigh.”


“You should go clean yourself up,” Serena said to Abbie with a nasty smile.  “Olivia did quite a number on you.”


“This isn’t over, bitch!” Abbie yelled at Olivia through her pain.  “You’ll pay for this!”


“Abbie, don’t make me fuck you up even more than I have already.  I was being pretty light on you since I didn’t wanna break any bones and ruin your gymnastics season.”


“Oh, fuck off!” Abbie cried.  She slowly made her way to her feet.  “Stay away from me for the rest of the break!  All of you!” she demanded, limping off.


“God, I really hope she doesn’t call the cops,” Alex said once she was out of earshot.


“She won’t,” Olivia assured her.  “She’s too afraid of Lexie seeing her infidelity.”


Serena looked at her watch.  “Wow, it’s so late.  Talk about a long day.”


“You’re tellin’ me,” Alex mumbled.


They all headed for the elevator.  “Make sure to upload this video to your laptop,” Casey said.  “We need to keep it forever to hold over her head.”


“Oh, don’t worry, I will,” Alex replied.  “And I’ll send you guys copies as well to make sure it never disappears.”


A couple minutes later they were walking into Alex and Olivia’s room.  “Man, I’m so tired,” Olivia groaned.


Alex smiled and ran a hand through Olivia’s hair.  “I guess kicking asses is exhausting, huh?”


Olivia grinned.  “Not as exhausting as other activities.”


Casey looked at Serena.  “Uh oh.”


Serena shook her head.  “Let us know if it’s about to get X rated up in here.”


Olivia propped herself on her elbow as Alex stroked her side soothingly.  “Please.  I’m sure you two got plenty X rated earlier,” she said.


“You know they did,” Alex added.


Serena and Casey both blushed.  “We plead the fifth,” Serena said.


“Ditto,” Casey agreed.


“I’ll be right back,” Alex said.  She went into the bathroom and got a washcloth.  Then she came out, filled it with ice, and returned to Olivia.  She put the ice against the bruise on her thigh.


Olivia chuckled.  “Baby, you don’t have to do that.  It’s just a bruise.”


“Yeah, Alex.  Abbie is the one who needs medical attention,” Casey said with a laugh.


“I want it to clear up faster, Pookie,” Alex cooed.


“Oh, boy!  She’s breaking out the pet names,” Serena teased.


“I don’t know how you managed not to interrupt sooner, Liv,” Alex said.  “I could just imagine the steam coming out of your ears as soon as Abbie touched me.”


“Oh, we had to hold her back multiple times,” Serena told her.


Olivia frowned at the thought of Abbie’s actions.  “I couldn’t stand to see her pawing you and putting her dirty mouth anywhere near you.”


“Well, at least she didn’t get to kiss me,” Alex said.


“She almost did and I would’ve had to rip her lips off her face!” Olivia replied.


Alex laughed.  “She should be thankful you spared her another injury.  She’s gonna have to use a lot of concealer!”


“I can’t believe she had the nerve to unlatch your bra!” Serena said, shaking her head.


“Or rub your thigh,” Casey added.


“I don’t wanna think about it anymore,” Olivia stated in annoyance.


“It’s ok, sweetie,” Alex responded.  “I know how hard it was for you to watch.  We’ll discuss something else…like the all nude massage I’m gonna give you.”


Olivia grinned.  “With you naked or me?”


Alex smiled.  “Both?”


Serena and Casey laughed.  “Would you like some privacy?” Casey asked.


“Not yet,” Olivia said.  “I think I can keep the beast within contained for a little longer.”


“But can Alex?” Serena teased.


Alex shifted the ice pack on Olivia’s thigh and said, “I think I can.  My baby probably needs her rest tonight.”


“So what are we gonna do tomorrow?” Casey asked.


“Why don’t we all go surfing?” Olivia suggested.  “I can be everyone’s personal coach.”


Alex snuggled close to her and rubbed her nose against her cheek.  “As long as I get the most coaching.”


“That sounds cool, Liv,” Casey said.


“I agree.  We can’t just let Alex have all the fun out in the waves,” Serena added.


“I’m surprised they don’t have Tweety surfboards,” Casey joked.


