Chapter 63:  Endless

Olivia woke up to a tray being put across her lap.  “Wakey, wakey,” Alex announced with a huge smile.


Olivia smiled and sat up carefully so as not to upset the tray.  “Aww, you brought me breakfast!”


“Because you’re beautiful and positively lovely,” Alex said, stroking her hair.  “I ordered your fave omelette.  Ham, cheese, tomatoes, and chives.”


Olivia picked up her fork and dug into her omelette.  “Mmm…this is divine!”  Taking a bite of her sticky bun, she said, “Even better.”


“I know it would seem more authentic if I’d cooked it, but since we’re on vacation, this will have to do for now,” Alex replied, placing her own tray in her lap and pouring some syrup on her waffles.


Olivia threw a fresh strawberry into her mouth.  “Are you tryna get me to stay in bed all day again?”


Alex laughed.  “Only if we’re engaged in an intense lovefest.”


Olivia waggled her eyebrows.  “I think that can be arranged.”


“Maybe we can begin after we go surfing,” Alex suggested.  “You did promise Casey and Serena.”


“Maybe we can postpone the surfing until the afternoon,” Olivia said.  “That gives us more time to play.”


“And gorge on yummy food,” Alex added, biting into a piece of sausage.  She held it out to Olivia to take a bite, too.


Olivia wiped her mouth with a napkin and said, “Ooh, that’s really good!  Tastes a little different, though.  What kinda sausage is that?”


“Chicken and apple,” Alex said.  “And try some of the chocolate waffles,” she added, cutting off a wedge and holding the fork out to her.


“Oh, wow!” Olivia replied.  “Those are really good.”


“Have some more,” Alex insisted, cutting one of her waffles in half and putting it on Olivia’s plate. 


“Want some of my omelette?” Olivia offered.  “I think it’s too big for me to finish!”


“Sure,” Alex replied.  She tasted some of it and then washed it down with some apple juice.


“I wish I could have breakfast like this every morning,” Olivia said.


Alex smiled.  “You can if you want,” she replied, picking a raspberry off her waffles and munching on it.  “Just tell Janice what you want.”


“I can’t stay with you forever, though…” Olivia sighed sadly.


“Says who?” Alex wanted to know.


“My mom’s gonna want me back home eventually to make my life hell, and your mom isn’t gonna want me hanging around to sex you up everyday,” Olivia said with a lopsided grin.


Alex laughed.  “Not that I’d mind the latter.”


Olivia smirked.  “I know you wouldn’t.”


“How’s the bruise today, baby?” Alex asked, examining her thigh.


“She’s fine, thank you,” Olivia teased.


Alex moved her fingers up a little more and Olivia gasped, “Baby!  I don’t have a bruise up that far!”


Alex grinned and kept going.  “I know.”


“Sweetie, how can I concentrate on eating when you’re touching my no-no special place?”


“Right now it’s saying ‘Yes, yes,’” Alex quipped.


Olivia burst out laughing.  “And what’s yours saying?”


“Yes, please, yes!”


Olivia laughed harder.  “That’s a total Alex answer.”


“Fine, I’ll let you finish breakfast,” she replied with a sly grin as she ate another raspberry.  “But we will continue this later.”


Olivia drank some of her orange juice and smiled.  “I’m sure we will.”


Once the room service waiter had returned to get the cart, Alex snuggled up to Olivia and said, “I can’t wait to see what the rest of the break has in store for us.”


“Hopefully no more unpleasant surprises,” Olivia muttered.


“Yeah, ditto,” Alex said, tracing a lazy pattern on her stomach.  “Knowing our luck, though, your mom will bust in and try to force you to go back home.”


Olivia gave her a look.  “Don’t even joke about that.”


“Or she’ll call my cell phone and tell me how ‘young, dumb, and full of cum’ I am.”


Olivia chuckled.  “She probably would.  Man, I was so embarrassed when she said that.  I wanted to grab your hand and run out the house right then.”


Alex straddled her waist and brushed a lock of brown hair out of her face.  “I can’t get over how fucking sexy you are.  I’m so glad I don’t have to admire from afar anymore.  Seeing the way you handled that ball on the court made me almost wish I was it.”


Olivia raised an eyebrow.  “You wanted me to dribble you and throw you through a net?”


Alex laughed and shoved her shoulder.  “No, silly.  I just mean I liked the way you used your hands.  Sometimes I’d imagine what they’d feel like all over me.”


“So that’s why you finally asked me out?”


“I wanted to get ahold of those great tits,” Alex replied, grabbing them through her tank.


“Is that the only reason you’re with me?” Olivia asked, grinning.


“No, you also have a great ass, great abs, great hair, a great smile…” she teased.  “You’re perfect!”


Olivia placed her hands on top of Alex’s.  “So nothing in there about my personality, huh?”


Alex kissed her on the nose.  “It’s absolutely amazing.  I’ve always found your strength, confidence, and independence irresistible.”


“You forgot the part where I’m warm and cuddly.”


“And caring and sweet,” Alex responded, kissing her nose again.  “I also love how protective you are of me.  I feel like nothing can hurt me while you’re around.”


“And nothing ever will,” Olivia swore, closing her eyes and softly capturing her lips.


“Hey, maybe we can play basketball sometime over our vacation and you can show me how to do one of those reverse layups.”


Olivia laughed.  “Seeing you do a reverse layup?  I’ll definitely have to have the video camera for that.”  In her best sportscaster voice, she continued, “Alex Cabot brings the ball down court.  She looks left, spins right, drives to the hoop—a reverse layup!  She scores!”


Alex shoved her shoulder again.  “Hey, I’ve got mad skills on the court.”


Olivia laughed harder.  “‘Mad skills?’  It’s nice to dream, isn’t it?”


Alex responded this time by tickling her.  “I’m getting better!  Of course I’m sure it pales in comparison to star player Olivia Benson.”


“Yeah.  You are getting better.  At least now you don’t run in the opposite direction or squeal and dodge to the side when I pass the ball to you.”


“Hey now!  You pass so hard!  If it’d hit me, I would’ve had broken bones!”  


Olivia ran a finger down her stomach.  “Gotta keep that body in tip-tip condition or else you won’t be able to do your little flips and splits.”


“Maybe one day we can get you to do a back handspring without falling on your knees.”


“I almost had it last time!” Olivia protested.  “It’s much easier to do flips when you’re landing in water instead of on the ground or floor!”


Alex giggled.  “Yeah, your diving does rock.  But I always get so scared that you’re gonna hit your head on the board when you’re doing your somersaults and twists!”


“Nah,” Olivia said, folding her arms confidently behind her head.  “I’ve mastered it.  It’s all about the way you project your body and control your form during takeoff.”


“Have you ever hit your head?”


“Nope.  You just need to mentally prepare and know where the board is relative to your body.”


“I love the height you get on your dives.  And you make basically no splash when you enter the water!  What’s it called?  A rip entry?”


“Yeah,” Olivia confirmed with a smile.  “Glad you remembered.”


Alex grinned.  “Yours is the best on the team!  You always nail it.”


“Well, except for that time I was upset about my mom and Cragen tore me a new one.”


“But you’ve never done it at swim meets.  I love the way the crowd just roars when you dive.”


Olivia beamed with pride.  “I love getting out of the water and seeing you jumping up and down and waving your banner.”


“And I love it whenever you get out of a pool and your nipples are all hard.  I just wanna jump you right there!”


Olivia moved Alex’s fingers right over her nipples.  “You mean like right now?”


“So I guess praise turns you on, huh?”


“Oh, yeah.  It isn’t just freestyle or a rip entry that gets the pokies all excited.”


“Does this get them excited?” Alex asked softly, kissing her neck.


“Definitely,” Olivia said, closing her eyes as she felt the tip of Alex’s tongue brush her skin.


Alex began sucking the spot gently while continuing to finger her nipples.  She was just starting to pull up Olivia’s shirt when she heard banging on the door.  Groaning, she yelled, “We’re busy!”


“Surf first!  Sex later!” Casey demanded.


“The water’s not going anywhere!” Alex shouted.


“Neither are we!” Serena yelled.


Rolling her eyes, Alex got off Olivia and opened the door.  Serena and Casey ran in and hopped on the bed.  Looking down at Olivia’s chest, Casey said, “Wow.  Looks like someone was revved up and ready for business.”


This time it was Olivia’s turn to roll her eyes.  “You two need to get laid.”


“Already did!” Serena replied.  “You two should’ve started earlier in the morning.”


“Well, I was kinda worn out after kicking Abbie’s ass.  It’s why I needed fuel before my engine could get going this morning.”


Casey smirked.  “I guess Alex gave you just the right fuel, huh?”


“That’s right!” Alex said with a big grin. 


Olivia stretched her arms above her head.  “So you guys already have your sex time, but you ruin ours?”


“Liv, Spring Break comes but once a year.  You can have sex any other day,” Serena said.


“All right, all right,” Olivia groaned, getting out of bed.


Alex started following her to the bathroom.  “We’ll be out in a few minutes.”