Olivia gave her a stern look.  “Don’t give her any ideas!”


“We should look for one!” Alex exclaimed.  “Or maybe I could get one custom made…”


Olivia slapped her hand to her forehead.  “Great, Casey.  Look at what you’ve started.”  She looked at Alex.  “Baby, I love you but if you get a Tweety surfboard, I will not be caught within 20 feet of you in the water.”


Alex folded her arms and pouted.  “You wouldn’t leave me all alone with the big, bad waves, now would you?”


Olivia sat up.  “Baby…not the pout.”


Alex just pouted harder.  Olivia pulled her into her lap and said, “Oh, you.  So cute.”


“She’s melllllllllting, mellllllllllllllllllllting,” Casey teased in her best Wicked Witch of the West voice.


Olivia rolled her eyes and said, “Oh, please, Casey.  I’ve seen you melt, too when Serena gives you the look.”


Alex grinned at Casey.  “Busted.”


Casey blushed.  “I can’t help it.  It’s those baby blues of hers.”


Serena smiled brightly and gave her a kiss.  “Gotta be good for something.”


Alex got up and stretched.  “I’ll be back.  I’m gonna go wash the Abbie cooties off me.”


“Ew!  Yeah, don’t blame ya,” Casey said.


“Yeah, I’m sure Liv would appreciate that before she gets her um…massage,” Serena added.


Alex laughed and shook her head.  Walking backwards to the bathroom, she said, “I can trust that all three of you will behave while I’m gone?”


Olivia smiled.  “What are you talkin’ about?  I’m always an angel.” 


Casey snorted.  “Yes, I’m sure.”


Olivia tossed Alex the washcloth.  “Hey, don’t forget this!  I think my leg is about to freeze.”


Alex smirked.  “How could I?”


While Alex was in the shower, Serena asked, “You think your mom has calmed down any?”


Olivia sighed.  “It depends on your definition of calm.  She’s probably just waiting for a confrontation.  I want to avoid her for as long as possible.”


“I don’t blame you,” Casey said.


Olivia opened a pack of Starburst and popped a couple into her mouth.  “I just wanna enjoy my vacation without anymore bad surprises.”


Fifteen minutes later, Alex came out in a towel.  She opened her suitcase and groaned, “Ugh!  Where are my pajamas?”


“The Tweety ones?” Serena asked.  Casey snickered.


“Alex, you did pack 10 tons of clothes.  I’m sure pajamas are in there somewhere,” Olivia joked.


Alex opened up the second suitcase.  “Maybe they’re in here.  I’m gonna unpack soon.”


Olivia laughed.  “Yeah, that’s what you said earlier!”


Alex smirked.  “You’re right.  I’ll just do it now.”  As she pulled out a few more items, she exclaimed, “Ooh, here are the jammies I was looking for!”


“I’m surprised they aren’t Tweety!” Casey said.


Alex rolled her eyes.  “Can’t Tweety ever get any love?”


“I’m sure you give him plenty,” Casey replied.


Alex went into the bathroom to put on her pajamas and then came out and started putting her clothes and underwear in the closet and drawers.  “Hey, baby, I’m gonna unpack yours, too.  You don’t mind, do you?”


Olivia leaned back against the pillows and folded her arms behind her head.  “Mind?  Are you kidding?  Having someone unpack my stuff for me?  Less work for me.”


“Aww, isn’t Alex sweet?” Serena said.


When Alex finished, she returned to the bed and cuddled up to Olivia.  Olivia wrapped her arm around her and said, “Mmm…you smell nice.”


Casey looked at Serena.  “I think they’re starting foreplay.”


Serena laughed.  “Yeah.  Time to go.  I’m getting a little tired anyway.  Plotting and scheming are quite exhausting.”


Alex placed her hand on Olivia’s chest and said, “Thanks for helping us pull that off.”


Olivia sighed happily.  “Payback is definitely sweet.  We couldn’t have done it without you guys.”


Casey got off the bed and took Serena’s hand.  “Hey, isn’t that what friends are for?” she asked, her green eyes sparkling.


Olivia smiled at her.  “Yep.”