“Hey, wait a minute!” Serena protested just as they ran inside and shut the door.  She heard loud laughter erupt.


“They so tricked us,” Casey muttered.


A devious smile crossed Serena’s lips.  “I know the perfect way to get Alex back.”  She ran over to the chest of drawers and started looking through them.  When she’d found exactly what she wanted, she yelled, “Breaking news!  Tweety underwear taken hostage!  Captor willing to negotiate!”


Alex opened the door with lightning speed and ran out.  “Get your hands off my tweeties!” she ordered.


Serena ran off.  “Catch me if you can!”


Casey fell back on the bed in a fit of laughter.  Olivia stood in the doorway to the bathroom and laughed so hard that tears were rolling down her cheeks.


“Give ’em back!” Alex yelled, chasing her around.


“You heard her, sweetie!  You know Tweety is serious business!” Casey mocked.


“Liv, why aren’t you helping?” Alex demanded, reaching in vain to retrieve her underwear as she continued to run around the room.


“I’ll step in if things get ugly,” Olivia said through her laughs.


When Alex had finally cornered her, Serena jumped high and threw the panties over her head.  Casey caught them and took off.  “Don’t let her catch you, baby!” Serena told her.


Alex chased her new target.  Casey ran across the bed, followed closely by a screaming Alex.  “I’m serious, Casey!  Give me back my tweeties!”


Casey looked over her shoulder and laughed as she ran.  However, this proved to be an unfavorable course of action because she tripped over one of Alex’s flip-flops and went flying to the floor right in front of Olivia.  Alex jumped on top of her and snatched the underwear out of her hands with a triumphant smile.


“Wow, Casey.  You’re so graceful!” Olivia said sarcastically before she burst into another round of laughs.


Alex stood up and joined her in laughter.  “I wish we could’ve videotaped that!  Can you imagine what that would’ve looked like in slow-mo?  Her arms were all flailing about as she went down!”


Still sprawled across the floor, Casey looked up at them and flipped them off.  “Fuck you both!”


Olivia gave her a shit-eating grin.  “Sorry, not into threesomes.”


Trying not to laugh but soon failing, Serena walked over to Casey and helped her up.  “Stop making fun of my sweetheart.”


“You’re laughing, too!” Alex gleefully pointed out.


Casey blushed furiously at her apparent clumsiness.  “At least I put up a good fight.”


Serena gave her a quick kiss on the lips.  “That you did.  You aren’t hurt, are you?”


“Nah,” Casey responded.  “Just a little carpet burn.”


“That’s what you get for being a Tweety bandit!” Alex smugly proclaimed.


Casey rolled her eyes.  “Who the hell has Tweety underwear anyway?  What are you, five?”


Alex carefully folded her panties and walked in the bathroom, where she knew they would be safe.  “You’re never too old for Tweety.  By the way, I hope you never trip like that in a courtroom or you’re gonna be the laughingstock of the justice system!” 


“Oh ha ha,” Casey stated dryly.


Chuckling softly to herself, Olivia backed up and shut the door.  “Behave yourselves!” she ordered.


“Only if you promise us that first!” Serena shouted.




Several hours later, they were all sitting outside a restaurant.  Alex took a bite of her pizza and a swig of Olivia’s coke.  With a lopsided grin, Olivia looked at her and said, “Baby, your meal came with a drink, too.”


Alex smiled and shrugged.  “I know.  But I just wanted to try yours.  It tastes better.”


Serena smirked.  “Came from the same fountain, Alex.”


“I know!  But my drink didn’t come with Olivia Benson goodness!”


Casey shook her head.  “You’ve got it bad.”


Alex scoffed.  “As if you don’t!  I just saw you take a bite of Serena’s burger!”


Casey grinned.  “I guess you’re rubbing off on me.”


 “Well, I’m gonna take a bite of Casey’s taco,” Serena said, lifting it off her plate.


“In public?” Olivia asked with a smirk.


Serena slapped her forehead and blushed.  “I forgot we have the residential perv here.”


Alex giggled.  “I thought it was pretty funny.”


“You would,” Casey said, rolling her eyes and eating a couple of Serena’s fries.


Serena pulled a piece of chicken out of the taco.  Not able to resist, Olivia commented, “Mmm…tastes like chicken!”


Serena almost choked on the chicken.  “You’re so dirty!”


“Dirty would be this,” Alex said, reaching out to pinch Olivia’s nipple.


“Hey now!” Olivia protested, a hand immediately flying to her breast.


Casey looked at Serena.  “This is exactly why those two can’t be trusted to walk around in bikinis.”


“I don’t even know if they can be trusted to surf in them either!  Half the lesson was spent with those two doing God knows what under the water,” Serena replied.


“Liv was giving me pointers!” Alex said in their defense.


Serena snorted.  “So what pointers was she giving when her hand was in the front of your bottoms?”


Alex blushed profusely.  “She was helping with my balance!”


“You two should be locked in your room as punishment,” Serena said.


Casey gave her a look.  “You wanna give them exactly what they want?”


Serena laughed and rolled her eyes.  “You have a point.”


At that moment, Lexie spotted them and walked up to their table.  Taking off her shades, she said, “Hey.  Hate to interrupt like this, but do you guys know what happened to Abbie last night?”


Of course, they all feigned ignorance.  “What do you mean?” Olivia asked as innocently as she could.


“Someone beat her up.  She has a black eye, broken nose, and is covered head to toe in bruises.  I’m so worried about her!  She won’t tell me who did it and has been refusing to leave the room all day.  So I decided to go out and pick her up some of her favorite food.  Maybe that will lift her spirits.”


“Wow, that sounds terrible,” Serena said.  “Why is she keeping it a secret?”


“I don’t know,” Lexie replied.  “I kept pressing her to tell me and she just yelled at me and cried, so I gave up.  It was all I could do to convince her to go to the ER last night.  I thought maybe you guys had seen or heard something.”


“We were pretty occupied,” Alex informed her, smiling at Olivia.  She turned to Lexie again and continued, “Know what I mean?”


“I doubt she wants to know,” Casey responded.  “How I wish the walls were soundproof.”


“I can take a guess,” Lexie murmured, a slight smile curling at her lips.  “Well, I guess I’ll let you get back to eating.  If you find out anything, let me know, ok?”


“Ok,” they all answered.


Once Lexie had disappeared into the crowd, Serena smiled and said, “Good work, guys.  She fell for it.”


“Good,” Alex replied in relief.


“What are we doing tonight?” Olivia asked, popping a piece of sausage in her mouth.


“We can go bowling,” Casey suggested.


“Then we can go for a walk on the beach,” Alex said, looking at Olivia lovingly.


Serena ran a hand through Casey’s hair.  “That sounds really romantic.”


Alex bit into Olivia’s pizza.  Olivia looked at her curiously.  “Sweetie, you have a slice, too.”


“‘But it didn’t come with Olivia Benson goodness!’” Casey said in her best Alex voice.


Alex threw a piece of pepperoni at her.  “Hey!  You’re just as whipped about Serena as I am about Liv!”


Casey grinned.  “That I am.  It’s just so much fun teasing you two, though.”


Olivia fed Alex some more of her pizza and said, “Babe, she can’t help it.  She is Serena’s ‘little snuggy-wuggy’ after all.”


Alex almost choked on the pizza, she was laughing so hard.  Casey turned beet red and covered her face with her hands.  Serena rubbed her back and said, “Honey, don’t be embarrassed!”  She kissed her shoulder.


“Be very embarrassed!” Alex laughed, picking up a mozzarella stick and feeding it to Olivia. 


Casey uncovered her face and retorted, “Oh, that’s just swell coming from 16 and 17-year-olds who refer to their nipples as ‘pokies.’”


Serena giggled.  “Ooh, burn!”


“Damn right and I’d do it again!” Alex responded, arms folded proudly.


Olivia burst into laughter.  Patting Alex on the back, she said, “You tell her, baby!”


Casey laughed, too, in spite of herself.  She shook her head and took a sip of her drink.  “You guys are nuts.”


Olivia took Alex’s hand and stood up to empty their trash.  “It’s exactly why you love us,” she said with a smirk.




“The night air feels so good!” Alex exclaimed, throwing her head back and spreading her arms.  A light breeze lifted her hair and the moonlight added a soft shimmer to her strands.


Olivia spun around as the water washed over her feet.  Ever since she was a little girl, she’d loved the feel of wet sand between her toes.  “I wish we lived on the beach!”


Alex stopped her from spinning and planted a huge kiss on her lips.  “We will this summer!”


Olivia pouted.  “Not when we have to go to camp.  You go to cheerleading camp a week before I go to basketball camp.  I’ll be all lonely.”


Alex gave her another kiss.  “I’ll send you plenty of videos.  We can even webcam at night.  And I’ll call you whenever I get spare time.”


“Are you guys gonna stay in the summer house or something?” Serena asked.


Alex nodded excitedly.  “Yeah.  And you and Casey are welcome to visit anytime you like.”


Casey smiled.  “Thanks, Alex.”


“How are you gonna get past your mom?” Serena asked Olivia.


Olivia linked her fingers with Alex’s and replied, “Alex and I will figure somethin’ out.  But I’m not letting my mom ruin my summer.”


“Maybe you could tell her that you’ll be at some summer college program.  Lots of rising seniors do them,” Casey suggested.


Alex grinned.  “That actually sounds like a good idea.”


“Why don’t you do it for real?” Serena asked.  “Rising juniors are often eligible, too, so you both could participate.”


“I don’t wanna spend half the summer doing homework,” Olivia answered.  “I’m already gonna have to read a shitload of books for IB English.”


“Yeah, summer is supposed to be fun,” Alex agreed.  “You only get to be 16 once.”


“So being 16 forever, that wouldn’t be so bad,” Serena mused, linking her arm through Casey’s and smiling up at her.


“Or being 17 forever,” Olivia chimed in.


“We’re all gonna miss you when you go off to college, Liv,” Casey said.  “Our senior year will be so boring without you.”


Serena looked at Alex sympathetically.  “And Alex here will have a constant pout on her face, I’m sure.”


“I don’t wanna think about it,” Alex said, a frown crossing her face.


Olivia scooped her up in her arms and gave her a kiss on the nose.  “Sweetie, I won’t go far, I promise.  And I’ll call you every night.  You can even visit me on the weekends if you want.”


A slight smile crossed Alex’s face.  “Really?”


“Of course, silly.  Just because you won’t get to see me everyday doesn’t mean you can’t still hear from me everyday!  Nothing else has to change in our relationship.”


Alex wrapped her arms around Olivia’s neck.  “I guess I’m just afraid of losing you.  Lots of couples break up when one person goes off to college.”


“You’ll never lose me,” Olivia promised.  “I know our love will stand the test of time.”


“Aww,” Serena and Casey cooed in unison.


“I’m so lucky,” Alex said softly, smiling into her eyes.


Olivia smiled back at her and walked out into the water some.  As gentle waves rose to her calves, she said, “Look out over the water.  You see how you can’t see where it ends?”


“Yeah,” Alex answered.


“Take all that water and multiply it times infinity.  That’s how much I love you.”


Tears pricked Alex’s eyes.  “Oh, Liv.  I feel the same way!”  Holding Olivia’s face tenderly in her hands, she leaned down to capture her lips in a soft, passionate kiss.


“This is definitely a Kodak moment,” Casey whispered to Serena.  She pulled her digital camera out of her pocket and snapped a couple pictures.


“Look how beautiful you two looked!” Serena gushed, showing them the photos once they’d returned to them.


“Aww, you have to send them to us!” Alex said.


“Yes, this is something to go in the next scrapbook for sure,” Olivia added, smiling happily.  “The beach is absolutely gorgeous at night.”


“We should make a scrapbook,” Casey said to Serena.  “We have some really good pics from the break already.”


“Are we gonna get our fakes made tomorrow?” Serena asked.  “I really wanna check out some of the clubs.”


Olivia shrugged.  “Sure.”


Alex grinned.  “I’m excited about getting to go to my first lesbian club!”


Olivia pinched her cheek.  “You are so cute.”


“Speaking of cute…” Casey began.  She bent over and motioned for her girlfriend to hop on. 


Alex slapped Olivia on the ass and said, “Assume the position.”


Serena laughed as she got on Casey’s back and wrapped her arms securely around her neck.  “I love piggyback rides.”


“Me, too!” Alex replied, grabbing Olivia’s shoulders.


Olivia bounced Alex on her back.  “You’re as light as a feather!”


Alex giggled.  “You’re just really strong.”


“And fast!” Olivia said, running off with her.  Casey was right behind her with Serena.


When Olivia stopped running, she flipped a squealing Alex over her shoulder.  She held her waist to make sure her feet landed firmly on the ground.  “Don’t even think about it!” Serena warned, quickly scrambling down from Casey.


Olivia tried not to laugh as she caught her breath.  “That was good exercise, huh, Liv?” Casey asked.


“You bet,” Olivia answered.


Alex grabbed her hand and pulled them down on the sand.  “At first I thought you were gonna pull me on top of you!” Olivia teased.


Alex grinned.  “There will be plenty of time for that later.”


Serena and Casey joined them.  “It’s so peaceful out here,” Casey said, crossing her legs underneath her.


“Yeah,” Serena agreed, laying her head on her shoulder.


Olivia leaned back on her hands.  Alex situated herself between her legs and lay back against her chest.  “Today was wonderful.”


“I couldn’t agree more,” Olivia replied, kissing the top of her head.